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From WWW.LHART.COM nearly 30's years of producing in these genres. Check them out.

The "OJHsite" is from the sister site that deals with my father's Collection and Woman's Bodybuilding. Perhaps a line like the following at the bottom of these^

"From WWW.OJHELLER.COM" a vast collection from the late 1800's into the present. With much material of Old Time Strong Women, CIrcus Trapeze Artist, Female Sports & Women's Wrestling. Orrin J. Heller was a photographer/collector active from the late 1930's until the mid - 1990's. Check it out at: (link to site here)"

The "PDF's" images are to try and promote the online offerings of now over 500 of our illustrated stories and Photo Folios from the shopping cart catalog at the WWW.LHART.COM site. A line like the following at the bottom of this one:

"From WWW.LHART.COM, they now have over 500(more titles added every month)PDF files available for purchase and electronic transfer to your computer(Read or print them out with your Adobe Reader software!). Check their listing of them here:

LH-ART's webiste now has a Member's Area with new color stories and artwork(as well as photographic material from the Orrin J. Heller collection) being posted each month. The price is reasonable at $9.95 each month for continuing members. They also have some animations by Digitial Amazon as well as many photo galleries, along with an expanded online catalog of publications and videos. You can also purchase LH-ART publications and videos in the valkyries bookshop as well. Take a look today at the LH-Art web site

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