Ingrid III by Tom Adams

Ingrid is commited to her body, sex, fighting and killing. Part III in a series.


Ingrid has developed a new set of exercises to increase the strength and size of the steel muscles in her gut. Gone are the two thousand situps which seem to put as much strain on her back as her stomach. She's on an inclined bench at a forty five degree angle. She hooks her bare feet behind a bar, slids her butt toward her ankles letting her knees rise to keep any pressure off her back.

Ingrid puts her hands behind her head and her back rises from the bench. She curls upward putting all the strain on her stomach and stops, holding the position for two minutes while her stomach muscles bulge and burn. She slowly lowers her back to the bench and then immediately up again. She repeats this twenty four times.

Then she goes to an overhead bar and reaches up and grabs it. Her feet rise off the floor. Her massive legs are perfectly straight. When her legs are at a ninety degree angle to her butt she stops and holds them there for three minutes. She raises her legs, which are still perfectly straight, higher until they almost touch the bar. She stops and holds then for another three minutes. The muscles in her gut are rock hard and on fire. But she repeats this nine more times.

Ingrid is nude. She always exercises and fights nude. She looks at her stomach in her gym mirrror and flexes the muscles. They are huge and strain at her creamy, white flesh. It has taken almost two hours to complete her abdominal exercises. She works out six hours a day, six days a week, various body parts on different days. Next to her massive thighs, her stomach has probably decided the outcome in a lot of her fights. She loves the muscles in her gut. Can't take her eyes off them as she stares into the mirror.

Bob watches from the other side of her gym. Ingrid fights and kills for increasingly large sums of money, and it's his job to bring her opponents. He only gets ten percent of the profit, but he would do it for less. He worships her body, is a slave to her body. His pants bulge from the erection caused by watching her abdominal exercises. Ingrid turns and walks toward him, flexing the muscles in in her nude body and breathing deeply to make sure he notices her large breasts. But his eyes are focused on the incredible muscles in her gut. He knows what she wants.

"Bob, massage my stomach muscles. They're still on fire and I need to relax."

Bob goes to his knees as she stops just in front of him. His pants bulge more with his erection. He gently glides his fingers over the the skin covering her gut. It still glistens with sweat. It's stretched tight. When she flexes her gut, her skin almost disappears. Bob tries to dig his fingers into the mounds of hard muscle. He gets nowhere and continues to caress. Ingrid moans as his fingers run over her gut. She stops moaning and her eyes blaze. "The pipe, Bob."

The pipe is made of steel. It's four feet long and three inches in diameter. He grips it with both hands like a baseball bat.

"Ten times,Bob."

He slams the steel pipe into Ingrid's gut as hard as he can for ten repetitions. When it's over his hands quiver from the vibration. Ingrid just smiles.

Bob goes to his knees again and his hands go to the huge muscles in her gut. But it's not a massage. It's muscle worship. They both know it. And Bob has good hands and fingers. This time they glide over Ingrid's gut, barely touching it. Her stomach muscles bulge as they flex seductively. She wants Bob's erection in her. Wants him badly, but not now.

She stands up. Glares at Bob.

"Have you found a woman for me, Bob?"

"Not yet, Ingrid. But I'm getting close."

"How close, Bob?" She puts her powerful fingers around his throat and begins to squeeze. Bob's face reddens and she lets go.

Ingrid steps back. She is part German, part Swede with blond hair she has let grow to her waist. Her skin is a creamy white and her eyes a very dark blue. She's worth millions, but for the variety, she works part time in the men's section of a department store. She keeps her body covered with long skirts and full blouses. The men admire her beautiful face with it's quick smile, the perfect white teeth, the high cheek bones and her blond hair. And they wonder what's underneath her clothes. If only they knew about her powerful body and how she fights and kills.

"Tell me more, Bob"

"Ingrid, this may sound nuts."

"It probably will, Bob. But go ahead." Her hands caress Bob's throat.

"I was on the internet last week, searching through the news groups that specialize in strong women. There was a single posting from a man who says he has a girl that can defeat any woman in a fight, and that he's willing to put up a large sum as a bet to any challengers."

Ingrid takes her hands from Bob's throat. She's interested.

"Well, Ingrid, at first I thought this is some teen age kid just doing it for kicks to see what response he will get. My thought was even if the guy is serious, he'll never weed out the garbage from the serious inquiries. I was wrong. Somehow he cut through the crap and soon we were having a phone conversation. I'm driving down to San Diego this Saturday to look at Maria. "Maria the Invincible" he calls her.

Ingrid's mood softens. She kisses Bob on the cheek and gently strokes the erection beneath his pants.

"Please tell me about Maria when you return, Bob."

"Of course, Ingrid."

Saturday is beautiful as Bob drives down the coastal highway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Beautiful blue skies, and not a trace of a cloud. It's a warm day and he lets the top down on his Mercedes convertible to feel the sun and let the cool air blow across him. Ingrid only gives him ten percent of her prize money, but the prize has run into the millions and Bob is, even at just ten percent, a rich man.

Bob follows the directions closely and just north of town turns onto a small road that leads to the entrance gate of a large house. There is a guard at the gate and he requires Bob's name and his photo ID drivers license. As Bob passes the security gate he comes closer to the "large house". This is a mansion. Must be worth millions.

His host is waiting at the door.

"Hi, I'm John Anderson. And you must be Bob?"

"Bob Richardson, John. Good to meet you."

"Follow me, Bob"

Bob is led into a large living room. Standing against the fireplace mantle is a beautiful Mexican woman. Her skin is light brown, and her jet black hair comes down to her waist. She smiles. Her teeth are a perfect white and her eyes are a deep brown.

"Bob, this is Maria," says John. "Watching women fight is a secret passion of mine. I've watched her twenty times. She always wins. "

John opens a drawer, pulls out a steel horseshoe and hands it to Maria. She dresses like Ingrid, her clothes hiding the powerul muscles underneath.

Maria strains and the horshoe bends, the ends stretch further apart. She strains again and bends one end in one direction, the other end in another and then she hands the horseshoe to Bob.

He can feel the metal and tries to bend it. It just makes him look silly.

"Take this horseshoe back to your woman and if she still wants to fight Maria she can. The purse will be three million dollars. I will not take up anymore of your time, Bob. It's a beautiful day. Have a nice trip home and please call me with your answer."

John and Maria leave the room and Bob is escorted back to the gate.

Ingrid picks up the horseshoe and tries to bend it using all the strength in the large muscles in her arms. It bends slightly, but she will have to spend at least an hour putting it back in its original shape. It took Maria less than a minute to accomplish what she's looking at.

"She must be very strong, Ingrid."

"Obviously, Bob. What does her body look like?"

"I have no idea, Ingrid. Her clothes hide everything. Do you want to fight her?"

She glares at him, considers it an insulting question.

"Of course. Call this Mr. Anderson now and make arrangements for them to come to my arena."

Bob calls John Anderson. They talk for a few minutes and then he puts Anderson on hold.

"They want a neutral site, Ingrid."


"A secluded opening in a heavily wooded state park about midway between here and San Diego,"


"Three o'clock this afternoon."

"Fine. Tell them we'll be there."

Bob returns to the phone, grabs a pencil and a sheet of paper and writes down directions on how to get there.

Its another beautiful, warm spring day with no clouds, and a perfect, deep blue sky once you get away from the Los Angeles smog. The color of the sky matches Ingrid's eyes.

She's very quiet.

"Are you worried, Ingrid?"

Here eyes flash as she looks at Bob.

"Of course not. Why should I be?"

"You saw the horseshoe."

"Don't be stupid, Bob. They're just trying to psyche us out. If I can kill fifth degree black belts, horseshoe benders should be no problem. I'll wrap my thighs around her ribs like a boa constrictor and we'll be back home in time for dinner, three million dollars richer."

Ingrid is wearing a skirt down to her ankles. She reaches down and pulls it up to her waist, flexing the muscles in her legs to remind Bob of the power in her thighs. They are huge, massive, layer upon layer of solid steel. She stretches her legs out and tightens her muscles. As usual, her creamy, white skin seems to vanish leaving steel flesh and veins.

Bob stares so long he almost runs off the road. And he's aroused. There is a bulge in his pants.

Ingrid gently massages his erection for a moment, then stops.

"Save it until after I kill her, Bob. That's when you'll need it."

Bob relaxes and smiles. Ingrid is always so sexually aroused after she kills that he can barely keep up with her. His mind is already flashing ahead to later that afternoon, on the ground, in the woods, Ingrid's arms and legs wraped around him as his huge erection plunges deeply into her.

They arrive at the park and quickly go to a very secluded spot in the woods. Anderson's directions have been right on target. He and Maria are standing by his expensive Jaquar as Ingrid and Bob drive up.

There are the usual, brief introductions, hand shakes, a few minutes of small talk.

And then Ingrid "cuts to the chase".

"Maria. I have two conditions to all my fights. The first is we fight in the nude."

Maria and Anderson smile. John likes the sight of Maria's powerful body, has made love to her several times, has no objections to Bob and Ingrid seeing her nude.

A long pause. Maria and John stare at Ingrid, waiting.

"The second condition is that we fight to the death. Only one of us will leave here alive. I realize this is extreme and will have no disrespect for you if you don't accept. But I fight to the death, or I don't fight. Please think about this before you answer."

John and Maria are surprised. They look at each other for a moment and then walk into the woods to talk.

"I can beat her, John. You saw what I did to the horseshoe. The massive muscles in my arms can beat any woman. I've done it twenty times for you, and I can do it again today. She's challenged me and I must accept. If she wants to die, I will kill her. But John, I want a larger share of the money or more money. You've given me ten per cent. Raise it to twenty per cent or raise the bet. "

John thinks for a moment. He has confidence in Maria. He's seen her fight before and seen the incredible strength in her arms crush her opponents in a bear hug, watching the other woman's ribs and spine break. And John is a gambler or why would he be here risking three million dollars on a fight. He was already rich, and after Maria came into his life, he became even richer.

John comes from his conference with Maria.

"We accept your fight to the death, with one condition. We raise the bet from three million to five million dollars. Do you have the cash available.?"

A brief smile crosses Bob's lips. Happens every time. When we say "fight to the death" the bet goes up. Actually, we have ten millions dollars in the trunk of the car.

"Offer accepted, says Bob. Lets quickly count the money, put it all in the woods near this clearing and let our women fight to the death. " He has a pistol in his pocket, large caliber with a silencer. He's had Ingrid's opponents' sponsors turn on him before, when their women are dead and they're about to loose millions. Like their women, they are all dead.

The money is counted and Ingrid and Maria face each other.

Maria is wearing a skirt that stops just above the knees. Her calves are well defined, large, powerful. She kicks off her sandals, unbuttons the skirt and lets it fall to the leaves around her bare feet. She's not wearing panties. The muscles in her thighs are large, no match for Ingrid's, but very powerful. Her butt is beautiful. Two balls of solid muscle. Maria flexes the muscles in her legs and butt They bulge and strain at her skin. She stops, stares at Ingrid and slowly smiles.

"You will be the first woman I've ever killed, Ingrid. I could have killed the others, but it was not part of the game. Is it fun to kill, Ingrid? You say you always fight to the death and you're still alive, so you must know how it feels to kill. Have you ever thought about how it would feel to die?"

Ingrid's face is a mask. There is no trace of emotion. No response to Maria's taunts.

Maria's long, jet black hair has been in a tight bun at the back of her head. She releases it and lets it fall to her waist as her deep brown eyes flash at Ingrid.

The only thing left now is a large blouse with no bra underneath. She unbuttons the sleeves at the wrist and then quickly unbuttons the front. It parts slightly, but she doesn't pull it open. You can see part of her large breasts and a glimpse of her hard muscular stomach.

She pauses for a full minute, her dark eyes staring at Ingrid, her beautiful stomach muscles flexing and relaxing as she breathes. Ingrid stares back. She looks right through Maria, as if she were not even there.

Maria pulls the front of her blouse apart, takes it off her shoulders and lets it slide down her arms and fall to the leaves around her feet and skirt.

Ingrid pretends she doesn't notice, but Bob's eyes open wide. Now he knows how the horseshoe was bent so easily. Maria's arms are massive, not as large as Ingrid's thighs, of course. Legs are always larger and stronger than arms. But arms can be more useful. To grab, to punch, to strangle, to crush, to push, to pull.

Maria extends both arms parallel to the ground, then balls her hands tightly into fists. Her forearms turn to solid steel. Her skin seems to vanish. It's hard flesh and veins. It reminds Bob of Ingrid's thighs. Maria brings her fists down toward her elbows and incredibly large biceps spring beneath her forearms. Their size grows as the peaks rise higher. Her biceps are huge, as large as softballs, but there is nothing soft about them.

Maria's eyes show defiance as the gazes at Ingrid. She lowers her arms and flexes her triceps. Layer on layer of solid muscle bulges. Her forearms and biceps are huge, but her triceps, the muscles on the back of her arms, are enormous. She keeps tightening them until they swell to the size of some men's leg muscles. Then she relaxes.

"You know I can beat you, don't you, Ingrid? I will choke you. I will beat your face with my fist. I will crush your ribs and your spine. Leave your three milion dollars here. Go now and live or stay and fight me and die."

Ingrid smiles at Maria and takes off her blouse exposing her large breasts and upper body. She flxes the muscles in her back, shoulders and arms. Her arms are noticeably smaller than Maria's but still very muscular and powerful. Her skirt is riding high on her body. Only part of her stomach is exposed. She unbuttons the top of her skirt and lets it fall to the ground exposing the rest of her nude body.

She turns her back to Maria and rises on her toes. Her shapely, well defined calves bulge. Then she turns to the side and tightens the muscles in her massive thighs. The backs rise like biceps. She flexes the hard muscles in her beautiful, well shaped butt. She has turned to the side so John can see how perfectly round her butt is. A slow smile of apreciation shows on his face. Ingrid smiles back. This infuriates Maria, whose face reddens with rage. She faces Maria and tightens her thighs until layer after lawyer of solid steel bulges. Her inner thighs are so large she has to spread her legs slightly to accomodate them

Ingrid flexes the large muscles in her powerful stomach. As she tightens they become huge, a solid mass, hard as a rock.

There is hate in Maria's eyes. But Ingrid's eyes are gentle. She looks at Maria and speaks softly.

"Maria if you fight me, this is what will happen. I will wrap my enormous, steel legs around your ribs like a boa constrictor. Your ribs and be crushed. Your chest wall will collapse and your internal organs will rupture. Finally your heart will explode and blood will pour from your mouth. But you will not see this because by that time you will be unconscious. Take all your money and leave now. If you stay, my legs will not relax until you are dead."

Maria ignores the advice, quickly springs forward and grabs Ingrid in a bear hug pinning her arms to her side. She grips her right wrist with her left hand and her huge muscles turn to steel.

In all her fights, Ingrid has never felt such tremendous pressure. She can feel two ribs crack. She tries to bring her arms out of the grip to pound Maria in the face. She can't began to move them. Two more ribs crack. Ingrid doesn't panic. She's been in too many fights for that, knows that the fastest way to death is to panic.

Ingrid thrust her hips forward as best she can and arches her upper body foward slightly. Her powerful stomach muscles, that she's spent so much time working out, start to bluge. They force her back to the rear just enough for her to to begin to free her arms. To speed the process, she buries her head in Maria's breast and bites, ripping and tearing at the flesh.

Maria screams and releases the grip. Blood is streaming from her breasts and down her stomach. Ingrid's thighs bulge as she kicks Maria in the stomach. She doubles over. Ingrid kicks her in the stomach again. Maria falls to her knees. Ingrid kicks Maria in the ribs, cracking two of them. Maria is far from finished. On that kick, she grabs Ingrid's ankle and yanks her to the ground.

She draws back a massive arm, clinches her right fist and sends a vicious blow to her opponent's nose. After a fight with a fifth degree black belt, Ingrid has been taking lessons in martal arts. But so far, she's only a novice. She manages to duck some of the blow, roll with the rest of it. But Ingrid's arms are so powerful, even the glancing blow, although not breaking her nose, sends blood flowing from it, down her cheek and onto her breasts. With her left fist, Maria sends another vicious blow to Ingrid's mouth. Again she ducks, rolls with the punch but her lower lip burst, sending more blood down her neck, across her breasts and stomach.

Maria is still on top of Ingrid, graps her by the neck. Her foreams bulge as she tries to choke her to death. Both of Ingrid's arms are free and she sends a series of karate chops to her opponent's head. Maria is slightly stunned. She pushes Maria off her and gets to her feet.

Ingrid pulls a massive thigh to her chest and kicks toward Maria's face. Maria also has has some martial arts training and tries to move out of the way. But enough of Ingrid's foot catches Maria to send blood flowing from her nose. The leaves and dirt below the women is beginning to turn red with their blood.

Maria lunges at Ingrid, her sharp fingernails aimed at her opponents breasts. Ingrid tries to push Maria's arms to the side. But they are massive. They burst through and her nails rip into the large underside of Ingrid's breasts. Blood runs from Ingrid's breasts, down her stomach and legs and to the ground.

Ingrid and Maria grab eah other and fall to the leaves and dirt, each looking for an opening, a way to kill. The women roll over with the dirt and leaves sticking to the the blood on their bodies. They get up and look into each others eyes. Maria's brown eyes still flash with hate. Maria's deep blue eyes are still calm and she smiles at her opponent.

"You thought it would be easy, didn't you Maria. You thought your massive arms would kill me quickly." Ingrid's voice is very calm, almost a whisper. "I'm giving you one last chance to walk away with your money and your life. If you don't, I will kill you and just before you die you will beg me to spare your life. But it will be too late."

Maria looks at the woman standing in front of her. Her hate is so great, her focus to kill Ingrid so stong, she doesn't realize she is also covered with blood, leaves and dirt. She springs to Ingrid, slams her forearm into her face spinning her around.

Ingrid's back is to her and she draws her arms over her head, cliches both fists together and sends a pile driver blow to Ingrid's back. Ingrid sinks to her knees. The thinks she feels a vertebra shatter. Another pile driver blow and Ingrid falls over on her hands. Another and she's laying face down.

Maria leaps on Ingrid's back and wraps a massive right arm around her neck in a powerful choke hold. Her left hand grips her right wrist. The muscles in Maria's arms turn to steel. They are massive. Huge. The bicep on Ingrid's throat is larger than a softball. But nothing soft. Rock hard.

John Anderson does not smile. He's sure Maria is killing Ingrid. Some have escaped her powerful bear hug. But no opponent has ever broken the choke hold. There was something in Ingrid he admired that might have been used in a fight more important than this.

Ingrid never panics, even if she thinks she's near death. She uses the steel mucles in her thighs and gets to her feet with Maria on her back. Her elbows crash into Maria's ribs. The blows are powerful. Maria can feel a rib crack. This has never happened before. But it's happening now. A second rib cracks. Then a third. She releases the choke hold.

Ingrid spins to face Maria and quickly drives her foot deep into her gut. She sinks to her knees. Her stomach is hard, flat, muscular, but it can't take the blows driven by Ingrid's massive thighs. Ingrid sends a second kick, and a third. Maria rocks back on her butt and Ingrid sits down in front of her.

Ingrid grits her teeth, ignores the pain in her ribs, neck and back and quickly slides her thighs around Maria's ribs in a scissors hold. She leans back to avoid any blows to the face from Maria's arms and tightens her muscles.

It's not tight enough. Maria's massive arms push Ingrid's thighs from the waist down to the stomach. Maria leans forward and runs her sharp fingernails through the top of Ingrid's breasts down to the nipples. More blood flows and mixes with the leaves and dirt on the ground.

Ingrid increases the pressure of her massive legs on Maria's gut. Her stomach and intestines are being crushed. Maria throws her head back and a loud scream, mixed with pain comes from her lips. She leans forward again and graps Ingrid by the neck, sinking her sharp nails into her throat. Using her fists, Ingrid responds with two vicious blows to Maria's nose which breaks sending more blood across her body.

Maria leans forward again and sends blow after blow into Ingrid's battered face. Ingrid tries to grab Maria's arms, but they are to massive and keep hammering, opening cuts above Ingrid's eyes.

Maria is so intent on destroying Ingrid's face she ignores the massive thighs which quickly move from the stomach to the ribs.

A quick thought runs through Maria's mind. A boa constrickter. No! No! This can't be happening. And she starts to panic. The worst mistake. Panic saps your strength. Clouds your mind, your ability to think clearly. First she tries to use her massive arms to push Ingrid's legs down, away from her ribs. But this time Ingrid's grip is solid steel. She doesn't move an inch.

In desperation, Maria clasps both fist together and begins to hit Ingrid in the stomach like a sledge hammer. Ingrid tightens her gut into a a rock hard wall. But the blows are vicious. They make Bob and the pipe feel like a fly swatter. Her body shakes with each blow . She knows that in spite of her incredibly muscular stomach, she's probably suffering some damage to her internal organs. But she hangs on. The layers of muscle in her thighs rise higher as she applies more pressure.

Maria continues to pound away. Your ribs will be crushed. Your chest wall will collapse. It's happrning just like Ingrid said it would. Maria can hardly breathe. Her ribs are breaking. Her blows are becoming more feeble. They stop as her chest wall starts to collapse.

"Please no. Please don't kill me." The words from Maria's lips are very faint, barely audible.

It's too late, Maria.

Maria's internal organs start to burst. Her head drops forward as she passes out. Ingrid continues to tighten the grip in her huge thighs until they shake with fatigue, until Maria's heart explodes and blood pours from her mouth and onto Ingrid's legs.

Ingrid slowly gets up. The pain in her ribs, back and stomach is severe. She takes Maria's skirt, wipes the blood off her thighs, body and face and tosses the garment on the ground near her dead opponent.

Ingrid puts on her clothes, her body shaking with pain as Bob collects the five million dollars. John Anderson shakes Bob's hand. "She's quite a woman. One hell of a fighter. I didn't think there was a woman on the planet that could beat Maria and her massive arms."

"Ingrid is invincible, John. Nobody can beat her, says Bob." He heads for the car where Ingrid is already laying in the back seat, almost unconscious.

John Anderson likes to see women fight. He also likes his job as a member of the Bureau, a secret goverment agency. So secret only the President of the United States and his National Security Advisor know it exist. I think I've found another "Panther". Anderson's code name is "Raptor". He watches the car drive away, making a mental note of the license plate numbers.

Ingrid is laying on her bed, nude. Bob is running a wet towel over her battered face and ripped breasts. She smiles and slips in and out of consciousness. Her muscular body and the memory of the afternoon fight have aroused Bob. In spite of her condition, he can't help it. His pants bulge. Ingrid runs her hand gently over his erection and smiles. "Later, Bob." He continues to bathe her wounds until she falls into a deep sleep. He slumps in a chair in her den and soon is asleep himself.

About three hours later Ingrid is awakened by the sound of church bells. It always happens this way after a fight. She ignores the pain, puts on her clothes and walks to a small Catholic church near her home. She walks to the alter and for the first time can see and hear the priest.

"Do you want me to pray for you, Ingrid?"

How does he know my name?


"Can we kneel?"


The priest starts to pray, but Ingrid suddenly can't hear. She stares at the cross and sees a little girl. Is that me?

Ingrid quickly rises from the alter and leaves the church. She walks down the street and looks back. She knows the little girl is gone forever. Her life is commited to her body, sex, fighting and killing. She decides never to return to the church.

"Raptor?" A familiar voice on the phone.

"Yes, Mr. President."

"This mission is critical to prevent a terrorist organization from exploding a small nuclear devise in a major U.S. city. Are you sure you have selected the right Panther?"

"I'm sure, Mr. President."

"Keep me informed, Raptor."

"I will, Mr. President."

The line returns to a dial tone. be continued.

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