Gallery of Boxing part 5

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Mixed boxing

The sound of leather against flesh. The sight of blood. The sound of air being grunted out from the belly as a woman's fist smashes into the man's soft stomach. The sight of a beaten man, lying at her feet as she gazes down triumphantly on yet another broken challenger who thought that being a man would be sufficient to win against superior speed and strength.

No wonder mixed boxing is such a popular sport, enjoyed by spectators around the world, but most of all enjoyed by the participants. Well, enjoyed by half of them, anyway.

Actually, the men enjoy it too, because it's rare for a man to be so badly injured as to be unable to box again. Of course, modern medicine tries to ensure that a match is stopped before severe damage is done, and the rules against ball-busting are rigorously enforced these days. Not that any woman of honour would ever stoop so low. And anyway, he wouldn't be much use to her afterwards.

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