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Lara's grandmother was an extremely strong woman. She lived in a village and there were legends regarding her strength. She could knock down a cow or bull hitting their heads with her fist. That was a fact that the people of the village still remember.

Once there was a fire in the collective farm of the village (maybe you know that in former Soviet Union all food producers were compulsively united in so called collective farms) and a lot of people were trying to deal with the fire. Suddenly a bull, escaping from the fire, attacked the people and the children that were watching the fire. Lara's grandmother knocked down the bull by hitting it's head with her fist. There was a well known fact that once in the Winter the grandmother (she was 32 then) was attacked by 2 wolves (she was on the road between two villages). She smothered, suffocated one of them and broke the claws of the another.

During the Second World War the majority of men of the village were fighting and Lara's grandma was so strong that performed the jobs that usually were in competence of the most powerful men of the village, for example, she cut trees in the forest and took them home, etc. She died in 1988 when a catastrophic earthquake struck Armenia (her house collapsed, she was in it). She was 93 years old.

Lara's father's brother Howsep was an extremely strong man. He took part in World War II and was killed in 1943. People say, that he caught in the air enemy's mine and threw it back to enemy's position. He was shot during a hand fight after smothering, suffocating four Hitler's soldiers. Lara's father took part in W.W.II as well. He was captured by Nazi when he spent all his bullets. He was a captive of a Nazi concentration camp, escaped from there and was fighting against Nazi Germany for rest 3 years of the war in Balkans and France. He was also a very strong man. Escaping from the concentration camp he killed the dogs that tracked and tried to catch him. Lara's brother Hamlet is a very strong man as well. He has never been a sportsman or trained himself. Once he came to the Circus with his children and professional wrestler asked the public to take part in some exercises and competitions that require a great strength. Hamlet's arms were stronger that the arms of two professional wrestlers that were against him together at the same time.

Lara has very muscular legs even in early childhood. All their neighbors had boys and when she was 5-9 years old she played with the boys only. They had a game of lifting and carrying each other and Lara was stronger than even much older boys (except Hamlet) in lifting, carrying, arm wrestling, etc. When she become 10-11 all their family friends, relatives, guests began to pay attention that her thighs and calves were phenomenally muscular and strong and all of them expressed their anxiety regarding such ugly thing as extremely muscular legs in a woman. Lara was very upset, and when she became 16 and tried to put on high heel shoes, she was shocked and horrified, because such shoes showed her calves awfully big. She began to wear very long, maxi skirts and to move as little as possible. When I met her 20 years age I was astonished and shocked, but all my attempts to have a talk regarding her muscles were totally unsuccessful and were rejected by her. She has been keeping such hypo kinetic regime for more than 20 years until I met her again and showed her some Internet Web sites dedicated to muscular women. Now she teaches students in a College (she is a biology teacher). She continues to hide her legs by means of maxi skirts, but her students usually immediately notice her thighs. She is 36 years old.

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