Part Four

"How 'bout I snuggle in your lap for a little bit?
Comfort me a little, honey — Okay?
I need a friend, sweetheart."

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
    The young lovers almost fell out of their chairs. Then they jumped to their feet in shock. What on earth was that sound! Whew! It was the phone! It was a new phone her parents had bought the previous evening. She was not yet used to the ring. She had a stricken look on her face. Then she quickly recovered.
    "The phone! It must be my parents. I hope so, anyway!" She jumped up and grabbed the portable phone out of its countertop holder and pulled it to her ear. She put her hand to her chest in shock.
    "Hello?" Angelica got a nervous look on her face and exaggeratedly mouthed, "my mother" to Jeff. She then turned her attention to the conversation with Mama.
    "Hi, Mama ... Oh, I just was in the bathroom and had to run for the phone." Angelica had begun nervously toying with the plunging neckline of her father's undershirt. "Everything's fine, Mama ... how's work? ... Great! ... the pizza I ordered was fabulous!"
    At this point, the overdeveloped beauty began picking crumbs of pizza out of her almost unfathomable cleavage with a moistened finger. Jeff thought his legs would give way on account of this erotic maneuver. Yet Angelica seemed oblivious to the effect her nervous tic was having on her new boyfriend.
    "You 'n Daddy will have to try it," Angelica brightly chirped. "it's from this really famous Chicago spot. I've saved you some." By this time all the crumbs seemed to have been removed from the buxom Latina's vast expanse of cleavage. Now, she had actually moved her right hand downward to begin rubbing her breasts. Jeff was sure the action was involuntary but still.... Much more of this and he was going to cream all over the kitchen floor!
    Angelica continued to chatter with her mother. Although he had known her for a grand total of six hours or so, Jeff could already tell from the speed and cadence of Angelica's speech that she was still nervous. Who could blame her? If her parents only knew what had been going on — what was going on — what was going to go on — they would have undoubtedly dashed home from the hospital in a panic.
    The conversation went on and on and on ... or so it seemed to the nervous, impatient young man. "Oh, not much," Angelica lied. "Just doing some homework 'n stuff ... really? two o'clock? ... some overtime, huh? ... well, I'll be in bed long before that!"

That's the damn truth, girl! Only thing is ... you won't be the only one in the bed!

    Angelica was now absolutely squeezing and massaging her right areola and nipple. Her face was getting a little pink as if all this unconscious breast fondling was getting her excited "No, don't worry. We'll work out something about getting me to school in the morning — no problem ... say hello to Daddy if you see him ... love you, too, Mama."
    As soon as she had hung up, Angelica dropped her hands to her side as if they were dead weights. Clearly, the breast fondling had been a nervous gesture caused by the strain of talking to her mother while her new lover stood only a few feet away. That her nervousness took that form spoke volumes to Jeff, however — this girl was still hot!
    As she returned the phone to its cradle, Angelica made a face. "I hate lying to my parents."
    "Well, it's no fun ... but under the circumstances...."
    "Actually, I was pretty honest with them about Eddie. They knew we were making love. That's why I'm on the pill — they put me on it. They went crazy when I told 'em what was going on but in the long run they were glad that I told 'em, at least. It makes our relationship so open 'n good. Fact is, I tell them almost everything ... well, Mama, anyway."
    Jeff thought about the lies he had told his Mother about where he would be this evening. The truth is it was far from the first time he had lied to them. Although he was generally truthful with his parents, he had lied every single time he had gotten involved with a post-Pam girl. He could take a lesson in honesty from Angelica!
    "This time, though," she went on, "it would just be too much. Your first day at work in a strange city and your daughter calls to tell you she's making non-stop love in her bedroom with a guy she only met a few hours before? No, this time I think the lie was necessary. No doubt about it" The gorgeous Latina got a fierce look on her face. "But I do hate it."
    Then she looked at Jeff. "What that means, honey, is that if we're going to be a couple, my parents are pretty much going to know the score — what's going on between us, I mean? That's the way our family operates. Are you good with that?"

God! What can I say? Do I have a choice? As if!

    "Sure, I'm good with that. Two things, though."
    "First, we are a couple. Most definitely! Second, I couldn't help overhearing your side of the conversation. Honey, there's no problem about getting you to school tomorrow morning. Or any morning. The problem would be in tryin' to keep me away! I'll be here at eight to pick you up. And every day thereafter!"

Angelica simultaneously sighed and smiled. "God, do I ever like hearing things like that! Planning for the future. Our future!" The buxom beauty looked over at Jeff's plate. "Done?" she asked.
    The teenage girl looked first at the substantial remains of her first piece of pizza on her plate and then at the growing pile of emaciated crusts on Jeff's plate. The young man seemed to have scarfed down three whole slices of the thick deep-dish pizza. Well, the big guy had expended a lot of energy today! Plus, the day was not over; it was important he keep up his strength. And there was still some left over for her parents. Barely enough, in fact, so that they would not be suspicious about where the remainder of the pizza had disappeared to. If she put the remaining slices in a zip lock bag and then told her parents she had gotten a small pizza instead of the large size Jeff had ordered in fact, she would be covered. Still, that meant another lie. That had to stop!
    "I'm stuffed" Jeff announced.
    "I can't imagine why?" Angelica commented dryly. She then got a serious look on her face. "You know, baby, all this talk about Eddie and then the call from Mama and my lies to her — I thought I was going to have a heart attack when the phone blasted off! — has made me feel kind of, well, upset and needy. How 'bout I snuggle in your lap for a little bit. Comfort me a little, honey — okay?" She smiled coyly at her boyfriend. "I need a friend, sweetheart."
    "You've got one," Jeff assured her. "That's for sure! Come on over."

Angelica eased out of her chair and slowly walked around the table to Jeff's chair. As she walked — sashayed, really — her massive bosom seriously bounced, jiggled, and swayed against the ineffectual constraints of the sleeveless undershirt. Angelica's left milker actually looked as though it were going to pop right out of the overmatched undergarment on her very next step. The sight was so incredibly sexy that Jeff could feel his flaccid cock re-engorging at a record rate of speed. The way Angelica's oversized tits floated and rippled inside — but mostly outside — the insubstantial undershirt was amazing. Angelica's huge honkers were just too fabulous for words!
    It was impossible to tell if the overdeveloped young Latina was purposely swinging and shaking her bosom in order to get her new boyfriend hot and bothered, or whether this was just what happens naturally when a slim young girl with an unbelievably huge pair of tits walks from point A to point B. Whatever! The sight of this jiggling mass of tit meat was threatening to catapult Jeff right into a spasm of premature ejaculation!
    Angelica's extreme facial beauty was also doing its part to keep Jeff's blood fizzing. Jeff marveled at the way the teenage Latina was so astonishingly beautiful and almost impossibly cute all at the same time. The thrilling incongruity of seeing such breathtaking good looks in a very young, even pre-adolescent, face was just intoxicating as well! She truly looked like an angel — albeit a very young one. Her parents had certainly chosen an appropriate name for their little girl!
    Angelica's stunningly gorgeous face and her unbelievably curved, lush figure were both fantastically arousing. Yet it was undoubtedly the oxymoronic disparity between her baby face and impossibly voluptuous figure that made her appearance truly astonishing — and almost unbearably thrilling! Even a moment's exposure to the shocking contrast between her gorgeous, little girl face and her preposterously overdeveloped, ultra-shapely womanly figure would probably be enough to make the average guy blow seed at first glance. How was Angelica even able to walk down the street without being followed or even accosted by a crowd of guys?

Think of it! This totally unbelievable, I-can't-believe-she's-real piece of ass is actually walking over here to be with me! So that, after a little cuddling and comfort, I can put it to her! The most beautiful and built girl I could imagine, and before long I'm going to be fucking her brains out! Again! Am I the luckiest guy in the world or what?

    The buxom young Latina smiled as she slid sideways into Jeff's lap. She wiggled a bit as she settled in. Jeff groaned with delight. The sensation of having Angelica's ultra-curved butt squirm against his straining cock was overpoweringly erotic.
    "Hmmm," Angelica giggled, "is there any room for me in your lap? Seems like most of the space is being taken up by some stiff ol' thing down there!"
    "Honey, if we're going to spending lot of time together, you're just going to have to get used to feeling that 'stiff ol' thin'." Jeff chuckled. "You're so beautiful 'n sweet 'n built 'n all that I'm not sure I could ever turn into a Mister Softee when you're around."
    "And that's great, honey ... but let's just sit quietly for a moment. I just need to feel quiet 'n close for a bit. Then ... but then...." Angelica placed Jeff's big hand in both of hers. She turned his hand palm side up and scratched a dainty little circle with her fingernail.'
    "Comprende?" she whispered.
    Jeff was taking Spanish IV and had picked up a little conversational Spanish along the way. "Comprendo," he replied with a leering smile.

The couple sat quietly and simply enjoyed each other's physical and emotional proximity. Jeff put his arm around Angelica's tiny waist and pulled her close. She was so soft and so warm! Little was said. Little needed to be said; the lovers essentially billed and cooed to each other. Many endearing phrases, including many "I'm so crazy about you's" and "You're so wonderful's" were exchanged. Lots and lots of deep adoring looks passed between the love-struck teenagers. In fact, the lovers were spending most of this respite with their eyes unblinkingly locked on each other.
    Before long, the lovers had begun lazily caressing each other. It was plain that they simply could not keep their hands off each other. Yet at this point in their snuggling, their caresses were more or less sexually neutral comforting gestures. For the most part, their stroking was confined to each other's arms and backs and shoulders.
    Such restraint plainly could not last. Not with bodies this fabulous and faces this good looking! After some ten minutes of hugging and cuddling, the couple began gently to nuzzle each other. Angelica reached up and softly placed her hand on Jeff's cheek. She once again stared deeply and lovingly into his eyes.
    "Every minute I spend with you, precious Jeff, is a total revelation. Every minute I learn another thing about you that makes me care about you even more. God, I'm so crazy about you, honey!"
    "Baby!" Loving talk like this actually made Jeff's cock harden as much as the pressure of Angelica's massive bosom against his trunk. The combination of Jeff's growing love for Angelica's beautiful character was fusing with his unbridled lust for her gorgeous face and overdeveloped body to invest his throbbing cock with the consistency of tempered steel. He was so ready to fuck his impossibly gorgeous sweetheart! Right now!

Angelica was of like mind. The feel of Jeff's hardened dick against her butt was becoming impossible to resist. She had been emotionally restored by the few moments of gentleness and quiet they had shared. It was now time to get sexy!
    The overbuilt Latina tilted her head and softly kissed Jeff's cheek several times. Then, she passionately licked him in the same area while slipping her hand inside the bathrobe to stroke his chest and nipple. Was a more direct invitation to reciprocate even possible?
    "I love sitting in your lap, honey," she began, "but Daddy's bathrobe is so thick 'n bulky. I want to feel your skin, not that icky ol' robe."
    Jeff was groaning with passion. He had begun to fondle the massive protuberances of breast tissue that were straining against the ribbed captivity of Mr Gonzales' undershirt. Within seconds, his big left hand had slipped underneath the garment and was frantically pawing Angelica's giant right breast. As his left hand fondled and rubbed with even greater intensity, his groaning increased in volume. This guy was hot! It would not be an overstatement to say he was losing it!
    "In fact, I'll make you a deal, darling," Angelica cooed. "If you'll take off that ol' robe, I'll slip out of this undershirt. Tit for tat," she giggled. "Actually," she merrily added, "a whole lot of tit for tat!" The buxom teenager's voice then tailed off to a whisper. "I really like being naked with you, sweetheart. Sitting naked in your lap would be 'specially exciting." She then slowly licked his ear with the flat of her long tongue.
    "I've got an even better offer, babe," Jeff replied in a slightly shaky voice. "How 'bout I take off your father's robe and then I also take off your father's undershirt. I'd really like to do both! Takin' your clothes off is so exciting!"
    "Do you promise to feel me up lots and lots while you take it off?" Angelica breathed. "That's a requirement, you know! I really need for you to totally feel me up."
    "Oh, honey!" Jeff groaned. This conversation was getting too sexy to stand! "You know I will, baby. That's a promise! Believe me, that's a promise!"
    The couple got up from the chair so the shedding of garments could begin. Jeff was so hot he could once again feel pre-cum dripping onto the floor. In addition to the spectacular volume of spunk he had deposited in Angelica's pussy, he had probably spilled a cup of the stuff on the ground. In other words, Jeff was in the midst of a daylong sexual frenzy! God, was he ready to get this girl naked! And then to loosen her brains with his thrusting, rock-hard cock.
    Jeff unbelted and shrugged off the robe. After a moment's thought, he laid it on the seat of the chair. The seats on the kitchen chairs were made of hard, sticky plastic and were thus very uncomfortable. The robe certainly had looked stupid on his body but his rump might appreciate its softness when Angelica was sitting in his lap.
    The sex hungry teenager then turned to face Angelica. The little slut — his slut, mind you! — was again arching her back in Jeff's direction. She obviously wanted some serious tit loving in the worst way. Well, Jeff was just the guy to oblige her.
    "Oh, honey," Angelica moaned. "You're so stiff ... 'n so ... so huge!"
    Jeff looked down at his groin. His throbbing, mule-sized dick was sticking straight out from his body. It was as engorged and erect as a cock could get. It was so ... ready!
    "Stiff with love for you," Jeff replied in a thick, quavering voice. "Huge with longing for you, baby. Totally filled up with oceans of sperm for you, precious."
    After wrapping his hand around his jerking dick and drawing the thick shaft up toward his trunk in order to make a hug possible, Jeff took a step forward and gathered his overly curved sweetheart into his arms. He crushed his wide-open mouth against hers and began frantically tongue fucking her hot, wet oral cavity. She moaned and thrust her wagging, wiggling tongue deep into his mouth in response.
    Jeff's eager hands dipped down and cupped Angelica's petite little buns. They instantly began squeezing the thrilling half melons of soft ass flesh. As he wildly molested Angelica's tight little ass cheeks, the strong pressure of her massive bosom against his chest, groin, and cock made the embrace particularly intoxicating. The kiss went on and on.
    The lovers' tongues frantically searched their wide-open mouths for a minute or so. Jeff finally broke the kiss and stepped back. It was time to get down to business!
    As Jeff's hands released Angelica's tight little rump, they brushed along the side of her buttocks. His right hand then grazed her thick profusion of pubic hair. He reached in through the matted thatch and lightly caressed her labia. How exciting — the bosomy kid was absolutely running and dripping with cunt juice. In reaction to his light touch, Angelica started to scream with excitement and need.
    Jeff then thrust both hands up the undershirt. Angelica's tits were so huge that he immediately encountered the heavy, spreading globes of warm breast flesh. No need to search for those whoppers!
    The tit mad young man began squeezing and mauling the giant melons. They were so soft, so massive! He looked down at Angelica. Her mouth was agape and her eyes had nearly rolled into the back of her head. Her pelvis was alternatively rocking back and forth and gently rotating. This was a girl who loved being felt up! This was a girl who wanted to get laid! Guess what? She was in luck on both counts!
    In the process of assaulting Angelica's giant bosom, Jeff had bunched the sleeveless undershirt up around her neck. Her massive, really erect shelf of tit meat was keeping the garment from slipping back down to cover up her swollen tits.
    As he squeezed and rubbed her colossal hangers, Angelica stepped a little closer to Jeff. She leaned in and began rubbing her trunk against the shaft of his straining cock. In response, Jeff threw his head back and started to moan.
    Finally, he could stand it no longer. In a single movement, Jeff lifted the undershirt up and over Angelica's head and threw it over his shoulder. He then went back to rubbing and caressing the uncovered hangers of ever-yielding tit meat.
    The massive globes were so soft! Yet so firm, too! In a way, they felt almost rubbery on account of their density and form.
    Jeff lifted one of her heavy jugs to his mouth and began to lick its areola and suck its leaky nipple. Then, he serviced the other giant milker in like fashion. Next, he returned to crazily roaming all over the vast expanse of Angelica's bosom. What a set of lungs!

"Let's sit back down in the chair, honey," Angelica suggested. She seemed a little breathless. Her face was flushed with sexual excitement. "I'm so wild about you, honey," she added in a whisper. "Plus, I've got some ideas of how we might fool around down there," she moaned. "Sit down and then I'll get on your lap. Facing you."
    Jeff's monster shaft was so engorged, so erect, that the teenage girl almost found it impossible to sit in her lover's lap. It didn't matter, though — this arrangement was strictly temporary!
    As she settled into his lap Jeff looked down with widened eyes. Angelica's enormous udders were actually resting on top of his thighs as the lovers nestled in each other's arms. Jeff certainly knew that Angelica had colossal tits; still, he became stunned every time he looked anew at her massive knockers! They were just too shockingly huge to be true! Yet he could feel their substantial weight resting heavily on his thighs. They were real, all right!
    Within less than a second, Jeff and Angelica's mouths had almost magnetically fused. Their tongues lashed at each other, and warm spit ran from mouth to mouth. Their eager hands roamed and groped all over their fabulous bodies. They were so gone over each other!
    Jeff started sucking on Angelica's voluptuous lips. Then, he turned his head slightly to the side, rammed his frantic tongue inside her mouth, and began to lick inside her hot, wet oral cavity. She groaned with delight at this crazed ravishing of her lips and mouth.
    As he sucked and licked, Jeff reached down with both hands to heft — one at a time! — Angelica's incredibly heavy tits. God, the girl was so buxom! He was soon manically squeezing and fondling the giant appendages.
    As the kiss broke, Angelica looked up at her boyfriend with lust and longing. "I need for you to be inside me, precious. I'm really, really sore from our earlier lovemaking but I don't care ... it doesn't matter ... I just need you inside me so badly. It feels so great." The overbuilt beauty sensuously licked her lips. "Fuck me, honey. Fast 'n hard, baby."

Angelica put her hands on Jeff's shoulders and raised herself up so that she was nearly standing on the chair. Her dripping cunt was poised above his super-stiff dick. Luckily, the seats of their kitchen chairs were wide enough so that there was room for her feet to gain purchase on the edges of the seat.
    "Hold me by my thighs, precious," she moaned, "and ease me down onto your cock. Fill me up with that giant ... thing!"
    Jeff took hold of Angelica by the bottoms of her luscious thighs and lifted the Latina beauty up so that her feet were no longer on the chair. Angelica then reached down to prop Jeff's cock up at a perfect 180-degree angle. He then began to ease her down slowly, ever so slowly, so that his huge cockhead was soon passing through her thick thatch of pubic hair and pressing up against her cunt lips. At the moment of contact, Angelica gave out a huge moan and a long orgasmic shudder.
    The young man knew that on account of the pre-cum coating his dickhead, along with the sex slime that he could feel sluicing out of Angelica's dripping cunt, his trip up and down her pussy should be a well-lubricated affair. Still, his shaft was so massive....
    As soon as his cockhead was touching Angelica's vaginal area, Jeff began to rotate her fabulous body in tiny little circles in order to facilitate the insertion of his oversized dickhead inside her tender, teenaged pussy lips. Angelica helped out by moving the cock herself to line up its massive knob with her gushing slit.
    All this wriggling did the trick. Jeff could feel his cockhead slip about an inch or so inside Angelica's pussy. She was screaming with exquisite pleasure as her lover's immense cock began its journey to the very center of her welcoming body.
    Jeff let her down slowly, ever so slowly, along the length of his horse-sized cock. As they reached the five-inch mark, he looked lovingly into Angelica's eyes. They were bulging! Although five inches was not all that deep — Eddie's cock had undoubtedly been there, done that! — the eight-inch circumference of Jeff's cock was another matter. Short of childbirth, no girl's vaginal canal gets stretched out quite like this. Not unless she's making love with Jeff Weld!
    As he let her down another couple of inches, Jeff could feel Angelica's breathing start to get very ragged. How he wanted just to jam her all the way down on his overly thick shaft! But Jeff knew better. A measured pace was the watchword. Patience was a must!
    At the seven inch mark, Angelica started once again to shake and shudder. She was clearly in the throes of a yet another monster cum! Still, Jeff continued relentlessly to ease her further and further down his slippery shaft. As the orgasm subsided, Jeff noticed that Angelica had started huffing and puffing. She reminded Jeff of the pregnant women in labor they had seen practicing Lamaze in videos in his Health and Modern Living class last semester.
    Jeff eased her down another inch. Angelica had a concerned look on her stunning face. "Just ... just hold it there for a second, lover," she whispered. "My body needs to get used to your hugeness again for just a minute." Then she smiled. "I guess our little dinner break took the edge off my readiness." Angelica smiled again. "Not my eagerness, though!"
    As the eager teenagers waited, Angelica shuddered and convulsed with an overpowering orgasm. It lasted nearly a minute. When her clenching finally subsided, she looked up at Jeff with a dazzling smile. "Hmmm ... that sure worked, didn't it?" After a pause, she moaned, "Bury some more of that ol' monster, Jeff ... I need it all!"
    Jeff felt resistance at the nine-inch mark. He had hit bottom. He applied pressure as he probed her cervix. He tried to be gentle, but — man! — he was so very, very excited!
    Angelica exploded with a combination groan and moan as Jeff absolutely crushed her cervix with his thrusting cockhead. Almost immediately, a really strong series of orgasmic shudders gripped Angelica's body! She began helplessly clenching and unclenching her outrageously voluptuous body as an even more overpowering cum stiffened up her muscular system. Jeff took the opportunity to pull her even further down his massive shaft. After a little more pulling and maneuvering, Jeff could tell that he had punched past her cervix. He was now fucking her womb!
    Jeff cupped Angelica's mind-boggling ass cheeks with his huge, warm hands, and excitedly moved his giant-titted sweetheart up and down his ultra-rigid dick. Up, down, up, down....
    Angelica had entered a realm of nearly ceaseless orgasm. The amazing girth of Jeff's shaft was triggering nerves she never knew existed. Nor was this all; she could actually feel the thick cordage of his bulging veins digging deeply into the slime-slick walls of her cunt and uterus. The rasping feel as Jeff's giant cock chafed the slick walls of her quivering vaginal canal was so outrageously thrilling!
    Plus, Jeff was going so unbelievably deep! Angelica felt as though his dickhead was now somewhere up around her lungs. Girls just didn't have their reproductive systems assaulted like this. It was so awesome! The teenage beauty just couldn't stop shuddering and stiffening. Could there be any doubt that Jeff was the guy for her?
    On account of this straight up and down lap fucking, Jeff was going much deeper and rubbing her internal organs with greater force than when they had been fucking missionary style in her bed. Oh, this was so exciting!
    Jeff's own excitement was heightened by feel of Angelica's massive tits and ossified nipples as the distended mounds of flesh rubbed up and down against his body on each fuck stroke. She had clasped her hands around his neck and was pulling her colossal tits against Jeff's torso to make their lovemaking even more exciting. Oh, these two were pleasuring each other almost beyond human endurance.

After about ten minutes, Jeff's arms felt as if they were about to fall off. His bulging biceps testified to hours spent in the weight room each week yet the task of running Angelica up and down his thick cock was taking its toll. He had to stop — if only for a few moments.
    "Are you okay, honey?" Angelica asked.
    "You bet I am," Jeff answered. "my arms are a little weary, that's all. Let's rest for a minute or two."
    "Hmmm," Angelica agreed. "Just so long as I can stay impaled on your huge cock!" The huge breasted teenager thought for a moment and then said, "You know what's so great about your giant cock, honey?"
    "It's that when it goes so deep like this we get so completely connected! I mean, dearest, that when your huge, thick cock is up around my lungs — and that's where it is right now, can you believe it? — it really means we've become one person. Our flesh is one, you know? And that's so thrilling! Having your huge penis filling me up from my pussy to my throat — well, almost to my throat, anyway! — just makes you so much more a part of me than if your cock were a lot shorter and only filled up part of my vagina. I guess what I'm saying, lover, is that size really does matter! It lets you possess so much more of me. And I love that! Do you know what I mean?"
    "I never thought about it quite that way before," Jeff responded, "but that's so true."
    Angelica smiled lovingly at her boy friend. "It's feels so great, too." She smiled again. "So let's just sit here for a sec, with you buried inside me, just totally filling me up, and simply enjoy being one while your arms rest. Okay?"
    "You bet, honey."

The teenage lovers quietly held each other for a minute or two. Then Angelica whispered into Jeff's ear. "I love this sitting quietly while your arms recover. But what if we hug 'n kiss a little while we're waiting. Just, you know, to keep us feelin' sexy 'n all?"
    "You got it, babe," Jeff grinned.
    The lovers were soon swallowing each other's faces in a monumentally passionate French kiss. Their tongues frantically lashed inside each other's mouths. The sound of oral suctions being formed and then broken bounced off the walls of the kitchen. Naturally, Jeff crazily pummeled and mauled Angelica's massive breasts as their face-sucking kiss went on and on.
    After a minute or two of this passionate mouth fucking, Jeff returned to the primary business at hand. He moved his hands back under her luscious thighs and once again began moving Angelica up and down his slippery pole. Their frenzied make-out session during the brief rest period had once again made his cock as hard as cast iron.
    Jeff fucked his lover for few minutes and then stopped for a moment to fuck her with his tongue instead — orally, that is. Unbelievably deep, mouth-contorting French kissing and wild groping characterized these short breaks.
    As Jeff could feel his excitement growing, he picked up the pace. He was now hoisting Angelica up and down his slick love pole at a frantic speed. His efforts were punctuated with loud grunts. His arms were again on fire from the exertion but so what!
    The sound effects accompanying this frantic coupling were so arousing! The couple groaned with overwhelming passion. Loud, wet, sucking noises accompanied each fuck stroke. Angelica's overexcited cunt was so juicy!
    Jeff's mammoth cock was now tingling as love shocks pulsed up and down his shaft on every fuck stroke. Could a climax be far away? For her part, Angelica was so excited that she was being racked with a new orgasm on nearly every trip up and down her man's massive cock.
    Some five minutes later, Angelica's utterly soaked and dripping cunt could sense that Jeff's dick, which had already gained the solidity of cast iron, was somehow becoming even harder still. The overly thick love tube was starting to bloat as well. The teenage beauty could tell that for her lover, the jig was up! And for her as well!
    "Oh, dearest ... just hose me down with your sticky sperm, lover," Angelica moaned. "Fill me up with hot spunk, precious! I need your jism, baby. Oh, how I love you, Jeff!"
    These sexy words carried Jeff over the top. No sooner had his buxom lover's sexy words faded away than he was suddenly slammed and buffeted with overpowering thrills and shudders. His body was now clenching from the effect of electrifying spasms that were racking his entire being from his toes to his head. This orgasm was so strong! Jeff was just grunting and groaning uncontrollably.
    Drool was dripping out of the corner of his mouth. His muscles were stiffening and then contracting so strongly that Jeff wondered if he was going to lapse into a kind of sexual convulsion. These shudders and chills and thrills were stretching his body out to the breaking point as they wildly coursed through his utterly out of control nervous system.
    Long ropes of hot creamy seed began blasting out of Jeff's jerking cock as his shudders went on and on. These amazingly urgent and powerful splats of sperm bore witness to his crazed feelings for the impossibly beautiful, absurdly buxom teenage girl whose cunt and womb he was so absolutely drilling! He was out of control. He was so excited, so wild, so frenzied. And so too was Angelica. Her sympathetic orgasm matched her lover's in both strength and duration.
    As the lovers convulsed and shuddered and moaned and grunted and bellowed at the tops of their lungs, Jeff shot rope after rope of hot creamy spunk into the depths of Angelica's dripping, contracting, convulsing pussy and womb. He was now ramming the buxom Latina up and down his pole with such force and fury that her massive jugs were flying up and down and from side to side like runaway balloons. His ejaculations were so powerful that Angelica could feel the impact of each pulsating explosion of creamy sperm as it crashed against the far walls of her womb. Angelica was paying quite a price for wearing her father's undershirt!
    The orgasm went on for an unbelievable four minutes. This was the third time Jeff had pulled the trigger this afternoon. Yet he was rocketing sperm-rich spunk into his girl friend's womb as if it were his first cum in months! How was this even possible?
    A quick look at Angelica dispelled any mystery on that score. Her shockingly beautiful face ... man! The giant mounds of tit flesh absolutely mashed between their torsos — wow! Any guy making love to a girl like this was going to respond by reaching the very peak of his sexual potential. And since Jeff's peak was so much higher than the average guy's, he and Angelica were taking a hell of a ride. No problem, though ... they both loved it! And each other, too, of course!

The lovers sat and cuddled in the chair in post-coital silence for a few minutes. Each knew they had just had a sexual experience that was, well, one for the ages. Jeff's slowly softening cock was still inside Angelica's womb. Even though their orgasms were over, the lovers wanted their incredible connectedness and intimacy to continue.
    This loving, comfortable, silence reigned for about ten minutes. During this calm, the lovers lightly brushed their lips against their faces, their mouths, and their hair. They shared very soft, exquisitely gentle but passionate French kisses. No words were exchanged for the lovers' communication was perfect without them.
    Jeff had begun softly and lovingly to stroke Angelica's hair. Its gorgeous fullness, its mid-back length, its lustrous light brown color mixed with sexy blonde streaks and highlights were all so captivating. Sexy hair really made a girl look great. God! Everything about Angelica was so ... perfect!
    "I just never dreamed that sex could be like that," Angelica finally whispered about five minutes later. These were the first words spoken since they had stopped making love. "In fact," she grinned, "if sex with you is this wonderful, I'm going to drop out of school and just fuck you all day long!"
    Jeff grinned in return. "Wouldn't that be great?" Then, he got a more serious look on his face. "Thing is, though, I know you well enough already to be sure you'd never settle for that. I just think you want lots of things for your life. Good things. Things that take lots of work. Accomplishments. You're an achiever, baby. I just know it, 'cause it takes one to know one."
    Angelica smiled. "Yep ... that's me, all right. Miss Junior Achievement," she laughed. "But it's fun to fantasize ... especially when I'm in the arms of the most exciting guy on earth." She paused. "Especially when he has his giant cock up my vagina," she added with a grin.
    "Speaking of arms, I hope your arms aren't too tired, honey. I know I can be kind of a load."
    "I did wimp out a couple of times," Jeff admitted, "but you're no load. Hell, you're so slim and petite."
    "Honey!" Angelica rolled her eyes. "Just how much do you think I weigh, anyway?"
    "Hmmm ... 105, 110 ... something like that."
    "Angelica laughed. "Would you believe ... 150?"
    "Baby," Jeff protested, "that's impossible! I mean, I know what 150 looks like on a girl and you're nowhere near that neighborhood. 150 is big ... fat, even! Nope ... 110, tops!"
    The buxom teen reached down and cupped her huge left breast. It took two hands. Even at that, the spreading mass of soft flesh greatly overflowed her outstretched fingers and palms. "You're forgetting about these whoppers, baby. My tits. They're huge, in case you haven't noticed!"
    "Well ... yeah!" Jeff allowed. "I think I did notice them," he added with a chuckle. "Once or twice at least!"
    "I've never really weighed them but ... ummm ... my doctor estimates ... that, well ... they weigh ... er ... twenty...." Angelica paused to place a little wet kiss on Jeff's cheek. "... pounds," she continued after which a second tiny little kiss was bestowed on Jeff's cheek. "...each," she concluded. "That's forty pounds of tit, honey." Angelica leaned back in and gave her lover a third soft kiss on the cheek. "So, baby, you only get an honorable mention on our little pop quiz. You've got the right idea, though ... if I had a chest like the average girl, I really would weigh 105 or 110. But since I don't ... 150 it is!"
    Jeff dipped down and hefted up Angelica's right tit. It certainly was heavy! "Actually, they seem bigger now than they did at school," Jeff observed.
    "They probably are. As I said, they get bigger just before my period but especially when I'm gettin' sexy with a guy I'm really gone over. Like someone I know, maybe...?" She placed a small wet kiss on his cheek. "Then they really expand! Like totally! I'm only guessing, but I must be four or five cup sizes bigger now than when we were starin' at each other in the Deans' Office."

God! It's true, what she said! But that means if she was an O-cup normally, she must be ... an S-cup now. Or even a T-cup! Fuck! So if the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue is anything to go by, her bust measurement must be way past fifty inches!

    "Wow! I meant to tell you that it was so sexy for you to take off your bra before I came up to the apartment," Jeff whispered. "It turned me on so much!"
    Angelica grinned. "The truth, baby, is that I took it off 'cause I figured we were gonna be makin' out 'n junk and I knew my breasts were gonna swell up — way up!" The overdeveloped teenager pulled a face. "My bra was already getting tight after our kissing in the car. If I had kept it on, I would have been in agony! It would have been strangling me!"
    "I could have come to the rescue," Jeff chuckled.
    "Don't worry. You did, precious, you did. Boy, did you ever!"

A companionable silence reigned. The teenage lovers tenderly held and caressed each other. Every minute or so, their mouths would come together for a languid but still passionate French kiss.
    Jeff was so absorbed in holding and kissing Angelica that he had failed to notice that things were getting a little, well ... er ... damp! An enormous quantity of sperm had run out of Angelica's cunt and pooled in his lap. His pubic hair was heavily clotted with the stuff. He could tell that a lot more seed had leaked between his legs onto the bathrobe he had draped over the chair and undoubtedly onto the floor as well. There could be little doubt that a shockingly beautiful, super-curvaceous, ultra-buxom girl like Angelica could really pull the jizz out of a guy. And that then gravity would take over and pull it back out of her! As for the cleanup, well, they would worry about that later. It was time to refocus on the luscious package of ultra-femininity cuddling and wriggling in his lap.
    Jeff started to get some serious thoughts. Beyond sex thoughts. He wanted to get to know this girl better. He wanted to know everything about her! "What kind of plans do you have for, like, after high school, precious? What are your dreams?" he asked.

God! What a corny question! Except, it's not corny 'cause I really want to know these things! I just want to know everything about Angelica!

    The overdeveloped beauty got a faraway look. "Hmmm ... well, doing well in school, for starters. Especially in a new school. Then college, of course. Those things come first. Great things for my family, naturally. Finding Mr Right is important too." She looked Jeff in the eye and unblinkingly held his burning gaze for a few seconds. The feelings that were passing between them during those moments were so intense that Jeff shivered. The look told Jeff that her search might be over! And his for Miss Right as well!
    "It's still early but have you thought about colleges?"
    "Sure have," Angelica acknowledged. "My parents are loyal Texans. They'd like to see me go to the University of Texas. For most kids, becoming a Longhorn is a real sign of academic success."
    "And how about you?"
    "Well, Austin's fine but ever since my freshman year I've had a yen to go to Stanford. We traveled up the California coast last summer and I just fell in love with the place."
    "It's tough to get into, though."
    "I know. Still, my grades are good and so were my SATs, so I might actually have a shot at Stanford."
    "All right ... I'll be nosy. How good are your grades and SATs?"
    Angelica grinned and stuck out her tongue. "You're right ... you are being nosy. But I do want you to know everything about me — and vice-versa, buster! — so I'll spill. My grades are ... actually, they're all A's."
    "Impressive!" Jeff exclaimed. "By the way, you didn't ask but those are better than mine. I've got a 3.94 on a 4.0 — I got a couple of B's mixed in there ... like the one from Mrs Aegerter, the bitch! And then there was organic chemistry, where I earned a B minus fair and square."
    "Well, I think Maine East is a much tougher school than Bowie. We'll see how I do here."
    "How'd your SATs turn out?"
    "Hmmm ... 1560."
    "Honey," Jeff gasped, "that's, like, almost perfect! And those are your SATs from your junior year so you'll probably go even higher when you take 'em again as a senior. Baby, you're a brain!"
    "Oh, darn it," Angelica giggled. "I blew it. Aren't I supposed to play dumb so I don't scare you off or something?"
    "Hey, girl," Jeff broke in, "I like my women to be smart. This is just another way you're so perfect." The young man thought for a moment. "Maybe I'm not smart enough for you! After all, I only got 1412 on my SATs."
    "Well, that's very high, Jeff ... and you know it! Where're you going to school?"
    "Yale, I hope! But I'm still waiting to hear. I got into Brown already so if Yale says no, that's where I'll go. Believe me, though, honey, with all A's and a 1560, you'll slide right into Stanford. Believe it!"
    Angelica got a thoughtful look on her gorgeous face. "I don't know ... I hope you're right. But I'm having second thoughts even if I were to get in. Last fall, we had a college fair at Bowie. I met with a woman from Harvard. When she saw my grades 'n SATs 'n all, she really got excited. Enthusiastic! Since that night I've gotten lots 'n lots of letters from Harvard. They sound like they want me."
    "Harvard's a wonderful place," Jeff noted encouragingly. He then smirked. "Did I tell you Harvard turned me down? Didn't even put me on the waiting list."

God! If I got into Yale or if I go to Brown, Angelica would be right up the road either way. I know it's ridiculous to make plans on the basis of one afternoon together, but if we become a long-term couple, that would be great! We'd be close enough to see each other all the time but not so close that we'd smother each other by being on the same campus. We could each build our own separate college identities but still make love on the weekends. We could spend lots of time together out of bed, too. It would be perfect!

    "Poor baby," Angelica said. "Too bad for Harvard. It's their loss. Anyway, I'm now thinking that maybe Harvard might just be the way for me to go. If they really 'n truly want me, of course. Especially now that we're living in the Midwest instead of West Texas. I mean, Harvard's the best! The college all the others are measured against. If I can get in, why not go for it?"

I can't believe I'm thinking thoughts like this but hearing that Jeff is going to Yale or Brown suddenly makes Harvard seem like the place to go! We could see each other on weekends. How stupid! We've known each other for, what, seven hours and already I'm planning our future? And picking a college on that basis? But it just seems so right! Sometimes you can just see a person for a second and just know! Every time I look into Jeff's eyes I do know! He really could be the One!

    "'Course," Angelica added, "I know all about the affirmative action angle that people have been talkin' about recently. The angle you've been so careful not to mention, honey! I bet the woman from Harvard wouldn't have gotten so enthusiastic 'bout me and my credentials if I weren't Hispanic. By admitting me, Harvard College could help counteract the effect on my schooling of the American theft of Northwest Mexico in the 1840s. What they call 'the mutilation' on the other side of the Rio Grande." Angelica began to giggle. "How's that for some action that's affirmative?"
    "Hey," Jeff broke in, "that just ain't so! Straight A's and 1560 SATs don't need affirmative action. You'd get in if you were the waspiest WASP around with those numbers."
    Angelica shot her new boyfriend a slightly patronizing look. Was the fellow as clueless as that? "Jeff, come on! They say Harvard turns down hundreds of applicants with 1600s every year. They say no to thousands of straight A students every year. Tons of valedictorians, too. You could look it up! I know being an Hispanic makes a difference. All the difference in the world!"
    "So what if it does?" Jeff protested. "Look, if I get into Yale my football will have made the difference. Would I have gotten into Brown if my father hadn't been a graduate of Brown, class of '34? Or if I weren't a big honcho on the football team? I doubt it! Lots of people have affirmative action going for them. Even a Mayflower-descended, football-playing, son-of-an-alum guy like me! It's just that in my case we don't call it affirmative action. We just label it taking a legacy." Jeff giggled. "Me and all the other Social Register types!"
    Angelica smiled. "I never thought of it that way, but you're right, of course! People talk about Negroes 'n Hispanics getting unfair consideration but nobody talks about athletes 'n alumni legacies 'n big contributors 'n stuff like that." The overbuilt beauty leaned in and gave Jeff a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the boost, pal!" The young teen cocked her head and smiled at her lover. "Golly, you make me feel so good in so many different ways! Am I glad we happened to be in the Deans' Office at the same time!"

Jeff suddenly recalled his musings earlier in the day about how much more gorgeous Angelica was than the Hispanic Playmate of the Month. Or than even Natalie Wood. His girlfriend's stunning beauty flatly blew them away.
    "You know, honey, you're beautiful enough to be a movie star, actually. Easily. You could go to Harvard first and then...."
    "Thanks, baby. But how 'bout you? As long as we're talkin' Hollywood, Jeff, you're absolutely handsome enough to be an actor. You've got leading man looks ... that means you could be a leading man! What could be more logical than that?" Angelica giggled.
    Jeff paused for a moment. Was he being mocked ... again? Well, if he was it was mockery he had richly earned in his clumsy attempt to impress the buxom teenager earlier in the day. It was time to roll with the punches! And ... to learn an important lesson: Nothing, but nothing, gets past Angelica!
    "Hey," Jeff enthused, "Some really big stars have gone to Harvard and Yale first. We could follow in their footsteps. They paved the way so that we could follow in their footsteps. How about that? We could be the show biz couple of the century!"
    Angelica shook her head sadly. "I really appreciate the vote of confidence in my looks, honey, but no way could I make it in Hollywood."
    "Of course, you could," Jeff protested.
    "Nope," Angelica insisted. "Think about it, Jeff. Nobody with breasts this large could possibly have a chance of making it in Hollywood. What sort of role could I play? Actually," she continued, "the only sort of career I could have out there would be in adult-only flicks."
    "You're right, there!" Jeff agreed. "One look at your bosom and the dirty movie guys would be salivating to get you on screen. You'd be an instant star in that genre!"
    Angelica smiled. "Not my style, Jeff. Not at all! Besides, the only salivating I'm interested in is yours, sweetheart!"

Angelica nestled up against Jeff for a short snuggle. Then she leaned back and smiled into his eyes. "We're really a well-matched pair, you know."
    "I know," Jeff agreed.
    "Do you? Or are you just being agreeable. Let me explain my thinking. I know that some might say we couldn't be well suited to each other 'cause they'd figure I'm a Mexican whose grandparents got to the U.S. by getting their backs wet wading the Rio Grande, while you're a WASP whose family came over on the Mayflower." The buxom Latina's eyes flashed, and then she continued. "I say, phooey to them!" She stuck out her tongue in mock derision at these unidentified naysayers.
    "Amen!" Jeff replied. Then he paused. "It was the Arabella, actually, not the Mayflower."

Why did I have to add that! I really am a snob, aren't I?

    The buxom teenager stuck out her tongue. "Well, whoopsy-do! I'm still impressed!"

If this relationship is gonna have legs, we're really gonna have to work on Jeff's tendency to show off. I guess he's still trying to impress me. As if knowing what boat his family came over on in the 1600s was the sort of thing that'll make an impression on me! And as if the important things — his good character, his loving nature, his good looks, and his giant cock — haven't totally impressed me already!

    Jeff reddened. "I'm sorry," he said sheepishly. "Sometimes, I just can't help showing off."
    Angelica reassuringly patted his hand. "Well ... braggin' really isn't an attractive trait. But don't worry, honey. I'm sure you'll get over it. With my help, of course," she added impishly. "But on all the important issues, we are so well-matched," Angelica continued. "First, we are both really, really smart."
    "I'll accept that," Jeff replied.
    "And I think we're both really caring people. Kind people. Honest people, too."
    Jeff thought for a moment. "I try to be those things. I really do. I don't always made the grade. But I try."
    "I know you do, sweetheart, and that's what counts," Angelica pronounced as she leaned in to kiss Jeff on the cheek. Even though she already had tentative plans for Jeff's continued character development, Angelica was willing to grant the point for the sake of the conversation.
    "Plus," she added, her eyes glittering, "we're both really, really good looking. I know you're supposed to be humble 'n all and not say things like that out loud but between us let's admit it. We really are awfully attractive people. That also makes us a good match. I think I read that in Cosmo or someplace. Things works best when couples are equivalent in looks."
    Jeff smiled. "Honey, I'm no expert on male looks but you're not just good looking and attractive. Baby, you are the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen, and I mean in person, in the moves, in magazines ... anywhere!"
    Angelica laughed. "That's a little strong but thanks anyway, Jeff. And as for you ... you'll have to trust me on this, precious, but you are the best looking guy I've ever seen. You're just an absolute dream. A total hunk! You make me go weak in the knees every time I look at you."
    Jeff smiled appreciatively. "Ditto, baby. Absolutely ditto."
    Angelica then put her mouth to Jeff's ear and licked it a couple of times. "There's one more thing, baby," she whispered in a barely audible voice.
    "We're both freaks!"
    "Freaks. It's certainly no secret that I've got these fantastically huge breasts. They're just inhumanly big. Sometimes I feel like one of those Aztec fertility dolls they have down in the National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City."
    Jeff reached down and started to fondle her massive tits. "I'll have to do some more field research before I can comment on that, honey," he said in a suddenly lust-laden voice.
    "And look at you, Jeff! You've got this gigantic cock that looks like it's been transplanted from a mule or something. It's just too big to believe. Cocks that big don't exist! Not on human beings, anyway! It makes me shiver every time I see it ... or even think about it. Plus, the things you can do with it.... The way you make a girl feel...."
    Jeff smiled again.
    "So, honey," Angelica continued, "face it — we're freaks, sexual oddities, fertility symbols, you name it. And 'cause of that I think we belong together. We're a match, honey. My tits and your cock." The gorgeous Latina got a thoughtful look in her eye. "I wonder ... hmmm ... I wonder if somehow when we first spotted each other in the Deans' Office we didn't sense that sexual thing on some level. Even though I didn't know you were the size of a horse until later. It was just the way we connected. Out of the blue! Zap! Instantly! Honey, the second our eyes met, I was a goner!"
    "So was I," Jeff agreed.
    "So," Angelica briskly continued, "that's the story. We were just destined for each other! We're smart as hell, really, really good-looking ... and physically a couple of total anatomical freaks! Mutants, for goodness sake! " She giggled. "What a pair!"
    "What a pair is right!" agreed Jeff, who was still fondling Angelica's stupendously large bosom. "A matched pair!"

"Let me switch positions, honey," Angelica said. "My leg's going to sleep."
    The overdeveloped teenager lifted her right leg up over Jeff's head, swiveled to her left, and settled back in on his lap, this time with both legs lying across her lover's thighs. What an acrobat! She even managed to keep Jeff's cock inside her twat throughout the entire maneuver. Amazing!
    Angelica leaned into Jeff and looked deeply into his eyes. "Seven and a half hours! Seven and a half hours ago we first met. I've gone from seeing you for the very first time to falling very deeply in love with you." Jeff could see a tear forming in the corner of her right eye. "Oh, Jeff, you're so special!"
    "I'm crazy about you, too, baby," Jeff groaned.
    Their mouths drew together. They were soon swallowing their faces with a torrid soul kiss. Their tongues ardently dueled. Jeff had his left arm around Angelica to support her back. His right hand was wildly fondling the buxom girl's watermelon tits. His squeezing fingers had difficulty gaining an actual handhold — after all, her tits were too much more than a handful to allow that — but he could sure rub and fondle the massive pair!
    On account of the fact his hands were both occupied, Angelica had put both arms around Jeff's neck in order to maintain the pressure of the kiss. These two were so in love that if it had been possible, they would have crawled inside each other's skins.
    Of course, when a guy has an incredibly beautiful girl with 32O-cup-plus tits in his lap — and what's more has his cock up her twat — things are going to happen, even if the guy has already made love three times to the girl during the preceding 3½ hours.
    Angelica suddenly broke the kiss and sat upright. "Jeff, I can't believe you're stiff again!" she wailed.
    "Well, when you're with a girl who's brilliant, drop-dead gorgeous, and freaky besides...."
    "Jeff, I can feel your cockhead poking the walls of my uterus." She looked at Jeff in dismay. "Honey, we made love less than an hour ago ... we've made love three times today already. And now you want to screw again?"
    Jeff refused to be apologetic. "What can I say, Angelica. My body likes you. A whole lot! It won't listen to reason."
    The impossibly buxom girl smiled a very wry smile. "Honey, I love making love to you. I love you! I'm bonkers over you. Today's been the most wonderful experience of my life! It's just that ... that ... I'm so awfully sore! I just don't think my vagina could stand any more screwing. Not right this minute anyway."
    Jeff had a noncommittal look on his face. He had been there, done that, before!
    "Honey, my body is going to get used to your big ol' cock — I know it will! It just has to! It will just take a little time, is all. Can we postpone making love for a just little while, baby? Till, um, I get in training?"

So Angelica needs a little break from fucking? I'm used to that. That gives me an idea. If we spend the weekend doing normal dating things — just a little kissy face and tit touching at the end of the evening — that should go a long way toward solving the problem. Plus, it'll give her time to get un-sore. Besides, I really want to keep my hands mostly off her this weekend anyway just to let her know that I like her, not just her body. Hell, every single girl I've ever porked has had a problem with my big ol' thing. At first. But every single one of them ended up getting really, really used to it in the end. That's putting it mildly! It takes a while — the problem in the past was that just around the time they were getting totally comfortable with its size, Pam and I were hooking back up. Didn't that cause problems! Oh, my! I won't have that problem this time, though, 'cause this relationship is for keeps!

    "Of course, we can take a break, honey." Jeff smiled lovingly into Angelica's eyes. "Hell, baby, I just enjoy doing everything — anything — with you. Talking, holding, hugging, just being with you ... whatever ... you name it ... anything is a joy so long as you're part of the picture. We can do anything so long as it's us doin' it." Jeff smiled an evil smile. "It's just that my cock doesn't have that perspective. It only knows one thing...."
    Angelica laughed. "It sure knows that one thing very, very well, though." The ultra-buxom Latina looked into her lover's eyes. "Honey, I meant no intercourse for a while, not no sex. Let's go back to my bedroom. I've been thinkin' about a substitute activity that might just meet with his nibs' approval!" The overdeveloped kid winked. "And mine, too," she added with a smirk.

With Jeff's help, Angelica raised herself up and off his straining, rock hard cock. There was a slight "pop" as his big dickhead slipped out from between her cunt lips. Jeff's thick hard-on and Angelica's dripping pussy had actually formed a suction that didn't want to break. The couple looked at each other and smiled. "I guess I just don't want to let that big ol' thing escape," the buxom teenager giggled.
    The lovers started down the hall to Angelica's bedroom. They began by holding hands but that mode of contact lasted only a step or two. The teenage girl started to lean heavily into her boyfriend; she needed more contact with his hard, strongly muscled body than the mere act of holding hands would provide.
    Jeff's hands quickly slid down to her butt to cup her sensational ass cheeks. He pulled her lush body strongly into his torso. The pressure of her giant tits against his body was so thrilling! The lovers segued into an impossibly torrid embrace. Seconds later the oversexed couple were wildly French kissing and frantically groping their fabulous bodies. Jeff and Angelica could not even walk twenty feet from the kitchen to her bedroom without taking time out for some steamy young loving!
    "Stand right here in front of my bed, sweetie," Angelica commanded when they had finally made it to the bedroom. "I've got some plans for you. Big plans! Big plans for a big guy!"
    Jeff stopped in his tracks. His giant sex wand was projecting straight out from his groin to its full 14" extension like a lethal weapon. Man, was he stiff!
    The buxom Latina quickly dropped to her knees and immediately leaned in under the length of Jeff's throbbing dick. She lovingly cradled his lemon-sized cockhead in her palm while beginning a long, lazy lick from the very hilt of the giant cock all the way up to the bottom of its swollen knob. With a cock the size of Jeff's, her velvety tongue was undertaking a long journey!
    Jeff groaned and subtly began to pump his hips. Was this gorgeous creature going to suck his cock? Oh, man! It certainly looked like it!
    When Angelica's long, wet tongue finally reached her lover's crown, she began flat licking its soft, satiny surface. She found herself cleaning off the sheen of pre-cum that had slurped out of Jeff's cockhole while the fellow had been undergoing the agony of unsatisfied arousal.

What's this? Hmmm. I don't think it's sperm. I guess it's that stuff that sorta seeps out of a fellow's penis when he's really, really excited? Kinda like the gunk that's been leaking out of my nipples all afternoon? Probably only happens when a guy's really, really excited? Jeff certainly qualifies on that score! Hmmm. It's a little salty ... kind of savory ... not bad, overall! Hmmm. If Jeff's sperm tastes anything like this, I might consider taking a load down my throat. You know, like, take one for the team? Our team, that is! Hmmm. I'll have to think about that!

    She next rained tiny kisses all over the knob, including two or three passionate ones centered on his cockhole. Then, she pursed her lips and sucked very hard on the tiny slit. She imagined she could taste traces of the cups and cups of jism that had spurted out of that orifice during — and between — their thrilling couplings.
    The young girl then bestowed rapid hummingbird-like flicks with the tip of her tongue all over the oversized crown. On account of this rapt attention to his throbbing love knob, Jeff was understandably in the throes of ecstasy!
    Angelica next opened her mouth so wide that Jeff could hear her jawbone crack. She turned her head sideways and fastened her wide-open mouth to her lover's shaft at a point just below its crown. For a time she sucked and sucked on the rock hard love muscle at that point. Jeff had begun noisily moaning.
    The giant-breasted stunner then slowly, ever so slowly, ran her wet, dripping, wide-open mouth down the length of the thick shaft to its very base, deep in the bush of his pubic hair. She next went lower still and licked her lover's huge balls ... they were nearly the size of baseballs — amazing! Their improbable size so excited Angelica that she sucked in as much of the loose skin of his scrotum as her mouth could hold. After releasing the scrotal tissue, she very slowly retraced the exciting journey back to the tip of her lover's massive dick. By the time she had returned to the lower margin of his dickhead, Jeff's thick shaft was slippery and shiny with his girl friend's saliva.
    Perhaps as an afterthought, the overdeveloped kid then upped the ante. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and resumed her thrilling open-mouth trips up and down the improbable length of Jeff's monster shaft. This time, the extended flat of her tongue along with her open mouth encompassed over half the staggering circumference of the shaft. After tonguing, sucking, and generally slobbering all over this underneath portion of the cock, Angelica pulled down on the shaft — moving it off center was not easy! — and administered this electrifying tongue-lip-and-mouth treatment to its full heroic length on the upper side of the giant dick.
    The outrageously gorgeous Latina looked up on about her twentieth pass up and down the throbbing shaft and stared deeply into Jeff's eyes. "Oh, honey, you're getting so hard!" she marveled as she pulled off for just a second. The young girl started to dip her head to return to her task, stopped, looked back up into his eyes, and added, "God, I love you, Jeff Weld!"
    Angelica then directed her attention to Jeff's oversized cockhead. She again opened her mouth to the breaking point and began to go down on the bloated knob. A vexed look appeared on the young Latina's stunning face. She was having trouble getting Jeff's monumental dickhead inside her mouth! It was so huge! She pulled off, positioned her slack mouth over his cockhole, and allowed generous ropes of drool to escape her mouth to coat the straining cockhead with a slippery sheen. Jeff's dickhead glistened as his new girlfriend applied liberal amounts of saliva to the giant knob. Angelica then reopened her mouth to its fullest extent — crack! — and, after turning her head from side to side, was finally able to suck the tip of the enormous cockhead into her hot, wet, overstuffed mouth.
    At last she was truly and technically sucking Jeff's cock. The problem was that his dickhead was so swollen, so huge, that she was unable to get the entire knob — let alone any part of the shaft — into her mouth. Still, she did what she could by simultaneously bobbing up and down and licking the major portion of the lemon-sized cockhead. The swirling action of her hot, wet tongue as the huge-breasted beauty bobbed up and down on her boyfriend's cock was so exciting!
    Jeff had long become resigned to the fact that on account of the shocking size of his prick, he would never get a proper blowjob. To a girl, all of his post-Pam playmates had tried to suck him off. Not a single one of them, however, had been able to wrap her lips around so much as his entire knob. Still, no one had done as much with her hands and tongue while attempting the feat as Angelica. This girl could work out on a cock!
    After some three-dozen bobs of her luscious mouth, Angelica found she could get the entire knob of Jeff's penis into her mouth. That was a first for Jeff!
    Following a few dozen more passionate bobs, the impossibly buxom kid pulled up off her boyfriend's dickhead. A long, long rope of drool began to float down from her mouth. Angelica deftly reached down below the bottom of the slowly descending strand and caught it in the cupped palm of her hand before it hit the floor. She spread this generous helping of spit up and down Jeff's shaft. The girl then returned to sucking his cockhead.
    At the same time, she began slowly jacking him off. The electrifying feel of her hot little hands as they rapidly skimmed up and down his shiny, saliva-coated shaft was so great! Jeff was really groaning now!
    After some five minutes of this thrilling combination of manual and oral pleasuring, Angelica once again pulled off her new boyfriend's cock. This time she centered her mouth over the midpoint of the shaft and opened her mouth. Another long rope of drool cascaded all over the throbbing pecker. The young girl briskly and uniformly spread it all over his cockskin while returning to suck off what was now a dark purple dickhead. Her impressive production of saliva along with the energy of her cocksucking was making this blowjob a very noisy affair. The sucking, slobbering noises coming from Angelica's mouth were threatening to drive Jeff around the bend.
    In response, Jeff had started to pump his hips with greater vigor. He was now forcefully fucking his girl friend's shockingly beautiful face. The volume of his moaning and yelling was increasing. Angelica figured that things, to coin a phrase, were coming to a head!

Poor Jeff! He's so damned big that I just can't give him the oral sex he deserves! Yet he gives me so much pleasure. It's not fair! Hmmm. I wonder if I could do better....

    Angelica forced her head farther down on Jeff's huge cockhead. It was working! With a little effort, she found she could go deeper! She felt the tip of his giant knob bumping against the back of her throat. She was now taking in all of his dickhead and about an inch of shaft. Jeff started moaning even louder as a result. No girl had ever gone this deep before!
    That was as far as she could go, however. Angelica felt herself on the verge of gagging. She had certainly heard talk in the girls' lavatory at Bowie about deep throating and such but that was not going to happen this afternoon. Not to Jeff. Not by her. She had gone as deep as she could. She was really falling hopelessly in love with this wonderful, wonderful guy but even so there were physical limits to what she was able to do for him. Still, practice makes perfect. Maybe someday....
    No matter — Angelica wanted the best for this guy. She increased the speed with which she was stroking, petting, pushing and pulling the taut cockskin of his enormous dick. By now, drool was pouring out her mouth on nearly each bob of her head and splashing down the length of his cock. A puddle of saliva had even begun to form on the bedroom floor. As a result, Jeff's shaft was so slippery that her busy hands fairly flew over its vein-ribbed surface.
    Suddenly, an idea struck her — as she bobbed up and down on the oversized cockhead, she began to massage his giant love knob with the ribbing on the roof of her mouth. It worked, for the effect was instantaneous — the volume of Jeff's moaning immediately shot up a notch! So too did the pumping of his hips.
    Angelica knew with a certainty that Jeff was about to blow lunch. Sky high, probably! The volume of his moans, the crazed vigor with which he was fucking her face — all this added up to the certainty that the lovers were in the neighborhood of Any Second Now! Well, if he was ready for her she was ready for him!
    Even though her gag reflex had prevented her from going further down on her guy's shaft, Angelica did figure there was something she could do to return Jeff's loving in kind. She could take his load down her throat. Yes, she could that. It would be icky and messy. Yucky, in fact. But it was doable. At least for Jeff it was doable. She so wanted to give back some of what Jeff had been giving her!
    Angelica had never swallowed cum before — not even Eddie's. Some of her girl friends had said the taste was not all that bad — a little salty, perhaps. Still, one girl friend who had slept around had told her that the taste varied from guy to guy. Sometimes it was positively delicious while other times it was really gross! Jeff was a wonderful guy but Angelica supposed there was no inevitable linkage between the hunkiness of a guy and the savor of his spunk. She would have to take her chances.
    And why not? Jeff was her man. She had only met him this afternoon but no matter — he was truly her fella. Girls did that for their men. Let 'er fly, honey!

Jeff was now in a frantic state. His trembling legs were buckling with passion. His eyes were bulging. He knew that in mere seconds he was going to come — and come big!
    "Oh, honey ... I'm nearly there!"
    Angelica looked up and exchanged a loving glance with Jeff. But she immediately went back to her fervent cocksucking, this time with increased ardor.
    The young man was running his hands through Angelica's sleek, luxuriant hair and lovingly caressing her head. As he looked down through the slits of his lust-filled eyes, Jeff could dimly catch sight of his sweetheart's massive, quivering jugs bouncing up and down and also swaying from side to side as she sucked and sucked his straining love pipe. From time to time one of the enormous mounds of tit meat would softly bounce against his shins. Oh, Angelica! This was all too much!
    "Oh ... oh ... oh, baby ... I'm coming!"
    And still the gorgeous Latina kept on sucking. Jeff suddenly understood she was going to swallow his load. Or try to, at any rate. Oh, Angelica. Oh, sweetheart!
    The buxom teen's flitting hands suddenly felt a thick, obscene bulge rocketing up Jeff's bloating shaft. Her boyfriend was shouting and screaming nearly at the top of his lungs. Hope the neighbors are at the movies or working the night shift, or something!
    "Oh! Oh! Precious, it's so good! Unbelievable!"
    Jeff was now absolutely in heaven! Unimaginably strong thrills coursed up and down his body. He was shuddering and shaking and throbbing. He had never — never! — before today had sexual sensations as strong as these! Oh, Angelica — the things you do to a fellow!
    At that very second, things became even more electrifying. Jeff had begun to ejaculate. Angelica's head snapped back as an extremely strong jet of hot sperm crashed against the back of her throat. She felt as if she had been pole axed. Still, she was somehow able to keep the spurting hose inside her mouth and even begin gulping down the first installment of Jeff's prodigious load of rich potent seed.
    Mere seconds later, a second blast of spunk exploded out of Jeff's cockhole. It was even stronger than the first. Angelica felt as if she had been shot in the neck!
    The second shot was simply too powerful to withstand. The Latina beauty lost her balance and sprawled back onto the bed. As her back hit the sheets, Angelica's stunningly massive tits began uncontrollably to jiggle and wobble in response. The sight was too arousing for the ejaculating young fellow to bear; in reaction, Jeff's wildly surging cock popped out of her mouth and began indiscriminately spraying hot seed all over the room.
    The rope of sperm that had knocked Angelica on her butt was continuing to spurt from Jeff's bucking pole. His ejaculation was so astoundingly long! As both Jeff and Angelica looked on in astonishment, the long twisting rope of oscillating sex gel looped up and over the teenage girl's head and splattered against the wall. They could even hear it go "splat."
    Almost immediately a new stream of spunk coursed out of Jeff's jerking dick. This one also landed on the wall but a bit lower. Jeff had finally been able to grab hold of his violently whipping sex pole with both hands so it was unclear if he had directed the flow or if his cum shots were starting to lose some of their force. In any event, he was frantically jacking himself off as the orgasm went on and on and on. He was grunting like a rooting boar!
    The wildly jerking cock continued to spray long pulses of male seed. The arcs of spunk were now coming to rest on the bed. Moments later, they began landing on Angelica's stunningly beautiful face. After only a few heavy spurts, her features had become almost unrecognizable; it was as if she had been lathered with thick layers of cold cream!
    Jeff was clearly running out of steam ... or of spunk! His looping clots of sperm were now splattering all over Angelica's massive bosom. Of course, her gigantic tits made one hell of an easy target — how could you miss? And each of his splashes of jism was so substantial!
    After an improbable three minutes, Jeff's sperm production had declined to a series of teaspoon-sized slurps — the sort of ejaculations of which a lot of guys in their prime might actually boast! The electrifying thrills had nearly subsided as well. The cum was over. And what a mess he had made!

Oh, honey! If I hadn't seen it.... But I did and oh how much I love you! Good news, Jeff! Your sperm is delicious! Salty but really tasty! Plus, I didn't choke or gag or anything. I just gulped it right down! 'Course, if your cock hadn't popped out of my mouth ten seconds into the cum and my mouth had kept filling up, who knows what might have happened.... Still, I could get into swallowing cum. Your cum, anyway, Jeff! For sure! Next time I'll prove it by swallowing every last one of those wriggling little spermatozoa!

The lovers just stared at each other. In shock. They were looking at each other in utter amazement!
    "Oh, baby!" Angelica gushed. "I didn't know there was that much sperm in the whole world! Oh, Jeff!"
    The buxom Latina girl had crawled over to her bedside table to pluck a thick wad of tissues from a Kleenex box. She had started to wipe away the thick, gelatinous clots of sperm that totally obscured her outrageously beautiful face and were heavily speckled over the vast expanse of her huge bosom.
    "I'll tell you a little secret," Jeff confided. "It's true that my ejaculations have always been really strong ... heavy ... really long-lasting, too. But, honey, they've never been like this! Never before, anyway! Not even close!" The young fellow smiled lovingly at his girl friend. "The difference this time, honey, is simple ... you!"
    Angelica looked searchingly into Jeff's handsome, loving face. There was to be no false modesty on her part at this almost sacred moment of shared confidences ... and fluids! She just nodded. It was true. The stunning Latina knew she was fantastically beautiful. It was a fact. She was aware of just how astonishing her body truly was. That too was a fact. She knew very well indeed the disabling effect she had on men. No doubt about that! But even in the face of such provocation, not every guy could fully rise to the occasion. The important point was that Jeff had the prodigious sexual capability needed to do justice to her unbelievable endowments.
    Better yet, the reverse was true. Angelica, in other words, knew that when it came to looks she was over the top. She also knew that she had just hooked up with a guy who was equally over the top in that regard on the male side of the gender divide. They were both one in a million ... maybe a billion. Rather than downplaying their gifts in some misguided attempt at misguided humility, each lover rejoiced in their mutual uniqueness. Each had found exactly the person who could give full expression to his sexual gifts and physical characteristics. What a match they were! Truly, Jeff and Angelica were made for each other! And they knew it!
    "Baby," she said, "I told you Eddie and I used to make love. Lots 'n lots of love. But, honey, I've had more orgasms today with you than in all my times with Eddie combined." She smiled. "I even had one while I was sucking you off!"
    "Yes! Jeff, you're the one for me. And do you know what's so great?"
    "I'm also the one for you. In my heart I know it's mutual. Totally! And I can say that without feeling funny or weird or anything. Jeff, somehow fate just aimed us at each other. And now we've finally collided. And merged. We are a couple! We are awesome! I'm so happy, sweetheart!"
    The overdeveloped beauty had by now wiped most of the jism off her swollen bosom. She crawled out of bed and stood up. As she straightened up, Jeff's eyes bugged out yet again. Angelica's preposterous honkers momentarily transformed her into a flesh-and-blood pinball machine. Her massive jugs not only swayed from side to side but actually rebounded off one another like twin pinballs making their way down to the exit chute. After bouncing against each other, the swollen globes bounced heavily against her stomach. At this point, the overdeveloped teenager had to stop for moment and hold her massive tits still with both hands. Tilt!
    Once her endowments were under control, Angelica headed down the hall to the bathroom. "I've got some important business to take care of," she announced gaily. "See you soon!" Jeff shook his head in wonderment. This girl really had no idea of the disquieting effect she had on men. Not really!

After Angelica left, Jeff idly looked around the bedroom. He spotted a large book on top of a packing box the movers had left in the corner. It was a yearbook. The Bear, it was called.

What have we here? Her yearbook? From her old school, I bet. Here's a good way to learn some more about Angelica. She wouldn't mind me looking at her yearbook, would she? Let's see ... yes ... it has a student index in the back ... golly! There's a whole page of Gonzaleses back here ... hmmm ... Gonzales, Angelica Rose ... there she is! Wow! Her listing has about a dozen page references. Maybe more! Let's check some of these out. Really! She's actually president of the sophomore class! Wow! A student council member, too. Let's see ... God! She was a cheerleader; how did she handle that with her huge lungs? God, she does look good, though ... I bet attendance at football and basketball games went way up when she joined the squad.
    What's this? ... she was Queen of the Spring Dance. No surprise there! But look at that picture ... it's a full page shot of Angelica and her court. God! She looks just fabulous! That's not a particularly low cut gown at all but look at how her giant tits are just exploding out of her dress. God! I can't even imagine how many guys must beat off to that picture every night. Actually, I'd love to have a copy for my dresser. Just to look at, I mean. Wonder if she's got any extras? Wow! Angelica was just a huge deal at her high school. As big as me. And she didn't say a word about it! Not one word! Unlike somebody else I know! What a totally comfortable in her own skin kind of girl she is! Umm ... now, let's see. The next page reference is page 63 ... she was president of the El Paso-Cuidad Juarez Junior Chamber of Commerce ... interesting! Page 121 ... hmm ... chairman of the Cinco de Mayo Festival ... whatever that is! ... page 188.... what's this....?

    "Hi, babe!" Angelica was back from the bathroom. "What'cha lookin' at?"
    "I'm snooping and I just got caught! It's your yearbook from Bowie, honey. Angelica, you were one really big deal in your high school! A real big shot!"
    "Almost as big as you," Angelica countered, playfully sticking out her tongue at her lover. Then she became more serious. "Well, I do like to get involved. And so many kids at Bowie don't. They just don't have the vision on how to break out of their poverty 'n defeatist culture. They can't see beyond the Barrio. I felt it was important to set an example. Show how to recognize opportunity. And then seize it. You know, to make a difference? I know that sounds corny but...." She smiled at Jeff. "We're a lot alike in this way, too, honey. We're both school leaders. See? Everywhere where you look, we just match right on up. We're a couple, babe! A meant-to-be couple!"

Funny. Pam's a really big deal, too. It seems I've gone from one BWOC to another BWOC. Except that I had to drag it out of her — unlike somebody else I know! But goin' from Pam to Angelica is not the same thing at all 'cause Pam and Angelica are just so totally different. Pam's an alpha, for one thing. But in the worse sense of the term. She's so pushy! Such a controller! She leads so ... so obnoxiously. So ... selfishly! Angelica is an alpha in a very good way. Quiet but confident and inspirational. I think she's just smart and sweet and wonderful and people follow her just because of the way she is. I think she just makes people want to follow her by just being herself and doing wonderful things that people want to emulate. Now, that's a real leader! And I bet she ends up being one here at Maine East as well.

Angelica had come back with a bunch of thick mattress pads. She smoothly spread them on top of her sperm-splattered sheets and bedspread. "I think we need some fresh linens to relax on, you ol' leaky, messy slob!" she laughed. "'Course, I might have dripped a little myself!" she giggled.
    The lovers were soon comfortably reclining on Angelica's bed. They idly played with each other's bodies. At this point in the evening — three couplings and a blowjob on! — the caressing was more a sign of affection than of sexual need. At least for the moment!
    Still, Jeff could not stop fondling Angelica's giant bosom. Nor could the couple refrain from the occasional French kiss. For the most part, though, they just chatted and visited. Comfortable silences interspersed. Jeff and Angelica were totally at ease, so tranquil in each other's company! It was so great to learn more and more things about each other.
    "Our souls are really in sync," Angelica observed.
    "Hmmm." Jeff was busily fondling her huge left breast.
    "'Course," she added looking down at her bosom, "the same might be said about our bodies."
    "Hmmm?" Jeff muttered. He was not really involved in this conversation.
    Angelica smiled tolerantly. Her lover was somewhere in outer space. She poked him gently in the groin. It was time to bring him back to Earth! "You really get off on my tits, don't you, baby?"
    Jeff suddenly joined the discussion. Suddenly, they were talking his language! "Yeah, baby, I do. Everything, I mean everything, about you is so great. But I gotta admit I do love your tits."
    "Think you'd be as interested in me if I had tiny little tits, like an A- or B-cup?"
    Jeff smiled. "Oh, you bet I would. You're just so fabulous in so many ways. Yes, I really love your tits but that's just one, 'er, two things out of many. Merely the icing on the cake, sweetheart."
    Angelica smiled a little wistfully. "I can tell that's true, baby. Believe me, sweetheart, I've got experience in telling whether a guy is interested in me as a person or as me as the object my tits happen to be attached to. Still, when you've got a bosom as huge as mine, it's easy to get super sensitive to other people's reactions to it."
    "I bet you can't even walk down the street without causing a commotion," Jeff suggested.
    "You got that right," Angelica chimed in with a wry grin.
    "Guys hittin' on you all the time? Cars screeching to a stop? Guys jumpin' out to ask you out — and maybe worse? I bet you have to put up with all of that and more," Jeff sympathized.
    "There is that," Angelica allowed. "Lots of it sometimes. But most of the time there's less than you would think. There's a lot more heavy duty staring — I'm always getting stared at — than hittin' ... I think guys are totally intimidated by my big breasts ... they're just, like, afraid ... too shy ... to just come up and start talkin' to me?"
    Angelica then leaned into her lover and kissed him on the cheek. She had an amused look on her face. "How 'bout you, honey? Case in point! You acted awfully nervous out there by the Great Seal this afternoon, didn't you? I thought you never were gonna get down to business!"
    Jeff smiled. "Guilty as charged," he admitted. "But honestly, honey, it's not just your bosom ... it's everything about you. Every single aspect of your appearance is so fabulous! It's ... it's your entire bearing!" The young man then lowered his voice to a whisper. "Plus, I've found out it's a whole lot more than your appearance, too. If a guy gets through that initial nervousness to meet you, and then gets lucky enough to get to know the inside, real you, baby, then he's gonna see something on the inside that's even more beautiful than the fabulous things on the outside that attracted him in the first place." Jeff was beginning to groan with passion — the passion of love this time instead of lust. "Honey, you're just drop-dead gorgeous inside and out."
    "Oh, baby!" Angelica moaned. The lover stared unblinkingly at each other for a couple of seconds. They then fell into another of amazingly passionate French kisses that had so often punctuated their short life together.

As the lovers finally disengaged, long, looping strands of heavy-bodied saliva stretched out between their mouths. Angelica was unconsciously flexing her lips as if to cool them down from the face-swallowing kiss that had just ended.
    Jeff on the other hand was still passionately fondling one of Angelica's colossal breasts. He really was starting to feel like the hedgehog they had read about in the essay in History class by that English guy ... what was his name? ... Berlin ... Sir Isaiah Berlin, that's it ... the hedgehog about whom it was said, he knows only one thing but that one thing he knows very, very well! He could be a hedgehog about Angelica's tits, that's for sure!
    Jeff was wondering if Angelica would mind talking some more about her tits ... when she first developed ... how they developed ... that sort of thing. He was so eager to find out these things. He wanted to know everything about his new sweetheart; at the same time, there were a few of those things — her tits, for example — that headed the list. Would she mind? Well, there was only one way to find out!
    "When did you start to develop, honey," Jeff asked, as he continued to caress Angelica's massive tits.

No pussy footing around for me! Let's just get right down to it!

    Angelica seemed fine with the question. In fact, she smiled in response. "Would you believe ... when I was nine years old?"
    "Wow!" Jeff remarked. "That's early. That's what? Fourth grade?"
    "Fourth grade! In fact, I started developing a whole year or more before the next girl in my class even started to show anything."
    "That must have been a tough year, honey ... it's like you were out there all alone on the front lines."
    "In a way. Certainly, a lot of the boys were cruel. Still, I got a lot of support from my teacher. From Mama, too, of course. She knew exactly what I was going through."

And how did she know that? I think I know but I'd better not ask!

    Angelica smiled wistfully as she recalled those elementary school days. "I was certainly the only girl in fifth grade who wore a B-cup bra. And that was at the beginning of the year — by Spring I was wearing a 26C. Then, I was definitely the only girl in the sixth grade wearing a D-Cup. A 26D." She giggled. "I was bigger than any of the teachers! Really! The looks I used to get from the guys! From the teachers, too, actually!"
    "I bet the boys were really going crazy at this time."
    "You know it, Jeff! They were all going through puberty and their hormones were starting to act up." Angelica slowly shook her head at the memory. "Some of them were so awful! They would purposely bump up against me in the hall, or fall down in mock surprise when I came into a room."
    "How gross!"
    "It was — for a while. Then, it all got resolved."
    "How so?" Jeff asked.
    "I was walking down the hall to gym class one day. I was wearing my gym shorts and blouse. We had to wear school-issued uniforms for gym class. They had three sizes: small, medium, and large. The problem is that everyone got the same size in their shorts and blouses. So if you needed small shorts — like I did 'cause anything bigger would have fallen off my hips — you got a small blouse, too. They thought that made sense, but it definitely didn't work for me. The result was that I had to cram my 32" bust into a 24" blouse. It didn't work at all — not at all! The blouse was very, very tight and my bosom really stuck out a lot when I was wearing it. Much more than in my street clothes," The buxom Latina made a face. "I suppose I was more spectacular than usual when I was on my way to gym class. Anyway, a passing guy — Frankie Echevarria, I'll never forget him, the jerk! — reached out and cupped my tit in his hand. Then he squeezed. 'Honk, honk,' he said."
    "What a asshole! What did you do?"
    "I turned around, made a fist, and slugged him in the nose." Angelica giggled. "I actually broke his nose! Blood was spurting out all over the place. Both of us were splattered with it!"
    "What then?" Jeff asked. He was finding it hard not to laugh at this picture.
    "Right to the office," Angelica said. "Both of us. At first, I was the one in big trouble. I mean, slugging a student in the nose and actually breaking it is serious!"
    "Yes, but when the guy sexually assaults you first ... when you're only defending yourself...." Jeff protested.
    "Well, of course I told Mrs Rios, the principal, what Frankie had done. He denied it — the lying rat! — but I had a perfect disciplinary record — Miss Goody, Goody Two Shoes, that's me — and Frankie had completely the reverse. Plus, the teachers had all noticed the hard time the boys — Frankie leading the pack — had been giving me about my breasts. Best of all, a couple of the girls had seen him do it and spoke up for me. So I had eyewitnesses. In the end, nobody believed Frankie's lies for a second, and, after a little emergency clean up in the nurse's office, I was home free and back in class. In the meantime, Frankie was in the emergency room getting his nose set. Ha! Later, I heard his father whipped him for feeling me up, so I never had any problems with his parents for duking out their little boy. They knew their Frankie!"
    "How did things go after that?"
    "Better ... much better," the overbuilt Latina said. "For one thing," she grinned, "they started handing out mix and match sets of gym clothes. If you needed small shorts and a large blouse — that's me for sure! — that's what you got. As for the boys, well, they left me pretty much alone after that. I think they were afraid of me." Angelica giggled. "Can you believe, though, that years later after I broke up with Eddie, Frankie actually called and asked me out? Can you believe it?"
    "What did you say?"
    "Nothing! I just dropped the phone right back into its cradle without a word!"
    "So by the time you poked Frankie in the nose you were in, what, junior high school?"
    "Junior high school. I just kept growing and growing. I was a 28F in seventh grade and a 30H by the end of eighth grade. Huge and huger," Angelica giggled. "'Course," she added, I'm just guessing on those sizes 'cause by then I had grown out of store sizes. Mama and I were crossing the border to visit Sra Lopez's shop in Juarez. It was custom made bras for me by then. And ever after!"
    Jeff could only groan in response. Angelica grinned and continued. "But although the senora wouldn't talk about cup-sizes, I know I had to be at least an H-cup, 'cause I was wearing a size 38 swimsuit and it was so tight when we were practicing for the swimming competition, some of the girls measured me and I was like 42 inches!"
    "You must have been amazed to see your bosom just growing and growing and growing like that. Was it scary at all, like, wondering when it all would stop?" Jeff asked.
    The buxom beauty shook her head. "No, 'cause I had always figured I'd end up being really, really buxom. I just knew it!"
    "Yes, cause Mama was so huge. I just always figured I would be too. You know, if your parents are a certain way physically it just seem natural ... inevitable ...that you will be too."

Hmmm! Let's hear some more about Mama! I'd really like to know just how huge she is! Just for the record, of course!

    "Then, too, her mother, Grandma Portillo, is really, really buxom as well. 'Course, she's really heavy, too."

How 'bout Mama? Is she fat, too? I dare not ask!

    "Anyway," Angelica continued, "I'd already started dating when I was eleven. School dances, very carefully chaperoned stuff. By now, all the high school guys were really checkin' me out. With a D-cup figure, after all, I looked like a high school girl. And when I was an eighth-grader with close to a 40-inch bust and a 30H cup size, even college guys started hittin' on me."
    "Like Eddie?"
    "Well, like Eddie, but not Eddie at first 'cause my parents were very careful only to let me go out with guys my age. 'Course, Eddie slipped through the cracks 'cause we met when my parents weren't around. Usually I went shopping with a big group of girl friends; that helped to protect me from the mashers. Just once, my parents let me go to the mall by myself and ... well ... you know the rest of the story. But overall they did a good job of keeping the boys at bay."
    Jeff shook his head. "God, you must have had the guys absolutely panting over you! Drooling, even!"
    "Yeah, they were. I know it sounds conceited to say so but they were. It's a fact." The overdeveloped Latina paused. "I had an advantage, though. Mama."
    "She was a good teacher ... a great guide. She had lots of good advice for me along the way. Even today, she's this 34 year-old, slim, really beautiful, unbelievably buxom woman who looks like she's only 21 or something. Fact is, people often take us for sisters. She's always getting propositioned on the street 'n junk. She runs the guys off in a second! But she really knows how to handle it without acting like a snotty bitch. She can turn a guy down flat but make him feel he was treated with respect. She taught me how to do the same thing."

Slim? Beautiful? Buxom? Only 34? Looks 21? Man! Mama sounds like the real deal! I can't wait to see her! Just for reference purposes, of course! I mean, Angelica's the only one I'm really interested in.

    "I still kept on growing. A 30J-cup size is Mama's best guess for my freshman year size. And I know I had a 44-inch bust during my sophomore year. And now here I am a junior and, as Sra Valdez says, '32O ... or ... who knows?" Angelica grinned.
    "What size do you think you are?" Jeff was starting to feel his cock regain more than a little of its former life. It was definitely all this tit talk. But was it simply the proximity of Angelica's massive tits? Or was the prospect of eyeballing Mama's even more giant rack a factor as well?
    "What do I think, Jeff?" Angelica said in a low voice. "That my little ol' O-cup is history, baby! At least when I'm with you!"

This comment effectively terminated the discussion. Jeff and Angelica returned to passionate French kissing and frenzied fondling. Their tongues rhythmically slipped inside their wide-open mouths and probed far into their hot, wet, oral cavities. Their hands roamed and groped all over their fabulous bodies. Soft moans — along with the soft wet sounds of wild kissing — filled the bedroom. These two simply could not leave each other alone!
    The feel of Angelica's giant bosom getting distended against his buffed, toned chest as the kissing and fondling went on and on was rapidly re-engorging Jeff's temporarily limp weenie. The fellow was now sporting a raging hard-on. Again!
    This return to form was soon noticed by the buxom Latina, of course. At first, she simply rubbed her labia against the giant shaft. Jeff then aided the process by reaching down, cupping her fabulous ass cheeks in his big hands, and helping his sweetheart rub her genitals up and down against his rock-hard pole. After a dozen trips or so, Angelica began to shudder and shake with her umpteenth orgasm of the afternoon.
    Five minutes later the kiss — and the pussy play — finally ended. Angelica looked up at her superman boyfriend with heavily lidded eyes. "You're ready to fuck again, aren't you? ... you ... sex fiend!"
    Jeff smiled. "My cock is sure ready to fuck, honey, but I'm only ready to make love if you are."
    Angelica rolled her eyes and groaned. "What a old smoothie!" Then she bit her voluptuous lip and thought for a moment. "Honey, I really am still too sore to make love — at least the old fashioned way. Way too sore! I feel a little better now than before but it's still just too soon." The overdeveloped teenager looked deeply into her boyfriend's eyes. "Honey, we're going to have time down the road to fuck and fuck and fuck — all we want. Plus, the more we do it the more accustomed I'll to your ... tool. Can we continue this little break till I get a little more used to your big ol' thing?"
    "Of course we can," Jeff assured her.
    "Honey, I want to fuck you more than anything! But I can't! Not right this second, I can't. I'm so sore!"
    "That's really okay, dear," Jeff continued. "I do understand. Really!"
    Angelica got a thoughtful, faraway look in her eyes. "Thanks, lover. Thanks for being so understanding in your moment of, um, need!" She giggled but then paused again. "Still, I don't want to deprive you, poor baby ... after all, my poor Jeff needs his relief! Can't take a chance on blue balls, can we?" A wide smile suddenly split the buxom girl's stunning face. "I know! You love my breasts so much. What if you make love to them?"
    Jeff responded with an equally wide grin. "Oh, honey — that sounds so exciting! What a great alternative!"

Jeff straddled Angelica's groin but put his weight on his knees to protect the young girl from being crushed by his well-muscled, tight end, body builder trunk. Once settled in, he reached down and began grabbing huge handfuls of tit. His wildly roaming hands squeezed and rubbed and stroked and caressed and felt up and fondled the massive mounds of soft, hot flesh; his large, shaking hands gave them a very through once-over. Making love to Angelica's giant tits was going to be just fabulous! Actually, feeling her up was pretty great, too!
    The tit-struck young man rubbed and squeezed and fondled the soft, giving mounds of tit meat for nearly fifteen minutes. The massive glands covered every inch of Angelica's reclining torso above her navel; what's more, they slopped over her sides as well. God, Angelica was so big!
    Jeff then added oral loving to the mix. He grabbed her enormous left tit — with a two-handed grip, of course! — and began loving up the giant breast with his wide-open mouth, hungry lips, and searching tongue. He passionately licked her oversized areola, thrilling to the feel of the roughened, puckered, light brown flesh on his wet tongue. He soon graduated to sucking her stiffened nipple. As before, drizzles of tit cum leaked into his mouth. Angelica might be too sore to fuck but she was certainly not too tender to get awfully hot and bothered. The buxom young Latina was ready for sex if not actual intercourse!
    The tit-crazy young man then passionately fastened his hungry mouth to Angelica's right tit. He sucked and sucked and sucked. At the same time, he wildly squeezed and fondled the swollen shaft of the colossal breast. Angelica's tits were notably round and melon-like in form. In the act of squeezing and pulling the tit toward his sucking mouth, however, Jeff had elongated its form; his act of squeezing the tit had reshaped the mound of flesh to make it seem longer than its natural profile. His simultaneous act of pulling it to his mouth had served to stretch out its length. Angelica's tit was now truly a hanger. God, the super soft shank of tit flesh was so infinitely and thrillingly malleable!
    Jeff glanced down as he fervently nursed his darling's breasts. Angelica was gently strumming her clitoris. Her body was writhing. Jeff was glad to see that she was getting into the spirit of this tit love as much as he. Seconds later, the overdeveloped teenager's fabulous body started arching and clenching. She began to moan. Her curvy little butt was migrating all over the bed. Jeff's tit love (and Angelica's flying fingers) had induced another overpowering orgasm. He marked the occasion by continuing to suck on her long, stiffened nipple. Only harder! He let up only to switch to the other breast.
    Jeff's cock was throbbing with desire. It was time to prepare Angelica's massive bosom for the torrid loving it was about to receive. He began by slurping and licking all over the expanse of the huge mounds. Because of their lavish size, this was no short-term task!
    The young fellow concentrated on the deep, deep valley between Angelica's breasts. He slobbered and drooled in order to get them well lubricated for the thrilling tit-fuck to come. In a few minutes, her tit meat just glistened with saliva. Was this enough? Jeff's cock was so long and thick that he had his doubts. How about adding some moisture to the playing field. It was kind of gross but, hell, it was no more than Angelica had done to his cock.
    Here goes, Jeff decided. He let a long, looping goober fall dead center into Angelica's yawning cleavage. The young kid had just finished convulsing from yet another orgasm and seemed not to notice she had taken a direct hit of spit!
    Jeff immediately edged forward, and eased his throbbing prick into the slippery, cavernous gap between Angelica's oversized breasts. With shaking, outspread hands, he leveraged both hooters, and forcefully mashed them together against his straining prick. His giant salami was now trapped inside a really tight, warm, velvet, glistening, and shockingly deep channel of tit meat. It felt heavenly! Jeff started to stroke in and out with eager, passionate thrusts. Within a few thrilling plunges he was grunting with delight. The stimulating sensation of Angelica's hot, slippery tit meat rasping against his thrusting cockskin was almost too much too bear. He figured his odds of lasting more than a few minutes were long because Angelica's soft, giant tits were so fabulous and he was, on their account, so awfully hot and ready to spew fountains of jism all over them.
    As Jeff's crazed eyes drank in their hugeness, he felt as if he really were fucking a pair of flesh-colored watermelons. Round watermelons, though; on account of the way in which they were totally mashed and squashed around his prick, Angelica's massive hooters resembled a pair of water balloons perched on her chest.
    Jeff's huge hands and splayed fingers were squashing the colossal milkers against his thrusting prick with such force that little more than the nipples and areolae were visible. Yet the gigantic udders were so soft and malleable that all this pushing and mashing was causing the implausibly buxom girl no pain at all. On the contrary, she was moaning with pleasure at this passionate assault upon her giant bosom.
    The randy young fellow was getting close — very close. In response, he picked up the pace of his crazed tit fucking. He elongated his strokes. He plunged deep into the soft, fleshy valley, nearly pulled out of the vast tit canal on each up stroke, and then violently plunged his stiff, ready-to-blow cock back into the trackless depths of Angelica's slippery cleavage. And then he did it again and again and again.
    Jeff buried his shaft all the way to its hilt on each forward thrust. Yet Angelica's swollen jugs were so big that the shaft of his horse-sized cock was completely hidden inside the young Latina's cleavage. Jeff's massive cock and Angelica's oversized breasts were so well matched!
    Jeff's hands worked ceaselessly and mercilessly on Angelica's impossibly big hooters. He was not content merely to squeeze and mash the enormous jugs against his plunging shaft. Instead, his crazed fingers also kneaded the squashed mounds of tit meat as his thrusting cock stroked in and out of his darling's super-lubricated cleavage.
    Angelica swiped her tongue in the general direction of Jeff's incredibly huge dickhead as it whipped past her face on every fuck stroke. Jeff was thrusting too wildly for her flicking tongue to make much contact, however. He was simply too fast for her!
    The young girl also tried to catch his cockhead in her mouth from time to time. Jeff was tit fucking at an angle, however, in order not to poke Angelica in the face. As a result, his now-purple dickhead was stabbing away at an angle away from Angelica's hot mouth. As much as she wanted to have the oversized knob in her mouth, it was not to be. Not this time, anyway!
    After yet another body-stiffening orgasm, Angelica took her hands off her genitals and moved them up to her breasts. She lovingly placed her hands on top of Jeff's and helped the sex-stricken young man mash her giant tits against his sliding penis with even greater force. This frenzied tit fuck had become a joint effort of love!

After about fifteen minutes of this sensual tit fucking, Jeff felt his balls start to contract. He knew they were about to wind up and let fly. Incredibly and increasingly more delicious thrills were wracking his body. He began to grunt like a rooting animal. Within seconds his body began shuddering and then tensing.
    Jeff's prick, already so stiff with desire for Angelica, had been transformed from mere flesh into an almost inhuman, granite-like appendage. It was also noticeably swelling. The young man felt his lips involuntarily start to pull back at the corners of his mouth. Full blown thrilling, shuddering spasms of love were now coursing through his sex-seized, tensed-up body. His entire frame was nearly bowed with the exhilaration of this fast flowering orgasm.
    "Ugh!" Jeff was just wild on account of the imminence of his fulfillment. "Hell!" he screamed. Fucking Angelica's huge bosom was so great!
    As the second thrilling spasm reached its peak, Jeff's jerking, throbbing cock began to blast cum. The straining love hose was wildly pulsating. A hot, wet, thick jet of sperm arced high above Angelica's head. Jeff could actually hear the heroic wad of sperm crash into the wall with a loud "splat." The long, creamy rope of seed had landed more than a yard above Angelica's head. This fellow was so awfully excited!
    Almost immediately, another prodigious blast of sperm pulsed out of Jeff's jerking dick, rocketed high into the air, and, like its predecessor, hit the wall. This ejaculation was actually more powerful than the first and landed even higher above the bed. Seconds later, a third explosion of sperm flew out of Jeff's cock. This blast hit the headboard. Angelica really had Jeff super-excited!
    Jeff's thrilling, shuddering love spasms went on and on and on and on. A minute on, his orgasm was stronger than ever.
    So too were the showers of sperm he was spraying all over the bedroom. At this point, the trajectory of the flying seed had lowered somewhat; thick clots of spunk were landing all over Angelica's forehead, her cheeks, her nose, and her chin. The truth is that these shiny, gelatinous puddles of sperm had almost completely obliterated her stunning features. Angelica was taking a facial for the ages! For the second time today, too!
    Finally, some two minutes into the cum, even Jeff's super-human orgasm began to lose force. His creamy spurts of seed were for the most part slurping out of his cockhole and then tricking down into the deep, deep valley between Angelica's eye-popping breasts.
    His orgasmic shuddering subsided as well. After a few dozen post-orgasmic thrusts into Angelica's velvety, warm tit canal, Jeff's wild humping finally subsided. He looked at his sperm-smeared girl friend. God, he was falling in love with her even more deeply!

Should I just go down on her head 'n tits and start lickin' off the sperm? That would be the loving thing to do. What if she thought it was gross? What if I think it's gross! My heart tells me to get right on down there and starting lickin'. My head (and maybe my stomach — who wants to swallow his own sperm, for Pete's sake—) says ... maybe next time!

    Jeff grabbed a handful of Kleenex tissues from the bed stand and began lovingly to wipe puddled clots of seed off Angelica's face. Jeff made a lot of trips back to the Kleenex box!
    Once a particular area was clean, Jeff would lean down to tongue and kiss the affected skin. His lips would then travel to Angelica's wide-open mouth to lick and then to suck her sexy, fat lips. His tongue would then slip between those succulent lips to explore the thrilling area beyond. The next phase in the clean-up was put on hold while the teenage lovers passionately French kissed each other once and then French kissed each other some more. It took Jeff some fifteen minutes to get to Angelica's spunk-splattered bosom. It must be reported that the pace of the task slowed even more when the work shifted to that massive plane of endeavor.

Once the clean up was done, the lovers cradled each other in their arms. They were too overcome with passion and love to even speak. Jeff glanced over at the clock on the bedside table; it read 9:08. God — this magical afternoon and evening was coming to an end. He was going to have to leave a little before ten lest his cover story about the library fall through. Well, that left the better part of an hour to cuddle with his new sweetheart — not to mention contemplating the weeks and months and maybe even years to come in which to do much more of the same.
    The couple were lying on their sides. Jeff was spooning Angelica. For a time he stroked her sleek, perfectly formed thighs. Then — his hand seemed to have a mind of its own — he reached over and began to feel her up. Again! The tit-obsessed fellow simply couldn't keep his hands of his girlfriend's outrageously massive bosom. He certainly had no trouble locating her huge honkers. Her massive breasts were spreading all over the mattress pad — they were so huge.
    Because of the position of their bodies, Jeff was able only to use his right hand. Even his big hand found it impossible to heft one of the enormous melons in his palm. Instead, he caressed and rubbed and fondled the huge mounds of tit meat. Essentially, he was doing little more than just moving the giant globes around on her chest. Still, their warmth, size, and softness were so thrilling!
    "Can't leave 'em alone, eh Jeff?"
    "No, baby, truly I can't."
    "That's so great, honey," Angelica whispered, "'cause I'm lookin' forward to lots and lots of loving from you." She smiled." That includes doing my breasts, too, 'cause my huge bosom just needs lots 'n lots of lovin'! Boy, do I get off when a guy really knows how to love up my tits." The ultra-developed teenager smiled. "'Course, you're only the second guy to have full access to my bare bosom. But guess what — out of that extremely small, select group, honey, you're the best! Your hands 'n lips 'n tongue are so talented, precious!"

A comfortable silence took over. It was a sign of their increasing intimacy that the lovers could be so comfortable in these silences. After a few minutes of stillness, Angelica started to talk.
    "I once thought about cutting 'em off, you know," the overdeveloped Latina began.
    "No!" Jeff got up from his reclining position and assumed an Indian-style position on the bed. "You couldn't. Don't even say things like that! You wouldn't!"
    "No, probably I wouldn't," Angelica agreed. "But I did go see a doctor about it. It was last September. It was after I was waiting for the school bus at the corner one morning. Usually my mother or father drove me to school but on this particular morning they both had to be at work early so I was on my own. I'd guess a dozen cars stopped 'n guys tried to pick me up. In only about ten minutes or so! There were some guys my age headin' to school who tried to give me a ride — no thanks!... older guys with name patches on their shirts who were on the way to work at some factory or whatever but tried to talk me into skippin' school and partying with them — fat chance!"
    Angelica grimaced. "There were even some businessmen pulling over. They'd, you know, drive by in the other direction, make a U-turn, and then pull up beside me? Old guys! One fellow — he had white hair, had on a fancy suit, drove a huge Cadillac, and looked like a lawyer — just wouldn't give it up. He kept hittin' and hittin' on me. Couldn't take no for an answer! Just like a lawyer!" Angelica shook her head in distaste at the memory. "He was so old, too — must have been fifty! What a horrible morning! Jeff, it was all such a pain! That sort of thing happens a lot whenever I'm in public but for some reason it was worse that day than ever! In fact, it was the last straw."
    "Honey, that could happen even if you were an A- or B-cup 'cause you're so friggin' beautiful!"
    "Well, it was my tits they were staring at that morning," Angelica briskly replied. "So I made an appointment with an endocrinologist to see about breast reduction surgery."
    "What did he say?"
    "First of all he said I should wait. I was too young. They never do operations like that until a girl's fully developed. He figured that at fifteen, I probably had some more growing to do. He was right!"

Wow! How much bigger could she get?

    "I figured he was right 'cause Mama's so much bigger than me. If it's like mother like daughter, I could gain quite a few more cup sizes before I'm done."

Good God! How many cup sizes is that?

    "In the end, though, I probably won't do it."
    "Great but why?"
    "Mostly for Mama, I think. We're sort of like sisters in our buxomness — certainly we look like we could be sisters, she's so young looking 'n all — so it would seem like a ... a ... betrayal to have 'em cut off. It would be like saying I'd thought it was a bad thing to have huge breasts. That would be kind of a criticism of Mama. Plus, she wouldn't have my sisterhood in buxomness to rely upon after guys had been hittin' on her 'n stuff. Which happens all the time. We really do trade stories of what pigs guys can be." The gorgeous teenager looked up and touched her boy friend's check with her fingertips. "Though not you, baby! What I mean," she quickly added, "is that we just couldn't really commiserate with each other if I lopped 'em off. Not in exactly the same way, anyhow." Angelica smiled wistfully. "No, I think Mama and I are in this together. I'm going to stand shoulder to shoulder with her." The buxom girl giggled. "Or is it breast to breast?"
    Angelica paused. "By the way, Dr Bailey was the one who guessed my tits weighed twenty pounds each." She giggled again. "He just guessed, though — he didn't put 'em up on a scale! And he certainly didn't weigh 'em with his hands like you've been doin' all afternoon and evening! So I'd say you're much more of an expert than him!"

"How did your parents meet?" Jeff was relentless — he wanted to know everything about his new sweetheart. This meant he was determined to find out some more about Mama ... and Daddy, too, of course!
    "When Mama was in nursing school. During her first year. The first month, actually. She was only eighteen. Daddy was already a nurse. She was on his ward during an introductory class session. They met — and in a matter of days — bingo!"
    "Sounds romantic."
    "Well, it was, except her momma and poppa were all upset. Remember, Daddy was twenty-two years older than Mama."
    "I've seen pictures of Daddy when he and Mama met. He was so handsome! I mean," Angelica quickly added, "he still is, of course. But back then his hair was still dark 'n thick 'n wavy — not gray and not quite all there like now. He was a lot thinner then, too. He swept Mama off her feet. He was such a Romeo, she tells me." Angelica sighed. "Just like you, I bet."
    "Such an age difference, though," Jeff commented.
    "True, but I think Mama was very mature for her age. Plus, she was tired of all the young, immature guys hangin' around. Gettin' hit on dozens 'n dozens of times a day by guys who wouldn't have known what to do even if they had gotten lucky? As if they ever would have gotten lucky! Mama was so very beautiful ... with such a fabulous figure ... so incredibly buxom, too...." She paused in thought. "I don't know, maybe it was just simpler to hook up with an older guy for security 'n stability than to keep fending off the young jerks in the neighborhood. Plus she did love him. Really!" Angelica was quick to add. "But her looks were causing her so much grief," she added, "I know that there were always a bunch of guys hanging around the house, trying to catch a glimpse of Mama 'n junk. Grandma Portillo had to run them off all the time. When Daddy came along — he was so handsome, so kind, so understanding, so mature — it might just have seemed like the right way to go. You know, put a stop to all this harassment?"
    "If they were really in love, that is," Jeff interjected.
    "Oh, they're definitely in love," Angelica assured him. "I'm sure of that!" Then she colored slightly. "Actually — God! I can't believe I'm telling you things like this already, the first day we met 'n all — they had to get married. They never told me directly but it was obvious. They were married on June 1. I was born on December 5, the same year. Do the math, honey — she was three months pregnant when they got married. No wonder the Portillos went along with it."
    "Are they okay with it now?"
    "Oh, sure. They soon found out what a wonderful guy Daddy is. My Grandpa's dead now but Grandma just loves Daddy. Every time we're together, she smiles at him, fusses over him ... oh, yes, she's fine about it."
    "Had your father been married before?"
    "Yes; he'd been divorced for about three years when he met Mama. There were no kids from the first marriage, though, so there were no complications like that."
    "Hmmm ... no kids from that marriage ... and you're an only child. Interesting!"
    Angelica colored again. "Yes — Momma is so fertile looking that you'd think she'd have a kid every year or so. I know they tried to have more kids. Funny, that the only kid they could have was when they weren't trying to have one at all." The buxom Latina pursed her voluptuous lips in thought. "Actually, I think it must be Daddy. No kids from his first marriage at all, and only one in the second?" She grinned. "Maybe he's been shootin' mostly blanks all these years!"
    Angelica reddened some more. "I shouldn't be saying things like that! About my own Daddy yet!" She playfully slapped at Jeff. "You're giving me a dirty mind," she giggled.
    "But it's a happy marriage, though?"
    "Oh, yes." Angelica paused in plainly troubled thought. "They're really devoted to each other. The only thing ... they've started sleeping in twin beds. That wouldn't necessarily means anything.... It could just be because Daddy has put on weight 'n all? But Mama has confided in me … there are some problems on that score — big problems. They're workin' on 'em but it's still worrisome. Plus, Daddy's having some serious high blood pressure problems. His doctors have been having a lot of trouble adjusting his meds. That's tied in with the sex thing, I think."
    Angelica paused again, as if wondering whether to go on in this vein. Then she continued. "Frankly, Jeff, I do worry about their sex life. Hey, when I was a little girl they were just always going at it. Day and night! They were very discreet about it, I guess, but kids usually know if their parents are 'doin' it' a lot. Or if they're not. And now they're not. Maybe not at all, which is a shame 'cause Mama is still so young 'n gorgeous. But I can tell they're still very fond of each other," she concluded brightly.
    "That's good," Jeff observed neutrally.
    "Well, there are some other problems, I guess ... Daddy does look his age if not a little more and Mama doesn't. Not at all! Waiters 'n clerks in stores 'n stuff are always assuming that Daddy is her daddy. I know it doesn't bother Mama at all — she thinks it's funny, she tells me — but I can tell Daddy doesn't like it one bit." Angelica paused. "Still, I keep telling him that if he'd just lose some weight and color his hair, well, he'd look more or less like he did when he and Mama got married. But he doesn't."

Separate beds! Looks like her father is running out of steam! Sounds like poor Mr Gonzales isn't getting any these days. Maybe he can't get it up any more. And Mama is supposed to be so fantastically buxom and beautiful? I wonder how she's bearing up under this no sex routine. She must be horny as hell! I can't wait to see her for myself! Just out of curiosity, of course!

    "Hmmm," Jeff murmured, even more neutrally than before.
    "I think the worst thing is that because guys assume he's her father it's okay to come on to her a little in public. She always sets them straight right away but ... poor Daddy!"
    "Getting sort of bald is a problem," Jeff observed.
    "Yes and no," Angelica agreed. "Actually, it's a complicated deal."
    "What's complicated about it," Jeff asked. "Don't you just comb it over and hope for the best?"
    Angelica playfully swatted Jeff on the arm. "I don't mean it in that sense, silly," she laughed. "I'm talkin' about something deeper! It's a cultural thing. When I alluded to my ancestors wading across the Rio Grande, I was really joking. Mama and Daddy both come from upper middle class backgrounds. Their parents all immigrated legally to El Paso. They had 100% Spanish ancestry. No Indian blood — not a drop. They weren't in the hoi polloi but they were solid professionals — doctors, lawyers, you know? For people in those strata, being full-blooded Europeans is important. They're really snooty about stuff like that."
    "Sounds like me and the Arabella," Jeff offered.
    "Kind of," Angelica agreed, "although my parents don't talk about it at all. They're not stuck up about their backgrounds. Like some people, I know!" The buxom beauty playfully stuck out her tongue at Jeff. "The thing is, though, that getting bald is a status thing in Mexico. It's actually desirable to lose your hair!"
    "You're gonna have to explain that!" Jeff interjected.
    "The reason," Angelica continued, "is that Indians or people with lots of Indian blood don't get bald. I'm not sure why but they just never do. So if you do get bald, it's a sign you've got all or mostly all European blood. So when Mexicans guys find a bald spot, they're happy. They just proved they belong in the upper crust. It's a status symbol."
    "Amazing," Jeff observed.
    "Now, Daddy doesn't really go in for all that highfalutin' ancestry junk. He thinks all that stuff is really unattractive. Yet it's influenced him enough so that I think he's secretly proud of losing his hair. He knows that in this country being bald means old, not middle or upper class. Still, he's been conditioned enough so that he just resists doing anything about it."
    "God! That's really interesting," Jeff enthused. "I never knew any of that!"

The Latina beauty then cocked her head. "Well ... that's my family. What about yours?" Angelica wanted to know everything about Jeff!
    "Hmm ... not that much to tell ... it's bigger than yours, though. My parents are in their fifties. Gettin' gray hair and all that stuff. They go to the "Y" and stay trim, though. Dad's a CPA — a senior partner, actually — with a big accounting firm in the Loop. Mom stays at home. She does lots of volunteer work at church and other places."
    "Any sibs?"
    "Two older sisters. Martha's a third year law student at Michigan. She's going to practice with this mega law firm in New York next year. Emily's a senior at Carlton College in Minnesota. She's thinking about investment banking but might go to business school at Northwestern first after taking a year off. So," Jeff concluded, "that's the family. 'Cause I'm younger than my sisters, I'm the only one still at home. Just like you!" The handsome teen grinned. "Now, do you want to hear about my grandparents?"
    The overdeveloped beauty giggled. "We can get into that later, dear." She then briskly continued. "Enough of that family stuff... let's talk about something really exciting! Us! What a great couple we are!"

The self-absorbed couple silently cuddled and cooed. They lovingly petted and stroked each other's fabulous bodies. Jeff snuck a glimpse at the clock. It was 9:22. Time was running out.

Jeff's checkin' the time. God! This wonderful, wonderful time together is almost over. The great thing, though, is that it's a beginning, not an end. Hmmm.... I'm so sore! I'd so like to make love one more time. Is there time? Is it even possible? Could my body take it? Is Jeff up to it?

    Angelica looked up at her new lover. Her new boyfriend. Her new best friend. She slowly, alluringly moved her open mouth toward his. Almost instantly, the lovers were again French kissing.
    Jeff reached down and began to maul Angelica's tits. For the umpteenth time that day! They were so great! The overly busty teenager had reached down to pet and fondle Jeff's giant love snake.

Hmmm.... This thing is kinda limp! That's a surprise! 'Course, we've made love, let's see ... hmm ... five times, by my count? ... in five hours? Maybe it should be limp! Even a superman like Jeff might run out of steam eventually!

    The buxom Latina was now unashamedly jacking off her boyfriend's mule-like cock. He seemed to be responding a little but.... "Hmm, honey, are you a little bit out of commission or something?"
    Jeff turned a little red. "Maybe. I mean, it has gotten a lot of use today."
    "Honey, I'm not complaining — far from it! I just wondered if maybe ... before you left... hmmm?"
    "Sure," Jeff agreed enthusiastically. "Only thing is...."
    "Baby, you just let me see what I can do," Angelica breathed.
The over dimensioned beauty slammed her mouth against Jeff's for a long, passionate French kiss. She then trailed the flat of her long, wet tongue down his muscled chest and taut abdomen. She was soon licking her way up the improbable length of Jeff's flaccid cock.
    Up and down she went. Angelica passionately tongued the colossal dick. The young girl then shifted gears and began to run her wide-open mouth sideways up and down the massive shaft. It was beginning to work! Jeff's cock was now pointing at about a forty-degree angle. It was definitely starting to re-engorge!
    Angelica took hold of the shaft with both hands and swallowed his oversized cockhead. She began bobbing up and down on the giant knob. As before, she found she was able to swallow about an inch of shaft in addition to his dickhead. As she sucked and licked, her little hands were busily jacking off the huge stiffening pole.
    As she continued to suck off her boyfriend while at the same time jacking off his taut cockskin, Angelica could feel his shaft swelling and hardening. She started moaning in response. In counter response, Jeff's massive tool became as hard as a rock. This fellow had a hard-on! Ta-ta!
    The teenage beauty pulled off the cock and smiled into her lover's eyes. "Looks like it worked, honey," she beamed. "And quickly, too! You're just completely stiff! Like a rock, baby!"
    "But aren't you, like, really, really sore?" Jeff asked.
    "I am, but I just don't care! I just need one more loving to remember you by until the next time. Which," the buxom teen added with a stern look, "had better not be all that far off in the distance."
    Angelica licked her lips in anticipation. "Honey, I want you to take me from the rear. To go really, really deep. Deeper than ever before. Ream me out, precious." She lustily giggled. "Give me something to hold me until the next time!"

Angelica got on her hands and knees near the edge of the bed. She aimed her dripping genitals in her lover's direction. She was so ready to take his giant cock. Every single inch! She was so eager to make love! She needed so awfully badly to get fucked!
    Jeff groaned with desire at the way Angelica's huge, hanging milkers had puddled up on the sheets. They were simply too big to hang free when she was on her hands and knees. How could a slim, curvy girl like Angelica be so goddamn big?
    The young man took hold of his cock. Two hands! He leaned in and gently massaged Angelica's pussy lips with the huge tool. He could see that her labia were just glistening with sex goo. Oh, this girl was so primed for love.
    Jeff started to ease his throbbing monster down the young girl's ravaged cunt. It looked wrinkly and stretched out.

God, Angelica's cunt lips almost look like a wrinkled up old turkey neck! Have I done a job on her pussy today or what? It's like I ... reconfigured her cunt! It's so slick, too! Oh, baby, this is going to be heaven! I'm goin' right in!

    To his shock and amazement, Jeff watched his giant dick slide right down Angelica's vaginal shaft as if she had sucked him in like a vacuum cleaner. The slippery feel of her mucous-slick, really tight love channel was so thrilling! She was so open! Yet still really tight, too! What an electrifying combination!
    Within five or six thrusts, Jeff was knocking at the door; he was right down to her cervix. Only a bit of maneuvering was required to get past that point into the steamy depths of her womb. Seconds later, Jeff was porking every inch of the buxom youngster's reproductive system with energy and passion. He was in!
    "Oh, my darling!" Angelica gasped. "You're almost going up my throat the wrong way! Oh, baby, I love you! Faster, honey! Deeper, sweetheart!"
    Jeff had a feeling he was not going to last too long this time. For one thing, fucking Angelica from the rear meant that a fellow was treated to non-stop exposure to her fabulous, super-curved rump. Jeff was holding on to Angelica by her buttocks to steady his fuck strokes. The continuing sight of her tight, ultra-voluptuous ass cheeks as his giant salami plunged in and out of her ravaged pussy was unbelievably arousing. Her incredible butt was likely to catapult him over the top in no time flat. Nothing wrong with that, though — the busty teenager must still be sore. Plus time was getting short. Getting in, leaving your calling card, and then promptly getting out would not be all bad! Not under the circumstances.
    The slickness of Angelica's soaked pussy would undoubtedly complete whatever part of the job her universe class rump had left undone. Angelica was so wet, so drenched, that it felt to Jeff as if he were fucking the finest grade of velvet. It was so smooth, so silken!
    As before, loud sucking sounds filled the room as Jeff's fat cock plunged in and out of Angelica's reproductive system. The lovers had once again formed a fuck suction! The overbuilt Latina was having a new shuddering orgasm on about every sixth stroke or so as a result.
    Jeff decided to up the ante. He took his left hand off Angelica's rump and steadied himself against her bed stand. This way, he found he could pull out all the way to the very tip of his cockhead. Holding on to the bed stand kept him from toppling over backwards.
    With only half of his dickhead still inside Angelica's cunt lips, Jeff would lunge forward, and forcefully jam his rock-hard, horse-sized shaft back into her cunt. During the first few strokes, he paused to ease his way through her cervix. To his amazement, he found that her cervix was so dilated that his monster cockhead punched through without a hitch. He could feel himself vaguely brushing the cervix but it was so open he could jam his cock right through the opening without slowing down. The only noticeable effect was that Angelica began clenching and shuddering with a new orgasm each time the huge knob brushed her cervical tissue.
    Jeff was now fucking like a madman. On the upstroke, only the tip of his cock was inside Angelica's body. He would lunge and a second later his mule-like cock would be buried to the hilt, his dickhead deep inside her womb. Each time he passed through her cervix, Angelica would experience another shuddering orgasm.
    The pleasures of this back door loving were distinctly mutual. Jeff was passionately grunting and groaning. He was in ecstasy! Angelica had been shuddering, stiffening, and clenching continuously, right from Jeff's first few fuck strokes. This final coupling of the evening was so delicious!
    After only a very few minutes, Angelica was not the only party to the coupling who was shuddering and shaking. The buxom Latina's outrageously curvy rump, slick, tight, velvety cunt, and hot, steamy, welcoming womb had provoked some extremely heavy-duty convulsing and clenching on the part of her giant-cocked lover as well.
    "Oh, God, honey, it's so great!" Jeff had begun to frantically whitewash his girl friend's convulsing pussy with life-giving seed. The first giant blast of boiling sperm rocketed out of his cockhole at the bottom of a fuck stroke. As a result Jeff's first shower of rich, potent seed coated the walls of Angelica's shuddering womb. A second heroic ejaculation splattered jism all over her clenching pussy walls. A third explosion of spunk soon followed. In fact, Jeff couldn't stop coming. Discharge after prodigious discharge of jizz continued to rocket out of his surging cock. In all, twelve surges of creamy seed splashed all over Angelica's quivering insides before the three-minute orgasm finally subsided.
    Jeff may have had a little trouble getting it up at first but he certainly had no problem keeping it up once Angelica had aided him in the procedure. Nor did he experience any difficulty in producing a phenomenal load of spunk at the end of the process. It might have been his sixth cum in 5½ hours but so what! His shudders and thrills were as strong as when he had first fucked the gorgeous, huge-titted Latina hours earlier. It was clear that when a fellow's libido encountered a girl as beautiful, curvy, and buxom as Angelica Gonzales, anything was possible. In other words, when a guy was exposed to Angelica's shockingly gorgeous face, firm, erect watermelon-sized tits, and impossibly curvaceous ass, thighs, and legs ... well, he'd always be good to go! What an unbelievable turn-on she was!
    The lovers were utterly and totally spent. They had sufficient strength — and time — to grope and kiss each for only a very few moments. "It's 9:48, honey. Don't you turn into a pumpkin at ten or so?" Angelica asked softly.
    "Unfortunately!" Jeff acknowledged. "If I don't get home soon my whole alibi unravels. God, I want to stay but ... gotta go."

Jeff hurriedly threw on his clothes. When he turned around, she saw that Angelica was standing at his side wearing her father's undershirt again.
    "Oh, baby! You've gotta learn — any time you put on that undershirt, you're gonna be in big, big trouble."
    Angelica smiled a saucy smile. "But I want to be in trouble with you, honey."
    The buxom teenager moved into Jeff's arms. She got on her tiptoes, reached up, and softly kissed Jeff on the lips. Jeff groaned, pulled her voluptuous lower lip into his mouth, and sucked on it for a moment.
    This was too much for the young lovers to bear. Their mouths sagged open and yet another monumental, face-swallowing French kiss ensued. Jeff reached down to cup and squeeze Angelica's impossibly curved ass cheeks. The pressure of her enormous tits against his chest was unbelievably erotic and — even though he had just had his sixth orgasm of the evening — extremely arousing.
    At last, the lovers broke the clinch. Angelica's massive breasts continued to be compressed and squashed against Jeff's hard muscled body. It was so exciting to hug the overdeveloped teenager!
    "I'm not saying goodbye," Angelica pronounced. "No way! Just, see you later. But not too much later!"
    "And you will, honey ... I'm picking you up for school in the morning, remember?"
    "I certainly do, Jeff," Angelica agreed, a momentary look of relief passing across her gorgeous features.

He remembered!

    "See you later, too," Jeff added.
    The overdeveloped teenager looked up. Adoration filled her face. "I love you, Jeff," she whispered, "with all my heart."
    "I adore you too, honey," Jeff responded. "This has been so wonderful. So unbelievable! The fantastic day Angelica and Jeff not only met but became one ... and I mean One!"


Part Five
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