Part One

"Will you look at that girl!
Who the hell is she?"

Only a few minutes earlier, Jeff Weld had been in the foulest of moods. Then as now, he had girls on the brain. But what a difference a few moments can make. Then, his attitude toward the female gender was one of anger. Hell, he had been positively pissed off. Bubbling over with rage, in fact! The sort of lust he was experiencing now had been the farthest thing from his mind ... or loins!
    Jeff's primary source of aggravation was serious girlfriend trouble that had boiled over at lunch. Seniors at Maine Township High School East in Park Ridge, Illinois were permitted just two off-grounds trips for lunch each semester. Jeff had just blown the first trip of his final semester to treat his girl friend Pam Fox to lunch at the Pickwick Restaurant in uptown Park Ridge. He had hoped this lunch might win some points he could cash in for a little extra friendliness this upcoming weekend.
    Fat chance of that! No sooner had Pam taken a last bite of her BLT, delicately blotted a fleck of mayonnaise off her luscious lower lip with a corner of her carefully folded napkin, than she paused for moment, took a deep breath, and summarily announced that "I've been doin' some serious thinkin', and, Jeff, I'm really sorry but, well, I ... hmmm ... I just want to call it quits." The bitch!
    Not that this was the first time Pam had pulled a stunt like this. Jeff was no longer counting, but he and Pam had broken up at least half a dozen times during the more than three years they had gone together. It had become something of a ritual.

Rejections like that were not supposed to befall prime cuts of beef like Jeff Weld. He was, after all, a strikingly handsome 6' 2" specimen of developing, hell, developed, manhood. On top of that, he was an All-State tight end on the Blue Demon football team. MVP, in fact. Co-captain of the team as well. His rippling muscles testified to the many hours he spent in the weight room. It was no surprise that his amazingly toned and buffed physique invariably attracted female eyes — hungry, lustful stares, when you got down to it — particularly at the Lake Michigan beach in Winnetka where he worked each summer as a lifeguard. It was no wonder that his lifeguard stand was usually surrounded by the most nubile beauties of which that wealthy lakefront suburb could boast.
    Jeff's killer physique was matched by his matinee idol good looks. His rugged, extraordinary handsome face made the collective hearts of Maine East girls seriously flutter. Jeff was considered an absolute Adonis. The fact he was a star athlete as well made his desirability skyrocket. There was hardly a girl in the school who would not have dropped everything (including in most cases her current boyfriend and her panties), to accept a date with this incredible specimen of adolescent manhood. All in all, Jeff was universally considered the most desirable guy in school No doubt about it — Jeff was Da Man!
    Jeff was more than a mere hunk, though. He was also a charismatic leader who was very popular with the guys and the girls — an alpha male if you please. He was, in fact, president of the student body. He was also a very smart fellow who got nearly all A's on his report card. On top of everything else, he was considered one hell of a nice guy. In short, Jeff was a winner in every respect. So how could an act of rejection like this possibly happen to a fellow like him?
    Pam Fox, the girl doing the rejecting, was his female counterpart. She was a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with a fabulously curvy, buxom figure. She was captain of the cheerleader squad and vice-president of the student body. She was both a stunning beauty and an absolute alpha female. It would be impossible even to estimate how many masturbatory fantasies among the male portion of the Maine East student body would star Pam as their leading lady on any given night. Suffice it to say that Pam's gorgeous face and curvy, buxom figure were the cause of a lot of sticky sheets among the adolescent population of Park Ridge, Illinois every evening.
    Jeff and Pam — two very similar leaders of the pack who were also both smart as hell — were thus perfectly suited to each other. Or so it seemed on paper. Hell, Pam had been elected homecoming queen last semester. And the homecoming king? You guessed it ... Jeff had gotten the nod. In fact, the two of them had won in nearly identical landslides.
    In truth, though, their relationship had been rocky from the start. The problem was two-fold. First, they were really too much alike. Sometimes, two peas in the pod — or at least two alpha leaders in a dating relationship — can be too similar. The fact that Pam and Jeff were such total alphas sometimes made their association more of a power struggle than a romantic association. The competition between them was often fierce. Two strong leaders in the same relationship, it seems, could spell trouble.
    Second, one strong difference of opinion between the two could not have been more fundamental — or destructive. Jeff and Pam had very different views on sex. Jeff felt that after three years of dating, he and Pam should be having some — sex, that is. Lots of it, in fact. Pam, who combined a controlling bitchiness with born-again piety, was determined to get out of high school as a virgin. In fact, she was saving her considerable goodies for marriage. So far she had been highly successful in that venture. Darn it!
    The couple engaged in lots of hugging, kissing, and petting; after a time, Pam had even allowed Jeff the occasional but fleeting through-the-sweater-and-bra feel of a grapefruit-sized breast. But that was it. Certainly, his hands were never allowed below her waist. Ever. Even on her curvy butt! Even through her skirt! And it goes without saying that Pam was totally unwilling to provide Jeff with the manual release for which his glands screamed after an hour of making out in the back seat of his car.
    Jeff was understandably and inevitably frustrated at the end of a date with Pam. Terminally frustrated! When it came to choking the bishop after hopping into bed at the end of an evening, Jeff had long since dispatched an entire hierarchy of prelates. His bedclothes were nearly able to walk themselves down to the laundry room each Monday morning. If Pam were not so smart, funny, beautiful, curvy, and buxom, Jeff would have given up the chase long ago. All in all, the frustration of it all was hardly worth it.

Their breakups followed a distressingly familiar pattern. It had, in fact, become a stylized ritual. When Jeff's horniness reached the unbearable stage, he would begin strongly to hint to Pam that his frustration level was about to hit the red line. The time for Pam either to put out or for Jeff to get out was rapidly approaching. The young fellow knew only too well that his hours of self-abuse were no longer satisfactorily dealing with the problem. If Pam was not willing to be a whole lot friendlier, well, Jeff was going to have to look for the affection he needed elsewhere. It was just a fact of life. Guys had needs, for God's sake! He hoped the young beauty was getting the message!
    Jeff would air increasingly more vocal complaints about their lack of sex. Pam would counter with snide comparisons between the purity of the evangelical faith preached at South Park Church, where the Foxes attended, with the moral laxity supposedly sanctioned by the "worldly" St Mary's Episcopal Church at which the Weld family worshipped. Eventually, Pam would tire of the squabbling and announce that she had decided they should "call it quits". Since their views on sex were so hopelessly divergent, she would declare, it would be best to break up. It wasn't fair to Jeff. That last comment, which had accompanied each and every breakup, particularly infuriated Jeff. As if getting dumped was an act of charity, of kindness!
    By this time Jeff would be too angry and perturbed to argue the point. Besides, given his charm, good looks, and god-like physique, he knew that he was not going to have to look very hard or long to find some very willing company to deal with his horniness problem. Breaking up might actually be the tonic he needed. Fine. Let's do it. Have a nice life, Pam!
    In truth, Jeff figured the break-up had as much to do with their recurring power struggle as with religious issues. Well, okay — if she wanted to fight on this ground he would, too. After all, he had alternatives! Options! The power that had sunk the relationship could be put to use to propel Jeff out of his sexual funk.

Jeff, in other words, would start looking for what his relationship with Pam Fox had failed to provide. In a high school of more than 5,000 students, it was easy for an Adonis like Jeff Weld to find a slut — a good looking slut, that is — who was willing — hell, thrilled — to find herself the object of the sensual desires of the biggest stud in school.
    Jeff's requirements for such girls were threefold. They were also iron clad. First, they had to be reasonably good looking. The young man did not insist that his playmates be absolute 10s but anyone short of really pretty or at least seriously cute need not apply. Anything less than an 8+ or a 9 on the 10-scale, in other words, would not make the cut. Some variation of gorgeous was therefore a must.
    Second, these girls had to have big tits and slim bodies in addition to pretty faces — these were non-negotiable requirements. Ever since he had passed through puberty, really big puppies had floated Jeff's boat. At the same time, he was not interested in just any old set of whoppers; a huge set on a huger body was a big turn off. No, what turned Jeff on was the contrast — the anomaly if you will — between big, firm tits and a slender body. Jeff was looking, in other words, for massive tits that were just impossibly out of proportion to the slim body to which they were attached. A build like this made Jeff's mouth water. So long as the girls could boast of a D-cup bra size or bigger on a slim, curvaceous frame, they made his preliminary list.
    Third, in addition to being easy on the eyes and buxom, these girls had to be willing to spread their legs for frequent, extended visits from Jeff's massive cock. This was, of course, the whole point of the winnowing process in the first place.
    Whether a girl was pretty, slim, and buxom was easy enough to determine. That's why God had passed out eyes. Whether she would give it up for Jeff as well was not as obvious. Even in a school as big as Maine East, however, guys pretty much knew who would and who wouldn't put out. The word always got around. In other cases, a guy could just tell from the looks he got from the girls. Thus, the physical evidence as evaluated by his own eyes combined with word of mouth and local scuttlebutt from his friends gave Jeff all the data he needed.
    Gorgeous, slim, stacked, and friendly. Very friendly! These characteristics constituted the whole of Jeff's checklist. Brains, personalities, and other intangibles? They didn't matter. Not for his purposes. After all, Jeff wouldn't want people to think he was picky or anything.
    Jeff would have started with roughly 2600 possibilities — the number of female students at Maine East. Based on their tits and overall figures, this initial group would typically have been reduced to some 200 truly buxom, mouthwateringly curvy gals. When their looks were added to the equation, the group under consideration normally shriveled to about forty or fifty beautiful, buxom, and curvy winners. Of those, it seemed that about a dozen were likely to put out — at least so long as it was Jeff who was doing the asking. Jeff was therefore considering a final pool of less than half of one percent of the available girls at Maine East. Notwithstanding, having twelve girls or so from which to choose was plenty! At least when they were so uniformly gorgeous and stacked. And especially, too, when every single member of the winner's circle was seemingly ready to give it up for a super-stud like Jeff!
    At the same time, the girls pretty much had the scoop on Jeff as well. First, of course, their own eyes told them what an absolute hunk the young man was. In addition, however, there were undefined but recurrent rumors about a portion of Jeff's anatomy these girls couldn't see in a school corridor. There were no actual first hand reports but the buzz among these young ladies was that Jeff was not just well-endowed but, when you got right down to it, astonishingly hung. The thought of getting up close and personal with, say, a foot-long (or even longer) cock on such a fabulously good looking guy tended to focus the libido wonderfully.
    No wonder these beauties got a little dizzy when Jeff flashed them an unexpectedly warm smile in the hallway between classes. Did that sudden attention mean that their number was about to come up? No wonder they were breathing hard — with their panties a little moist — when they slid into their seats for their next class. The thought of Jeff's giant tool reaming out their slick pussies made it impossible for these girls to concentrate on the classroom business at hand. What would it feel like? Would it hurt? Would it result in an orgasm like no other? Whatever! If Jeff were to call for a date, well ... there was no question about what their responses would be!
    After a break up with Pam, Jeff would, therefore, go trolling in this narrowed-down talent pool of about a dozen girls. Usually, Jeff would have seen the end coming and would have done a little visual and flirtatious prospecting while he was still officially going with Pam. Some of these girls, of course, were presently going with guys although as we have seen most of these girls would dump their current boyfriend in a New York minute for a chance to hang out with Jeff Weld!
    Jeff was always able to make a quick score. Before long his hands and mouth would be roaming all over a set of really big tits while his massive love log was plunging in and out of their owner's tight, soaked, spasming pussy. This usually happened on the first date, if not sooner; after all, Jeff made sure his attentions were focused on just that sort of girl. Before long, Jeff's horniness would be satisfactorily and even blissfully assuaged.

This was far from the end of the story, however. Pam would inevitably learn about his new relationship. In spite of herself she would immediately become jealous. The "victory" she had won would soon lose its savor. After a couple of weeks of stewing, she would stop Jeff in the hall and sweetly suggest getting together to talk. Just "like, to catch up, you know?"
    By this time, Jeff was usually tiring of his new playmate. For one thing, sexual intercourse on a daily basis was keeping his horns so well trimmed that all memory of how frustrating it could be to date Pam would have faded. All he could see as they talked over an after-school cherry Coke at the Coffee Cup on Main Street was the blazing reality of her stunning blonde beauty and ultra-curvy figure.
    Second, the girls he picked during these intervals tended to be not only wonderfully promiscuous but, alas, a bit dim-witted as well. A couple of them had been as dumb as fence posts! Sometimes the biggest pair of tits turned out to adorn a beauty that was far from the sharpest knife in the drawer. That's just the way it was sometimes.
    Jeff missed the sparkle and even the competitiveness of his relationship with Pam. Although the sex was outstanding, he was frankly getting bored with his new, relatively dim-bulb girl friend. Pam might be overly strict in her beliefs and a frequent pain in the ass to boot but she was smart as hell, stimulating to talk with, and just plain fun to be with even on a more or less chaste basis. The result: Pam and Jeff would talk it over, the replacement, twenty-watt girl friend would get dumped, and Pam and Jeff would once again become an item — an item, that is, until the next inevitable breakup down the line. And so on.
    Whether the pattern would repeat itself this time was the question. As Jeff angrily strode back into school on this particular afternoon after wordlessly dropping Pam off at the front door and parking his car, he swore that this time things would be different. This time there would be no making up. This time their breakup was for keeps.
    At the same time, Jeff had to be honest with himself. He smiled ruefully at this moment of self-recognition. He was self-aware enough to recall that this was exactly what he had vowed every single time the couple had broken up in the past. And look what had happened! Within a month's time, it had been Jeff and Pam all over again. Would history repeat itself? Jeff had enough insight to answer his own question with a shoulder-shrugging, "Who the hell knows?" If the past was prologue to the future, though, he did know the answer. In a couple of weeks or so, he and Pam would have that traditional cherry Coke at the Coffee Cup and their break-up would be healed. You could probably put money on it.
    There was one thing he did know, though. It was time to start looking for Pam's replacement, even if she was most likely going to be temporary. Pam's hot-blooded replacement, that is! After all, his horns were definitely showing! Time was a-wasting! Especially, if the past was any guide, the young man had only three weeks or so in which to play around. Jeff's hands were already twitching in anticipation of kneading and squeezing some huge mounds of firm tit meat. The only question was whose tits they would be! This time the breakup had been so precipitous and unexpected that Jeff had no one provisionally lined up for the honor. No matter ... it was going to be fun to begin the chase! Let the prospecting begin!

The other reason why Jeff was out of sorts was, he hoped, going to be a whole lot easier to deal with. Jeff had his heart set on going to Yale College next year. His grades and SATs, while very high in absolute terms, were marginal for an ultra-selective school like Yale. His football prowess was going to have to make up the difference. Actually, Maine East Coach Bob Schildgen, who sent a player or two each year to an Ivy League school, assured him he had a great chance of getting accepted. Even at Yale, it seems, being an All-State tight end could make a difference.
    His interview with the Yale football coach during a campus visit last semester had seemed very promising. "Just do your part by keeping your grades up for the rest of the year," Coach Pont had assured Jeff, "and I'll do my part with the admissions office. If all goes well, I'll see you on the practice field next August."
    That was all very well but a serious problem had just surfaced. Jeff's mother had called the school office just before lunch with a message to call home. She was in an absolute panic. An ominously thin letter from the Yale admissions office had arrived. She had taken the liberty of opening it. Jeff's application was stalled because Maine East had not sent in his transcript. Unless they heard from him soon, the letter concluded, Jeff's application was going to be placed in the inactive file. Disaster!
    Those assholes in the records department! Jeff had asked them to forward his grades to Yale many weeks before. He had done so formally. In writing! Hell, he even had a carbon copy of the written request in his college admissions folder at home. How could they screw up like this? What exactly was their problem?
    Well, it would be easy enough to repeat the request. Even the notoriously inept records department at Maine East could probably manage to get his transcript mailed off to New Haven by the end of the day. But with his marginal credentials — marginal at least by Ivy League standards — Jeff thought he'd better try to do something extra. It would not do for the Yale admissions department to get the idea they were dealing with a screw-up or — perhaps worse — someone for whom applying to Yale was not really a matter of all that much importance and who could thus be passed over without risking hurt feelings. Save the slot for someone who really wanted Yale, in other words.
    The "something extra" Jeff had in mind was a cover letter from the boys' Dean to accompany the transcript. Milo S Johnston was a good soul and a thoughtful Dean. He loved seeing his students get into good schools — Ivy League schools especially. He also knew that Jeff's chances at Yale hung by the most slender of threads. Yes, Mr Johnston would be happy to write a letter explaining that the late arrival in New Haven of a transcript bearing the name Rufus Jeffries Weld III was not the young man's fault. Jeff was sure of it.

No one was at the reception desk when Jeff entered the Deans' waiting room, so he sulkily slumped into a chair in the corner of the reception area. Seconds later Miss Kleinschmidt, the long-time office receptionist, stepped behind the counter and noticed Jeff's arrival.
    "Oh, hello, Jeff. When did you come in? How can I help you?" Even in a high school stuffed full with more than 5,000 students, a BMOC like Jeff was well known to the faculty and staff. Instant recognition was one of the perks. Being called Jeff by teachers and staff instead of Rufus, the Christian name borne by his father and grandfather and thus bestowed at birth on Jeff on account of his status as first-born male, was an equally worthwhile benefit.
    "I need a minute of Dean Johnston's time if he can spare it, Miss Kleinschmidt," the young man answered with a polite, friendly smile as he slouched into his chair in the corner of the reception area. That was Jeff Weld — always on message. What a politician!
    "I'm sure he can see you just as soon as he's off the phone, Jeff." The kind but mousy little secretary then turned to her right. "Angelica, Dean Iliff will be through with her current appointment any second now. She'll see you then." Miss Kleinschmidt then turned to leave. "Meanwhile, I'll be running some things off on the mimeograph machine in the back. I'll be back to check on you two from time to time."

Jeff nonchalantly looked across the room. "Angelica? ... You two?" Is that what Miss Kleinschmidt said? Was somebody else here? The young man had been in such a funk when he entered the waiting room that he hadn't noticed whether anyone else was waiting in the reception area or not. As soon as his eyes had drifted over to the other side of the room, however, he suddenly became aware that he was not alone. Acutely aware! Man, he definitely was not alone! Not at all!
    Across the room, a young girl was sitting in one of those large, immovable wooden chairs that seem to populate bureaucratic offices everywhere. Jeff had always assumed these Government Issue chairs were designed to make a fellow feel as stiff and uncomfortable as possible as he contemplated his upcoming (and possibly unpleasant) session with some official.
    The girl was leafing through a magazine in which she seemed to be engrossed. Well, seeing that the magazine was a copy of Scholastics Today — the magazine offerings in the Deans' Office did not even rise to the level of the average dentist's waiting room — it was more likely that she was flipping the pages simply to kill time. Still, she was sufficiently occupied so that Jeff was able to give her a swift, surreptitious but thorough once-over.
    Jeff looked above the magazine to casually check out the girl's face. A chill that quickly morphed into a thrill coursed through his body. This chick was one serious beauty. Stunning, in fact. No, merely stunning didn't do It — she was fabulously beautiful. Wow! Shockingly beautiful, in fact! At the same time, she was very, very young looking; she had the sort of twelve-year-old baby face that really turned Jeff on.
    Whoa! With a face that young, she could actually be in junior high school, and be merely visiting Maine East to investigate what classes to take during her upcoming freshman year! If so, she was definitely out of bounds for a fellow Jeff's age.
    At the same time, her prepubescent looks were tempered with a subtle overlay of lush eroticism. Jeff didn't imagine many junior high school girls had that look. What a combination! Maybe she wasn't out of bounds after all! Whatever the truth of the matter, Jeff was seized by a sudden urge to find out more!
    This aura of pre-adolescent sensuality made the girl's stunning features appear simultaneously angelic and carnal. Her name was Angelica, Jeff had overheard Miss Kleinschmidt announce. What an appropriate name! Jeff was simply stunned. How could he not have noticed this transcendently gorgeous creature when he had angrily tromped into the Deans' Office? The young man didn't realize he had been in that much of a funk!
    After Jeff's short period of covert inspection, he was almost bowled over when, all of a sudden, their eyes met. The girl had finally noticed his inspection and was now looking over at him. In fact, their eyes briefly locked. God! Her eyes were generous pools of deep emerald — a guy could get lost in there. The girl's nose was small and pert — so exquisitely formed! Her lips were lushly cushioned and generously full — perfectly shaped for kissing, Jeff realized with a thrill. Her chin was small and cute — it was just the right size and shape.
    The girl had a really luscious, creamy complexion. Even though she was very light skinned, her features looked faintly Hispanic. If she was a Latina, Jeff was willing to bet she had a whole lot more European than Indian blood. Like maybe 100% to zero!
    The shiny luster of her luscious lips reflected a light application of the gleaming lip-gloss with which Jeff had seen the few Latina girls at Maine East adorn their lips — perhaps that was what made her look vaguely Hispanic. The effect was to make her lips tantalizingly shiny, thrillingly well defined, and absolutely voluptuous. Jeff had often wondered what it would be like to kiss full, lush, glossy lips like that. Since none of the small Latina crowd at Maine East had ever filled one of his post-Pam slots, he was still wondering.
    Jeff was immediately moved to compare the young beauty to the current Playmate of the Month. As it happened, a gorgeous Hispanic Playmate was filling that office in the current issue of Playboy magazine. While browsing in the magazine section in Scharringhausen's drug store on Main Street, Jeff and some of his pals had managed a furtive look at the folded Playmate of the Month page. Their eyes had nearly popped out of their heads! The girl's image had been burned into their minds — and libidos! All agreed that she was one of the most astonishingly beautiful and built girls they had ever seen. Of course, as the young men well knew, the young beauty had been airbrushed and touched up into perfection. As he helplessly gazed at the gorgeous features of the girl across the room, Jeff realized that she was a lighter skinned and much better looking version of that very Playmate. And, there was no airbrushing or touching up involved here — this was the real deal. Jeff shook his head in wonderment.

God! I've thought that Latina Playmate was super hot — and she was! — but this girl is hotter! Much hotter! She's a whole lot more gorgeous than the Playboy chick, that's for sure. Amazing! It isn't even a close contest. This babe just blows her away!

    Jeff was absolutely stunned! A better-looking Latina than the stunning Playmate of the Month who, truth be told, had been the subject of several episodes of self-abuse? Believe it! In this case, unadorned real life far outdid the touched up Playboy photograph! It wasn't even a close contest. Amazing! Jeff took another look just to be sure. Yep! This beauty seriously outdistanced what Jeff had taken to be the gold standard for Hispanic pulchritude!
    How about Raquel Welch, then, another Latina beauty? Raquel was beautiful 'n really, really built, too, but sorry — she was not in even the same league as this girl. This girl just blew the competition away. In fact, why limit the contest to Latinas? This chick, Jeff realized, was far and away the best looking girl he had ever seen — period! In magazines or out! Hell, in movies or out! Anywhere!
    Although it had seemed like an eternity, the truth is that no more than thirty seconds or so had elapsed since Jeff had first spotted this fantastic vision of off-the-charts beauty. He knew he was staring at the girl almost unashamedly but how could he not? No doubt about it — Jeff was sitting across from the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Ever! Bar none! He was shivering with shock at her extraordinary beauty. Plus, the looks they had exchanged were so deep and torrid that he already felt connected to his fabulous beauty in some exciting way. Even before they had exchanged a word. This was certainly something at first sight! Wow!
    The girl had certainly noticed Jeff's attentions. After all, Jeff had brazenly been stripping her face down to the skull! Plus, they were the only two people in the room. Of course, a girl with looks like that must be used to such scrutiny on a non-stop basis. Still, Jeff hoped he had not overdone it. He certainly did not want to turn her off by being too attentive. But, hell, she was so outrageously gorgeous — how could he help himself?
    In any event, she seemed not to mind getting checked out by the handsome young man in this manner. Far from it, in fact. As their eyes met a second time, she gave Jeff a small, slightly shocked but still encouraging smile. She seemed as stunned by the intensity of their mutual reactions from across the room encounter as Jeff.

Wow! This guy is hand-some! What a treat to run into a hunk like him on my first day at a new school! I especially love his eyes! I love what they're saying to me, too! Usually, I'm not too keen on getting stared at — as if it didn't happen every waking moment of the day! — but this guy can look all he wants. He is special!

    Jeff's first reaction was hardly one of surprise. After all, he was Maine East's Mr Stud. Girls always smiled alluringly when their eyes met. Still, this girl was exceptional enough to make him feel relieved that she had displayed this reaction. What if she had scowled? Or worse, simply ignored him?
    As he continued his appraisal of this shockingly gorgeous beauty, Jeff noted appreciatively that she had long full hair. Although she was sitting in a chair, it looked as though her abundance of hair might extend to mid-back. Jeff found hair of that length very exciting.

What great hair! So many of the girls around here have been goin' in for short hairdos lately — probably takin' after movie stars like Audrey Hepburn or maybe that hot new chick with the legs, Joey Heatherton. They didn't ask us guys, though. I bet if they ran a Gallup Poll they'd find that 99.9 % of the guys — maybe more! — prefer long hair. From the look of things, this chick definitely got the message!

    The color of the young girl's hair was especially alluring. It was medium brown but liberally splashed with subtle blonde streaks. A number of the Latina girls at Maine East streaked their hair in that fashion. Although the blonde component of their hair color almost surely came from a bottle, the effect was very sexy. On this girl, it was almost unbelievably captivating. Of course, as Jeff was rapidly discovering, what was there about this chick that wasn't captivating?

Wow! This chick has it all! I wonder if she really is Hispanic? Why do I think she is? Let's think about that ... hmmm ... her skin's as white as mine. Her face doesn't really look Hispanic, when you get right down to it — she has sort of generic European good looks. Amazing good looks! Maybe it's just the lip-gloss and blonde streaks? Whatever! Maybe if I get to know her I'll get a family history. As if that sort of junk were important!

    After smiling at Jeff, the young beauty's eyes dropped back to her magazine. Seconds later, she closed the journal and casually flipped it onto the low table beside her chair.

Scholastics Today! Who writes this stuff? Better yet, who reads it? That hunky guy with the hot eyes looks wa-ay more interesting than the junk in this rag! If he's a typical example of Maine East manhood things could be very interesting around here. It could make me forget El Paso in a flash!

With the magazine now no longer blocking the girl's upper trunk, Jeff found it natural (and, he hoped, reasonably discreet), to continue his inspection by sneaking a peek at her chest. What could be more natural for a guy who really grooved on tits? After all, Pam's then-C- and now-D-cup chest was, after her super-cute face, the very next thing he had noticed about his former girl friend when they had first met during their freshman year only days after she had moved to town. Jeff tended to look at a girl's face first but a discreet inspection of her bosom was invariably next in line.
    With this beauty, that quickly added up to a one-two punch KO! As Jeff's eyes began furtively to scan the girl's bosom, he thought he was going to fall out of his chair in disbelief. He suddenly got short of breath. His pulse began seriously racing. He was staring bug-eyed at a sight he had never before imagined was even possible.
    This girl was fantastically, unbelievably buxom! Her tits were huge ... no, gigantic! Jeff mentally rubbed his eyes and took another look. Yep, his eyes had not played tricks on him; her hooters were just shockingly massive. They were so colossal that they were firmly resting in her lap! Man! Yet they seems be very shapely and firm, though. Really huge but totally firm. What a combination! Wow!
    The young beauty was wearing a very tight yellow sweater. Her massive breasts were just thrusting through its woolen fabric. Her tits were so huge and the sweater was so tight that Jeff imagined that the girl's firm whoppers were in danger of bursting though the threads of the sweater. The goddamn sweater was literally skin tight! He imagined that if you got close enough, you might hear the woolen threads screaming for mercy! Oh, man!
    Jeff found it absolutely impossible to rip his eyes away from the girl's oversized tits. Because she was sitting down, it was difficult to estimate their true size. He guessed they might be nearly the size of watermelons. Small watermelons, anyway. He had seen tits that size on a couple of the Negro cleaning ladies his mom had hired over the years but those ladies were all two hundred pounds plus. Usually, very plus. By contrast, this girl was super slim and trim. How were tits like that on a body like hers even possible? One thing was for sure — with a massive rack like this, this girl was no junior high school student!
    Jeff could feel his cock getting stiffer and stiffer. He had never seen such an arousing sight in his life. If Miss Kleinschmidt were to come back right now to tell him Dean Johnston was free, Jeff was going to have a very embarrassing hike from his chair to the Dean's Office. His hard-on was nearly terminally swollen and would, on account of its extraordinary size, cause a very prominent bulge in his jeans. Wouldn't the young girl get a kick out of that! Not to mention that archetypical spinster Miss Kleinschmidt!
    Jeff tried a little mental discipline. Maybe if he looked elsewhere...? With an almost superhuman effort he willed his eyes to check out the girl's legs and thighs. Sorry Jeff ... no respite there! This girl was not only fantastically, improbably buxom but stunningly curvaceous below the waist as well. Like the rest of her attributes, they were just fabulous. More than fabulous, actually, when you got right down to it.
    The girl was sitting with her legs crossed. God! They were absolute killers! The way her shapely legs and sleek thighs were showcased by her hiked-up skirt was just unbelievable. The fact her legs were crossed and her skirt pulled all the way up to God-knows-where had probably added a quarter of an inch to the young man's straining hard-on. Not that he needed the extra length; after all, Jeff was much more than well endowed to start with!
    The young girl's calves and ankles were sensational and shapely as well. And her thighs? Well, although her upper thighs were partially covered by the spreading bulk of her giant bosom, Jeff deduced from what was visible that they were sleek and curvy. To be honest, Jeff was only guessing about the thighs. The girl's colossal knockers were actually resting in her lap and partially obscuring her thighs. But since the rest of the girl was far, far beyond merely fabulous, Jeff figured her thighs were probably at least World Class. Why not give her the benefit of the doubt, especially since the part of her body he could see was Universe Class! Hell, why stop there? This chick was Galaxy Class! What an incredible piece of ass this mystery girl was!
    Jeff could see almost none of her skirt. On account of the massive size of her lap-covering tits, he could see only vague hints of material bunched along the upper sides of her thighs. It was almost as if she were wearing no skirt at all. He assumed that the skirt must be super short; alternatively, she must have hiked it way, way up when she sat down. Probably both!
    After this lascivious appraisal of her goodies, Jeff forced himself to tear his gaze away from the girl's body altogether. After all, this effort to shift his examination of this girl's almost unbelievable assets up top had taken exactly nothing off his hard-on. If anything, it had topped it off.

As he looked back up into her inviting green eyes he absolutely shivered with astonishment and delight. Just as exciting, Jeff saw that the shockingly gorgeous girl was looking just as intently into his. Her lush lips were slightly parted as if in amazement at the electricity that was surging between them. She was unquestionably aware that she had just had her clothes visually ripped from her body. Yet she seemed to have no problem with that at all. The intense look she was giving him was what his parents would call a come-hither look. Certainly, she seemed to be giving him a lot of tacit encouragement. It looked as if she liked what she saw. If so, the feeling was certainly mutual. Was it ever!
    For a second or two, Jeff and the girl locked eyes once more. Expressions of mutual intensity passed between the two as they stared with seeming helplessness into the depths of each other's eyes. Their gazes were totally riveted! This sudden eruption of shared feeling was so strong that Jeff felt tingles on account of its passion and power. Some extremely strong emotions were being communicated here. The slightly shocked look in the girl's suddenly widened eyes seemed to acknowledge the existence of similar feelings on her part. No doubt about it, this was serious interest — not to mention serious lust — at first sight.

Get a grip, girl! Stop starin' at that guy! That's so ... uncool! Heck, it's usually me that's gettin' stared at — and this guy's sure been doin' a lot of that! He's so awfully good lookin', though. And, really, it's not just his looks! There's something else about him that's just bowling me over! We're really connectin'! I'm actually getting weak in the knees, for God's sake! I haven't been affected like this by a guy in a long, long time ... not since Eddie. And when I think about it, even those feelings weren't as strong as these!

    The girl smiled into Jeff's eyes. The smile was a little broader than the one she had displayed earlier. Then she actually winked! Lewdly, too! The little vixen!

Oh, my God! Did I actually wink at the guy? You are so out of control, girl! I really shouldn't have done that! But I guess I did, didn't I! What's getting into me? As if I didn't know!

Angelica was beginning to feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable. The hardness of the big wooden chair was not helping matters. The young girl raised her arms over her head and began to stretch.

Now, that feels better. Oh, goodness! Look at his eyes! They're popping out of their sockets. Sometimes I forget the effect an innocent little stretch can have on a fellow. Okay, fella — what'cha think about this?

    To Jeff's utter shock, the girl then began to arch her back. She was soon thrusting her giant mammaries in his direction. She was absolutely showcasing her massive tits for his rapt, eye-popping inspection. Did he like what he was seeing? Oh, my, yes!

God, I can't believe I'm doing this! Truth is, I've never done anything like this before! This is just over the top! Gettin' guys interested has never been a problem for me! That's putting it mildly! Usually, it's coolin' 'em off that's the hard part. So what's my problem? If that old lady comes back into the room and sees me showing off my boobs like this, I'll be humiliated! Not to mention that my reputation will be shot! On my first day in school, yet! This guy is such a hunk, though, that he's worth takin' a chance for. All of a sudden I really want to get him interested!

    By now Jeff's cock was so engorged that he could feel pre-cum oozing out of his cockhole. He stared unrelentingly at the fantastic spectacle of the girl's watermelon-sized milkers rising out of her lap in response to the arching of her back.
    Jeff simply could not stop staring at this surpassingly arousing sight. His mouth was dry. He had certainly never seen a sight like this before! Even though Jeff was used to a lot of unsolicited female attention, he had never had a girl do anything like this! Nor, for that matter, had he ever seen tits that could do anything like this! Jesus! He was sure that his jaw was hanging open. How could it not?
    Suddenly, and very abruptly, the girl straightened her back, sank back into her chair, and began to stare vacantly into the distance. For some reason, the show was over. Almost over, that is! The teenager's massive bosom engaged in a little side-to-side and top-to-bottom shaking and generalized quivering as she settled in against the back of the chair. Was this a function of their enormous size or was it part of the show? Who knows? Still, her massive bosom continued wobbling for a couple of seconds at least. Jeff thought he was going to faint from the effects of this overpowering lust.

The reason for the end of the performance was immediately apparent. Miss Kleinschmidt was back, and the girl had spotted her return before Jeff. No surprise about that! After all, Jeff's attention had been very much otherwise focused.
    "Angelica, Dean Iliff can see you now," the sixty-some-year-old secretary announced. "Jeff," she continued as she turned to the young man. "Dean Johnston will be just a moment longer. I put a note on his desk, though, and he knows you're waiting."
    The girl then got up. Well, she did have a skirt on after all — sort of, anyway! It was a micro-miniskirt with large yellow flowers set against a black background. Jeff had never seen such a short skirt on anyone at Maine East. He was sure it was a whole lot wider than it was long, for its hem had to be eight inches or so above her knees. The extended view its extreme shortness allowed of her thighs was just mouthwatering.
    Even more mouthwatering was the sight of the girl's ultra-tits as they were cantilevered up out of her lap and upwards as she arose from her chair. Man! They seemed to be larger than her head! Really! They looked like bowling balls! Whatever! These eye-popping whoppers were some kind of huge — no doubt about that!
    These massive jugs were, in addition, even firmer than Jeff had adjudged from his inspection while she was sitting down. They were so, so ... pointy! Jeff had never even imagined that a girl could be this full-figured up top and so model slim and curvy everywhere else. Or as huge and firm at the same time. Certainly, this was the type of post-Pam girl Jeff always searched for but although he had corralled a number of really slim, buxom beauties over the last couple of years, none of them had been even remotely built like this! This girl had a shape that was on the far side of possible!
    As soon as she had gotten up out of the chair, the young kid looked down. She had forgotten her purse on the floor. She briefly squatted down to pick it up. With Miss Kleinschmidt back in the room, it was imperative that she keep her breasts as immobile as possible. To that end, the girl kept her back ramrod straight as she attempted the maneuver.
    The buxom young beauty's strategy was a reasonable one; however, the familiar phenomenon of unintended consequences took over. In the process of keeping her back in a locked position, she was forced to spread her legs more than usual to keep her balance as she reached for the purse. Jeff's eyes bulged once again. He could actually see up her skirt for a second! Did he actually see a flash of black panties?
    As soon as she had picked up the purse and straightened up, the overdeveloped young girl modestly tugged down on the miniature skirt so as to cover her thighs. Jeff noted a slight flush on her face. It was clear she just realized she had shown Jeff a glimpse of the Promised Land!

I'm a mess! I certainly didn't intend to let that guy look up my skirt! But I sure did! Now I'm going to have to walk right past him. In this bra, I'm going to wobble like jelly on a plate! Why did I have to pick out the stretchiest bra in my underwear drawer this morning? I guess it was because I wanted to have something comfortable on for my first day at new school. Guess what, girl? You should have chosen a bra that would have done a better job of keeping these big ol' titties under control! Dummy!

    The girl had to walk toward Jeff to get to the gap in the counter that led to the Deans' offices. Her massive tits jiggled and bounced and quivered and shook as, step after step, she slowly closed the gap between the two. Step ... jiggle ... step ... quiver ... step ... bounce ... shake — Jeff thought he was going to faint before she reached the counter. What an amazing show she was putting on!
    With every step, Jeff became more and more astounded at the monumental size of the girl's jugs. They covered her entire chest and seemed to extend southward to a point a very few inches above her waist. They began by sloping out from just below her collarbone, became thrillingly wide at about mid-chest, and then widened out even more down at the bottom of the hanging globes. The way they distorted the shape of her sweater was so thrilling! Her tits were so unbelievably huge! They were definitely wider than her body. Yet they were so incredibly firm that they seem to stick out nearly a foot in front of her trunk. These enormous puppies were so amazingly firm and erect!

God! I sure wish I could bounce a little less! I feel like my breasts are going into orbit! I wish I could squash 'em against my chest with some books or something to keep 'em from jiggling so! I'm not even trying to shake but they're doin' it anyway. Big time! He must think I'm an absolute slut! Heck, after the show I just put on ... maybe I am!

    Jeff's jaw was nearly in his lap. He had never, ever seen a sight like this!

This girl can't possibly be real! Except she is! This is definitely gen-u-ine flesh and blood headed my way. What flesh it is! She must cause traffic accidents simply by walking down the street. I can't imagine her goin' to Golf-Mill or Old Orchard shopping centers without causing an absolute riot! This girl would not just stop traffic; she would cause multi-vehicle pileups! If this girl really is a new student, she's going to have a ton of guys all over her. Like flies. Like instantly! She looks like the kind of girl who always has a boyfriend. But if not she's going to be snapped up by some guy in a nano-second. Count on it! But — hey! — I'm the guy she's been givin' the eye to! The serious eye! Why not me? I could be that guy! Especially seeing as how I'm a free man as of about thirty minutes ago. Who was it who said that timing is everything? Jeff, ol' boy, there is some hard, time-sensitive work to be done here!

    As the girl passed by his chair, her eyes met Jeff's one more time. Again, she smiled. A small, brief smile but a smile nonetheless. Then, she was gone.

Wow! Close up, this guy certainly is way cute! From the way he was staring at me, he sure seems interested in me, too! Really interested! Maybe he'll still be here when I'm done with Dean Iliff. A guy this cute would be fun to meet! Maybe even to get asked out by! Wouldn't that be a great thing to happen on my very first day at a new school? Hmmmm! This guy is just totally fabulous!

"I'm going back to finish up my mimeographing, Jeff," Miss Kleinschmidt announced in a brisk tone. "I'll be back as soon as Dean Johnston is free." To Jeff's relief, the reserved spinster seemed totally oblivious to the steamy little drama that just gotten played out in her waiting room. Miss Kleinschmidt, Jeff adjudged with a smile, was totally and absolutely clueless! What a brainless old bat!
    The truth is that the faded spinster was nothing of the sort! She was so wise yet jaded in the ways of teenage hormones that she had long since lost the capacity to be surprised at adolescent behavior. Make no mistake about it, though — Miss Kleinschmidt knew exactly what had been going on in the waiting room. She had fully comprehended how Jeff and Angelica were eyeing — no, absolutely devouring — each other. At the same time, she found it both politic and useful to pretend she did not. This sort of studied obliviousness had served her well over the years. There was hardly a person in the building who had a more accurate picture of what was going on among students, faculty, and staff than the anonymous but highly observant Dorothy K Kleinschmidt! Nothing, but nothing, got past her.
    The two kids in the waiting room had certainly shown up on the mousy old spinster's radar screen. She was not disapproving, however; in fact, Miss Kleinschmidt thought Jeff and Angelica would make an absolutely cute couple! Jeff, after all, had leading man looks. And Angelica? Well, in Miss Kleinschmidt's view, Angelica had movie star looks herself, except that the gray-haired secretary had never seen anyone, movie star or not, with a figure like Angelica's. Miss Kleinschmidt mentally shook her head in astonishment. The young girl might just have the most spectacular figure on earth! The truth was that both Angelica and Jeff were unquestionably the most remarkable physical specimens the elderly secretary had ever seen in her decades on the campus. Plus, they were such nice kids, too. That is, she knew from experience Jeff was a great guy and guessed from her first encounter with the young girl that Angelica was, too.
    It was true that Angelica looked just a tad sluttish. Yet her experience with generations of high school students led the mousy old maid intuitively to conclude that down deep the girl was as good as gold. She already knew full well that Jeff fit into that category.
    Packaging aside — which she attributed more to cultural influences at the kid's old school than to any internal character flaw — the wise old lady could just tell that Angelica was one fine, smart young woman. She'd bet her 35 years of experience with teenage kids on it! Besides, she had leafed through the young girl's folder and her school records from Texas had turned out to be very impressive indeed! This girl was a winner in a whole lot of ways!
    No doubt about it — Angelica was going to do just fine as a Maine East student. And if the two kids were to strike up a friendship, the elderly secretary was sure that Angelica would fit right into the Maine East student scene. She also knew that both Angelica and Jeff would be two very lucky kids if something like that were to happen. They seemed so well suited to each other! A match made in heaven? Miss Kleinschmidt chuckled to herself. Maybe, maybe not ... but at the least, it was a match made in the Deans' Office, of all unlikely places.

Now that he was once again alone in the waiting room and was able to collect his racing thoughts, Jeff tried to sort out the amazing encounter he had just experienced. "Who the hell is that girl?" he asked himself.
    First, though, he had to calm himself down. His pulse was racing and his breathing was ragged. And then there was the matter of the enormous, granite-hard lump in his pants. Jeff certainly knew what it was like to be sexually excited — did he ever! — but no girl had ever affected him like this! What a fantastic, utterly unbelievable piece of ass!
    Jeff thought he either personally knew or knew about every really, really good-looking girl in school. And this girl went far, far beyond the merely good-looking. Hell, she was beyond stunning. There could be no doubt she was the most gorgeous girl within the four walls of the high school. Yet he had never seen this girl before, ever. He was sure of it. Believe it; had Jeff ever caught even a glimpse of this shockingly huge set of knockers, he would have remembered. Big tits, after all, really floated Jeff's boat. He definitely knew every big-titted girl at Maine East — even the fatties. Maine East was a huge high school but, still, there was no way he could have overlooked a fantastic piece of ass like this. No way! No, if he had ever run into this slim, curved yet astonishingly stacked beauty, the memory of the encounter would have been imprinted on his brain for life.
    Clearly, this amazing stunner was a student. Hell, her face, if not her body, was so young looking she most likely was a freshman. Actually, her face looked even younger than that. Still, Jeff was well acquainted with the beauties in even that class. Every returning male student made a point of checking out the new talent every September. Jeff was no exception. Yet he simply had no idea whatever who this girl was. How on earth had he missed her? Jeff mentally shook his head. He knew he could never forget a face like this. It too would have been imprinted on his brain for life. And the possibility that he might have forgotten seeing a girl with a face and a figure like that? Impossible! No, this girl was a newcomer of some sort. A new student, maybe? As he recalled her unbelievable buxom beauty, Jeff knew he was somehow going to have to find out more — a lot more — about this fabulous, fabulous chick.

It took Dean Johnston about five more minutes before he could finally fit Jeff into his schedule. Thank goodness that five minutes had been enough time to shrink Jeff's cock to normal proportions. Well, normal for him, anyway!
    Dean Johnston could not have been more cooperative. Jeff's request for a cover letter was immediately accepted.
    "No problem, Jeff," Dean Johnston announced in his friendly, gravelly voice. "I'll call Miss Zitzewitz over in the Records Office as soon as we're done and get a copy of your transcript put in the outgoing mail."
    The Dean then paused thoughtfully. "In fact," he added, "I'll do better than that, Jeff. What if I find out who's handling your file at Yale and give 'em a personal call to explain the delay? I could also pass along an oral recommendation to match the written one I mailed off a week or so ago. Dean Stokes, the Yale College director of admissions, and I go way back. I think a call to Jerry might be helpful."
    "Wow! Thanks, Dean Johnston."
    "It's my pleasure, Jeff. I should add, though, that I only do this for certain students. Students with strong academic records, good test scores, and lots of meaningful extracurricular activities, I mean. And with good character, above all. Students who might make such a good record in, say, New Haven that a place like Yale would think highly of the next Maine East student to apply." Dean Johnston affected an avuncular smile. "Students like you, Jeff." Then the Dean paused dramatically. "If you do get into Yale — and I think you just might, Jeff — we're really counting on you to make a record that keeps Maine East in Yale's good graces. That's the name of the game for us in the Deans' Office, you know."
    Jeff fully realized the price Dean Johnston was exacting for his offer of extra effort on his part. What a burden! Whether or not future Maine East students got into Yale was going to rest in part on his shoulders! Well, no problem — after all, he intended to do no less than his best when and if he got to Yale. "You can count on it, Dean Johnston," Jeff confidently promised.
    "I knew I could or I never would have made the offer in the first place," the Dean replied with a wry smile. "Now get back to class so you can keep your grades up and keep the Yale admissions office thinking good thoughts about you."

Jeff had frankly given Dean Johnston something less than his full attention. Much of his mind had been focused on the unbelievable chick he had eyeballed in the reception area before his meeting with the Dean. He was hoping against hope that their conferences might end about the same time so that he could try and hit on the stunningly gorgeous young girl. He was even contemplating hanging around the central foyer to wait for her if he finished his meeting first.
    As Jeff left Dean Johnston's office, his heart leaped. His fondest wish was realized. The preposterously buxom beauty was simultaneously leaving Dean Iliff's office two doors down. What luck!

Thank you, God! You really do answer prayers! Now, though, I think it's time for the ol' Ben Franklin "God Helps Those That Help Themselves" routine to kick in! Let's go for it!

    The two students reached the door to the waiting room at the same time. Jeff reached forward and pulled the door open for the young girl. She looked up into Jeff's eyes, this time with a warm, broad smile on her luscious lips. "Thanks," she softly breathed, as she preceded Jeff out of the Deans' reception area.
    As they stepped into the center rotunda of the high school building, the girl suddenly stopped just beside the embossed Great School Seal that was centered on the rotunda floor and upon which, tradition demanded, no Maine East student could ever step. The Latina beauty stopped so abruptly that Jeff nearly collided with her. He was so close that he could actually feel the heat of her lush body.
    Since it was in the middle of a class period, the halls were empty. It was just the two of them. The girl seemed expectant. Her hesitation beside the Great School Seal seemed to proclaim that after all that mutual visual inspection back in the office, it was time for Jeff to strike up a conversation. It was time to stop staring and make a pitch. Fish or cut bait, fella!
    "Um ... excuse me," Jeff stammered. He had not intended to start his pursuit of this buxom beauty by knocking her over in the school rotunda!
    The voluptuous teenager turned around and smiled. She clearly knew how very close they had come to bumping into each other. She did nothing more than smile, however. She was waiting for Jeff to get things rolling. The ball was in his court.
    Ideas were bouncing around Jeff's brain like crazed pinballs. Jeff knew it was show time ... the girl was obviously waiting for the curtain to go up. He was frantically searching for some line, preferably not a lame one, with which he could start a dialogue. He was on the spot! The buxom beauty was plainly hanging around for Jeff to hit on her. An invitation had been extended. What's more, she was strongly signaling that his efforts would meet with a warm response. She was ... receptive! But a little impatient as well.
    Yet Jeff was not obliging her. Amazingly enough, Jeff Weld, the old smoothie, the cunt hound extraordinaire, was tongue-tied. This girl was so beautiful and so built she had turned Jeff into a quivering blob of inarticulacy! What was he going to do? Ask her for her sign? How lame! But the truth was that his brain was completely frozen. All Jeff's usual resourcefulness and charm had shut down. What a time for that to happen!

Come on, fella — this is when you're supposed to start hittin' on me. Really! From the way this guy was staring at me in the Deans' Office, you'd think he'd start giving me a line the second we're through the door! Can't he tell I'm just hangin' around waitin' to get acquainted? 'Specially after the way I flaunted my bosom 'n stuff back there? Golly! I've never done that before! But he is so awfully handsome! He's just so totally cute! I just love his warm, intelligent eyes! He's just totally muscular, too! What a build! Just the kind of guy I'd love to meet on my first day in a new school. There were so many fizzy feelings zapping across the room between us that in a way we've really already met. Emotionally, at least! When it comes to words I guess he's just, like, real nervous 'n stuff? I'm certainly used to that! But I would've thought a guy as hunky as this....

I'm so nervous I can't make my tongue work! This is a first! But if I don't say something soon, she'll walk off 'n think I'm a loser. But if I say something dumb she'll think I'm a loser then, too. Help!

Well, I think he's enough of a hunk for me to be the one to start the conversation. If I have to! I really would like to meet him! So if I have to be the one to start things off, well, that's not usually the way it works with me — there's an understatement! — but, hey, no problem. Besides, the fact he's kinda flustered is cute, anyway. Well, somebody's got to do the heavy lifting here ... and it looks like it's gotta be me! That does happen once in a while. But with a guy like this, that's no problem!

    The buxom young beauty then proceeded to pull Jeff's chestnuts from the fire by starting the conversation herself. It was she who got the ball rolling! Jeff was grateful; then he realized that this extraordinary girl undoubtedly knew that she reduced most guys to a hopeless, stammering condition. If she wanted to meet a guy, in other words, she sometimes had to get things in gear herself. And by the very act of opening the dialogue, this beauty was announcing loud and clear that she wanted to meet Jeff!
    "Um ... I've got an English class in Room 226 but I'm new here and don't really know my way around yet? Could you point me in the right direction?" What a sweet, modulated voice the young girl had. Close up, Jeff could tell that, her very light skin notwithstanding, she was definitely of Hispanic heritage. Her accent, on the other hand, was pure generic American.

How lame! After all, I came down from 226 for my appointment with Dean Iliff! As if I couldn't find my way back! Who cares? So long as it gets the ball rolling....

    "I ... I can do better than that," Jeff stammered. "I'm ... ah ... um ... er ... I've got a class on the third floor so I could walk you up the stairs and show you where to go."
    "That would really be great," the girl replied, this time with a dazzling grin. "Thanks!"
    "You're welcome!" Jeff responded. Things were finally getting off the ground, albeit haltingly.
    The giant-titted beauty turned immediately and headed for the stairs. Jeff, her would-be guide, was left behind. He quickly followed her lead and caught up with the girl as her right foot hit the first marble runner of the staircase.
    As they walked up the stairs, Jeff decided to take advantage of both the opening the girl had provided and the short time they were going to have together while walking up the staircase. In other words, he would waste no further time in getting things in gear.
    "Hi," he smiled. "Since I'm going to be your tour guide, I really should introduce myself. I'm Jeff ... Jeff Weld." Jeff's customary smoothness with the ladies was finally kicking in. It's about time!
    The girl smiled in return. They had reached the mid-floor landing and stopped for a moment. She offered a soft, warm hand for Jeff to shake. He did not really shake it but simply and gently held it for a few seconds while she introduced herself. "Nice to you meet you, Jeff. I'm Angelica." Then when Jeff looked at her a little inquisitively, she added, "Gonzales ... Angelica Gonzales."
    Only with that full introduction did Jeff release Angelica's hand. He had noted with glee, however, that she had made no effort whatever to pull it back during the ten seconds or so it had been enveloped in his big mitt.
    Angelica was obviously new to the school if she couldn't find room 226. Then his heart leaped.

Wait a minute! Maybe she knows exactly where room 226 is but just wanted an excuse to meet me. Is that possible? Wouldn't that be great?

    Whatever the truth of that matter, there could be no doubt that Angelica was a new student. There was no way a girl looking like Angelica could get lost in a crowd! She would have been spotted long ago, either by Jeff or his buddies, who would in turn have alerted Jeff to this amazing piece of ass they had just seen. Unless they had kept her to themselves!
    Jeff had a lot of questions to ask. They included inquiries along the lines of: Are you new at Maine East! Where do you live? What's your telephone number? What are you doing this weekend?
    The couple resumed their trek to the second floor. Alas! The remainder of the trip took only a few moments. Although the couple chatted pleasantly and easily, none of these questions had been asked, let alone answered, by the time Jeff and Angelica had reached the second floor landing. "Um ... you go to the right here, Angelica. 226 is all the way down near the end of the hall."
    Angelica gave Jeff another dazzling smile. "Thanks, Jeff ... you've been such a help." She paused as if wondering whether to go on. "And so sweet, too!" she added. Another split second pause seemed to embolden her even more. "Hope I see you around again sometime," she concluded. "Soon," she added.
    Jeff's spirits soared. This girl was interested! "You bet!" he enthused. "Me too! Um ... how 'bout your last class, the one after 226 ... do you know how to get to it?"
    Angelica laughed. "I hope so, Jeff, 'cause it's a math class in room 221. I bet even I can find my way from 226," she chuckled. "But thanks for asking. It really was nice of you to offer to help me some more. And I really do hope we run into each other again."
    With that, Angelica turned to walk down the corridor toward room 226. Jeff thought about accompanying her to the room but instead stood rooted to his spot to watch her head down the hallway. He wanted to check out the view from the rear.
    In reaction to that view, he thought his legs would give way and he would tumble to the linoleum floor. Angelica's skirt was so short! Her thighs, to which her micro-miniskirt offered almost complete visual access, were so perfectly shaped. Even better, her ass was a dream! Her petite but ultra shapely ass cheeks thrillingly rocked and rolled under her short, tight micro-miniskirt as she swiveled down the hall. No guitar-body contours for this Latina — her butt was amazingly curvaceous and petite!

God Almighty! I've never seen an ass like that. It's so sensational! Any girl — Pam Fox included! — would kill for a tight little rump like that! This girl just has it all!

    Angelica must have sensed that Jeff was checking her out as she started down the hallway. Just as she passed the doorway to the first classroom, she turned sideways to look back at Jeff. As she did so she stopped for a moment, smiled, and gave him a childish little finger wave. In the process, Jeff could see in near profile the mind-boggling swell of her mammoth bosom distending her skintight sweater.

Jeff really is sweet! Handsome, hunky, and sweet! What a cute guy! He didn't ask me for my telephone number, though. Maybe he's going with someone? Or maybe he's just a little slow on the draw? Or maybe flummoxed? He did seem kind of nervous and tongue-tied. Well, I've been there before! He sure acted interested, though. Sure hope we do run into each other again. If he ever gets over the jitters enough to ask me out ... I'll say yes! You bet I will! In a flash!

    Jeff almost collapsed on the floor in reaction to this endearing little gesture — not to mention the sight of her fabulous, fabulous figure. For some reason, Jeff had noticed her rump first. It was so petite but shapely. Although her ass cheeks were tight and small, they still protruded in a very sexy way. What a combination!
    When his bulging eyes had switched to her massive bosom, Jeff was struck as never before by how top-heavy Angelica truly was. Her huge, huge whoppers were so out of proportion to the rest of her body. Her bust must jut out at least a foot from her trunk. It truly looked as if she had stuffed a couple of watermelons under her sweater. Amazing! Her gigantic tits were so huge that the mass of her bosom extended to a point near her elbows. Impossible! Yet her waist was so very — what's that phrase they used in the Victorian novels they had read in his English Literature class? — waspish? Jeff wondered how a figure like Angelica's was even possible!

I bet she's actually posing like that just so I can see just how fantastically buxom she is — especially in comparison to the rest of her body. Well, guess what, Angelica — it worked! Now, all I've got to do is try to arrange a date with you so I can get up close and personal with those major assets. Crap! I forgot to get her telephone number. Am I a complete dummy or what? I've just got to catch up with her after last period and remedy that screw-up! Let's see. My last class is in 325. I can sneak down the back staircase and maybe meet her coming out of 221. I could walk her back to her locker. Maybe offer her a ride home? I mean, we've just gotta pick up where we left off! This girl is just too absolutely amazing!

Jeff paid very little attention to Mr Huizinga's explanation of the finer points of the separation of powers doctrine in American National Government class. Instead, he was considering how fortunate he was to have run into Angelica on the very day — almost at the very moment! — he had broken up with Pam Fox. The young kid was so awfully young looking; nonetheless, she looked like one very hot chick. That made her the perfect candidate for a post-Pam fling. Certainly, any girl who thrust her tits at a guy in the Deans' Office had to fit into that category, no matter what her age.
    He paid even less attention during eighth period to Mr Koehler's discussion of the economic causes of the Civil War during his Advanced Placement Selected Problems in American History class. It was the last period and in a few minutes school would be over. His erotic reveries about Angelica continued. Hell, Jeff sported a hard-on for nearly every second of the class. Angelica had looked so hot. She had acted so ready. She was so incredibly beautiful! And then there was her fabulous figure!

God! I haven't had it this bad over a girl since I don't know when. And I know she's interested in me, too. On account of her baby face, she must be a freshman — probably a young one at that. Maybe she skipped a grade or something? But how on earth could a thirteen or fourteen year-old girl have a set of jugs like that? Maybe lots of vitamins or something. Anyway, a freshman girl is way too young to drive, so she's probably a bus rider. This gives me a chance to offer her a ride home. Most freshmen girls would jump at a chance to get a ride home from a senior guy, especially one who happened to be co-captain of the football team and president of the student body. What a perfect way to get acquainted so I can ask her out for the weekend. I'll really be robbing the cradle but with looks like that how could I help myself? Man! Except.... Oh, oh! Since she's new at school, though, maybe her parents are picking her up. Jesus! I know that if I had a daughter who looked like that, I'd probably drive her everywhere. Hell, I wouldn't let her out of my sight! Oh, well, there's only one way to find out — I've got to track her down when class ends and do some serious hittin'!

    Jeff was definitely ready to take some action! Still, as he waited for the minute hand to work its way around to the three o'clock dismissal bell, he had some additional thoughts about Angelica. Not about her beauty or the fabulousness of her figure. No, it was something else. There was something that seemed to set her apart from the typical hot numbers Jeff had hustled after his previous breakups with Pam. Was it her classiness? Evidence of fine character? The high intelligence he had spotted in her eyes? Jeff had not spent enough time with Angelica to define this difference but he had a feeling it was definitely there. Definitely! Wholly apart from her fantastic looks, she seemed to combine high intelligence with warmth, character, and sweetness in a very special and singular way. Did it mean that she was not going to be the pushover he had assumed? Her friendliness, her extremely revealing outfit, and the wanton manner in which she had flaunted her bosom in the Deans' Office screamed, "Yes!" Yet, there was something indefinable about the girl that also seemed to say, "Not so fast, bud! This girl is different. Special, even. Take it easy with this one, fella! She's not your typical post-Pam play partner." Again, only time would tell.
    Jeff was certainly eager to begin this discovery process. The truth is that the young man's tongue was fairly hanging out of his mouth in anticipation as the bell rang. He vaulted from his seat like a flash and burst into the hall in pursuit of the amazingly beautiful and impossibly voluptuous Angelica Gonzales.

It took longer for Jeff to get down the stairs to room 221 than he had anticipated. The hall and stairs were clogged with students flooding out of their classrooms, and his progress down the back stairs was very slow as a result. By the time he reached room 221, a glance inside revealed that the classroom had already emptied out. Crap!
    His best bet was to push on toward the center staircase to see if he could spot Angelica in that vicinity. Jeff sliced through the crowd in pursuit while trying at the same time not to look like one of those hopeless nerds who bounce their way to their lockers so they can grab the first bus out, get home, and park in front of the TV to drool over the hot chicks on American Bandstand.
    Jeff saw a flash of yellow in the distance. Could that be her? Maybe! Angelica — please make it be Angelica! — was only some fifty feet ahead of him. She — if it really was her — seemed to be heading for the stairway at the far south end of the west wing. She was walking slowly on account of the clogged condition of the hallway. If Jeff wanted to do a little knifing though the crowd, he might be able to catch up with her. He was going to chance looking like a dweeb but the risk, in view of the reward, was worth it.
    As Jeff closed the gap, the possibility that it was Angelica he was following graduated from a possibility to a near certainty. The fact the girl's progress down the hallway was causing such a notable commotion was the last bit of evidence required for that purpose. Jeff was plainly not the only guy getting blown away by her goodies! Could there be more conclusive evidence that it was Angelica just ahead?
    From this distance, Jeff's view was limited to the way Angelica's long, full hair bounced as she walked along. The sight was really exciting. Even more exciting was the prospect of the additional goodies Jeff was going to be eyeballing just as soon as he got closer to the fabulously gorgeous young girl.
    Jeff picked up the pace. In short order he was only about twenty feet or so behind the stunning beauty. It was Angelica all right! Yes! Jeff slowed his progress and settled in for a leisurely stroll. Jeff was now in hot if measured pursuit!
    The scenery ahead was certainly spectacular. Angelica's swiveling little rump was so tight and curvy. The way her ass cheeks were rocking and rolling under her tiny little skirt was just boner building. Angelica certainly had a very firm, petite ass. Yet it was so curvaceous that it was really lush, even voluptuous, at the same time. How this oxymoronic combination was even possible did not long detain the young man. Instead, he focused, almost bug eyed, on the undoubted reality of her tiny but voluptuous butt. There was no doubt about it — Angelica simply had the most thrilling ass Jeff had ever seen.
    Most exciting of all was the fact that the girl's fabulous bosom could actually be viewed from the rear as she swiveled along! Her massive melons were positively swelling out on either side of her trunk by a couple of inches at least. What an amazing pair! Oh, wow!
    Jeff was suddenly struck by the thought that Angelica's hips might seem narrower than they actually were because of her monumental bust. That is, her hips really were voluptuous — it was just that her rump and her waist were built to a smaller scale than her breasts. It was this difference in scale that had confused his senses. Whatever! Jeff had never before even imagined seeing a show like the one Angelica was putting on as she sashayed down the hall.
    Jeff was not surprised that the evaluation of Angelica as a breathtakingly gorgeous piece of ass was not his alone. He noted that, almost to a man, the guys she met coming from the opposite direction were doing double and even triple takes in reaction to the impossibly beautiful and built girl headed their way. Indeed, more than half of them wheeled around after passing Angelica to stop, stare, and catch a second look. Clearly, the general male reaction was, "Did I see what I thought I just saw?"

Yes, my fellow classmates, you did see what you thought you saw. I wonder how many of you guys will be whacking off tonight to the memory? Lots of you, I bet. But while you guys are beating off to the recollection of that face and those tits, I might actually be spending some time with them ... in person! At least I sure hope so! He who hesitates and all that, fellows. Too bad for you ... suckers!

    The girls too seemed to be taken aback by their first look at Angelica. Of course, they were a lot subtler in their reactions. Still, Jeff was willing to bet that the buxom Latina beauty was going to be the subject of a lot of catty telephone conversations tonight.
    Jeff's laser-like focus on the astonishing vision ahead was abruptly interrupted. Oh, oh! He suddenly realized that Pam and two of her cronies, Pat Teyro and Dee Crotty, were approaching from the opposite direction. How was this awkward moment going to play out? As they approached, Jeff was amused to see that not only Pam but Pat and Dee as well pointedly avoided his gaze. They did not, needless to say, actually say hello. The three pairs of eyes were fixed on some indefinable point in the distance. Jeff did not exist.
    Had the threesome noticed Angelica as they passed the beautiful, buxom young girl walking in the other direction? Certainly the commotion Angelica was causing among the boys (and girls to a lesser degree) could easily have caught the girls' attention. On the other hand, they also could have spotted Jeff far enough ahead so that they had focused all their attention on making Pam's former boyfriend invisible and thus not noticed Angelica at all. There was simply no way for Jeff to tell.
    Obviously, Pam had passed the word that he and Pam were kaput to her friends. Pat and Dee, Pam's very best buddies, were behaving accordingly. Well, fine! This gratuitous social cut absolutely validated Jeff's pursuit of Angelica. The break-up was now a matter of record! Not that he had ever considered it a problem but his conscience was now utterly clear. He had been released from his bond with Pam and was officially a free man!
    Angelica did indeed start down the rear staircase. As a result it was likely that her locker was at the end of a corridor on the far south end of the school. That was going to give them a little privacy when Jeff caught up with her and made his pitch.
    Before Jeff could actually catch up with her, though, Angelica had continued past the second floor and then disappeared through the door to the first floor. She was heading down the final flight of stairs to the basement. This was extremely good news. Most of the basement was devoted to the boiler room, a large supply area, and the like. There was a short corridor containing a few classrooms and a small number of lockers at one end of the basement that had been added as an afterthought when school enrollment had outstripped the upper floors of the building. This was probably where Angelica's locker was located. Angelica did not know it yet but the two were going to be able to explore stage two of their friendship in the greatest seclusion Maine East could offer. Better yet, that stage two was only seconds off!

Angelica was pushing open the door to the basement corridor just as Jeff reached the mid-floor landing between the two floors. She heard the clatter of hurrying feet and looked back to see who was coming. When she saw it was Jeff, her gorgeous face evidenced both pleasure and surprise.

Golly! After getting stripped to the bone by hundreds of strange male eyes, it sure is nice to see a familiar face. Especially when it's Jeff's! 'Course, he was staring at me, too, back in the Deans' Office — real, real hard, actually — but he's so cute n' dreamy 'n sexy 'n sweet I didn't mind. It sure didn't take long for us to bump into each other again. Hmmm.... Wonder if it's by accident or on purpose. It would be kinda sweet if it were on purpose!

    "Jeff! What a nice surprise. Is your locker down here, too?"

She not only recognized me but also remembered my name. Now that's a good sign!

    "No, Angelica," Jeff admitted, "it's not, actually. I was just heading down the hall, spotted you ahead of me, and thought I'd catch up and see how the rest of your day had gone."

Whew! What a lame beginning! I hope this fantastic babe will forgive my utter ineptness! This girl really has me off my game!

    Angelica was as forgiving as could be. "Why, that's so sweet of you, Jeff. Thanks to your great directions the rest of my day went as smooth as silk."

Gag! I should be able to do better than that! God! Jeff is such a hunk that now I'm getting nervous. That's certainly unusual for me! Angelica with the jitters? That's one for the books! That's probably a sign I'm really getting interested in this guy! Actually, it's kinda fun gettin' your mind all fuzzed up 'cause you're gettin' seriously affected by a really handsome, sexy stud. Especially one who's definitely interested in you! Heck, he remembered my name ... that's a good sign!

    Jeff smiled as she answered. He felt relief that his halting beginning had been pretty much matched by her equally lame false start! Now that that was over, they could begin anew and start to act natural with each other. He was pleased to sense that some of his usual self-confidence was coming back.
    Jeff and Angelica strolled down the corridor, each silently drinking in the other's presence. Jeff figured she was 5' 5" or 5' 6", a good height in light of his own 6' 2" stature. At length she stopped by a locker, twirled the dial, and pulled the combination lock off the locker door.

Wow! I got it on the first try! Not bad for the first day of school! Actually, I would have thought having Jeff so close would have messed me up! Maybe that shows I'm gettin' sorta comfortable with him already!

    She looked up at Jeff and smiled. Dazzlingly! Her gorgeous, clear complexion — no teen-age skin problems for this beauty! — seemed a little flushed. These two teenagers were plainly in a very expectant state.
    "You must be new at Maine East," Jeff began. He had been rehearsing this line the entire length of the corridor.

Shit! She told me that already. When we met by the Great Seal! Why can't I get my act together?

    "Couldn't be newer," Angelica brightly replied, choosing to ignore the fact she had passed along that very information earlier in the day. "Today's my very first day at Maine East."
    "Really!" Jeff exclaimed. "Where'd you go before?"
    "Bowie High School," Angelica said. "In El Paso, Texas," she added.
    "Really!" Jeff said. "Boy, that's a long way away!"
    Angelica chose to ignore the continuing lameness of Jeff's pitch. "Sure is!" she responded brightly. "We moved 'cause my parents got new jobs. They're both nurses, you see. Daddy's a post-operative nurse, and Mama was in the pediatric unit. They were both working at a hospital in El Paso. Thompson General. We're native Texans — native El Pasoans, actually — but they got a new administrator at TG who was just awful. People started jumping ship. The Texas Western nursing school — that's where my parents both went to school — sponsored a job fair for students but alums were welcome, too. My parents showed up and happened to talk to a representative from Lutheran General."

Whoa, girl — you're just runnin' off at the mouth. I think I might be tellin' Jeff more than he needs to know. Is it 'cause I'm nervous? Or 'cause Jeff and I are clickin' together so well already that it just seems natural to tell me all about myself?

    "Which is right down the street, of course," Jeff observed. Lutheran General Hospital and Maine Township High School East had adjoining campuses.
    "Right down the street is right," Angelica agreed. "Lutheran General was very short of staff yet was a growing, up-and-coming hospital. My parents were sold! The next thing we knew we were putting our house on the market and getting estimates from movers."
    "Any trouble finding a house?" Jeff wondered.
    Angelica rolled her eyes. "Tell me about it! First thing, our house in El Paso wouldn't sell — at least it hasn't so far. It's such a depressed area! Then we saw the housing prices around here." She giggled. "Mama and Daddy had a serious case of sticker shock."
    "So what did you do?" Jeff asked.
    "For now, we're renting. An apartment on Carol Street near the hospital? It'll be fine till we get things sorted out."
    With this exchange of information, the two fell silent. It was a comfortable but sexually charged silence. After a companionable few quiet seconds, Jeff and Angelica began smiling at each other. The preliminaries were out of the way. The necessary first bits of personal data had been communicated. Now, they could concentrate on how awfully happy they were to have met and how great it was to be together. Each of them could just feel the nervousness draining away. This new relationship was just galloping along!
    "It's really great to welcome you to Maine East," Jeff said very softly. "It's especially great just plain meeting you, Angelica."
    Angelica put a warm hand atop Jeff's forearm. It stayed there for a few moments. "It's really, really mutual, Jeff. I never dreamed I would meet such a nice guy on my very first day in a new school. It's so great!"
    Jeff gulped. He had just been given another opening and this time he meant to take it in style! "I know you're just getting settled in 'n all," he ventured, "and it's kinda sudden too, I guess, but would you, um, be free to go out this weekend? Like, say, Saturday night? For, er, a basketball game — we're playing New Trier this weekend — and then, say, going out for pizza afterwards?"

Jesus! All my friends are going to be at the game. Pam's, too. Plus, she'll be cheerleading. My crowd — the popular crowd — always heads to Romano's for pizza after the game. What got into me? After my other breakups, I always made a point of taking my slutty playmates to out of the way places. Like way down in the city. That's if we even went out in public at all! God! A home basketball game and pizza at Romano's with all my friends? Talk about announcing a new relationship loud and clear! It's like takin' out a billboard with Jeff and Angelica all over it, for Pete's sake! I can't believe I'm doin' this! But I gotta ask her out before the entire Maine East male population puts the moves on her. Hell, this girl's gonna have a very short shelf life. If I don't ask her out today, she could be out of circulation by tomorrow! I mean, she's that fabulous! Plus, you know what? For some reason, I want to be with her in public and with my friends!

    Angelica gave Jeff's forearm a little squeeze. The buxom beauty had edged a little closer to her new friend. The massive swell of her huge bosom had positioned those fleshy monsters only a few inches from Jeff's stomach. He could feel his cock starting to engorge. Rapidly!

God! I'm really moving along fast with Angelica. Not too fast, I hope. I certainly hope she says yes!

    "I'd love to go out with you, Jeff," Angelica quickly replied. "I'd really look forward to it," she breathed. "Fact is," she admitted, "I was really hoping we'd get together when I first spotted you in the Deans' Office!" Then she paused with an embarrassed look on her stunning face. She even appeared to blush. "I guess a girl isn't really supposed to admit things like that, is she? At least not before a first date," she laughed.
    Jeff grinned. "Why not, if it's true? Heck, I'll admit it," he said. "You bet I will! I felt exactly the same way when I saw you across the room today. And thanks for saying yes for this weekend." Jeff then smiled down at Angelica. "And thanks too for being so open and honest about, you know, feelings 'n stuff!"
    Jeff then paused. "You were down at the Deans' Office, I suppose, to get your classes set up 'n junk?"
    Angelica paused for just a millisecond. "Um ... yeah. Dean Iliff was helping me get all that sort of stuff squared away."

The two teenagers continued to chat. In truth, they were spending nearly as much time intently staring into each other's eyes as in actually talking. In response, Angelica had moved even closer to Jeff; her body language was reflecting an ever-increasing intimacy between the couple. This closeness was fostered by the fact that not a single person — student or teacher — had invaded their little corridor while they were standing beside Angelica's locker getting acquainted. What luck! The gods were really smiling on this budding relationship.
    Jeff looked down at Angelica with heavy-lidded eyes. What a sight! He could see her equally passion-softened eyes and her sex-flushed, twelve-year-old face. Most exciting was the view just below that gorgeous face — Angelica's tight yellow sweater containing absolutely the biggest breasts ever seen at Maine East — or most anywhere else, for that matter.

She's standing so close! Well, about a foot away, I guess but her tits are so erect and enormous that they're almost touching my boner! Which, by the way, is getting longer and stiffer by the second!

    The young girl was using her hands to communicate the couple's growing familiarity. She was lightly touching Jeff's chest with her fingertips to emphasize conversational points. In between, she was resting her hand on his forearm for increasingly long periods. At this point, her mammoth, protruding breasts were only an inch or two from Jeff's trunk.

Whoa! I just can't keep my hands off this guy! This is getting dangerous but ... I just can't stop! He's just way cute!
Man! I've never had such an exciting girl play touchy feely with me like this before — especially right after we've met! God, I'm starting to get so stiff!

    As the couple continued to stand and talk next to Angelica's locker, the strength of the bond was increasing by quantum leaps. On one thrilling occasion, Angelica's giant bosom had lightly, momentarily, but unmistakably brushed up against Jeff's arm.

Oh, God ... now I've done it! I know my breasts are so big that it's tough not to bump a guy with 'em when I'm standin' real close but I've really got to be more careful. Except, I'm not sure I want to be careful with Jeff! Wow! You're gonna be in trouble if you're not careful, girl!
Oh, my God! She actually touched me with her tit! It's ... it's so soft, so huge. Oh, man! I'm gonna lose control here in a second!

    The young fellow was frantic with lust. His blood felt as if it were carbonated; it was simply fizzing though his arteries. He was now sporting a raging hard-on. All of a sudden Angelica did it again. This time, she lightly but actually brushed up against Jeff's raging hard-on. What's more, far from recoiling, the young beauty positively leaned against the swollen lump for the slightest fraction of a second.

Now I've really done it! Brushing his arm with my breast is one thing. But touching his penis? Well, for sure it was inadvertent. But then pushing into it for a second? That sure was no accident! You are definitely buyin' some serious trouble, girl!

    Man! Jeff felt an urge to groan frantically. He was filled with an overpowering yearning for this fabulous girl. The young man felt as if three quarters of his body's blood supply was now coursing up and down the fourteen-inch length of his raging boner. He was so stiff that he doubted he had enough spare loose skin lying around to blink his eyes! Man, was he hot! With only a bit more provocation, Jeff was going to unload a heroic load of sperm into his drawers. Things were becoming too erotic to bear.

Much more of this and we're gonna be fuckin' in the corridor, for Pete's sake. I've never gotten from point A to point B with a girl so fast. Plus, I think point C is right around the corner. This is unbelievable!

    He looked down at Angelica. Her eyes were half closed and her generous lips were parted. Her face was even more flushed than before. Jeff figured he was equally glowing with sexual excitement. These two were getting exceptionally hot and bothered.

God! Things are just galloping along with Jeff. I can actually feel myself getting wet! Soaking wet! This is really gettin' out of hand! We don't even know each other yet! Not really. You know what? I don't care!

    The couple had returned to casual conversation. It was casual, however, only in words, not in the sizzling emotions that accompanied them. The truth is that the words coming out of their mouths were totally out of sync with what their bodies were saying. Their bodies, even though fully clothed, were practically fucking each other. Their fingers ached with lust. Every little touch occasioned a crack of electricity that zapped between the overheated teenagers. Plus, their eyes were just glistening with consuming interest and anticipation. These two were getting helplessly smitten.

Golly! I'm gettin' to the point where all I want is to be Jeff's girl. Just to be with him. For him to be my man. I feel like I've walked into a really steamy romance novel. Except in most romance novels the girls don't want to do to the hero what I want to do to Jeff. And have him do to me! At least they don't talk about it if they do! So what ... who cares?

    "I think the last United Motor Coach run from school is at 3:30 so I've probably missed the last bus," Angelica observed in a low, slurred voice.
    "No car, then?"
    "No. I'm a junior but kind of a young one. I just turned sixteen at the end of December. 'Cause of that and the move 'n all, I haven't gotten my license yet. So unless my parents can give me a ride, it's the bus for me." Angelica paused. "Unless I walk. It's not all that far," she added.
    By this point, Jeff was lightly resting his hand on Angelica's shoulder. He wished his hands were even more engaged — like, for instance, cupping and squeezing the giant mounds of firm yet jiggling tit flesh that were so close at hand. "No ride home this afternoon, then?" he asked in a very lust-thickened voice.

A junior? Wow! With a baby face like that it's hard to believe she's actually sixteen but if that's what she says.... So, I'm not robbing the cradle at all. It just looks that way ... well, from the neck up anyway! Anyway ... there's no problem! If she's sixteen we're definitely good to go!

    "Nope. Lutheran General started my parents on the 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. shift. Both of 'em. They've probably left for work already." Angelica looked up into Jeff's eyes with undisguised lust. "I guess I'm probably on my own. Still," she observed brightly, "it really isn't all that long a walk. Really!"
    "Baby!" Jeff groaned. "You're not on your own at all. No way are you walking home! I've got a car. I'm going to give you a ride home. If you want one, that is," he quickly added.

Baby! I called her baby! God! Things like that aren't supposed to happen until the third date or so. If then! I hope I'm not pushing things too fast! But I feel so comfortable with her. So close, too. Calling her baby just sums up how I feel! It feels so ... right!

    Angelica actually leaned in and gave Jeff a lingering kiss on his cheek. "Oh, Jeff, honey, that's so nice of you ... I'd love a ride home." The girl then looked up at Jeff with absolute sexual hunger in her eyes. "Jeff, I don't know what I'm going to do about you ... or with you. You're just so adorable! God! We're becoming such good friends so fast! It's scary!"

Well, so much for my worries about calling her baby! Did it put her off? Not hardly! Hell, it earned me a kiss on the cheek. She called me, honey, too — right back. It's like we're skipping all the usual boy-girl preliminaries and leap-frogging right into where we would be after five dates or so. That's terrific! Scary, though. Terrific and scary!

    The feel of Angelica's enormous tits as they pushed into his trunk during the administration of the kiss had threatened to drive Jeff over the edge. And when the impossibly buxom beauty kept her body lightly pressed up against his side for a few moments after the kiss, Jeff nearly started to groan aloud.
    "I feel the same way about meeting you, Angelica," Jeff announced. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her back up against his chest for a short embrace. It was heavenly.
    As she stepped back, Angelica got on her tiptoes and gave Jeff a brief kiss on the lips. Their mouths were closed but the fullness of her lips still made the brief kiss extremely thrilling.

My God! I'm actually kissing a guy I just met. In school! At my locker! At the end of my first day in a new school. Oh, wow! I've certainly never done that before! Usually, it's me averting my face to avoid a kiss! This guy just has me whirling! All I want is him! I sure hope he's an honest, sincere guy 'cause — wow! — I think I'm just putty in his hands!

    "Jeff, dear," Angelica began as she eased down to her feet, "I really am being open and honest with you. Fact is, I'm really going out on a big long limb with you. I've never gotten so friendly with a guy so fast before — ever! And on the first day we first met. I can't believe it!" The stunning beauty glanced up with a look of great seriousness. "Don't let this friendliness be a mistake, honey. Please don't misunderstand. Don't let me down, Jeff. Please be honest 'n fair with me! Promise?"
    Jeff looked down with a gaze of equal seriousness. Honesty had never been the hallmark of his post-Pam affairs; that was putting it mildly! But with this girl he had a sudden desire to be absolutely truthful and sincere! "I promise you absolute honesty, Angelica. You can trust me. You can count on it. You've got my word on that, honey. You can believe it, baby."
    Jeff paused and licked his lips. "Look, baby, I can tell as well as you that something really amazing is happening here. I don't understand it myself. All I know is that I'm just so excited to meet you. I wanna get to know you, too. Spend lots of time with you. See lots 'n lots of you."
    The young man was amazing himself. He had never talked this candidly and openly to a girl the first time they had met. He was spinning no moves — just sincerity. "I can't believe I'm telling you all this, honey. I guess it's because this all seems so awfully special. I'm really being honest with you, Angelica. And, I promise you honesty all the way through."
    Angelica looked into Jeff's eyes with a complex amalgam of affection, trust, and expectation. "Oh, honey!" she moaned. With that the huge-titted beauty rose back up on her toes and gave Jeff another kiss. This time, though, her lips were slightly parted and Jeff thought he might have felt the tip of her tongue slipping in between his equally parted lips. This kiss was longer too; it lasted some five seconds. The cushioned feel of Angelica's lush lips against his own made Jeff softly groan. He could actually feel his cockhole discharging some gunk!
    As the over-developed teenager dropped back onto her feet, her massive breasts jiggled and wobbled from side to side. In the process of descending from her tiptoes to the flat of her feet, Angelica once again allowed her bosom to brush up against her new friend. In response, Jeff looked as if he was going to explode with passion and desire.

I can't believe I just did that! Again! I'm acting like a total slut. I've never done that before. It's 'cause Jeff is being so open and honest. The guy is so genuine! That sort of thing really flips me for a loop. God, and the way I feel it's probably going to get worse before it gets better! Get a grip, girl — if you can!

    The two teenagers were really getting hot. Dangerously hot! Both were breathing hard. Their complexions were flushed. In short, their hormones were absolutely raging out of control! Their arms were lightly entangled in a tentative embrace. Things were moving so quickly! And in a school corridor, no less!
    Angelica now looked even more deeply into Jeff's eyes. Again, she rose up on her tiptoes. Her massive tits erotically slid up his stomach and chest, this time with even greater pressure. Wow! What a feeling! What a turn-on! Jeff saw that Angelica's eyes were shut but her mouth was about half open. An extremely passionate French kiss was clearly just about a second away!
    Things were getting absolutely out of hand. As great as this encounter was, it really was time to cool things off — at least until they got off the school grounds. There was no doubt about it. The couple were about to start wildly and passionately making out. Another student or even a teacher could show up any second. Getting caught in a school hallway playing kissy-face would be good for neither their reputations nor their developing relationship. Worse, it would lead to a quick trip to the office. Wouldn't Dean Johnston love to hear that his fair-haired boy Jeff Weld was caught making out in a basement hallway? With a new student on her first day in school, no less? No, it was too risky to chance, even in a short, deserted corridor like this one. It was plainly time to hit the road and see where things went from there.
    Jeff headed off the upcoming kiss by leaning down and giving Angelica a tender kiss on the forehead. "This is so great, honey! But we should go, though. They don't like the students hangin' around school too long. They usually check the halls right about now to make sure everybody's headed for home. We should probably head for my car before we get rousted out by a teacher or something."
    Angelica looked up dumbly and, after a second's worth of reflection, slowly nodded her head in agreement. She and Jeff were leaning up against each other; her giant bosom was wantonly jammed up against his trunk. "I know," she said. "It's just that...."
    Jeff gave her a warm hug.

Wow! Those tits! They're so huge! So exciting! The way they pillow up against my chest! It's actually physically difficult to give Angelica a hug! Man!

    "Sweetheart! I know all about all that 'it's just that...' stuff myself. It's exactly how I feel. Exactly." After releasing the girl from the hug, Jeff smiled and said, "Hey ... grab your books, Angelica. We're heading for the parking lot for that ride home. We can talk 'n stuff in the car."
    Angelica nodded, almost as in a trance. She seemed nearly too sex-stunned even to speak. She dutifully grabbed an imposing pile of books and began shoving them into a green L L Bean backpack. The task seemed to restore a little of her composure. "I can't believe I have to take all these books home," she complained, rolling her eyes at the prospect. "No way around it, though. I'm taking all AP courses, so I'm going to have a ton of homework every night."

All Advanced Placement courses! Hell, I'm taking only three AP courses and I'm maybe headed to Yale, for God's sake. This girl must be an absolute brain! Not that I haven't figured that out already. All my other post-Pam playmates have been real dummies. Angelica, though, is as sharp as a tack. You know what? This is going to be no run of the mill fling. This girl is special in a whole lot more ways than just her packaging, as fabulous as that packaging is! She's really my type in so many ways. This relationship might have legs!

Angelica then put on her coat; it was only waist length and was not going to provide much protection from the bitter Chicago weather. "I'm gonna have to get used to real winter now," she said. "I think my first order of business this weekend will be to pick up a real warm, ankle length coat. We certainly never had to bundle up like this in El Paso!"

As far as I'm concerned, you can take your time buying that new coat, baby. With this one, your fabulous legs and rear are still in full view. Plus, I'm really glad you're not buttoning up so your massive bosom isn't getting all covered up. 'Course, I'm not sure that coat could actually zip up over your tits. I think there's too much tit and not enough material!

    While Angelica was putting on her coat, Jeff reached down to pick up her backpack. As much as Jeff would have loved to see her arch her back while donning the backpack, he really knew he should save her from that display. Actually, he got enough of a thrill just from seeing her wiggle into her jacket!
    "Hey, you'll break your back with that many books, Angelica. Here, let me carry it."
    Angelica smiled delightedly. "Wow! Such a gentleman! So ... gallant!" The buxom young Latina rolled her eyes in mock ridicule. Then she grinned. "Just kidding. The bag really is awfully heavy! Thank you, Jeff."
    Jeff picked up the backpack with his left hand so he could be as close as possible to Angelica as they walked along with her on his right. The two teenagers started down the hall. They were walking so close to each other that their bodies were lightly bumping every few steps.
    Finally, Angelica slipped her left hand inside Jeff's right arm. She gave his rock hard bicep a squeeze and ran the palm of her hand down the inside of his bare arm. She then pulled the tit-struck fellow into her bosom. Jeff nearly gasped with surprise and delight. His heavily muscled upper arm was nearly enveloped by the lush mass of Angelica's massive left breast. It was so huge and so soft!
    Jeff responded by gently leaning into the gigantic mound of tit flesh. He could both hear and sense Angelica's ragged breathing as he did so. Jeff had never had things rev up as fast as this with any girl. And to think it was happening with the most beautiful and curvy girl he had ever met. Or could even imagine!
    As they reached the stairway, Angelica slowly and reluctantly disentangled her arm from Jeff's. Still, she leaned into Jeff with her giant bosom one last time just before their bodies separated as if to demonstrate that this withdrawal was the product of necessity rather than desire. Oh, this girl was hot!
    Jeff continued his gallantry by letting Angelica precede him up the stairs. Gallantry, however, is not necessarily its own or only reward. The sight of the buxom teen's sensational legs and butt going up the stairs before him was a thrilling bonus for Jeff's exercise of good manners. Given the extreme shortness of her skirt, the sight just ahead was making Jeff shake with passion.

What an absolute babe! God! That skirt is so short! I can actually see her panties! They're black 'n silky ... how sexy! That little beaver shot I caught in the Deans' Office was right on the money! But wait a minute. Is there a wet spot on her panties or is that just my imagination? Is she so hot her pussy is gettin' leaky? Like my cock? Oh, man! No doubt about it — this chick is too sensational to believe! How can she even be real? Never in my life.... Hell, never in my dreams ... the way her clothes really show her goodies off! Plus she's so smart 'n funny 'n sweet, too. What a find she is!

    The way the overdeveloped kid's booty was wiggling and swinging as she climbed the stairs was almost unbearably arousing. Panties, hell — he could actually see her crotch! More exciting still, Jeff could see Angelica's massive tits swaying and rebounding against the fabric of her coat as each step up the stairs made her giant bosom ripple and bounce. Wow! The young kid's puppies were so huge that Jeff could inspect them both from behind and beneath!
    Angelica clearly knew what a show she was putting on. It could not have been more deliberate.

I sure hope Jeff is enjoying the show! 'Cept, I may be puttin' on more than a show than I intended. Jeff's been makin' me really, really wet. I know my panties are soaked. I sure hope he can't see 'em! I don't think I want him to know that he's got me that excited! Not just after we first met, anyway!

    On the other hand, Angelica had a good sense of the limits; she pretty much knew the score. Even though the halls were nearly empty, she kept a respectable foot or so away from Jeff after they had emerged from the stairwell. Still, powerful jolts of sexual electricity were arcing between their bodies. A veritable force field of lust had built up between the two randy teenagers!
    The couple detoured past Jeff's locker to pick up his jacket — a heavy, blue letter jacket with calf-colored leather sleeves and a big "M" sewn on the left front of the garment — and a couple of books he needed for tomorrow's homework. Given the fabulous, super-friendly babe on his arm, Jeff wondered if either of the books would even get opened!
    On the way to the parking lot, they encountered several fellows heading up the hall in the opposite direction. Since it was just after 4:00, they were in all likelihood guys who had just finished an hour of after-school detention. At any rate, they looked like the sort of losers and screw-ups who were forced to put in a dreaded ninth period with Clifford "Farmer" May, the cantankerous, long-time host of that scholastic penal institution.
    Jeff did not know a single one of these fellows, though a couple of them looked vaguely familiar. He was amused (and gratified, he had to admit) to see their astounded reaction to Angelica. To a man, their eyes widened and their faces displayed sudden shock and disbelief at the improbable beauty and mind-boggling voluptuousness of this fantasy girl. The fellows were plainly stunned by Angelica's impossibly beautiful face. Even with her jacket on, these fellows could tell she had a pair of incredibly massive tits. The waist-hugging cut of the jacket meant that Angelica's sleek thighs and killer legs were also in full view. What a trifecta! This combination had clearly thrown these fellows for a loop. Join the club, Jeff thought to himself.
    It was the sole female into whom they bumped, however, who demonstrated the greatest surprise of all. It was Karen Acton, a close friend of Pam's. She initiated the encounter by smiling sweetly and cheerfully saying something along the lines of, "Hi, Jeff." Somewhere between the words "Hi" and "Jeff," however, the greeting trailed off into a sort of strangled gargle. Karen quickly looked away, accelerated her pace, and hurriedly walked off. Clearly, Karen had not yet heard about the break-up. Accordingly she had been shocked to see Jeff with a girl who was (a) not only not Pam; but (b) a stranger who was so incredibly good-looking and buxom as to boggle the mind. Jeff had a feeling that Pam was going to hear about this encounter in very short order! He hoped she choked on the news!

As they started walking through the far-flung parking lot, Angelica seemed to realize that the couple could get away with a little more intimacy. The gorgeous teen promptly moved so close to Jeff that their bodies were lightly bouncing against each other once again as they walked. She then reached down and intertwined her fingers with his. The promise implied by that little extra body contact before the couple had headed up the stairs had now been fulfilled. Because they were holding hands, the teenagers' shoulders were now welded together. In response Jeff's cock had begun to re-engorge — very, very seriously. Man, was he hot!
    Jeff opened the passenger door of his car to let Angelica slide in. He almost groaned with excitement as, bug-eyed, he lustily observed the amazingly buxom Latina beauty eagerly and even wantonly slither along the seat toward his side of the passenger compartment. Jeff's car, a hand-me down clunker from an older sister now in college, was a well-worn 1958 Pontiac Bonneville with bench seats. Angelica took advantage of its slick vinyl covering to slide her fabulous bottom along the seat so far to the left that she was nearly behind the wheel. She plainly wanted to be wedged as tightly against Jeff while he drove as physically possible. Wow! This girl was pure sensuality!
    What's more, the way her already insubstantial little skirt had gotten hiked up all the way to her pussy as she slid along the seat was so thrilling! Of course, her fabulous thighs were obscured to a large extent by the shapely mass of overly abundant tit flesh that was resting in her lap. Angelica was so built!

What a show! That skirt is so short 'n hiked up I can see her panties. Again! Yep — they're black for sure. Black panties are so sexy! Especially when they're silky like hers. Jeff, ol' boy, you just put the most gorgeous piece of ass on earth into the front seat of your car. God! — look at the way she's slidin' over to the driver's side of the car. She's gonna be sittin' on my lap! No doubt about it, she's got the serious hots for you, Jeff — no doubt about that. Vice-versa, too — that's for sure! Fella, I think you have just gotten lucky! Super lucky!

    Jeff shut the passenger door and walked around the front of the car to his side. The two were staring with unrelieved lust and anticipation at each other through the windshield as Jeff passed in front of the car. Their eyes were locked. Angelica's lips were slightly parted. The buxom teenager clearly couldn't wait for her new friend to get in the car and sit down. Hurry up, fella!
    As Jeff's line of vision became less acute as he passed in front of the left headlight, Angelica surreptitiously thrust a hand under her skirt, plucked her soaked panties out of her dripping vaginal crack, and then hurriedly readjusted her skirt. Her hand was back in her lap before Jeff had opened the driver's side door to get it.

My goodness! I'm absolutely soaked! Actually, I'm a total mess! I'm gonna be all over Jeff before he can even get the key in the ignition. All I want to do is kiss him and kiss him and kiss him!

    There was hardly room for Jeff to get in on the driver's side. Angelica was absolutely on top of him as soon as he was behind the wheel. The lush heat of her ultra-voluptuous body filled the car with sexual steam. Their body temperatures seemed to have risen to about 110 degrees. The passenger compartment had become a sensual hothouse! The young kids' hormones had simply gone radioactive.
    No words were spoken and no preliminaries were undertaken. None were necessary. These two overly aroused teens were just ready to hug and kiss! With her lips parted, Angelica gave a little moan and then slammed her fabulous body up against Jeff as he began to settle into his seat. Their slightly open lips met in a lush, tender, and unbelievably soft, super-cushioned kiss. They were wildly French kissing before Jeff's butt had even settled into his seat! Their lips rubbed against each other gently but with overwhelming hunger and passion. The sexual energy flowing between the two was supercharged!
    Their lips were almost instantly grinding against each other in an ecstasy of lust. Jeff had started to groan — their kissing was so unbelievably intimate and sexy. Angelica's breath was so hot and sweet.
    After a few seconds of this preliminary kissing, the teenagers' mouths suddenly opened a whole lot wider. In an instant, both of them had opened their mouths almost to the breaking point. Angelica had thrust her tongue — it was so wiggly and long! — deep down Jeff's throat. Seconds later, the fabulous beauty was licking the insides of his mouth. This was a hotter kiss than Jeff, the supposed lothario supreme, had ever experienced in his life. Angelica made kissing Pam Fox seem like making out with the plaster statue of the Virgin Mary in the Lady Chapel at church. What a fantastic kisser Angelica was!
    Jeff was frankly getting so stiff that a premature ejaculation could be right around the corner. He could feel Angelica's massive tits rubbing against his chest as the impossibly passionate kiss went on and on and on.
    The interior of the car resounded with loud slurping noises as the teenagers' sliding, grinding lips ever more firmly and passionately opened and closed against each other. The windshield was getting fogged up. Jeff could feel his cheeks getting soaked with the spit and drool that was pouring out of their sagging mouths. Yet, if you discounted the couple of pecks back at Angelica's locker, they were still in the middle of their very first kiss. They had been passionately feeding on each other's mouths for at least five minutes but were so hungry for each other that they had not once broken for air. This was a first kiss extraordinaire.
    As this unbelievable kiss went on and on, Jeff was frantically rubbing and caressing Angelica's back.

Wow! Her bra strap is so wide! I can feel lots and lots of hooks. Man! She must wear an amazingly big bra. God! But how could she not? Her tits are so enormous! I want so much to reach down and start cupping those huge whoppers. Better not, though ... I bet Angelica is really on the lookout for guys who go for the goodies right off the bat. Still, this kiss is so unbelievably passionate that she'd probably cut me some slack in that department. But no. I'm going to play it cool. Well, sort of, anyway! Besides, the way this relationship is developing it's not going to be long at all before those gigantic hooters will be all mine anyway. I just have a feeling that this hook-up with Angelica is going to end up being something really, really special.

    Angelica was now shoving, sliding, and rubbing her fabulous body against Jeff's trunk. His ultra-hard cock was on fire. In response, Jeff had moved beyond mere kissing; his long, hot tongue was frantically fucking Angelica's wide-open mouth.

Golly! I think Jeff is actually counting the hooks on my bra! Should I tell him there are eight? I can sure tell he'd love to start unhooking 'em! Well, probably not today ... but who knows? Much more of this fabulous kissing and I might be begging him to do it!

    Jeff and Angelica's lips ever more passionately twisted and contorted against each other. Their mouths would first open wide, then close, reopen, and then close again. They would then repeat that cycle again and again. Jeff and Angelica were just feasting on their mouths. It was as they were competing to see who could be the first to swallow the other's face. Rivers of spit were now coursing down their chins and even their necks. Jeff and Angelica were just out of control and wild with lust.

Whap! Whap! Whap!
    What the hell is that? The couple's solitude and intimacy was suddenly and shockingly broken by a loud rapping noise that echoed throughout the passenger compartment. Jeff looked up and saw a grinning Officer Al Oste standing at the driver's window. The Park Ridge cop who doubled as the Maine East security officer was vigorously tapping on the car window with his nightstick. What an asshole!
    Jeff rolled down his window. "Hey, you two," the cop growled. "You gotta move this party outa here. Now! Can't do that kinda stuff on school grounds. You should know better than that, Jeff. Especially you. Now move it!"
    The cop was acting with his usual officiousness; however, Jeff could see that his eyes, usually flat and noncommittal, were glittering with sexual interest and even naked desire. Al clearly could not believe what a luscious, giant-titted girl Jeff had hooked up with.
    "Yes, sir, Officer Oste," Jeff dutifully mumbled as he started up the engine and put the car into gear. In response, Angelica had slid back to her side of the car and was leaning with her back against the passenger door. Of course, her posture was making her huge breasts even more prominent than ever. In fact, Angelica had slipped down so far and her swollen tits were so large that she had to peer over her massive bosom in order to look at the officer.
    Jeff could tell from the bug-eyed look on the cop's face, that he was fully aware — perhaps inappropriately aware — of the gigantic size of Angelica's bosom. Nor was that all; Jeff was also willing to bet that Al was simultaneously looking up the shortest skirt imaginable at the greatest legs he had even seen.
    It appeared that "Ossifer Al," as he was disrespectfully known among the students, was going to give them a pass. That was unlike him. Perhaps he was too discombobulated by Angelica's extreme beauty and outrageous buxomness to get his act together. Jeff knew he'd better get moving before Al thought better of it.
    "Well, that was certainly embarrassing," Angelica murmured as Jeff pulled out onto Potter Road. Those were the first words the gorgeous teenager had uttered since Ossifer Al had invaded their steamy, sex-drenched space.
    "No kidding!" Jeff agreed. "But there's nothing to worry about. Al could have written us up and referred us to the office. But he knows I'm the student body president and co-captain of the football team 'n stuff. I work with him a lot on student security issues. Under the circumstances, I guess he thought he'd cut me a little slack."

Bummer! Don't tell me Jeff's a big braggart! A self-absorbed kinda guy? That sort of stuff really turns me off! Maybe he thought he had to impress me with his credentials! I've been thinkin' he's the kind of really sweet, natural, unassuming guy I could fall for — hard! — but not if he turns out instead to be really full of himself. That sort of thing never flies with me. It could be a deal-breaker, actually. Maybe if I take him down a peg or two right from the get-go he'll drop that junk. After all, he was acting open and honest back at my locker. Maybe this is just an aberration. I sure hope so 'cause if it isn't this relationship has no future whatsoever! None!

    "Wow!" A broad but slightly sarcastic smile creased Angelica's face. "I had no idea little ol' me was spending time with such a ... um ... big shot! Such a ... Big Man On Campus!" Her voice had suddenly become much more animated — and filled with more than a little mockery.

God! I can see I'm not going to get anywhere with this girl by showing off. She's clearly unimpressed by what a big deal I am — or think I am! That crap sure works with most girls. Not this time, though. You've screwed up, here. Jeff. You'd better drop it. Besides, it's really an unattractive trait, when you think about it. Hell, I'm willin' to bet Angelica was a big deal at her high school in El Paso. Except I've got a strong feeling you'd never find out unless you asked. If then! She would never bring it up herself, I bet. Jeff, ol' boy, you could take a lesson from her. Nobody loves a braggart, even when they have something legitimate to brag about!

    Jeff flushed. "Aw, I didn't mean to brag. I mean, you would've found out all that stuff anyway. I just wanted to explain why we got a pass. That's all."

How's that for a weak excuse? Well, at least Jeff realizes what a boner he pulled. I hope he realizes the only things that'll really impress me will be for him to show me he's kind 'n caring 'n honest 'n genuine. That blow your own horn junk is just so ... bogus! Hmmm ... 'course, while the stuff on the inside matters the most, it's important to have a boyfriend who's really, really good-looking, too ... and super-sexy, besides ... hmmm ... Jeff's sure got those things covered! Man ... does he ever! I get dizzy just from lookin' at him! And when we were kissin'? I got so weak! I was putty in his hands!

    "It's all right, baby," Angelica giggled. "I'm just giving you a hard time. Actually, I'm flattered that such a BMOC would shower me with so much attention. And on my first day at a new school, no less."

Gag! I can't believe I'm giving Jeff such a syrupy sweet reaction to his attempt to explain away his braggin'! if he does it again, I think I'll have to come up with a stronger reaction. Maybe there won't be another episode like this one, though! I sure do hope not!

    The buxom teen seemed to have slipped into some deep thought. Jeff could not tell if Angelica had been serious or not in her reaction to his apology. His best guess was that she was ladling out a healthy dose of sarcasm. This girl was clearly no dumb-dumb like so many of his post-Pam honeys. She was smart, subtle, and spirited. Angelica was plainly going to keep him in line and on his toes! For now, he decided to take her comment at face value, even though he knew in his heart it was a continuation of her lighthearted mockery.
    Meanwhile, it was clearly time to let her know verbally as well as physically just how taken he was with her. "Angelica," Jeff said solemnly, "you are the most exciting girl I've ever met. I couldn't give you too much attention."

Whew! A little encounter with a cop like the one we just had could have totally turned her off! But she seems okay with it. I mean, she didn't like it — how could she? — but she seems to have put it behind her. Some girls would just sign off and say, "Goodbye, Jeff, thanks for the ride and, by the way, I had completely forgotten but I'm doing something with my parents Saturday night. Sorry!" As if it didn't take two to tango! But not Angelica! She's really turning out to be a completely loyal girl who has her head totally screwed on right! My kind of girl, in other words, although not one who will take any shit! Especially my braggin'! But that's fine. Pam put me through training for that sort of thing!

    During their conversation, Angelica had moved back from her side of the car. She was on her knees facing sideways. Her massive bosom was strongly pressed against Jeff's right shoulder and arm. She then leaned in even more strongly and delivered a slow, languorous lick to his ear. She seemed to be announcing officially that neither the upsetting interruption by Ossifer Al nor Jeff's shameless, unattractive braggadocio had put a damper on their budding relationship. Not at all! At most it was a brief parenthesis. Jeff smiled to himself. Message sent and delivered. He'd better watch his step, though. This was a relationship unlike any he'd ever been in! He was treading new and for him uncharted ground.
    Jeff chuckled. "Baby, I think the real reason Al gave us a pass is because his shift ends at four, and he'd have to spend an extra hour of uncompensated overtime to do the paperwork on us. It might have been different if he had caught us right after school."
    Angelica smiled. "I guess that means we're going to have to do our kissing off school grounds, doesn't it?"

Whew! Jeff's really tryin' to backtrack from that awful blowin' his own horn stuff. Thank goodness! That's a good sign! A very good sign! Maybe it was just a little bump in the road. I sure hope so 'cause if it's not, this relationship is goin' nowhere!

    "Yes, we will," Jeff agreed. As Jeff looked over, the Latina girl gave him a little wink as if to underscore the certainty that a whole lot more kissing was definitely on the agenda.

You bet we will. It's so great Angelica put kissing back on the menu. Seems like things are just totally fine between us. Thank goodness! Resuming that kiss sure sounds fine to me! That kiss was so amazing. We've got to find someplace to do it again. And again and again. Plus, who knows what else will be on the menu? But where? I don't want to go park in the Dam Number 4 Forest Preserve. Those asshole Forest Preserve cops are totally corrupt. They love to catch couples making out after school. If they caught us, they'd bust us for sure unless I paid off. God! What if they demanded a feel of Angelica's giant jugs in exchange for a pass? Those guys actually do stuff like that. No, we're not going to the woods. Somehow, I think two police stops in one afternoon would nip this relationship in the bud. Definitely it would! We've go to do something though! God, I'm so hot to trot I can't stand it. Wow! We're both so hot! The windows are still fogged up! This car even smells like sex! Angelica must be totally wet! Or maybe it's that pre-cum that's been leaking out of my cock. Whatever! We're probably both giving off this love aroma. We just need to be alone. So bad! But where? Wait a minute! She said her parents were at work. I wonder....


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