Elite Muscle Classic women's open bodybuilding part 3

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Womans 35+ Bodybuilding
      1st   Leslie Jones
      2nd   Rebecca Gore
      3rd   Lesa McCoy
      4th   Shay Duval
      5th   Lisa Wolfe
Jr. Women Bodybuilding
      1st   Lisa Wolfe
Womens Open Bodybuilding
       1st  Leslie Jones
       2nd  April Gray
       1st  Rebecca Gore
       2nd  Lesa McCoy
       3rd  Kathleen Hoff
Light Heavy
       1st  Shay Duval
                         Best Poser Award Kathleen Hoff
                           Overall Winner Leslie Jones
       1st  Kristen Cosentino
       2nd  Nina Lucas
       3rd  Crystal Lykens
Jr. Figure
Class A
       1st  Katy Kendrick
       2nd  Pamela Barrier
       3rd  Alexendria James
       4th  Carolyn Burlew
Class B
       1st  Demi Goodman
       2nd  Tamsy Davis
       3rd  Cynthia Lipe
       4th  MaryLynn Fuller
       5th  Rachael Meisterburg
       6th  Jessica Stevens
       7th  Crystal Adkinson
       8th  Brooke Hall
       9th  Kay Pate
       10th Laura Ann Roberts
                           Overall Winner Katy Kendrick
Masters 35+ Figure
Class A
       1st   Andrea Staley
       2nd   Stacey Parrish
       3rd   Deb Payahpse
       4th   Demi Goodman
       5th   Jonda Waybright
       6th   Angie Stoher
       7th   Kathy Dinatali
       8th   Emily Bauguss
       9th   Kay Pate
Class B
       1st   Susie Torres
       2nd   Suzanne Vester
       3rd   Tina Eaton
       4th   Tara Ballard
       5th   Amanda Goodnight
       6th   Thersea Demarco
       7th   Pamela Barrier
                            Overall Winner Susie Torres
Master 45+ Figure
       1st   Lee Lance
       2nd   Tamsy Davis
       3rd   Tonya Robbins
       4th   Nina Lucas
       5th   MaryLynn Fuller
       6th   Laurie Ann Garo
       7th   Beth Milford
       8th   April Linscott
       9th   Darla Boardman
       10th  Carolyn Burlew
Open Figure
Class A
       1st  Susie Torres
       2nd  Stephanie Hahn
       3rd  Lisa Nieman
       4th  Melanie Silino
       5th  Kim Metzger
       6th  Pam Leach
       7th  April Linscott
       8th  Teresa Moy
Class B
       1st  Cheryl Davis
       2nd  Amy Yastremski
       3rd  Amber Demme Sparling
       4th  Suzanne Vester
       5th  Elizabeth Kent
       6th  Kristy Tyndall
       7th  Alejandra Wile
       8th  Sarah Worley
       9th  Tara Ballard
       10th Tina Easton
       11th Amanda Goodnight
       12th Marlee Rzeznik
       13th Rachel Williams
Class C
       1st  Keri Richardson
       2nd  Lee Lance
       3rd  Kristi Putrina Guxton
       4th  Christina Palmer
       5th  Angie Mari
       6th  Janice Kelly
       7th  Jonda Waybright
       8th  Kathleen Hoff
       9th  Tonya Robbins
       10th Amanda Hicks
       11th Kathy Dintali
       12th Beth Milford
       13th Lisa Marie Williams
Class D
       1st  Amanda Harris
       2nd  Stacey Parrish
       3rd  Deb Payahsape
       4th  Caitlyn Butterfield
       5th  Elizabeth Atkins
       6th  Lynn Reif
       7th  Angie Stoher
       8th  Lauren Isgett
       9th  Kimberly Sariel
                 Best Figure Presentation Amber Demme Sparling
                            Overall Winner Cheryl Davis
Class A
       1st  Melissa McCoury
       2nd  Jill Rednick
       3rd  Ana-Liza Martin
       4th  Brea Sharron
       5th  Fernanda Lancensulo
       6th  Janelle Bezdizek
       7th  Kristen Williamson
       8th  Summer Poplin
       9th  Rachel Harrison
       10th Meredith Mason
       11th Jennifer Newby
       12th Aletha Phillips
Class B
       1st  Leslie McNeil
       2nd  Jennifer Schneider
       3rd  Natale Jagvis
       4th  Fernanda Winchester
       5th  Leigh King
       6th  Davita Parks
       7th  Ashley Thompson
       8th  Michelle McGrier
       9th  Mamie Miller
       10th Lori Lennon
       11th Lisa Keyes
       12th Michelle Minor
                       Best Bikini Presentation Jill Rednick
                            Overall Winner Leslie Mc Neil

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