Living in the shadow of Amazons, Part VIII: Myria's birthday party, Part I.

By J. Allan J. -

Tormentress Eudoxia reveals how she once was gang-raped by a group of young Thermodonian soldiers.


This story is continued from Part VII: 'Tormentress Eudoxia'.


Short synopsis:

At Myria's birthday party, Eudoxia tells the story of how she was gang-raped by a group of young soldier boys in the west. She also reveals that Lucius was present, but was unable to help her.

Then Lucius tells his account of what happened on that horrible day. Lucius also remembers how Myria once forced him to perform male dominated sex on a high-ranking Amazon commander, but that he was unable to finish his chores due to this traumatic experience in his early youth.



The story:


Lucius did not soon forget the terrible torments that were inflected on him by the noble Tormentress Eudoxia. However, she did not install humility but fear instead into poor Lucius. Still, fear worked wonders concerning the behaviour alteration of Lucius the following months after Eudoxia's visit. He fully concentrated on never to provoke Myria; he always did her bidding in every way and obeyed her every demand without question.

Myria in turn often teased and tricked him by falsely announcing that Eudoxia was coming back to torture him again. Then she sat and laughed inside while she gleefully watched poor Lucius biting his nails and shaking from fear.

By the time he heard a rider outside their house and moments later a knock on the door, he was on the verge of fainting from fear. Only to find that it was Gemmalina who had arrived to pay them a visit with a book in one hand and some exotic fruits or wine in the other. Myria had to restrain herself not burst out into loud laughter when she saw the relived look on his foolish face when he saw Gemmalina and not Eudoxia step in through the door.

Of course Gemmalina never quite understood why Lucius always knelt in front of her and humbly kissed her hand, while he sighed from relief and told her how glad he was to see her. However, had Eudoxia known that her good name was being misused in this brute manner, she would surely have been disgusted. But soon she would have the opportunity to square things with Lucius as Myria's birthday was coming up.

Lucius was both surprised and very flattered when Myria, his wife and mistress, asked him to stay in the house to participate in the celebration of her birthday. The Amazons usually preferred to party among other noble females without the company of their spouses. When Myria's guests started to arrive, he at first felt bit alienated and out of place in the company of Myria's girlfriends. He then started to serve them food and wine but Myria put her foot down.

He was invited to her party as her guest and not as a simple servant. Her guests were noble Amazons who entertained themselves, fetch their own food and poured their own wine. They didn't need a hapless male to serve them because they were warriors, not Amazonian aristocrats who had servants at very finger. She instructed him to just relax, stay in the background, mingle and make courteous conversation with her other guest as if he was just one of the girls.

Then a familiar face suddenly appeared; Gemmalina who was a civilian, but Myria had come to respect her as an equal after their reconciliation and therefore it was natural to invite her along with the women, whom she had been fighting along side with in the wars. The Emissaries from Themiskyra also arrived without their spouses along with a strangely familiar young lady, whom he could not put a name on at first, but she certainly seemed to know him.

"Hello again, Lieutenant Lucianus," she smiled at him and shook his hand. "It has been a long while."

It turned out to be Myria's former adjutant, Lydia. He could not recognize her at first, because she had become a full-grown young woman since they last met at the celebration of the peace agreement. She was now serving as an outpost commander herself; Queen Hentiope gave her the command over Myria's old outpost when the Queen reassigned her up north. Lydia was maybe a bit young to be holding this position, but she had experience with both victory and defeat, which qualified her to her new position.

Then there were a loud knock at the door and Lucius immediately went to let the new guest in, but he froze when he saw who it was; outside stood Tormentress Eudoxia, 'The Breaker Of Men'. She was dressed in a fancy party dress and not in her usual animal furs, but Lucius was deadly scared anyway.

Oh no! He thought to himself. His wife had only invited him because she planned to let Eudoxia work on him again in a brutal torture spectacle as entertainment for her guests. He immediately kneeled to her and humbly hung his head in order to show humility.

"Welcome, honoured Tormentress Eudoxia," he softly said.

"Well, thank you for your warm welcome, husband of Myria," Eudoxia courteous said and stepped in.

She leaned down and wrapped her strong arms around him and heaved him to a stand while she hugged him.

"Do not be troubled by my presence, noble Lucianus," she whispered in his ear. "I am here as a guest, I am not here to 'work'."

Hearing that Eudoxia had not come to torture him again, Lucius tried to relax, although he still felt a bit uneasy in her presence and he had a gut feeling that someone had made plans for him.

Then Androlyta arrived without Blasius as the etiquette among Amazons proscribed. Myria discreetly pinched Lucius' buttock hard when she saw Androlyta walked in through the door. Myria and Androlyta had basically nothing in common and Myria initially saw no reason to invite her. However, Lucius kept reminding her that it would be a deadly insult if his wife did not invite her. Lucius was scared that Myria was about to ruin a budding friendship, but she just told him to shut up and said ambiguously that she would invite all who were worthy of attending her birthday party. This meant that Lucius had no clue on whether Androlyta was invited or not, but he did not dare to raise the matter again.

Food and drink were lined up on their living room table from which the guests helped themselves. There were dainties and delicacies for the fine palate and roasted lamp and beef for those who were hungry for solid food. The guests eat the food and drank the wine while they moved around the house and mingled. Old friends kissed and hugged each other, while new friends were getting introduced to each other.

However, Lucius didn't mingle much, although he was relaxed and charming. He was well aware that a substantial number of Myria's girlfriends found his presence rather awkward. Therefore he stayed in the background and entertained his own little 'band of followers'; Androlyta who, like Lucius, felt a bit out of place until she was introduced to Gemmalina who were a civilian like herself. And the two emissaries, who Myria had not fought along side with, but had shared a prison cell with them back in Thermodonus and therefore they had become friends and Myria respected them as much as her girlfriends from the battlefield.

The emissaries didn't have much to do these days; they were far too old to take the battlefield again and there were no negotiations to conduct. They actually missed the sessions in the Thermodonian senate, where the women had spoken while the men stayed silent and listened. (see chapter [Link missing])

Lucius could in turn reveal that the female senators were only speaking their husband's words instead of their own just to make up appearances. Mayhap in a generation or two, the women would have learned to speak their own minds instead of their husbands, but democracy in Thermodonia had unfortunately been suspended by the mad king and his coup d'Etat.

As the evening progressed, each guest in turn stood up in the middle and performed a song or recited a poem to honour Myria on her birthday. Or else told stories about battles in which they had fought along side with Myria. Lucius had no clue on what he was going to perform for the other guests. However, plans had already been made in advance for him.

Suddenly, Eudoxia discreetly walked over to fetch Lucius. She said that she wanted to talk to him and took him to the middle of the living room. However, she remained standing when Lucius sat down. Then she raised her voice and addressed the other guests.

Eudoxia tells the story on how she was gang-raped by a group of young male soldiers:

"Dear ladies," she began. "I would like to tell you the story of how I came to join the Amazon cause."

People had often asked about her past, they only knew a few details, but now she wanted to give her full story to the guest at Myria's birthday party.

She was but a young peasant girl at the age of 14. One day she was out in the woods picking mushrooms for the evening supper of her family. Suddenly she heard the sound of marching feet and joyful singing. Eudoxia was curious by nature and therefore she did not run away when a column of the young soldiers came marching towards her. She just stood there and smiled at them while she looked them over as they marched by her. She could not make out the words as she did not speak Greek back then, but the boys seem to be celebrating something.

But suddenly some of the boys stopped and went for her. There were three of them, they grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She tried to gently fence them off, but they turn out to be persistent and then tings turned ugly. The hit her and tore her dress. She in turn hit back and kicked while she screamed out loud.

The commotion made the whole column stop and gather around. Only one of the male youths seemed to object to what was happening, but an older soldier, who appeared to be their commanding officer, encouraged the youths to proceed with their despicable endeavour.

Then more than ten boy soldiers attacked and overpowered her. They tore all her clothes off and the lads carried her off in triumph to a nearby pile of stacked firewood which the boys threw her over. Her back arced painfully over the fresh cut logs of firewood with her head hanging up side down and legs pointing to the ground. One youth held her arms and another secured her legs and forced his way in between them. She was a virgin back then and when the first rapist entered her, she felt as someone stuck a knife in her womb.

She felt her blood from her broken hymen tickle down her thighs. She screamed violently from the pain and begged for mercy, but that only seemed to spur the young rascals on to do further cruel acts. The boy holding her arms, took his stiff member out and forced in her mouth. She was too scared to bite on it and the youth brutally raped her throat. Youth after youth proceeded to rape her, while the blood tickled from her molested mouth and pussy. More than ten or twelve boys must have ravished her that day.

The horrid content of the story sounded strangely familiar to Lucius as if he had read it somewhere. But then fragments of painful memories slowly started to emerge from the back off his mind, where they had laid buried for many years. He suddenly realized that he had not just read the story in a book, the truth was far crueller; he was there himself. But it couldn't be, it just couldn't be, he kept repeating to himself.

Eudoxia explained that suddenly the horrid spectacle paused. The older soldier brought an unwilling youth forward, properly the one who had objected from the start. The officer forced a set of pliers in his hand and barked his orders at the young lad. Eudoxia could not make out the words but the boy froze with a horrid look in his eyes as if the officer had ordered him to pull out her teeth or pull off her fingernails.

The young man did not do anything except gently take her hand and speak some comforting words. She could not see his face so clearly due to the tears and blood in her eyes. However, his kindness and refusal to hurt Eudoxia obviously provoked the officer, who repeatedly slapped him hard in the face. The other boys tried to take the set of pliers away from him in order to carry out the officer's order, but the brave lad refused to hand over the torture instrument and let the other boys beat on him instead of giving in.

Finally, the officer lost his temper and punched the contrary youth hard in the head and he fell unconscious to the ground. However, a big youth stepped forward. He has huge and had the size of a grown man, but the face of a innocent boy. He had not participated in the gang-raping of her and was obviously looking for a way to get away from the horrid event. He quickly pulled the unconscious boy on his back and walked off. Luckily the set of pliers had disappeared in the commotion, so they gave up torturing her.

"Actually," Eudoxia said slowly while her voice trembled a little. "I know the brave lad's name, because the officer called him 'Lucianus' and the big youth, who put the unconscious lad on his back and walked away with him, called him 'Lucius'."

"YOU?" Lucius screamed and almost fainted from fear and anxiety, while the rest of people present shivered in horror and surprise.

"Yes, it is I, you are not beholding a mere ghost," Eudoxia softly said and smiled to him.

It was actual her who had persuaded Myria to let Lucius take part in the celebration of her birthday, because Eudoxia needed to confirm her suspicion on their traumatic encounter in the past.

"But how can it be?" Lucius' voice was trembling. "They said that you had perished on that terrible day in the woods."

"Well, after the big lad had left with you on his back, the rest of the boys gave me a severe beating and then left me for dead," she explained.

However, the last thing that she remember was the older man standing over her and announced her dead. He properly knew that she was still alive, but chose to spare her.

"I can't believe that you just stood there and did nothing, while those brute savages viciously raped poor Eudoxia," Myria barked at him. "You disgust me, you bastard coward. I'll kill you for that!"

Myria got up and went for him, but she was gently but firmly restrained by Eudoxia, while Lucius quickly moved away from the centre of the room to hide his shame. Lucius sat quietly against the wall with his head in his hands while he wept softly.

"What will people think of me now?" he sniffled.

However, his two friends, Gemmalina and Androlyta, sat beside him and comforted him, while the two emissaries sat in front of them, thereby surrounding him. They did not at all wish to fence him in, but only to protect him from the wrath of the angry Amazons, who were shocked and disgusted to learn what had happened to their fellow sister. They already hated and loathed males and this of course made things even worse. Specially Myria was furious and she looked like she was going to retaliate on poor Lucius at any moment. The fact that Lucius was her spouse was a great embarrassment to her.

When tings had finally quiet down, Eudoxia continued her story: When her parents grew worried, they went to look for her and luckily found her in time to save her life. Eudoxia came through as her father carried her in his arms with a grey look on his face, while her mother walked beside and cried. At home, they nursed her wounds for a few days, then they decided to leave.

"Brigands are robbing our crops while soldiers are raping and molesting our daughters," her father declared. "We shall leave this evil place and go make our fortune elsewhere."

They packed up their belongings on a cart and on a pack mule. They herded their domesticated animals together and then headed to the east. They waded across the big Thermes River. Eudoxia's family had no clue that they had entered Amazonia, but they soon made contact with an Amazon patrol who greeted them.

Her father explained that his daughter had been brutally raped and molested by soldiers in the west and therefore the whole family had migrated here. The Amazons declared that they were welcome to stay and settle as peasants and that they would be safe living in the shadow of the Amazons, but her father, nor her two younger brothers, were never to arm himself with swords or spears. Males were only allowed arm themselves with daggers for self-protection or bows for hunting in Amazonia. Her father told them that he did not own neither sword not spear and didn't know how to use it.

He also asked them to take a look at Eudoxia, who was resting in their cart. Her parents had nursed her wounds to the best of their ability, but they were not fully healed yet. The Amazons examined her and found that her cheek bone was fractured and it could not healed correctly unless tended by a physician. However, if they followed the Amazon patrol back to their outpost, their physician would gladly heal her wounds.

Her family duly followed the Amazon patrol back to their encampment. New arrivals were supposed to report to the local Amazon outpost captain anyway. Her family went to see the commander of the outpost, who assigned new land for them to cultivate, while the Amazon physician worked on the Eudoxia's face; she put the fractured cheekbone together with a small piece of wood and a strong thread. The physician also straightened her nose, which had been smashed during the terrible beating by the Thermodonian youths.

When her family left for their new farmlands, Eudoxia decided to stay with the Amazons. She felt safe among women who were heavily armed. Anyway, she had to wait a fortnight for her face to heal so the physician could remove the wood from her cheekbone. Her face had healed perfectly, leaving only a few operation scars. Later in life she had some ritual scaring added to her face to make herself more presentable.

Eudoxia actually hadn't a clue what she was going to do in Amazonia, but the captain of the Outpost needed to go Amazon capital Themiskyra on some business and therefore asked Eudoxia to accompany her. Maybe she could become a civil servant in Themiskyra. Eudoxia was useless with a sword and a bow, therefore she could hardly become a soldier. But perhaps she had other talents, which could be useful for the Amazon nation. If everything failed, she would eventually have to go back to her family in the countryside, although she would not feel safe there.

Her choice of profession as a Tormentress came be by mere chance rather than planned. Although, she had to admit that she was moved by a certain element of revenge due to her traumatic rape experience. While visiting the Royal Palace in Themiskyra with the Amazon captain, Eudoxia suddenly heard some strange noises. She was curious by nature and naturally wanted to investigate. The Amazon captain told her that the torture chamber was not a place for a innocent young girl, but Eudoxia had already seen enough cruelty, so the sight of a torture chamber could not scare her.

When they walked down the stairway down to the dungeons of the Royal Palace, she realized that the noise it was a male who was screaming in agony. They quietly open the door and went inside. There were an older lady around 50 years old with a slightly crooked back. She was torturing a male prisoner, who was secured with chains to the ceiling by his arms, while his legs were secured with chains to the stone floor. The prisoner was bleeding from his face and only one leg could support him, because the Tormentress had broken the kneecap of his other leg in two.

The Tormentress took a glowing hot needle with her leather gloved hand and held it against the prisoners face, which made him scream out wildly. She grabbed a set of pliers and took a firm hold of one of his balls, which she initially squeezed with the pliers. Then she slowly, but firmly, drove the hot needle through his testicle. The prisoner screamed and writhed in agony, while the smell of burnt human flesh rose through the room. The Tormentress slowly pulled the needle from the tortured ball, which cause the poor man as much pain as driving it in. She skilfully paused until the writhing of the tortured man subsided. She then grabbed his other testicle and give it a little squeeze. She put the needle to it, but the prisoner called the torture session to a halt.

"Please, no more pain," he begged in weak voice. "I'll talk, I'll tell you what I know. Please stop the pain."

The Tormentress immediately put the torture instruments away and instead put a cup full of fresh cold water to the prisoner's lips. Then a scriber, who had been patiently waiting for the prisoner to break down, stepped forward to note down his information. The Tormentress moved back, washed her face and hands at a washbasin and dried herself with fresh white linen. Despite her profession, she always kept herself clean as any civilized woman would do.

"Who are you, young lady?" she said to Eudoxia. "I have not seen you before."

Eudoxia curtsied and presented herself as a new arrival. She had just entered the Royal Palace when she heard the noise and went to investigate. The face of the old Tormentress fell.

"You visit the Royal Palace for the first time and your first stop is my humble torture chamber," the Tormentress complemented her. "I am most honoured!"

The old Tormentress took Eudoxia by the hand and pointed to various instruments of torture and as if they were work of art, which were displayed at an art-gallery. Meanwhile the scriber has fished taking notes from the prisoner, who was now left at the mercy of the Tormentress. Eudoxia willingly followed her back to him.

"Look my girl," the Tormentress gently grab the prisoner by the hair. "he has given us all the information that he possessed, now he is but a poor miserable creature which unfortunately has been mutilated. The most decent thing is to put him out of his misery. Would you like the honour?"

Eudoxia explained that she had never killed any human before, but the old Tormentress explained that she only had to make a sift cut at his throat to kill him. The poor tortured male would even feel a thing. Eudoxia hesitated at first, but then she thought of the young boys who had raped her some months back and then quickly slid his throat.

"Very impressive, young lady," the old Tormentress complimented her. "What a firm and steady hand and it's even your first kill."

"Would you like to stay here and become my apprentice?" the old Tormentress smiled and took her hand. "You definitely have a flair for it; you are not scared of the sight of blood or the smell of burnt flesh and you are indifferent to screaming, pleading as well as begging."

The Tormentress was old and wanted to retire, therefore she was looking for a fitting replacement. Eudoxia was looking for a commission and naturally decided to take the offer of the old Tormentress. While she learned the trade of tormenting prisoners, she decided that she would to grow muscles so she could defend herself, even when being unarmed and she swore never to let any man take her by force ever again. However, she performed her chores in the torture chamber without any personal malice towards males; once she had extracted all information from her victims, she always killed them in a swift and painless way. She did not wish to prolong their suffering any further than needed.

Eudoxia's sexual wounds are healed by an older woman:

Still, Eudoxia was not entirely happy with her new life as she was living in sexual abstention. She saw the other women in the palace mated freely with either each other or with male slaves. But Eudoxia was still traumatized and was therefore detested by any sexual acts. She was ashamed about what had happened to her did not talk about it to her newfound allies. She also felt dirty every time she touched herself, even when bathing. However, by instinct she knew that something was wrong with her and therefore she eventually sought out a fitting sexual partner to unlock her dark secrets and heal her sexual wounds.

Eudoxia decided to try her luck with a older woman by the name of Eirenathe, who no longer served in the army but instead worked as a civil servant at the Royal Palace. She was in turn attracted to young innocent girls like Eudoxia. Eirenathe was around 40 and still good looking when they first met. She known for her lore in the acts of love, her gentle nature as well as her taste for young girls.

At a celebration of yet another victorious military campaign by the Amazons, Eudoxia approached Eirenathe, who was a bit reluctant at first, because she was a bit annoyed that the young girls always approached her when they needed sexual guidance. Eirenathe willingly poured her sexual experience into the young girls, who in turn usually dumped her in favour of younger, prettier girls when they could learn nothing more from her and Eirenathe often cried alone in her room.

Still, Eirenathe couldn't help herself when Eudoxia came to her. She was a fresh, pretty little girl, who had small scars in her face which made Eirenathe wet between her thighs. After the feast, Eirenathe took her to her private chambers. However, when she started to make bold sexual advances, Eudoxia froze. Although she did not utter a word, her whole body became tense and seemed to scream out loud; 'Don't tough me!'. The older woman immediately stopped her sexual advances and instead sat close behind her, leaning against the head of the bed, while she gently massaged her shoulders in order to make Eudoxia relax.

"You carry a heavy burden, my child," Eirenathe whispered in her ear. "Let go of it, let it go."

Eudoxia relaxed in the arms of the older woman and started crying softly, then she let loose and cried relentlessly. When her crying finally let up, she told her story about the gang-rape in full details.

"Oh, my poor child, my poor child," Eirenathe whispered repeatedly in her ear while she gently rocked in her strong arms like a child.

Eirenathe declared that all males should be annihilated as they were evil soulless creatures without any sentiment or civil conduct. However, Eudoxia softly objected and informed her that her own father was a gentle peasant, who had never harmed a soul in his life. It was in fact he who had brought her to the Amazons. However, Eirenathe was only referring to armed males, as the Amazons usually never attacked defenceless peasants, not officially that is.

"Would you like me to undo the damage that these brutal males did to your poor molested pussy," Eirenathe whispered sweetly in her ear.

"Yes, please, I would love that," was Eudoxia's response.

Eirenathe fingers first gently touched her body outside her clothes, then she let her bold fingers creep inside her dress and caressed her. With her soft hands, Eirenathe massaged her crotch. Eudoxia felt a sweet softness in her pussy for the first time since the terrible rape of her.

When the young girl was aroused and moaning from pleasure, Eirenathe slowly undressed her. The 14 year old Eudoxia's body was slender with small breasts which were not even fully developed yet and the little pink nibbles like rosins which temped Eirenathe to pluck them with her hungry mouth.

Then her eager fingers gently entered her pussy, while her thumb gently rubbed at her clit or the 'magic spot' as the Amazons called it. Her clever hands dissolved the hard knot of tormented flesh inside her womb, while she kissed her passionately. Her tongue felt like it almost turned liquid in Eudoxia's mouth. The older woman shamelessly rammed several fingers of both her hands inside of Eudoxia, while thumbs kept fingering her clit. Eirenathe unlocked the pain that had lain buried in her tormented pussy and turned it into pleasure. Eudoxia sobbed loudly from pleasure and tears of joy rolled down her checks as she felt a mighty orgasm roar through her body.

Eirenathe placed pillows under her buttocks to elevate her crotch, then she slide down on bended knees on a pillow on the floor right in front of Eudoxia's wide spread legs. Now her tongue, which Eirenathe explained was the most clever sexual organ in females and males alike, thoroughly explored Eudoxia's pussy and provided her with another orgasm which made her whole body quiver. Eirenathe almost devoured her pussy, which lay totally open like a flower in front of her hungry mouth and skilfully provided a final massive orgasm which made Eudoxia scream from pleasure at the top her lungs.

Eirenathe set her mind, body and soul free and unravelled the strong sex drive that had been subdued ever since the horrid gang-rape of her. In turn Eudoxia grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back into bed in order to repay the wonders that she had just done to her molested pussy. She was eager, but clumsy and almost tore Eirenathe's clothes, while taking them off from mere ecstasy. Eirenathe had the beautiful voluptuous body of a mature woman with large breasts, big dark nibbles and big swollen pussylips. Eudoxia devoured her from head to toe.

Eirenathe patiently showed her the ways of female lovemaking; she instructed Eudoxia how to grind her crotch against hers in order to provide mutual pleasure for both of them. The two lecherous girls lay side by side and kissed passionately while their tongues play together. Eirenathe guided her little hand unto her own hot steaming pussy and in turn gently fingered Eudoxia's cute little vagina.

Eudoxia now roamed freely in the erotic wonderland of the Amazons. Later, Eirenathe lay casually on the bed with Eudoxia kneeling in front of her. Her big wide-open pussy seemed to almost swallow Eudoxia's little head, which reared up between her legs, while she eagerly slurped all moisture from Eirenathe's wet sex.

After their lecherous coitus, the exhausted girls fell asleep in each others arms. Eudoxia felt safe and happy as she had finally found happiness in her new home. Unlike the other young Amazonian girls at the Royal Palace, Eudoxia never abandoned Eirenathe. The older woman became her lover as well as her mentor. Eirenathe educated her in the ways and traditions of the Amazon nation as the old Tormentress cared not for these tings. Unfortunately, Eirenathe had taken ill and died four years ago. However, when she realized that she was dying, she introduced Eudoxia to Myria because she knew that the two of them would get along just splendidly.

Eudoxia finished her story and called Lucius forward again so he could tell his side of the tragic event. He first humbly kneeled in front of her and kissed feet, while he begged for forgiveness for having failed to protect her against the other boys' sexually assault on her. However, Eudoxia reached down and gently took him by the hair and pulled him to a stand. Then she hugged him and declared that she herby freed him from any guilt of the cruel events on that sad day; he had refused to participate in the brutal gang rape and had spoken out loud against it. Furthermore, he valiantly took a harsh beating for her and had thereby saved her from having her fingernails pulled out. Lucius himself was thereafter knocked unconscious and could therefore not save her from the terrible beating that had almost killed her.

In her eyes, Lucius had acted like a very noble male and a true gentleman. She did not regard him as a coward in any way and she urged the rest of the Amazons to treat him with respect. Then Eudoxia sat down while Lucius remained standing and told his side of the story of the horrid events on that tragic day.

Lucius' account of what happened during the terrible gang-rape of Eudoxia:

Lucius began his story while his voice trembled and he looked nervous around at the angry looking Amazons who surrounded him. He told them how it all had started out as a very beautiful day; Lucius and rest of the Thermodonian officer aspirants had just killed their first enemies in combat, (see chapter: 'Departure from Themiskyra'). They had fought bravely and skilfully against a numerous superior enemy, but the boys were disciplined, well trained and well fed. They quickly annihilated the brigands without even getting scratched themselves. As far as Lucius could remember it must have 11 years ago now, to his very day. Lucius was a young and innocent lad at 16 back then and he was 27 now.

After burning the corpses of the brigands and razing their camp to the ground, the boys marched homeward along the footpath in the woods towards their encampment, while they joyfully sang their songs of victory. Their spirits were high, much too high in fact. Lucius could not explain why it had happened. The fragile minds of the young men were caught in a some kind of midday madness, properly caused by bloodlust after they had killed for the first time.

Suddenly some of the boys noticed a young girl, who collected mushrooms around the trees in the woods. She was beautiful with long thick black hair and mystical dark eyes. She looked just like Medea of ancient times. The boys were strangely drawn to her, yet also detested her due to her foreign, exotic looks. Some of the boys grabbed her and made rough sexual advances but she valiantly defended herself; she slapped their faces and kicked them in the balls.

The officer should have stepped in and let the poor girl go, but instead he declared her their spoils of victory and informed the boys that they could have their way with her if they liked. Lucius was disgusted and objected, but his commanding officer had given the order and therefore he was compelled by duty to let things happen. He was forced to remain present while the boys savagely ravished her. He stood with his back turned in order to display his disgust for the whole event while he boiled inside.

Suddenly, he was called forward by the drill officer, who took him by the ear and pulled him to the pile of stacked firewood with the poor ravished girl. The officer put a set of pliers in his hand and ordered to pull out the fingernails of her hand or else rape her down the throat! He did none of the options, he just stood there, frozen with tears rolled down his face. His tears provoked the officer because it was taboo for a Thermodonia officer to shed tears at the sight of torture, rape or any other form of violence.

The other boys were likewise disgusted by Lucius' behaviour and wanted to take the pliers from him to finish the job. But Lucius put the set up of pliers up his arm pit and locked his arm around it in order to protect Eudoxia. Then suddenly he saw black a later woke up while he was being carried through the woods on the back of his only friend in the Thermodonian army. Lucius later found out that the officer had knocked him unconscious with the butt end of his dagger.

The big youth was his old friend Varioux, who carried Lucius off on his back in order to escape the horrid scene himself. He had also discreetly slipped the set of pliers inside his clothes in order to prevent the terrible torture of poor Eudoxia. Lucius explained that Varioux was the smartest male that he had ever met, present company included.

"That big fool?" Lydia objected. "You can't serious, he got so scared that he wetted his underwear at the celebration of the peace agreement."

However, many people thought of Varioux as dumb because he was so big, but he like it that way and people often underestimated his wits and talents. however, any male with a bit of sense would have been scared to follow Lucius around on that night because he was plain reckless and freely walked right into the tiger's nest, or tigress, Lucius added.

Lucius rested back in their camp, while Varioux nursed his wound in the head. When the other boys came back, he discreetly inquired about the status of the poor raped girl. However, the commanding officer informed Varioux that the girl was dead and ordered him to tell Lucius to forget about her if he knew what was best for himself. Lucius was devastated to hear that the girl had perished in the woods, but Varioux and he never spoke of the horrid event again. Some of the other youth bragged about what they had done to poor Eudoxia. It had made them feel manlier, while others just stayed silent and wept by themselves during the following nights.

The boys were granted a few days leave to go into the nearest town and celebrate their 'grand victory'. However, Lucius did not go with the other boys, but instead he went back to the woods where the terrible event took place the day before. He was haunted by guilt and shame and therefore he wanted be make amends by giving the poor dead girl a proper burial, but she was of course nowhere to be found. He thought that her corpse must have been dragged away and devoured by wild animals. At that moment, he lost all hope of redemption and therefore decided to end his life. However, he needed to drink some alcohol to find the courage to actually do it.

Lucius walked to the nearby town and entered a tavern. He threw some money on the counter and demanded wine. He took the jug of wine and went to sit by himself in the darkest corner. Some of the other boys from his class were present, but he ignored them and sat with his back turned towards them to show his disgust for them while he sat and drank by himself. When finished, he staggered to the door and spat at the other Thermodonian youths on the way out. He went straight to the outhouse to commit suicide there.

However, he was drunk, clumsy and the outhouse was poorly lit. He cut his wrist and fainted from the pain, but he had missed the main blood vein. One of other guest at the tavern with a full and aching bladder, angrily banged the door and told him to hurry up. He suddenly noticed the small stream of blood that came from under the door. He quickly forced the door in and saved Lucius' life. The people in the town sent word back to the barracks that one of their boys had had an 'accident'.

The drill officer came and brought him back on a cart. He put Lucius in the infirmary with shackles on his arms so he could not harm himself again. When his wound was fully healed, the drill instructor came to fetch him and beat him up again. Then he told Lucius that he was noble, but he was immensely stupid to loose his head over some simple peasant girl. Innocents always died in every war, and there would be plenty more to come. She was not the first innocent peasant girl to be gang-raped by victorious solders. This was quite normal conduct in warfare.

"Then I am detested by warfare!" Lucius declared.

"That is a strange attitude for a young man who wishes to become an officer," the drill instructor pared.

Lucius explained that his parents were forced to put him into the army so his family had one less mouth to feed. Later on, he was supposed to support his family when he had finished his officers training and his parents wanted him to serve in the Honourable Legion. The officer informed him that he was very close be dishonourable discharged due to insubordination. If that happened, his family would be shamed, furthermore he would not be able to find another commission to support his family. Instead, young Lucianus should concentrate on becoming a better officer. The drill instructor agreed that he should serve as a protector rather than a combat soldier and promised that, if he behaved himself for the remaining terms, the officer would wrote a splendid recommendation so the Honourable Legion would accept Lucius' application.

From then on, Lucius studied hard to become an expert on theories on military tactics and strategy. He also learned to master all the drills; how to fight in formation, how to lead men into battle, how to engage the enemy and withdraw from the battlefield in a coherent manner. He also started boxing where he sweated out his hate and frustrations. He listened carefully to instructions and then he pounded away at any opponent who had the misfortune to go up against him. Beating his opponents up always put a broad grin on his face, but not out of any personal malice and he always hugged his opponents with the bloody faces after boxing.

Lucius blocked the traumatic experience from his mind because it was simply too painful to think about. As time went by, he even forgot about it, including how that scar on his wrist had come to be. He actually thought that he had been wounded in the battle against the brigands. That's what he told his parents when he was home on leave and in time he came to believe his own lies. The truth was simply too painful live with, therefore his mind played tricks on him in order for him to survive. The officer kept his word and wrote a splendid recommendation of him to the Honourable Legion, in which he served until the mad king initiated his coup d'Etat and disbanded it.

"Well, if it's any consolation; all the boys who participated in the horrid gang-rape of poor Eudoxia have now perished themselves," Lucius sighed and concluded his story. "Most of them died in the recent wars against the Amazons. I suppose that Mother Nature saw fit to dispose of them this way and in turn spare Varioux and myself."

Lucius humbly bowed to the ladies surrounding him and went back to sit with his female fiends. He first apologized to Gemmalina because he had not told her the full story on what had happened on the day of his first kill in battle. See Part IV: Departure from Themiskyra. But he simply couldn't remember the aftermath of the skirmish against the brigands back then. Now, he painfully remembered everything as if it was yesterday and he feared that the dreadful memories had now come back to haunt him again.

Myria approached him again, but now she had cooled down and signalled that she was not gonna hurt him. Gemmalina and Androlyta gave way and Myria sat down beside him and spoke to him in a civilized manner.

"You should have told me of this horrid event," she softly said. "I'm your wife and therefore you should confide in me. I now fully understand why you were unable to perform your chores for the Amazon commander." Lucius knew very well what incident Myria referred to.

Lucius is forced to perform male-dominant sex on an Amazon commander:

One day Myria was greeted by a very unexpected visitor at her outpost; Commander Heliodara in person. Officially, she was inspecting the defences of the Northern Front, but that was of course only a poor excuse for the real reason why she came to see Myria.

"My good Captain Myria," Commander Heliodara said in a very courteous tone. "It has come to my attention that your spouse is an untamed male with all limps fully functioning."

"Well, perhaps a little too well functioning as I'm now pregnant," Myria said. "Does the Commander wish to be impregnated by my spouse?"

This was not her intention at all. Instead, it turned out that she craved sexual domination from brute males. Performing this sexual craving was strictly forbidden inside Amazonia, so therefore noble females like Commander Heliodora discreetly went up north to practice her forbidden passions here.

Heliodora was a permanent member of the Queen's military high command. She was a very brainy lady, a brilliant strategist and a skilled tactician. Men from the vest, like Lucius, would refer to her as 'General', but the Amazons did not use this phrase, but referred only to her position as 'Commander'. Due to her military brilliance, Queen Hentiope overlooked her sexual excesses, as long as she was discreet.

However, there was unfortunately always a degree of insecurity involved; the Gargarean males who willingly performed these appalling sex acts, were not necessary loyal to the Amazons who requested these sexual favours. If the males ever ratted on them, the Amazons would be shamed for the rest of their lives. The consequences for talking too much were always severe, but when alcohol went in, the senses of Gargarean males went out. A few years back, a drunken Gargarean male had bragged about the disgusting things that he had done to a lecherous Amazon officer. Only two days later, he was found hanging by the neck from a tree with his severed genitals stuck in his mouth and his belly cut open with his enthrals lying on the ground below him.

Still, the feeling of insecurity put a heavy restraint on the pleasures of the Amazons, who craved male-dominated sex. But perhaps the spouse of Myria could be used for this purpose? Although, Myria had a certain degree of prejudice against Amazonians, who were sexual deviants, she willingly humoured Heliodora due to her trusted position within Queen Hentiope's war counsel.

"I'm both flattered and honoured that you have come to me with this delicate request, my noble Commander," Myria declared. "I'm always ready to assist a fellow sister in arms. It will be my pleasure to facilitate your every need in my own private home for as long as you see fit."

Myria explained that her spouse came from the West where male domination ruled. He was, however, completely under her spell and could in fact not move without her consent. Therefore, Lucius would always do exactly as Myria told him. This was of course sweet music to Heliodora's ears; to enjoy brute male-dominated sex with a male, who were still under control by another female, was exactly what the commander was looking for. The two of them immediately rode off to Myria's home where she entertained Commander Heliodora with wine, fruits and dainties. Suddenly, they heard a rider coming through the gate outside the house.

"My spouse has arrived," Myria said. She instructed Heliodora to go to the bedroom, undress herself and await his entry. She in turn went to the stables to prepare Lucius for the delicate task that he was going to perform.

"Lucius, my noble spouse, how good to see you," she smiled and courteous greeted him. "How are you on this fine day?"

"I'm fine, thank you very much, my dear wife and mistress," Lucius was a bit surprised and bowed deeply to her, because Myria usually never spoke to him in such a courteous manner.

"I need your assistance on a very delicate matter, which requires both brute force as well as discretion." Myria softly spoke.

"I see that you have a visitor. I have not seen this horse before, though. I assume that it involves her. Who is it?"

"You need not know her name but she is a very respectable lady, who requires special treatment," Myria explained. She quickly helped him to remove his armour, unbuckled his sword by his side and finally removed his backup sword from his back. Now Lucius stood unarmed in just his tunic and underwear.

Myria carefully explained to him how to act inside the bedroom where her guest patiently waited, as is if he was an actor who was about to play an important part in a play on stage. Myria instructed him to pretend that he was a brute slave master, who was about to discipline a docile slave girl. This act involved face-slapping and brutal male-dominated intercourse with penetration in both her pussy and rectum.

"But these sex acts are disgusting! Surely you can't approve of this, dear Mistress." Lucius objected.

"I know it's disgusting, that's why I come to you," she explained. She did not in anyway mean this as an insult. On the contrary; she approached him because he was a true gentleman, who never bragged about his conquests on nether the battlefield nor in the bedroom. She deliberately used the term 'Gentleman' from his old country to make sure that he fully understood the importance of his task.

"Listen carefully, my spouse, no one is gonna get hurt," she reassured him. "You don't have to whip her or anything, just slap her face a few times and submit her to some brute male-dominated sex. She craves that and she will be ever so grateful if it's done correctly to her."

"Not to mention," Myria added while she gently caressed his groin and thigh, "that I also shall be very thankful and will indeed make it up to you if you perform this task to her satisfaction," she whispered sweetly in his ear while she gently let her bold fingers slide inside his underwear and massaged his now semi-erect member.

"You need not worry, my dear wife and mistress," Lucius proudly declared. "Your devoted spouse shall do his duty." Lucius explained that when he was still living in his old country, he was sometimes ordered to have sex with daughters or wives of diplomats, when he accompanied his senators and emissaries up to the 'Northern Peoples'.

"Excellent, my spouse," Myria said and smiled brightly. "Come along now, we should not keep a lady waiting." Lucius should not even take a bath first as the Amazon Commander preferred to have sex with unwashed males.

Inside the house, Myria offered him some wine to calm his nerves and then took him to the bedchamber, where Heliodora eagerly awaited him. The commander smiled and looked greedily at Lucius with his handsome looks, his muscular body and his semi-erect penis, which bulged in his underwear.

"Welcome home, dear Master," she said in a submissive, girlish voice. I have anticipated thy return."

Lucius, as instructed by Myria, immediately slapped her face and complaint in a brutish tone that he had received ill news that his favourite slave girl had let some male slaves into her room, which was strictly forbidden.

"I'm innocent, Master!" 'slave girl' Heliodora whimpered. "The brutes forced themselves upon me."

"Liar!" Lucius barked at her at smacked her even harder across the face. "Speak to truth!"

"But I was lonely, Master," Heliodora sniffled "And you wasn't here."

"You lecherous little slut," 'Master' Lucius scolded her. "You have shamelessly opened your legs to mere slaves in order to satisfy your own filthy needs. I will not have it! Your humble need is to serve your Master's wishes only, and never your own." This was in fact the reversed codex of the Amazons.

Lucius proceeded to repeatedly slap her hard. In turn, he also slapped her tits, which she eagerly pushed forward for her 'Master' to punish even harder. Hitting women was revolting to Lucius, but he did it while he thought of the pleasures that Myria had promised him, if he performed his chores to the Commander's satisfaction.

"Cunt!" he yelled at her every time he hit her, "Bitch!" Myria ordered him to call Heliodora these dirty and disgusting names while he disciplined her. He hardly ever used the word 'cunt' back in his old country and should he ever use it in anger while addressing his wife, consequences would be very severe; he would most likely be hanged by his tongue until his weight pulled it out, or Myria would swiftly remove his tongue herself with her dagger.

The face of the commander started to swell slightly and suddenly she felt her lower lip started to bleed a little. She immediately gave the signal to halt. She tasted her own blood which sent shivers of mere horniness through her whole body, while she hungrily stirred at him.

"Come to me, Master," Heliodora said with a hoarse voice. Myria discreetly pushed Lucius forward. She immediately proceeded to remove his tunic and underwear.

The commander gently she cupped his balls, while she opened her watery mouth and eagerly caressed his stiff member with her lips and tongue. Then she put her hands around his buttocks and gently pushed him further inside her mouth which gladly accepted the intrusion. Myria looked away as she found the sex act fellatio downright disgusting.

However, Commander Heliodora soon grew impatient for penetration. She took his hand and made him enter the bed and lay on top of her.

"Now ravish me! You big bad brute," she ordered him. "Fill me or I shall have you flogged." The commander was no longer acting as a shy, docile slave girl, but as a demanding lady who requested services of her subjects.

She guided his erect cock inside her moist pussy and Lucius duly began humping her. The Commanded panted and bucked her hips while the two of them copulated together. Lucius felt alienated while performing this sex act. He felt out of place being on top of the woman. Already back in his old country, he preferred that the women rode him, but now he was suddenly forced to ride a noble female.

Heliodora changed the position. She ordered Lucius to kneel and then she turned around with her ass towards him. Myria discreetly guided his cock to her puckered asshole. Lucius grabbed her hips and slowly but firmly forced his stiff member inside her rectum. The commander moaned loudly from perverted pleasure as he entered her dirty hole. Lucius began ramrodding her with long firm strokes. Out of mere frustration from being forced to perform these perform these appalling sex acts like a mindless brute, he plunged violently into her in order to get back at the noble and highly respected Amazon Commander, who acted up like self-degrading, animalistic slut.

Lucius was now giving it to her and giving it to her. Like Myria, he was disgusted by the fact that this noble Amazon commander craved these appalling and degrading sex acts. And the more disgusted he got, the harder and deeper he rammed her. At the same time, Myria whispered encouraging words in his ears while she caressed his muscular back and firm buttocks, which made him unload even more fury onto the wanton wrench below him.

"Ram her harder, my noble spouse," she whispered sweetly. "That lecherous little slut is really enjoying this. See how her juices flow freely from her wide open pussy and look how she soaks our bedclothes with her pathetic drooling and squirting every time you thrust your royal member into her dirty rectum."

Myria put her nails to his buttocks and forced him to go even deeper inside the violated rectum of the Amazon Commander. By now, Heliodora seemed to have lost al trace of time and place; she drooled, panted and grunted away without self control.

"OOHHHH! Master is so good to me," she whimpered over and over, while she eagerly pushed her ravished ass towards him and meekly received his violent intrusions in her rectum with humble servitude.

Her anus muscle loosened up and her ass opened up like a flower. Her moist pussy now squirted out female cum beyond her control and steamed out the scents of a wanton woman. Her scent of sex tickled the nostrils of Lucius, who was on the edge of cumming himself. He would not be able restrain himself much longer, but suddenly the commander gave the signal to pause. Myria grabbed him the balls and made him halt. Commander Heliodora slowly removed her ass from his swollen tool. It left her rectum with a loud plop. His member was filthy and smelly with brown spots on it. Lucius got out of the bed and knelt on the floor beside the bed.

Myria whispered her final instructions in his ear and ordered him to do even more disgusting things to the Amazon Commander in order to make her happy. Myria ordered him to grab her tits and maul them. Then force his dirty cock in her mouth and thrust it down her throat and for the finale; shoot his load down there.

Commander Heliodora manoeuvred herself in position with her neck resting the edge of their bed, her mouth were wide open and greedily awaiting his filthy tool. Her hands were busy shamelessly fingering her wide open pussy. Lucius duly grabbed her tits and squeezed them tightly while his fingers brutally punched her swollen pink nibbles. Then he readied himself for the dirty deed, but he suddenly froze.

"Go on! Get on with it!" Myria hissed at him.

"I can't do it, I feel sick," Lucius admitted. "I'm sorry, it's just too disgusting." Lucius turned away, filled with disgust.

"Finish your chores, you lazy bastard," she yelled at him while she pushed him forward and squeezed his balls hard.

He did not know at the time why he was unable to finish his sexual chores. He suddenly felt a big wave of loath and disgust running through his mind and body. His mind got hazy, he felt sick and almost vomited on the floor, while Myria relentlessly screamed into his ear, commanding him to finish his dirty job. His erection wilted and then Lucius broke down; he threw himself down on the floor and started crying relentlessly like a little child. His mind had blocked the terrible event from his memory, but his body still remembered and it refused to let him perform the same disgusting sex act which poor Eudoxia was submitted to.

Myria was furious that Lucius had failed her. She beat and kicked him, even stomped on him in a blind rage. The wanton wench lay in perfect position with her mouth wide open, expecting him to thrust his tool inside her mouth and down her throat and he couldn't even finish such simple task.

"No, my good lady. Stop this!" Commander Heliodora got out of bed and restrained Myria. "Your spouse is absolutely right; it is in fact an appalling sex act." she was in fact sometimes ashamed of her own sexual craving.

"I'm terrible sorry, Commander, he has never failed me before," Myria assured her. "However, we have all day, we could try again in an hour," Myria suggested. However, the Commander took one look at poor Lucius, who still lay weeping on the floor with a limp dick.

"With all due respect, my good captain, I don't think your spouse is quite up to the task," she concluded.

instead she went back to the living room and drank some wine. Then she went outside and washed herself at the bath house. She complimented Myria for her luxurious facilities at her home, unlike the rather spartaneous conditions that the Amazon lived under at the barracks. Although the officers had private quarters, they did not have beds as comfortable as Myria's, nor did they have bath houses with bathtubs where they mixed hot water with cold for their pleasure. Having a spouse who originated from the civilized vest certainly had it's advantages.

"He wasn't all that bad," the Commander did actually have a good time, but missed the happy ending. "Your spouse has many talents, but he unfortunately lacks the final touch."

When Heliodora left, she kindly instructed Myria not to punish Lucius any further. Unlike other Amazons, she could not stand the thought of innocent males getting punished and tortured.

"You stupid, stupid moron," Myria hissed at him when she got back in the bedroom. "Her aid could have helped me return quicker to the Amazonian realm, but you just had to ruin everything. Now she aint never coming back here!"

Myria had of course planned to let Lucius service her again and again until the Heliodora would be totally addicted to the brutal dominant sex which Lucius provided under the guidance of Myria. Then Myria would later exploit the Commander's dark secret to speed up her own return to the Amazon realm and into the Amazon high command. Myria was totally indifferent to the fact that Lucius was detested by the disgusting sex acts which he was forced to perform. In her eyes, it was his mere duty to service any noble female in any way she pleased, but now he had failed his duty.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I never meant to fail thy," he humbly said. "I just couldn't do it."

"After all that I have done for you! You repay my good deeds by humiliating in front of a higher ranking officer!" she taunted him. "And you always said that love me, but I see clearly now that you are just playing me for your own end."

"I'm sorry, Mistress. I really did my best," he sniffled. Her cruel words hurt him.

"Stand attention when I'm talking to you, worthless, whimpering scumbag!" Myria yelled at him and grabbed his arm to pull him up but Lucius cried out loud.

She immediately stopped pulling his arm and instead gently ran her fingers down his side. Lucius whimpered even at her slightest touch, which indicated that she might have broken some of his rips. She put on his underwear and dressed him in a cape to cover his upper body. She took him outside and fetch their horses to take him to a physician. She courteously put a stool in front of his horse so Lucius could crawl on his horse despite his injury. To let him use her back as a stool was too revolting for an Amazon like Myria.

At the physician's house, they waited patiently at the front courtyard until a slave-girl called them to follow her through the house and into the inner courtyard with a tickling fountain, where the physician awaited them. Actually both man and wife were practicing as physicians, but Myria insisted that a female physician should treat Lucius.

"So happened to you, Lieutenant?" the physician asked while she examined him. "Did the Gargarean Militia fence off an overwhelming horde of invading barbarians?"

"My spouse is very clumsy and he is not the man, he thinks he is," Myria snapped. "He tried to ride a wild horse in the corral at the marketplace, drunk of course. But then he fell off and hurt himself."

"Some fiery wild horse that must have been," the physician pared. "Was that the Trojan Horse perhaps?" she added sarcastically.

"HA-HA-HA, Arhhh," Lucius initially laughed out loud, but instead cried out from the pain, which his laughter caused.

The physician was no fool; she could easily tell that Myria had battered Lucius. It had been that way for ages, the Amazon wives brought their battered husbands and the Gargarean husbands brought their beaten wives to the physician's house. And they all told the same old tale; the husbands fell off their horses and the wives fell down the stairs.

The physician explained that Lucius' ribs had not been broken, but he should rest for seven days before restraining himself. She put his arm in a sling and fixed it at his side so it provided cover for his bumped ribs.

On their way home, Myria rode close to him and gently tickled him in order to make him chuckle, thereby causing him to hurting himself again. Although, this game was rather painful for Lucius, she did not have any more malice towards him; she was just having like a little girl teasing her playmate.

"You should have told me," Myria repeated. Again, Lucius explained that he just didn't have any recollection of this traumatic event until now when Eudoxia told just her story.

"Well, Eudoxia forgives and respects you, and therefore I shall forgive you too," she gave him a little kiss and squeezed his hand. She got up to join her guests.





To be continued...



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