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Thea Bennington

5-11, 185 pounds of feminine muscle based in Louisville, Kentucky, and she'll wrestle. You can email her at

Thea also writes fantasy letters, and will make custom videos to meet your specifications.

Thea's scissors

By Thea Bennington

It all began as a small child, this incredible ability of mine. The ability to totally control a grown man using only the strength and power of my legs.

I was but 8 years old and went to visit my best friend who lived next door. "She's still taking her nap", her older brother said. "But you come in and wait for her to wake up". Being so young and naive I did not think that he would be lying just to get me alone in the house. After all, he was much older, (16 years) and although I constantly caught him staring at my muscular legs, I trusted him because he was my best-friends brother. Boy oh boy was that a big mistake!

We sat down on the couch to watch TV and wait for my friend to awaken. It didn't take long for him to make his move, or should I say, to try to make his move.

"I'm tired" says he, "I want to lay my head down on your lap for a few minutes". I agreed, but was very nervous, because he had that look in his eyes. That look of a hunter sneaking up on his prey. No sooner were the words "ok" out of my mouth and he jumped toward me, encircling both my thighs with his powerful teenage arms. He began to slobber on and lick my thighs, knees, calves, anything he could manage to grab on to. I struggled and tried to escape from his assault.

He made a mistake by releasing his grip just a bit. But that w&s all the break I needed.

Faster than a flash, I lifted my right leg over and around his scrawny neck. Instinctively my left leg locked over my right foot to perform a perfect figure four. The more he struggled the tighter my grip became. I pulled even harder on my left calf and ankle to increase the pressure on his already compressed neck. I then felt him quit struggling and almost stop breathing so I decided to let him loose. I should have known it was another ploy to try to outsmart this 8 year old.

No sooner was he on his feet and breathing again, than his next weak attempt was executed. Angry that such a young girl could so easily get the better of him, he totally lost control. He ran at me with both arms outstretched and fire in his eyes. I was ready for his attack this time. I waited until he was right on top of me to make my move. I pushed my lower body up off the couch to where my back was supported by the couch and my muscular, taut legs were in the air like cobras ready to strike. My thighs found their target around his slight but muscular midsection. My legs wrapped around him as tight as Saran Wrap, and when I locked my ankles together behind him, I was sure I heard his ribs creak if not crack. I was so angry and scared by this time that I couldn't release the incredibly powerful hold. He was begging and crying and this gave me great joy so I squeezed even harder. I heard cracked ribs for sure this time. I believe he passed out from the tremendous pressure around his chest and ribs, but I still couldn't release the pythonic-like grip I had him in.

After making sure he was really out, by continuing the pressure, I released my hold and let him fall to the floor. I don't know why I did this, but I couldn't resist putting my foot on his chest and pounding on my chest in victory. He looked up at me with unfocused, bleary eyes, but made no attempt to retaliate. "You don't breath a word of this to anyone, or you will get more of the same", I warned him. "You broke my ribs", he was crying, "What can I tell my parents?" This was all very funny to me, this big bully crying like a little girl. "Tell them the truth if you have the nerve, sissy boy".

I don't know if he really told them the truth or not, but I never had to worry about him again. Whenever I would visit my best-friend, he always made himself scarce.

This was my awakening into the world of female muscle control over the weaker male.

Over the years I have had many opportunities to display and utilize my powerful, muscular legs. Body scissors and head scissors are my favorites, and my most deadly holds. No one can withstand the pressure of my thighs around their head more than a few seconds. And I mean no one! My body scissors and various leg squeezes are a little more bearable, but still quite deadly. I have been challenged, many times in my life. I have been offered everything of value, from money to trips to cars, if I can live up to my reputation as having the most powerful deadly scissors they have ever felt. Let me tell you ... I never lose the bet.

The last poor soul is still recuperating from just a 20% head scissor, held only for 6 seconds. A famous movie Producer will no longer be taunting me about my body scissor, as he has not been out of the hospital with his broken ribs. He told them he was in a train wreck. And they never questioned his explanation.

If you are very good and practice with the tightest bands or belts you can find, you may be able to survive a scissor session with the most beautiful, powerfully built legs on earth. I love to wrap my sinewy legs around you one at a time. You can feel the extreme pressure and pain potential even before I have locked my ankles or applied any pressure at all. Just being between my massive and deadly legs gives you a feeling like no other on earth. You can imagine and anticipate all you like, but until you are up close and personal with the most powerful energy on earth, you have no idea what painful ecstasy my body and head scissors can provide.

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