Part Eleven

"I've missed you so much! Even when I just hated you,
I still loved you with all my heart!" 

The couple left the park and headed up Prospect Avenue toward Jeff's house. Before they had reached the Pickwick theatre, they were bumping shoulders. By the time they had crossed Northwest Highway and left the business district, they were holding hands. They had their arms around each other a couple of blocks later as they passed St Luke's Lutheran Church. As Angelica smilingly realized, their bodies were once again all tangled up! How great!

Golly, we're movin' along so fast! Just like the first time we met! I guess there's no doubt about it — there really is something special here. That still doesn't mean we can make it work, though — the horrible, horrible Mama disaster might trump this fantastic, magical, magnetic physical 'n emotional bond between us. But I think I've made up my mind about one thing — I'm not gonna fight it. I can tell there's gonna be some really hot stuff comin' up — like the second we get to Jeff's house! Well ... I'm gonna let it happen ... I'm gonna enjoy it ... and I'm gonna give Jeff back as good as I get. If this thing doesn't work in the end, it sure won't be 'cause we steered clear of the physical stuff. That's for damn sure! Hmmm ... the truth is, I can't wait!

    There was not much conversation. Lots of loving smiles and searching, soulful looks, though. Without a word having explicitly been spoken on the subject and even though there was lots and lots of work to be done, Jeff and Angelica had clearly become a couple again. A couple, it was equally plain, who were extremely hot for each other! Their relationship still needed a lot of heavy repair and rebuilding but there was one aspect of their former bond that seemed to have fully recovered in a twinkling!

I think it's really gonna happen! I sure hope so, anyway 'cause I love Angelica so much. Plus, when you get right down to it, I'm so fucking horny! I don't want to come on so strong that I mess things up, but the way Angelica is acting 'n all — holding hands, bodies pressed together — it sure seems like she's sending all sorts of positive signals. Plus, I really think once we get back into a really physical relationship, it's gonna make it easier to deal with the other ... stuff. I gonna have to watch my step ... watch for cues from Angelica ... pull back a little if she seems to be having doubts 'n stuff ... but, really, I think some hot lovin' is comin' right up!

    As the young teenagers, their bodies now welded together, strolled into Jeff's driveway, a car driving by on Elm Street gave a little toot. The driver gaily waved in their direction.
    "That's Hillary," Jeff said after looking over his shoulder.

I guess ol' Hil can feel pretty good about her little plot right about now. From the way we're glued together, she probably thinks things are all fixed up. Ha! Not by a long shot, honey! Still, Hillary did mean well ... and did well, actually. She's entitled to her little moment of triumph! I mean, who would have thought that Jeff and I would ever have recovered to this point?

    Angelica laughed. "The old busybody! I bet she was happy to see us together."
    "She's not the only one," Jeff smiled.

Jeff and Angelica were wildly kissing before the young man had even managed to turn the key in the front door lock. As soon as the couple had entered the foyer and Jeff had managed to kick the front door shut, the kiss became more ardent still.
    There were no preliminaries to speak of. Angelica frantically plunged her tongue inside Jeff's mouth while wantonly grinding her groin against Jeff's stiffening cock.

Oh, God — I'm so hot! Wet, too! It's been so long! All I want to do is get up those stairs and start fucking! I sure still have a lot of doubts but you know what? I'm puttin' 'em until hold until, well, tomorrow, maybe. At the earliest!

    Jeff's kissing was just as passionate. Plus, no sooner had the lovers' bodies slammed together than his hands had plunged under Angelica's skirt and inside her panties. To be kneading her perfect ass cheeks again! It was so thrilling! And then there was the crush of her massive bosom against his chest. Jeff and Angelica were back together again — and how! Jeff felt like bursting into tears of happiness.

The eager lovers slowly made their way up to Jeff's third floor suite. Their eyes were shining with love and anticipation. In truth, they were more engaged in a walking embrace than in a straightforward trip up the stairs. They were so ready to pick up where they had left off!
    Their eyes were totally locked every step of the way; they negotiated the stairs simply by feel and dead reckoning. Their bodies, minds, and spirits were so in tune with each other — it made walking in unison a piece of cake. Had one of the lovers stumbled, a serious tumble could have resulted. But there was no problem; the impatient couple fairly floated up the stairs.
    Not that they were able to keep their hands to themselves during the journey! Angelica was lovingly caressing the giant lump in Jeff's shorts. How she longed to get her hands on his giant cock! Her pussy was just gushing in anticipation of the hot loving that awaited them on the third floor!
    Jeff spent most of the trip up the stairs tracing his hands lightly over Angelica's immense bosom. He had forgotten how firm it was. He had also forgotten how huge it was!

Man! Her tits are so big! Actually, they seem bigger than before. Is my memory playing tricks on me or is she actually bigger than before? Heck, it's been over two months since we were together. I guess her breasts could have expanded during that time. On the other hand, they seem kinda bound-up — like her bra is really, really tight? Well, given how apprehensive 'n unwilling she must have been about our meeting in the park, I could imagine she wanted to wobble as little as possible. Whatever — one thing's for sure — they're gonna get an awfully careful measurement once we get upstairs and get our clothes off! I do know one thing — before long I'm gonna have the answer to my question!

Jeff walked into the bedroom behind Angelica. Once she had stopped in front of the bed, he embraced her from behind. The young man was so ready to fuck — heck, his cock was stiffer than seasoned oak — yet he wanted this precious time together to be both slow and delicious. His parents were out of town and hers were at work. They had all the time in the world to slip back into physical intimacy!
    Jeff stepped back so he could slip his hands under Angelica's skirt and then immediately inside her panties. A second later, his trembling hands were wildly kneading her fabulous ass cheeks.

I'd forgotten how luscious her ass felt. In fact, it feels even more voluptuous than it used to. I'm sure my hands haven't gotten any smaller! Could she have gained some more curves down there? God what a girl! What a woman!

    The hot young fellow wanted more — much more. He slipped his hot hands out of Angelica's panties and moved them up above her waist. In a second, Jeff was softly moaning. He was cupping as best he could his buxom sweetheart's huge, exceptionally firm tits. What a giant pair! As soon as he made contact with her enormous bosom, Jeff's crazed hands began to roam all over the huge, meaty treasures. Still, he was being reasonably tentative and cautious; Jeff understandably did not want to push things too quickly.
    Jeff's breathing was getting more ragged as his shaking hands traced the incomprehensible vastness of Angelica's oversized hangers. The buxom teenager then reached up and firmly placed her palms atop the back of Jeff's hands. She forcefully mashed his hands into her huge bosom. "Don't be so gentle, baby," Angelica murmured. "I won't break. Feel me up like ya mean it!" He wildly and rhythmically squeezed and caressed her massive tits. God, he had missed them so much! The result of feeling up the buxom Latina's giant hooters was predictable — eruptions of pre-cum slurped out of his cockhole.
    Angelica then turned around. She melted into Jeff's arms. Instinctively, the overbuilt young kid squashed her massive bosom against Jeff's chest so that a kiss was logistically possible. The lovers fairly flung their wide-open mouths at each other to start a super-passionate French kiss. Their tongues were wild with desire. Their mouths were so wide-open and their tongues so frenzied, that loud slurping noises bounced off the walls of Jeff's bedroom.
    Their hands were out of control. Angelica was fondling and squeezing Jeff's ass while at the same time Jeff had reached back under her skirt to rub and squeeze her impossibly cute butt. For her part, Angelica loved the feel of Jeff's tight, muscular ass but would have preferred to be squeezing a different and considerably harder bodily appendage. All in good time, she realized — all in good time!
    Cupping and squeezing Angelica's soft, warm ass flesh was so exciting! Jeff had forgotten how perfectly each of her ass cheeks fit inside his squeezing hands. Jeff then began using Angelica's buttocks as handles to slide her pussy from side to side against his raging cock. Much more of this and he would start spurting semen!
    The lovers continue to kiss and kiss. Jeff had started to lick Angelica's mouth and lips and then her cheeks and chin. Her face glistened with her lover's saliva. Then, the young man wildly thrust his tongue deep down Angelica's throat while at the same time cupping her startlingly luscious bottom and vigorously rubbing her pussy against his stiffened cock.
    Jeff suddenly felt Angelica begin to stiffen and convulse. She was coming even though they had not taken off a single stitch of clothing. Oh, man — this was going to be an afternoon — and, he fervently hoped, a whole lot more! — to remember! The young man knew the drill; he took his right hand out of Angelica's panties and slipped it down the front of her underwear. He thrust two fingers up her dripping, convulsing pussy and began vigorously finger-fucking his darling. Within seconds, rivers of cum juice were running down his hand and wrist. This girl was so hot! And so was he!
    After a minute or so, Angelica stopped shaking and shuddering. She looked up at Jeff with utter adoration in her eyes. "Oh, my darling ... my everything! I think I had forgotten how much I love you!" Then she grinned. "But I sure remember now! And," she added, "I promise never to forget!"

Well, we're back. At least on the physical level. I know the emotional and practical level's a different story but.... For now, let's go for it. We can work on our other junk later!

    The lovers then lovingly embraced and softly kissed. When they stepped back from each other, Jeff could see how heavy-lidded Angelica's eyes were. Her face was flushed. She was so into making love. "Let's get these ol' clothes off, honey, and see how exciting things can get then," she suggested in an erotic whisper. The overdeveloped young teenage girl then stood on her tiptoes and softly kissed Jeff on the cheek. She followed up this demonstration of endearment by saucily licking Jeff's ear. "But if things get much more exciting, I might explode!" she warned with a giggle.

It was definitely time to get naked! Angelica reached up and began to pull Jeff's polo shirt over his head. Their eyes were locked. "Let me undress you first, precious," she moaned. "All of you, I mean. I just can't wait to say hello to an old friend of mine."
    The shirt was soon history. Jeff's amazingly well defined chest, abs, and biceps were uncovered. Angelica's was salivating with desire. How she missed this hunk!
    A simple snap and zipper pull later, Jeff's shorts were on the floor. He kicked them off into the corner. His shoes followed immediately. At this point, Jeff's wardrobe consisted of his cotton briefs — period! A nearly inhuman bulge punctuated his underwear. Jeff's massive, thick cock was fully — perhaps more than fully — erect. He was so stiff that the elastic waistband of his briefs was pulled away from his body by about six inches!
    Not that Jeff was simply standing idle while his sweetheart — he sure hoped she was his sweetheart again! — undressed him. His hands were eagerly feeling up Angelica's massive tits. Even through a sweater and bra, her tits were so thrilling. So huge! Plus, it had been so long!
    Angelica was equally busy. Her little hands eagerly traced the heroic length of Jeff's cock through the medium of his cotton briefs. They reached down further to fondle his tennis-ball sized balls. Angelica was groaning with desire. The ultra buxom teenage beauty began to work Jeff's skivvies up and over his jutting dick. She was having a tough time because the guy was so amazingly stiff — and so unnaturally hung. No matter — she just had to have it! And she knew just how to get it!
    For a moment Angelica took a breather, dropped her hands, and just stared! she simply could not stop ogling the monstrous log that was jutting out of Jeff's cotton underwear.
    "Looks like we're sorta down to basics, doesn't it?" Angelica whispered while sensually licking her full, wet lips.
    "Close to it, anyway," Jeff said in a low tone.
    "Let's get things out into the open, then, baby," the overdeveloped teenager moaned. "Let's close this deal!"

Angelica returned to wriggling the waistband of Jeff's briefs over his massive pud. For a while, she was afraid she might have to ask to borrow a pair of scissors! Instead, Angelica asked for a little help from a friend. The lovers each grabbed hold of Jeff's waistband. They pulled it out so far Angelica was afraid the elastic would snap. Actually, Angelica could hear some faint ripping sounds.
    "Hold it out just like that," Angelica breathed. "Don't let go, whatever you do!" The ultra-buxom beauty then reached inside the skivvies with both hands and fished out Jeff's mule-sized boner. Jeff then eased the underwear down his thighs and let the garment fall to the ground. Angelica took half a step back but would not let go of the jerking cock. "Hmmm..." she moaned. "I've got mine."
    Jeff's oversized cock sprang out of the briefs like a uncoiling snake. Drops of pre-cum glistened on its massive knob. The fully engorged shaft jerked and throbbed. Angelica gasped at the sight. She reached out with both hands to grasp the massive tool. She gasped again — the harder than iron rod was as hot as a steam pipe. Oh, man, was this fellow ready.
    Perhaps too ready! Jeff had begun to moan at the top of his lungs. Angelica looked up to see that the young man had thrown his head back in unbridled passion. Worse, she could feel the massive love snake begin to pulsate and bloat. Oh, oh! This fellow was losing it! Big time!

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
    Long, looping ropes of jism began spraying out of the young man's jerking cock. The first ejaculation splattered all over the ceiling. The months of separation from Angelica had made Jeff so horny! To have her hot hands on his bare dick while his hands simultaneously fondled her tits was too much to bear. In other words, there was nothing premature about this ejaculation — it had been simmering for weeks and months!
    By about the sixth pulse of sperm, the trajectory of Jeff's cum had lowered; he was now unloading huge clots of seed all over Angelica's stunning face and tit-packed sweater. His production of cum was so prodigious that the young teenager's face was getting covered up with glistening streaks of spunk. Her sweater was likewise becoming increasingly covered with generous splashes of sperm.
    Angelica was stunned! She did, however, have the presence of mind to grasp the giant snake and jack it off. Jeff, too, had gripped his jerking rod — there was plenty of room for four hands! — and helped in the process.
    Jeff was shrieking with delight. His knees felt as if they were about to buckle. His orgasm was already four minutes old yet his abundant production of seed had not begun to tail off. Angelica's face was now entirely covered with sperm; it was as if she had applied a full mask of cold cream to her lovely face. So too was her hair; her long tresses were matted with generous gobs of seed.
    Finally, at the seven-minute mark, Jeff's orgasm began at last to wane. His ejaculations were now limited to generous globs of sperm that ran all over the lovers' jerking hands. A minute later it was over — the longest cum of Jeff's life. And no wonder — two months of being deprived of Angelica's stunning looks, massive bosom, and sweet personality could do that to a fellow!

Angelica and Jeff stared at each other in disbelief. "Good God!" the overdeveloped young kid exclaimed. "I ... I can't believe what just happened! If I hadn't been here to see it.... Honey, I know all about the volumes of sperm you can shoot, but ... God!"
    Jeff grinned. "Well, I guess you can tell I still like you a lot!"
    "Wow," the buxom Latina giggled. "I guess so!" she then cocked her head and asked, "Under the circumstances, this might be too personal a question but was that the first ejaculation you've had since...?"
    Jeff smiled. "No, honey, it's not. I plead guilty to abusing myself from time to time since we were last together. Like once every night at least. I should add, though, that it's all been solitary loving." The young man's grin got wider as he added, "One guess whose mental image I was beating off to every single time!"

That's the gospel truth, too! A person might think that my mental mage of Angelica might have faded a bit during the split. No way! On account of the way I feel about her, her image was hangin' on the door to my libido — permanently! It's never gettin' taken down!

    "Baby!" Angelica moaned. "As for me," she added, "I haven't had anything but self-abuse, either. Unlike you, however, I refuse to give up the name of the guy who floated across my mind while I diddled." Her saucy grin, however, left little doubt as to who that guy was!
    A sudden silence left the couple staring at each other. Hungrily! "You know how horny you were before you blasted all that sperm?"
    "Yep," Jeff agreed, "I sure do."
    "Well, I'm hornier that that," Angelica whispered. "What ya gonna do about that, honey?"
    "Oh, baby!"

Jeff had some very well defined ideas about just how to deal with that state of affairs. First, though, he said, "I think a little clean-up might be in order."
    Angelica nodded. Her face was so caked with gelatinous splotches of sperm that she looked like a mime suffering from a highly excessive application of makeup.

I've had a taste of my sperm from time to time with Angelica from kissin' her 'n stuff after she took a load down her throat, but I've never had a real full dose. I think I did lick a little off her face soon after we met but it was nothin' like this. Can there be any doubt but that this is the time to go the full route? I love her so; I just wanna give 'n give to her. That gonna mean lots 'n lots of things down the road but right now it means eatin' the cum off her face. That's the least I can do!

    Jeff gently pulled Angelica towards him. As always, her massive, massive bosom made it difficult to pull her up against his body. With a bit of pulling and tugging, however, their faces drew close.
    The lovers' mouths slammed together and their jaws sagged open. A wild French kiss ensued. Jeff pulled back and began to suck and lick the glistening cum off of Angelica's lips. Her eyes got big. "Oh, honey," she moaned, "you don't really have to...." Angelica was getting the picture, actually; what's more, she really, really wanted him to! It just seemed so ... right!
    After he had cleaned off Angelica's thick, luscious lips, Jeff went to work on the rest of her face. There was so much sperm coating her gorgeous continence! Unbelievable! The young man was up to the task, however; he licked and sucked and swallowed every last little wiggly bit of proto-life he could find.

Eatin' my own cum? Who would have thought it? But for Angelica? I'll do anything! Actually, it doesn't taste all that bad. Savory ... kinda salty. I'm startin' to get filled up, though — how much jism did I spill? Feels like I've swallowed a pint of seed already!

    Angelica was moaning with passion. She could tell Jeff was making a big gesture ... a sacrifice, even. The final outcome of their relationship was still in doubt but as far as a progress report was concerned ... what a great guy he was!

I can't imagine a greater act of love than this. God, I think of the things we learned in biology. Animals eatin' their baby's afterbirth ... stuff like that? It's the ultimate gift. And Jeff's doin' the same sort of thing for me. Golly! I could fall in love with this guy all over again. Or maybe I never fell out of love with him in the first place! Oh, Jeff!

    At length, Angelica's face and neck were squeaky clean. "Honey, I'm ready to make love — boy, am I ever! — but look at me! My hair's streaked with sperm. My sweater's splattered with it. My skirt, too. Your wonderful, wonderful lips did a great job on my face but how about a shower to get fresh 'n clean before we hop into bed 'n get really sexy?"
    "Sounds great to me," Jeff enthused.

Now it was Jeff's turn to play; he began to undress Angelica so the lovers could shower. Naturally, his first goal was to uncover her firm, luscious, super sized bosom. Angelica passionately rotated her hips while the young man began to remove her tit-packed sweater. The excitement of stretching the sweater up and over Angelica's enormous bosom was nearly too much to bear. It must be said that Jeff's hands did a lot more pawing than actual undressing! Fondling Angelica's gigantic milkers was so thrilling! How great it was to have them back in his twitching hands!
    Before long, the sweater was history. Angelica stood in front of Jeff — her back arched — wearing only a white bra — a very big white bra! While he stood in awe at its dimensions — not to mention its outsized contents! — Angelica begged him to hurry up!
    "Precious," she moaned, "I put on a very, very tight bra this morning 'cause ... well, forget about why I did it but the point is, this bra is killin' me. I gotta get it off before it cuts me in two!"

This must be the biggest bra I've ever seen! Yet it's so tight, and Angelica's tits are bulging out of it everywhere. Those great mounds of tit-flesh bulging over the top of the cups? Under her armpits? She's even pooching out underneath! God! I think She's even more gigantic now than before!

    The couple started the last lap of their preparation for love by embracing and kissing. Their tongues lashed inside each other's mouths. While they continued to kiss and kiss, Jeff prepared to remove that last barrier to their mutual nakedness.

Hmmm! This bra is so tight! It really hurts! I wish Jeff would hurry! I sure love his kisses, though. I guess we can do a little of this first. I really want to get naked, though. The bottom line is that I can't wait to fuck!

    Jeff mashed Angelica's giant bosom against his muscular chest. He reached behind the astonishingly buxom teenage beauty — God! — Talk about needing a boardinghouse reach! — and began to unhook the big, big bra.

Wow! It seems like more of a reach to unhook the bra than last time. Sure am glad our bodies are so fused together, so I can reach behind her. Her huge tits sure make it difficult. What fun to pull her closer to me so I can reach the hooks, though ... wait a minute, I think there's more hooks back here than I remember from the last time. Big heavy-duty hooks, in pairs, two, four, six, eight, ten! I definitely think Angelica's been out bra shopping! From the feel of the huge squish of her tits between our bodies, I think it was high time!

    While Jeff was unhooking Angelica's bra — and while the lovers' torrid, spit-swapping kiss continued — the shockingly buxom young girl could feel Jeff's boner getting stiffer and stiffer. Even though he had only moments before sprayed geysers of sperm all over creation, this guy was up and running already. How exciting! Angelica reached down and began to pet and squeeze the overdeveloped love muscle.

It's so thrilling to have a boyfriend with such a gigantic dick. Especially one who knows what to do with it! Not to mention one who can recover in a flash after using it the first time. Wait a minute! Did I say boyfriend? Are we at that point again already? I think some part of me must think so or I wouldn't have thought that thought. You know what? Actually, I like the sound of the word!

    The last of Angelica's ten bra hooks had been undone. The young girl could feel a release of tension as a result. She broke the kiss and stepped back. As she did so the bra began very slowly to slide down her massive bosom. Jeff stood with his mouth open watching the enormous undergarment slowly reveal its voluminous contents.
    Jeff stood staring at his buxom girlfriend. Her tits extended not just to the waistband of her skirt but a bit beyond. Angelica was so big! Bigger than ever, it seemed.

Holy cow! My recollection is that Angelica's tits used to hang down to just above her navel or thereabouts. Now, they're definitely beyond that point. I mean, they're hangin' down below the top of her skirt. Below her waist! God! Oh man, has my darling had a growth spurt during our breakup? Sure looks like there's even more to love than before! I can't wait to say hello to this extra tit flesh. Wow! Angelica was just perfect before. Now, she's perfect plus!

    The young fellow had to reach under the buxom kid's spreading, bulbous tits to begin working the skirt off her curvy rump. It was such fun to fondle her impossibly voluptuous ass cheeks while he slowly, ever so slowly, eased the skirt up and over her tight, firm butt.
    At last the delicious task was finished — darn it! After flipping the garment onto a chair, Jeff reached up to peel off Angelica's panties. They were totally soaked and stained with love scum. Jeff smiled inwardly; he knew his underpants had been in approximately the same condition! The lovers then stood before each other in full nakedness for their mutual inspection. There was no doubt they really liked what they saw! Welcome home!

Jeff decided that as great looking at Angelica's stupendous assets could be upon a visual inspection, it was clearly time to sample the goodies first hand. He reached down with shaking hands and cupped the pear-shaped bottom of Angelica's enormous right tit. His hands were trembling so badly that he could barely undertake the task. The excitement of finally being with his buxom sweetheart again when it had seemed for so long an impossible dream was undoubtedly the cause of this nervousness. He simply could not believe it was really happening!
    Not that the task was a simple one under the best of circumstances. The fleshy, hanging knocker was so huge that even Jeff's tight end's hands could barely encompass its spreading mass.
    Jeff squeezed and petted this massive pile of flesh for a time. Then, he switched to tracing his hands all around its bulbous tip. The feel of the soft warm flesh was so thrilling that he had already begun to moan! The tit-struck young fellow began kneading and squeezing the vast expanse of tit meat with even greater abandon. His hands traveled up and down the shocking length of the fat, elongated breast, squeezing and kneading every inch of the way. As always, he marveled at the light network of blue veins that crisscrossed its surface; much like his cock, Jeff knew that a pile of flesh this big needed an extra large blood supply.
    Jeff then repeated the journey with Angelica's equally swollen left tit. Wow! The hot flesh was so giving yet so firm! Exposure anew to this oxymoronic truth carried the thrill or rediscovery. Jeff was now moaning even more loudly as he frantically fondled the mammoth cylinders of tit flesh. The lovers' trip to the shower was taking quite a time in its gestation!
    But Jeff was far from sated. He lightly retraced his hands to the fat bottom of Angelica's left milker and hoisted the huge udder up to his eager, passionate lips.
    As he lifted the oversized gland to his mouth — it was so goddamn heavy! — Jeff could tell that his cock was about as stiff as it was physically possible to get. In fact, he could feel an abundance of pre-cum dripping onto his feet. That seven-minute cum had sure taken nothing off his sexual readiness, that's for sure! In the meantime, Jeff was obsessing at the size and feel of Angelica's areolae. Their milk chocolate color and roughened texture were impossibly exciting!
    Jeff opened his mouth to draw in Angelica's thumb-sized, sex-fossilized nipple. In response, the overly buxom kid reached down and began to massage her clitoris. Almost immediately she started to shudder with an impossibly powerful cum. This girl was hot!
    The young man could not stop sucking and nursing the huge tit. When finally he was able to release the stiff, red nipple, Jeff began licking her impossibly large areola. The roughened texture was so thrilling! He then repeated the task by loving up Angelica's giant left breast. He squeezed and fondled every square inch of that immense milker. At the same time, his tongue could not stop licking and lapping the massive gland. Loud slurping sounds resounded through the third floor of the Weld household.

Not that this loving was going to be a one-way affair! In response to Jeff's rapt attention to her giant breasts, Angelica reached down and began to pet her lover's oversized cock. She clasped her hands as far around the shocking circumference of the mule-sized shaft as she could manage. That was, of course, something short of all the way around! She was thrilled at how fast he had regained his erection. Maybe he had never lost it!
    The lovers were now engaged in highly mutual love. Jeff's wildly probing fingers sank deeper and deeper into the vast fleshy expanse of Angelica's bosom. The buxom teenager was busy pulling Jeff's super-taut foreskin up and down his throbbing shaft. What on earth had happened to that shower?
    Jeff and Angelica, like teenagers the world over, figured they had all the time in the world. What's the hurry? Well, for one thing, Angelica suddenly noticed that Jeff had a contorted, almost grotesque, expression on his face. Uh, oh! Was he about to blow again? Angelica had thought it was just fine — cute, even — that Jeff had shown so much excitement in being together again that he had shot his wad a little bit early the first time. But she definitely wanted the next shot of jism to go up her twat. After all, even with super-stud like Jeff, who knows if there could be a third go-around? It was, therefore, time to stop petting and get in the shower!
    Angelica let go of Jeff's monster cock, dropped her hands to her sides, and stepped back. "Honey, let's take that shower so we can get into bed sooner rather than later. Okay?"
    "You bet!"
    Well, maybe just one kiss before the shower would be acceptable. Jeff pulled Angelica back into his embrace, slammed his open mouth against hers and began cupping and squeezing his lover's curvy ass cheeks. Their mouths wildly opened and closed on each other. Their tongues frantically searched deep into the far recesses of their mouths. Rivulets of spit dribbled down their cheeks. This was no kiss — this was a mouth fuck. The lovers moaned.
    Not even the thick wall of tit flesh squished and jammed between the lovers' trunks could keep them from a body-hugging embrace. Still, their bodies were so tightly fused that Angelica's soft breast tissue was oozing out from between their clamped bodies.
    Finally, the torrid kiss broke. Angelica again stepped back. "Shower time, lover," she smiled. "Right this minute! And that's an order, Bub!"
    Jeff, his eyes glazed with passion, vacantly nodded. Whatever!

"Let me see," Jeff mused. "Here are a couple of towels, and, oh, yes, four bars of soap."
    "Four bars?"
    "You bet," Jeff responded, "one for me and one for you and then one each for...."
    Angelica groaned and then quickly swatted Jeff on the butt. "Really funny," she giggled. Then the overdeveloped teenager looked Jeff in the eye. "I do want you to wash my breasts, baby," she moaned. "Really wash 'em ... get 'em really clean! Oh, honey, your hands feel so great on my bosom!"
    Angelica paused. "Also, honey, maybe you could wash my pussy, too. What do you think?"
    Jeff smiled. "I think all that could be arranged. In fact, I think you can count on it!"
    "And there's one more thing, darling," Angelica interjected. "I think we need a fifth bar of soap. After all...." The buxom Latina was staring at Jeff's jerking, throbbing mega-cock.
    The lovers stepped under the soft warm spray of water. Jeff soaped up his hands on a bar of soap. He took one of Angelica's unimaginably large breasts in his hands, and started spreading soap all over it. Its enormous size required a lot of soaping to get the giant gland properly lathered up.
    Jeff started moaning. "Oh, honey, your tits feel so fine ... so huge ... feel so good ... the soap ... makes 'em so slippery, so slick, so sexy ... they're so heavy ... unbelievable ... wanna squeeze 'em and heft 'em in my hands forever ... oh, sweetheart, I just love your tits so much! Darling, I love you so much!"
    Jeff and Angelica were now moaning in unison. The buxom teenager was pulling on Jeff's long, thick cock. With a groan, Angelica knelt down and started sucking and licking Jeff's jerking dick. It seemed to him that she was going so deep!
    As her ministrations became, well, a little too effective, Jeff pulled Angelica to her feet and starting wildly kissing her. "Wanna fuck right here in the shower?" he asked hoarsely after pulling his tongue out of her open, searching mouth.

I was really looking forward to making love in bed after we were all squeaky clean 'n all. But ... I guess we could make love both places! I'm awful horny, after all! And, knowing Jeff 'n all, I bet he'd be up to it! At least after a short rest period!

    "I'd love to, precious," Angelica moaned. "Stick that big ol' thing in me right now!"
    Jeff eagerly complied. He tenderly reached down, placed the palms of his hands under Angelica's luscious thighs, and slowly, lovingly began to hoist the young beauty up into the air. The lovers were immediately faced with a logistical problem. Even though the young man had only minutes before unleashed a heroic Niagara of sperm, his gigantic penis was now bigger, stiffer, and more ready to fuck than ever. On account of his almost crippling need to make love to his once and now at last present sweetheart, Jeff's cock had grown and stiffened to almost impossible dimensions. The colossal shaft no longer just stood straight out, but was now curving back toward his chest. It was nearly hugging his torso. Its tip was at a point well above the young fellow's nipples. This meant that for Angelica's pussy to be high enough for Jeff to impale it with his massive tool, the young girl had to lower her head to avoid hitting the shower stall ceiling. Jeff had never been this hard and rigid before! Or this ready!
    Once Jeff had lifted Angelica's cunt above his pulsing, beet-red cockhead, the young girl reached down with both hands to separate her blood-engorged, dripping pussy lips in order to welcome its oversized invader. With Angelica's help, Jeff was able to slip the very tip of his dick inside the young kid's welcoming cunt. The first moment of contact transported the overdeveloped teenager into an almost apoplectic series of shudders and spasms. Though her mind would have dismissed the idea as ridiculous, the fact is that Angelica's body had been achingly ready for the return of Jeff's cock since almost the day they had broken up.
    Once the two-minute long orgasm had subsided, Angelica squished her massive breasts up against Jeff's heavily muscled chest so that she could lean in and get really close to her lover. The buxom teenager began to lick his ear. Then, she whispered, "Take it real, real slow 'n easy, precious. Just ... ease that huge mother up my vagina. It's been a while ... so ... it's gonna take a little work, I think. Maybe more than we think."
    Angelica began to wiggle and twist in order to work more of the fist-sized cockhead between her pussy lips. After a lot of squirming, the young girl's over-stretched cunt lips had managed to encompass all but the flared bottom portion of the massive cockhead. She then placed her hands on Jeff's shoulders and began to bounce up and down on the huge knob. After several attempts — nothing doing! — the young teenager began to wail out of frustration and raw sexual need.
    "I can't get it to go in. It won't fit! Oh, Jeff, honey! Do something! We've just got to get it in! I need it so awfully badly! All of it!"

Oh, sweet Jesus! This is awful! Am I gonna have to go lookin' for that bridge to jump off again! I know it should fit ... it sure has lots 'n lots of times before! But now it just ... won't ... go ... in! I guess my vagina's probably gone back to normal size since ... well ... since! Plus I think Jeff's probably more excited right now than ever before ... than even on that first afternoon we spent together. So I suppose his cock is extra-super-sized ... probably bigger than ever before. I think I'm kinda tense — tight, even — on account of everything that's happened today. I suppose that could make a difference. So we have a problem. Well, I don't care. I don't care how much work it takes or how much it hurts or anything! One way or another, we are going to fuck!

    Angelica shut her eyes and brought her breathing under control. In and out ... in and out ... slow ... regular breathing was the key to being relaxed. She wrapped her fabulously sleek legs around Jeff's waist. The sex-stunned teenager then reached up, placed her palms flat against the shower stall ceiling, and began to press down with notable force in order to push her tight, young cunt down upon Jeff's ultra-stiff cock.
    The couple's communication was intuitive yet complete; words were not necessary. Jeff understood the problem perfectly. The young man put his hands around Angelica's waist. He began slowly to pull her down onto his granite-like cock as the young girl was pushing down in the same direction. The lovers were pulling and pushing toward a common, thrilling goal. At the same time, Jeff began tightening and untightening his sphincter muscles in order to flex his throbbing cock against the resistance of her tight, young, out-of-practice vagina.

I can't believe we're havin' this problem! I mean, we really had to work it in the first time we made screwed but I would have thought that this time would be a snap! 'Course, I think I'm stiffer 'n thicker than I've ever been in my life! And why wouldn't I be? There couldn't be a bigger turn-on than makin' love with Angelica after all that's happened! Whatever! Plus it sure settles the question of whether Angelica's been givin' up anything since we broke up ... not that for a second I ever doubted her on that score. But I guarantee you one thing ... this thing is goin' in! There's gonna be some fuckin' goin' on here. A whole lot of fuckin'! Somehow!

    Jeff pulled and pulled; Angelica pushed and pushed. The effect was ... not much! His cock and her cunt were pretty much in equilibrium. Had the irresistible force met the immovable object?
    "Oh, Jeff! I feel like I'm splitting in two!" Angelica moaned. In fact, she was beginning to feel some real serious pain!
    "Just a little bit more, baby," Jeff promised. He pulled down on the dazzlingly beautiful girl's trunk with even greater force. He made progress ... to a point! To the accompaniment of a sucking, pop-like sound, Jeff's enormous love knob entirely entered his darling's soaked pussy.
    "It's in!" Jeff exclaimed.
    "But not very," Angelica countered. "We've got a long way to go, precious!"
    "Don't I know it!" Jeff replied.
    At this point only the crown of Jeff's cock plus an inch or so of its shaft was inside Angelica's cunt. It was time to finish the job because these kids were so awfully anxious to fuck. Angelica began a series of slow, deep breaths. After about the sixth breath, she resumed bouncing up and down on Jeff's cock while at the same time once again pushing against the ceiling. In unspoken agreement, Jeff resumed pulling down on her waist to add to the combined effort.
    Angelica's pain was so intense! But so was the pleasure! The monster cock ever so slowly began to make its way toward the young teenager's womb. The buxom Latina was huffing and puffing — think relaxed and open, girl! Finally, it felt as if something on the order of seven inches of cock had entered her dripping vagina. The overdeveloped kid stopped to rest — and to come. No sooner had she stopped bouncing and pushing than an overpowering, head-to-toes surge of orgasmic thrills convulsed her overdeveloped body.
    But could her reproductive system actually swallow up the remaining seven inches of bloated, fossilized cock? Angelica had her doubts, for the throbbing, mule-sized tool seemed absolutely stuck at the halfway mark. It was so big! How could it go any farther? Had not the buxom teenager known for a fact that she had entertained all fourteen inches in the past, she surely would have thrown up her hands and gone looking for that bridge!
    Angelica leaned in and licked Jeff's ear. "Precious Jeff, this is unbelievable! It feels like I'm trying to jam a baseball bat up my twat. Are ... are we gonna make it?"
    "We did it before ... lots of times ... we'll do it again," Jeff promised confidently.

I hope I know what I'm talkin' about! This whole thing really does feel stuck! Maybe if we kiss 'n stuff for a while and then try again....

    The two lovers smiled wanly at each other. Then the smiles dissolved into expectant passion as their mouths drew together. In less than a second, the two teenagers were wildly French kissing. Kissing, did we say? These two would have swallowed each other's heads had they managed to find a way to do so! This was a passionate jaw-breaking, spit-swapping kiss to end all kisses!
    This all-consuming kiss was so thrilling that Angelica began to shake and shudder all over again. The lovers' three-minute, face-swallowing kiss was being matched by a three-minute cum on Angelica's part.
    About a minute into the kiss and cum, Angelica noticed that she was finally beginning to relax. More to the point, her vaginal canal was actually relaxing as well. As the kissing and shuddering continued, the huge-breasted teenager could sense her cunt slowly — ever so slowly — sliding down the remaining length of her darling's giant cock. She was swallowing up the gigantic love snake.
    Jeff could feel it as well. The young man started pulling on Angelica's waist with appreciably greater force. Down, down, down! Finally, Jeff's massive knob had reached the entrance to Angelica's cervix. Even though the kiss and orgasm continued unabated, both lovers felt the impediment of this final barrier. Now what?
    Almost instinctively, Jeff took matters in hand. In light of the difficulties the lovers were experiencing in getting the first foot or so of cock inside Angelica's pussy, a final, quick, decisive, though undoubtedly painful thrust was in order to accommodate the final few inches. It was time to cut the Gordian knot! So to speak!

Sorry, Angelica, but this is the only way!

    With almost brutal force, Jeff pulled down on Angelica's waist with the full extent of his strength. In less than a second, he had punched through the young girl's partially dilated cervix.
    An almost unbearable, searing pain radiated throughout Angelica's body. She could not have known but the extreme pain she was feeling was on the order of childbirth. She piteously groaned. Her mouth sagged open. But she kept kissing and she kept wildly quivering and shaking. Mercifully, the pain lasted but a few seconds. As the extreme discomfort faded, a warm rush of relief and even joy replaced it. Jeff was home! And so, therefore, was Angelica!
    As the shuddering orgasm finally ended, Jeff and Angelica slowly, almost reluctantly, drew back from their all-consuming kiss. The buxom Latina's swollen pussy lips were now flared around the very base of her lover's shaft. At last! The lovers stared at each other in a mixture of amazement and adoration. Never before had their bodies been so totally and completed united. Could their souls be far behind?
    As they continued to stare, unblinking, at each other, the lovers' mouths simultaneously sagged open. As if drawn by magnets, their mouths slammed together once again. Their tongues probed, caressed, and dueled. Jeff's generous lips slipped and slid against the mutual, cushiony resistance offered by Angelica's opposite numbers — and vice versa! Then, the hot young teens began rhythmic tongue thrusting and wrestling. Had any lovers anywhere, anytime, ever enjoyed a deeper, more committed, and more joyful kiss than this?
    Finally, their mouths still fused, Jeff began slowly to raise and lower Angelica's fabulous body up and down the length of his horse-sized shaft. It was definitely time to fuck! Angelica did not break the kiss but began instead to gurgle with pleasure. The thrill of feeling Jeff's giant cock finally sliding in and out from the depths of her womb to the outside of her swollen pussy lips was so unbelievably thrilling. The way Jeff's massive cock and protruding veins were rasping against the nerves endings up and down her reproductive tract was far beyond thrilling. No way was this guy gonna get away again! Ever!

I sure had my doubts we'd be able to do it, I guess, but we made it! Sure did! Jeff's in! All the way in! And now we're fuckin' like minks. He's goin' faster 'n faster, too — how great! And what lesson have I learned? Gotta keep fuckin' Jeff on a regular basis or else! I guess that's what the man meant when he said, "Use it or lose it!" Well ... that's fine with me! I'd like to go back to usin' it every day ... or even more often that that! Probably lots more often than that! Like we used to do. I sure don't want to lose it! Or him either! Oh, Jeff! If the physical end of things could carry us through, we'd be a lead pipe cinch! Of course, there's more to things than just that. But you know what? I think were doin' just fine on the spiritual end as well. So fuck me Jeff ... just keep fuckin' me, my darling!

    Up, down, up, down ... Jeff moved Angelica up and down on his rigid shaft. The young teenagers wildly fucked, hugged, and French kissed. Angelica was so tight but yet so wet. Jeff groaned with delight — this was so great!
    "Fuck me faster, baby, fuck me harder — lots harder," Angelica commanded. Her luscious body was shuddering and shaking with wave after orgasmic wave. The kissing and the shuddering were very soon too much for Jeff. Within minutes, the young fellow was shooting powerful ropes of sticky love cream up Angelica's tight, soaked twat.
    After about three minutes of shuddering orgasm, Jeff's spurting love hose gave up its last drip and drop. He gently lifted Angelica up off his cock and down to the shower floor. The lovers were not quite ready to do some actual washing, however. Instead, they stood under the cascading water, groped their fabulous bodies, and wildly kissed and kissed, and then kissed some more.

Once the overheated young hot lovers cooled down a bit, they actually did shower. And wash. Angelica even shampooed her thick, luxurious hair to get rid of the matted streaks of cum her lover had managed to deposit in her tresses. Naturally they lovingly dried each other off after the shower, an activity that took more time than usual in that it was interrupted by a number of tender caresses, torrid embraces, and passionate face-swallowing soul kisses. Extra time was also spent making sure certain body parts were completely dry.
    Finally, though, they made it to Jeff's bed where they relaxed for a few minutes while (a) Angelica dried her hair with Jeff's hair dryer; and (b) Jeff waited out the short recovery period before he would be able once again to make love to his darling Latina sweetheart.
    "So are we a couple again?" Jeff asked. He had decided there's nothing like getting right to the point.
    Angelica thought for a moment and then sighed. Deeply. "Oh, Jeff, I don't know how to answer that! Look, I love you with all my heart. No doubt about that! And I'll continue to do so, come what may — I know that now. But I still don't know if it's gonna work between us. There's so much baggage, even though," Angelica added with a grin, "we've sure made some progress today."
    "Amen!" Jeff interjected.
    "But, sweetie, what you've got to understand is that it's gonna take a whole lot more than a roll in the hay — even lots of rolls in the hay — to get things right."
    "I know that," Jeff offered.
    "Well, I hope you really, really do 'cause we've got problems big time! I mean, can we really be a couple when you were my mother's lover, even if only for an afternoon? She'll be like the 600-pound gorilla anytime we're together. How do we get around that? Could we really maintain a relationship under a strain like that? I mean, it's important for me — necessary! — to have relationships with you both. How would we deal with it? Especially if, you know, this relationship turned into a real long-term deal."
    "Just through time, I guess," Jeff opined. "Letting time heal things is the only way, I guess."
    "Humph! It'll take more than time," Angelica objected. "You just have to realize what a big deal that ... thing with Mama was. It just destroyed my faith in you ... in us! ... and in Mama, too. Anytime I saw you two together I'd wonder ... I'd worry, too ... maybe even get jealous. Could we live with that? Honey, I just don't know if we can overcome the damage that was done that day. And," Angelica added, "I hope you realize that. Really realize that!"
    "I do, honey, I do!" Jeff insisted. "I just think that with the way we feel 'n all, we've got a chance to make it."

I know things have gotten seriously screwed up. Hell, getting caught fucking her mother? What could be worse than that? But how bad could things really be if we're able to make love like this? If we can keep that goin', I think the rest of it will pretty much take care of itself. I mean, we'll have to keep workin' on the other shit 'n all but as long as we're makin' love I think we'll be okay.

    "I hope you're right," Angelica interjected noncommittally while patting his hand.

I think Jeff is trying but I'm not sure he really gets it. Not yet, anyway. He probably realizes that we do have a lot of problems but I bet like most guys he figures that so long as we're gettin' it on, things are pretty much under control. Isn't that just like a guy!

"I don't want to be too pessimistic," Angelica continued. "After all, there are some hopeful signs ... apart from how well we're gettin' along this afternoon, I mean." The heavy-breasted teenage Latina reached over and gently petted Jeff's still-flaccid cock.
    "Like what?"
    "Like, they've finally figured out high blood pressure meds for my dad that don't leave him impotent. In fact," Angelica went on, "Mama and Daddy have been gettin' it on lately ... like, every day, I think! He and Mama have big smiles on their faces every morning, at least. So I don't think Mama's gonna be lookin' for lovers on the side any more. That's a good sign. For them and for us!"

"That talk with your mother last night must have been really emotional, really hard to do," Jeff suggested.
    "Oh, it sure was," Angelica replied. "We talked 'n talked and then cried 'n cried and then finally hugged 'n hugged. Things are far from fixed — just like us, honey — but we're headed in the right direction. Like us again, Jeff."
    Angelica thought for a moment and then decided to go on. "I asked her a lot of questions about that ... time you spent together. I asked her about what you two talked about. She said, actually, you mostly talked about me!"
    "That's true, we did — or at least I did!"
    "I even asked her," Angelica went on, "how she seduced you 'n what you were talkin' about while you were ... doin' it?"

Hell, she didn't seduce me, exactly — it was those tits halfway down her thighs that did the trick. Although we talked about Angelica before we headed for bedroom, I don't think we talked about anything in there except how great it felt gettin' it on. But how can I tell Angelica that? I think I'd better take a pass on that little tidbit!

    Angelica looked Jeff straight in the eye. "There's no point in duckin' the tough questions, Jeff." The buxom beauty took a deep breath. "How was it for you, Jeff?"

What a dirty trick to put him on the spot like that! But I want to know! I have to know! Things like this are important for our healing process!

    Jeff paused in agonized contemplation. He sighed and then began. "Honey, guys like to talk about having two heads, you know, a big one and a little one?"
    Angelica smiled. "I've heard that — except that in your case...."
    "Well, it's true. And when I was with your mother, my big head was going crazy tryin' to escape! To be faithful to you. I also had my little head under pretty good control but then gradually it began to take over. I felt awful but it just kept happening. I fought it and fought it and fought it but then it finally happened. At that point, I guess I just caved in — figured that once things had gone almost all the way, it was futile to fight it anymore."
    "Mama told me," Angelica broke in, "that she really put extreme pressure on you. She told me about the dress she wore — she threw it out that afternoon so I never saw it — and the other little stratagems she pulled. All in all, I think your big head did the best it could. So did your little head, really. Resisting Mama for as long as you did is pretty good. After all, she's so beautiful and buxom plus junior here's a pretty single-minded little beast!" The giant-breasted girl laughed. "That's 'little' in quotes, by the way."
    Angelica thought for a moment and then smiled. "I guess what I took away from my conversation with Mama is the belief that you acted in a reasonably honorable way that afternoon. Not as honorably as you should — there's an understatement! — but honorably enough to make trying to rebuild our relationship a viable option. At least for me."
    "Me, too," Jeff replied with a lovesick grin.
    Angelica's hair was now dry. She put the drier on Jeff's side table. Then, she reached over, took Jeff's hand, and gave it a squeeze. "Whatever happens, Jeff, you are the love of my life. You need to know that."
    "And you're mine, baby. Now and forever!"
    "Oh, honey!" The lovers tenderly embraced and gently kissed. In the process, Jeff's flaccidity was rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Still, Angelica wanted to talk a little bit more before taking advantage of that situation. It was so important for Angelica to lay some things on the table before, well, getting laid!

"Another good sign, honey," Angelica continued, "is that we really were so faithful to each other when we were apart. It was, like, if we couldn't have each other we didn't want anyone."
    "I don't know," Jeff teased. "It looked to me like you and Harry Ford were goin' at it pretty hot and heavy."
    "Did not!" Angelica protested. "Anymore than you and Carrie Snodgrass were gettin' it on! Although I heard that a lot of girls were after you — like, for example, a little freshman girl? With big bouncy tits just like you like? And a cute face? Named Diane Ulrich?"
    Jeff laughed. "Where on earth did you hear that?"
    "Never mind," Angelica laughed. "I have my sources."
    "Actually, I did hear she was interested in goin' out. But I never took her up on it."
    "Good." Angelica's jaw was defiantly set. "Better not have! I never would have forgiven you if you'd gone out with the girl with the biggest tits at Maine East."
    Jeff did a double take. "The biggest...?"
    Angelica grinned. "Apart from mine, of course. Mine don't count, silly!"
    "That reminds me," the stunning teenager said, "I've got to call Harrison and tell him we're not going out this weekend. Or," Angelica added after a pause, "ever again, I guess?"
    "Hmmm," Jeff muttered.
    "Hey, Jeff! That was a question! We're not seeing Harrison or Carrie any more, right?"
    "Oh, no!" Jeff quickly added. "We sure aren't! I was just thinking evil thoughts about Harry instead of responding to the question. Harry is history. So's Carrie. I mean," Jeff quickly added, "I'll be kind about it 'n all but it's over. Actually, she really knew I was bonkers over you all along. She'll understand. So I think we can go back to be just pals."
    "I'll have to think about that one," Angelica replied. She was not smiling!
    "I hope you're not thinking about some sort of platonic friendship with Harry Ford!"
    "You have nothing to fear, m'dear," Angelica laughed. "Harrison is a really nice, cute guy — don't you make a face, Jeff Weld! — but he was never more than just good company. Heck, he never got so much as a goodnight kiss at the front door! Even though we went out lots of times. I sure know he would have liked one. Lots of 'em, probably!" Angelica sighed. "Poor Harrison!"
    "Same with Carrie," Jeff stated. "Actually, she didn't get or even seem to want any kisses. Our relationship was just too much brother and sister for that. Which is why I was dating her, actually. So I guess, baby, we really did save each other for ... us!"

Jeff, you clueless clod! The word I got from Hillary was that even though Carrie had been caught off guard when you first asked her out, it didn't take long before she decided she'd like lots of kisses. Even if you had been pals for years, she had started to fall for you big time! And you didn't even notice! Guys can be so unconscious sometimes!

    "Yes, we did save ourselves for us. It's great we did. But now," Angelica pronounced, "the need to do that is over. O-V-E-R!" Angelica had started to caress and squeeze a very sensitive part of Jeff's anatomy. "So let's start usin' what we've been savin'. Use it or lose it, I always say," the Latina sexpot giggled.

Jeff was reclining on the bed, leaning on his left elbow, and facing his buxom sweetheart. Angelica was sitting cross-legged; her massive tits not only rested in but also filled up her lap — and more. They looked so big! Absolutely bigger than when they last saw each other at such close range.
    "Can, I, um, ask a personal question?"
    "Sure," Angelica agreed.
    "Are your ... your breasts bigger than when we, um, broke up?"
    Angelica laughed. "Bigger? You bet they are — definitely! I had to buy some new bras. Mama 'n I used to go together but, this time, you know, that would have been a bummer so I went alone. Maybe now that we've talked we'll get back to that but until yesterday we'd barely spoken."
    "That's such a shame," Jeff observed, "'cause I know how close you were."
    "And maybe we will be again after our talk last night," Angelica replied. "Anyway," she went on, "I checked the yellow pages. Found a place that does custom bras. Betty Schwartz intimate Boutique. Stores in Highland Park and Buffalo Grove. So off I went!"
    "What, um, size?"
    Angelica laughed again. "If you remember, silly, cup sizes don't make much sense when you buy your undergarments custom made in my size. I will tell you I'm bigger. My letters and numbers are bigger. Quite a lot bigger, in fact." She blushed slightly. "Up here ... and down here!"
    "You mean ... your butt? Your bottom?"
    "You should know, you've had your greedy groping hands all over it ever since we came upstairs. I know it doesn't show so much because my bust is bigger too, but my hips are nearly 33½ inches now." She sat with eyes lowered.

Slightly more than thirty-four, actually, but a woman is allowed some secrets!

    "Baby!" Jeff groaned softly. "But what about your...?"
    "Even my waist is bigger," Angelica blundered on. "It was eighteen inches for years! It must be nearly twenty now!"
    "It still looks tiny, baby. What were you saying about your bust? Bigger letters and numbers?" Jeff was not to be put off by hip and waist measurement — he was a man on a mission!
    Angelica smiled an evil smile. "Jeff, we're really makin' progress at restoring our relationship. Really, we are! But we're not at the point yet where I'm gonna talk about the size of my tits. That'll have to wait."
    Jeff had a disappointed look on his face. "Fair enough," he deadpanned. It could not have been clearer, though, that he did not mean it. Not one bit!
    Angelica laughed again. "Tell you what, lover boy! Let's let my cup 'n band size be sort of a gauge of the health of our relationship. When I think we're gettin' there — really gettin' there! — I'll start talkin' about that junk. So if you haven't heard me talk about it yet, you'll know we still have lots of work to do. On the other hand, if I do tell you, it'll be like, you know, a gold star! So, honey, you've got a goal to work toward!"
    "Okay, I guess," Jeff offered doubtfully. From the resigned look on the young man's face, it was far from okay.
    "Well, I'll tell you one thing. Just a little, um, teaser to keep you on the straight and narrow. You know that bra I had on today?"
    "Sure, do — it seemed tight," Jeff said.
    "Tight isn't the word," Angelica replied. "It's a number of cup and band sizes smaller than I need. I bought it for times when I wanted to be all bound up and not jiggle. Like for our little meeting this afternoon? Well, I felt like I was suffocating! Besides, the need for a bra like that seems, um, to have suddenly gone away. So I think that bra is destined for the ashcan 'cause, honey, I ain't never gonna be that size again!"
    "And what size was that bra?"
    "Naughty, naughty! Don't try 'n be tricky! Just keep workin' for that gold star and you'll get those data too! Eventually!" Angelica suddenly got a serious look on her face. "Baby, the way things are goin' today? I think that gold star is a real possibility! And soon, too!"

It was fun to jerk Jeff around a little bit about bra sizes and such but Angelica figured that enough was enough. She leaned forward, opened her mouth about an inch or so, and gently touched her lips to Jeff's mouth. As they kissed, the buxom Latina gradually stretched out so that before long the lovers were fully reclining, their fabulous bodies fused together in passion and love.
    Moments later, Jeff and Angelica, as if by unspoken agreement, slightly rotated their bodies so that each could have fuller access to the other's fabulous endowments. Jeff was soon squeezing, rubbing, and generally mauling his darling's massive tits. Angelica, by contrast, was busily occupied playing with her lover's utterly stiff cock. What they had in common was the fact both were moaning and groaning as their mutual state of sexual arousal headed for the stratosphere!
    Although their hands were busy, the all-consuming French kiss went on and on and on. These kids loved to kiss. It would be hard, in fact, to imagine deeper kisses that the mouth fucks these two were bestowing on each other. Sexually, at least, Jeff and Angelica were right where they had left off before the awful Mama interregnum had blown their relationship apart.

The lovers continued their passionate hugging and French kissing. Groping was on the menu as well. Angelica, for example, was unable to keep her hands off Jeff's fully erect, really stiff, giant penis.
    "You're so hard, baby," Angelica moaned. "So awfully primed for making love! But I think I can make you harder," she added. "Lots harder! I wanna suck you off 'n get you super, super hard," the overdeveloped young teenager hoarsely whispered. "That'll be so exciting for you! Then, I wanna make some hot whoopee with your big super-hard thing inside my pussy. That'll be so exciting for me! Then, we can just fuck 'n fuck 'n fuck 'n cream 'n cream. That'll be so exciting for us! Let's go for it, baby!"
    Angelica scooted down so that her face was only inches from Jeff's swollen cock head. As always, she marveled at its improbable size and purple hue. Her hands were busy too; they caressed and rubbed the oversized pud. The overbuilt Latina opened her mouth as wide as it would go and deposited a long string of spit on Jeff's giant knob. The long strings of saliva trickled down his ultra-taut cock skin. Next, she turned her head sideways and ran her open mouth, lips, and tongue up and down the sides of Jeff's throbbing shaft.
    The young fellow lovingly placed his hand on the back of Angelica's head. He gently ran his fingers through her thick, abundant hair. Angelica's huge head of down-to-the-middle-of-the-back hair was so sexy! Jeff continued to rub Angelica's bobbing head as the girl's mouth smoothly slid up and down the shaft of his cock. "This is so thrilling, so great, baby," Jeff moaned. "My cock is getting so very hard! With love and desire for you," he added with a groan.
    "I'm gonna to make it a lot harder than this, lover," Angelica promised. "You won't believe how hard! Harder than hard is what I have in mind!"
    Angelica positioned her thick parted lips directly above her lover's pre-cum stained cock head. She let loose with another goober. She then grabbed the base of his thick cock shaft with both hands, and lowered her mouth so as to take about two inches of him inside her mouth. As her head moved up and down, Angelica's tongue swirled around Jeff's cock head and the top of his shaft. The lucky fellow was getting blown and tongued at the same time.
    Jeff's head swiveled from side to side in agonies of lust. The feel of Angelica's luscious lips and eager tongue on his cock was just heavenly! "Oh, lover," he moaned, "you're so hot ... this is so great ... just keep doing it, sweetheart ... oh, I can't believe how deep you're goin'!"
    At this point, Angelica was taking in nearly seven inches of rock-hard cock on each bob of her head. Sexy, slurp blowjob sounds echoed throughout the bedroom. What a blowjob Jeff was getting!
    The buxom beauty had never gone this deep before. Jeff was sure she had not been practicing during their split-up! It was probably that the extreme passion engendered by being back together had raised their sexual performance levels to unprecedented heights. Well, Jeff felt super-sexy as well and knew just the way to express it! Might deep-throatin' be possible sometime down the road?

It was high time to get mutually prepared for the fuck marathon that both Jeff and Angelica knew was right around the corner. Angelica was doing her part; she was prepping Jeff in the most thrilling of ways. It was time to give back a little to her!
    Jeff grabbed Angelica's runway model's legs and turned her body around so that her dripping cunt was poised just above his eager lips. To the accompaniment of a moan, Jeff stuck his tongue as far out of his mouth as physically possible and began flat-tonguing his sweetheart's swollen, discolored cunt lips.
    The giant-breasted Latina loudly moaned in response. Still, she kept on task and did not miss a beat of her blowjob. The lovers were in tune with each other's bodies so that the 69 into which they had slipped was perfectly synchronized!
    Jeff was on the bottom and Angelica was on the top. The feel of her giant, squished tits against his trunk — they took up the entire space between his cock and his neck and felt like an infinitely soft air mattress — was making things extra exciting. Angelica's massive tits were so exciting — any way you could experience them!
    Jeff was now licking and sucking Angelica's clitoris with nearly maniacal fervor — while still maintaining a delicate touch. Next, he stuck his tongue deep into her soaked, ever-dilated pussy, and twirled his tongue in circles around and around its mucous-coated walls. Angelica was so amazingly open! It was then back to sucking her clitoris again while sticking his fingers, first, deep into her now-convulsing and orgasmic twat and then — this was a first for their relationship! — far up into her asshole.
    That last little innovation was actually the first time Jeff had ever sent a finger up the chocolate river with Angelica ... with a girlfriend ... with a post-Pam slut ... with anyone! As he gently inserted his finger in her poop hole, he wondered what sort of reaction he might get from the young girl. Angelica very likely had a virgin asshole; what's more, getting corn-holed even with a middle finger is not everyone's cup of tea. But not to worry — as he wriggled his middle finger deep inside Angelica's asshole, the gorgeous young kid squealed with pleasure. She loved it!
    Might that middle finger be replaced by a considerably bigger appendage? Not tonight — that's for sure! — but someday down the road? Well, Jeff's cock had yet to travel the Hershey Highway. Given its heroic size, he had never even considered the possibility. But who knows? With love this hot — and lovers this randy — anything is possible!
    This wild mutual 69-lovemaking went on for half an hour. The giant-breasted young kid had enjoyed too many orgasms to count. Finally, Angelica pulled off. "Honey, I don't think you've ever been this stiff 'n I know I've never been this dilated. I'd say that means it's time to fuck!"
    Jeff groaned with desire. "Right you are, babe. Let's do it!"
As Jeff prepared to mount this overdeveloped girlfriend for what he know would be a coupling for the ages, the Latina beauty touched him softly on the cheek. "Let's do missionary," Angelica burst out, "for old times sake. It'll be just like, you know, an old ... er ... just like, er, regular sex, I mean".

God! Did I start to say "an old married couple?" Angelica, you gotta watch yourself. I know things are goin' real, real well today but we're a long way from being healed. Don't let your feelings get too far ahead of the game, girl!

Jeff walked on his knees in between Angelica's gorgeous legs. She was doing the splits to such a degree that Jeff was afraid she might tear her body in two. She was so terribly ready to fuck! Already, a spreading wet spot could be seen on the sheet under her pussy.
    The super-hung young man eased the knob of his giant cock between Angelica's puffy, sex-swollen cunt lips. The utterly submissive beauty screamed and began to shake and shudder. Jeff looked up to see that her eyes had actually rolled into the back of her head!
    The feel of his super-sensitized cock skin against the thrilling warmth of Angelica's slippery cunt walls was nearly exciting enough to send Jeff over the edge before he had gone more than a few inches into the buxom kid's vagina. Jeff pushed on, however; Angelica was so dilated that the young fellow was able to slip right down her cunt. He was taking the express train this trip! The clearance problems in the shower were now ancient history. May Jeff and Angelica make sure they never reappear!
    At the ten-inch mark, Jeff could tell his cockhead was brushing her cervix. No problem! Angelica was so ready, so primed, that the massive knob slipped right past that barrier and into her quivering, welcoming womb.
    Angelica screamed as the last four inches of cock entered her body. "You're home, precious!" she moaned.
    Home indeed! Jeff began pumping his tight, heavily muscled hips. His giant cock energetically — and noisily — plunged in and out of Angelica's soaked, slippery vagina. Home it was — and it was so great to be there! And, this time, he was home to stay! He was sure of it!

And so Angelica and Jeff — the beast with two backs once again — passionately made all-consuming, torrid love. The chances the totally absorbed lovers would get out of bed until evening were slim and none. They loved and needed each other so much. They had so much loving to catch up on. But what about the future?
    Angelica had tumbled head over heels right back into love with Jeff. Actually, she had probably never fallen out — it had just been overlain and camouflaged with hate and hurt for a time. As Jeff's massive snake reamed out her soaked pussy, she puzzled over the odds that their relationship would heal and then last. She realized full well that even the average high school couple found it difficult to maintain a relationship over the long haul. Jeff would be going to Yale next year and so the couple would be apart. The year after that, they would both be going to separate colleges. Angelica would not even think of applying to Yale; what a bad idea that would be! They would be meeting new people, having different experiences, and probably growing in new and different directions. Could their relationship survive that?
    The young girl's father had told her about the 35th high school reunion he had recently attended. When they were in school almost everyone had a boy or girlfriend. At the reunion, however, there were a grand total of three couples that had hooked up in high school and then stayed together for the duration. High school relationships seemed to have a very short half-life!
    Of course, Jeff and Angelica were not the average couple. Not hardly! They were in love to a degree that almost embarrassingly exceeded the norm. Romeo and Juliet? Eloise and Abelard? Antony and Cleopatra? Angelica felt she and Jeff deserved to be included in that august company. Plus, they were so compatible. They shared so many interests and goals. And then there was their extraordinary physical match-up. In short, they were so well suited to each other. She wondered if they did split up again, whether either of them ever would find love this deep and full ever again? It was highly unlikely!
    But they had a huge problem as well. No getting around that? It was the Mama factor. What if they did get married someday? How would decades of family life with Mama and Daddy play out? What if Daddy's medicine stopped working and he got impotent again? Could she trust Mama and Jeff not to stage a repeat? Could she trust herself not to be suspicious about it even if they didn't?
    The young girl sighed. She loved Jeff so much. She knew they would really work hard on the relationship — both of them really would. She so wanted it to last. She knew Jeff did, too. And maybe it would. For her part, she sure was going to try! She longed to rely on the maxim that love conquers all. But a girl has to be realistic. And realism told her that navigating the shoals that menaced their future would be tricky. Doable? Yes. Likely to happen? Sure hope so but ... well ... we'll just have to see!
    Jeff was thinking about the future during this coupling as well. His take was a lot simpler. He was a lot more optimistic. Jeff focused on the fact he and Angelica had finally overcome their horrible split-up and were now passionately making love to memorialize their reunion. They loved each other so very, very much. Things were back in the groove. Oh, there were still lots of hard feelings to work out and a huge problem to solve — for sure, he had to keep his distance from Mama! — but from his male perspective things really looked rosy.
    And the objective truth? Probably somewhere in between but, notwithstanding Angelica's doubts and fears, reality probably tilts closer to Jeff's view than hers. There's an excellent chance the couple's over-allotment of love and passion might just carry them through. They really were hopelessly and utterly in love. Amazingly compatible and well suited, as well. That much passion, devotion, and compatibility can go a long way. They certainly had a whole lot more going for them than the average high school couple. Heck, they had a whole more in their favor than the average couple — period! Nothing is certain or even predictable in matters of the heart but a betting man would be well advised to put his money on a successful future for this relationship. They might not know it yet but these kids had a future!


Part Twelve
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