Gallery of mixed fighting from the 1970s part 1

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During the 1970s and before, devotees of mixed fighting had a few mail-order companies catering to them a bit, and, of course, the occasional movie or television show. Other than that, they often had to content themselves with material that stopped short of addressing their interests directly. Most specifically, there where S&M publications. Many of the drawings in this collection are from junk paperback "novels" of that genre. Some such novels had fighting scenes.

Many of the photographs here are from S&M related magazines. A person had to look through many to find a feature that looked like it my be about a fight, rather than about a masochistic guy paying or begging to be kicked around. But there were some.

Another paperback genre of the time: Series of mainstream novels featuring female action heroes. Some of the photos here are covers from those series.

Most of the drawings and photos here that are not from the categories mentioned above are from booklets along the lines of those published by the Stanton operation. Most typically, the artist, writer and even publisher went unindentified.

Also presented here are pictures from martial arts magazines or wrestling magazines of the time, and from the mainstream media. The one featuring Andy Kaufman is from People, in 1980. Just about everything else is from the 1970s, except the sequence featuring the lady in leather who brings the big guy to his knees with a mere twist of the wrist. That's from a 1967 picture book.

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