Part Three

"Oh, baby, sweetheart, precious!" Angelica
replied, a touch of alarm tinting her words.
"I want it so much too ... but we just can't!"

After about thirty minutes of this relentless cunt-eating and pussy-licking, Jeff withdrew his head from between Angelica's legs and looked lovingly into her sparkling eyes. His face was shiny and wet from the deluge of pussy juice the teenage beauty had discharged. The giant-breasted Latina certainly was not keeping a scorecard but she had experienced dozens and dozens of orgasms at the hands and mouth of this wonderful new boyfriend and lover. Could there be any doubt that this was the guy for her?
    Angelica returned the loving look while glancing down at Jeff's crotch. She was so hungry for his monster cock! She then looked up appraisingly at her guy. "Would you like me to return the favor?" she whispered.
    Jeff smiled. "No, honey...."
    "Well, yes, I do want that — 'course I do! — but no, not now, 'cause right now I want more than just that. We want more than that. We need more than that, honey. Baby ... we need it all! Everything! Right now, too!"
    "Oh, baby, sweetheart, precious!" Angelica replied, a touch of alarm tinting her words. "I want it so much too ... but we just can't! Can we? We shouldn't, should we?" The giant-breasted teen got a shy, embarrassed look on her face. "Since we've only just met today, maybe ... at least for now ... some mutual ... umm ... oral loving might be best? Save the rest for later?"

Oh, Jeff, baby! I want to fuck you more than anything! And I'm going to — right now! I just know it! But doing it some other time would be so much better for our relationship. I've got to say no at least one more time, 'cept I know it'll never fly 'cause my body is saying yes so loud! Oh, honey! I want you so much! But I gotta give it one more try!
Amazing! This girl is offering me a blowjob! And I'm turning her down. I've never done that before! But with Angelica, even a blowjob isn't enough. I want it all. Our bodies united. Right now, too!

    "Why not go for the gold, baby? Really show each other how we feel about things. Just ... just get as into each other as possible."
    "Oh, Jeff, it's 'cause we just met today. We've never even had a date. We've only known each other for a few hours! I know we've gone really far today ... a whole lot more than I had intended ... but...." Angelica's voice was slurred with sexual passion but her continuing, albeit weakening, resolve to postpone intercourse to another day was unmistakable.
    "Well, we are going out Saturday," Jeff smiled.
    "Right," Angelica smiled in response. "Like I said...."
    "Okay, "Jeff shot back. "Let's go out tomorrow night, too. I was going to ask you out for Friday anyway. Plus, this is also sort of a date, isn't it? Counting this afternoon, that gets us up to three dates already. We're like old marrieds already, for Pete's sake."
    "Don't be goofy," Angelica chuckled. Then she got a serious look on her sex-softened, beyond-beautiful face. "Look, honey, the real reason we shouldn't is 'cause I want this relationship to last. Guy meets girl, guy makes love to girl, girl never hears from guy again. Honey, that could be us! That's what happens! All the time! It's a fact of life!"
    Jeff looked equally serious. "Baby, don't think I haven't thought about that. A lot! But I 'm not that kind of guy. Even if I were, this is just different. I mean ... I'm just crazy about you. And I don't mean just crazy for sex or for your body or whatever. I mean, I'm crazy about the inside you. The real you! The you you! I just know this is real! Think back to when we first started staring at each other in the Deans' Office. We just knew. Honey, this is the real deal!"
    "Couldn't we just wait, then? Just sorta, you know, do a little more playin' around 'n stuff today?" the teenage girl mumbled, her voice barely audible. She knew her defenses were crumbling. What's more, she wasn't at all sure she regretted their galloping ineffectiveness.

Why am I even bothering? I'm yours, Jeff, that's all. Just stuff that giant thing inside me! I need it so much!

    "We could," Jeff replied, "but we don't have to. This is real, honey. We can have it all, right now. We deserve it right now! And we just need it so bad! We just need to be one right this second."
    Jeff had returned to fondling one of Angelica's huge breasts. She was pressing the massive globe into his big hand. Her resolve was clearly weakening to the vanishing point.

I can't fight it. I don't want to fight it. I just want to get laid by Jeff. I have to! Right now, too. Let's just fuck and hope for the best. But what if we get caught? What if Mama and Daddy come back early? Naw ... that'll never happen. They're such creatures of habit. They never leave work early. Fact is, they usually get stuck staying late. It could be two or later when they finally get home. Heck, Eddie and I used to make love at home after school all the time when they were at work, and we never got caught. Not once. This'll be okay too. So that's no reason....

    The overripe young girl looked up with real concern on her gorgeous face. "I want it too, Jeff. So much! You don't know how much! But if this wonderful, wonderful time with you were to turn out to be a one-shot deal just 'cause we let our feelings get the better of us...."
    "No way, precious Angelica! Please trust me. Please! This is for the long term. I can just feel it!"
    Angelica paused in deep thought for a moment. "Honey, I just don't know! You just have to look at where I'm comin' from. The truth is that I've always been a real slow mover. Back in El Paso, I was famous for never giving up a kiss on the first date. Even when I liked the guy. And sometimes I'd avert my face at the front door even on a second date."
    The buxom Latina shook her head in amazement. "And as for heavy-duty making out? I had to go out with a guy for a long time before that was in the cards. In fact, there was only one guy — Eddie — who ever made the grade." Angelica shook her head again. "And now, just a few hours after we first met, we've kissed deeper than it's possible to kiss, you've felt up my breasts — big time! — we've played with our genitals, we've had oral sex, and I've even had an orgasm. Lots of orgasms. All in the first five hours or so!"
    Angelica looked deeply into Jeff's eyes. "That's not me, baby. Or at least it never was." She reached over and took Jeff's hand. "But don't get me wrong, precious. The way I feel about you? I think it's great. Today has been so wonderful! It must mean our relationship is gonna be really special. I really can tell this is different."
    "It is," Jeff intoned.
    Angelica smiled. "It could be lust. And it is! Boy, is it ever!" She then donned a very serious look. "But lust is only part of it. There's some deep developing feelings that go along with the lust. They're so strong, too."
    "For me, too," Jeff interjected.
    "So all my usual practices, strategies, rules, you name it — they're all out the window because I'm falling so deeply in love with you, precious Jeff."
    "Oh, honey!"
    The overdeveloped teen then took a deep breath and pressed on. "But, Jeff, even if that's all true, shouldn't we let the last step in our relationship — honest to goodness in-bed sex? — wait for a little while?"
    Jeff gazed almost unblinkingly into Angelica's eyes. "Nope. I feel the same way about you. I never would have planned for things to get goin' this fast so soon. But they have. And the deep feelings really are there. So I think it's right to go that last step. Even though we've only known each other for a few hours, we're ready for it. I'm sure of it. I think some couples could go together for years and never truly be ready for this kind of intimacy. Others? People like us? It might only take an hour or so. So trust me, lovely Angelica."
    The Latina beauty stared unblinking into Jeff's eyes. She could tell this was a done deal. "Okay, Jeff," the overbuilt girl concluded after a few additional seconds of deliberation and a number of deep sighs. "I'll trust you."
    "Oh, honey," Jeff moaned. "That is so much the right decision. Now ... let's go down to your bedroom 'n make love 'cause this couch is just totally soaked!
    The beautiful young girl looked up at Jeff with an inquisitive smile on her face. "Did you bring along a safe, honey, a rubber, I mean?"
    Jeff's face sank! "N-n-no. I didn't ... I mean, I didn't even think.... Golly!"

Thanks goodness for that! If Jeff were carrying a rubber in his wallet, he would have dropped way down on my scale. There certainly wouldn't have been any sex today, that's for sure! The fact he doesn't carry a rubber means this sex really is going to be spontaneous and unplanned. It also means he's not the kind of guy who goes around lookin' for a score — and comes equipped just in case! After all, he could have bought one from the vending machine at the Shell station while I was seeing if the coast was clear. But he didn't! God, does that make a difference!

    Angelica's smile got bigger. "It's okay, baby. I'm on the pill so it doesn't matter. We're good to go! It was just that ... I just wondered if you were the kind of guy who carried around a rubber in his wallet. That's all." The young girl's eyes got warm and even a little wet. "It really makes me happy you're not. It would have been a downer if you were. Thank you, Jeff, for being such a genuine, straightforward guy!"

Wow! I think I just passed another test! One I didn't even know was being administered! I think I finally said the right thing ... for once! Actually, I usually do have a rubber in reserve just in case. I carry it in my wallet, too. I can't remember what happened to the last one. I think I used it with Wendy Waterman on our last date. Whatever! Man! I think I actually could have blown the whole deal if I had whipped a rubber out of my wallet. God! Angelica is no simple girl to deal with. She's so ... complex! Sometimes it's so hard to know what to say to her. Figuring out the right answer is so hard! Maybe just being open and honest is the way to go. It sure is easier that way! You don't have to do any scheming 'n stuff! Or being careful to keep your story straight.

Jeff got up off the couch. His legs were trembling with anticipation. He was so totally ready! His giant cock formed a colossal, obscene lump in his jeans. He reached down and lovingly pulled Angelica to her feet. On account of Jeff's sustained attention to her privates, her micro-miniskirt was bunched up around her waist. It looked more like a wide belt than a skirt. Jeff could see streaks of dried love juice caked on her luscious inner thighs.

God! Those tits! With no bra, they hang down so far I could tit-fuck her standing up! Which, by the way, we'll have to put on the menu before long. Wow! Angelica is so fantastically huge!

    The fabulously buxom kid then moved very close to her lover. She forcefully leaned her massive bosom into his body. Her giant tits became seriously flattened out against his torso as a consequence. She looked up and stared, unblinking, into his eyes. Her look seemed to combine love, anticipation, a touch of concern, and consummate desire.
    "We're making a huge, huge mistake," she murmured. "I just know it! But you know what? I just don't care. I've never wanted anything more in my life than to have you inside my body. All the way in, precious! I just need it so bad!" She smiled. "The truth is, I can't wait, either! So lets just roll the dice, sweetheart."
    Angelica had reached down to begin lightly massaging Jeff's crotch. She ran her hand all over the jutting lump as if, disbelievingly, to measure its unbelievable hugeness and to experience its improbable rigidity.
    Jeff started to pivot in order to start down the hall to Angelica's bedroom. She leaned in against his hard, muscled chest as if to stay his course. "Baby," she whispered. "I can't wait until the bedroom to see your fantastic penis. Let's get naked right here in the living room first. I need a sneak preview, honey, this very second!"
    With a couple of twists, the young girl wriggled her miniature skirt over her fabulous hips and slid it down her legs. She kicked the garment over toward the pile of clothes consisting of Jeff's shirt, his shoes, her panties, and her sweater. The preposterously shaped beauty was naked at last. What a sight she was!
    Angelica rubbed Jeff's hard, muscled chest for a few seconds. She then slid her right hand down his taut stomach and began to unbutton and then unzip his jeans. She pushed them down over his tight buns and let them bunch up around his ankles. Jeff deftly stepped out of the jeans and kicked them over to the growing pile of discarded clothing.
    The young girl stepped back and gasped. A massive pole of an impossible length and girth was jutting out of Jeff's underpants. It was actually pulling the waistband away from his torso. Jeff looked as if he had a tennis racket handle wedged inside his briefs. Wow! The young beauty's arms dropped heavily to her sides. She was just stunned by the unbelievable sight in front of her! A cock that size? It just couldn't be!
    "Oh, Jeff," she moaned in wonderment. After drinking in this improbable sight for a few moments, Angelica leaned back in toward her lover and began to fondle the massive organ through the medium of his heavily stained cotton underwear. She soon graduated to squeezing the colossal pole and then cupping his oversized balls. They were so big, too! All the while the overdeveloped kid kept moaning, "Oh, Jeff! Oh, honey!"
    Jeff had reached down and resumed fondling Angelica's huge breasts while she explored his giant cock. The young lovers simply stood there swaying in front of the coach while passionately exploring their mutual hugenesses. Out of their throats rumbled savage noises that were midway between moans and screams.
    At length, Angelica deftly slipped her hand inside Jeff's underwear and, with a lot of twisting and pulling and pushing, fished out his utterly inflamed, rock-hard, massive boner. For a moment, she was afraid she might have to rip the skivvies off his body to get to it. Or even cut them off!
    "Oh, honey," she moaned, "it's so massive — it's just impossible for a cock to be so long. How can it be so thick, too? Oh, Jeff! I want it inside of me so bad! But I'm so afraid it might not even fit. I mean, precious, you're hung like a horse. Oh, Jeff!"
    Angelica was plainly stunned by the size of Jeff's shockingly huge cock. She had never dreamed that a male organ that size could even exist! It was as thick as her forearm! Its size made it appear as if he had borrowed the oversized genital from some hoofed animal or the like! The rigid manner in which it jutted and strained out of Jeff's groin demonstrated that it was almost beyond stiff!
    As she worked his briefs over his tight ass cheeks, Angelica took frequent breaks to rub, stroke, and squeeze the mule-sized sex organ. It was harder than hard. "I just can't believe it," she moaned, "it's made of steel. Oh, sweetheart!"

Wow! I didn't know they grew penises that size! Or that they could get so stiff! But it's so huge I can't imagine how it will fit inside my pussy! Really! God! What if it really is too big to fit? What if we can't fuck? The way we feel about each other ... the way I'm so totally turned on ... if it's physically impossible for us to fuck I'll ... I'll throw myself off a bridge or something! I mean it!

    The cock-stunned beauty began to slowly pull and jerk on the incredibly hard and thrusting boner. Each stroke sent really serious love shocks through the length of Jeff's body. Particularly strong electric jolts coursed up and down his jutting pecker. This was so thrilling!
    As she stroked, petted, and manipulated the massive love organ, Angelica stared, her mouth agape, at the intricate webbing of swollen veins that overlaid the surface of the colossal hunk of male meat. Its blood vessels were so thick and huge! They bulged like thick ropes out of the taut, shiny skin of the massive sex cylinder. As she fondled and squeezed the oversized sex organ, Angelica was stunned at how hot it was. Wow! Holding on to Jeff's shaft was like encircling a hot water pipe! Jeff's cock was beyond amazing.

I'm sure Jeff's not a virgin. He must have fucked before ... lots of times, probably. So it must have fit before ... sometime ... somewhere! So it's gonna fit inside me, too. We're gonna make it fit! Somehow!

    Angelica shivered with delight — but also with that concern that just would not go away. Were these massive, artery-sized vessels going to be digging deeply into the walls of her cunt in a very few minutes? God! Wouldn't they do a job on her nerve endings! The Latina beauty could actually feel herself getting even wetter as she imagined herself getting porked by such a colossal tool. She was sure that a puddle of cunt juice was already forming on the floor between her feet. She knew that her pelvis was wantonly rotating in anticipation of the lovemaking to come.
    Yet there was that touch of anxiety to which she kept returning. Would it fit? Even if it did fit, was it going to hurt? Angelica knew one thing for certain. She hoped it was not going to hurt but that was beside the point. No matter what the pain, she was going to get fucked by that enormous cock! And right now, too! That was a given. Either that, or she was going to go looking for that bridge!
    The ardent lovers gradually increased the intensity of their foreplay. Jeff had not taken his hands off Angelica's enormous breasts for at least ten minutes. For a like period, the buxom Latina had kept stroking and petting Jeff's colossal love muscle. Naturally, the effect was to make him even stiffer than during their make out session on the couch. "Oh, honey," she moaned, "you're so stiff that I can't even move your cock off center. Not even a little bit! This is so fantastic!"

Jeff and Angelica looked into each other's eyes. Their gazes locked. They both gulped. It was show time! They knew it was time to fuck. If only Jeff would fit!
    Angelica opened her arms and pulled Jeff into an embrace. He could feel her gigantic breasts pillowing against his chest. He could sense his cock turning from steel to titanium in response.
    Angelica must have noticed this small amount of extra stiffness as well. How could mere human flesh get so hard?
    She pulled back a moment, looked at her lover with heavy-lidded passion, closed her eyes, and then slammed her slack mouth up against his for about the one millionth French kiss of the afternoon. The warmth of the sweet breath escaping from her open mouth was so erotic. The tender thrusting of her tongue as it wantonly searched Jeff's hot, wet mouth made the kiss even more arousing.
    As the kiss went on and on, Angelica's fingertips found the base of Jeff's cock. The sensation caused by that contact made both lovers gasp. At the very moment her hand touched the bare skin of the mule-sized cock, Jeff could feel her body tense and her kissing become deeper and more frenzied. Her suddenly frenzied tongue was now exploring deeper in his mouth than ever before. Her little hand then closed as best it could around Jeff's throbbing hard-on. Seconds later, it began to race up and down his fourteen inches of rock solid love muscle.
    Jeff's erection was so taut and rigid that his cockhead was nearly at the same level as his nipples. He had never been as aroused as this — just never! He was certain it was the same for Angelica as well. After all, the living room reeked with a strong musky odor that spelled total and mutual arousal.
    Although the lovers were still tonguing and kissing each other, Angelica did not actually have her arms around Jeff. Her right hand was slowly jacking off his massive cock. As the kiss broke for a second, Jeff looked down. He could see that the Latina beauty's other hand had dropped to her pussy. Her fingertips were engaged in a slow rhythmic strumming of her clitoris. Oh, this girl was hot!
    Angelica then let go of Jeff's hard-on. She simultaneously stopped fiddling with her own genital area and moved strongly against the young man. As she Frenched him more deeply and passionately than it seemed possible for two people to kiss, she pulled him tightly against her body. Reaching down with both hands, she cupped her hands around Jeff's ass cheeks to pull their hips as tightly together as his ultra-erect penis would allow. She was trying to squeeze herself against his giant cock as tightly as possible. In the process her massive breasts squirted out from between their clasped bodies like toothpaste out of a tube.
    The young lovers had begun a slow circling dance that kept their bodies in contact even while their private parts were able to stickily slide against each other. The slippery feel of Angelica's massive tits sliding against his chest was making Jeff moan with pleasure.
    The pressure on his throbbing penis, trapped between their tightly clasped bodies, finally became almost too painful to bear. Jeff stepped back from the erotic dance for a moment to reach down and push down his straining cock to a horizontal and thus more comfortable position.
    Angelica reacted with a moan. She opened her legs, steadied herself by holding on to Jeff's shoulders, pulled herself up in the air, and began to straddle his monstrous erection as if she were riding a teeter-totter. Jeff could feel the incredible warmth of her pussy lips as she balanced astride the giant love log. A moment later, Jeff could feel her wetness first dribble and then gush all over his shaft. The teenage lovers resumed their ballet of love, lust, and desire as Angelica slid back and forth on her new fourteen-inch perch.
    This dance was frequently interrupted by jerks and spasms. Angelica's breathing had become ragged and irregular. She had begun rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris back and forth against Jeff's steel-like cock flesh with greater force and speed. She had buried her face in his shoulder and had begun to nip at his flesh in frenzied pleasure. "Oh, Jeff," she moaned, "I'm coming on your cock — all over your cock."
    Jeff first felt a gush of hot liquid baste his dick. Less than a second later, Angelica began stiffening and shaking. Her body was shuddering and vibrating. Choking sounds sounded deep in her throat. Her shudders went on and on. Her guttural outburst turned to loud cries. Every ten seconds or so a new round of out of control quivering would begin.
    After some five minutes, the shuddering finally stopped. Angelica leaned up and began to lick Jeff's ear. "That was so great, honey, but now I want you inside me. I want you deep inside me. God, do I want it!" The buxom teenager began to moan. "Carry me into my bedroom. We need to fuck, precious!"

Angelica wrapped her legs around Jeff's waist and placed her arms around his neck. She was still using the shaft of his colossal hard-on as her primary support
    "It's the first room on the right, big guy," she whispered as she continued to lick Jeff's ear. "Our love nest, I mean," she added with a giggle.
    The over-aroused young man made a right turn into the room and stepped over to Angelica's double bed. He leaned down and gently lowered the huge-titted girl onto the bed. As her back sank into the bedspread, the overdeveloped teenager simultaneously spread her legs nearly to the breaking point. "Fuck me, Jeff," she wailed. "Fuck me long and hard."
    Angelica looked so inviting! Her massive breasts were puddled on her chest like two enormous pancakes. Her body was crazily rocking from side to side as she impatiently waited for her super-hung boyfriend to slip his massive cock into her gushing, expectant twat. Her oversized tits floated and wobbled in contra-direction to her trunk. As she swiveled to the right, her enormous jugs would float to the left. Then, as her trunk twisted to the right, her bosom would jiggle and float to the left. Angelica's tits were so huge that they were out of sync with the movements of her trunk. What an astounding pair!

Usually I go for some foreplay at this point ... to make the girl super open. Should I now? No ... not today! Hell, Angelica 'n I have been involved in foreplay since we first spotted each other in the Deans' Office. There'll be plenty of time for some more foreplay 'n junk later on. Plus, I can tell she's really, really open anyway. Now, I just wanna fuck this incredibly beautiful, unbelievably built piece of ass! No passing "go", no nothing. Just fucking! Man, am I gonna put it to her!

    The buxom Latina had a look of real concern as Jeff, holding his massive jutting cock in both hands, eased the colossal tool down toward her pussy. It was show time for sure but what was going to happen when the curtain went up?
    For his part, Jeff had thought about going down to dine at the "Y" one more time but he could tell that Angelica was already so dilated and soaked that such preliminaries — usually a must for Jeff — were not necessary. Nor would they have been appreciated. Jeff and Angelica alike were too eager to fuck to put off their coupling for even a few more delicious seconds of foreplay.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! This is going to be the most wonderful time of my life! Maybe the most painful, though! Or maybe the most frustrating! Maybe all of those things at once. Wow! I'm scared!

    "Don't hurt me, Jeff," she implored in a small, anxious voice.
    The ultra-cocked teenager looked down with love and confidence at the girl he was about to impale with his monstrous tool. "Don't worry, baby. I would never hurt you. Never! This is going to be the most exciting time of your life." He paused. "Certainly of mine." He paused again. "Of our lives, precious! It's gonna be pleasurable, not painful," he added.
    As the swollen tip of Jeff's dickhead slowly and gently worked its way through the tangle of her thick muff and then thrillingly brushed Angelica's pussy lips, the tension seemed to rush from her body with a whoosh. She could trust Jeff; it was going to be all right. Better than all right! Her fabulous hips rose slightly to meet the oversized invader. Jeff pushed his pelvis forward ever so slightly in order to thrust his cockhead between her engorged, beet-red cunt lips. By rotating his cockhead and adding some gentle pressure, Jeff was able to make about an inch of dickhead disappear between her now widely spread privates. Easy does it!
    No sooner had Jeff stopped to consider his next thrust than Angelica was overcome by a monster orgasm. Jeff was barely able to keep his cockhead inside her pussy. The young lovely's curvy butt was migrating all over the bedspread as her body spasmed and shuddered. Her normally gorgeous face was grotesquely twisted and contorted with passion. Her creamy white complexion had become beet red. The moment was so exciting that Jeff almost sent a prodigious shower of sperm down her cunt.
    As soon as Angelica's spasms lessened, Jeff slowly eased his monster cock farther down her vaginal canal. He could feel her warm wetness envelop his cockhead and the first inch or so of his shaft. The buxom teenager was so eager to take him in that Jeff could feel her vaginal muscles grasping at his cock in an attempt to draw in more and more of this enormous intruder into her body. She was trying to suck him in.
    By this time Angelica had taken about four or five inches of cock up her pussy. Her eyes were bulging. Her cunt lips were so stretched out as to appear as thin as tissue paper; they looked as if they were about to shred. Her breathing had become shallow and spasmodic. Jeff knew it was time to take a break.
    "Oh, precious Jeff ... it's really going in! It really is!" The overdeveloped teenage girl seemed so relieved by this development that Jeff was certain she had, upon first seeing the size of his cock, doubted that such a thing was possible. Her question was answered — they really were going to be able to fuck ... so long as they continued to take it nice and easy. "Just ... just rest for a sec, though, baby," she continued. "Just let me get used to this ... thing! I want it all but I've got to get used to it first. My body needs to adapt. It's so ... so ... so huge!"
    The sex-soaked teenagers stared almost without blinking into each other's eyes as they lay almost immobile on the bed, waiting for Angelica's body to get sufficiently acclimated to take in more cock. These tender looks were making them fall in love even more deeply!
    Finally, Angelica began to pump her hips ever so slightly. Not a word needed to be said. Both knew it was time for the buxom Latina to take in some more of her new boyfriend's monster cock.
    The lovers were able to develop a rhythm out of this response. They were in perfect sync. Jeff was able to plunge deeper into her sweet, soaked pussy with each thrust. Angelica was so wet that loud sucking sounds accompanied each fuck stroke. A perfect vacuum had been formed between the absolute wetness of her tight pussy and the piston-like force of his impossibly thick cock. Six inches, seven inches, eight inches, nine inches. Oh, this was so good! Their fucking was so exciting that Angelica was crying out and shuddering with a new overpowering orgasm on nearly every fuck stroke. After all, nerves that had never before felt the touch of a cock — nerves she never knew existed! — were being heavily massaged by the monumental girth of her lover's thick, plunging cock.
    In addition, those nerves that had already been chafed by a cock of lesser dimensions were now receiving a thorough rubbing that went far, far beyond any earlier pressure. The mind-boggling girth of Jeff's cock in conjunction with its overlay of thick veins was making sure of that!

The hugely hung young man suddenly hit bottom. He had about five inches of cock left to go but he had hit the wall. No sooner had Jeff's dickhead crushed up against her cervix than Angelica underwent a series of great heaving convulsions. Her body was shuddering as never before. "Oh, Jeff...!" she exhaled through clenched teeth as the overpowering, incapacitating orgasm went on and on and on. What pain! But oh, what thrills!
    Jeff continued to stroke, taking care not to let his cockhead again crush the bottom of her cunt. He had invariably run out of room with all his post-Pam girls. Jeff knew that crushing a lover's cervix, while it often resulted in fantastic sexual pleasure, also causes lots and lots of pain. On balance, he had decided to shorten his fuck strokes just a bit to avoid any additional contact with her cervix.
    Angelica rewarded his self-denial by caressing the lower five inches of Jeff's shaft with her hot, busy hands as he fucked and fucked. She busily cupped and rubbed his balls as well. The pleasure was really building!
    After some ten minutes of this erotic fucking and fondling, Angelica let go of Jeff's privates, stopped humping, and began to speak.
    "Honey, you know it might be possible to get a lot farther in. Like, all the way in?"
    "Baby, I've hit bottom! That means there's no more room down there."

What an innocent! I bet he doesn't know the physiological score. Not really! The poor sweetheart!

    Angelica smiled. "Baby ... you poor baby. The bottom of my vagina isn't a dead end, for Pete's sake! There's an opening into my uterus ... it's called my cervix."
    "I know about cervixes," Jeff replied, a little sulkily.

I bet you don't, you big lummox! Not really!

    "Cervices!" Angelica blurted out.
    "Cervices. The plural of cervix, silly. Cervices!"
    The lovers silently considered the anatomical possibilities for a few moments. Finally, the sheer absurdity of the situation made them burst into giggles. A grammar lesson in the midst of passionate intercourse was so out of place that uncontrolled giggling was a natural response. After the laughing had died down (and Jeff's boner to a much lesser extent as well), Angelica continued with her anatomy lesson.
    "Honey, the cervix is an opening. It dilates when a woman has a baby. It dilates enough for a baby to pass through. It gets dilated when a girl gets sexually excited, too. Honey, I don't think it's possible to be more aroused than I am right now. I know I'm really dilated. I bet your huge cock could pass right through my cervix 'n get buried all the way in. If we work at it, anyway." The overripe young girl got a dreamy look on her gorgeous face. "That would be just ... just ... fabulous!"
    "I don't want to hurt you, baby," Jeff protested.
    "Look, precious. Let's take it nice 'n easy. Real slow. Just ease your big cockhead up against my cervix. Nice 'n easy. Just gently probe and lightly push. I'll help with my hips. I bet eventually it will pass through. And when it does ... oh, honey ... we'll be having sex like few people have done, ever!"
    Jeff's cock was still inside Angelica. It had, of course, lost a little of its stiffness during this conversation but it was still plenty hard. He resumed his thrusting. Within a dozen strokes, his cock was once again the hardness of seasoned oak.
    "There, baby, massage my cervix with your cockhead. That's it! Gently! Veeeery easily! Ummm ... you're doing so great! That's wonderful, precious. Hmmm! I love you so much! Just keep that up, darling ... you'll be there in no time!"
    After a few dozen strokes, Jeff could sense that his dickhead was hitting a bulls-eye. His cockhole was dead on the center of Angelica's cervix.
    "Oh, baby ... that's so great! You're really getting it! Keep on stroking at exactly that point. Like you were gently hammering a nail into the living room wall but trying not to crack the plaster... oh, oh, oh ... Jeff!"
    Jeff's fuck strokes were getting stronger and stronger. "That's so perfect, baby," Angelica moaned. "You're doin' so great!"
    At almost that exact moment, the head of Jeff's cock surged through Angelica's cervix and entered what felt like a second but this time bottomless vagina. For the overdeveloped teenager there was a transitory moment of extraordinary pain but then a flood of unbelievable spasms of pleasure.
    The gorgeous teenage girl began to scream. "Oh, my precious ... you're in my womb! Oh, oh, oh, oh!" The buxom girl had begun to gurgle. "Honey, your cock is going so deep! I don't believe this! It's in the center of my body. Oh, my own! It's up around my lungs!" She was now shuddering and clenching her body with such force that Jeff was afraid she was going to throw herself — and him too! — off the bed! Nice 'n easy definitely was out the window! So too was any thought of looking for bridges from which to leap!
    Jeff was now fucking like a wild beast. He had raised himself up into a push-up position and was absolutely drilling his girl at a very high rate of speed! It was made even more thrilling because on each down stroke he crushed up against softness of Angelica's quivering, undulating bosom. Oh, man, was she the one for him!
    As wild as his loving had become, Jeff had retained enough awareness of the physiological situation at hand to pull out only about four or five inches on each fuck stroke. That way, either his shaft or his dickhead was always inside and thus massaging Angelica's cervix.

Oh, oh, oh! This is too much! The way Jeff's giant cock is slippin' 'n 'slidin' 'n raspin' against my cunt walls! It's causin' a perpetual Fourth of July fireworks display! He's fuckin' so fast, too! I love the way he pulls almost all the way out and then just rams that sucker all the way back into my womb! I know I don't have a lot of experience ... I've only had a grand total of two cocks inside my pussy ... but I can't imagine ever wanting a different cock than this one inside me! Ever! Oh, Jeff! Is this gonna be it for ... for ... forever? Oh, migod! Here we go again! Ugghh! Arghh! Narghh!

    The implausibly busty Latina was now acting as if she had been strapped into an electric chair. The girl had entered into perpetual orgasm. Her limbs — akimbo for the most part — were flying with such abandon she looked like a puppet whose strings had come undone. Her complexion was mottled and scarlet; her normally gorgeous face was unrecognizably distorted and grotesque. Drool was streaming out of a corner of her wide-open mouth. Vague choking sounds gurgled out of her mouth. The thought that Angelica might be having more sexual pleasure than any other woman on earth, ever, suddenly crossed Jeff's mind. Then, as her convulsions and shudders kept increasing in intensity, he began to wonder if she might slip into some sort of fit and pass out ... or worse! Was it possible for things to get too exciting?
    Of course, Jeff's pleasure was at an all-time peak as well. Unlike Angelica, he had experienced sex with lots of partners. But it had never been like this! Not even close! This was ... Heaven!

I can't believe I never knew about being able to slip it all the way in like this. All the way into her fucking womb! With my other girls, nearly half my cock never made it into their cunts. Now my whole dick is rubbin' against Angelica's tight cunt walls. Every fucking inch! Hell, do the math ... that makes my fucking almost ... twice as exciting as before. 'Cept, with Angelica ... with her looks, her body, her giant tits! ... it's a whole lot more exciting than even that! It's so wonderful ... so thrilling! Am I ever even gonna look at another girl? Why would I bother? Oh, lordie ... Wow! ... I think this might be it! I can't hold it! Ugghh! Arghh! Narghh!

The thrilling, electrifying end for Jeff was at hand. A familiar tingle in his anus signaled the beginning of an orgasm. Even this preparatory tingle was amazingly strong, as strong, actually, as an average cum. Jeff could tell that this was going to be one amazing orgasm. His nerves might even snap! This might well be the cum of a lifetime! Why not, given the unbelievable build-up of unreleased sexual stimulation over the last few hours. Perhaps he was having more sexual pleasure than any other guy on earth, ever! And was about to have a cum that was commensurate with that state of affairs!
    Jeff was already shaking and shuddering. The incipient cum was already so strong that he was becoming almost paralyzed by the impossibly delicious pleasure of this fantastically strong climax. He was soon screaming and even howling at the top of his lungs. Sexual pleasure had never, ever been like this!
    Jeff began to drool and spasm as every fiber in his body simultaneously started clenching and unclenching. Every single muscle in his body was at the service of this overpoweringly strong orgasm. It was almost as if his consciousness had entered another universe. The sex-wracked fellow could do nothing more than helplessly shudder and shake as these unimaginably strong and frantic thrills coursed up and down his body. Wave after wave of delicious thrills were zapping along nerve sheaths from his head to his toes. He had picked up the pace and was now drilling his sweetheart's convulsing pussy like an out-of-control piston.
    Jeff had begun grunting incoherently as these utterly incapacitating spasms began to wrack his convulsing body. The unimaginable intensity of this orgasm had reduced the poor fellow to the level of a grunting, drooling barnyard animal! Just as it had earlier done to Angelica!
    All of a sudden — as out of nowhere — an unimaginably urgent explosion of hot sperm came bursting out of his cockhole! Seconds before, Angelica had felt her lover's already thick cock become even more bloated. Clearances were so tight inside her young cunt that she could actually sense a long, warm cord of seed pulsing through his shaft en route to the very center of her body.
    A moment later, Angelica could feel her lover exploding deep within her womb. Yet she was able to keep moving in rhythm with Jeff as he wildly spurted again and again and again.
    The frantic discharge of sperm went on and on and on and on; it just wouldn't stop! Jeff was rocketing seemingly endless ropes of hot jism down his lover's pussy. He had never shot rivers of spunk like this before. On the other hand, he dimly recognized, he had never made love to the likes of Angelica Gonzales before! These endless geysers of seed were accompanied by impossibly thrilling electric shudders and shakes that far surpassed anything the young man had experienced before in any orgasm.
    Nor did this orgasm show any signs of abating. It was as if his sexual pedal had gotten welded to the metal! Jeff was certainly not clock watching but he would have guessed that he had been spurting sperm for a couple of minutes. Jeff's guess was, as it happens, right on the money.
    This gushing river of spunk amazed Angelica as well. Jeff's streams of semen were so strong and concentrated that she felt as if she was being sprayed by a high-power sperm nozzle that was directing concentrated blasts of semen right through her super-dilated cervix directly into her womb.
    Angelica could tell that Jeff was spurting so much semen that her womb was beginning to fill up with love goo. This in turn was causing her vagina to overflow. She could sense that a great backflow of hot, life-giving sperm was washing back first into her vagina and then flowing freely out her cunt lips onto the bed. Huge gelatinous puddles of the sticky seed were forming all around the lovers' crazily humping bodies.
    Her realization of the prodigious quantity of Jeff's blasts of sperm only increased the fever pitch of Angelica's already overpowering orgasm. The two lovers were simultaneously shuddering and straining from the strength of their indescribably powerful, mutual orgasms. Even after more than four minutes, Jeff continued to shake, shudder, and vibrate from the electric jolt of this overwhelming cum. And still his fuck hose kept spewing nonstop rivers of seed into his darling's womb. His balls just would not stop emptying! In response to their impossibly strong and simultaneous orgasms, Jeff and Angelica were shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs.
    Several cupfuls of sticky gray semen that had been ejaculated into Angelica's innards by Jeff's spurting love tube had made a return trip because the supply was greatly overpowering the space available for its retention. Even as these veritable rivers of creamy male seed gushed out from between her pussy lips, however, Jeff continued to replenish the supply. He was far from done spewing hot life-giving seed into his darling's womb.
    Finally, after an astonishing, almost impossible six minutes of uncontrollable ejaculation, the lovers' mutual shudders and Jeff's prodigious flow of spunk slowly subsided. As their sweating, humping bodies came to rest, Jeff and Angelica were too overwhelmed even to speak. They simply lay in each other's arms, fondling and stroking their fabulous bodies. Jeff's softening cock was still fully inside his lover. This was its home and he could not bear to pull it out. Not just yet.
    The lovers silently cuddled. Jeff began to gently stroke and rub his buxom sweetheart, who was still whimpering and softly moaning from the overwhelming effects of their lovemaking. He could see that her face was streaked with tears. Jeff intuitively knew that these were tears of joy. The loving smile on her face confirmed that diagnosis.
    Jeff gently pulled Angelica very close and began a consummately gentle but open-mouthed French kiss. God, he loved this girl! The kiss was super-passionate but very soft; Jeff wanted to demonstrate the tenderness of his feelings toward the ultra-buxom young beauty. He also lovingly stroked her sleek thighs and, yes, he could not resist caressing her gigantic tits with a smooth, gentle touch.
    As their lips softly and lovingly slipped and rubbed against each other and their tongues gently lashed and glided in and out of each other's hot, eager mouths, Jeff and Angelica knew that they had become one. What's more, for the other, each was The One! Each had the strong conviction that this newly minted relationship might just be for keeps!

"I was wrong."
    "How so, baby?"
    "I said that making love so soon after we had met would be a mistake, that's how."
    Jeff smiled.
    "The truth," Angelica continued, "is that what we just shared was the most right thing I've ever done. Even if we were never to see each other again...."
    "Which is certainly not gonna happen," Jeff quickly interjected.
    "...making love like this would still have be a precious lifetime memory. I mean, honey, I don't think that many people are blessed to have sex like that any time in their lives! I just feel so privileged to have been loved by you like that. And to have given my love back in return."
    "Baby," Jeff murmured, as he leaned down to give Angelica another soft, open-mouthed kiss.
    The beautiful teenager's eyes were sparkling. She simply could not take her eyes off her lover. She was falling — had fallen? — head over heels in love with a guy she had met only hours before. It all seemed so crazy — yet so absolutely right!
    Angelica was lying on her back, her arms flung wide. Jeff was lying half on top of her, his now flaccid cock still buried in her pussy. The sight of her massive, heaving breasts was too thrilling to resist. He reached up and grabbed huge handfuls of tit. God! Angelica's tits were so massive yet so firm and well formed! He could not keep his hands off them!
    Jeff's hands flew over the jiggling mass of breast flesh. His crazed fingers pummeled and fondled and indented the two colossal, infinitely soft puddles of tit meat. First one tit, and then the other. The young man was starting to lose control. Again!
    With trembling hands, Jeff then hoisted a huge, heavy milker to his hungry lips. He passionately licked Angelica's large, oval, puffed-up areola, and fastened his eager mouth upon her still erect nipple. The young man moaned as his suckling produced a fine drizzle of tit cum. Angelica moaned in return.
    He then repeated the process with the other heavy breast. Oh, Angelica was so wonderful! He then dropped the huge mammary gland onto her chest with a notable plop and began to fondle and squeeze the other breast.
    "You really like my breasts, don't you, Jeff?"
    "Oh, baby, I love 'em so. I really get off on them. They're just so great! So soft, so warm ... so huge!"
    "Huge is right," Angelica smirked. "Way too huge is more like it!"
    Jeff looked down at the ultra-developed Latina girl. "Nope," he announced. "Exactly right is what they are. Just the right size."
    "Ha!" Angelica barked. "Thanks, sweetie, but I know better. They are way, way too big."

Hell! I know better than to ask this question but I can't help myself. I just want to know! So very much!

    "How ... um ... how big are they, honey? What ... er ... size bra do you wear?"
    The gorgeous young teen grimaced a little. "I know my measurements; most of the time they're about 47-18-32. I also know my back measures a 32" band but they just don't make cups big enough for me to match up with that size. So ... I have to have 'em custom made."
    "That sounds expensive," Jeff offered, in an attempt to keep the conversation moving along on what for him was a very interesting subject. He loved to think and talk about big tits ... and when they were attached to a girl as stunningly beautiful as Angelica, there could be no more fascinating subject.
    "Well, it could be, I guess. Back home in El Paso, Mama and I bought our bras at a custom lingerie shop over on the Juarez side. It was cheaper plus they were really well made. A little old lady Mama's gone to for years would fit us both. She's been at it so long that she doesn't even need to measure. She just looks at us and ... bingo! she just knows! We ordered a bunch before we moved here, just to stock up." The unbelievably buxom beauty then got a thoughtful look on her face. "'Course, we'll have to find a new place up here, I guess. For when our bras wear out, that is." The girl's face got more thoughtful still. "Or if, God forbid, my bosom gets even bigger!"

Holy cow! Her mother has to order custom made bras, too? I wonder how huge she must be? Good God Almighty! I can't wait to see her! My mouth does run away with me sometimes, but I know one thing for sure. Asking anything about her mother's chest size or her bras or anything at all would be a huge mistake. Fatal, even! That would be worse than carrying around a lifetime supply of rubbers in my backpack. I just know it! I'll just have to wait until I meet her! But if it's a case of like mother like daughter ... Wow! I can't wait to check her out!

    "So you don't know what size your bras are, then?" Jeff asked, his voice a little thick.
    A warning signal flashed in Angelica's eyes; it was telling Jeff that this had better be the last question on this topic. At least until they knew each other better. Or unless she decided she wanted to talk about it. Much more of this and Angelica would begin to wonder if Jeff were a little bit too obsessed about her tits? A little weird on the subject, maybe? Jeff could already read the buxom young girl well enough to tell that promoting conversation about the size of her tits was not the way to Angelica's heart. No problem there, Jeff decided! Subject closed. After all, he did not want her to think he was creepy on the subject of tits or something. God forbid!
    Nonetheless, the young girl did reply. "I asked Sra Valdez about that the last time we were in her shop. That was about two weeks ago when we were getting ready to move. She just threw up her hands and said, 'who knows ... who cares.' I told her I was just curious, that it might be useful to know once we had moved to the Chicago area and I had to go looking for a new bra store. Sra Valdez screwed up her face, thought for a moment, and finally said she'd guess my cup size was somewhere around an 'N.' Then, she said, no, an 'O' was it. Whatever. My measurements in terms of cup size are 32O-18-32. Somewhere in that neighborhood, anyway." The young beauty shrugged. "Whatever!" Angelica paused and then giggled. "The last two figures — waist 'n hips — are the only ones I'm really sure of. In any case, Sra Valdez says she just doesn't use cup sizes so her idea of N- or O-cups is probably nothing like Frederick's of Hollywood...."
    "But Frederick's of Hollywood doesn't make bras as big as an 'N' or an 'O'. Especially an 'O'," Jeff protested.
    Angelica grinned. "My, you seem to be quite the expert on foundation garments for the fuller figure, honey!"

Bite my goddamn tongue! Why did I say that? Now, Angelica's going to figure I spend a lot of time flipping through a Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue ... which I do! She might even figure I whack off to it ... which I also do! I mean, when you go out with Pam Fox, a Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue is required after-hours equipment!

    Angelica's face softened. She decided to take a little pity on her obviously breast-struck boyfriend and feed him a bit more information. Not too much, though ... just a little spoon-feeding! Just enough to keep him coming back for more. After all, she was sure he was interested in a whole lot more than just the size of her chest. Under those circumstances, a little sharing of information was okay. After all, the ultimate aim was for each of them to learn everything about each other.
    "Actually," she continued, "Sra Valdez may have been on to something when she gave me a range of sizes. It really is difficult for me to buy bras 'cause during that certain time of the month I really do get bigger. It can happen other times, too." She smiled lasciviously at Jeff and subtly licked her voluptuous lips. "Usually, when it does, it's several inches bigger, sweetheart. I'd guess the bras she made for me are probably an O-cup. A large O-cup probably."
    "Several inches? They get several inches bigger?" Jeff was almost panting with sexual arousal.

Damn it! I've stepped into it again. Hell! My mouth is out of control, today.

    "Several inches ... right," Angelica confirmed in a low matter of fact voice.

Sorry, Jeff. That's the end of this conversation. Anything more would be a little ... creepy! We are not going to discuss O-cups, P-cups or, God forbid, T-cups! No talk about 47-inch bust measurements, 48-inch and definitely not 50-inch bust measurements! If you're still curious about my cup size or other measurements, you can gauge them for yourself. Use those huge, exciting hands of yours. And your hot mouth and thick lips and silky tongue, too! Maybe even your giant cock. You'll get the picture!
Man! Angelica's got a 32O-cup chest. She measures 47" up top. Most of the time! The rest of the time she's several inches bigger! What does that mean? 48 inches? Fifty? Yet her waist and hips are so slim. Whatever! She's so big where it counts! I wonder what size she is now? This isn't her period ... that's for sure! But she is bigger than when I first saw her at school. I know it! She's so huge she could be more than fifty inches now! But I can tell it's time to stop talking about tits and time to do something about them. Like lovin' 'em up! Maybe we can get back on the subject of size later on. Maybe even her mother's size, though I gotta be real, real careful with that subject! Shit! Angelica is nine cup sizes bigger than Helen Wilson! Amazing!

Jeff had not refrained from feeling up Angelica's huge jugs during this conversation. Not for a second! In fact, the thrilling feel of her massive bosom when combined with the extremely erotic nature of the conversation was causing his temporarily soft cock to spring back to life. He could feel his growing hard-on rapidly extending down the length of Angelica's vaginal canal. This talk about tits was making Jeff so incredibly erect!
    "Oh, honey," the young teen moaned, "You're getting really stiff again. God! I think I just felt your cockhead make a return trip through my cervix. Oh, Jeff! You're such a fabulous lover!"
    Without a further word, the couple moved against each other. Jeff pivoted his trunk slightly to the left and settled into a classic missionary posture. Even before his body had fully moved into that stance, he had started to thrust his hips. Angelica immediately answered by pumping her super curved bottom in response. Within seconds, the lovers had established a perfectly synchronized fuck rhythm. Then, Angelica upped the ante by wrapping her fabulous legs around Jeff. She wanted him so close!
    Even though the lovers had only just met, and even though this was only their second coupling, Jeff and Angelica already knew so much about how their bodies fit together. They worked together so well!
    Only moments later, Angelica began shuddering and shaking from yet another powerful orgasm. And then another. And still another. The sensation of having a thick, long cock continually reaming out her cervix, it seems, was creating an endless orgasm. Angelica was shaking and shuddering with manic force.
    The sight of Angelica's cum-wracked body, coupled with the impossibly arousing sucking sound generated by Jeff's plunging cock, was promising to make this lovemaking notably torrid. Or maybe it was all that talk about 47-inch busts and O-cup bras! Certainly, looking at them and feeling them up had done their part. The prospect of an even more buxom Mama might even be playing a tangential role as well! Whatever! Jeff was unbelievably excited! This loving was going to be hot but short!
    "Oh, Wow! I'm coming! It's so strong, too!" After about only twenty minutes of fucking Jeff suddenly lost control as a fantastically strong orgasm seized control of every square inch of his body. "Oh, Angelica, precious — it's so great!" This orgasm was going to be unbelievably strong, even overwhelming! Jeff could tell it was right up there with the climax to their first coupling.
    The lust-seized teenager was now slamming his throbbing cock into Angelica's convulsing pussy at almost a maniacal pace. At the same time, he had enough presence of mind to reach down to rub and squeeze her giant tits so as to heighten his sexual pleasure ... and hers, too, he hoped.
    Unimaginably strong thrills and chills coursed through his body as his hips wildly humped against his lover's answering thrusts. Astonishingly urgent shots of hot, creamy spunk catapulted out of his jerking cock and rocketed down into Angelica's convulsing womb.
    The orgasm, Jeff would have guessed, lasted three minutes. Not bad for the second coupling in an hour! He had for the second time blasted rope after rope of hot jism deep into his new girl friend's body. His production of semen was so abundant that even on this second go around rivers of creamy, life-giving semen were just gushing out of Angelica's twat and running down her thighs!
    Jeff knew that his balls were a whole lot fuller of sperm than the average guy's and that he had a lot more staying power than the normal fellow as well. Even so, it had never been like this before. Clearly, Angelica was doing amazing things to his libido!

Angelica's eyes were only half open. She reached up and tenderly touched Jeff's cheek. "I know this sounds absolutely crazy, Jeff, but I don't just think ... I know ... how I feel about you! We talked about the possibility before but now I know I'm falling in love with you. Fallen in love with you, actually!" The overdeveloped beauty smiled dreamily. "Wild, isn't it? How long have we known each other? Six hours, maybe?" Angelica glanced at the alarm clock on her dresser. It read 6:45. "God! Not even that long!" The beyond gorgeous Latina ruminated for a moment and then pulled a face. "I don't know which is crazier, though — feeling this way or actually telling you about it. This whole afternoon has just been so amazing. In six hours, I've gone from not knowing you at all to being hopelessly in love with you. That's just so unbelievable!"
    Jeff smiled. "Thanks for being so open, darling. And guess what?"
    "It's totally mutual, precious. I'm falling just as head over heels in love with you, too. It's crazy 'n amazing 'n unbelievable. But it's true. I'm just crazy about you, honey." Jeff leaned down and placed a small kiss on Angelica's voluptuous lips. "Thing is, baby, time doesn't matter. When a guy and a girl really connect like we have, well, a second can be long enough. Point is, precious, I'm in love with you, too!"
    As if magnetized, the lovers' mouths drew together for a soft but passionate French kiss. Their hands raced over each other's amazing bodies. The kiss went on and on. Jeff and Angelica were just swallowing each other's faces. Each wanted somehow to get inside the other's skin. They were totally bonkers over each other!

When the kiss finally broke, Angelica looked up with an endearing smile. "God, I love you so!" Then her smile was transformed into a wide, mischievous grin. "Guess what else, lover. It's after seven already. All this falling in love stuff has made me hungry. Ravenous! Let's take that money my parents left for me and order out for a pizza. I'm starved!"
    "Me, too," Jeff agreed.
    "Who do you call around here for pizza?" Angelica asked. "Riggio's? I overheard some of the kids at lunch talkin' about pizza from Riggio's."
    "We could call Riggio's," Jeff replied. "Their pizza's okay if you like the thin crust kind. But they don't deliver and, baby, we're not leaving the apartment for anything! Besides, I think tonight's the night you should get acquainted with real Chicago pizza. There's a place near the Loop called Pizzeria Due that has really great deep-dish pizza. They're more expensive and delivery's extra but so what? We're worth it! Let's take the money your parents gave you, I'll kick in the difference, and in an hour or so we will be eating pizza like you've never dreamed a pizza could taste!"

The lovers crawled back into bed to chat while they waited for the pizza to arrive. Angelica had tossed one of her father's bathrobes on a chair for Jeff to wear when the pizza man showed up. A trial run had revealed the garment to be decidedly on the short side. Amidst giggles, Angelica had told Jeff her father was only 5' 8" so he'd better keep his legs crossed if he wanted to be decent. Still, the robe was suitable — barely suitable — for the purpose.
    There was, at least in the beginning, a lot more fondling and caressing and kissing going on than small talk; still, a small amount of verbal communication did take place. And then the dam burst — there was more talk. A lot more! As eager as the young lovers were for each other's bodies, they were equally keen on learning more about each other. Each wanted to know everything about the other.
    "How come a stud like you hasn't been snagged by some girl already? How come you're still available to be snapped up like you were today?" Angelica asked while fondling Jeff's now flaccid love snake. She then cocked her head and looked at Jeff a little sharply when he did not immediately answer. "'Course, I'm assuming you are free!"
    Jeff paused for a second longer. He was clearly and carefully framing his answer.
    The overdeveloped beauty got a wary look in her eyes. She could see that Jeff was calculating his answer. That was not a good sign. Not at all! "You are available, aren't you, Jeff?" she quickly interjected. This hesitancy was getting worrisome!
    "I'm available all right," Jeff affirmed. "Or at least I was until I met you. Then I went off the market," he grinned. "I was going with a girl but we broke up," he negligently added after a pause. "So we're good to go."

Man! Why did I have to throw in that last comment? Me and my runaway mouth. If we get into time lines 'n junk it could be ... embarrassing! Sticky! Or worse!

    Angelica was plainly nobody's dummy. There was no way she was going to let a crucial detail like that remain hanging!
    "When'd you break up with this girl, honey?" she asked sweetly.
    Jeff started to get a little red. "Um ... well ... ah ... today, actually!"
    "Today?" Angelica's voice was instantaneously limned with shock and dismay. "You mean like Thursday ? Like ... today? January 16, 1964 is the day you're talking about?"
    "Yeah, today." This was starting to be very hard on Jeff.
    "Might I ask what time today?" Angelica crisply inquired. "I think it's important to get the exact timing established." She was not taking this very well at all. Not at all!
    "Um ... at lunch, actually," Jeff mumbled.
    "At lunch. You mean, like, an hour before we met is when you broke up?" Angelica's complexion had gotten a little pink ... and it was not from sexual excitement. She was no longer holding onto Jeff's schlong.
    "Roughly, as in maybe even less than an hour?" Angelica demanded.
    "Um ... probably half an hour before, actually."
    The distressed beauty sat up and rocked back on her heels. "That's really remarkable timing, isn't it, Jeff." The young Latina thought for a moment and sighed. "At least I guess that means you weren't actually going with anyone when you were giving me the eye in the Deans' Office and then hitting on me afterwards in the foyer, does it? By a few minutes, anyway! I guess that makes it okay? What great timing, Jeff. How ... fortuitous! Whew! Saved by those few ticks of the clock. Just think — if you hadn't broken up until after sixth period, we wouldn't be here, fucking our brains out." From these comments and the look on her face, Angelica did not take much consolation from these facts. In fact, her expression seemed to suggest that the distinction was meaningless — if not ridiculous! Yet at the same time she knew she should withdraw her claws a bit.

Stop being a bitch, Angelica! Jeff's body language is screaming, "I'm telling the truth!" Don't turn this wonderful time with a guy you're falling in love with into something ugly! Let him off the griddle, for God's sake! Why bust his balls? But this is tough stuff to swallow — that's for sure! Even if he is telling the truth it still doesn't matter, really. Everybody knows you don't take up with a guy right after he breaks up with somebody else. You have to give him time to get over her, first. Otherwise, you might fall for him but before you know it he's out the door and back in snookem's arms. Guess what? Then you're left high and dry 'cause you were the transition person. God! What have I gotten myself into here?

    "How long had you gone together before this, um, recent breakup?" Angelica asked. She was almost afraid to hear the answer.
    "Umm ... three years?"
    "Three years?" Angelica was aghast.
    "Yeah ... three years off and on, anyway."
    "Good God!" Angelica looked as if she was about to cry.
    Jeff was about to break into tears himself. "Honey, look ... I did break up with my old girl friend at lunch. That's a fact. Honest! I can't help that I ran into you right after that! That's a fact, too! That's just when these things happened. I can't help that! Sweetheart, my old relationship is over! It did go on for three years but now it's O-V-E-R! I met you and just got blown away! I mean, I'm so crazy 'bout you that I can't even remember what my old girl friend looks like! Yes, the timing was remarkable. Coincidental. But it doesn't mean anything. Not when I feel about you like I do. The way I look at it, the whole thing was extremely lucky ... made in heaven ... like the fates had conspired to get us together so they made sure I'd break up with my girl friend in time to meet you."

Oh, man! It is gettin' really thick 'n deep in here! But maybe Jeff's right!

    Angelica continued to listen silently so Jeff took a deep breath and move on. He was on a roll — or so he hoped! "Would I have starting hitting on you even if I hadn't already broken up with Pam?" Jeff paused for a moment. "Yeah, I would have 'cause the minute I saw you I just knew ... I just knew ... that we belonged together. Honey, the minute I saw you I just knew that nothing was going to keep us apart, that you just might be The One. But, baby, the main thing is that my relationship was over before I met you, and it would have been over — and stayed over — even if we had never met. That's the truth! So this issue about whether I would have cheated on my old girlfriend is just a non-issue."

God! What if this is no rebound thing at all? What if we're just crazy about each other and this "Pam" girl has nothing to do with it ... that we would've gone ape shit for each other no matter what? Girl, you've got some thinkin' to do! This guy really might be The One for you. Stop worrying about female advice book rules about transitional relationships and stuff like that. Don't blow the best thing that ever happened to you 'cause of some silly ol' textbook principle of dating! Actually, the fact it lasted three years isn't all bad. It shows Jeff can be faithful and constant and committed over a long period. He's really a wonderful guy! In fact, he's fabulous! I already know that. So why not just go with it?

    Jeff's voice caught for a moment as he continued. "But, honey, cheating on Pam is not what happened. I was through with Pam before we ever met. Not for long in time — that's for sure! — but absolutely in terms of its certainty. What do you want me to do? Walk through that door and hide out for a few days so I can put more distance between my relationship with Pam before we start spending time together again? That would be stupid. And you know it," he added.

He's right! Yep ... he's right! How could I have seen the love in his eyes this afternoon and doubted that for a second?

    "So, look, Angelica. Here's the deal. I think I love you. I do! If I'm not there yet, I'm close. I certainly know I'm falling in love with you. Big time!"
    Jeff stifled a sob. He was barely able to speak. "Love you, honey ... most wonderful day of my life. Meeting you is. Being with you. Thinking of being with you in the future. So great! Don't ruin it. Believe me! Please, honey."
    Angelica reached down and took his hand between hers. The action seems to calm Jeff. He paused for a moment, collected himself, and then continued. "Someday we'll laugh about the fact we met all of half an hour after I broke up with Pam Fox. But for now just remember that she's over with — totally and completely — and we're getting started. In fact, a whole lot more than getting started."
    "Pam Fox?" Angelica exclaimed. "You were going with Pam Fox?"
    "Yeah. Why?"
    "Oh, the girls in my gym class were talking about her, how she's, like, Miss Big Deal. You know, Head Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, Vice-President of the Student Body, yada, yada, yada ... you know, that sort of stuff." She smiled. "Well, I guess I have some big shoes to fill."

Actually, I wonder if it's a big bra I have to fill. If so, I guess I've succeeded – and then some! Jeff is so taken with my breasts that I wonder if he mostly dates stacked girls. I'd guess yes! Pam especially, I bet, has a big pair! Dare I ask him what size bra Pam wears? Hmmm. No, I don't think I should go there. Not now, anyway. I don't want to be too much of a bitch. Besides, Pam's such a big deal at Maine East, I'll run into her eventually. That'll answer my question soon enough.

    "You have no shoes to fill, darling, 'cept your own. You're you and I'm me and we're us. That's all that matters and Pam Fox has nothing to do with it! Or with us!"
    Angelica smiled a little wanly as she squeezed Jeff's hand between hers. "Honey, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have gotten on your case like that — it was so unfair. And so ugly, too."
    "Forget it, honey."
    "No ... not yet ... you're entitled to know why I was such a bitch. It's 'cause I was scared."
    "Yep. Real scared. I was afraid I had just given my all, my heart, my everything, to a guy on the rebound. A guy who maybe was, like, still pining for his old girl friend 'cause he had just gotten dumped but might go back to her if she crooked her little finger at him to come back? Or maybe it wasn't quite like that 'cause he dumped her but he was still upset and on the rebound looking for his next relationship and started hitting on me 'cause I was the very first female he saw after the breakup ... like, I was his first port in the storm, you know? And then after, like, fueling up he might just say 'bon voyage' and head back out to sea — like maybe in search of some new talent? 'Cause he was just too rattled to settle down after seeing just one new girl?" Angelica paused for a second. "Like I was, you know, just your, you know, transition person?"
    Jeff slumped. "Baby, that's not true at all!"
    Angelica turned on one of her dazzling smiles. "Then, there was that third possibility. The one I lost sight of for a moment. The possibility that none of this Pam Fox stuff had anything to do with anything 'cause there's nothing more here than boy meets girl, boy and girl go ape over each other, and boy and girl fall in love — and that's that." Angelica took a deep breath and then continued. "No Pam Fox, no rebound, no nothing ... that is, nothing important except ... us!"
    "That is the real deal, precious. That's what happened." Jeff smiled into Angelica's eyes. "Now, you've got it!"
    Angelica was still smiling but had a catch in her voice. She too looked close to tears. "I know. Now I know. I figured that out while watching your totally hurt reaction to my bitching, and remembering the look in your eyes when we made love, and then listening to your explanation about how things had happened. I think it was the catch in your voice that was the clincher. God, I love you, Jeff Weld!"
    Angelica paused, looked down, and then smiled a little ruefully. "Now I know it's the final possibility that's the right one. And I'm so awfully sorry it took me a while to figure it out. But I hope you can understand why it did. So...." Angelica took a deep breath. "Now ... will you forgive me for being such a complete bitch, my sweet Jeff? My lover and my love?"
    "You know I will," Jeff assured her. "In fact, I already have."
    Angelica smiled. "Thanks, lover." Then she affected a dramatic sigh, rolled her eyes, and allowed a dreamy but slightly ironic smile to spread across her voluptuous lips. "Our first fight," she nervously laughed.
    Jeff smiled and pulled her close. The couple fell into an embrace. No kissing this time ... no words either. Just lots and lots of fierce holding and intense hugging. The sort of bear hug that says, "Now that that's over, you really and truly belong to me!"

Ding, dong!
    It was suddenly time to break the hug and hop out of bed. The pizza man was at the door. As the sounds of the door chimes faded away, though, the lovers got funny looks on their faces. They sure hoped it was the pizza man at the door!
    They were in luck — a nervous look through the peephole confirmed it was the deliveryman from Pizzeria Due. As Jeff paid for the pizza, the fellow gave Jeff a strange look, which the young man attributed to the comically short robe he had borrowed from Mr Gonzales. At least, he assumed that was the cause of the look.
    As soon as the door closed, Jeff got very red. He had looked down to see that his only partially flaccid cock was peeking through the folds of the robe. His mind had been so fixed on the loving he had just experienced that he had not paid attention to housekeeping matters like keeping his cock under wraps. No wonder the guy gave him a look! Oh, well!
    Jeff figured that on account of the arrival of the pizza, the kitchen was no longer off limits. The room was L-shaped. The spacious eat-in portion of the room held a round table, the refrigerator, a row of cabinets and counters, and a double sink. The smaller part of the L was not much larger than a Pullman kitchen; it contained a stove and a narrow counter, upon which a toaster oven was sitting.
    Things were a bit cluttered but not to the degree Angelica had suggested. Jeff took the morning's Sun-Times off the kitchen table, grabbed plates and silverware from the dish drainer, and successfully located a spatula with which to serve the thick slices of deep-dish pizza. "Hey, Angelica, the coast is clear and soup's on. So to speak, anyway! Hurry up, or I'll eat it all."
    "Don't you dare," Angelica warned as she came around the corner.
    Jeff would have thought that by now he might have gotten a little used to Angelica's fabulous good looks and sensational body but, once again, she totally blew him away. The Latina beauty had just invested some well-spent moments in front of a mirror. She had carefully combed her long, thick hair and had applied a little lip-gloss to her sexy, voluptuous lips. She looked absolutely terrific! There was no doubt about it — Angelica was far and away the most stunningly beautiful girl Jeff had ever seen.
    As he gazed hopelessly at her surpassingly gorgeous face, Jeff suddenly realized what made Angelica's looks not just fabulous but beyond fabulous. Jeff certainly got off on beautiful girls. Who didn't? At the same time, he had seen in pictures or movies a number of women who were said to be beautiful — and he supposed they were in some absolute, classical sense — but whose beauty left him cold. There were girls like that at school, too, of course.
    The actress Elizabeth Taylor came to mind. All the component parts were there but her beauty was somehow bloodless and unaffecting — at least for this young man. Jeff's head, in other words, was forced to agree that Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful. In theory, at least. On the other hand, his heart (perhaps in tandem with another organ further to the south), merely shrugged, for her icy beauty, such as it was, did nothing for him. Grace Kelly was another good example of the type. Hell, when you got down to it Pam Fox's very beautiful face had a touch of that same coldness, that identical, unaffecting bloodlessness. In a lot of ways she was a marble statue in human form. An ice princess. Why hadn't he seen that before?
    On the other hand he had known chicks that were not really very good looking at all if you evaluated their faces feature by feature. Yet the combination of those features somehow added up to real cuteness. Sometimes, super cuteness! Their overall looks far outdid the sum of their parts. In short, their looks were ordinary under normal standards but somehow they managed to look sensational notwithstanding.
    Helen Wilson, one of his after-Pam stopgaps, was that kind of girl. Everyone agreed her features were sort of plain. She had a pug nose and a stubby chin. Her eyes were really set too far apart and her mouth was too large for her face. Her features were vaguely simian, when you got right down to it. Monkey face, the guys called her. Yet somehow she managed to be exceptionally cute. In fact, the guys were always flocking around her. It was undoubtedly her general aura that did the trick. Surely her warm personality had something to do with it as well. Of course, Jeff was sure her big F-cup tits also played an important role. So too did Helen's willingness to bestow her favors on a rather wide and indiscriminate circle of friends — no doubt about that, either! Yet wholly apart from those factors it was universally agreed that Helen was just cute as hell. In their own way, these really cute girls were much more attractive to Jeff than a lot of cold but so-called classic beauties. With a sigh Jeff realized he was adding Pam to that list. It certainly had taken him long enough to get it!
    The thing about Angelica, Jeff had suddenly realized, was that she was not only the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in the sense of classic beauty but also the cutest girl he had ever seen. How it was possible for one girl to combine ultimate beauty with consummate cuteness was a mystery. Yet as he hopelessly stared at her staggeringly luscious face, Jeff realized that nature had somehow contrived to unite the zenith of these two qualities in this one single girl. Jeff's mind's eye reviewed brunette movie stars that were really beautiful. Natalie Wood came immediately to mind — what a beauty! Cute, too! Well, a short comparative review produced this bottom line — Angelica was clearly much more beautiful than that stunning heartthrob. And a whole lot cuter as well. What a lucky girl Angelica was ... and wasn't he a lucky guy as a result?
    Of course, that was the story on Angelica above the neck. Below that point, the seriously overdeveloped teenager presented another sort of image, one that was astonishing in its own right. It was one that could make a guy's breathing go ragged. In fact, Angelica below the neck was simply beyond belief.
    Especially now! Man! The gorgeous Latina had put on a man's sleeveless undershirt. Almost certainly, it was one of her father's. The effect on Jeff was sexually electrifying. His jaw had metaphorically dropped to the floor in astonishment.
    Angelica's massive breasts were absolutely exploding out of the overmatched undershirt. Because the garment had certainly not been cut for anyone built like Angelica, a large portion of her massive, watermelon-sized tits had no place to go but outside the undershirt. Up top, the ultra-buxom girl was displaying a nearly foot-long cleavage. Because her tits were so huge and firm, they were sticking out from her chest like the prow of a ship.
    Her jutting milkers were taking the undershirt with them. On a man, or even a normally built woman, the undershirt would probably have extended to the wearer's mid-thigh. Not on Angelica. The sheer bulk of her colossal bosom had raised the undershirt up so high that her thick thatch of pubic hair was almost entirely uncovered. To the rear, Jeff could deduce that the undershirt extended in the back at most to mid-bun. What a sight!
    Just as arousing was the way the thin straps of the undershirt signally failed to cover up the spreading width of Angelica's swollen bosom. Her giant, bowling ball-sized tits just bulged out of the sides of the garment. The straps did not even come close to covering up her huge areolae. All in all, but only if his fevered brain had been up to doing the calculations, Jeff would have estimated that the undershirt was covering up less than half of her giant bosom.
    Angelica's nipples were inside the undershirt. They were prominently thrusting out of the material at a point around her navel. The buxom Latina's breasts were so massive that the front of the undershirt was cantilevered up from her body by the sheer bulk of the mass of flesh it was futilely attempting to cover. The two large, doublewide bulges that extended from her navel to the scoop neck of the undershirt — and almost grotesquely distended the undershirt in the process — were just thrilling to look at — and to lust after!
    Because Angelica's swollen bosom was so acutely stretching out the undershirt, the ribbing was no longer running in a uniform up and down direction. Instead, it ran in a true south to north course only from the hem up to a point around her navel. At that spot the ribbing crazily took off to the right or left depending upon which side of her body it was located. The bulging mass of Angelica's tit meat was absolutely redirecting the course of the ribbing. In this battle between Mr Gonzales' undershirt and his daughter's massive bosom, the undershirt was going down to ignominious defeat!
    The explosion of tit flesh that the undershirt could not capture was threatening to drive Jeff into a sexual frenzy. Already, a high-pitched moan had begun to escape his slackened lips. He was actually whistling like a boiling teapot. The sex-stunned fellow stood stock still in the middle of the kitchen, unable to move. He was literally paralyzed with shock and lust.
    "Oh, honey," he moaned," you're just killin' me with that undershirt! You just don't know what kind of hurt you're puttin' on me here!"
    From the bemused look on Angelica's face, it was clear that the giant-bosomed girl had not anticipated quite as intense a reaction to her choice of wardrobe as this. She had certainly wanted to show off her body for Jeff but she had no idea it was going to turn him into such a wild animal. Sometimes she just forgot what a universe-class piece of ass she was!
    In particular, Angelica was stunned to see a massive, fully engorged, incredibly stiff boner jutting through the folds of her father's bathrobe. Gobs of pre-cum were dripping onto the kitchen floor from Jeff's dickhead. The randy young man was plainly ready to fuck again. He was probably in no mood to wait for their pizza to be devoured! And all because she had negligently grabbed the closest garment at hand simply for something to wear.
    Their sex had been great — beyond great! — but Angelica was starving! Perhaps more to the point, she was more than a little sore on account of the merciless double reaming out she had experienced through the offices of her new boyfriend's colossal dick. For a couple of good and sufficient reasons, she badly needed a little time out!
    As a result, she attempted to make light of the outfit. "Actually, I've never worn it before," she grinned. "I just thought that as long as you were wearing an outfit that let your privates hang out, maybe I would do the same," she breezily added.
    If this contrived lightheartedness was meant to cool Jeff off, the attempt had failed utterly. "Baby," Jeff groaned," I've never seen anything as sexy as that in my life!" The young man's face was contorted with sexual pain and yearning. "Come over here, baby, and let me show you just how sexy that outfit is."
    "Jeff, silly, we have to eat first ... the pizza's getting cold."
    "Don't worry, babe. You should see yourself; the heat you're giving off will keep the pizza plenty warm. Hot, most likely. For hours! Hell, if you add in the heat I'm giving off, this pizza's in danger of getting scorched! Come here, honey! Just for a minute."
    Angelica did not move. She cocked her head slightly to the right and examined her boyfriend with a skeptical "boys-will-be-boys" look.
    When he saw that the buxom beauty was standing her ground, Jeff decided to go to her; with a fabulous piece of ass like this, there was no percentage in standing on principle. As he closed in on the young girl, she could hear his heavy, ragged breathing. The ultra-gorgeous young girl was certainly used to heavy breathing — usually it made her very wary. This time, though, it was the sweetest of sounds. Except ... she was awfully hungry! Not to mention sore, too!
    Jeff came close and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her in hard against his torso. She could feel her huge breasts flatten against his chest, stomach, and groin.
    Angelica could strongly feel the pressure of Jeff's immense love snake as well. It seemed to have gotten jammed somewhere inside her endless cleavage. She started to get excited at the press of this sexual python against her breasts. Hunger and soreness had suddenly became a bit less of an issue.
    Jeff's hands had immediately reached around Angelica's body and raced down to her luscious butt. The sex-stunned young man's big mitts began squeezing and fondling her super-curvy but petite ass cheeks. Because her tits were so huge, Jeff had been forced to squish Angelica's colossal bosom into almost the shape of a pancake in order to get close enough to work out on her ass. The feeling of having her huge bosom so seriously squashed and pressed up against his heavily muscled chest and groin was highly arousing to Jeff and Angelica alike.
    Jeff then looked down into the buxom beauty's face with heavy lidded eyes. He leaned down, opened his mouth, and very slowly but ever so passionately drew her shapely, swollen lower lip into the hot, wet warmth of his mouth. He was soon passionately sucking on and drooling all over the succulent wedge of infinitely soft flesh. He had also begun to moan more loudly.
    This was too much for Angelica. Any need for nourishment was forgotten. Her mouth sagged open. As it did so, Jeff slowly released her lower lip. His mouth sagged open as well. The lovers began wildly French kissing.
    Jeff had begun to squeeze Angelica's shapely buns with a maniacal fervor. In response, she began jamming and rubbing her pussy against Jeff's rock-hard shaft with an equal passion. Rivulets of spit ran down the lovers' cheeks. This might have been the most torrid kiss of their budding relationship.

The ardent kiss finally broke after about three minutes or so. The lovers' mouths disengaged with the wet sound of a soft suction being released. Long, looping strings of saliva stretched between their slackened mouths. Even though the kiss was over, Jeff would not let go of his sweetheart. His hands continued to maul her impossibly cute bottom and to mash and slide her huge bosom against his torso.
    Angelica leaned up on her tiptoes and slowly and sensuously licked Jeff's ear a couple of times. She rubbed and slid her massive bosom against his arm in the process. Try as she might, she could not ignore the inescapable fact she was absolutely ... hungry. To that end, she whispered, "Oh, honey, that was so sexy! But let's eat our pizza. Really! Right now, baby."
    Jeff nodded dumbly. The young man was plainly lost in some far off dimension of time, space, and ... sex.
    "Then, after that ... guess what, big guy?"
    "What?" Jeff asked in a slow, thick voice.
    Angelica grasped Jeff's big left hand with her much smaller right hand; it was lost in the reaches of his big mitt. She crooked her middle finger and tickled the palm of his hand with her fingernail. Teenagers everywhere know what that means! Jeff broke out of his daze and looked down with a look of shock and delight on his face.
    "That's right, precious," Angelica confirmed in a soft, sultry voice. "Let's eat some pizza and then...."
    "And then?"
    "And then, big fellow, I want you to ravish me."
    "Oh, honey!" Jeff's voice had become nearly an inaudible whimper. "That's so great! Really?"
    Angelica allowed a small, evil grin to flit across her voluptuous lips. "Well, sort of, honey. Let's be more direct. What I really want is for you to fuck my brains out! If you're up to it, that is!" The Latina beauty looked down at Jeff's stiffened cock; it was still sticking straight out between the folds of her father's bathrobe. "Not that there's any doubt about that," she giggled.

Jeff finally got himself sufficiently under control so that the couple were actually able to sit down at the kitchen table and dig into the pizza. The lovers were both so hungry that a few minutes of silence reigned as they stuffed their faces with 4-inch thick slices of the signature Deep Dish Pizza With Extra Cheese Jeff had ordered from Pizzeria Due.
    "This stuff really is good," Angelica announced. "This deep dish stuff is much better than the pizza we used to buy in El Paso." The young beauty looked down at her plate with a measure of dismay, however. "I'm not sure I can even finish a single piece, though. It's so filling thick!" She then grinned. "Like something else I've been involved with this afternoon!"
    Jeff smiled in agreement. His mouth was too full with the first bite of his second slice of pizza to talk, however. Still, once Jeff had chewed and swallowed, the lovers were able to have a pleasant get-better-acquainted conversation while their appetite for food was being satisfied. The only problem was that when Jeff looked across the table at Angelica's stunningly gorgeous face and then down a notch to eyeball the giant tits exploding out of her father's sleeveless undershirt, the young man found it difficult to maintain his train of thought!
    Between bites of pizza, Jeff talked about Pam a little bit and how the continuing ups and downs of their relationship had convinced him even before he met Angelica that this time things were truly over. That was a bit of a stretch, needless to say, but the buxom Latina seemed satisfied with the answer. In describing the downfall of the bond with Pam, Jeff focused on their mutually competitive natures, their differing religious beliefs, and above all the problem of two alphas in a relationship. He did not, needless to say, get into the sexual aspects of their association, which, sorry to say, consisted for Jeff of little more than subdued make-out sessions followed by serial, solitary masturbation. The less said on that subject the better! Still less did he get into the liaisons to which he had resorted during his break-ups with Pam. There was especially no need to get into that! There was no need to tell her everything! At least not on the first day they met, for Pete's sake!

Thank goodness Angelica didn't press me on that sex stuff! I'd better not try to fool myself — she's sure smart enough to have thought of it! You know, I bet she just figured she didn't need to know. Or maybe she didn't even want to know. Whatever ... I sure dodged the bullet on that one!

    Angelica took a dainty bite of pizza and smiled. "Thanks for sharing with me, honey. It helps me to know you better. If we can talk about things like that, it really means we're getting close." The young beauty smiled warmly. "I like that!"

I wonder if Jeff and Pam had sex? He's such a great lover it's hard to believe they didn't. But if she's that much of a religious fanatic maybe they didn't. Hmmm ... I wonder if he tomcatted when he and Pam broke up? I bet he did — after all, he had to pick up those fabulous moves somewhere! When it comes to lovin', Jeff's no beginner – that's for sure! Who could blame him? No guy is gonna let equipment like that get rusty from lack of use! I sure hope he didn't step out while they were goin' together, no matter how horny he got! Know what? I'm not gonna go there. No way! I don't really need to know. Heck, I don't want to know! Jeff and I are building a fantastic relationship — it's so great already. Plus, it's rushing along at nearly the speed of light. Why take a chance on getting some hurtful answers? Like when we got into that horrible when-did-you-break-up? squabble. Let's just figure that was then, this is now. Leave it alone, girl! 'Cept, I know for sure I'm getting a whole lot less than the full skinny from Jeff. I can just feel it! That's all right, though — there's gonna be time to share all that junk later.

Jeff then mulled over another topic of conversation. It could well be out of bounds yet he so much wanted to know. And why not? It was a fair question. At least he thought so! After all, it was one she had asked of him.
    "Um ... I was wondering, baby ... we talked 'bout me being free 'n all. I know you're new in town so I figure you haven't meet anyone but me yet. Least, I hope not!" he grinned. "But what about back in El Paso? Is there anyone back there I've got to worry about?"

Should I talk about this even though I'm pretty sure Jeff's holdin' out on me about his sex life? A little double standard here? Hmmm. Yeah, I guess so but ... well, why not? Sure! Eddie's thousands of miles away; he can't threaten us. Pam Fox — not to mention the girls Jeff probably saw on the side — are going to be passing me in the halls every day. I don't want to know about them! Especially who they are! Knowing would be so hurtful! There's plenty of good reasons to be open about Eddie but not to pry too deeply into Jeff's social life before we met. Let sleeping dogs lie. Just so long as those things really are over! I don't think he is a cheatin' kind of guy but if I ever caught him foolin' around ... and I do mean ever...!

    Angelica smiled. "That's funny in a way 'cause just like you there was someone not long ago. No, I didn't break up with him the day we met like somebody else I know." Angelica glanced over at Jeff and gave him a Significant Look. "Until a year or so ago," she continued, "There certainly was someone. But that's as over and done with now as you 'n Pam. Given the distance between Park Ridge and El Paso, I'd say even more so."
    "If you don't want to talk about it...."
    "Hey, no problem. I want you to know all about me. Just like I want to know all about you," she added after the slightest pause. "His name's Eddie ... Eddie Chavez." Angelica got a faraway look in her eyes. "He was the most handsome guy I'd ever seen ... that is," she quickly added, "until today." She reached over and gently patted Jeff on the arm.
    "Honey, you leave Eddie in the dust. But he's really a stud, though. Oh my, is he ever! I just got weak in the knees the first time I saw him. It was a Saturday. My parents had dropped me off at Bassett Center Mall. I was just goin' into Dillard's to buy some cosmetics when I caught a glimpse of him walkin' in the opposite direction. He spotted me too. We were both, like, struck down! It was, like, we had both gotten simultaneously hit over the head with baseball bats or something." Angelica smiled. "Remind you of anything, baby?" Jeff and his new Latina girlfriend grinned at each other. "Anyway," Angelica continued, "Eddie and me just stared at each other for nearly a whole minute until he came up and started hittin' on me. Then, we flirted 'n stuff for a while."
    Angelica smiled. "Just like us in that way, too, Jeff." The gorgeous Latina then got a thoughtful look on her stunning face. "Not like us, though, in other ways — not at all. Eddie and I didn't make love until we had been going out for a couple of months. We didn't even kiss until the third date. I was not — am not — a fast girl. At least, I never was. Until today, that is." She smiled. "That's what makes today so completely amazing! Out of character, you know? I just don't do things like this." She smiled again. "But don't get me wrong. I'm sure glad I did! That we did. This is so right, precious!"
    The buxom teen got a warm look in her eyes, pursed her voluptuous lips, and blew Jeff a little kiss from across the table. "By the way, I never did make it to Dillard's that day. Eddie took me over to Kresge's for a banana split. We talked and talked, and he ended up giving me a ride home. On the way, he asked me out for Friday and Saturday night. What a mover! I said yes and yes. The rest, as they say, is history. We ended up going together for a couple of years."
    "That's a long time for high school kids. It's almost like me 'n Pam."
    "You bet ... 'specially 'cause I was only thirteen when we hooked up. Actually, I had just turned thirteen. He was five years older 'n me. A thirteen-year-old going with an eighteen-year-old? My parents were beside themselves."
    "I can understand that," Jeff sympathized.
    "Well, I suppose all parents are like that, 'cept mine really don't have a whole lot of room to criticize. Daddy is more than twenty years older than Mama, after all. Twenty-two years, to be exact! And she was only eighteen when she 'n Daddy got married. Talk about robbin' the cradle! 'Course, the five years between thirteen and eighteen might be an even bigger deal than the age difference between Mama and Daddy. That's what they argued when I threw their age difference back at them."
    "Twenty-two years is a big gap," Jeff concurred. "But I agree with your parents — an eighteen year-old takin' out a brand new thirteen year-old? That's pretty outrageous!"
    "I agree ... now, that is ... I sure didn't then, though! Still," Angelica added, "Mama was awfully young ... only eighteen when they got married. Daddy was forty! Talk about robbing the cradle!"

Now that's interesting! Very interesting! I bet there's a story to be told about that! Especially in light of Mama's huge bosom! She must have been huge back then, too. Can't imagine how huge she must be now! Hmmm ... that would make her only about 35 or so now. That's kind of young to have a sixteen-year-old daughter. Hmmm ...wonder if she has a baby face like Angelica? Cut it out, Jeff! Just don't get into that! Be patient, Jeff, you'll find out everything about Mama and her huge rack soon enough. Don't ask any questions, for God's sake. And don't act too interested, either, for Pete's sake! Angelica's as beautiful and buxom and just plain wonderful a girl as a guy would possible want. As he could possibly dream of! Don't screw it up by takin' an interest in her mother!

    "I bet Eddie didn't know he was robbing the cradle, though. I'd guess you didn't look thirteen," Jeff opined.
    Angelica giggled at the thought. Not too many thirteen year-old girls had shapes like hers! "No ... I guess I didn't. Eddie thought I was a young looking seventeen or eighteen. He was shocked when he found out my true age. 'Course, I didn't tell him right away 'cause I was so crazy 'bout him. I was afraid if he found out my real age he'd say 'bye-bye little girl — call me when you grow up.' When he did find out I was only thirteen we were already so involved there was no way we could call it off. By that point things were just too hot 'n heavy to walk away."
    "You were involved?"
    "Involved. Jeff, you're only the second guy I've ever made love with but Eddie and I made lots and lots of love during those two years. Like, almost every day after school. Sometimes at his apartment near campus if his roommates were in class ... at my house if my parents were at work ... in the back seat of his car if we couldn't find any place else ... the point is, we did it all the time ... somewhere!" She giggled. "We usually did it three times a day, actually. I was insatiable! We were like minks!"

Three times a day? That's like 90 times a month! Golly! What have I gotten into here? I'm not even sure I could do it 90 times a month! It sure would be fun to try, though! And with a girl as beautiful 'n buxom as Angelica to prime my pump....

    "What did Eddie do? Go to school? Work? He must have been out in the world but you ... you were a junior high school student, an eighth grader, weren't you?"
    "Yes, I was. Eddie was a freshman over at Texas Western University. That's what drove my parents nuts. A college student going out with an eighth grader. They were ready to call the cops! After all, Eddie was breaking the law. No doubt about it. I was definitely jail bait," she giggled. "At least my mother was legal when she and Daddy got involved."
    "But they didn't have Eddie busted?"
    "Well, Daddy wanted to but Mama talked him out of it. She could see how head over heels I was. She figured doing something like that would have joined us at the hip. Forever. We'd never have broken up. It must have been a hard decision for them to make but they made it and stuck to it. It sure was the right decision, let me tell you. They really played it right. I hope I can do as well with my kids."

Tell you what, beautiful girl. If you ever have girls who look anything like their mother, you're going to have your hands full keeping them away from guys who'd like to have their hands full! More than full, actually!

    "But you did break up eventually?" Jeff asked.
    "Yes. After two years. But it was my decision. In the end I did it. It was the right thing to do but it was my decision. 'Course it made my parents awfully happy even though they were careful to keep their joy to themselves. But in the end their strategy worked. Eventually, even I could see it had to end."
    "What happened."
    "Well, it was a real shame. Eddie was such a smart guy. Such a sweet guy. So handsome and suave. Such a wonderful lover, too," she added in a faraway tone. "He was getting really great grades at Texas Western at first — he had a great future. I even wondered if we'd get married some day. But," the gorgeous Latina made a face, "he got mixed up in drugs. Or more mixed up with 'em, I guess you could say, 'cause he was doing a little weed when we met. But then he somehow got into heroin. Like, really big time. He started by dealin'. Like nearly everybody in El Paso, he was broke. He had all these school expenses, living expenses? It was just, you know, a way to make a living."
    Angelica's gorgeous eyes were glistening with tears. "Well, that was not the worst thing in the world, I guess, though we fought about it all the time. Eddie had too much goin' for him to be a dealer! But then things got worse — a lot worse! He started sampling the merchandise. First a little and then a lot. Before long, Eddie was over the edge. Naturally, his grades went south, and he finally flunked out. At this point, his life consisted of dealin' smack, doin' smack, and whatever time was left over we spent together. By this time, it was not quality time, believe me!"
    "Wow is right. Finally, I told him it was the smack or me ... if he wouldn't quit usin' and dealin', it was all over between us." Jeff could see a tear trickling down Angelica's cheek. "You know, the guy loved me so much. And I loved him, too. He made lots of promises about quitting. All the time! But in the end it turned out that he loved smack more than me. At least, he couldn't quit. So after about the two hundredth broken promise I split up with him. That was over a year ago. We cried and cried a lot together that last night we saw each other but that was it! Oh, he called and called 'n stopped by the house all the time but I just knew he was still doing the drug, so I wouldn't take the calls or come to the door. Eventually, my parents told him they'd call the cops if he didn't stop comin' 'round."
    The beautiful teenager got a wan smile on her face. "The last thing a guy who's dealin' horse needs is to get the cops on his case." Angelica paused. "That did the trick. That was the last I heard from him." She sighed. Deeply. "I don't even want to think about what he might be doin' now, what his life must be like?"
    "Baby, that's so sad!" Jeff ventured.
    "It sure was! Yet I should have known from the beginning he might be trouble. Even when we started going together, Eddie was still hangin' out with the crowd from his old high school. Crowd, hell! It was a gang! Naturally, he liked to wear gangbanger clothes. Plus, there was his grass smokin'. You know, I think it was all that stuff more than his age that made my parents so unhappy we were dating."
    The young Latina smiled ruefully. "Anyway, I figured that because he was in college and getting good grades 'n all, those things didn't matter very much. That it was over. Well they did matter and it wasn't over. In the end, his high school friends and habits caught up with him and ruined the great things he had started to accomplish in college. He had gotten out of the neighborhood but the neighborhood hadn't gotten out of him. He just couldn't break away. Bummer!"

At this point, Angelica's chin was quivering and her voice was quavering. Rivulets of tears were running down her cheeks. Jeff wordlessly got up, walked over to her chair, leaned down, and gathered her up in his arms. For a long, time, the lovers silently held each other.
    Finally, Angelica pulled back just a bit. The gorgeous Latina looked up at Jeff with shining eyes. She had a crooked little smile on her face.

Jeff is so tender 'n caring. Plus I just love him for not saying a single word while I was crying — not one! — but just holding me close. God! How great to be with a guy who's not emotionally tone deaf! How I hate guys who try to dry your tears by telling you how to "fix" the situation. Gag! A "fix" is not what I need right now. Heck, it can't be fixed. Jeff knows just what to do. Be quiet! Keep your mouth shut! Hug fiercely! Support! Period! What a great guy!

    After a moment of silence, Angelica continued. "I was too upset to go out with anyone after that. I got lots 'n lots of calls but I just kept saying no. I just couldn't deal with going out with anyone but Eddie. I just needed to hang out at home and, you know, cocoon? Like, just take a break from guys? I mean, I had been going out with guys since I was eleven. It was time for a break! It lasted about five months. Then, I started goin' out sort of casual like. I was really careful with the guys I went out with. Careful, too, about what we did on a date. No goodnight kiss until about the third date. No making out or petting — ever! Absolutely no feeling me up! Nada! No way! And especially no sex! Forget that! Double nada! The result was that I went out a lot but had a real cold fish reputation. I was the original no-action girl. All because I had gotten so hurt by Eddie."

I bet you got lots of calls once the word got out you had broken up with Eddie! Dozens and dozens of 'em, I bet! Can there be any doubt that Angelica was the most fabulous looking babe in El Paso? Hell, why stop there? How 'bout both sides of the border! Let's throw in Cuidad Juarez, too. I'm sure Angelica was the most beautiful girl on either side of the Rio Grande. She just had to have the most sensational figure, too — unless Mama's in the running. Yeah, I bet the boys were just panting at the news that the fabulous Angelica Gonzales was suddenly unattached. And then someone with her looks not givin' up a thing? Nothing? I bet those El Paso boys were more frustrated than I was with Pam Fox!

    Angelica had a pensive look on her face. "All this standoffish dating behavior lasted until...." The ultra buxom beauty suddenly got a funny look on her face. "Actually, it lasted until I met you this afternoon, honey. How 'bout that?"
    "So you're ready to get involved with guys again now?" Jeff softly asked with a shy grin.
    "I didn't think I was but I you bet I am now! But," she corrected, "the word is guy! I'm ready for a guy!" Angelica looked deeply and lovingly into Jeff's eyes. "A particular guy," she added and then paused. Angelica's eyes sparkled and she had a loving, goofy grin on her stunningly beautiful face. "And I think you might just be that guy, Jeff. I really do!"


Part Four
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