JR USA's Fitness routine prejudging 2012 part 1

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    Jacklyn Sutton  

Pro Card Winner
    Jacklyn Sutton  

Class A
1. Jacklyn Sutton  
2. Babette Mulford  
3. Taylor Seaman  
4. Amanda Hatfield  
5. Jeannea Burritt  
6. Ashley Sebera  
7. Natalie Cribbs  
8. Lindsey Christenbury  
9. Aspen Bunyak  

Class B
1. Nicolette Spencer  
2. Lisha Dean  
3. Jennifer Dougherty  
4. Erica Cruikshank  
5. Jennifer Bishop  
6. Stephanie Yu  
7. Meredith Miller  
8. Barbie Thomas  
9. Toni Naramore  

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