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Fighting Visions

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This unique fighting video combines the spirit of martial arts and the heroism of fighting girls in a way you have never seen before. This outstanding extravagance is searching for its buddies worldwide. Follow us into a world where the dark emotions of fearless martial arts fightress reign and no man is able to stand his chance.

Fighting Visions tells the story of a man who must fight his way through a surrealistic dimension. Waking up in a gigantic industrial building Frank can not believe what has happened to him. Soon he finds out he is in a miserable situation. Facing his enemies he realizes some attractive and very fighting-skilled ladies have opened the hunt on his head. Though the young man is also trained in martial arts the chance to beat that unknown power of the women is none. His only way out of this nightmare is to find a golden watch which is promised him to be the key to survival. Guided by a supernatural female vision the three fightresses are willing to do everything to stop him before reaching his aim.

Making his way he realizes he is just a puppet of a game that is played on a more higher level he could ever imagine.

This video is made for those of you who love to see dominant and ambitious girls who love taking over the predomination of male martial arts.

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Format: NTSC or PAL
Tape: VHS
Language: English
Length: 25 minutes

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