Part Six

"Mama, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Jeff Weld."
"Jeff, I'd like to introduce you to my mother, Maria Gonzales..."

Like so many of his teenage compatriots, Jeff had a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. He was a high achieving individual once he was on his feet but elevating himself from a prone position at his usual wakeup time of 6:30 a.m. was no easy task. He did have an alarm, of course, but it had a snooze feature, which Jeff invariably engaged six or seven times every morning to avoid the inevitable.
    Jeff would, if left to his own devices, have indulged himself with eight or nine reprieves — or even more if he could get away with it! His mother, who was usually cooking breakfast around this time for Mr Weld in order to get her husband out the door in time to walk the half a mile to the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Station in order to catch the 7:20 express to the Loop, knew the young man's game by heart. As soon as Mr Weld was out the door, she would sigh, walk up the two flights of stairs to Jeff's bedroom, and roust the young man out of bed.
    Because the kitchen was located two floors below Jeff's bedroom, Mrs Weld could not hear the recurring rings of the snooze alarm. In fact, she could not hear the primary alarm go off in the first place. Still, she knew the drill. As far as getting up in the morning was concerned, Jeff always pushed the envelope to the very last minute. Sometimes, if the trip up the two flights of stairs seemed too arduous Mrs Weld would simply call up on Jeff's private line and order him out of bed. Still, she usually made the trek physically rather than telephonically. Why not? Everyone says that stair climbing is good exercise. Plus, it was fun to say good morning in person to her son.
    This morning was different. As Mrs Weld prepared to rap on her son's door she heard the faint sounds of his shower down the hall. The young man had not forgotten to set his alarm after all; he had actually gotten up. Wonder of wonders — he was actually running ahead of schedule! Mrs Weld gently shook her head and smiled. There was evidently hope for this young man after all! Then she pursed her lips in thought. Could this atypical behavior be linked to Jeff's weird mood of the evening before?
    At this moment, Jeff was energetically shampooing his hair. Instead of his usual early morning scowl, the young man had a big grin on his face.

Well, this is a first! Up five minutes before the alarm went off? At 6:25? That's a first! Who woulda thunk it? I've got to leave early in order to get to Angelica's place by 7:30. I can't wait to see her! And to meet her parents, too. Man! I just can't stop smiling! If this is cloud nine, I love it!

    Jeff dashed through the kitchen on the way to the family's four car garage, a converted stable. He was thrusting his left arm into the sleeve of his football letter jacket while trying to hold his books against his hip with his right hand. He was clearly in a rush.
    "Jeff, honey, you're not going to run out without having breakfast, are you?" Mrs Weld inquired. "I've got a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal left over from Dad's breakfast with some brown sugar to spoon on it plus some home-made raisin toast. You'll never make it to lunch without something to tide you over."
    "Mom, I gotta go. I'm picking someone up on the way to school, and I think I'll probably grab a bite or something at her house."
    "Her house? Are you going by Pam's?"
    "No, Mom. It's another girl. You don't know her. It's a new friend. Pam and I are kaput."
    Mrs Weld rolled her eyes. "Goodness gracious! Are we in that old break-up mode again? Quickly followed by the temporary girl friend phase? Culminating with a truce negotiated over a cherry Coke? Oh, my! I think I'd better buckle up for the ride!"
    "Mom, we'll talk about it later but this time it's really over with Pam. Really! This girl — her name is Angelica, by the way, she just moved to town and I met her yesterday — is really wonderful. You and Dad will get to meet her on Sunday. That is, if it's okay to have her over for dinner after church." Jeff paused for a breath. "Angelica is no 'temporary girl friend', Mom. No way! Angelica is the real deal." The words were just tumbling out of Jeff's mouth as he headed for the door.
    The corners of Mrs Weld's mouth lifted slightly in combined interest and amusement. "Well! I've never seen you get so interested in a girl quite so fast before! Not even Pam! Of course, Angelica can come for dinner, Jeff. Truth is, this girl sounds so special that I can't wait to meet her! Sunday can't come soon enough!"

Knock, knock!
    Jeff softly rapped on the door of Apartment 2-H. The young man's soaring sprits had gone into hibernation during the drive from his house to the apartment. Let's face it — meeting the parents really was a big deal. What if they didn't like him? Angelica — their only child — had to be the apple of their eye, after all, and he was willing to bet their standards for boyfriends were sky-high. And given what a special, special girl she was — why wouldn't they be?
    Plus, after Eddie, they were probably on their guard against any member of the male gender who showed an interest in their daughter. Who could blame them? Especially in a new city where the guy was bound to be an unknown quality. Two dates on the weekend just a day after they had met? What if they thought things were moving too quickly with their daughter? Hell, it would be hard to argue with that! God! Imagine if they knew how fast things really were moving! Heck, imagine if they knew how far they'd already moved! They'd croak!
    Worse, what if Angelica herself was having second thoughts? After all, a girl who had given herself so completely to a guy she had just met could certainly wonder in the cold light of the next day if she had made a huge mistake. Jeff could feel the joy and confidence with which he had awakened just oozing out of his body as he waited for someone to answer the door. He certainly knew he had made no mistake! But what about Angelica? By this point the young man was trembling with foreboding and anxiety.
    The door finally opened about a quarter of the way. It was Angelica! She was so beautiful! She had a dazzling smile on her face. The gorgeous teenager was plainly overjoyed to see her new boyfriend. In a second Jeff knew everything was absolutely super. His fear and apprehension dropped away in an instant. Everything was okay. More than okay! What a relief!
    "Hi, baby!" she whispered. "Wait just a sec' before you come in."
    The overdeveloped teenager slipped through the opening. On account of the massive size of her bosom, she momentarily had to open the door nearly half way to fit through. In less than a second, though, she was standing in the hall with the door slightly ajar behind her.
    "I wanted to say 'hello' in private before you came in, honey," she whispered. The young girl then skipped backwards a step or two and presented herself for inspection. "How do I look today? Not too indecent for Maine Township High School East, I hope?"
    The stupendously beautiful, shockingly curvy girl was wearing a very plain navy blue skirt. Its hemline was some three inches above the knee. This was a short skirt by Maine East standards but still legal. It was a number of inches longer than the sexy micro-miniskirt Angelica had worn the day before. Still, it revealed a lot of luscious leg and thigh. It was okay — more than okay! — on many levels!
    Up top, the young girl was wearing an equally plain robin-egg blue blouse. The color and cut of the blouse were, however, the only things plain about it. The blouse buttoned up the front; the top button was conservatively placed not very far below the neck. On account of Angelica's massive bosom, though, a whole lot of really deep cleavage was still visible. It reminded Jeff of his thought that Angelica's sensational shape was going to be on full display in anything this side of a barrel. This blouse was okay, okay, and okay!
    Jeff's eyes absolutely bugged out as they slid down the front of Angelica's blouse toward her waist. Her giant tits were absolutely exploding out of the blouse. Surely she was wearing a bra — probably a tight one. Yet her oversized breasts extended to a point just above the waistband of her skirt. They weren't hanging down quite as far as yesterday when she had removed her bra but Angelica was certainly displaying a giant pair of hangers. God, was she built!
    Just as exciting her puppies extended sideways well beyond the width of her trunk. Angelica was so big! The young girl had obviously decided to wear a simple skirt and blouse in an attempt to minimize the effect on others — mainly boys — of her sensational physical gifts. Sorry, Angelica — it ain't gonna work! The young beauty was as clearly and demonstrably buxom and beautiful as she had looked when the couple had parted last night.
    "Is my skirt long enough? I sure hope so," she quickly added, "'cause it's the longest one I've got."
    "It's just fine," Jeff replied. "Really, it is."
    Then, in a lower voice the buxom Latina asked, "are my breasts hangin' a little too low, stickin' out too much?"

Golly, what a question? I mean, they're so huge! How on earth do I answer a question like that?

    "Um ... er ... No! They ... they look just great!"

What a mean question to ask! I'd better let Jeff know my thinking before he collapses on the floor in embarrassment!

    "What I meant, dear," Angelica whispered, "was that yesterday I was wearing this stretchy ol' bra that really let my breasts get kind of extra jiggly. Today, I'm wearing a tighter bra. It's a few months old so it's one of the Senora's M-cups, but it should hold my bosom in a little more firmly. It holds my breasts in okay, but they kind of pour over the top quite a lot, and it seems to kind of push them out sideways. I was hoping it might make them less ... well ... noticeable?"

Yeah, right! As if! Honey, there's no way your tits are going to be less noticeable. Speaking of which, this bra talk is starting to get me stiff!

    "Hmmm ... yeah ... it's ... um ... fine!" Jeff sputtered.
    "Thanks for the reassurance, baby," Angelica whispered ever softer. She took a couple of steps forward and approached her new boyfriend.
    Angelica was soon leaning up against Jeff's chest. Her voice was a little breathless. The pressure of her colossal jugs against his chest was so arousing. So too was the sight of her surpassingly beautiful face tilting up to him. "I was afraid you might think I had some regrets 'n stuff about yesterday." The young beauty leaned into her lover with even greater force. "No way, honey! If anything, I'm more gone over you than when we talked on the phone last night." She expectantly locked eyes with Jeff. "Sure hope you feel the same way." Jeff smiled warmly in response.
    Angelica paused for a moment. "The truth is I was gettin' kinda worried as the clock approached 7:30. I was afraid you might have had some regrets. Thoughts like, you know, 'What have I done?' I was afraid you might not even show up. I was getting scared, baby!"
    Jeff giggled. "Honey ... that's so ... funny! I was having exactly the same kind of worries on the drive over." The young man smiled into Angelica's eyes. "We should have more faith in our feelings toward each other. So, baby ... let me say it loud and clear. I do feel the same way! You know I do!" Jeff moaned. "Heck, after that telephone call last night — maybe even more!" he added.
    "I love you, Jeff," Angelica whispered. The buxom teenager lifted up her voluptuous lips toward her boyfriend's welcoming mouth. The couple's mouths slammed together. The lovers began a short but very torrid French kiss. Their tongues lashed at each other. Jeff right hand, which had a mind of its own, slipped under Angelica's skirt and dipped into her panties. He was soon kneading her petite, perfect buns.

Oh, baby! You're so hot! So loving! So beautiful! So sweet! Plus I had forgotten how huge your tits are. Oh, man, you are definitely the one for me!

    This was daring behavior in which to engage while in an apartment corridor just in front of a slightly open door behind which presumably sat the parents of the young girl whose ass was being grabbed. The randy teens' raging hormones overrode any residual sense of caution, however. Instead of cooling things down, Angelica's reaction was to return Jeff's kiss with even greater ardor and erotically to slide her giant bosom against his trunk. Thank goodness no neighbors stepped out into the corridor on their way to work during Jeff's workout on her body!
    The kiss went on for about half a minute. Jeff felt warm and happy. All was well with the world again. With the two lovers so united in their love the parents just couldn't be a problem!
    The buxom beauty finally pulled back. "I just had to hug 'n kiss you, honey. I wanted to find out if things were still okay with us. Give it, like, the acid test? And did we pass that test? Two A-pluses," she grinned. Plus," she added, "I just wanted to! Period!" The young girl got a sly smile on her face. "I also wanted to get it out of our system. I hope you know there will be no touching — no nothing! — once we're inside the apartment. That would not be cool!"
    "Message delivered and received," Jeff said with a smirk.
    "Good! So," Angelica took a deep breath, "now that we've got all that straight, honey, let's go in and meet my parents."

Jeff doesn't have a clue as to the sight he's about to see. I think a hot kiss and the feel of my bosom against his chest is just the ounce of prevention the doctor ordered, though. Still, I bet his jaw drops when he sees Mama! All the way to the floor!

    Jeff hesitated at the door. "Er ... I don't quite have it out of my system, baby. I mean," he added while looking down at the prodigious lump in his crotch, "our little make-out session seems to have left me in an aroused state. Really aroused, I mean. Shouldn't we wait out here until it, ah, goes down?"
    Angelica giggled. "Silly! If we wait out here any longer, my parents are going to get very suspicious. We have to go in now. Maybe worrying about your hard-on will make it go away." She giggled again. "Or maybe just hide behind me. I promise not to reach around behind my back and make it bigger. Besides ... don't worry ... after my father gives you the third degree about whether you're an upstanding enough young man to go out with his darling daughter, your boner will be long gone!"
    Jeff groaned and prepared to enter the apartment. He certainly hoped Angelica was just kidding!

As they entered the kitchen, Angelica led him over the table to meet her father. Mr Gonzales turned out to be a plump, good-looking man. God! He was sitting in the very chair in which Jeff and Angelica had made love the night before. If he only knew!
    "Daddy, this is my friend, Jeff Weld.... Jeff, this is my father, Vincente Gonzales...."
    Mr Gonzales got to his feet and extended a hand. He was at least half a foot shorter than Jeff. In spite of his pudginess, he proved to have a strong, manly grip. His eyes crinkled and his smile was warm. Even though he had seriously let himself get out of shape, it was easy to see why a beautiful young girl would have been attracted to him. Seventeen years ago, anyway!
    "Jeff, eh? It's very nice to meet you, Jeff. Angelica has been talking non-stop this morning about what a wonderful young man you are...."
    "...and I can see why already. Welcome to our home, Jeff."
    "It's really nice to meet you, Mr Gonzales," Jeff responded. Angelica's father was gray, balding, and chubby. Yet Jeff could tell he was a man's man nonetheless. He just exuded masculinity. Yet his eyes were very kind. He was clearly one hell of a nice, caring guy. Jeff was relieved; Angelica had been kidding! But her joke had had its effect — his boner was history!

"Now, let's go meet my mother," Angelica broke in. She guided Jeff past the table toward the smaller part of the L where the cooking alcove was located. Jeff's eyes darted into the little nook. He could see the back of a woman cooking at the stove. It just had to be Mama, of course!

So, Mrs Gonzales, we meet at last! Oh my God! She's really is gonna turn out to be something else! I can tell that even from the rear. Wow! She's got really long, lustrous hair halfway down her back. Just like Angelica. Look at that skirt! It's nearly as short as the one Angelica had on yesterday! And look at her ass! It's just totally fabulous! Like somebody else I know.

    "Mama?" Angelica began. Mama did not turn around or even acknowledge her daughter. Most likely she had not heard her, for the WGN Wally Phillips morning show was blasting over the radio, and the sizzling sound of frying bacon was adding to the cacophony. The young girl stood motionless, as if deciding whether to bellow out an even louder "Mama!" or instead to tap her mother on the shoulder. In the meantime, Jeff continued to stare at Mrs Gonzales in wonderment.

Look at those legs. What killers! And ... and, oh my God, the way her tits are sticking out on either side of her body. Even from the rear I can see 'em just exploding sideways out of her top. Stop! Pause! Rewind! Start over! Is that a T-shirt she has on? Jesus, it can't be! Wh-what ... what is it doing all the way down there? Those can't be her tits, surely? They're wider than her fucking hips! I know that Angelica told me her mother was really built but no woman on earth could possibly be that shape....

    Angelica finally settled for crossing over to the stove and tapping her mother on the shoulder. Mrs Gonzales turned a quarter turn around and smiled at her daughter. She apparently still did not see Jeff. "Yes, dear?" Jeff, on the other hand, could certainly see her!
    The young man was in a state of total — and increasing! — shock. Even after getting acquainted with Angelica's massive bosom, and receiving strong hints from the young girl that her mother was even more buxom than she, he was not prepared for a sight like this! Perhaps he should have been better steeled for this sight, for the heavily breasted teenager had alluded many times to her mother's large bosom and sensational good looks. He had been warned! But Jeff was not primed for this! How could he have been? Hell, no amount of preparation could prepare a fellow for a first look at Mrs Gonzales! Angelica was the most fabulously beautiful and buxom female he had ever seen — until right this minute! And now, a mere 9½ hours later, he was meeting a woman whose physical attributes equaled — hell, far exceeded when you got down to itthe young girl's goodies in nearly every respect! Based on his shocked first assessment of the situation, and although thirty seconds earlier Jeff might have thought it utterly impossible, it seemed that when it came to sheer buxom beauty, Angelica might actually be the Silver Medalist in this family competition! Amazing!

Man, oh man, oh man! I've just got to keep my cool. I've got to keep my eyes from just plain bugging out. I've got to stop staring! But, wow, how can I? Mrs Gonzales is amazing — beyond amazing. Those tits! They're much bigger than watermelons ... they're watermelons and a half! The way they stick out of her shirt. Oh, man! She's wearin' a black bra so I can see bra straps 'n stuff through her T-shirt. Even with the bra, her monster tits extend all the way down to her pussy. Much wider than her body, too! They're so huge! They stick out wider and hang down lower than even Angelica's. Mercy, mercy, mercy!

    The young girl reached up to turn down the radio so that her introduction of her new boyfriend could take place with less acoustic competition. "Mama, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Jeff Weld.... Jeff, I'd like to introduce you to my mother, Maria Gonzales...."
    Mrs Gonzales' bosom was so breathtakingly massive that, as she completed her pivot from facing the stove, her giant piles of breast flesh actually lagged a second or so behind her trunk in making the transition. That is, after Mrs Gonzales had turned around from the stove, her bosom had not yet stopped bouncing, jiggling, and generally coming to rest. In fact, her massive bosom overshot her trunk, momentarily floated past her torso before stopping, and finally bounced back to the center again. Wow! The sight of this shaking, quivering mass of tit meat was simultaneously mind boggling and arousing.

I know Mama's eager to meet Jeff but I wish she could've turned around a little more slowly! I mean, her bosom puts on enough of a show without whipping her tits around like that! Would that be too much to ask?

    Jeff could feel his breathing start to get rapid and shallow. He had nearly grown a hard-on during his hug and kiss with Angelica before entering the apartment. Now, the sight of Mrs Gonzales' gargantuan bosom was threatening to do it again! The young man had to wrench his eyes away from Mrs Gonzales' colossal whoppers. Somehow, he had to regain his composure. He looked up into her flashing, smiling eyes. "Nice to meet you, Mrs Gonzales," he gurgled.
    "You too, Jeff," she replied with a warm grin. The young mom was wiping her hands on a paper towel as she spoke.
    This was clearly a case of leaping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Mrs Gonzales' vast bosom wobbled and quivered even in response to this hand wiping.

Oh, man! Look at those puppies shake! I've never seen anything like it. Did I say watermelons? I think giant beach balls is more like it. Pear shaped beach balls at that. Oh, wow! This is just unbelievable! Jesus! Angelica told me her tits weighed 40 pounds. How much must her mother's weigh? 80 pounds? A hundred? Jesus!

    The shockingly, improbably buxom mom then extended her hand for Jeff to shake. Her grasp was soft and firm — all at the same time!

Her hand's so soft! Jesus! Her tits just won't stop shakin'! I gotta take my eyes off 'em. Like look her in the eye? As if that's gonna solve the problem!

    As Jeff's earlier glimpse had suggested, Mrs Gonzales was just stunningly beautiful. She was as light-skinned as her daughter (and her husband as well) but if anything a bit more beautiful. As if such a thing were possible!
    As Jeff knew would be the case, looking at Mrs Gonzales' face was nearly as disconcerting as focusing on her bosom. Angelica had enjoyed a very short reign as the undisputedly most beautiful female Jeff had ever seen. The discombobulated fellow was finding no respite in keeping his eyes fixed above Mrs Gonzales' neck.

Wow! She is so gorgeous! I mean, Angelica is amazingly beautiful but her mother is ... well, at least as gorgeous. Her face is just unbelievably beautiful. What a creamy complexion she has! Mrs Gonzales and Angelica are both ... absolute dynamite! They're so fabulous! What a mother-daughter team! They must cause traffic jams when they walk down the street together! This is just totally amazing!

    Jeff's total state of shock and amazement did not go unnoticed. But it was no surprise to her daughter. For Angelica, it was déjà vu all over again!

Well, it would have been nice if Jeff had shown just a little cool when he met Mama but I guess that just wasn't in the cards. 'Course, how could it have been? I mean, what guy I've brought home has ever reacted any differently? Heck, that's why I want the guys I'm dating to meet Mama right away — to get it over and done with! It's tough when your mother is so built 'n beautiful that she not only turns your boyfriends' heads but also almost knocks 'em off their shoulders. Thank goodness we had that hug 'n kiss in the hallway to take the edge off!

    Mrs Gonzales' short skirt showed off lots of sleek thigh. Her long legs — Jeff would guess she might be an inch or two taller than her daughter — were absolutely luscious as well. Up top she had on a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "TEXAS WESTERN" and a school seal in between the two words. The shirt had to be an XXXXL or bigger; even though Mrs Gonzales had a slender build — except up top where it really counted — the oversized shirt was seriously overmatched by its wearer's massive, massive bosom.
    The unbelievable volume of Mrs Gonzales' gigantic watermelon-plus tits took up every bit of the looseness of the T-shirt. Jeff could see the outline of a huge, industrial strength bra underneath the shirt but in spite of this support, Mrs Gonzales' colossal bosom still extended to her upper thighs. It was not all that far above the hem of her skirt! Wow! Yet in spite of their spreading size — they extended half a foot at least beyond her trunk — her mega-breasts still seemed very solid and firm. The antic thought of Mrs Gonzales in a wet T-shirt contest suddenly flashed through Jeff's crazed mind. This poor fellow was in a bad way!

I know I'm just standin' here with my mouth hangin' open like some kinda fool. I'll probably start to drool in a few seconds. I'm actin' like a dork! Please somebody say something! Take me off the spot, here!

"Who'd like some blueberry pancakes?" Mrs Gonzales briskly inquired.
    "Me!" Angelica quickly responded.
    "Me, too, please, if it's no trouble," Jeff agreed in a semi-strangled voice.
    "Me, too," replied Mr Gonzales, "but serve the kids first — they've got to leave for school soon."
    Jeff and Angelica were soon feasting on blueberry pancakes awash in melted butter and blueberry syrup. A large platter of bacon and link sausages accompanied the pancakes. Large glasses of milk and orange juice completed the bill of fare. During the meal, Jeff was careful to look at and talk to only Angelica and her father. Even a stray glance at Mrs Gonzales at the stove could be fatal, so he rigidly restricted his view to his tablemates.

Look at Jeff! He's refusing to even look at my mother! I've seen guys play that game before! Golly, his neck is locked so tight it would shatter if he tried to turn to the right to look at Mama! Well, we'll be out the door and on the way to school in a few minutes, and then I'll have his full attention. Or at least I hope I will! At least, we've got past the first-look-at-Mama stage. It should be smooth sailing from now on! I sure hope so, anyway!

Jeff and Angelica were not exactly uncommunicative on the short five-minute drive to school but they certainly did studiously avoid one subject, namely, Mrs Gonzales and her astonishing physical appearance. The surpassingly gorgeous Mrs Gonzales and her massive bosom was definitely the six hundred pound gorilla in the car that morning. Neither Jeff nor Angelica knew exactly how to bring the subject up in a casual, offhand manner. There was, after all, nothing casual or offhand about Mrs. Gonzales's stunning beauty and beyond-massive tits.

Oh, man! That Mrs Gonzales is just totally amazing! She is unbelievably beautiful. Her tits are so gigantic — I've never seen anything like 'em — not even in those magazines I found in Dad's sock drawer. For that matter, I've never seem anyone as big as Angelica in 'em either. But Mrs Gonzales — It would take a full two-page spread to show off her whoppers! And then there's her face — she's got movie star looks. And the rest of her figure — she'd be a knockout even if she were flat chested. But if I were to say a complimentary word about her, like, "Your mother is really beautiful," or something, Angelica might go ape shit. Or it might be okay. Who knows? I mean, I don't know how she'll react to something like that. 'Course, Angelica is a younger model of her mother. She's just fabulously beautiful 'n buxom, too. Plus, I love her! She's got nothing to worry about when it comes to Mama. Still, I'd better get a better sense of the situation before I open my big trap and stick my big foot all the way down my throat! One thing's for sure — this is no time to run off at the mouth!
Well, guess what Jeff's not talking about! 'Course, neither am I! I guess the situation does put him in a pickle. He probably thinks he's damned if he does talk about Mama and damned if he doesn't! Guess what? He's right! I know he's falling in love with me — maybe he has already! — but we haven't even been together for twenty-four hours! And considering the situation at home ... hmmm. From the way I've seen other guys I know eyeball Mama — and vice-versa, sometimes! — I think I'd better turn up the sexual heat a little. Can't be too careful. Got to get Jeff so satiated that he can't even think about anybody but me! What's that old football slogan? The best defense is a good offense. Go, team! Hup! Hup! One, Two, Three — Hike!

    Although the kids' verbal communication was minimal at best during the drive to school, their tactile contact was almost constant. Their bodies were almost welded together and Angelica in particular found it difficult to keep her hands to herself. So she didn't!
    Jeff missed the two red lights he encountered en route — one of them on purpose — but put the time waiting for the cycle to change to productive use. Specifically, the young lovers wildly French kissed and groped each other during the interval. Against all odds, Jeff felt hornier this morning than he had been with Angelica the day before. Goes to show how great the morning after can be — if love is really on the wing!

Angelica and Jeff were absolute lovebirds at school that day. It required taking two steps at a time up the stairs once in a while to make it work, but Jeff managed to get from his class to Angelica's at the end of every single period in order to walk her to her next class. He then managed to get to his own class on time ... well, most of the time, anyway!
    Walking along with Angelica was so great! Already, Jeff felt so confident of her love — and vice-versa! — that it felt as if they were inside a private bubble of their own as, their eyes locked on each other, they slowly walked down the corridor, their shoulders lightly bumping every few steps, to Angelica's next class.
    The calm represented by this bubble, it should be noted, was akin to the eye of a hurricane. The couple — or Angelica to be precise — were causing an absolute furor as the newly minted lovers walked down the hall. The male students — and some of the female students, too — were staring at the impossibly buxom Latina beauty with shock and disbelief. Her appearance caused a real commotion. Yet she seemed able to disregard this unwanted attention and to focus entirely on Jeff. The young man supposed that Angelica had lots of practice ignoring such stares. Jeff suddenly realized that if he and Angelica were going to be a couple, he'd better pick up some of the same skills!
    By chance, the two shared the same scheduled lunch break so they were able to be together for that period as well. Jeff knew that such togetherness was a little ridiculous and overdone and probably wouldn't last but he just wanted to see his new girl friend as often as possible. He couldn't stand not to be with her!
    Jeff kept a wary eye out for Pam Fox during his between-class strolls with Angelica. He failed to see her even once, though in a school of 5,000 students such a happenstance might be understandable. Still, he sneaked a look at the absentee list on Mr Ford's desk before the English teacher showed up for AP English Literature just to be sure. Yep — the sick list included a "Fox, Pamela J. (4)" as one of the absent students. Was Pam really sick or was she unable to face the prospect of bumping into Jeff and Angelica? Jeff would have bet heavily on the latter explanation! He smelled a mental health day!

Jeff was more than a little worried about how to handle the after-school hours with Angelica. He felt intuitively that a repeat of Thursday's steamy seven-hour romp was simply the wrong way to go about building a healthy, long-lasting relationship with the giant-breasted teenager. Sex, sex, and nothing but sex was not going to give this relationship the legs it needed. It also needed the foundation of some plain old, non-sexual, friendship.
    Even Angelica, after all, had worried out loud that a whole lot of sex at the beginning of a relationship could doom it from the start. Jeff doubted that could happen to them but he still felt that significantly reducing the temperature for at least a few days was in order. This meant no making out by Angelica's locker or in the parking lot. Nor would Jeff come up to the apartment to fuck the hugely buxom beauty's brains out. Not today, anyway. No, they were going out that evening on a regular-style date to introduce Angelica to his friends. He was going to make it as close to a typical first date as possible. Ditto for Saturday night. It made a lot of sense to do all the usual things that people did at the beginning of a relationship before slipping back into the sexual mode. Anything else, Jeff was convinced, was going to be just ass-backwards and counterproductive. Moreover, holding his fire was a price Jeff was willing — eager, even — to pay. The young man was falling so hopelessly in love with Angelica that he was willing to pay any price to ensure the development of a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Even delaying the gratification he got from ravishing Angelica's beyond-fabulous body. He so wanted this relationship to work! No false steps for this couple!
    Angelica agreed with Jeff's thinking — though a little hesitantly and then only to a point. "Hmmm ... I see what you mean, Jeff, so long as it doesn't mean you're pulling back." The gorgeous Hispanic beauty had a slightly worried look on her face. "I mean, this isn't just a way to let me down easy, is it?"
    Jeff chuckled. "Oh, my goodness no! I want us to have sex and companionship. It's just that we did the sex part first; now, we're going to work on the companionship part. We need to do so for the sake of balance. Then, we're going to be good to go on both. I just think it's the best way to have a healthy relationship."
    Angelica, who was jammed up against Jeff while he waited for the light at Potter and Dempster, gave her boyfriend a couple of lazy but passionate licks on his right ear. "Well, okay, but I really do like the sex part! A whole lot, in fact." The young beauty actually had a vaguely pouting look on her face. In light of the love-filled path the relationship was taking so far, she thought her boyfriend was being needlessly worried on this point.
    Still, she was willing to go along with him, albeit reluctantly. "I know I was worried about the sexual part for a while yesterday afternoon. But I sure got over that with no problem," Angelica exclaimed. "The way I see it, we did have sex right off the bat and that wasn't too bright, actually. But — hey! — it's the morning after and we're still together. More than together, in fact. So, we had sex a little bit early. So what? I think it's gonna be okay. Really okay!" Angelica got a lascivious look on her gorgeous face. "Besides," she whispered, "I loved the sex so much and just can't wait for more!"
    Jeff grinned. "Oh, me too, baby. It's unbelievable! You can't have any doubts on that score. I think by Monday afternoon, we're going to be able to have some really companionable sex at your place — if you want and if your parents are at work — and it will seem natural. Come on ... let's just try my idea for the weekend and see how it works."
    "Okay, but in that case I just can't wait for Monday to come," the huge-breasted girl intoned in a slightly petulant tone. After all, she had decided that the best tonic for the couple was sex, sex, and more sex. Frankly, she thought Jeff's plan of action was a little wacky. With sex as great as this ... why fight it? She knew she had been the one to express doubts about having sex on the first day they met but it could hardly be clearer that her fears were unfounded. Besides, it was no longer the first day they had met. They had crossed that watershed without a hitch — why this need to run the clock in reverse? Angelica sighed.

I've got to get Jeff off this temporary celibacy kick. It's just so ... unnecessary! It could actually be awkward. Hmmm ... I guess it's up to me to take the bull by the horns — so to speak!

"Drop me off in the back, okay?" Jeff had started to pull up to the front door of the apartment building when Angelica redirected him to the rear of the complex. "Pull into one of the visitors' spaces so we can say goodbye. How 'bout, say, the end one there stuck in between the fence and the dumpster?"

We need some privacy! This space is great for that! I spotted it this morning when we headed out to Jeff's car. It'll be great for parking when Jeff drops me off after a date ... or whatever. Somebody would have to be right behind the car in order to see anything! And we'd probably see them first. Best of all, our apartment is in the front of the building overlooking Carol Street. No way can Mama or Daddy look out the window and wonder, "Hmmm ... wonder what's goin' on down there in Jeff's car! As if! Hmm ... maybe we can give it a test run right now?

    As soon as the car was in the secluded parking space, Jeff swiveled to the right and placed his left hand on his girl's luscious thigh. It was so smooth, soft, and warm. She was so beautiful! And the way she was jammed up against him was so arousing! Cool the sex for a while? This was not going to be easy! Not with the most beautiful, curvy, and buxom teenage girl imaginable only inches away! "So ... we're goin' to my friend Rick Rex's party tonight. I'll pick you up at, say, a quarter to eight?"
    "Sounds great, honey."
    Angelica was now on her knees. Her hands were rubbing Jeff's shoulders. Her mammoth breasts were utterly squashed against his chest. "I'll see you at a quarter to eight then, precious. I'm sure gonna miss you until then, though. Am I ever!"

I can't climb out of the car just like that! I want to give Jeff a goodbye kiss. A big goodbye kiss! And then some!

    The ultra-buxom beauty stared into her boyfriend's handsome face. "You know what, honey?"
    "We've been a twosome for all of 24 hours. Twenty-four hours and thirty minutes, to be exact. It's our anniversary!"
    "That's amazing!"
    "It is, isn't it?" Angelica agreed. "It seems like we've known each other for years!"
    "I know!"
    "Well, I do have to go in and get ready for tonight but I'd like to celebrate our anniversary by giving you a kiss, honey." Angelica and Jeff suddenly locked eyes. The lovers' hungry mouths slowly drew together. Within seconds they were deeply and passionately kissing.

Well, so much for that! Kissing Angelica is such a turn-on. I guess a little smash mouth doesn't spoil the Plan, though.

    As things turned out, though, this was no routine goodbye kiss, however. The lovers' tongues frantically probed each other's mouths. Streams of saliva ran down their cheeks and necks. Jeff slipped his hand under Angelica's skirt and into her panties. He was soon cupping and rubbing her sensational ass cheeks.
    For her part, the buxom Latina had been rubbing Jeff's crotch. As soon as Jeff's hand slipped inside her panties, Angelica countered by thrusting her hand down the front of his jeans. She was soon rubbing and squeezing his massive erection.

Oh, man, is this getting out of hand! So what am I going to do — kick her out of the car? I don't think so. The truth is that I love it! Maybe takin' a break from sex just isn't in the cards. One thing's for sure — we just can't leave each other alone. So much for my Plan. Oh, well ... maybe we can inaugurate it this evening. Or ... maybe not!

    Jeff was now rubbing and kneading Angelica's massive right tit with his left hand while his right hand continued to cup her ass cheeks. All of this had happened during the couple's very first and as yet unbroken kiss of the afternoon.
    After about three minutes, the kiss broke. "I want to give you something special to remember me by, lover," Angelica whispered as she began to undo Jeff's belt. "A little something to hold you until, um, next Monday?"

Oh my goodness, am I really doing this? Jeff's gonna think I was the biggest whore in town but the truth is I never did anything like this before. Not even with Eddie! This is unbelievable but I just can't help myself. All I want to do is attack Jeff! To keep him really, really interested!

Even though Jeff had announced a Plan for the couple under which sex was going to take second place to companionship for a short time, he voiced no objection to Angelica's pursuit of his genitals. None at all! To the contrary, he simply leaned his head back on the headrest and began to moan. The Plan was for the moment clearly forgotten! After all, some provocation is just too much to withstand.

Oh, wow! So much for that idea! Angelica's getting me so excited! I can feel stuff slurping out of my cock. Why did I think we could ever spend time together without going at it hot and heavy? Maybe it's time for Plan B — all the sex we can handle and just hope for the best!

    After a whole lot of tugging and pulling, Angelica was able to fish Jeff's enormous dick out of his jeans and underpants. After uttering a loud moan, she grabbed the mule-sized cock with both hands. The overdeveloped teenage beauty began flat tonguing the coating of pre-cum that covered Jeff's straining dickhead. At the same time, her hands were busily moving his taut cockskin up and down and up and down. She was sucking, licking, and jacking him off all at the same time. What a piece of work Angelica was!

Jeff's huge dick is so delicious. I do love sucking cock ... so long as it's attached to a guy I really, really love. Actually, I'd rather be getting fucked but I was so sore yesterday that maybe this is a better idea. I bet if we skip intercourse right now I'll be good to go very soon. Maybe even tonight! If only Jeff gets off his stupid vacation from sex kick! Hmm ... a little cocksucking should sure help on that score!

    While the Latina beauty licked and kissed his oversized cockhead, Jeff continued to maul her huge tits. They were so huge, so meaty! The notion of taking time out from sex was demonstrably in the ashbin! Goodbye Plan!
    Jeff has been feeling Angelica up through her blouse. Given the provocation she was visiting on his straining cock, this was no longer sufficient. Jeff unbuttoned the blouse and slipped his hand inside. He was soon copping a feel by squeezing and rubbing her bra-covered tits.
    Angelica suddenly sat up. "Just a minute, honey," she whispered. "You deserve a clearer playing field than that!" The stupendously buxom kid pulled her blouse out of her waistband and reached behind her back. In a second she had unfastened the multiple hooks on her big bra. She shrugged out of her blouse, slipped her bra straps off her shoulders, and then flung both the blouse and the bra into the back seat. "Now you can feel me up the way we like it," she breathed. Jeff responded with a groan as he withdrew his right hand from Angelica's panties and began to maul her massive globes of naked tit flesh. Two hands per tit, of course!
    The buxom beauty returned her attention to Jeff's cock. In no time flat, Angelica had taken the whole of Jeff's cue ball-sized dickhead into her mouth. All of Jeff's take-a-break-from-Pam girls had come up way short in this department. Not Angelica! She alternated sucking and licking the straining knob. The bottoms of her teeth were even lightly grazing his dickhead and shaft. How exciting!
    The overdeveloped Latina was now taking four or five inches of rock-hard cock into her mouth. That was three more inches at least than she had been able to swallow during their love fest the day before. Angelica was a fast learner! The combined feel of her mouth, lips, and tongue on Jeff's inflamed member was almost impossibly exciting. Nor was this all — she was also sucking in her cheeks so that the area of flesh massaging his cockhead and his upper shaft was getting maximized. What a piece of work she was! But why not? Practice makes perfect after all!
    Angelica's head was passionately bobbing and weaving as the unbelievably sensual blowjob went on and on! Loud sucking sounds filled the interior of the car. The sound effects were so arousing!
    Jeff's dickhead was bumping up against the back of Angelica's throat and even a bit farther. It was pretty clear that the buxom Latina had reached her limit; no more inches of cock were going to invade her mouth. She was all filled up. But no problem — her amazing skill at cocksucking — where in hell had she learned all these tricks? — was giving Jeff all the thrills he could handle.
    In addition to sucking in her cheeks to increase the rubbing effect on his cockhead and shaft, and grazing his swollen dick with her teeth, Angelica had begun tonguing his shaft each time her head bobbed down. Soon, she upped the ante by using the ribbing on the roof of her mouth to massage the thrusting dickhead. She had also begun lovingly to fondle his huge balls. What a blowjob Jeff was getting! In his excitement, he began to pump his hips in an instinctive attempt to fuck Angelica's dazzlingly beautiful face. He also began kneading her massive jugs with even greater fervor.

Moments later, Jeff realized that turnabout was fair play. He took his left hand off Angelica's massive right tit and slipped it down the front of her panties. His right hand migrated to squeezing and cupping her out of this world ass cheeks. The young girl's privates felt as if they were floating in sex juice. She was so soaked! Wetness was just gushing out of her twat.
    Jeff knew the score; Angelica needed and deserved a return favor. He slipped a couple of fingers inside the unthinkably buxom girl's cunt. No problem — her gushing vagina was really wide-open.
    The young man began wildly finger-fucking his girl friend. She continued passionately blowing his big, granite-like cock. Angelica's moaning and groaning markedly increased in response to Jeff's searching exploration of her vagina.
    In and out, in and out ... Angelica was so sopping wet that Jeff's plunging fingers were making sucking sounds loud enough to match the slurping noises occasioned by the young girl's expert attention to this throbbing cock.
    Jeff curled his fingers back a bit to work on the front wall of Angelica's cunt. He was looking for her so-called "G" spot. The young man had read in a friend's copy of Hustler Magazine about that mythical area of a girl's pussy and how finding it could send her to the moon. Jeff had actually never had any luck with the girls upon whom he had practiced the technique before but he thought he'd try it again — you never know!
    Jeff was not sure if he had found it but he had surely found something! Angelica's dripping cunt suddenly and absolutely exploded on his hand. She was plainly seized by an absolutely overwhelming cum. Her luscious rump began sliding all over the car seat as her luscious body began to shudder, stiffen, and shake in orgasmic pleasure.

The thrill of seeing Angelica's body shudder, tremble, and arc in orgasmic fury had the effect of driving Jeff toward his own cum.. "I ... I ... I'm gettin' real close!" he screamed. Even as her own orgasm went on and on and on, Angelica continued passionately to suck away at her boyfriend's massive rod. If she was concerned about the possibility that her lover might blow lunch into her mouth, she certainly was exhibiting no signs of it! Indeed, she added to his pleasure by pulling off every three or four bobs of her head and running her open mouth and outthrust tongue sideways up and down the taut skin of Jeff's shaft. Oh, this girl could suck cock!
    "I'm going to come any second!" Jeff screamed, even louder this time. He had thrown his head back, overcome by the ever-increasing intensity of his mounting sexual pleasure. Drool was running down his chin, and his screams had degenerated into inarticulate whimpering. The giant-breasted beauty was going for the kill. The obvious proximity of Jeff's orgasmic explosion was prompting Angelica to accelerate the pace of her cocksucking. There could be little doubt that the shockingly buxom Latina couldn't wait for Jeff to fire a huge load of spunk down her throat. Well, he had warned her....

Jeff suddenly felt the arrival of that old familiar friend — a growing tickle in his anus! This was it! "I'm c ... c ... com ... coming!" he screamed.
    Unimaginably strong thrills and chills began to course up and down his legs and trunk. Every single nerve in his body was involved in these sexual thrills. It was so strong! And getting stronger!
    The teenage boy was now shaking and shuddering with overpowering sexual delight. He was vibrating like a tuning fork! "It's so goddamn strong!" he shouted. Rivers of drool ran of his slack mouth. His entire frame shook and shuddered uncontrollably from the might of the orgasm. He felt as if he had been plugged into an electric outlet! How could sex be so fantastically thrilling! And — God! — it was getting more thrilling by the millisecond!
    As Angelica's wide-open mouth bobbed up and down on his throbbing cock, Jeff felt an unimaginably strong and insistent rope of hot sperm begin to rocket out of his cockhole. The powerful blast of seed erupted inside Angelica's hot, welcoming mouth.
    The teenage beauty jerked as the explosive stream of jism splattered inside her mouth and against her throat. But she stayed with it, and began busily gulping down the seemingly endless river of sperm. As she concentrated on her boyfriend's extraordinary blast of sperm, her own orgasm — already some five minutes in duration — came to an end. It had been so strong!
    Jeff, on the other hand, was just winding up. It seemed as if his super-strong ejaculation would never end. He was so hot! The first blast of jism lasted an amazing fifteen seconds or so. Barely a second after that another and even more powerful burst of spunk cascaded out of Jeff's cockhole.
    Angelica had done fine with the first blast of seed but this second, even stronger explosion of semen exceeded her capacity. For one thing, the powerful rope of seed slammed into the back of her throat with such force that the beautiful teenager's head snapped back as if she had been karate chopped in the neck!
    For another thing, the volume of the spewing flow of sperm had become too prodigious for her frantically gulping throat to accommodate. Perforce, a flood of creamy, hot seed suddenly began to gush out of Angelica's still-bobbing mouth. It soon coated Jeff's slippery shaft, soaked his pubic hair, and flowed freely onto his groin. In fact, puddles of the stuff were even pooling on the car's upholstery. There could be no better demonstration of Jeff's feelings about Angelica than this!
    The cum simply would not stop! Stop watches were not in evidence but in fact Jeff's orgasm was into its third minute. Nor was the couple counting ejaculations but Jeff was now spraying his twentieth heroic spurt of jism into his girl friend's mouth. More amazing still, she had managed to gulp down more than half of Jeff's phenomenal production of hot, creamy sperm.
    Things began to subside at about the four-minute mark. The thrills and chills weakened and the spurts of seed became more modest. When her boyfriend's body had stopped shuddering and his hips were no longer pumping, the sperm-stained beauty pulled off and gazed deeply into Jeff's eyes. They were both too overcome by lust and love to speak.

Oh, Jeff, my precious one! Sex with you keeps getting better and better. But from the way we're lookin' at each other, there's a whole lot more than plain ol' sex involved here. There's a whole lot of love, too. Don't worry, dearest heart, our relationship gonna to be just great on every level. You can count on it!
I've had some stupid ideas in my life but this no-sex weekend of mine takes the cake! We were already too deeply involved for that kind of stuff. Way too involved! That train had already left the station. I mean, I still want to do lots of things out of bed with Angelica — and we will! — but our physical relationship is a given. Don't try and fix it, Jeff — 'cause it sure ain't broke!

    Angelica tenderly reached up and softly touched Jeff's cheek. "Honey, I know this wasn't what you had in mind but I just...."
    "Hush, baby. What we just did was so right. Look, we're gonna go out and be with friends, take walks, go to basketball games, go out to eat, stare into each other's eyes like dopes — we're gonna do all of that. All the things that were in my, ahem, 'Plan.'" Jeff got a crooked smile on his lips. "But it's all going to be in the context of our amazing physical and emotional love for each other — that's for sure! It's just gotta be! I mean ... I don't think two people could possibly have stronger physical feelings for each other or give each other stronger thrills and more complete sexual satisfaction than we do. It would be just plain dumb to deny that. And to deny ourselves. Hell, we're just made for each other, baby, and I propose that we just go with that. I think everything else will just fall into place. So ... you remember my Plan to cool on it on sex front for the weekend?"
    Angelica nodded.
    "Well, forget about it! It's history!"
    "It's a deal, lover," the giant-breasted beauty quickly replied.
    Angelica's face and lips were caked with creamy splashes of sperm. Jeff could also see clots of drying seed in her hair. Jeff put his hand behind her head and tenderly pulled her toward him. They began a gentle but all-consuming French kiss. Jeff could actually taste his own sperm inside Angelica's hot, wet mouth. How wonderful — what a way to share their loving!
    When the kiss finally ended, Jeff amazed himself by sticking out his tongue and licking away the clots of sperm that dotted Angelica's face. The overdeveloped Latina groaned with adoration as Jeff cleaned her up. What a giving guy Jeff was!

As of yesterday I wasn't up to licking my jism from Angelica's face. What a difference a day makes! Now, I just can't do enough for her. Even this! God, do I love her! It's kinda salty. Doesn't taste as gross as I expected, though.

The improbably buxom teenager reached into the back seat to retrieve her blouse and bra. After a moment's thought, she stuffed the bra into her purse — it was a tight fit! — and slipped on her blouse. Without the bra, she was going to be doing a prodigious amount of jiggling but she thought she could get from the parking lot to the apartment without causing a major ruckus. It would have been better to wear the bra but it was such a hassle to put it back on — all those hooks, you know! The things girls with 32O or P or S or T-cup breasts have to contend with!
    Jeff and Angelica finally had their clothes properly arranged. They smiled at each other. "I guess I'd better go inside and get ready for our date tonight," Angelica said. "I need to shower 'n wash my hair." She giggled. "Boy, do I ever!" She then looked down at her semen-stained skirt and wrinkled blouse. "Got to take care of these clothes, too."
    Jeff laughed. "I'll have to stop by a gas station and wipe down my car seats. Thank goodness they're vinyl! And look at my jeans. They're just covered with ... stuff!" He chuckled. "At least your parents are at work. I've got to sneak past my mom and get up to my room without getting caught with all this ... evidence on my clothes!"
    Angelica grinned. "You're resourceful, honey ... I think you'll manage to sneak by her. But if you do get busted, I'm sure you'll come up with a reasonable explanation." As she giggled at the thought, the ultra-bosomed girl started to get out of the car. Then, she stopped laughing, paused, leaned back in, and gently kissed her boyfriend on the lips. "See ya at 7:45, lover!" the buxom Latina announced. She then stopped for a moment, stared lovingly into Jeff's eyes, and added very firmly, "Lover and friend!"

Rick Rex's oversized English bungalow at 314 Wisner in Park Ridge had been the site of many unforgettable parties during Jeff's high school years. Specifically, it was Rick's finished basement, which had provided the venue for these festivities. Everett and Anita Rex, Rick's parents, were tolerant souls who allowed these social gatherings to proceed with minimal parental oversight or involvement. They felt that the comfort of knowing their son and his friends were off the road and safely inside their house justified the fact that some drinking and maybe even sex was going on under their very noses. Better that than getting a call from the police that Rick had gotten injured or worse in an alcohol-related automobile accident.
    Their son upheld his end of the bargain by entertaining only small groups of friends and their dates, all of which were pledged to keep the noise down lest Ev and Neetz, as their friends knew the sociable couple, be compelled to investigate and then break things up. His parents were certainly right about both the booze and the sex but so long as those things were done quietly and discreetly, Mr and Mrs Rex seemed cool about it. After all, down deep Rick and his friends were really good kids. As a result, Ev and Neetz thought it appropriate to cut the kids a little slack.
    The result was that Rick, his friends, and their dates were able to party in an uninterrupted fashion downstairs while Mr and Mrs Rex complacently watched Route 66 or some other TV favorite in the upstairs den. Depending on the particular people in attendance and the state of their relationships, the parties ranged in jollity from casual conversation and drinking courtesy of Rick's hidden stash of booze to frenzied make-out sessions at which, once the lights were dimmed, actual sexual intercourse was not unknown.
    Jeff had abandoned his idea of a non-sexual interlude with Angelica as the dumbest of ideas. What had he been thinking of? Still, he was not sure their relationship was yet firm enough to withstand the tension of making out, let alone having sex, in the presence of others, all of whom would be strangers to the gorgeous young girl. Nor was it clear that such a thing was a good idea under any circumstances! Making out in public was so tacky! Well, public spooning with a post-Pam slut might be just fine but doing it with someone for whom you cared was in bad taste. The young man had determined, therefore, that if things started getting too hot and heavy, he would ask his new girl friend if she wouldn't like to take a walk around the neighborhood. That way, she could say yea or nay to public intimacy and thus call the shots according to her feelings at the moment. Especially at this stage in the relationship, her comfort level was so important!

As Rick's lecherous comments on the phone the night before had presaged, Angelica was a huge success with his male friends. In fact, his pals, Dave Grace, Jack Walker, and, of course, Rick himself, fairly fawned over the young girl.
    "Fawned" might be too mild a term for the almost clinical assessment Angelica was undergoing. The three fellows' eyes were glistening with lust. Their eyes were not simply undressing the shockingly buxom beauty but stripping her to the bone. Jeff knew that Angelica's extreme good looks and fabulous figure constituted a major provocation but really — these guys were being totally offensive! Naturally, Jeff chose not to recall that he had given the buxom young girl an examination of equal if not greater intensity only one day earlier!

Down, boys! Give the girl a break, for Pete's sake! Staring at Angelica all bug-eyed like that is just so uncool!

    The young men were plainly blown away by the very, very gorgeous and shockingly buxom Latina beauty. No surprise there! Angelica had changed into a black skirt whose hem, like the skirt proscribed by Mrs Aegerter and Dean Iliff, was easily eight inches above her knees. It was so short! Its high hemline really showcased Angelica's fabulous legs and thighs. In addition, it barely covered her ultra-curvy butt! The Maine East dress code, Angelica knew full well, did not apply in the Rex basement or anywhere else once the dismissal bell at school had rung!
    As luscious as the view below the waist undeniably was, it was the show above that really seemed to be getting the fellows — and Jeff too! — extraordinarily hot and bothered. Although the guys had spotted her at a distance in the school corridors Thursday and Friday, they were now getting their first close-up look at Angelica's over-the- top beauty and her seriously overdeveloped chest. She had put on a slightly loose, long-sleeved pink sweater. The material was very thin and clingy; thus, in spite of its looseness, the improbable size of the very buxom teenager's monstrously huge bosom ensured that the sweater hugged her stupendous curves with great fidelity.
    Angelica's watermelon-sized hooters absolutely jutted out of the thin sweater material. Even though the enormous jugs stuck out amazingly far from her chest, their stupendous mass still extended to a point just above her navel! Angelica's tits were so big! She actually looked as if she was in danger of tipping over! If so, there were four guys standing close to the young girl who would have been more than eager to break her fall on the way down!
    Angelica knew full well the effect her extreme beauty and impossibly voluptuous figure had on guys. She knew that dressing in a micro-mini skirt and a tight sweater was going to result in a whole lot of heavy breathing all around. But she was dressing for Jeff. She wanted her lover to get the best possible look at her goodies. An extended, evening-long look. Angelica's aim was the reverse of prick teasing. She was sure the couple would end the evening by doing some extended, over the top fucking. She wanted Jeff to be primed and ready. Wearing clothes like these was sure to do the trick. And if her outfit resulted in some steamy looks from Jeff's friends? No problem, so long as they understood that this show was for Jeff and Jeff alone! You're welcome to look, guys, but ... that's it!
    The buxom Latina was right on the money. The fellows were plainly charmed by Angelica — if that is not too mild a term to define their astonished but delighted reaction to her extraordinary buxom beauty. On the other hand, their dates — Sylvia Johnson, Sandy Wolff, and Linda Lundberg — were much less charmed than miffed. Who could blame them? The embarrassment of seeing their dates (long term boyfriends in every case) abandon them to flutter like moths to a flame around an unreasonably voluptuous and shockingly beautiful newcomer was highly annoying at the least. The trio had either heard of or seen Angelica already — she had instantly set Maine East on its ear, after all — and were not pleased to see their companions flock around her like lovesick puppies. Their dates were fairly slobbering over the hyper developed Latina! Frankly, Sylvia, Sandy, and Linda were irritated! Angry. Moreover, they were not only annoyed with Rick, Dave, and Jack on very understandable grounds but also aggravated on wholly irrational grounds with Angelica herself. As if any of this were her fault!
    No matter — the claws were out. Heck, the three of them were themselves all very beautiful and curvaceous girls. The cream of the crop, in fact. The best Maine East had to offer! No way did they have to put up with neglect like this! Damn the girl!

Angelica defused the situation with deftness and grace; moreover, she did so in a very few seconds. When she observed the drooling reaction of Jeff's male friends on the one hand — no surprise there! — coupled with the resentment of their girl friends and dates on the other hand — the heavily breasted beauty knew she had to act. She had, after all, been there before, lots of times! So Angelica engaged in damage control. She immediately pivoted to her left and began to talk to the girls. Once her back had been turned on the guys, she subtly rolled her eyes as if to communicate the word, "Men!" to the assembled girls. At that very moment, the males in the room ceased to exist. The bond of sisterhood had crowded them out.
    It worked! In an instant Angelica had won the girls over. Instead of being wary of her incredible beauty and curves as a threat to their own relationships, the girls actually began to sympathize with Angelica as a victim in some sense of her own immoderate good looks and impossibly voluptuous figure. What is more, by non-verbally sharing her thoughts in this way, Angelica was treating the girls as if they were really good looking as well, victims as much as she of this sort of male lechery. Well, Sylvia, Linda, and Sandy were beautiful girls — though hardly in Angelica's class — so this expression of solidarity by the stunning Latina beauty closed the deal. No sooner had the dirty looks faded away than Angelica and the girls were chattering away, seemingly on the way to establishing friendships.

Amazing! Those girls were ready to tear Angelica limb from limb only seconds ago. Suddenly, they're pals! We're talkin' real people skills here. No wonder Angelica was such an effective politician at her old high school. I bet she could be here, too!

The party followed the pattern of the typical Rex soirée. The couples sat on couches and chatted, first as a group, and then, a whole lot more intimately, between themselves. Rick offered a choice of refreshments: Soda from bottles sitting atop the bar; much harder stuff from bottles he had stashed away in a cabinet in the laundry room. Most of the partygoers opted for mixed drinks; Angelica and Sylvia asked for a 7-Up. Jeff had been ready to ask for his usual rum and Coke but deferred to his date's choice of a soft drink. "A 7-Up for me, too," he requested. Rick gave him a knowing smirk when he poured their drinks. This guy must have it awfully bad to pass up some free booze!
    Soft, romantic music soon wafted though the basement. Someone had put Johnny Mathis — Johnny Mattress to those who knew what the playing of this sort of music invariably signaled! — on the turntable. Rick had dimmed the lights. Dave and Linda stood up and began a slow dance in the area between the bar and the poker table. Rick and Sandy soon followed. "Wanna dance?" Jeff asked.
    "Sure," Angelica replied.
    Their first dance! It was, however, a dance unlike any Jeff had experienced before, notwithstanding a memorable evening in this very basement with Helen Wilson and her huge F-cup hooters. Even when the couple were still nearly a foot apart, Angelica's massive breasts had already begun seriously to push into Jeff's chest. Was it even possible to dance a slow, close dance with this extraordinarily buxom girl?
    Jeff's arms encircled his date. He pulled her close. Her infinitely soft but enormous tits began to squish and spread in response to the pressure of their bodies. Angelica was so buxom! Finally, their bodies managed to get close. Still, even with the support of her bra, though, Angelica's massive bosom was spread well beyond the width of her trunk. Dancing cheek to cheek with Angelica required a lot of bodily engineering and planning!
    The effect of having Angelica's buxom body jammed up against his own was so thrilling. Wow! The pressure of her enormous tits against his chest was seriously arousing. Jeff had soon sprouted a giant woody whose presence, needless to say was immediately detected by the buxom Latina. In fact, she pushed her pelvic bone up against the straining hard-on in response. The little slut! Jeff responded by guiding Angelica into a corner of the room, pivoting their bodies so that Angelica's fabulous butt was facing away from the center of the room, and then covertly cupping her tight little buns through the medium of her tiny little skirt. She responded with a deep sigh.
    After a couple of songs, Jeff and Angelica retreated to their couch. They sipped their drinks and stared deeply into each other's eyes. Across the way, Jack and Sylvia had begun to make out. Dave and Linda and Rick and Sandy were still on the impromptu dance floor but were now motionless. They too had graduated to hugging and kissing. Their soft pecks soon escalated into deep, minute long French kisses.
    Jeff and Angelica shared a couple of soft, loving kisses themselves. The gorgeous Latina seemed to be holding back a little, however. She seemed a bit tense. In response, Jeff kept his hands to himself. He could tell that his new love was uneasy.
    "This is making me feel really weird!" Angelica whispered.
    "You mean, like, being part of a communal make-out session like this?" Jeff softly chuckled in return.
    "Yes." The young beauty paused for moment. "Exactly! You know how much I enjoy being in your arms 'n stuff, honey, but doing it in public like this, well.... I mean, this just isn't my style! Even when it's just the hugging and kissing part. I just think we should save stuff like this for when we're alone. Doin' it in front of six pairs of eyes is just ... creepy!"
    "I agree," Jeff responded, ignoring for a moment the fact he had in the past been an enthusiastic make-out artist in this very basement with a number of very buxom and beautiful post-Pam dates. With those girls, however, Jeff had had very limited goals; if they had not put out they would have been taken home toute de suite! Angelica was a different story; her comfort zone was Jeff's primary concern.
    "Tell you what, honey," he suggested softly. "What if we take a spin around the neighborhood just to talk 'n junk? Do a little sightseeing? Get to know Park Ridge? Maybe things will be a little less heated up when we get back."
    "You read my mind, honey," Angelica replied with a smile on her luscious lips.

The couple strolled aimlessly through the prosperous neighborhood. Jeff was careful to give the corner of Elmore and Sibley a wide berth; Pam Fox lived on the northeast corner of that intersection!
    Jeff and Angelica stopped nearly every block in a darkened spot equidistant from the corner streetlights to hug and kiss for a minute or so. An ardent kiss when the couple were alone in the shadows was much more to Angelica's liking than participating in a group make-out session.
    In between their mid-block embraces, the couple talked about Angelica's first two days at Maine East.
    "It's been great," Angelica pronounced. "I couldn't have imagined it being so wonderful!" She then looked up at Jeff with loving eyes. "'Course, I never could have imagined meeting you, lover! That has so much to do with making it wonderful!"
    "After a couple of days, have you discovered anything — activities 'n stuff — you'd like to get involved in at Maine East?" Jeff asked.
    Angelica smiled. "Spending lots 'n lots of time with you, lover."
    "No problem," Jeff immediately responded with a grin. "We've got that covered — definitely! Any other things, though? Like school-type things?"
    The Latina beauty thought for a moment. "I really enjoyed being active at my old school. Student council, clubs, class leadership positions, cheerleading ... all those things. I'd like to do some of that at Maine East."
    "Well, then," Jeff interjected, "just do it! I mean, you did it there ... so do it here!"
    "I'd like to. It's just that ... I've only got two semesters and part of a third left before I graduate. That's not much time to get to know people 'n get really active in things."
    "Hey ... with your energy and brains 'n stuff, that's plenty of time. You'll be able to do anything you want at Maine East."

The truth, honey, is that with your beautiful face and stupendous body, you're going to be one of the best-known people at Maine East in no time. Maybe you are already! I bet if a month or so from now your name were on a ballot for some class office or something, you'll be known to more people than some of the class officers who've been at Maine East from the beginning.

    At length, the lovers found themselves on the south side of Elm Street between Ashland and Washington. In front of 317 Elm Street to be exact.
    "How do like that big old house?" Jeff asked.
    "Nice!" Angelica enthusiastically replied. "I really like old Victorian houses. That one's especially pretty. So well kept up, too!"
    "Guess what, honey? That's my house."
    "Jeff! What a great house you have! I'm really glad I got to see it."
    "You're gonna see lots 'n lots of it," Jeff promised. "In fact, the lights are all on ... I bet my parents are home from their dance at the country club. Would you like to come in and meet 'em?"
    Angelica's eyes got big — and wary. "Oh, honey, no! I'm not ready for that ... not right this minute, anyway! I mean, a girl's got to prepare to meet her boyfriend's parents for the first time. Besides, I'm going to meet them on Sunday for dinner after church anyway, right?"
    The young man nodded.
    Angelica grinned. "That, m'dear, will be quite soon enough! Although," she added with an ever so slightly nervous smile, "I am looking forward to it. Really!"

At this point, Jeff and Angelica were only some two blocks from the Rex house. "Ready to head back to Make-Out Central, honey?" Jeff gently inquired with a chuckle.
    "Sure," Angelica replied. "Maybe the lovebirds have gotten it out of their systems." She then hooked her arm though Jeff's and pulled her boyfriend into her giant bosom. "Being alone with you on this walk has been so special!" she whispered. "It's so much better than making out in a dark, crowded basement!"
    As they approached Wisner Street, Jeff saw a teenage girl walking her dog. A pool of light from the streetlight above the intersection softly illuminated the area. Angelica was describing how much harder her classes at Maine East were turning out to be than her similar classes at Bowie High School in El Paso.
    "Except AP Spanish," Angelica giggled. "Here, that class is much easier. Although my family's lived in the U.S. for generations, we're still all fluent in Spanish. Heck, nearly everyone in El Paso speaks Spanish to some degree or another. We even speak Spanish at home a lot just to keep from getting rusty." The buxom teenager batted her eyes. "'Cept when we have Anglo guests, of course — that would be rude! Anyway, everyone in my AP Spanish class at Bowie was fluent in Spanish. At Maine East, nobody but me is even close to being fluent, so I'm a star!" The gorgeous Latina laughed. "In fact, AP Spanish is turning out to be such a snap, I might have some extra time for extracurricular activities."
    "Hey!" Jeff energetically broke in, "speaking of being active in school activities 'n stuff, here is just the girl you need to talk to. Honey, we just bumped into exactly the right person! Lemme introduce you."
    "Hey, Hillary," Jeff called out.
    "Jeff! How are ya, big guy?" The newcomer looked quizzically at Jeff and then at Angelica. She was plainly surprised to see him in the company of a girl other than Pam Fox. And, to see them acting so super-friendly towards each other.

Hmmm. This girl is givin' me the serious once over. Could she be one of Jeff's old girlfriends? She's sort of cute but not really a beauty. Calves are kind of big, too, actually. Not much of a chest, either. Doesn't really seem like Jeff's type. Seems to have a really pleasant, bubbly personality, though. Maybe they're just pals. If so, it'd be nice to get to know her. She really does seem nice! I mean, I already have my man — boy, do I ever! — but it's important to have some female buddies as well.

    "Hillary, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Angelica. Angelica Gonzales. She just moved here from El Paso. Texas. Angelica, this is my friend Hillary Rodham. She lives right over there at the corner of Elm and Wisner. We've been pals since kindergarten."

I think it's important to let Angelica know that Hillary and I don't have anything goin' on, that it's just a platonic thing. I could tell she was lookin' at Hil kind of funny! Wondering if she was, you know, an old girlfriend?

    Jeff then reached down to pet the dog. "And this is Bubba."
    "Bubba, sit!" Hillary commanded. "Good boy!"
    The dog sat heavily, wagging his tail, but his twitching nose betrayed an interest in the territory underneath Angelica's short skirt.
    "Bubba, no! God!" Hillary screeched as she jerked the dog off to one side. "You can tell he's a typical male, can't you?" she added with a wry, embarrassed grin.
    "Hi, Angelica," Hillary exclaimed. "Great to know you. Sorry about my ill-mannered dog. Just ignore him ... he's wild about anything in skirts. It's nice to meet you!" The young lady took a deep breath and then smiled at Angelica. "I think I saw you in the hall today, actually, so it's nice to meet you officially."

Wow! A grand total of two days in school and Angelica's been noticed by just about everybody, it seems.

    "Nice to meet you, too, Hillary. And I think Bubba is a cute dog," Angelica added. "It's nice to meet him, as well," the buxom beauty generously allowed. "And don't worry," she grinned. "Dogs will be dogs."
    "Hillary is secretary of the Junior Class," Jeff continued, "and is on Student Council, too. Plus, rumor has it she's getting ready to run for vice-president of the student body for next year."
    "Stop it, Jeff, you jerk! You're going to make Angelica think I'm some sort of a career politician. One who's got her eye on the next office up the ladder? Like you, that is!"
    The young girl merrily stuck out her tongue at Jeff and then turned to Angelica. Hillary, who was decidedly not a fan of Pam Fox, smiled broadly. "You're really the nicest girl I've even seen Jeff with, Angelica. I approve! And seriously, Angelica, I do approve of your choice of company tonight as well. Jeff, I'm forced to admit, is one heck of a nice guy! Even if he is sort of an insufferable, BMOC-type of fellow!"
    Jeff peered down at his shoes in embarrassment. Then he looked up and said, "Truth is, Hillary, bumping into you like this is, like, a stroke of luck. That's why I brought up all that school activity junk. Angelica, you see, was really active at her old high school in Texas. I mean really active! Class offices, cheerleading, student council — you name it. She wants to be active here, too. And, she'd be great — take my word for it! Only thing is ... with just a little bit of her junior year left, she wonders if there's time enough left to get involved 'cause a lot of offices 'n stuff are gonna get filled really soon for next year 'n Angelica is so new at Maine East and ... well, you get the drift. Any ideas?"
    Hillary got a pensive look on her face. She chewed on her lip for a second in thought. "Hmmm ... actually ... running into you like this really is fortuitous. You see, Pam Nelson, who's one of the junior class Council members, just moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Like yesterday, I mean. And the Council officers delegated the job of filling her vacancy to ... moi!"
    "Really?" Jeff commented. This sounded promising!
    "Really," Hillary confirmed. "Now usually," she continued, "it's pretty simple. We just pick the highest runner-up among the candidates who didn't get elected. Except...."
    "Except what?" Jeff asked.
    "Except the top runner up turned out to be ... are you ready? ... Bob McCormack!"
    "Oh, God!" Jeff groaned.
    "What's the problem with Bob McCormack?" Angelica broke in.
    "Bob McCormick is the most unbelievably obnoxious and contentious person on earth! He is insufferable! How he ever became the top also-ran is a mystery," Hillary said. "He probably stuffed the ballot box," she added.
    "So ... it can't be Bob — it just can't! He would be an utter disaster!" Our meetings would be hell — just hell," Hillary continued. "But meeting you and hearing about how active you've been at your old school gives me an idea. What if you fill the vacancy, Angelica? It would be great to have someone who's done all the things we do at Maine East but at another school and so has her own slant on stuff. I mean, of all the possibilities, you're the only one with actual student council experience. I bet you could give us lots 'n lots of good ideas we'd never think of on our own. A fresh viewpoint. We could really benefit from your experience."
    "Hmm ... but wouldn't there be a lot of resentment at me for just dropping in like this and getting appointed to student council before I'd even memorized my locker combination?" Angelica asked.
    "Well, maybe under normal circumstances but not now, no," Hillary assured her. "It is sort of unusual to have a newcomer fill the position. A first, probably. I admit that. But, actually, that's the sheer beauty of it. Everyone would be overjoyed that it's you and not Bob McCormack who got appointed to the vacancy. We could never just pick the candidate below Bob — that would be just too bald! — but by picking someone who hadn't been a candidate at all.... We could probably pull it off. Angelica, believe me, simply by not being Bob McCormack, you'll be the most popular council member of all — instantly! What do you say?"
    Angelica looked up at Jeff. He smiled approvingly. "I say thank you very much, Hillary ... and yes!" Angelica enthused. "That sounds wonderful! I'd love to serve."
    "Great," Hillary responded. "Consider yourself the newest member of the Township High School East Student Council. Your very first meeting will be Monday right after school." She smirked. "I think Jeff just might be willing to show you where we meet and then introduce you to Council. Right, Jeff?"
    "You know it, Hillary!"

Jeff and Angelica found that the party was actually breaking up when they returned to 314 Wisner. Mr and Mrs Rex were already down in the basement chatting with the couples. Since they had been hidden away in the TV room for the evening, this was the first time tonight any of the kids had seen them.
    This delayed appearance was traditionally the way Rick's parties ended. Ev and Neetz would slowly open the door to the basement with a great deal of door-banging, very audibly clear their throats, wait at the top of the stairs for a moment or two, and then slowly descend the staircase with a maximum of footfalls and clatter. Then, they would sit and visit with the guests for a while. The Rexes were far and away the least stuffy of all the parents. They were great company. Sometimes, in fact, the guests would sit and chatter with them for an hour or more before leaving. They were fun people ... especially for parents!
    Jeff thought that Mr Rex's eyes were going to fall out of his skull when he introduced Angelica to the couple. Ev had seen most of Jeff's non-Pam playgirls and so was used to the young man's proclivity for cute buxom girls. But this ... this ... was clearly like nothing he had ever seen before in his life! Or even imagined! It took the poor fellow a minute or two to regain his composure. Even then, Jeff caught him sneaking disbelieving looks at the impossibly beautiful and overdeveloped Latina from time to time.
    Mrs Rex, on the other hand, proved she was the ultimately composed country club matron. She remained poised at all times. If Neetz noticed anything out of the ordinary about Angelica, she certainly did not display the slightest indication of it. Instead, she continued to chat and ignore not only Angelica's stupendous looks but also her husband's almost strangled reaction to them. What a cool, calm, and collected piece of work she was!

Jeff guided his car into the now-familiar slot between the dumpster and the fence. Angelica did not even have to suggest that he do so because in no time at all it had become their spot. Before the engine had actually been turned off, he and Angelica were torridly kissing and fondling each other. After a few steamy minutes to take the edge off, the couple broke the clinch and talked for a moment.
    "I've had the most wonderful evening," Angelica gushed. "I enjoyed meeting your friends so much." The buxom Latina paused. "I especially enjoyed the fact you wanted to introduce them to me. That meant a lot, Jeff. Our walk was really special. Meeting Hillary was especially fun — such a stroke of luck. And what a great girl she is! This has been just a perfect evening," she concluded. She then looked at Jeff a little sharply. "Hilary's not an old girlfriend of yours, is she?"
    Jeff chuckled. "She's my oldest pal but not a girlfriend. Not now, not ever. Not my type in that department!"
    Almost before the last word had escaped Jeff's lips, the couple were again wildly French kissing. After the kiss broke, Angelica looked up into Jeff's eyes. "Wanna climb in the back to finish saying good night?" she asked. "I mean, it's so much more roomy back there, honey!"

A fly hovering over the dumpster would have noticed that, only minutes after the couple had slipped from the front to the back seat of the Bonneville, the vehicle had begun gently to rock. Very rhythmically, in fact. This rhythmic pattern continued unabated for half an hour or so. Then, the car was still. Five minutes later, the couple got out of the back seat and headed for the door to the apartment building. They were holding each other so closely that in the moonlight they looked almost like a single person. And in so many ways that was exactly what they were!

The next evening was equally a success. Jeff and Angelica sat with friends — his old friends and her new ones — in the second row in the Maine East field house bleachers and watched the school's basketball team battle New Trier High School, their traditional rival. New Trier edged the Blue Demons 59-56 but in every other respect the experience was all that Jeff could have hoped for.
    Angelica looked as stunning as ever. The hem of her skirt — bright red this time — was again about eight inches above her knees. She had decided that even when she was on school grounds, the dress code actually applied only during school hours! As a result, the leg and thigh show she put on was truly mouthwatering! Her white sweater, although not skin-tight, nevertheless showcased her firm massive tits to an intoxicating degree. And then there was her beyond-gorgeous face! God, she was so beautiful and built! When they walked into the field house to sit down, Jeff had the feeling that every eye in the place was upon her. Guess what? That was not far from the truth!
    Jeff assumed that Angelica was wearing a fairly tight bra. She had known they were going to be in a large crowd and surely did not want to put on too much of a show. Still, she jiggled and quivered with every step. On account of being endowed with really full, firm tits that hung down nearly to her waistband, a vision of floating tit flesh was unavoidable to some degree. Short of wearing a barrel....

Well, I see some things are the same in Park Ridge as in El Paso. The guys walking past our seats are really stripping me to the bone. I'm sure glad I put on a tight bra — that helps a little! I probably should have put on one of those longer skirts Mama and I bought at Penney's at Golf-Mill this afternoon. It's such fun to wear really short skirts, though — especially when I'm with a guy I really care about. Hmmm .... Jeff sure fits that category!

    Jeff took particular if perverse pleasure in seeing that Pam Fox had spotted them. When Jeff was looking she affected nonchalance and ignored both him and Angelica. In between cheers, Jeff caught her sneaking a peek a couple of times, though; the look on her face seemed to mix anger and dismay at the sight of Jeff and Angelica's utterly jammed-together bodies in the bleacher seats. Did she have the feeling she had blown it? For Jeff it did not matter. In fact, most of the time he simply ignored his former girlfriend. After three days with Angelica, Pam Fox was no longer an issue. She was ancient history! Even though their time together had been short, Jeff knew that he and his buxom Latina girl friend were already deeply in love. Jeff had the strongest feeling that this was it! Pam was no longer even a blip on his radar screen.

Hmmm... that beautiful blonde cheerleader with the great legs 'n big tits must be Pam Fox! She really is a looker! I can't believe the way she keeps eyeballing me, though. Oh, well, I suppose any girl would be curious about her ex's new girl friend. She's sorta overdoing it, though. And the looks I'm getting are so dirty! I wonder if Jeff's noticed? Silly question!

A trip to Romano's in Des Plaines followed the game. The venerable Italian restaurant featured pizza and traditional red tablecloth specialties. In truth, the food was not really very good. Not that the cuisine was the draw, though — Romano's was crowded because it had somehow always been the place to go after a game. Maine East students went to Romano's to see their friends, and perhaps to make new ones. It had been that way back in their parents' day. Why in light of Romano's mediocre cuisine it continued in that role was a mystery. Yet for some reason it did, so that generation after generation of Maine-ites continued to flock to Romano's for its offering of second-rate food but sparkling company. Naturally, Jeff and Angelica followed suit.
    The customers got an eyeful this Saturday night! Jeff and Angelica caused a commotion when they and their friends were seated in the large dining room. Even Poppa Romano, the legendary 80-year old proprietor, couldn't help leering at Angelica's fabulous legs, over-packed sweater, and stunningly gorgeous face. Momma Mia!
    Jeff got the idea that lots of guys were detouring past their table on their way to the men's room. Angelica was doing her best to ignore the attention — on account of her looks she had a lot of experience in that department — but Jeff was still getting used to ignoring the dropped jaws that Angelica's presence seemed inevitably to generate. He tried to rationalize the perpetual leering as a compliment on his good taste in women but his success in that venture was incomplete, to say the least.
    On account of her massive bosom, Angelica could not sit too close to the table lest she be forced to rest her swollen tits on the table itself. That would have been a little bit too much over the top! Instead she shoved her chair back a bit so her bosom could rest in her lap. That was a bit more modest arrangement. Notwithstanding, she offered a stupendous show to these bug-eyed passers-by. A guy walking past the table could see a pair of luscious legs and part of a pair of luscious thighs. The upper part of the thighs, however, would be covered with a spreading mass of firm tit flesh. What a view! And then there was her absolutely stunning face! No wonder some guys were making their tenth trip to the john before Jeff, Angelica, and their friends had even dug into their pizza!

Hmmm ... I see we've got that ol' parade past our table routine gearing up. I guess I should be used to that by now. Actually, all this attention from a procession of cute guys is kind of a turn-on. Jeff better watch out! We've gonna have some business to attend to in his car before he takes me up to the apartment!

    Finally, Jeff himself had to head for the men's room. A couple of his casual acquaintances were lined up at the porcelain. They quickly spotted Jeff. One of them couldn't help running off at the mouth.
    "Jesus, Jeff, where did you come up with her? God, I've never seen anything like her? What a shape! What a fucking pair! I mean, she's totally amazing! Does she have a younger sister? God, Jeff! You are one lucky dog!"
    Jeff fixed an angry eye on the fellow. "Her name, George, is Angelica," he announced in an icy tone. "She happens to be my girl friend. Do you think she could show her a little respect? Is that too much to ask?"
    "Jesus, Jeff. Chill, man! I mean, I was just complimenting your taste in women! Golly, there's no need to be so uptight!"

Yeah, maybe there isn't, even though George's comments were totally out of line. I guess having Angelica as my girl friend means having to get used to all the attention she gets. She deals with it so well; I guess I should learn to do the same. I'd have thought that goin' with Pam — the looks she used to get! — would have prepared me for this but no way. This is another ball game entirely! I can see I've got a lot to learn. Still, I'd like to pop George in the chops. What an asshole! And then there's all those guys parading past our table! What a bunch of peeping Toms, is what they are. But if Angelica can be cool with it, I should too. But it sure ain't easy!

"Does all the attention I get from guys 'n stuff bother you, honey?"
    Jeff's car was once again parked between the dumpster and the fence. The couple had moved from the front to the back seat as soon as Jeff had pulled in — there was no need to be coy or bashful and postpone the inevitable.
    Jeff was busily cupping Angelica's colossal, sweater-clad right breast. The young man was breathing hard. He had begun to groan with passion. The randy teenager knew that within minutes both he and his gorgeous, extraordinarily buxom girl friend would be mostly naked, and he would be feasting on her soft, warm, gigantic whoppers. He also knew that very soon after that his gigantic cock would be reaming out her drenched pussy — maybe after getting sucked off first! He was getting so hot!
    "Hmmm ... I'm sorry baby, did you say something?"
    Angelica giggled. "I guess I can tell where your mind is, fella! Yes, I did, Jeff. I asked if all that attention I was getting at the game and at Romano's bothers you at all?"
    "Actually, yeah, it does ... a little anyway. In fact, sometimes a lot! But I figure if you can shrug it off...."
    Angelica leaned up and kissed Jeff on the cheek. "Would it help, honey, if I tell you that even if hundreds of guys were leering at me, I'd only be leering back at one single guy and that guy would be you?"
    "It would. 'Course, I already know that's true. I can tell." The young man paused. "It's sure nice to hear, though," he added.
    Angelica had begun to knead the immense, growing lump in Jeff's pants. "Would it also help to know that all that attention turns me on a little, that it makes me want to get really sexy ... but with you?" she murmured softly. "Only with you?"
    The young man started to moan with passion. "You bet it would, honey!" No more words were spoken; in a flash the couple were wildly and torridly French kissing.
    Soon after the kiss broke, Jeff began to work Angelica's sweater up and over her head. His shaking hands were eager to start unhooking the eight clasps that were standing between him and firmest, most massive mounds of bare tit meat he had ever seen or even imagined! That is, except for an incalculably bigger pair upstairs in apartment 2-H? A pair that it was dangerous even to think about?
    As the massive bra began to slip down Angelica's giant bosom, the gorgeous young girl looked up and asked, "Guess what I found out last night?"
    "I discovered that all that soreness 'n junk I got on Thursday from gettin' screwed so much by your giant cock was gone! I think I'm getting used to your ... hugeness already." The buxom Latina smiled lasciviously. "Sure didn't take long, did it? But maybe we ought to try again tonight. An experiment, like. Just, you know, to make sure?"

Our old friend the fly would have had a similar view of Jeff's car this evening. First the vehicle was motionless; after a time, but not quite so gently this time, the car began to rock. The beast with two backs had reappeared! The actual rhythm, however, was almost identical to that of the night before. As before, the rhythmic rocking continued for about half an hour. Then, again as before, the car was once again at rest.
    This time, though, there was a change in the routine. Some ten minutes later, the car began rocking a second time, this time for about twenty minutes! There was then a period of rest lasting some twenty minutes. Then — wouldn't you know it! — the automobile began to rock for a third time!
    One might suggest that Mr Fly just get used to it. That car was going to be invading his space on a regular basis. Oh, the pattern might change — a single period of rocking one night, perhaps as many as three or four sessions another night. But there was no doubt about it — that clunky Bonneville and its two sex-fixated passengers had become a regular feature of his neighborhood!


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