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Kristina Gaston - I met Kristina back in May of '99 in the computer lab at the University of Maryland. I was in a hurry that day, but I spotted her as she walked in and knew I'd have to stay. She was wearing shorts and a grey tank top and had the most striking natural physique and good looks I'd ever seen. Her face, however, wasn't familiar, so I didn't think she was a varsity athlete.

I ran to the car, grabbed my camera, and stuck it in my bag. About 45 minutes later, she got up and walked out - I followed her and made the approach from behind. I told her that she had an outstanding physique and learned that she was a competitive trampolinist and an acrobat in the Gymkana troupe. She said she only lifted weights about once or twice a month, but did plenty of "people-lifting".

We hit it off really well immediately and agreed to pose for a few shots. I always start off by taking a couple of head shots, but then she got my attention when she asked, "Do you want some muscle poses?"

I was in heaven.

So, we spent a few minutes out in the bright sunshine doing that as curious onlookers passed us by. We then exchanged information and I told her that I'd like to do more photo and possibly some video work with her that weekend and she agreed.

I immediately contacted FistMan and Oriole and told them we had work to do and we set up the shoot for Sunday. These photos are from that day and there's a cool video available, too, which is available from FemFlex.

We lost touch after that day as she moved down to Virginia Beach with her husband. On a lark, I found her thru directory assistance a few weeks ago and called her up. We had a great conversation and she told me she'd been lifting weights regularly for about six months. She informed me that she was now "much bigger" than we we'd met a year earlier. But sadly, I was not able to make it down to Virginia before that weekend, and she has now moved down to Texas. We're in touch via email now, though, so I'll try to make sure that we don't lose contact again. She's already said she'd love to do an FVF-style event if we bring it to Texas and would enjoy competing in the national final next fall (if such a thing should come to pass - there's some motivation!!).

Kristina is considered by some to be the most attractive of all the FemSport women - she's certainly Boomer's favorite, by far - and I'd have a hard time arguing with those folks. She's a real beauty - the ultimate grrl-next-door.

These pictures were taken by Tre as part of the Femsport project.

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