Gallery of LH Art, Spring 1998 part 1

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LH-Art offer a variety of material - comics, picture collections, custom artwork and much more besides. They have been active in this field for a very long time, and are very competent at what they do. Here, you can browse their latest samples, print out their catalogue (lhart011.jpg), and order directly from them at LH Art, PO Box 129, Lawai, Hawaii 96765-0129. You can also email at Say that the Valkyrie sent you.

You can also visit the LH Art web site hosted here

And they have their own site too.

Or you can go to the shopping mall, and to the LH Art shop

The originals are much better quality than the scans; in a scan, I have to make sure that the file isn't too big to download comfortably, and quality has to suffer. As does the guy being crushed.

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