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11755The Studnone22/Dec/2004
31258Encounter Of The Strangest KindBy EmishAn erotic collaboration between Emish and Mr. EHTML HEAD TITLE"Encounter Of The Strangest Kind"/TITLE /HEAD BODY bgcolor="WHITE" LINK="RED" VLINK="#215e21" ALINK="#7fff00"CENTERTABLE WIDTH="75%" HEIGHT="22" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2"CELLPADDING="1" TR TD WIDTH="35%" VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="CENTER"PRE/PRE FONT COLOR="#FF0000" SIZE=+3EncounterBR of theBR Strangest Kind/FONTBRBR FONT SIZE="3"BErotic FantasyBRNarrated ByBR EmishPWith Editorial Contributionsbr From Mr. E/FONTBRBRimg src="Lupe.jpg" alt="face" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="150" ALIGN="MIDDLE"/TD PTD WIDTH="45%" PRE/PRE CENTERFONT COLOR="#FF0000" SIZE=+3Chapter One - The Challenge/FONT/CENTERBR BR BR FONT FACE="Palatino"FONT SIZE="+1"P ALIGN="justify"BSam arrived at the apartment door at exactly 7:00PM. It wasn't that he was an obsessively punctual sort, it was simply the time that he had been/B iinstructed/i Bto be there . . . or, to be more precise,/B iordered/i Bto arrive.P ALIGN="justify"He found himself thinking of the female voice that had given him directions over the telephone on how to find her apartment. The complex was in an upscale neighborhood, and required a touch-code number to get past the gate. To Sam,that in itself seemed to qualify the woman as being a potential client forhis stock brokerage services. P ALIGN="justify"It was a husky and melodic voice that had spoken with him, pitched to a low, intimate murmer and carrying a strong accent. There was also more than a hint of bold demand sheathing her words.P ALIGN="justify""I don' like to be kept waiting," she had finally said. "Be here on time. OK?"P ALIGN="justify"It was a rhetorical question, but it came out more like a challenge. At least that's how his ear had taken it. It was an imperious tone, the voice exciting him. He couldn't quite place the accent. European perhaps. Or South American, maybe a Brazilian blonde.P ALIGN="justify"And now he was at her door, wondering what the woman would be like in person.Her "voice-of-command" had hinted that she was probably a tall Amazon of a woman . . . with long blonde hair that would cascade down across a set of wide athletic shoulders, he fantasized to himself.P ALIGN="justify"Then the door opened, and there she was/B/FONT/TD/TR/TABLE/CENTERCENTERTABLE WIDTH="75%" HEIGHT="22" BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="2"CELLPADDING="1" TR TD WIDTH="50%" VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="CENTER"PRE/PREP ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino" FONT SIZE="+1"BShe was a Hispanic brunette, not Nordic blonde, jet-black hair as dark and shiny as a star-filled moonless night. But she was every inch as tall as he'd imagined, and he had been right about the strong shoulders. She needed that sinewy width of shoulder to support the heavy breasts that jutted out against the silken fabric of her black robe. The knee-length robe fit her splendidly proportioned body like a secondskin, leaving little to the imagination. P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"Sam hadn't actually gotten around to considering what her legs would look like during his fantasizing, and it was a good thing. He couldn't in a million years have conjured-up those long, strong dancer's legs that he was now appraising in stunned silence. P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"The woman cocked a sleek hip and leaned back against the door frame, an arm raised, her hand sweeping aside the dark mane of hair from her face. A wide red-lipped mouth set above a firm jaw opened just enough to hint at perfectwhite teeth. The pouty lips were parted in an ironic half-smile as her eyes inspected Sam from head to toe . . . which was, of course, exactly what he was doing to her. P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""When you're through gawking, come on inside so's I can close 'da door," thewoman said in that husky accented voice. "My name's Lupe, as in Guadalupe." P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""OK, sure," he stammered. Sam found himself wondering how to address her:should he say Lupe, Ms. Lupe, Madam Lupe, or perhaps Mistress Guadalupe? It was all quite confusing, and he wasn't sure how this "game" was played . . . so he didn't say anything. After all, Sam had never met an internationally known Dominatrix before, and a very wealthy one at that.P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"He stepped hurridly past her and into the room, then stopped dead in his tracks.Sitting there on a couch that was as big as a bed was another woman, equally as beautiful as the one at the door. But this one was half-naked All that was between her and a state of indecency was a skimpy black thong and a narrow band of something that heldthe thrusting, melon-solid mounds of her breasts into some sort of captivity.All that he could think of was that she must have served as the model for the proverbial brick shithouse. She was that well-stacked THIS was the Nordic blonde he'd been fantasizing about earlier.P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""That's Annie," murmered Lupe as she closed the door behind him. "She's my personal trainer". Annie just nodded her head. No smile of greeting, no"glad to meet you", just that level stare with icy blue eyes boring into his.Sam had the feeling that he'd interrupted something, and that the blonde wasn't all that happy about his arrival. P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"Personal trainer, huh? That exlained the superb muscularity of the blonde's well-tanned body. Big girl, too. Had she been standing instead of recliningon the couch, she'd probably have been close to five-nine or so. P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""We've been working out," said Annie in a flat, toneless voice. "Do you wrestle?".P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"Did he WHAT? Whoa, wait aminute here. He quickly glanced at the brunette, then back to the blonde. Something VERY strange was going down here, and he didn'thave a clue as to what it was. But he'd bet a month's pay that it was kinkyP ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"Lupe gave a quick laugh, and her face crinkled into a smile. Sam thought that the smile transformed her features into something almost quite lovely. Still tough-looking, but on a scale of 1 to 10 she was now an acceptable 8+. P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""Hey, slow down chica." Lupe chuckled at Annie. "You'll get yours, just be a leetle mo' patient, OK?"P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"Somehow, Annie didn't look like the patient type, Sam mused to himself. In fact, the blonde fitness trainer looked a lot like some tawny lioness who wasattentively watching her prey, before pouncing for the kill There was asinewy arrogance about her that both excited and disturbed Sam.P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""Look, ladies," Sam said in a slightly quavering voice. "I'm not sure what'sgoing on here, and I don't want to interrupt something, so why don't I justcome back another time." And with those words, he turned and started for thedoor.P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""STOP" It was a command that stopped Sam in mid-stride. A stronghand suddenly gripped his shoulder and spun him around. There, facing him, wasLupe. The smiling lips of a moment ago were now curved into an angry snarl, and he could hear what seemed like a low growl coming from her columnar throat.P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino""Naw, 'ya don't go nowhere widout my say-so," said Lupe menacingly. "That's not how it works around here. I call 'da shots, hombre"P ALIGN="justify"FONT FACE="Palatino"BThere it was again . . . that voice-of-command, like a slap in the face. It was the quality of voice that a Marine Corps drill instructor possessed, the way a street cop might address a fleeing felon. Sam responded by freezing in mid-step.P ALIGN="justify"Annie slid from the couch and stood up, then padded slowly across the room towardSam. As she moved, a symphony of flexation took place along that long, lean body, smooth muscularity rippling and bunching with lazy strength just beneath the sun-bronzed flesh. Her cool blue eyes were locked on Sam, a level stare that held him as motionless as a mouse before a swaying cobra.P ALIGN="justify""Come on, Lupe," Annie implored softly. "You promised that I could play with him." And with that, Annie reached out for Sam.P ALIGN="justify""You'se first after me, sweety," replied Lupe, as she hip-shoved her trainer aside. P ALIGN="justify"But Annie insistently grabbed Sam's arm, while at the same time bumping Lupe back with her sleek hip. Lupe gave a mirthless smile, then slowly slid out of the black silk robe she had been wearing. Sam caught his breath in excitement. Lupe's body was absolutely magnificent, with a sculptured muscularity that rivaled her trainer's. P ALIGN="justify"Free of the robe, Sam could see that Lupe wore nothing more than a narrow thong. She was bare to the waist, her compactly solid breasts jutting freely from a wide, powerful chest. His eyes took in the softly contoured six-pack of strength that criss-crossed her flat belly, and he marveled at the taut slimness of her waist. While Sam was busy feasting his eyes on the lushly curved body now revealed to him, Lupe moved with such blinding speed that Sam almost missed what happened next.P ALIGN="justify"Lupe leaped for Annie, her right arm snaked around Annie's neck, and at the same instant one of her long legs inserted itself between Annie's muscular thighs. A quick wrench with her arms and a twist of her leg, and the blonde was taken down to the carpeted floor with Lupe riding on top. The brunette instantly wrapped both legs around Annie's waist in a squeezing body scissors from the rear. Her smoothly sinewed arms slid up and under Annie's, clamping down on the blonde with a strongly applied full-nelson. Annie tried to buck beneath her, but Luperode her with squeezing strength like a rodeo cowgirl on a lunging bareback horse. She was in complete control, having locked her blonde trainer in anunbreakable combination of holds. P ALIGN="justify"Locked as tightly as she was against Annie's upper torso, Lupe could feel the flexing and bunching of the blonde's powerfully muscled back against her own thrusting breasts. For a moment or two, Lupe slid the heavy globes back and forth along Annie's back, enjoying the sensation of her nipples coming alive as flesh rubbed against flesh. Lupe's thong-encased loins were jammed againstthe hard-sculpted glutes of Annie's muscular butt. As the trainer strained againstLupe's dual holds of torture, those glutes leaped up to press into the softflesh of Lupe's Venus Mound, flexing rythmically against the soft portal ofpleasure until Lupe began to moan under her quickening breath. But then, as if coming back from a daydream state, Lupe wrenched her full nelson even more tightly and squeezed inward with her thighs around Annie's mid-section. Not even the superbly developed abdominals of the fitness trainer could withstand that kind of pressure. Annie gave a muffled yelp of pain.P ALIGN="justify""OK, OK . . . I give," grumbled Annie. "I was just trying to have a little fun."P ALIGN="justify""Chica, I say when it's time for fun stuff, and I say what the fun's going to be, 'ya got that?" Lupe whispered into Annie's ear. She wrenched her sissors tightly one last time, as if to make certain that Annie understood. P ALIGN="justify""Arrr-gggg" moaned the blonde trainer. "OK, I'm sorry. Canyou let me go now?" she pleaded. P ALIGN="justify"Sam had been watching the quick, furious action with eyes that were wide with excitement. He could feel his heart pounding as he tookin the sight of two nearly naked wrestlers, two fems who were fighting overhim Despite his unease at the situation he found himself in, Sam was beginningto become aroused as he watched the muscular female bodies locked so tightlytogether on the thickly carpeted floor. P ALIGN="justify"Still holding Annie captive in her dual holds, Lupe glanced up at Sam as ifsuddenly aware of his reaction to the erotic grappling taking place in the apartment. Lupe gave Sam a knowing smile, and then winked at him. Her lush red lips formed silent words: "You're next, hombre." P ALIGN="justify"Lupe slowly unwrapped her python grip from around Annie's waist, and, with a final rubbing of her bare tits against Annie's broad back, she released the blonde from her imprisoning limbs. The two women got back up to their feet,and Annie resumed her place on the bed where she pouted. Much to Sam's dismay,Lupe slipped back into her black silk robe, once again concealing from view her splendidly curvacious, athletic body. P ALIGN="justify"All during the quick takedown and subsequent applying of Lupe's expertly applied holds on Annie, Sam had been watching the swift action in utter fascination. It was a breathtaking display of strength that astounded him. He was amazed at Lupe's wrestling ability. She had wrapped Annie in that combination of holds in the wink of an eye, while displaying a lot of previously hidden muscularity in the process. He found himself wondering how Lupe had come by that sleeksinewiness and surprising strength.P ALIGN="justify"Sam could feel the aroused stirring of his cock. A second later the two women could plainly see his state as well, since his heavy penis was tenting the front of his trousers.P ALIGN="justify""Hey, look'a the bulge,"laughed Lupe. "Is 'dat a five cell flashlight, or is it that you'se is glad to see me?" She was cracking up over the old joke, and it served to break the tension in the room. Annie joined in the laughter, as did Sam with an embarrassed chuckle. P ALIGN="justify""So-ooo, 'ya like to see two chicas wrassle, huh?" continued Lupe, with a strangely intense gleam in her dark eyes. "Maybe you'se also likes to wrassle wid the girls you'self, no?" P ALIGN="justify"Sam blushed red, ducking his head in embarrassment. He tried to answer, but all that came out was a gurgle. The handsome young financial expert was definitelyout of his depth. He certainly hadn't counted on watching two magnificent half-nude women grappling in erotic combat before his very eyes. And he didnot really know how to handle this bizarre situation which was exciting him. P ALIGN="justify"The surprising thing was that Sam wasn't used to feeling as shy and insecureas he was coming across at that moment. After all, Sam had only come there to discuss handling Lupe's brokerage account. He was a stockbroker; and he was usually a hard-eyed, risk-taking, nerves-of-steel, Master of the Universe.But here he was, standing in a lavishly appointed apartment, looking fromone half-naked woman to the other . . . with a huge erection P ALIGN="justify""Hey, Lupe, let's see what he's got," drawled Annie from the bed. "Take off your clothes, slim, and show us your stuff, or would you like a little help".P ALIGN="justify"Sam back-peddled across the room, but hit an immoveable object - - Lupe He felt her fingers tugging his shirt loose from his trousers, then she ripped the shirt from his back while the buttons flew. Suddenly he was bare to the waist.P ALIGN="justify""Hm-mmm, not bad", drawled Annie. "A bit on the lean side, but I see some decent definition. Probably some good upper-body strength, too. So 'ya work out, slim?"Annie asked. Her usually bored eyes swept up and down his tightly sinewed torsowith a gleam of interest. It was fairly obvious that Annie swung both ways, atleast from the look of appraisal in her eye.P ALIGN="justify""yeah, I do," replied Sam. "And I've studied Judo, too," he continued in a slightly defensive tone.P ALIGN="justify"Annie gave a snort of derision. "Hey, the guy 'studied' judo. So did you passor flunk," she snickered. P ALIGN="justify""What'a 'ya weigh, hombre", demanded Lupe as she ran her long fingers along his arms and shoulders, testing the well-developed deltoids, then running a hand along his solid biceps.P ALIGN="justify""One-seventy", replied Sam as he tried to twist free of Lupe's exploring hands and probing fingers. Lupe held him with casual ease, prodding her fingers intohis muscles as if she were judging a prized bull at a country fair.P ALIGN="justify""Close to your weight, huh Annie?" Lupe questioned. "What'a you'se running now,one sixty-five or so?"P ALIGN="justify""Hey, come on, I'm no more than a hundred fifty . . . but that's all muscle P ALIGN="justify"Annie slid off the couch and hit a bodybuilder's pose, her bare arms showing hard, sculpted biceps. Those sinewy arms looked almost as strong as Sam's, althoughnot quite as heavily contoured. They were still a woman's arms, for all of theirsleek muscularity. But her obvious strength was impressive. P ALIGN="justify"Annie then tensed her abs, which flexed into clefted ridges. Next she tightened her thighs, making long striated muscles swell up and ripple with strength. Suddenly, she reached up and tore away her sports bra, while flexing her pecs. Her breasts had obviously been augmented, as evidenced by the solidity of the mounds of woman-flesh. But they looked good. Her C-cup tits rode on a broad chest that itself was smoothly padded with sinew. Her nipples were surprisingly large, swollen hard from her erotic exertion with Lupe. They were the size of Sam's thumbs, protruding almost an inch from the dark brown aeroles. An awesome rackP ALIGN="justify"Lupe walked over to Annie, reached out one hand, and began stroking her trainer's muscular thigh. The hand strayed ever closer to the luxuriant blondemuff between Annie's legs, only barely covered by the narrow thong she wore.P ALIGN="justify""Well, you be close enough to his weight to make a match", murmered Lupe. "How's about it, hombre, wanna wrassle Annie here? Then I gets 'ta take on da winner. Afterwards, we talk a little business, eh? Let's go to the Pleasure Room and get started."P ALIGN="justify"Sam was in shock . . . at least part of him was. From the waist down, however, he was VERY awake. His hard-on was now throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. His mind was certainly not on stocks and bonds at that moment./B BRBRCENTERh1FONT COLOR="RED"CHAPTER TWO - FIRST FALL/h1/FONT/CENTERBRP ALIGN="justify"Without another word, Lupe pushed Sam toward a closed door across the room. Annie was already there, opening the door with a strangely sinister smilehovering upon her lush lips. They entered a surprisingly large room withalmost no furniture. In the center of the room was a large wrestling mat, a shiny blue plastic surface almost twelve feet square that appeared to bewell-used. Three of the walls were covered with mirrors, obviously placed there so that the people using the room could watch themselves, and whatever they were doing The fourth wall was bare except for a leather couch.P ALIGN="justify"Lupe reached over and turned down the dimmer switch for the lights,and sudddenly the room was transformed into a shadowy chamber that appearedalmost Gothic. A single light hung down just above the mat, with its lightspilling softly onto the gleaming plastic surface. The rest of the roomwas cast in shadows, especially the area where the couch was situated. The center of attention was the mat, anything else that might prove to be a distraction was conveniently out of sight. P ALIGN="justify""So get naked, Hombre" demanded Lupe. P ALIGN="justify"For a long moment Sam hesitated. This wasn't what he'd come here for, buthe couldn't help but be intrigued by the possibilities entailed in wrestlingnaked with two beautiful and magnificently muscled women. Hey, if this is whatit took to obtain Lupe's brokerage account, then so be it.P ALIGN="justify"Sam slowly removed his trousers,then kicked off his shoes. He stood there in briefs and socks, looking alittle ridiculous, or so he thought. P ALIGN="justify""All the way" snapped Lupe. Then she held out an unwrapped latex condom. "Put this on, it'll protect you'se from Annie here," she chuckled. P ALIGN="justify""Hey, are we going to fuck or fight?" asked Sam in a bantering tone, moreto cover his increasing unease than anything else.P ALIGN="justify""Probably both, if I know my Annie", murmered Lupe with a laugh. "So getnaked, and sheath that flagpole of yours in the rubber so's we can get started."P ALIGN="justify"Annie had already stripped down, her fitness model body glowingwith strength, sinews gleaming in the half-light as she began to do somewarm-up stretches. Sam's eyes were glued on the rippling muscularitythat danced and played along her back, shoulders, arms and thighs . . . andher bare breasts. P ALIGN="justify"Lupe had left for a moment or two, and then came back into the room carrying a glass of wine. She slid onto the couch, curling her long legs beneath her. She took a sip of the wine, then waved a hand at Sam and Annie.P ALIGN="justify""So wrassle him, girl," commanded Lupe. "I can referee from here, justin case you'se two need one. Straight submission grappling, no punches. And Annie, you remember to leave some of him for me, OK?"P ALIGN="justify"Annie didn't waste any time with preliminaries. She attacked Sam, coming inhard and fast in a short-spaced tackle that took them tumbling down to thethick mat. The momentary shock of feeling her warm bare flesh against hisdistracted Sam for an instant, just enough time for Annie to wrap him inthe clasp of her arms and lock him into a fierce frontal bearhug. He wasinstantly half way between heaven and hellP ALIGN="justify"Even though the pain of his imprisioned ribs was excruciating, Sam delightedin the feel of Annie's smooth meaty body pressed against him. His own armsslid around Annie's waist, gathering her into his own bearhug. Then the twoof them bore down on their holds, each attempting to crush the other intosurrender. It was their first test of strength.P ALIGN="justify"Soft grunts of effort came from both of them as they tightened their claspedarms. They stood face-to-face, bodies glued together. Sam was getting thefirst taste of the difficulties in wrestling with a woman, especially one whowas naked. His throbbing erection made it necessary for him to twist slightly to one side, rather than fit his body against hers snugly. Unfortunately, his penis seemed to have a mind of its own and was trying to insert itself into the warmth of her vagina, so that it would be safely out of the way during their wrestle. It wasn't a bad idea, as a defense strategy, but the timing was wrong. P ALIGN="justify"Sam knew almost intuitively that he would have to decisively outwrestle Annie before she would likely allow him to engage her in any sort of satisfying hanky-panky. But it wasn't going to be all that easy. P ALIGN="justify"Then, suddenly, he had an idea. He could kill two birds with one boner,so to speak. He needed to get his exposed cock safely out of the way, and he also needed to keep his beautiful adversary sexually stimulated without actually fucking her. So all that Sam needed to do was tuck his penis in-between Annie's legs, but not enter her vagina. To do that, because of the difference in theirheigth, he either had to lower himself or elevate Annie. P ALIGN="justify"Sam stooped for a moment, then lifted Annie off her feet a few inches.He had the greater height, if not the greater strength, and Sam intended to use that advantage. But he hadn't planned on ending up with his face jammed into the deep, damp crevace between Annie's jutting breasts. Once she was held aloft, Annie's solidly rounded tits completely engulfed Sam's face. He couldn't breathe. He tried to pull back, but at that moment Annie's arms quickly released their hug and wrapped around his neck in a head lock, pulling Sam's face even more tightly against her jutting breasts.P ALIGN="justify"Sam was astounded at Annie's quickness and strength. Despite their difference in size, her sleekly muscular body seemed his equal in pure strength. Given thatAnnie's wrestling experience was more "fresh" than his own, Sam was actually quite surprised that he was holding his own in this strange erotically charged combat. He had never wrestled with a woman before, and hewas having trouble figuring out where to place his hands on Annnie's soft flesh. But the fierceness of Annie's attack and the strength of her holdsquickly forced him to battle all-out with the beautiful blonde fitness trainer in an attempt to wrestle her into submission. At the same time, Sam was fighting to overcome his own increasing horniness. It wasn't easy P ALIGN="justify"Not content to merely smother Sam into submission, Annie quickly broughther legs up to encircle his waist in a front scissors. In doing so, Annie ended up sitting on Sam's extended penis with its swollen head ticklingher soft labial lips.P ALIGN="justify"Her smooth thighscontracted like the coils of a jungle python, imprisoning Sam within thesoft-strong vise of her bare legs. She crossed her ankles and flexed thesteely muscles in her thighs, completing a squeezing leg-lock of such intensity that Sam let out a moan of pain. Sam made the only movehe could. He bent his knees, leaned over, sprang forward and crashed downto the mat . . . with Annie pinned beneath his full weight. However, thiswas submission wrestling, and a mere pin wouldn't count for any "points" being won.P ALIGN="justify"As they crashed down to the mat, Sam was rewarded with an explosive whoosh of air being driven from Annie, and an immediate lessening of pressue and pain around his waist. Best of all, he could breathe again. Before Annie could bring up her legs to apply another scissors, Sam quickly grapevined them, his ankles locking with hers. As if of their own volition, both wrestlers bare arms slid around one another in dual bearhugs. It left their naked bodies twined tightly together, like a pair of midnight lovers conjoined on a rumpled bed. Instead, in reality they were two strangers straining breathlessly together on a pile of mats in the lavishly appointed apartment of a mysterious wealthy woman named Lupe. P ALIGN="justify""Ah-hhh, good move, hombre," chortled Lupe from her seat on the couch. Hervoice came to Sam's ears as if from a long distance away. So caught up washe in his erotic combat with the muscular Fem now locked beneath him thathe'd forgotten there was anyone else in the room. It was just his body andAnnie's, muscle against muscle, strength to strength. The two were lost intheir titanic battle, eyes wide and staring. The only sound in the roomwas that of their muffled gasps of effort and harsh breathing, along withthe thump and bump of bodies heaving together on the thick mats. P ALIGN="justify"Enwrapped and squeezed together as the two wrestlers were, Sam once again found his cock jammed tightly against the softness of Annie's vagina, hidden within the abundant bush of her golden pubic hair. It scratched his swollen member deliciously, bringing it to an even greater degree of sexual tension. Sam could feel that Annie was already lubricating, and he was a bit surprised to feel her wetness so soon into the match. He knew that it would take only a shift in his position to breech her labial defenses, to penetrate her with his more than at-the-ready shaft of manhood. And yet he hesitated.P ALIGN="justify"Annie bridged up beneath him, lifting their two entwined bodies off the mat.It was just enough to off-balance Sam, and he tumbled sideways. She rolledwith him, kicking free of his grapevine and bringing her own legs into playwith another crushing vise of strength around his waist. Annie lay on her side,with Sam crushed against her. Her muscular arms snaked around his upper body, capturing his arms beneath hers as she applied another squeezing bearhug. It was a formidable combination of holds to escape from. P ALIGN="justify"Sam somehow needed to free himself from at least one of Annie's holds, and quickly. He twisted slightly within the grip of her encircled arms, helpedby the film of sweat coating her upper body. The pressure around his chestseemed to ease a bit, and so he tried to rotate his hips. The wetness of her satiny flesh allowed him to twist himself around within the grip of her scissored thighs. Now he was not only facing Annie, but he had managed topartially free himself from the clasp of her muscular arms. He saw his opening, and moved quickly to take advantage of their changed positions. P ALIGN="justify"Sam still had his legs free and used a half-forgotten judo hold to even up things. He raised one long leg, slid it across her throat, and managed to grapple Annie's head into a sort of half-figure-four leg lock. Her head was captured within the sweaty prison of his crotch with her face jammed against his turgid cock. Annie immediately knew what to do to counter that hold. Her tongue flicked out like a striking viper, licking the length of his meaty shaft, wrestling his cock with her agile tongue. P ALIGN="justify"Sam's response was a sudden intake of breath and a low moan . . . this timenot from pain but from pleasure. His breath began to pant in stifled gasps. While pleasantly distracted, Sam was unprepared for Annie's next move.She slid one muscular thigh beneath him, while the other crawled across hissweat-soaked back. She then quickly clasped her ankles together and locked themhard. She had him . . . or so she thought. But Sam had other ideas. So didLupeP ALIGN="justify""Hey, are youse guys doing foreplay or are you wrassling?" barked out Lupe in an angry voice. "I'm givin' you only another five minutes to gain asubmission, then it's my turn"P ALIGN="justify"Lupe had been following the action with eyes that gleamed with excitement,but now there was a glint of irritation sparkling in those green orbs. Shehadn't expected that Sam would have lasted as long in the clutchesof her trainer as he had, or that Annie would have obviously enjoyed her match with the handsome young stockbroker as much as she appeared to. Lupe couldn't decide whether she should be envious of Annie, or just pissed that she had misjudged Sam. But one thing was for sure, Lupe was getting turned-on by watching the tangled bodies on the blue plastic mats. And when Lupe became erotically aroused, whether by man or woman, watch outP ALIGN="justify"Meanwhile, back down on the big blue mat, the action seemed to be occurringin ultra slow motion. Annie still had Sam locked within the clasp of hermuscular thighs as they lay face-to-face. Annie's solid calves bunched andher thighs contracted like steel bands around Sam. The handsome young mantried to lurch up to his kees, but a shuddering shake of Annie's encirclingthighs brough him crashing back down to the mat. P ALIGN="justify"Annie's scissors was not so much a submission hold as it was a grinding,strength-sapping grip meant to wear Sam down. But that didn't mean thatAnnie couldn't hurt or at least give a dull, nagging pain to her male opponent with the strength of those thighs. Her long legs continued to squeeze Sam's mid-section inexorably, until he found it difficult to catch his breath. He was in trouble, and he knew it. But Sam was so caught up in the mind-blowing erotic sensations that his wrestling with Annie was causing that he didn't really care.In fact, hus subconscious mind seemed to be unexpectedly voicingh a thought to him: "This wouldn't be such a bad way to die".P ALIGN="justify"As for Annie, she was having the time of her life. Wrestling with theyoung stockbroker was completely different than grappling with Lupe. Surprisingly, Annie had never wrestled a man before. Lupe had onlyintroduced Annie to erotic combat a few months back, as a means of foreplay to help stoke the smouldering coals of Lupe's raging sexuality. It was part of the endless game of domination that Lupe played withher superbly muscled trainer. And Annie had grown to love their sessionson the mat or in Lupe's huge bed. But somehow, wrestling with this manwas pleasurable in a far different way.P ALIGN="justify"As Annie's mind wandered, Sam sensed that the blonde's attention had become unfocused. A second later he was able to get to his knees, twist slightly to one side, bring his hands around Annie's encircled legs, and then sit down on her rounded muscular butt. He had captured her in a cradle hold that broughta sudden scream of surprise and pain from the female wrestler's lips. There was simply nothing Annie could do except submit to Sam. Tears of frustration and pain glistened in her eyes as she slapped the mat three times, signalling her submission. P ALIGN="justify"In a million years, Sam couldn't have explained how he managed to actually apply the hold. It had just seemed a natural progression of moves, once he had managed to turn Annie over. Sam was as dumbfounded as Annie that he had won the fall. But if Sam and Annie were surprised, Lupe was flabbergasted at the sudden and totally unexpected turn of events. P ALIGN="justify"Lupe. of course, had no way of knowing that Sams victory was the result of afluke. Her eyes narrowed in concentration as Lupe tried to figure out if Samwas perhaps sandbagging the two women. She had fully expected Annie to mop upthe floor with the handsome young businessman. Lupe had looked forward toseeing Sam begging for mercy, not having her muscular blonde trainer cry outher own surrender. For a moment, Lupe considered taking her own turn on themat with Sam. However, Lupe was a cautious woman and decided that she needed to know a little more about his wrestling ability before she took him on.P ALIGN="justify""Was that luck, Hombre, or is there somethin' youse aint telling Lupe", thedark-haired woman asked.P ALIGN="justify""Hey, I just got lucky", Sam relied with a nervous laugh. "I'd seen that hold being applied when I had once watched a professional wrestling match on TV, and it must have remained in my memory banks." P ALIGN="justify""Give me another chance at him, Lupe", said Annie in a quiet voice that dripped with venom. "I almost had him, before he got lucky."P ALIGN="justify"Lupe was in a quandry. She was enjoying the sexual stimulation that she was receiving from watching the two sweat-slippery naked bodies straining together.It was a different sensation than she would experience if she was locked into place against the young man. Apples and oranges, perhaps. But there was a bigdifference between being a voyueur and being a participant. Lupe like both, butfor different reasons.P ALIGN="justify""OK, youse still got three minutes left of the five I gave ya. So lock up and see who does what this time around. But no more funny stuff, Hombre".P ALIGN="justify"Annie, who had been standing across the mat rubbing the small of her back didn'thesitate a second. She launched herself at Sam, grapped him in a headlock, andtook him back down to the mat. They sprawled full length against one another, their legs grappled tightly together as Annie worked her headlock. Annie's rightarm had encircled Sam's neck, while her opposite hand grasped her right wrist tolock the hold. She grunted softly as she put on the pressure, the solid ball ofher bicep leaping up against his throat, chocking him. Sam fought against her hold, crawling atop Annie's straining body and gathering her to him with hislegs. They rolled slowly across the mat, first one of them on top and then theother. The soft glow of the overhead light cast its glow on their sweat-wet heaving bodies. They heaved and tossed, grappling in virtual slow motion now.P ALIGN="justify"The all-out effort was unleashing an almost primeval emotion within the fitness trainer. She became aware of an electric charge rippling through her naked body as she strained with Sam on the mat. It was nothing less than an age-old primitive arousal mechanism, triggered by the close-locked effort of theirtwo naked bodies wrestling together in titanic effort. It was the primevalbattle of the sexes, and the responses seemed to be hard-wired into thespecies. P ALIGN="justify"Annie made a surprise move, giving up her scissors for a full-length bodypress atop Sam's heaving body. They lay there, face-to-face again, theirarms and legs tangled together, naked bodies glued so tightly to one another that they appeared as one form. They rolled over and over slowly, with first one on top and then the other. P ALIGN="justify"At this point it was Sam who pinned Annie beneath him. Her lithe hips began to move beneath him in slow-motion, pumping up and down like a piston in an even tempo. Her hips thrust forward and upward, ever so slowly with Amazonish strength. Sam rode her sweat-slick naked body, his knees hugging her waist, his arms wrapped around her body in an effort to maintain his precarious position atop her. The woman wrestler changed her position beneath him, sliding upwarduntil their loins were locked together. Sam's still-throbbing cock lay againstthe crinkly softness of her thick pubic muff, inching toward the invitingopening of Annie's vagina. The female wrestler reached up and cupped his muscular buttocks, helping to better position him for what was to come. Shegave a deep sigh and closed her eyes. Then she gave a soft growl, raised herlegs to clasp his hips, tipped her pelvis to better accomodate Sam's cockwithin the wet warmth of her eagerly awaiting vagina, and pulled the man toher.P ALIGN="justify""STOP", demanded Lupe from her seat on the couch. "That's it, you two havewrassled long enough. It's Lupe's turn now"P ALIGN="justify"With that, Lupe arose from the couch with the easy grace of a black panther.She reached up and opened her robe, shrugged her broad shoulders, and slipped out of the black silk garment. She stood there clad in nothing more than herthong, bare-breasted and magnificent.P ALIGN="justify""My turn now" growled Lupe in a low voice, as she flexed herself in preparation.P ALIGN="justify"Lupe reached down and roughly grabbed Sam's shoulder, pulling him away fromAnnie. Then she gripped one of Annie's muscular arms with steely fingers asshe lifted her trainer from the mat to her feet. Annie's sculpted sinewsbunched dangerously as she took a step toward Lupe with fire in her eyes.Her sexual frustration almost overwhelmed Annie's senses; almost, but not quite. The glare that Lupe gave her brought the beautiful blonde trainer back to the reality of her situation. P ALIGN="justify""Youse, I'll deal with later, Chica", Lupe murmered in an icy tone. "Youse washavin' too damned much fun down there with this guy. Youse was supposed towhip his fancy ass, but he almost friggin' whipped yours. So go sit down overthere and watch a REAL woman work this guy over"P ALIGN="justify"With that, Lupe gave her sweat-soaked blonde trainer a shove toward the couch.She turned back to Sam, who was also drenched with sweat.P ALIGN="justify""Hey, Hombre," Lupe exclaimed. "I wanna make sure youse aren't a married man.Are ya sure youse are single, no wife at home waiting for ya?" she asked in a tight voice.P ALIGN="justify""No, I'm completely single . . . at the moment", Sam replied with a grin. "I'mdivorced. Have been for the past year. No kids, either."P ALIGN="justify""Good" replied Lupe. "I wouldn't want to think that youse was cheating on awife, with what youse and Annie were doin down here a moment ago". P ALIGN="justify"Sam's face grew red. It was true, he'd almost lost it with Annie. But he wasalso amazed at Lupe's old-fashioned sense of marital fidelity. He found himselfwondering if knowing that he was single would embolden Lupe to wrestle him in even a more erotic manner than his match with Annie. He would soon find out, since Lupe moved slowly toward him like a big jungle cat, gliding across the matwith both arms held out, fingers beckoning Sam to her, inviting him to wrestle. P ALIGN="justify""Come to Lupe", she murmered as her lush lips curved into a sinister smile.BRBRCENTERh1FONT COLOR="RED"CHAPTER THREE - WRESTLING PLEASURE & PAIN/h1/FONT/CENTERBRP ALIGN="justify"Sam watched the sultry Hispanic woman circle around him onthe mat. His eyes roved over her upper torso, taking in the wide square shoulders and solid breasts which jutted arrogantly from her wide, deep chest. He knew that those melon-solid breasts were as much a result of implants as exercise, but they were breathtaking nonetheless. He inspected her steel-sinewed arms, noting the strong ball of her biceps, shadowed indentations of triceps, the smooth bulge of her deltoids. Sam knew that countless hours of exercise had gone into producing that imposing muscularity. And yet, despite her obviousstrength, her body still had a lushly curvaceous feminine look.P ALIGN="justify""Youse like what ya sees?" murmered Lupe in a questioning tone of voice. "Maybeya should keep you mind on you business." And with that, Lupe dove for Sam'slegs. P ALIGN="justify"Both of her muscular arms slid around Sam's right leg, hugging his thigh tightagainst her chest. She went to her knees in front of him, but only for an instant. Lupe threw herself forward and raised up at the same time, pulling Sam's leg aloft as she did so. Her sudden move shoved the young stockbroker off-balance, and he went crashing down to the mat on his back. Lupe quickly stepped over the leg she was still hugging, pulled it snugly into her crotch, gave a twist, and secured a painful standing leg lock that brought a yelp of pain from Sam. P ALIGN="justify"Without conscious thought, Sam lifted his free leg and brought it around andbehind Lupe in a leg sweep. His calf slammed into the back of her knee, andLupe crashed down to the mat. She released her leg lock in order to catchherself with both hands as she fell. It was all the break Sam needed. Hegathered Lupe into the clasp of his thighs, securing the woman in a brutalleg scissors. His arms slid down and under Lupe's armpits, his fingers lockingtogether behind her neck to form a full nelson. Lupe was capturedP ALIGN="justify"Sam bent forward, cinching up his nelson. His cheek was laying alongside Lupe's columnar neck, his heaving chest pressed tightly against her powerfullysinewed back. Her back was already wet with sweat, causing his chest to slide from side to side as he grappled his upper torso closer to her own. Coiling female muscularity bulged and rippled against his chest as Lupe fought to free herself from his full nelson.P ALIGN="justify"For the moment, Sam was content to rest in his dominant position, to enjoy thefeel of Lupe's smooth, slick body beneath him, and to enjoy the erotic sensationof their struggle. He was also regaining his strength. Sam was still tired fromhis first match with Annie, and he was expending a lot of energy in not onlytrying to restrain Lupe, but also in having to keep his still fully loaded cock from discharging prematurely.P ALIGN="justify" Lupe, unlike her male opponent, wasn't interested in maintaining the status quo. The Latino Amazon tried desperately to force her arms downward, to power out of Sam's full nelson. As she strained, her biceps leaped up into prominence. The solid mounds of flesh bulged against Sam's forearms as he struggled to maintain his grip. He turned his face away from Lupe's neck, his eyes seeking the sculpted hardness of her biceps, marveling at the way they peaked into a baseball sized roundness. Sam felt his turgid cock twitch and then swell even harder as he watched the twin bulges of strength. Perhaps it was his lack of concentration, or maybe it was simply Lupe's amazonian strength, but the next thing Sam knew she had powered herself free of his arm hold. He still held her securely within the prison of his scissoring legs, but he had lost his advantage.P ALIGN="justify"Her superb body was now completely drenched with sweat, Lupe was able to twistaround like a slick eel within the clasp of Sam's thighs until she was facing him. Her arms immediately flung themselves around Sam's upper torso in a yetanother frontal bearhug. He lay beneath her now, his legs locked around Lupe's slender waist, pulling her against his heaving body with all his strength. P ALIGN="justify"Sam's arms were pinned beneath Lupe's bearhug, so all he had left were his legs. It didn't look good for Sam at that moment, and yet he wrestled Lupe seeminglywithout a care in the world for the outcome of their bizarre test of strength. Sam was enjoying the feel of Lupe's magnificent body straining hard against himso much that he felt that he was a winner even if he lostP ALIGN="justify"But what about Lupe? What was the sultry, splendidly muscled woman feeling asshe fought to overcome this male within her clutches? Was she, too, having thesame feelings and erotic urges that Sam was? In a word: Yes But her point ofview was very different than Sam's. P ALIGN="justify"While Sam's eyes were rivited upon her straining biceps, Lupe's green orbs were staring at the full-length mirrors along the wall, mirrors that reflected theirtwo naked bodies locked so strenuously together in battle. Lupe was examining her own body with all the fascination of a bodybuilder staring in a gymnasium mirror while slowly flexing each set of muscles. She found the disassociation stimulating, watching herself in the mirror while her body was grappled so fiercely and seductively around Sam's. P ALIGN="justify"Lupe caught a quick glimpse of Sam's face, and noticed that his eyes were glazedas if lost in a fantasy world. She quickly took advantage of that knowledge, andtwisted free of his leg scissors and full-nelson, using the sweat slickness of their two bodies to lubricate her escape. Almost in the same motion, Lupe rolledatop Sam, wrapping her long arms possessively around his body from the rear, her loins pressed tightly against the male hardness of his naked buttocks and her upper torso pushing downward against his muscular back, pinning him to the mat with her thrusting naked breasts.P ALIGN="justify"Once down on the mat, Lupe played with Sam, squeezing him with her long arms while bringing her legs up and around his hips, pulling him even more tightly against her feverish loins. Her naked body rippled as she put on the pressure; appearing strong and powerful one moment, then graced with curvaciousness the next. Her magnificent body moved with the satiny allure of a jungle cat, whose muscles flexed beneath the fleshy surface and then receeded once again to leave nothing but unblemished smoothness.P ALIGN="justify"Staying behind him, Lupe rolled their two bodies until she was on the bottom.She quickly slid one thigh between his legs, draping it over his well-sinewed thigh until his leg slid under her other leg. Scissoring his leg between her own, she locked the hold into place with the ankle of her other foot. This hold left her thigh jammed up into his crotch, holding his engorged cock captive beneath the weight of her muscular leg. One arm slid around Sam's neck while with her other hand she grasped one of Sam's wrists and secured an arm lock. It was a hold that submission wrestlers often called "The Anaconda". P ALIGN="justify"As Lupe squeezed with her thighs and pulled his arms more tightly under her control, she again felt the heavy bulk of Sam's penis pressed against her encircling thigh. Even as she tightened her hold, Lupe could feel the male shaft swell and throb against her smoothly muscled leg. With a sly grin, Lupe made aminute change in her scissors, allowing her thigh to clamp down directly uponSam's swollen member. Then she began to rock slowly from side to side, whileat the same time squeezing with her grappling legs. The result was quick anddramatic. Sam hissed in his breath and let out a low moan, his body strummingwith sexual tension.P ALIGN="justify"Lupe's eyes were still rivited on the mirrors, watching Sam's sweat-beaded faceas he grew more and more agitated. His eyes were closed, his breath coming inquick gasps past clenched teeth. It was a look not of pain, but of unspeakablepleasure. Lupe's eyes slid along the reflection of her clenched legs, watching as the muscles of her powerful thighs bunched and flexed with the effort of her hold. Lupe watched the shape of her rounded deltoids change as she applied more pressure to her arm lock, saw the smoothly sculpted bulge of her bicep expanding and contracting. It was, in a sense, as if she was watching another female body wrestling furiously with the naked man on that mat. Lupe, who had wrestled women this way before but never men, found that it turned her on beyond anything that she had ever experiencedP ALIGN="justify"Lupe quickly decided that Sam shouldn't be the only one to enjoy the sexual stimulation. So while still maintaining her arm lock, Lupe released her thighsfrom around her male opponent just enough to allow her to swivel her body arounduntil her loins were pressed together with his. Sam's erection was now jammed tightly against her vulva, and Lupe could feel her clitoris begin to swell to meet the weight of his cock. And within moments, Sam could feel something prodding his erect member, something that was smaller than his own penis and yet equally as stiff. It was a strange sensation, and one that Sam had never felt before. Had he not known that it was an impossibility, Sam would have sworn that another cock was grappling with his own. P ALIGN="justify"Then, like a bolt out of the blue, Sam understood what was happening. So THIS was why Annie enjoyed wrestling with Lupe so much. The Latino Amazon was able to pleasure the female trainer almost like a man . . . almost, but not quite, asAnnie had discovered while wrestling with Sam earlier. The young stockbrokerrealized that this was knowledge that might turn the tide, and allow him to win this bizarre erotic combat. And yet he now realized that he was simply far tooexhausted from his wrestle with Annie, and the bout so far with Lupe, to winby regular means. Lupe was just too damned strong for him in his present condition. Hm-mmmm, but maybe there WAS another way to bring the magnificently muscled dominatrix to submission. P ALIGN="justify"Sam got an arm free, and reached down between the two wrestlers' bodies. It took him a few seconds, but then his searching finger found what it was seeking. He wasshocked at the size of it, and how firm it was. He circled the swollen clit with forefinger and thumb, grasping it firmly. Then he slowly began to milk itwith even strokes. He was rewarded with a soft gasp of breath and a suddenflexing of Lupe's big body. Her own hand reached down and grasped his cock in a firm but gentle grip, a thumb running up and down the underside of his engorged shaft. Now they were pleasuring one another, while still locked in their wrestling holds. They were locked in a race to see which could bring the other to an explosive orgasm first, while at the same time straining to make each other submit in their wrestling match.P ALIGN="justify"The two naked wrestlers were now drenched with glistening sweat, the pungentodor of which was filling the room. Their backs were turned toward the couchwhere Annie sat, so the blonde trainer couldn't actually see what the two wreslters were doing to one another. But she heard the harsh panting, the muffled moans, and the way the two entwined bodies were flexed into rigidity.And she could smell the pheremones, a musky scent that was working its magicof her as she watched the wrestling figures on the mat. Then Annie happened to look toward the mirror and saw where their hands were and what was actually going on. P ALIGN="justify""Hey, I thought you two were supposed to be wrestling", shouted Annie from the couch. "Those are not wrestling holds you've got on each other. You're fucking around"P ALIGN="justify"Lupe turned her head toward the trainer with great effort, as if trying notto lose her concentration on the matter at hand (ahem) Her dark eyes weregleaming with lust, and sudden irritation, as she looked up at Annie. P ALIGN="justify""Youse just mind ya own business", she panted out. "Me and Sam here is goingto be done 'fuckin' around', as youse puts it, pretty pronto. Then youse'll get ya chance to wrassle again. But you can bet that it'll be me you're going to lock up with, Chica, as soon as I make this guy say 'auntie' to me."P ALIGN="justify"The trouble was that Lupe wasn't all that sure who would be the winner of this strange erotic combat taking place on the huge blue mat. She could feel thetremor of orgasm growing ever stronger within her, and she wasn't sure how long she could hold it in abeyance.P ALIGN="justify"Sam, on the other hand (ahem) wasn't so sure that Lupe would be the winner.He had a secret weapon. He had once dated a yoga teacher who had introduced him into the mysteries of Tantric sex. From her, he had learned how to pace himself, to put off having an ejaculation for hours. So he wasn't at all worried that Lupe's develish fingers would bring him to an explosive climax any time soon. He only hoped and prayed that Lupe had not also studied Tantric sex, or else he WAS in real trouble. P ALIGN="justify"Sam smiled at the realization that Lupe should have stayed with straight wrestling. Her amazonish strength had almost brought him to submission a fewmoments ago. But now that they were engaged in a battle of pleasure, Sam thought that perhaps he had a chance to win two falls in a row from these strange females. With that in mind, he worked even harder with his fingers that were locked around the Latino Amazon's big clit. P ALIGN="justify"The torrid action lasted only another few minutes. Then, with a mufffled screamof frustration mingled with sexual release, Lupe bridged upward until she was strung as tight as a bow. She took both of them into the air for a second, hersleekly muscled body quivering and shaking, and then she came down to the mat with a thud. It was over. Sam had outlasted the sultry brunette in the digital foreplay phase of their match. Now, flushed with his unexpected victory, it was time to claim his reward.P ALIGN="justify"Sam started to roll over onto Lupe's sweat-slippery muscular body, to pin her beneath him while he took his beautiful opponent to the next step in their strange contest of strength. Lupe, still lying there half-dazed, spread open her muscular thighs to receive him . . . when, suddenly, Sam and Lupe felt another body crash down atop theirs. It was Annie. P ALIGN="justify"Annie rotated herself into position, her naked muscular body sprawling across both Lupe and Sam. Annie's sleekly muscled limbs gathered the two sweat-slippery and nearly exhausted wrestlers beneath her. The three nude bodies were locked together in an unlikely variation of the 69 position. Situated head-to-toe asthey were, Lupe's mouth was brushing sensually against Sam's cock, while Sam hadhis lips buried in the thick mat of Lupe's pubic hair, his tongue already seeking her aroused clit. Annie, while she kept the other two wrestlers pinned down to the mat, had her choice of targets. Her blonde head swiveled back and forth for a moment, and then with blinding speed she buried her face in Sam's crotch, pushing aside Lupe's head in the process. But Lupe wasn't going to be dislodged that easily, and a split-second later the two women were wrestling each other furiously . . . AND Sam, all at the same timeP ALIGN="justify"-And then all hell broke loose BRBRCENTERh1FONT COLOR="RED"CHAPTER FOUR - AN EROTIC TAG MATCH/h1/FONT/CENTERP ALIGN="justify"The writhing tangle of limbs made it difficult to see who was doingwhat to whom. As three sets of eyes watched the reflection of their entwined bodies in the mirrors, it was impossible to tell which one of the nudely muscled wrestlers was emerging as the Dominant in this bizarre battle. It was deliciously even at this point, none of the three being able to gain an advantage.P ALIGN="justify" What was true, however, is that the two women were completely overwhelmingSam, even as Lupe and Annie struggled against each other. And, surprisingly,Sam didn't seem to mind. He was blissfully exhausted, and at this point hecouldn't have cared less who "won". As far as Sam was concerned, they had ALL emerged victorious, even as they "lost".P ALIGN="justify"During that first torrid bout, Annie had lost the wrestling match. However,she discovered that she was more hetrosexual than she thought she was. Shehad loved wrestling with the handsome young stockbroker, and had been arousedjust as much as with the Latino Amazon, Lupe. That was a win.P ALIGN="justify"Lupe, for her part, thought that she was going to defeat her male opponentwith little or no effort, that her splendid muscularity and awesome strength would certainly prevail in their impromtu wrestling match. But she had lost, albeit to an orgasm, and Annie's untimely interruption. Lupe had learned that sometimes sex can trump strength in the play of life. She, too, had won by losing. P ALIGN="justify"Sam had discovered a lot of important things about himself during the wrestling. He realized not only that women could be stronger than he imagined them to be, but that he, too, was stronger than he had thought he was. And he REALLYloved to wrestle with women Sam would never in a million years have believed that wrestling with a woman could be a turn-on, before the fateful knock on Lupe's door . . . which itself seemed to be a lifetime ago And it sounded silly to Sam now, but he knew that he had gained enough respect from the sultry Dominatrix to win her as a client. That was, after all, why he had come to Lupe's apartment in the first place. P ALIGN="justify"Sam had "closed the deal", albeit in a very unorthadox way, and now would have Lupe with all her wealth as his new brokerage client. Thus, Sam was also a winner.P ALIGN="justify"THAT, he chuckled to himself, was worth the whole weird and erotic experience. And now, since they were still naked and rolling around on the mat together, all that had to be decided was who would make love to whom. Lupe and Annie had their own ideas about that, as Sam would soon discover. P ALIGN="justify"CENTERH1The End . . . Or The Beginning/H1/CENTER BRBR/BODY/HTML none23/Dec/2004
41238Mistaken IdentityBy Madcat22/Dec/2004
51134Elaine Part IBy Fionaslut21/Dec/2004
6897Revised Amazon ChroniclesBy EmishAn updated version of an Erotic AutobiographHTMLHEADMETA HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html;charset=windows-1252"TITLEThe Revised (2005) Amazon Chronicles/TITLE/HEADBODY TEXT="#000000" LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080"BGCOLOR="#ffffff"PP ALIGN="CENTER"CENTERTABLE CELLSPACING=0 BORDER=0 WIDTH=414TRTD VALIGN="TOP"PCENTERFONT COLOR="#FF0000"H1The Amazon Chronicles/H1/FONTBRBR FONT SIZE="4" ALIGN="LEFT"BAn Erotic AutobiographicalEssayBRByBR EmishP/FONT/CENTERPP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"BFirst of all, dear reader, I realize that eachof us enjoys a rather unique predilection for what "pushes our buttons"in terms the stories here in Diana's Library, AND in the women who arefeatured in these stories. P ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Let me give you some examples ofwhat turns me on, and you can judge for yourself where I fit onthe spectrum of personal erotic preferences, whereIattraction/I sits on one end and Ifetish/I on theother./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"So let's start off with physical attraction. What is it thatlights-up my radar, makes me notice one woman over another?P ALIGN="JUSTIFY" OK, here goes:/PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"What I find physically attractive in a woman is not at alltypical; it isn't the television-oriented ideal of big boobs, ora skin and bones fashion model with a come-hither-look and a sexyPepsodent smile. I happen to be addicted to the kind of woman youare more likely to see in a Ms. Aerobic Fitness contest than in a"Playboy Magazine". You see, I'm attracted to what you might callmodern-day Amazons . . . like those athletic gals in the Soloflexads. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Ever since I was a youngster I have been drawn to women whowere sports-minded, active, and well-buffed; women whose positivezest for an out-of-doors life set them apart from the rest oftheir more fragile sisters. During h�igh school and collegemost of my girlfriends were "feminine jocks", pretty girls whowere as much at ease in slow-dancing as they were at fastrunning. And they all had one thing in common; they possessed anevident degree of well-sculpted muscularity. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Whoa, hold on a minute, I'm not talking about massivelymuscled she-hulks. I really don't enjoy the look of those thicklysinewed professional female bodybuilders who bulge and flex theirover-trained bodies on ESPN-TV, the ones who look more likemuscle-bound men with siliconed breasts added on No, that's notwhat I mean at all. What I'm talking about is an obvious degreeof smoothly etched definition in combination with a nice curvyfemale form. Gabby Reece, the beautiful female volley ballchampion/model comes easily to mind. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"A firmly toned female body serves me as a kind of metaphor, asubjective confirmation of some of those� characteristics thatI most prize in a woman; physical and emotional strength, prideand self-esteem, a sense of self-discipline, courageousness,assertiveness and personal integrity. Of course, one of thetraits that I most love in a woman is a marvelous sense of humor,the spirit of playfulness that athleticism seems to accentuate./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Then too, a woman's well-trained physique, together with heroverall presence, also suggests to me the promise of her personalpower - what the woman is capable of doing with me, as a partner.And there's also the flip side of this; such a projection ofphysical strength is a way of helping to define what can andcannot be done TO a woman. Strong women are seldom seen asvictims, and they seldom have victim mentalities. I like that/PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Now I realize that this seeming preoccupation with aparticular kind of female body-type suggests that I view womenone-dimensionally, as no more than sexual objects. Hey, not trueat all. What I'm talking about here has more to do with physicalattractivity than an appreciation for the whole person. Myappreciation for women is much more appropriately balanced thansimply being fixated on the muscularity issue. With me, it hasalways been a case of the subtle look, gestures and attitude offemininity and the juxtaposition of smoothly sculpted, clearlydefined muscularity that have most often attracted me to a woman.But IÕll certainly admit that an athletic female bodycaptures my attention more quickly than just a sparklingpersonality. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Unfortunately, to be so out of sync with society's normalbeauty standards puts a person with my rather unique preferencesat a distinct disadvantage. The man who becomes aroused at thesight of a beautifully sculpted bicep instead� of a set ofover-endowed breasts is looked upon as a fetishist . . . eventhough the typical American male's boob-fixation is itself afetish, by popular consensus But that hasn't always been so.Beauty standards in terms of female body-type have changeddramatically during our recorded human history, with these tastesreflecting the male mood toward women from era to era and cultureto culture. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"For most of history, women have been judged by males accordingto their "fitness" for bearing children and their ability toperform the hard physical work of gathering food. The strongerthe physique, the more prized the woman. But then only a fewhundred years ago, in the Middle Ages, women's physiques begantaking on a more ethereal look, their reed-slender bodiesreflecting the severe linear style of Gothic art and women'spassive roles. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"At almost the same time, the idea of what was consideredbeautiful by the wealthy and sophisticated Moslem culture wasvastly different. They had a preference for stronger figures intheir women. Byzantine art reflected this taste for stronglyrounded forms in their mosque domes, and their poets and writerscelebrated an outright muscularity in their Heroines. The epic"Arabian Nights" stories described alluring and physicallypowerful desert damsels actually wrestling with would-be malelovers in erotic combat (and winning) /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"In our own era, during the 1920's and 30's, the mood of thetime was to build skyscrapers and to celebrate the monumental.This was represented by Art Deco, with its enormous naked maleand female figures showing their anatomi�%callydisproportionate muscularity, mirroring the idea of titanicstrength that permeated the culture of the time. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"And, by the end of World War II, Western women, thanks to"Rosie The Riveter" and her war-time sisters, were slowlybecoming liberated, and letting their strength and athleticismshow. A new breed of women was emerging . . . the Amazons werecoming /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Today? Well, all you need to do is leaf through a few women'shealth magazines or watch an evening's worth of TV and you'll seethat sleek-sinewed female forms are where "body fashion" is thesedays. Even the beautious bimbos of television's "Baywatch" manageto combine big breasts with big biceps, which seems to keepeveryone happy. So you see, my own personal taste in well-muscledfemale physiques has more than a little historic�alprecedence, and is not really as weird as one might at firstthink. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Like the countless others who enjoy this kind of athletic bodytype, I'm sure that is my own unique way of manifesting a verycomplex subconscious psychological state. Such psycho-sexualpreferences as mine are usually the result of deeply ingrainedimprints from childhood, as Dr. Freud would say. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Closer to the surface, I'm certain that this attraction toathletic females at least partly evolved from a series ofadolescent erotically-charged adventures with a tomboy namedCathy when I was only 14 or so; partly from an even more sexuallyexplicit teenage relationship with our young highly "buffed"family maid; and the rest due to the rather unconventionalattitudes of my mother, who was an early feminist and anassertive woman in her own right. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Let's begin with my mother's contribution to my Amazonorientation. She was a strikingly attractive, free-spirited ladywith a fine intellect. She had been a platform diver in collegeand played a mean game of tennis, but she didn't possess theobvious strength and well-developed physique of the women I wasalways physically attracted to from childhood on . . . so we candispense with any ideas about my predilection for muscular womenbeing the result of an unrecognized Oedipus Complex. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"After my father was activated as a reserve officer during WWII, my mom had to serve as both mother and father during thenearly four years he was overseas. I was only 13 years old whenmy dad was called up, and mother was determined that me and myyounger brother wouldn't suffer from not having a father aroundto tea�ch us typical "male-stuff". Single-moms of today wouldunderstand what this meant, but back when I was a child this wasrare. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"So it was our mother who played touch-football with my brotherand me in the backyard, who taught us tennis, played catch, andwho even helped get me started in the martial arts after I'd beenpounded by a school bully. Mother figured that it was time that Ilearned to take care of myself in those kinds of situations. Shewrote to my father and asked him to send us an Official U.S. ArmyHand-To-Hand-Combat instructional book, ordered a "Charles AtlasMuscle- building Course" for me, and then put me in the strongand capable hands of our family maid, Sadie, for self-defensetraining and physical exercise. By then I was 14, approaching 15years of age. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Sadie was an exceptionally attractive 20 year oldAfrican-American who was a live-in domestic helper for ourfamily, and served as a "nanny" for my brother and myself. Shelooked like the beautiful black actress Angela Bassett, with thesame chiseled muscularity but taller. While she was only sixyears older than me, Sadie possessed an amazing maturity beyondher age, especially sexual maturity. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Sadie had grown up on a small share-cropping cotton farm, andhad hand-tilled the fields until she moved to the city andstarted working for my parents. The physically demanding farmwork had given her lots of raw strength and a perfectlyproportioned curvacious body; a powerfully sinewed back, widerthan usual shoulders, well-rounded biceps, a firmly rounded butt,and a pair of long legs with solidly muscled thighs andfirm-molded calves. Sadie also had a set of medium sizedmelo�n-solid breasts thrusting proudly from her broad, deepchest. At least to my teenage-eyes, she reminded me of some tall,regal African Princess. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Remember, this was about the time that the comic books cameout with a series of "Jungle Queen" characters . . . includingthe blonde Sheena and the black beauty called Shawna. Sheena wasevery boy's fantasy figure with her long blonde hair and skimpyleopard-skin fur bikini. Shawna on the other hand, was a powerfulBlack Princess, Sheena's polar opposite and chief antagonist. AndSadie, with her slightly aloof regal bearing and superbmusculartity, was a come-to-life Shawna to my eyes (andfantasy-mind) /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"This striking cocoa-colored Amazon came into my life at a mostimpressionable age (by then I was nearly 15 ), and she was trulyresponsible for leading me through that dark mysterious doorwayof adolescent sexuality. I was blessed and cursed at the sametime, as you'll discover as we conti�nue this biographicaljourney. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"The fact that my mother actually encouraged me to work-outwith Sadie boggles my mind to this very day. However, mygrappling sessions with our superbly sinewed young maid actuallybegan several months before the self-defense instructions. Theybegan in the swimming pool in our own backyard, where Sadieserved as the "lifeguard" for my brother and me and ourneighborhood pals. Sadie, in a wet swimsuit clinging to hercurvacious, sinewy body, was certainly something to behold . . .and I did lots of be-holding, AND every other kind of holdingthat I could get away with, too /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"It was always great fun for me to try to "duck" Sadie when shewas in the pool with us. Those struggles, particularly when Iwould plaster myself against her sleek body with my arms wrappedaround her in a frontal bear-hug and my legs scissoring one ofher thighs, would most often produce a . . . hm-mmmm, well youknow . . . a "genital arousal of increasing prop�ortions"./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"The first time this happened to me I was really embarrassed.But Sadie responded in an unexpected and mind-boggling way . . .she simply squirmed closer to me and held me even tighter,wriggling her hips so that her pelvis was ever so slowly movingagainst my lap. WOW Every single teenage hormone in my bodyexploded at the same time. Sadie, however, never let on for asecond that anything unusual had occurred. It was as if shethought this was the most natural thing in the world, just anexpected part of "pool wrassling" /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"And she didn't so much as blink an eye the next time ithappened, or the next. After a few more times of thistight-locked squirming, I finally quit being embarrassed, andsimply started enjoying what was happening. Oh, by the way, ifyou're squeemish about some of the explicit sexual languageyou've just been reading, you'd best stop reading this personalbiographical sketch right about now. There'll be more. Much more/PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Anyway, as you ?can imagine, I spent a lot of time tryingto get Sadie into the pool for this highly erotic playtime. Andshe was happy to oblige, for a price My ticket of admission tothis incredible sexual experience was silence, and a blind eye tothe frequent nips she took from the bottles of liquor on ourlivingroom sideboard. Sadie developed a taste for well-aged andVERY expensive Scotch, of which my father had a fine collection.And of course, he was overseas. By the time he returned therewere few if any of his treasured bottles left. Sadie and I werethe chief beneficiaries of his loss . . . and I never drank adrop. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Then, several months later, Sadie and I began the Jujitsutraining that was encouraged by my mother . . . which, as itturned out, was a BIG mistake on my mother's part. She hadobviously never seen Sadie and me at play in the backyardswimming pool, and she certainly had no idea of how� sexuallystimulating our "water-wrassling" had become. My mother simplythought I should learn to defend myself, and that our athleticyoung maid would be a good teacher. She was And boy oh boy, wasI ever a good student. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I pestered Sadie to practice with me at every possibleopportunity; out in the grass of our backyard, on the kitchenfloor, in the livingroom, and, best of all, down in our basementplay room where we had spread out a couple of old mattressescovered with a king-sized rubber sheet to form an exercise mat.Hm-mmm, I still remember the feel of that slick-surfaced mat andits pungent sweat-scent /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Our so-called Jujitsu training got to be like something out ofa Peter Sellers "Inspector Cleusou" movie (remember how hisJapanese houseboy would continually be jumping out of closets,darting out from beneath furniture, hiding behind doors . . . toattack the Inspector as a form of martial arts Ninjatraining).�? You never knew when Cleusou would be pouncedupon by his houseboy. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I was doing the same thing with Sadie, but with raging teenagehormones fueling my compulsive desire to wrestle with thismarvelously muscled young Amazon at every opportunity. And,fortunately, my mother thought that the erotic grappling thatSadie and I were engaging in was nothing more than "self-defense"practice. Mother kept telling me what a good boy I was forpracticing so diligently, and even gave Sadie a raise in pay.Hey, I'll tell you . . . I was in adolescent sexual heaven /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Of course, as I'd discovered during our earlier pool-play,Sadie didn't seem to mind the fact that all of this hot and heavywrestling was arousing me sexually, just so long as I was cooland my mother didn't find out what was going on. It was, as itturned out, a VERY stimulating turn-on for her as well. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"As I learned much later, these erotic hard-strainingg�rapple sessions were a safe way for Sadie to self-satisfyher own lusty sexual needs, since her only boyfriend was away inthe war. The wrestling turned her on, the same as it was arousingme. Gradually, as time passed, all pretenses that what we weredoing was nothing more than Jujitsu training were forgotten.Things began to get VERY seriously sexual. And that is theunderstatement of all time /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"What Sadie and I were doing on the sweat-soaked mats was a lotof slow-motion grappling, squeezing, clamping and scissoring aswe lay locked together full-length. With our sweat-slipperybodies wrapped tightly, limbs entwined, and loins locked, wewould squirm and grind against one another; Sadie with an almostdreamy economy of movement, and me with a more feverish urgency./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"At some point in our humping and straining I would often heara strange kind of hissing and moaning from Sadie's clenched lips,and her powerful hips would slap against mine with a faster andfaster rhythm. She would shudder against me for a moment or two,and then her body would suddenly relax. That's when I'd pin her,surprisingly, without too much resistence on Sadie's part. Iwasn't completely certain what was happening at those moments,but I was beginning to have my suspicions. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Hey, remember that I was just a 15 year old virgin . . .gimme'a break /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"But then one afternoon, as we lay facing each other in a kindof dual headlock situation, with our legs scissored around eachother's thighs, something unexpected happened that added anexplosive new sexual component to our wrestling. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"As I moved my head within the clasp of her hard flexed arms,my lips unexpectedly brushed across Sadie's. Without eventhinking, I suddenly kissed her, and she kissed me back . . . atfirst lightly, then harder; a deep, probing "French Kiss" thatsent electricity sizzling up and down my spine. At that precisemoment, as I felt the sinewy strength of h�er superb bodyagainst me, as I thrilled to her tongue grappling with my own, Isensed that Sadie was caught up in the same boiling sexual energythat I felt. From that instant, it was clear to both of us wherewe were heading. I was frightened, but like a moth dazzled by theflame of a candle, my greedy erotic attraction to Sadie'ssplendidly muscled body overwhelmed any inexperienced timidity Ifelt. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"After what seemed to me like years, Sadie finally ended ourdelicious kiss and crawled atop me, pinning me down to the matwith her sinewy weight. Her long legs grapevined around mine asshe spread-eagled my arms, her fingers locking around my wrists,holding me captive beneath her sweat-wet body. While holding meprisoner, Sadie resumed deep-kissing me, and began humping herlithe hips up and down as she thrust against me. . . slowly atfirst, and then gradually with a faster rhythm. I found myselfreminded of the incredibly erotic piece of musicâ called"Bolero". It followed the same slow beat that gradually becameclimatically frenzied at the peak, then slowed back down . . .just like Sadie's powerful hips and thrusting loins were doing./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I bridged up beneath her weight, pressing against her with myaroused penis jammed into the inverted V of her crotch, trying tomatch the wild rhythm of her piston-like pumping. My legs startedtrembling from the exertion of holding her weight aloft, and Itried to roll us over so that I'd be on top, but Sadie all tooquickly regained the dominant position. Again and again we tradedpositions, first one on top and then the other, each of us tryingto . . . what? It became a strenuous and highly erotic ballet,and I soon caught on how to do the dance. It was Sadie whodemanded the lead and controlled the action, and it seemed attimes as if I was just along for the ride. Our movements grewever more frenzied, our limbs seeming to move of their ownvolition. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Somewhere along the� line, her maid's uniform had beenstripped away, and Sadie was wrestling me in nothing more thanher panties and bra. My hands found her melon-solid breasts,cupping the weight of them, pinching the aroused nipples, gentlysqueezing until Sadie gasped with pleasure. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"One of my hands slid on down across her smooth flat belly,tracing intricately muscled abdominals that felt like a satinywashboard. Then my other hand left her jutting breast and movedslowly downward, my fingers slipping under the waistband of hersilk panties, exploring the curly thatch of crinkly black pubichair . . . already wet with her desire. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"OK, it's now or never, I thought to myself /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I began tearing frantically at the under-clothing that stillshielded Sadie's curvacious body from my touch; letting my handsslide up and down the hot,� gleaming length of her torso. Andthen . . . oh my GOD-DDDD, she FLEXED herself like a big junglecat, and I felt the ripple and play of female musculature slidingand bunching beneath my touch. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Her own hands were ripping away my sweat-soaked T-shirt andunzipping my pants. Then, with quick pantherish strength and alow growl of impatience, Sadie took hold of my throbbing cock andslid me inside of her. She wrapped her long legs around my waist,scissored them across my back, and then Sadie wrestled my maleseed from me with squeezing strength. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Only it didn't come about as quickly as it sounds. She workedher muscle-magic on me for a good three minutes before I camewith my explosive orgasm. To me, those few minutes were like alifetime. And it was THE most exciting and mind-blowingexperience of my young life. And even more important, I was nolonger a virgin /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Twice more that afternoon we grappled to an explosive orgasm,but this time I wa�s more the aggressor and Sadie seemedcontent to let ME take her, instead of the other way around.Everything was marvelous . . . until I started worrying aboutgetting Sadie "knocked-up". My sudden realization of what we wereactually doing down there on those mats, AND the possibleconsequences, quickly extinguished my passion. The mood wasshattered. Sadie sensed the change, and a stricken look creptacross her face as she, too, realized what had happened on thatsweat-slick wrestling mat. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"We broke apart without a word and climbed to our feet. Weturned our backs on one another, got dressed, and went backupstairs. Later, alone in my room, I felt a strange mixture ofuneasiness and excitement about what had happened. I suppose thatit was about then I realized that we should have used a condom,but to tell the truth, I'd never even seen one, let along usedone /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"The next day at school all I could think about was the steamymat sessions that I'd had with Sadie the previous afternoon. WhenI'd finally gotten home from classes, still more than a littlescared about what had happened, I knew that I had to talk toSadie. I found her down in the basement, curled up on theexercise mats, sobbing almost uncontrollably. Sadie was totallyfreaked out about what had taken place the afternoon before.Fearing the wrath of my mother if she found out, worrying aboutbeing accused of . . . "contributin' to da delinkency of a miner"as she put it. And, afraid of losing her job, she quickly sworeme to secrecy. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Sadie also told me in no uncertain terms that there would beno more of our passionate wrestling sessions. I of courseprotested, but rather half-heartedly; for if the truth wereknown, I was even more frightened than Sadie was. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"But while we were on our best behavior for the next couple ofweeks, the energy between Sadie and me was electric. I knew thatwe would be back down on the mats before long. At least I hopedwe would be. Meantime, I tried my best not to look at Sadie'smagnificently muscled body with too much lustful desire, for fearthat mother would get wise to what had already happened. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"HOWEVER, my mother was no dummy, and she sensed that somethingodd was going on between Sadie and me. Mother started showing upat home unexpectedly, spending less time playing tennis at thecountry club, which meant that Sadie and I were seldom ever aloneat the house. I could hardly stand it. I was like a kid with anew toy, but one that I was told I couldn't play with. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Then, one early afternoon almost three weeks later, when I wascertain that my mother wouldn't return home until evening, Ibegan pestering Sadie to get her work done quickly and meet medown in the basement recreation room for a quick session. To saythat she was reluctant would be an understatement, but I kept ather. It wasn't too long before she agreed, after I told her thatI'd bought a "rubber" for her protection, and a few minutes laterwe were once again back down on those sweat soaked mats, lockedtightly together in a straining tangle of limbs. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"For a while we enjoyed ourselves in the slow-motion foreplaythat our wrestling had become. Then several minutes later, justas things were getting out of control, we both heard the sound ofthe upstairs door opening and someone coming slowly down thebasement steps. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Oh My Gawd We'd been busted /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"We quickly unlocked ourselves from around one another, rolledapart, and hurriedly straightened what clothing we still had lefton. But we didn't have time to get fully dressed or climb to ourfeet. We looked up from the sweat-soaked mats to see my mothercoming into the room with a puzzled frown on her face. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY""Hi Mom, Sadie and me are just working out," I stammered,hoping that my mother would believe me and not her own eyes.Sadie crawled quickly to her feet, rearranging her rumpleduniform, and mumbled "uhuh, uhuh, that's right, ma'm . . . we wasjus doin' da Jew-jitsu stuff." /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"The fact that Sadie and I had shed most of our clothes duringour frenzied grappling ses�sion in that hot basement didn'thelp matters any. Mother wasn't exactly sure WHAT was going on,but it was quite obvious to her that it wasn't "kosher" . . . andthe sight of the two of us lying together on a couple ofmattresses in a partially unclad state wasn't at all what mymother had in mind as "self-defense-training" for her youngteenage son /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Mother had a little talk with me, a much longer talk withSadie, and from then on Sadie was no longer my "trainer" . . .and, when her boyfriend returned home from the war a few weekslater, she quickly departed from our household. You can't imaginehow distraught I was, how much I missed my young sexual mentorand our passionate wrestles on the basement mats. The worst thingwas that I never saw Sadie, my "Amazon Princess", again. A coupleof months after Sadie's departure, I was shipped off to anEastern prep-school to receive a far different kind of educationthan I'd enjoyed with Sadie /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Act�ually, the stage was set for my erotic wrestlingadventures much earlier than my sessions with our maid. Sadie wasreally not my first female mat partner. My introduction to thiskind of co-ed tussling began a year before Sadie came into mylife, while I was still very much a virgin. It was one particularseries of experiences with a girl named Cathy, at the age offourteen or so, that probably wrote the code for thepsycho-sexual programming of being turned-on by femalemuscularity. And there was no doubt that this unusual set ofexperiences with young Cathy was the reason that I responded toSadie the way I did just a year later. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Cathy, the tomboy daughter of a local teacher's collegefootball coach, was almost a year older than me. She was tall forher age - actually a couple of inches taller than me - blonde,lithe, hard-bodied but curvy. Cathy had that kind of sharplyetched, clearly defined sinewin�jess that gymnasts oftendevelop. She had well-developed biceps, rounded deltoids, andlong legs that were as sinew-packed as a ballerina's. And she wasincredibly strong, as I was soon to discover first-hand. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"For whatever her reason, Cathy picked me as her specialplaymate the first time we noticed one another at recess at thebeginning of the new school year. This VERY unusual relationshipbegan by Cathy grabbing my arm as I walked by, deftly trippingand then pouncing upon me. With all the kids urging us on, Cathyand I began rolling around there on the schoolyard ground. It wasa very short-lived battle, and she won. It was the first timethat I'd ever "wrassled" a girl, and I couldn't believe that sheactually beat me. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"The next day . . . same thing However, this time we lay thereface to face, bodies locked up and tangled together within acircle of ch�peering kids, straining together for severallong minutes before she finally admitted defeat. Cathy didn'tlike losing, and so we agreed to meet again the next day. I wonagain. Next time she took the fall. We ended up engaging in thisbizarre test of strength twice more that week, but nowafter-school . . . and without any spectators. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Something quite unexpected happened during those schoolyardwrestles. All that grappling gave me the first erection I'd everhad with a girl I loved the sensation of rubbing against herfirmly muscled body, of being locked within the strong grasp ofher arms and legs, as my heart began to pound and my "little guy"slowly hardened. And I sure knew one thing; I wanted lots more ofthat particular kind co-ed playtime. It turned out that Cathy didtoo. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Very quickly our erotically-charged grappling moved from theschoolyard to a quiet pa�Crk about a block away. We founda grove of trees that contained a secluded grassy clearing, whichbecame our secret meeting spot. Later on, as the Fall days begangetting colder, we discovered an abandoned park barn with a loftfull of soft straw which provided an even better wrestling mat./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"However, our most exciting grappling sessions took place inthe gymnasium wrestling room at the small private college whereCathy's father was the coach. These "matches" always took placelate in the evening when no one else was around. Cathy hadmanaged to swipe a key to the gym from her dad, and so we had theplace all to ourselves. Of course the possibility of beingdiscovered was an added element of excitement for us. For acouple of young teenagers, we were really living dangerously . .. or so we thought. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"To this very day I can� still smell the sweat-soaked aromaof those mats, feel the slickness of Cathy's strong, lithe bodystraining against mine as we wrestled together in that steamy-hotroom. The memory of those sessions, and the way in which our twoyoung bodies tangled in tight-locked combat, the feel of thosesweat-slick gym mats sends tingles of excitement up and down myspine, even today. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"As you can imagine, I began looking forward to ourafter-school "wrassling matches" with great anticipation. It wasquite obvious that Tomboy Cathy relished this hot and heavygrappling as much as I did. She was always waiting for me, eyesgleaming with her own excitement, stripped down, ready to go/PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Only much later, after my experiences with Sadie, did I learnwhat we were actually doing in those endless hours of interlockedgrappling and straining. I suppose it could be called a kind ofmutual masterbation, or, as it was known back then,"dry-humping". /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"In those days a variation of what Cathy and I were doing wascalled "making out". It was THE alternative kind of safe sex ofthat era. Only it was usually practiced by boys and girlsgrappling one another in the back seat of an automobile as theytraded hot kisses, not by a couple of teenagers rolling around inthe grass, in a hay-loft, or on the sweat-slippery mats of acollege wrestling room Cathy and I also engaged in theimpassioned "smooching" sessions of our more sexuallysophisticated teenage elders . . . but mostly, we just wrestled./PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Perhaps fortunately for the two of us, before our wrestlingdeveloped into a more seriously sexual situation, our matsessions came to an abrupt end. Cathy's father took a coachingjob at the larger State University, and the family moved away.Cathy and I kept in touch through letters for several years, butwe never saw one another again. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"In any case, the die was cast. My erotic experiences withCathy, and the flat-out�Ü sexual wrestling sessionswith Sadie, set the stage for a life-long partiality for sleeklysinewed females and for what has been called, in psychologicalparlance, "erotically aggressive foreplay." And then, of course,there were all those high school and college girl friends whoadded fuel to the fire of my predilectional passions. Hm-mmm, youknow I've often wondered what the flavor of my sexual appetiteswould have been if my mother hadn't put me into Sadie's hands forthat "special training". But I think by then the neuralprograming had already been accomplished . . . by Cathy /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Actually, it wasn't until my mother was in her 80's that I hadthe nerve to discuss any of this early sexual turn-on experiencewith her. And during that very intimate and revealingconversation she absolutely blew my mind by letting me know thatshe already knew all about my "deep, dark secret". /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Mother informed me that she had always known about my thingfor muscular females. She said that it was pretty hard to missthe fact that all my girlfriends had "buffed" bodies andwell-developed biceps. It turned out that she also know about myhayloft wrestles with Cathy. She reminded me that she'd onceasked me where I was getting all of the straw in my clothing thatI kept shedding all over our house. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Had she also known about our late night, half-nude sessions inthe college wrestling room, I doubt that my mother would havebeen as unconcerned about our childhood "rough-housing", as sheused to call it. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"It was while discussing Cathy with my mother that I realizedthat it was this young Tomboy with her intricately etchedmuscularity and exciting strength who was probably responsiblefor the deeply ingrained psycho-sexual imprint from my childhoodthat I mentioned at the beginning of these Chronicles, an imprintthat was accentuated by my experiences with Sadie a year or twolater. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"And, speaking of Sadie, it appeared that my mother did NOTknow the full story of my Jujitsu training sessions with ourmagnificently muscled young maid. Mother apparently thought thatthe day she discovered me humping Sadie down in the basement wasthe first time that had happened. Amazingly enough, Sadie and Ihad apparently been far more discreet in our erotic grapples thanI had realized. I did not correct my mother's ignorance of howsexual our workouts had been. Nor did I admit that I lost myvirginity within the sweat-slippery clasp of Sadie's superblysinewed limbs. Hey, there's some things you just don't tell Mom,right? /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Now, I'd be very surprised if at this point you weren'twondering how I define "wrestling". After all, I've devotedseveral pages to this subject. You might say that it's thePROCESS, when it comes to erotic wrestling, not who wins orloses. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"It's the doing of it - - - the straining of one body againstthe other, experiencing the ripple and play of effort-arousedfemale muscles beneath your fingers, of exploring the woman'sfull-out strength. It really doesn't have anything to do with whoactually "wins". Instead, for me at least, it's the sensation ofbeing held captive within the tight embrace of strong femalelimbs, of feeling the sculpted smoothness of the woman'shard-flexed sinews against my body as she exerts her fullstrength, of experiencing the power of her body locked around me. . . a struggle of equals that usually ends in an explosion ofpassionate love-making. That is really at the core of my delightin wrestling with a woman. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"It is the slow-motion straining in a hold, almost any hold orgrip that will accentuate the feeling of my being held tightlywithin the sleekly sinewed limbs of my Amazon mat-mate, and thenescaping the hold just before she makes me yield or visa versa. .. so as to prolong the experience That's what it is really allabout, at least in my case. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"And I'm happy to say that over the years I've been able tofind my fair share of women who seem to delight in this style ofsexually aggressive but non-abusive foreplay. In fact, more oftenthan not, the women in my life who were encouraged to exploretheir own female strength were thrilled at the opportunity to gobeyond the normal gender boundaries that society has imposed uponthem. They enjoyed being powerful, they delighted in being ableto wrestle a man into submission, or themselves being forced toyield only after a prolonged struggle during which they couldexplore their own female strength. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"This kind of erotic-play was fully explored and validated witha former wife; a tall, attractive, athletic woman who not onlydelighted in testing out her own considerable strength within thecontext of our grappling sessions, but who also encouraged me toexplore my Amazon fantasies to my heart's content . . . so long asit was with her. But far more important than merely indulging ina rich fantasy life, it permitted the two of us to explore bothsymbolically and actually the rapidly changing cultural factorstaking place during the 1970's and 1980's, changes which led tothe increased independence and empowerment of women. Feminism wasby then in full-flower, and typical gender roles were beingchallanged. Amazons were once again among us /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I discovered during my marriage to this woman that living withan "Amazon" is certainly far more challanging than any other kindof relationship, especially in terms of power-sharing. And isn'tthis what its really all about - POWER The very attraction to amuscular female physique really has to do with the PERCEPTION ofpower, the wrestling itself becomes the PRACTICE of power. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"We also discovered that you cannot engage in this kind ofpower-sharing partnership in terms of the typical Judeo-ChristianMale Dominator/Female Submissive arrangement. And so we had toinvent our own marital reality. We enjoyed what could only becalled a "partnership of equals". Ours was a loving andpassionate partnership. It was hard work, but worth it. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Eventually, the two of us grew at different rates ofemotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity, and we finallyparted amicably to travel separately on quite differentlife-paths . . . she on hers, me on mine. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Since my marriage, there have been fewer and fewer wrestlingpartners in my life. While the spirit (and libido) are willing,the body isn't up to that kind of all-out physical effort thesedays. But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a more slow-motionsession, when the opportunity presents "herself". /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"So there you have it, what I call The Emish Chronicles; thesteady progression of events that led to my life-longappreciation of strong, smooth-muscled, athletic women. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"However, interwoven with this seemingly unusual preference ismy very deep appreciation for all of those more generallyacceptable characteristics of women, those that extend beyond thephysical aspects of body-type. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I truly love the marvelous feminine traits that make a woman awoman. Certainly not all of my women friends have had the kind ofclearly defined muscularity that I love so much. Not all of myAmazon lovers have enjoyed straining with me in a late night,tangled-sheeted wrestle. In fact, not all of my favorite womenhave been Amazons. But when I've had my druthers, and been lucky,the women in my life have mostly fit into my "thing" for thisspecial kind of female mate. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Even today, my eyes continue to seek out the sculpted curvesof a well-toned female figure in the daily parade of women whopass by. Who knows; the strong-limbed Amazon who comes stridingalong, meets my gaze, and gives me a smile just might challangeme to the best two falls out of three . . . or perhaps she wouldlike to play a starring role in my next life-adventure. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"Meanwhile, I'm quite content to enjoy the company - anddelightful female energy - of all the non-Amazon women I amfortunate to have as friends. But I must hasten to admit that fewof my current women friends, except for a couple offormer-lovers, know anything at all about my life-long Amazon"fetish". /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"I suppose you could say that this "Erotic AutobiographicalTreatise" is my emergence from the sexual closet, sort of astraight hetrosexual version of a gay or lesbian "outing". I'vepretty much always been comfortable discussing my eroticpredilections with the women with whom I've been intimate, butseldom with friends, familiars or acquaintances. /PP ALIGN="JUSTIFY"However, this is WHO I am . . . . another aspect of my uniqueand personal persona. And if you are reading this, then it'sbecause I sort of figured that you would probably just say . . ."Hey, far out - maybe a little toward the darker end of thesexual spectrum, but sounds cool to me"./B/PP/TD/TR/TABLE/CENTERBRBRBR/BODY/HTMLnone23/Dec/2004
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