by MR. B

"Hello, Mom?"

"Jenny - how are you?" Jenny's mother responded.

"I'm doing fine" Jenny continued. "Listen, I know you saved a bunch of my old toys and things up in the attic. I'd like to come by today and see what there is, 'cause some of the old toys might be collectibles"

"Sure, dear. Just let yourself in if no one is here. Your father's at work, and I'm just stepping out the door to run some errands. I'll be back in a couple of hours" her mother explained.

Jenny dug through the piles of boxes, bags and debris in the attic. Eventually, she found a photo album. Thumbing through, she glanced at pictures of her parents when they were her age. There was her father, tall, blond and a little camera shy, but obviously proud of the woman next to him. The woman next to him was her mother, and she was a knockout. "Great boobs, Ma", Jenny said softly, admiring her mothers figure, just as she had ever since she understood what it meant to be feminine. Everyone knew those amazing breasts were real, as Jenny's mother was stacked long before the days of augmentation surgery. At one time, Jenny had expected to inherit her mother's busty figure, but it never came to be. After filling out to a B-cup in her early teens, and never developing any further, her mother simply tried to comfort her with the adage that she took after her father's side.

She took a last look at the picture of her mother, young and bosomy, and whistled softly in appreciation as she closed the album. Standing up, she knocked over an old coat rack into a pile of boxes, which fell like dominoes into another pile of boxes, which fell into a short bookshelf filled with assorted odds and ends. "Oh hell", Jenny declared as she righted herself.

Beginning with the nearest pile, she began restacking the boxes, working her way to the bookshelf. The scattered objects in front of the small set of shelves included some dolls, a few bags of loose items and two small cans, all covered in the dusty film of untouched years.

One can was still wrapped in clear plastic, and the second had already been opened. Jenny picked up the unwrapped cylinder, and stared at the label. A layer of dust obscured the finer print, but the can was clearly named "Mark Eden Bust Developer". Staring back at Jenny from the label was a woman with a satisfied smile and an incredible rack. She remembered the other busty women from the old ads in her mother's issues of Cosmo and even T.V. guide, proudly displaying their assets. Looking back, Jenny always assumed that the women were paid models who were already well developed without the help of some product. As a small girl, She remembered the product had been banned, discredited or whatever, but either way it had been off the market for years.

She removed the lid, and found the can empty, except for a white residue dried to the sides. Picking up the second can, she could fell that it was full of something.

Suddenly, an obvious question formed in her mind: was this her mother's secret to that phenomenal figure. Her mother had never mentioned using Mark Eden, or any other means to get her bountiful bosom, but then again, why would she?

The old joke was; if you used your hands to apply the stuff, why didn't your hands get bigger? "Oh well", she said to herself, "I've certainly got nothing to lose, and if this is how mom did it, then maybe I'll finally get her figure like I thought I would". Jenny rubbed the dust off of the instructions. Short but sweet: Apply liberally to completely cover the breasts. Allow to soak in. Use until desired effect is reached. She brushed away some more dust. The instructions were followed with the usual disclaimer of how results may vary, do not expect instant results, stick with the program....Easy enough, she thought.

Below the disclaimer, still obscured by years of dust, read the legend "use before 6/7/82".

Jenny took the can and headed back downstairs. She stuffed it into her purse and returned to the attic to finish cleaning up.

Later that afternoon, Jenny pulled the old, faded can out of her purse. She took off the plastic covering the can, entered the bathroom, and placed the can on the counter top in front of the mirror. She unbuttoned her shirt and threw it over the towel bar. Jenny studied her petite décolletage, framed by her lacy bra. Nice little mounds of creamy white flesh peeked from behind the tops of the cups. She undid the front clasp, and the cups parted slightly, relaxing their hold on her boobs. She pulled the shoulder straps down and shook off the bra, her lovely, pert breasts jiggling with the motion. Her bra now on the floor, Jenny's pink nipples stared back at her in the mirror. Her breasts may have been respectable on another girl, but Jenny felt dissatisfied on two levels. First, her figure was somewhat bottom heavy, and a fuller bust would at least round her into an hourglass and out of the pear shape. Second, she grew up (sometimes literally) in the shadow of her mother's outstanding bosom.

Jenny dipped her fingers into the can, coming out with a tablespoon of the white milky liquid. She moved the hand with the glob of solution up to her left breast. Beginning above her nipple, she began to slowly rub the stuff into her skin, circling around her aureole. The cream went on smoothly, leaving behind a cool sensation on her skin, which seemed to sink into her breast as time passed. Taking her time, Jenny studiously covered every inch of her left breast with the white liquid, leaving it glistening in the lights of the vanity.

Next, Jenny repeated the same performance on her right breast. Now, her right breast glistened alone, as her left had already soaked up the developer. She washed her hands in the sink, splashing the side of the old can. A few large drops of water ran down the side with the directions, taking a few layers of dust with them as they slid to the counter top.

Now she saw the legend "use before 6/7/82". Jenny sighed. "Easy come, easy go..." she thought to herself.

She picked up her bra, threaded her arms through the straps, and closed the front clasp. As she pulled the cups up into place, they didn't seem to sit right. Jenny toyed with the straps, then the cups again. Still, her breasts were not comfortable. Her left breast did not want to be confined by the lacy cup. Her pink nipple refused to stay below the edge of the B-cup.

As Jenny manipulated her errant left breast, she realized that the cool sensation within her soft flesh hadn't diminished. Her efforts seemed in vain. Nothing seemed to make her familiar bra fit correctly. Finally, she popped the clasp again, and pulled the troublesome bra off. Jenny checked the underwire to see if it had gotten bent. Satisfied that the bra seemed unaltered, Jenny again tried to put it on.

Again, she found that the left cup seemed too small. Giving up, she unhooked the front clasp once more, shaking her shoulders to drop the straps. Jenny's left breast was swollen a bit larger. It was noticeably larger than her right. She panicked, wondering what might be wrong. Sure, she was using a bust developer, but she didn't expect such fast results, nor did she expect to wind up with two different size boobs. She paced the short walk within her bathroom, her mind racing. After a few moments of getting nowhere, she turned to the mirror again.

Jenny could now see that both of her breasts had grown. The left breast simply had a headstart on the right. She assessed that her boobs were indeed fuller, but not by much.

She tried her B cup bra on again. Sure enough, both of her breasts exceeded the design of the undergarment. Her nipples peeked over the edges of the material, and the tops of her breasts bulged up with the restraint of the fabric. She took off the bra again and felt her breasts slowly, trying to be objective. Everything felt fine. The texture of the skin, the firmness of the flesh, all the same except for the increase in volume.

"Not bad", Jenny said to herself, admiring the curve of her new profile.

Jenny walked topless into her bedroom and dug through her drawer of gym clothes. In a few seconds, she found her friend Susan's red swimsuit top, left behind from a day sitting at the pool. Being as close as they were, they each knew everything about the other, including clothing sizes.  She double checked the tag - 34 C. Susan and her had been friend since before either of them had any boobs to speak of. Susan had been there through the time when Jenny was expecting her boobs to keep developing to her mother's impressive size, and was not only disappointed to stop at a B, but also had to watch her best friend pass her up.

Jenny laced up Susan's top, and found that it was still a bit loose, but a better fit than any of her other bras would be. "Wow", Jenny thought aloud, "only one try and I've gained at least half a cup size." She decided to make up for the rest of the cup size right then. This time, she would use both hands, and apply the cream to both breasts simultaneously. She didn't need that panic attack again.

Jenny returned to the bathroom and untied the red bikini top. Dragging her fingers along the top of the white mixture, she took enough for both breasts in one handful. Next she rubbed her hands together, splitting the developer between both, and began to rub it into her waiting breasts.

The cool sensation returned, letting Jenny know that the developer was doing it's job. In a few moments, her pale breasts glistened with the liquid, and in another few moments, the shine disappeared as it soaked into her flesh.

She stood staring at her breasts, trying to gauge if they had swollen any further. Feeling her breasts revealed nothing certain. After 10 minutes, she was still unsure. If they had grown, Jenny figured, it had happened slowly enough that it was imperceptible. The only reliable standard would be Susan's top.

Jenny snatched the red bikini bra from the counter top and once again attired her bosom. The red cups were full, definitely full. Jenny couldn't help but smile, realizing that she was filling out her friends 34 C top. Her breasts had gained a full cup size in the short time since she had opened the old, dusty can.

Jenny grabbed an old sweatshirt from her bedroom, and then ran into the kitchen to call Susan. While she waited for Susan to pick up, Jenny noticed how hungry she had been. Opening the refrigerator, she remembered that she hadn't eaten since before going to her parents place. She had been too wrapped up in the new developments swaying on her chest to mind much of anything else. She fumbled through the shelves, aimlessly looking for something to strike her fancy, when Susan picked up.

"Hello?" Susan spoke.

"Hey girl, it's me." Jenny replied, "Are you busy tonight?"

"No. Nothing going on here. What's up?"

"Why don't you rent a movie or something and come on by? I'm making spaghetti, and I've got something I want to show you" Jenny said, trying to sound as natural as possible.

"Oh yeah? Whatta ya got?" her friend responded, apparently suspicious of nothing.

"Just come on by," Jenny returned, still keeping her voice as even as she could, "it's kind of a surprise. Just a couple of things I got for myself."

"O.K., how about 8?"

"That's fine. See you then."

Jenny had been munching on the salad ingredients almost as soon as she had pulled them from the fridge. She had also been sampling the spaghetti constantly since the sauce rose above room temperature. Nonetheless, she still managed to put away two large platefuls as she jabbered away with Susan.

As the dinner slowed towards it's end, Jenny steered the conversation towards the photo album she took from her parents attic. She related how impressive her mother looked in her wedding pictures, and how she always thought she'd have boobs like her mom. "Well honey," Susan began in her 'tell it like it is tone', "if you don't have 'em by now, it's time to call a surgeon, 'cause that's the only way you'll get boobs like your mom's."

"Susan, how long have we known each other?" Jenny asked her friend.

"Since grade school."

"We know each other well, right?" posed Jenny.

"Yeah." Susan replied. "What are you getting at?"

"We know everything about each other - likes, dislikes, birthdays, clothes sizes...we've even borrowed clothes from each other, we've even seen each other naked...." Jenny rambled

Susan interrupted, "Jenny, where are you going with this?"

"O.K., O.K., sorry," Jenny caught herself and regrouped, "I am getting somewhere, trust me." She breathed deeply, and discreetly looked at her chest, hiding under the baggy sweatshirt, as she did. "O.K. - how would you describe me to someone? Let's say a blind date."

Susan looked at Jenny, a little puzzled. "Umm... fun, outgoing, intelligent, good sense of..."

"No," Jenny interjected, "I mean physically."

"Ah," Susan continued, "brunette, shoulder length hair, great smile, about five foot seven..."

"Five six, but thank you" Jenny intoned.

"...O.K., five six, about 120 pounds..."

"130, maybe even 140, but that's why you're my best friend..."

"...and there you have it." Susan finished.

"That's all you would say to guy if he asked about me?" Jenny exclaimed.

"Well, I'd probably compare your face to some supermodel or actress to give him some idea of what you looked like."

Jenny shook her head, exasperated with leading her friend in this conversation, "No, no, that's not what I mean. I mean, that's not what guys want. You need to give more details about my body."

Susan was silent for a moment. "Since this appears to be very important to you," Susan began, "I will be totally honest with you, knowing that as a friend you expect nothing less from me."

"Agreed" Jenny said with a nod.

"In the world of blind dating, Jenny dear," Susan spoke as she took Jenny's hand in hers, looking directly into Jenny's eyes, "you don't have the kind of body that sounds enticing when you describe it. You're not unattractive, just really average."

"I know this." Jenny replied, even smirking a little.

"You know how it works. Unless you have one really outstanding feature to appeal to some guys particular taste, you gotta go with the personality." Susan reasoned. "By the way, if you're ever talking about my body, I hope to God you mention this ass that I've worked so hard on, and not just that I have 37 inch tits. Pour it all on for me."

Suddenly Jenny lit up. "Right! How would you talk about my tits and ass? Be straight with me." she said, holding eye contact with Susan.

Cornered, Susan reluctantly continued. "Jenny, you're not fat, but you're a little over weight. You've got a big butt and small boobs." lowering her voice to almost a whisper, Susan persevered, "And I would never bring it up unless you asked because I know how you are about your boobs. You're not your mom." Susan held her gaze with Jenny, expecting some sort of outburst.

Still smiling, Jenny also lowered her voice, crossing her arms, and playing with the hem of her sweatshirt. "Remember the red swimsuit I borrowed from you? The one that was too big on top, so I wouldn't go in the pool for fear it would ...whatever."

Susan nodded silently, a concerned look firmly planted on her face.

"Well, now it fits!" Jenny said as she stood up, pulling the sweatshirt over her head and off, revealing Susan's red bikini top, filled to capacity by her bouncy, pale breasts.

Susan stared, mouth open, the sound of Jenny's exclamation still echoing in the room.

"Well," Jenny broke the silence, "what do you think? They're all me, I mean they're real...really. I'm really filling out your top!" With this last statement, Jenny gestured firmly at her chest, briefly setting her breasts into motion again.

"You're gonna have to help me out here, Jenny." Susan finally spoke. "What's the story? You've changed prescriptions on the pill, water retention...."

"No, it's none of that." Jenny answered. "I mean, look at me!" again indicating her breasts. "I've always been a 34 B, and now your top, your 34 C top is just big enough!"

"So what is going on with your tits already?!?" Susan almost yelled.

"I'm glad you asked." Jenny said with a smile, turning towards the bathroom. "Follow me, and I'll tell you a story."

"...and here I am, living proof!" Jenny finished up, some time later, striking a pose in Susan's red bikini top.

"So, you're saying that stuff really works?" Susan asked, still a little skeptical. Women just don't gain a cup size in a day without going under the knife, she believed.

"Yes!" Jenny exclaimed. "I want you to be my objective observer. I'm going to use the stuff again, and I want you to measure me before and after...see for yourself."

"How long is this going to take?"

"Judging by last time," Jenny said, "about ten minutes. Look, I gained about half a cup size each time. It wasn't that easy to be sure I had grown the first time. After the second time, putting on your top and everything, I was sure. This time I want you to be the impartial judge just so I know I'm not crazy."

"All right, I'll help out, but -" Susan spoke as she held up one finger, "have you ruled out everything?"

"Like what?"

"Well, maybe you've just gained weight?" Susan opined.

"Hmm." Tugging the waistband of her jeans, Jenny thought for a moment. "My pants still fit. In fact, these are a little loose. They seem a little stretched, they probably haven't been washed in a while. Besides, I'm telling you this all happened in only a few minutes!"

"All right, let's get on with it. I'm still not sure I believe you, but I'm trying to keep an open mind." Susan said as she looked at the can of bust developer.

"Here goes!" Jenny chimed, untying the bikini top with one movement. "Oh, wait," she said, holding the cups in place with one arm, "get the measuring tape out of my sewing kit in the hall closet."

Minutes later, with Jenny topless,  Susan wrapped the seamstress tape around Jenny's ribcage under her freshly acquired boobs. "29 inches - add five inches to get the size, which gives 34, just like always", Susan recited. "And now, at the fullest part - ", she said while pushing Jenny to bend over, the tightening of the tape stopping the sway of her full breasts, " - it reads 37 inches, maybe a little more."

"O.K., remember just how you did that for the 'after' measurement." Jenny instructed Susan.

Jenny took a dose of the cream and spread it out between her hands. With Susan in the room, she made quick work of distributing the white stuff over her breasts. The application complete, Jenny put on a bathrobe, saying to Susan, "now we wait."

After 10 minutes of making small talk, Jenny could no longer feel the cool sensation of the bust developer. "It's done." she intoned.

"How can you tell?" inquired Susan.

"There's a cool feeling when the cream goes on. Then it kind of soaks into your boobs." Jenny answered promptly. "When it's finally gone, it's done working. Ready?" she said as she untied her bathrobe.

Susan picked up the tape. Jenny dropped her robe. They both said "Wow!"

"Holy shit, Jen. Look at you!" Susan gushed. "You must be bigger than a D cup now!"

Smiling, staring at her enlarged breasts in the mirror, Jenny replied, "Let's find out for sure, shall we?" She bent over, waiting for Susan, her swollen breasts swaying slowly to and fro. Susan handed one end of the tape to Jenny, who passed it from one hand to the other and held it up and out for Susan to retrieve.  Susan now held both ends of the six foot tape, and waited for Jenny to position the length of it at the fullest part of her breasts. "O.K." Jenny said into her cleavage. Susan tightened the tape, gauging the tautness as before, and stopped when the start of the tape overlapped the number 39. "I think that's a little tighter than before." Jenny said, laughing a bit.

"Even so, Jenny dear, you're at least a double D," Susan responded, "Right now I'm reading 39 inches." This time, with only one application, Jenny had grown another two cup sizes.

After saying goodnight to Susan, Jenny returned to the mirror in the bathroom. She cupped her new breasts, each much bigger than a handful.

Just to convince herself, Jenny wrapped the seamstress tape around her healthy bustline. The measurements again proved Jenny to be a bonafide DD cup. "Good", she thought to herself, "but why stop there? Just another little push out of the big range and into really big. One more dose should give me another cup size or two. It's about time I looked like my mother's daughter."

Jenny dug her hand deep into the can, touching the bottom. The cream, she found, grew thicker towards the bottom, turning into a paste. She held her hand over the can, letting the excess liquid run off, leaving a handful of moist white dough.

It took some effort, and quite a bit more time than before, but Jenny managed to rub the sticky mash into her breasts. The familiar cool feeling enveloped her boobs, causing her nipples to wrinkle and stiffen. Rather than wash her hands, Jenny kept circling her breasts, rubbing the last of the developer off her fingers and into her skin.

The coolness within her breasts was matched by a warmth across her midsection, which then spread to her butt and thighs. Jenny's new boobs grew oddly colder as time passed, and she found her stomach starting to sweat, followed by her legs and rear.

Jenny looked down at her chest. Not sure if her mind was playing tricks on her, she believed she could see her breasts slowly expanding. Gingerly, she cupped her swollen right breast, and the skin felt cold to the touch. Conversely, her stomach greeted her hands with a feverish warmth, and her pants were becoming soaked with sweat.

She held the tape loosely around her swelling bosom, the 40 inch mark overlapping the start of the tape. Already she had grown another inch, putting her beyond a double D. As Jenny gripped the tape at the 40 inch mark, she could feel the tape tighten around her swelling bust. After another minute or two, the tape slid under her fingers towards the 41. Another minute later, and her thumb covered the four in 41.

Her midsection and legs continued to smolder, and her breasts remained cold throughout the growing flesh. The start of the tape now crossed between the 41 and 42. Holding the tape with one hand, Jenny frantically undid her button fly with her other hand. Once she peeled the wet material from her skin, her pants almost fell off of her. The cool air on her legs only temporarily relieved the temperature. After kicking her jeans into the corner, she checked the tape again. She had passed the 42, and was closer to 43. Then she was at the 43 mark, with the cool feeling in her swelling breasts moving deeper.

Dropping the measuring tape, she grabbed the can of bust developer, looking for a customer service number to call, or an antidote, or anything. Of course, Jenny's search was fruitless. Back in the seventies, companies didn't need to cover their asses like they do today. All she could do was ride it out.

The sweat rolled off of her stomach and legs, as her breasts somehow continued to chill. Jenny turned on the cold faucet in the tub, and stopped the drain. Back at the sink, she ran hot water onto a towel. Once it was steaming hot and sopping wet, she enveloped her swelling breasts in the warmth of the towel and sat unhesitatingly in the cold water of the tub.

In the tub Jenny sat, hoping the heat on her breasts would somehow stem the swelling. The rushing cold water helped relieve the burning in the rest of her body. After 5 minutes, the tub was full enough to cover her legs.

Sitting upright, holding her bloating, towel-wrapped bosom out of the cold water, Jenny could feel her breasts growing larger in her arms. She squeezed her burgeoning boobs in a vain effort to stop the expansion. After a few minutes, Jenny loosened her grip on her inflating bust, and felt the cold water touching the bottom of her boobs.

She rolled the towel down to reveal an enormous pair of breasts. Great, fat, white mounds of flesh, capped with pink nipples weighing heavily on her ribcage. Her cleavage extended about eight inches before the flesh of her swollen breasts began to curve away from each other. Squeezing her arms together, Jenny elongated her cleavage another six inches, her breasts enlarged enough to reach past her elbows.

She leaned back in the tub, lowering her arms into the water, letting her huge breasts spread out to her sides. Through the valley between her boobs, she could see the cut of her abdominal muscles. "What the hell...." Jenny mumbled as she felt her taut tummy under the water. Next, she felt her thighs, and was rewarded with the feel of tight muscle under the skin. She had always exercised, and was physically fit despite her shape, but now it appeared that every ounce of body fat she had was being transferred into her breasts.

Jenny stood up in the tub, her massive bust swaying and bobbling. Looking in the mirror over the sink, she could see her new profile. Jenny's pear shape was replaced by the slender but top heavy visage. Her legs, rear and stomach were nothing but toned muscle. Her breasts were huge, each as big as her head. She stepped out of the tub and put on her big bathrobe, and found that front wouldn't close around her massive endowments. Her nipples were just covered by the edges of the terrycloth, which framed her lengthy cleavage.

Feeling she had opened a Pandora's box, Jenny did the one thing she believed could help in this crazy situation.

"Hello, mom?"

"Jenny, how are you?"

"Umm...I'm not sure how to put this..." Jenny started.

"Is something wrong dear?"

Knowing that she couldn't lead her mother to the point as she did with Susan, nor was she in the mood to play around anymore, Jenny spilled the details of the last few hours into the phone.

"Oh, honey. Are you okay? How big are you now?"

"I'm not sure. Last time I measured I was 43 inches, but I kept growing after that. Momma, I'm huge!" Jenny said, fighting back tears. "I just wanted my boobs to be big, but not like this!"

"Listen, dear. I'll be right there. I'm bringing some clothes that should fit you. Just stay calm, everything will be all right, and don't eat anything" her mother told her.

"What? Don't eat anything? Why not?" questioned an already panicked Jenny.

"Just trust me dear, I've been through this before."

While waiting for her mother to arrive, Jenny paced back and forth, feeling the heft of her overdeveloped mammaries bouncing and jiggling within her robe. After minutes of constantly readjusting the robe to keep up some appearance of modesty, Jenny gave up, letting her bosom project into the air. While bent over digging through her drawers, looking for an oversized T-shirt, Jenny observed that her breasts easily reached as far as her elbows. In fact, Jenny found that she was truly working around her enormous, swaying boobs. She could see that there were major adjustments awaiting in her near future.

While leaning over, looking at the pair of giant breasts hanging from her ribcage, Jenny decided to measure herself again. Reentering the bathroom, Jenny dropped her bathrobe while standing in front of the mirror. Turning to one side, she saw that her unsupported breasts extended almost a foot in front of her. Running her hands under the heavy lobes, she found that the base of her breasts now reached from just below her collar bones until halfway to her navel. Letting go of her monstrous mammaries, they relaxed enough to cover half the distance again.

Jenny faced forward into the mirror. In their natural state, her breasts spread apart from each other at somewhat less than a 45 degree angle. At her immense size, the edges of her gigantic bosom widened to a few inches outside of her arms.  Examining herself in the mirror, Jenny saw that her aureole had stretched out with her rapid growth, but overall, her nipples had remained the same size.

Wrapping the tape around her waist, Jenny bent over, letting her huge, heavy breasts extend downward. She slid the tape up her back, wrapping the ends around the widest part of her abundant bust. Beyond where the start of the five foot tape crossed itself dangled less than a foot yellow plastic. Releasing the start of the tape and standing up, Jenny looked at the number under her thumb: 52 inches.

15 minutes later, after making the cross town trip, Jenny's mother arrived. She looked at her daughter, who appeared to be hiding two football helmets beneath her T-shirt. Jenny's mother quickly spilled her own tale of her run in with the Mark Eden Bust Developer.

"Well, after seeing a number of doctors...."

"You saw a doctor about this?"

"Sure. My boobs were ballooning by at least another inch every day ! There was obviously a problem." Jenny's mother replied. "I went to three or four doctors, and what they came up with was that the fat cells in my breasts were sort of...hypercharged."


"Hypercharged." she restated "Fat cells store unused energy - unburned calories - as fat. Normally, fat cells are not lost through exercise or dieting, they're simply shrunk, or empty, but they're still there. In my case - well, our case - the fat cells in our breasts are storing all of the fat in our bodies. Any calorie that we don't burn up is stored right in our boobs!  In fact, the fat in our breasts has drawn the fat out of the other fat cells."

"That's why you said I shouldn't eat anything."

"Right. The human body only needs 2000 calories a day to survive. To make a long story short, dear, anything you or I consume above basic body necessities goes straight to our tits."

"I had a huge dinner right before the third and fourth times I used the developer!"

"Was the third application right after dinner?"


"How soon after was the fourth?"

"Only an hour. Maybe less."

"Well, that's too soon for the food to have been digested. Your growth can't be attributed to that big meal. Whatever you ate won't show up in your boobs until tomorrow."

Jenny thought for a moment. "Wait a minute. You mean if I don't burn up every calorie of that spaghetti, then my boobs are going to get bigger?"

"That's right. I can see that the rest of your weight has already found it's way to your breasts." she said matter of factly, patting Jenny's lean thigh. Jenny shrugged silently in reaction, half smiling. Her mother continued, "so there's still some other reason why the fourth application was so reactive."

"I think I know why." Jenny said, nodding up and down. "The stuff closer to the bottom of the can was thicker, like everything had settled through the years."

"It was a concentrated dose, then. When it happened to me, I only did three applications, and everything was fine, at first. I had gained about a cup size with each one. I had done about one application a week, leading up to this trip your father and I were going to go on. He had been working at Mark Eden for about a year...'

"Dad worked for this company?"

"Yes, but he was just the accountant. He wasn't some chemist working on boob creams" she said with a laugh. "Anyway, your father knew how I felt about having small boobs, and he brought home some of the company product for me. Besides, it was a different time than today. People were still more relaxed about trying new things - experimenting. Cigarettes weren't bad for you yet. Also, there weren't as many consumer awareness groups, government regulations, etc...A product like this," she said lifting the Mark Eden can for emphasis, "is exactly why food, medicine and other things are safer nowadays. Also, it was still O.K. to want to dress or even change your body to please your man. I'm old fashioned in some ways, I guess. Your father brought this home at my request. Well, I asked for the regular stuff that they were selling at that time. Someone thought he was doing your father a favor by giving him what was to be the latest version of the Mark Eden bust developer. As you can guess, for some reason," Jenny's mother hefted her massive breasts with both hands, "the stuff never made it to the public."

Jenny's mother paused briefly, looking at the can again before continuing.

"Back to my story - your father and I went on a weekend cruise. We were on vacation, so we were drinking, dancing, and really pigging out. The second day of the trip, which is almost a week after the third application, I notice my boobs were bigger than before we left for the trip, and I figure it's water retention, or anything else. The next day, they were bigger still. On the way home, I couldn't fit into any of my bras. I was a D cup going into the trip, and when I had myself fitted after the trip, I had to have an F cup bra custom made - the first of many custom fittings - which I quickly grew out of. But, all of my pants and skirts still fit. I didn't gain an inch on my hips or my waist, everything was going into my boobs."

"Mom, you're much bigger than an F cup now."

"Tell me about it!" her mother laughed. "So I went to three different doctors, and eventually they all came up with the same story. At the time, there was nothing that could be done except to try NOT to gain any weight. Maybe now someone could find a 'cure', but I'm not exactly unhappy with having this problem. Back then, I had things pretty well under control. I stayed on a strict diet, and when I wanted to stray a bit, I paid for it with miles and miles on the stationary bike. When I became pregnant with you, my boobs got so big! Jenny dear, you should have seen me. I didn't leave the house after the second month! Normally, other than the baby in her stomach, a pregnant woman gains 10 to 15 pounds, hopefully distributed somewhat evenly throughout her body. Well, I had to gain the weight if I was going to have you.  So, I gained over 15 pounds all on my chest. I looked ridiculous! It looked like I was trying steal watermelons under my shirt!"

Jenny looked at her mother and then down at her own chest with a combination of guilt and worry. Her mother continued, "at one point, between my giant boobs and you in my stomach, I couldn't get out of bed without help. Well, I could get out of bed if I wanted to roll onto the floor" she said, laughing again. "I was worried that your father might throw his back out trying to help me up out of bed, out of chairs..."

Jenny's eyes grew wider as her mother continued.

"Don't worry, honey, you can see I'm not that big anymore, and you don't have to stay this big. You can lose some weight in your breasts, you just have to keep burning calories - keep exercising. I once got mine almost back down to a double D, but I, and your father, liked me bigger. I've also decided in my later years that I want to enjoy food again, so I've been indulging myself a bit over the last few years. I've got so many bras in different sizes after all these years, that I can afford to fluctuate. That reminds me...."

Jenny's mother reached into the bag she had brought and pulled out a pile of her enormous bras. "Let's see if we can find one that fits you. Tomorrow I can take you to the lady that makes mine. The first one is on me and your father."

The next day, Jenny began adjusting to life with her calorie grabbing breasts. Her mother had spent the night, and was up before Jenny, making a light, healthy breakfast. Jenny awoke to the sound of her mother's actions in the kitchen. Rolling off her side and onto her back, Jenny felt her breasts pull against her movement like two gallon sized water balloons. Once she was on her back, they spread out in opposite directions, stretching the face of Mickey Mouse on her oversized sleepshirt, and covering her upper arms. She leaned up into a seated position with her feet on the floor. There Jenny sat, gathering her thoughts, as the undulation of her overdeveloped boobs slowed to a halt. She squeezed her arms together slightly, just to check that all of the flesh projecting from her ribcage was indeed her own. The warm, soft cushions pushed back against her arms in confirmation.

Standing up, Jenny looked at her profile in the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. Wearing the oversized T-shirt, she might be mistaken for someone who is merely fat, except that her stomach started protruding firmly just below her armpits. Another giveaway was her now skinny legs which no longer touched the front of the shirt.

Jenny rolled up the bottom of the shirt, exposing the bottoms of her breasts. On both sides, the monumental lobes of her mammaries were several inches wider than her ribcage. Thanks to the spaghetti she had carelessly wolfed down the night before, her breasts were even larger than when she went to bed. Another couple of inches on her bustline, however, really didn't make that much of a difference. Just over twelve hours ago, Jenny had only been a B cup wishing for bigger breasts. Who would have thought that in such a short time she would be needing to have her bras custom made.

Jenny looked through the blouses her mother had brought the night before, and settled on a casual, denim-like button up.  Holding the garment up, Jenny could see that it was not made for a woman of normal proportions. Most of the material of the shirt was in the front. Although the back was normal sized, the front of the shirt had more than twice as much fabric making up its length to accommodate the girth of her mother's endowments. While fastening the buttons, Jenny found that she had to do the bottom half while looking in the mirror. The top was fitted to show that the wearer did have a waist under her oversized breasts, and Jenny was losing sight of the buttons as they curved away past the horizon of her massive bust.

Putting on her jeans, Jenny found that she was again using the mirror to get them fastened.

On her first custom bra fitting, her mother wisely told her to get the next three sizes bigger as well. "Bigger?", Jenny cried, "Mom, I thought you said I didn't have to stay this big!"

"Jenny dear, first you need to get used to a stricter diet," her mother told her in a soothing tone. "Take it from me, it will take a while to settle into it. Until then, you'll more than likely go over the 2000 calorie limit more than once, and when you do - " she said with a pointed look at Jenny's burgeoning bustline, "you'll be glad you were prepared."

The bra fitter came out of the back of the shop, and greeted Jenny's mother as a familiar friend, "Hello Janet, this must be your daughter." she said to Jenny's mother, while taking in her first look at Jenny's top heavy figure. Jenny smiled. She had never been so quickly recognized as her mother's child before.

"Yes, Cathy," Jenny's mother returned, "she's run into the same trouble that I had."

"Don't worry dear," Cathy said, patting Jenny on the arm, " I know all about your mother's story. Your secret is safe with me. Now let's see about getting you fitted." Cathy led the two women into the back of the shop.

"Cathy and I have known each other ever since I first....blossomed, and she has always done wonderful work." Jenny's mother shared with her daughter. "Cathy, we're going to need the next few sizes bigger as well."

"I remember when you first came to me," the fitter returned, "you were back for another fitting almost twice a week for the first month." She turned to Jenny, and continued, "I don't know why, but your mother just kept growing and growing..."

"She knows the story, Cath, and try not to scare my daughter." Jenny's mom interrupted.

"Sorry." Dropping to a whisper, the fitter turned to Jenny, holding her arms straight out in front and cupping her hands. "when she was pregnant with you..."

"Enough, Cathy." Jenny's mother said, laughing.

"O.K., O.K., let's get down to business here." the fitter said, picking up a measuring tape.

"I guess it's time for me to...take off my... shirt, huh?" Jenny said. The other two women nodded, as Jenny began to unbutton the borrowed shirt. Tension filled the air momentarily as Jenny's immense bosom was slowly uncovered.

Cathy expertly measured the girth of Jenny's monumental bustline. She could see the unasked question in Jenny's eyes. "58 inches" the fitter whispered to Jenny. In a sense, the number was lost upon Jenny. Jenny knew only one thing - her breasts were huge.

Jenny's mother was right. For the next month, Jenny found it hard not to eat like she used to. Each time she binged a little, the next morning would be a guessing game as to which bra could contain her huge breasts. Hours and hours on the exercise bike had helped to keep her growth-prone breasts somewhat under control. Despite her best efforts, just two weeks after the fitting session, Jenny managed to outgrow the largest of the three bras her mother had purchased for her.

On the upside, with her new figure, not only busty as hell but slim everywhere else, Jenny enjoyed a new found popularity with men. Her social calendar filled up almost as quickly as her bustline had. Soon Jenny found herself asked on countless dates and invited to every party within driving distance. She turned most of them down, understanding just why she was so popular. Finally, she consented to go to a party. Besides, it had actually been a long time since she had just gone out and had a good time.

The next day, Jenny awoke on her couch, puffy eyed, cotton mouthed and short of breath. By the light coming through the blinds, Jenny could tell that the sun was already past it's peak in the sky. It had been a while since she had really gone on a bender like that, Jenny thought, but she had never had a hangover that felt like this. Of course, she hadn't really gotten drunk since before she had expanded her breasts with -

Her breasts!

Jenny directed her gaze to her massive chest, and she could see that she had already been growing while she slept. Her shirt was already tight with the swelling flesh of her breasts. Her head hurt too much to even move. She closed her eyes and tried to reconstruct the events of the night before. One thing she knew for certain, she had been eating, hell, pigging out, sometime yesterday. The worst thing she could have been doing after eating is sleeping. She was barely burning any calories. Opening her eyes again, she saw that her shirt was already gapping between the buttons, giving cat-eyed glimpses of her cleavage. As she inhaled, the threads holding the button on the fullest part of her bust stretched. She inhaled deeply, and the button silently gave out. The constricting feeling of her top only slightly diminished, and only momentarily.

"Oh shit" Jenny said as she accepted the inevitable.

One by one, the other buttons started popping, and Jenny's breasts slowly swelled out of the confinement of her shirt. Thankfully, her bra straps had slid off of her shoulders while she slept, or they would be painfully digging into her shoulders. The sides of her shirt slowly peeled apart from each other, revealing inch after inch of firm, swelling breast as the material retreated. First, her right nipple slipped from behind the cloth, shortly followed by her left. Only the buttons close to the collar and near her waist remained fastened. Still, fueled by the calories she had consumed the night before, her breasts continued to grow. As the minutes passed, the bulk of her ballooning boobs pushed the sides of her shirt down to the bases of her breasts, allowing her mammoth bust to spread out, covering her upper arms. Her breasts were rising like loaves of dough. Jenny was now covered waist to shoulders by her maximized mammaries, each the size of beachballs.

Jenny's nipples, unseen over the horizon of her ballooning breasts, rode the crests of her preposterous expansion, moving toward the ceiling and further from each other as time passed.

Her behemoth left breast, leaning into the back of the couch, could no longer spread out naturally. The combination of the lack of room and her continuing growth was forcing her right breast to extend off the couch unsupported. Jenny could feel the weight starting to pull her toward the floor. She knew that she would have to try to move, or her titanic breasts would move her.

Jenny tentatively tried to sit up, only to be held down by the weight of her colossal mammaries. Her position was simply too awkward to get enough leverage to lift herself up. Her breasts were so big that Jenny could no longer tell if they were still growing or not. Either way, it was difficult to breathe with so much weight on her chest.

Jenny leaned to her right against the ballast of her overgrown breasts. Her breasts began to shift slowly across her upper body. Her right breast was now hanging partway off of the couch, smothering her right arm. The bulk of her left breast was centered on her ribcage, pressing her diaphragm and almost brushing her chin. As the right breast was giving into to gravity, the button around her collar gave out. Jenny continued turning, and the weight of her right breast began pulling her off of the couch and down towards the floor. She tried to be as quick as possible, knowing there was no graceful way to get off of the couch. Finally, the heaviness of her breast undid her balancing act, and Jenny landed on her own immense right breast a split second before her massive left breast hit the floor.

Laying flat on top of her overabundant bosom, Jenny could barely reach the floor with her hands. With her boobs squashed under her body, they spread out to cover almost as far as she could reach to her sides. She was almost in a kneeling position, and watched as goosebumbs crawled across the flesh of her gigantic breasts, her nipples growing hard from the contact with the cold floor. She rocked back, and tensed up, preparing to lift herself into a standing position.

Jenny was shocked to find that she couldn't.

Jenny tried again, her mammoth breasts leaving the floor fully for only an instant before the pain in her back made her stop. She could roll to one side or the other, with her monumental bosom projecting before her on the floor, but she could not stand up. At her wit's end, Jenny slowly pushed her breasts across the floor towards the end table holding the telephone.

"Hello, Mom?"