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Web site statistics

This site is huge. Massive. Humungous. But just how big is it? One guy went in last Easter, got lost, and has never been seen since. Sometimes, on a quiet night, you can hear him calling for help, "Where am I?"

People ask me sometimes how much stuff is here, and I used to give a rough answer (Valkyries can be a bit rough when we want to be). But Sandra goes round the whole site every night, so I asked her to count everything. This is what she came back with last night.

File typeNumber of files MegabytesAverage file size
JPG picture1522421318677219490
GIF picture46661039233662
BMP picture000
AVI movie61828804886685
MPG movie2123548054223728986
MOV movie2051638326214
TXT text1509631722071
HTM web page3385052216178

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