Even Stronger

by Alpesco

Our Amazonian blonde captor grows in power.

It was November, and we had been trapped on the isolated homestead of Karen Sandwood for over three months. Our days had become routine. Vince and I would get up at dawn, prepare breakfast, and then work through the day under the direction of our powerful blonde captor.

I was still shocked at the way the six foot two inch tall hitch-hiker had managed to overpower both me and my thirty eight year-old fiancee, Vince. That had been eight weeks ago, when we'd refused to put our vehicle at the twenty eight year-old's disposal. Not only had we been unable to subdue her, she had used her astonishing strength to administer a painful beating to us both. She had then driven us to this isolated farmstead high in the mountains somewhere near the Canadian border. We quickly found we were powerless to leave without her consent. And it was a consent that she didn't seem inclined to give.

Sandwood walked into the clearing in her trademark heavy jeans. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, and she wore dark sunglasses against the morning sun. Above the tight blue jeans hung a cropped, sleeveless top of the type she loved to wear to display her powerful arms and swelling shoulder muscles. Her lean, athletic body seemed to radiate strength. It widened from a slender, washboard waist to broad, thickly-muscled shoulders and immensely long, powerful arms, which looked big even on her six feet two inch frame. Her legs were no less impressive, the heavy material of her jeans stretched skin-tight across flaring thigh muscles. I watched the muscles ripple beneath her jeans as she walked toward a heavy old upright refrigerator which had been placed against a length of bare rockface. The refrigerator stood six feet six inches high. It was three feet square and made of heavy duty steel. As I watched, Sandwood draped three thick blankets over the top of the freezer and tied them in place with canvas strips.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I feel I need a little more exercise," she gave a grin.

Karen had already done an hour and a half of hard training this morning. But she clearly felt like more. Stepping back, she drew her hands into twin heavy fists, then she let rip with a sequence of fast, powerful punches.

CRUMP. KRUMP! KRAMM! KROOMM! KROOOMMP! The noise was asonishing as her angular fists slammed through the blankets into the thick metal. The harsh impacts rang around the clearing, each blow sounding like a sledgehammer dropping forty feet on to a ship's hull. The huge fridge crashed noisily into the rock wall behind it, scraping backward across hard gravel.

I watched, astonished, wondering how long Karen could keep on powering in those huge punches. Each blow hit with shattering force. I began to hear creaks and groans from the thick metal door, and the sound of crashing interior shelves and clattering fittings. A section of coolant piping tore away from the back to fall onto stony ground, but she just kept on slamming those massive punches in, time after time, with the same undiminished power. KROOM. KROOM! KRUMP! KROOMM! KAROOMMM!

"Doesn't that hurt your fists?" I shouted to her over the immense noise.

She shook her head. "I toughened them up when I was a teenager, breaking planks and old wooden doors."

Sandwood's arm and shoulder muscles bunched and rippled far across her back as they powered in her blows. Even beneath the blanket wrapping I could now see the metal of the refrigerator cave and bend. The six foot door began to buckle deeply. A huge punch smashed the whole refrigerator back against the rock. The metal screamed as a dozen varying-sized chunks broke off the rear to clatter to the ground. Another blow, every bit as powerful, hit the old refrigerator dead center. With a loud groan the big door buckled inward by a full eight inches, and to the ping of snapping metal struts, it fell off and crumpled to the ground.

"Perhaps that's enough." Karen halted her onslaught,looking on with a smirk as she unveiled the ruined fridge. Nothing was left but twisted, broken metal. The destruction had been absolute! Not one straight piece of usable metal remained, the shelves and icebox had been smashed to fragments along with the inner lining and all of the fittings. The metalwalls were dented and deeply buckled, fit only for scrap. The whole 150 pound refrigerator looked like it had suffered a direct hit from a speeding truck!

"You hit so hard, Karen!" I gasped.

"I like to hit heavy." Karen admired her clenched fist. "It's good to see my punches are growing more effective." She turned to look at me and Vince. "The two of you should have finished in the house by now." She focussed on the work we had been doing. "I want you both to start bringing in the vegetables. We'll need a good store for the winter."

"The winter?" Vince said. "We need to leave here well before winter, or we'll be snowed-in for months. You've got to take us back to civilization!"

"I've told you," Karen frowned. "That subject is closed. I said that I didn't want it mentioned again!"

"We're sorry, Karen...' I began, attemting to avoid antagonizing her.

"You can't just order us to say nothing..." Vince broke in.

"I can order you to do whatever I choose," Sandwood said. "I rule here, and you do exactly what I say." To emphasize her point she stretched her long, heavy arms out wide. Then she flexed them. I gave an involuntary gasp of awe, every bit as impressed each time she did this. I stared in wonder as the huge muscles balled, swelled and grew ever larger along her arms. Her biceps were outrageous! Towering, rock hard, almost as big as her face, those monstrous hills of muscle looked as if nothing could restrain them.

"Wow!" I gasped.

Karen allowed her face to grow a fraction less irritable. I was sure that she enjoyed the powerful effect that her muscles had on me. Their size and power made my senses spin. Like over-ripe melons, the swelling biceps made her twenty-six inch waist look even smaller than it was.

Looking reduced in the shadow of this tall, powerful amazon, Vince was suddenly subdued.

"All of my instructions are to be obeyed completely," Sandwood said, maintaining that awesome double flex. "There's only one person in charge here, and that's me."

I said nothing. In a strange, upside-down way Karen was right. She was in total control here. There were no police, no judges, and no-one who lived anywhere around seemed to have the power to stop her doing whatever she wanted. Most of the isolated farmsteaders nearby seemed to share Sandwood's ideas about surviving in these mountains while civilisation broke down in the world outside.

"You can't just keep us here for as long as you feel like it.." Vince objected.

"What's going to stop me?" Karen said with a frown. Taking a half step forward, she simply picked Vince up in her densely-muscled arms.

I gasped as in one smooth movement, her long arms swept my 38 year-old fiancee right off his feet, cradling his 220 pound bodyweight with ease.

Vince gave a moan of surprise, then fell silent as Sandwood's strong arms held him perfectly still, four feet above the ground. Saying nothing, she maintained this cradle for several long moments. Then slowly she took her left arm away, supporting his entire weight in just her powerful left arm.

I gasped again. This tall young woman's strength was orgasmic! No wonder she was in such absolute command of this place. Watching me, she slowly raised her freed right arm and flexed it, balling the huge bicep as she raised it higher. I watched, transfixed, as she made it swell and swell.

"Oh!" I gasped as the muscle grew and hardened, feeling tremors of sensation flood through me. "You're so strong!"

Karen looked back at me, holding the impressive flex as Vince writhed in discomfort, his body bent backward over her powerful left arm. I could hardly believe that one strong arm was all that supported his entire bodyweight. But Karen seemed to be giving all her attention to the other as its huge bicep hardened into a pale, dense cannonball that seemed to radiate power. "Pretty solid, huh?" She gave me a grin, knowing exactly what her enormous power was doing to me inside. Then she began to alternately tense and relax the towering muscle, making it dance rhythmically.

Watching that huge muscle rise and fall was hypnotic. I could not draw my eyes away from that single large, powerful muscle as Karen toyed with it, making it change shape, expand, diminish, and then swell massively again for her pleasure.

"That's just so awesome!" I said hoarsely.

She gave a wry smile, making the outsize bicep rise to an even more mountainous peak. Her arm trembled slightly as the bowling-ball sized mound of muscle grew still harder, towering high and wide, stretching the smooth skin taut. The huge muscle hid most of her face, and looked as if it had been hewn out of granite. I felt Karen studying my face, watching my involuntary reaction. "Oh!" I felt my whole body shiver.

All the while, Karen's left arm remained firmly wrapped beneath my five foot ten inch tall boyfriend's lower back, taking his entire weight. He was just a prop for this display of her overwhelming strength. Moaning, he began to writhe and wriggle.

"Stay still," the tall twenty-eight year-old ordered, her blonde hair shimmering in the breeze.

Slowly relaxing the massive flex of her right arm, she replaced it beneath Vince's body. Using both arms now, she raised the older man by ten years, easily through nearly two feet, stopping when he was level with her shoulders. The movement rolled his body over on to one side, so that it faced her. The smoothness of the motion made it look as if his 220 pound body had no weight at all. As he rose higher, her lower body was exposed beneath him, her narrow waist rising out of her jeans like a tree trunk before broadening to a rippling lower torso. She looked incredibly strong! Vince seemed like a toy to her.

Still supporting his weight, her hands moved again, clamping about Vince's underarm and his upper thigh. He gave a grunt of discomfort as Karen's long fingers tightened their grip.

"What are you doing?" he asked nervously.

"This." Tilting her head slightly backward, the twenty-eight year-old blonde began to press her arms smoothly upward. And Vince began to rise with them!

"Aaaaaahhhh!" he moaned as his body was forced up toward the sky.

I gasped in awe as the 220 pound man began to rise effortlessly. Within moments he was highabove Karen's head, and still moving higher. I watched as his entire bodyweight was pressed over eight feet high by the tall young woman's appallingly powerful arms!

Sandwood gave a triumphant curl of her lip as she locked her long arms straight. There was no defeating them now. They were like marble pillars, holding Vince's body perfectly horizontal. The 220 pound man was stretched like a log across the 'V' of her extended arms. Powerful shoulder muscles bunched and gathered to boulder-hardness as they held her arms in place. Most impressive of all, the twenty-eight year-old showed not the smallest sign of strain. She held the heavy, five foot ten figure above her head as if he weighed no more than a sack of leaves. Holding him like this for a full minute, she looked up, inspecting his outstretched body from one end to the other, as if she was checking a strip of two by four for faults. Having done this, she turned slowly around in a full circle as if displaying his body to the trees and mountaintops. Pausing briefly, she did it again, in reverse. Then she halted, still keeping him held high above her head, her narrow waist taut and rippling as her long body stretched upward.

The power radiating from this tall, beautiful twenty-eight year-old was overwhelming. Her strength set all my senses reeling. Feeling my knees go weak, I stumbled giddily backward, to fall to my knees in the damp grass.

"Put me down!" Vince cried, half in anger, half in fear, beginning to writhe and struggle as he tried to free himself from Karen's steely grip.

"Don't struggle!" I shouted. "You'll fall!"

"He won't fall," Karen's voice was strong and confident, her long arms barely rocking as they held the writhing 220 pound man outstretched above her head. "I'm far too strong. But I told him to be quiet..." She drew a breath, letting the squared muscles ripple across her narrow stomach. "And your boyfriend has to learn that I mean what I say..." She let her big arms bend, lowering Vince slowly back down to chest height. Sinuous muscles rippled along her arms as they swivelled his body around through ninety degrees to place him back on his feet. He gave a deep gasp of relief - but only for a second.

Disengaging from his shoulder and upper thigh, Karen's hands moved upward to grasp him about the neck, her fingers clamping firmly just beneath his chin. I saw a rippling and thickening of her powerful triceps muscles as both arms began to press upward once more.

I should have known what was going to happen. I knew how appallingly strong Sandwood was. I had seen how much power her long, bronzed arms possessed. But I was still shocked to see Vince's neck stretch upward as her linked hands rose. He gave a squawk of alarm as his whole body was stretched between the opposing forces of gravity and Sandwood's powerful arms.

And Karen's arms seemed to be winning. As they continued to press remorselessly upward. Vince's body continued to extend, as more and more of his weight was taken by his neck. I gasped as he rose to tip-toe, and then his feet finally lifted right off the ground, his entire weight suspended from his neck!

I stared in horror as Vince's body continued to rise higher and higher! Within moments Karen's arms were fully extended once more, stretched vertically over eight feet high, with Vince suspended from her linked hands! He coughed and spluttered, gasping for air, his feet kicking weakly as they dangled nearly three feet above the ground. My mouth dropped open. I gasped and gasped again. The enormity of Sandwood's strength was shocking! Surely no one deserved to have this much power - especially this deeply-misguided young woman! But Sandwood clearly had that power, and she was showing she had no qualms about using it to impose her agenda. She was suspending a man ten years older than her, and at least thirty pounds heavier, in a raised choke-hold!

Vince was even more shocked than I was, his hands desperately clinging to her forearms in an attempt to ease the terrible pressure on his neck. He was writhing and squirming at the end of Karen's upraised arms. All her training and exercise had made her mind-numbingly strong! Even watching, I couldn't believe how strong she was! She gave a grim half-smile. Her arms didn't even seem to feel the weight! They looked as if they could go on carrying it for ever!

Vince however looked terrible. He was coughing and squirming. spluttering and choking, desperately trying to ease the pressure on his neck.

"You just don't seem to learn." Karen's voice was low and steady. "My authority here is absolute."

"Please stop!" Vince choked out the words, barely able to breathe. His body twisted painfully. His face was bright red.

"Your only way out of this hold is if my arm muscles weaken... or if I choose to let you down." She shook out her blonde hair. "Neither of those are about to happen any time soon." As if to demonstrate, she stretched her long arms to their limit, raising him a couple of inches higher.

He was kicking and gasping desperately now, his face dark purple as her strong fingers clamped around his neck just beneath the jaw. Dense muscles rippled and flickered along her arms.

"You're killing him!" I screamed, not daring to touch her. In truth, half of me was fearful for Vince, while the other half was involuntarily turned-on by Karen's enormous power.

"I don't think so," Karen said calmly. "He's not worth the effort. But he has to learn to end his insubordination and seek my forgiveness for his ingratitude. I've done a big favor to both of you by bringing you here. You repay me by working hard, and by obeying all my instructions." Her arms were relentless. They still showed not the slightest sign of giving way. Sandwood's strength was appalling!

"Please. Please!" Vince gurgled.

"I still feel surprisingly strong," Sandwood said, keeping her arms upstretched. "My recent training is having results. I can keep you up there for as long as I want."

"Let him go, Karen, please!" I begged. "We'll obey all your rules and do everything you say!"

"I need to be sure that I can trust you," Karen said, still holding her squirming victim high above her. "So, tell me," she looked up at his contorted face; "Who is the sole authority here?"

"You are!" Vince choked in desperation.

"That's right," the appallingly strong young woman nodded as his body writhed and squirmed helplessly at the end of her muscular arms. "Next - Are you going to respect my authority and obey all my rules."

"Yes. YES!!" Vince gurgled. "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry for questioning you!"

"All right." Karen said. "I'll give you one more chance." With no further warning, she simply released her grip. Vince gave a cry of alarm as he fell straight down. There was a heavy crump as his legs buckled beneath him, and he fell sideways, onto a patch of scrubby grass. He was gasping for air, shocked, bruised and trembling.

Karen looked down at him, linking her fingers as she stretched her thickly-muscled arms out in front of her. This had just been a demonstration. She hadn't even used her arms to hit him this time, and we both knew what terrifying punches they could deliver. Even so, he still looked a wreck.

Drawing a breath, she took off her sunglasses and placed them in her back pocket. "All that your rebelliousness has done," she said, "is to strengthen me in my decision. You'll both stay here until you can prove to me that you are fully trustworthy." She raised her hands a little so that we could both see the huge biceps on her arms begin to grow round and prominent once more. "Do you understand me?"

We both nodded, utterly defeated by her strength.

"Good. And now I'm going to do something to help you both adapt to your new life here. I'm changing your names."

"What?" we said together.

"You heard me," Sandwood focussed her gaze on us both. Her eyes were intense and steely blue. "From today," she looked at Vince. "Your name is Karl. That is your only name from now on." She turned her gaze on me. "And from now on your name will be Rosa. You'll both take my last name, Sandwood. I'll call you my cousins."

"Are you serious?" Vince said.

"Very." Sandwood moved her dominating arms once more, causing Vince to shudder. "Karl and Rosa are your names now," she repeated. "They are your only names." She looked at Vince. "So... What is your name?"

Vince coughed. His neck was badly bruised, and he was still desperately trying to recover from Sandwood's choke hold. He had no answer whatsoever to Karen's oppressive strength. "K... Karl..." he gasped weakly.

"Good." She nodded. "And yours?" She looked at me.

"Rosa," I said. "But..."

"No buts," Karen frowned. "I've made up my mind. Your only names are Karl and Rosa. You don't even think anything else."

"But I don't want to lose my name..." I pleaded.

"You haven't lost your name." Karen fixed me with her dominating gaze. "I've given you your name, and it is Rosa."

"Yes, Karen." I couldn't oppose her will.

She raised her right arm and slowly flexed it, examining the massive, explosively powerful bicep. It looked bigger than ever as it towered up, rock hard.

"Wow!" I gasped, feeling myself going weak at the knees. "That's magnificent!"

"It splits the tape at eighteen inches now," she said with satisfaction. "Here in these mountains I'm getting stronger all the time. Feel it." She ordered.

I cupped my hand around the rounded peak of her enormous bicep.

"It's so hard!" I gasped. It was humbling to realize that each one of her arms probably held more power than my entire body. I remembered her lifting me high with just that one arm. The flexed bicep was so large that I could hardly get my hand over the swelling muscle belly. Sandwood looked pleased by my reaction. Then she hardened her flex, and the big bicep swelled again,

"Ow!" I cried as the huge muscle forced my fingers apart. It was like a rock expanding and growing harder at the same time. It was irresistable. "Your arms are like granite! They're wonderful!"

"Good," Sandwood said. "Now repeat your name."

"Rosa," I said, feeling utterly helpless against our captor's seemingly overwhelming power. Whatever she said was law here. There was no contradicting her. I hadn't dreamt she could change my name, but it seemed she could do anything she wanted to here.

Sandwood nodded. "This change will give you both a new start. It will help you fit into your new lives. Now both of you will repeat your names a hundred times out loud. Say 'I am Karl', or 'I am Rosa'. Say the words slowly, and keep count of the repetitions on your fingers. When you've each done a full hundred, you can go back to work."

I nodded as we did what Karen ordered. Repeating the words a hundred times was like some magic that drove the names into us. From then on we were Karl and Rosa, Sandwood's dependant cousins. She made us answer to our new names, and gave us other sessions of repeating them fifty, a hundred, and even two hundred times. Karl, still hoarse and hurting from the tall twenty-eight year-old's choke hold, was not his normal rebellious self. And even when we seemed to be out of Karen's earshot I always used our new names. Karen seemed uncannily able to find out whenever we disobeyed her. After a few days it became second nature to me to be Rosa.

And Sandwood was right. Thinking of myself as Rosa made me forget my old life more and more. It seeemed pointless to resist Karen's dominant will. She was so strong in every way. If we did what she wanted, things would go well. If we didn't, she had a dozen different ways to punish us. She could suspend our meals, make us work longer hours, lock us outside in the storm-cellar, give us particularly unpleasant tasks, or make us lie still and silent until she ordered us to move. There was no future in opposing her in anything. In fact she was gaining a tighter and tighter command over us. She could restrain or punish us with a word. In a way Sandwood's power was oppressive. She had absolute control. But I found that I quite enjoyed the simplicity of just being Rosa, living in these mountains and performing the tasks Karen gave us. There were no choices, no worries, just the simplicity of doing whatever Sandwood ordered. Karl winced at his new name for a day or two, but he had no choice but to accept it.

A few days later, the first thin coating of snow fell on the farmstead clearing. "Soon we'll be completely isolated." Karen said. "I like that. Today we go up the mountain to collect some winter herbs."

Karl grumbled but followed as Karen led the way by rocky paths toward heights where the trees grew short and scraggly. "You'll collect these," she showed us some samples. "I want a basket full from each of you. Now go."

It was an hour later when I saw Karen say something to Karl who was scavenging about 300 yards away. Then, as she came toward me, there was a sudden low snarl. I looked around, shocked to see that a lagre mountain lion had appeared round the corner of the ledge! It was staring directly at me.

"Stay still!" Sandwood hissed. "I'll take care of it!"

Before the cougar had seen her, Karen leapt and threw herself on its back, snaking her left arm around its neck. The big bicep swelled as her forearm tightened around its throat. At the same time her long, powerful legs clamped around its body, gripping tightly and beginning to squeeze. Startled by the sudden assault, the creature snarled and roared trying to throw its assailant off and turn upon her. But Karen was amazingly strong. Her body was like steel, her muscular arms holding the huge head tight while her legs pinned its body in place. I watched in disbelief as the long sleek muscled legs crushed and squeezed.

"What are you trying to do?" I cried.

"I'm not trying anything," Karen said. Breathing hard, she freed her long right arm, while still maintaining the steely choke-hold with her left. "I'm going to have to put it down."

"What?" I yelled in disbelief.

Her right arm continued to stretch upward, extending high above the writhing creature. Corded muscles, rippled along its length. "I'm going to put it down," she repeated as the fingers of her upraised right hand drew purposefully together to form a fist.

"How..." I began.

Before I could finish the question, a single massive punch tore into the cougar, smashing into the rear side of its head. The sudden huge blow sent the large head crashing to one side, grinding against the rocky ground.

The creature gave a roar of shock and pain. For a moment I was nonplussed. The blow had hit so hard and fast that I had not connected it with Sandwood at all. But as I watched the long, muscular arm stretch high again, the realization was inescapable. It was Sandwood's arm that had delivered that fearsomely powerful punch! I was startled to see that the mountain lion now seemed disorientated. It was slumped on its stomach with Karen still on top of it, squirming and snarling as Karen's powerful legs continued to crush its rib cage.

KRRUMMMPPP! A second monstrous punch crashed in to the creature's head. The blow was so fast that I saw its effect rather than the impact as Karen's right fist slowly disengaged. The blow was shockingly hard, I heard the lion's skull rattle and its teeth snap together with the massive force of the impact. Even knowing how strong Sandwood was, I was shocked by the sheer power of the steelhammer blows that she could inflict. They seemed to come out of nowhere, generating a truly explosive force. I stared, watching the big muscles of her arms and shoulders bunch and harden as she drew back that muscular arm once more. Both blows had hit fearsomely hard, each sounding like a fifty pound sledgehammer crashing heavily into its target.

I almost felt sorry for the mountain lion as it soaked up those two brutal punches. Its resistance already seemed more than half-broken by the devastatingly powerful blows of the young woman who hung on to its back.

Only now did I I notice the broad trail of blood streaming from the trapped mountain-lion's mouth. The blonde's two huge punches had been loaded with power. Both had landed on the right side of its head, just behind the eye, and it seemed that they had done considerable unseen internal damage. Yet because of the steely grip of Sandwood's three other limbs, the big cat could barely move. A strangled, choking growl emerged from between clenched teeth. I half-expected it to turn and rend her, but sandwood's grip was so fierce that it was unable to turn. Her incredibly powerful body was holding it still - and the six foot two, twenty-eight year-old, still seemed full of strength.

Karen gave a frown as her long right arm rose again, and this time she hauled it back even farther than before. Her whole body seemed to twist twist upward, raising the big arm over three feet high. Thick muscles rippled as it gained the maximum room in which to move and generate power. Her eyes narrowed slightly. Then...

KRRRAAACKKKOOOM! Sandwood's stone-hard fist crashed home yet again. This time at the base of the creature's skull. I couldn't believe the force with which it impacted! I hadn't imagined that anyone could produce anything heavier than those first two blows. But this one went right off the scale! It was so explosive. I shook. The blow tore in like a meteor strike, driven by all the muscles of Sandwoods torso, shoulders and long heavy arm. As it struck home, I heard the dull crunch of breaking bone. The sound came from somewhere deep in the skull as her solid fist crashed in. There was a continuing rasping crackle as if bone had not just broken but shattered into fragments beneath that awesome impact.

Her face grim, Sandwood let her long arm rise once more, its fist still clenched tight. The white knuckles were smeared with blood now. Splashes of it decorated her forearm. More blood ran down the cougar's head, streaming through matted fur from the site of the impact.

The creature was still, it's sull looking strangely distorted. It was still breathing, but its resistance seemed to have completely ceased. Its breath came in weak, croaking rasps.

"I can't believe you can hit so hard!" I gasped.

"When I really concentrate," Sandwood said, "I can punch up a torm." Her right arm hung poised as if she was preparing to strike again. "My arms are very strong. On a good day, I can kill a full-grown hog with just One hit."

"Wow!" I gasped. "What now?"

"The three puches I've put in have split open the skull," Karen said, studying the large animal beneath her. "I could put in another big one, but if I do, it's going to get real messy. So I'll just do this..." Sandwood's left arm crept further round the cougar's neck, she squeezed tighter, her big arm constricting as it choked and throttled

My mouth dropped open as the huge bicep swelled. I stared as the cougar's head was forced further and further back! The animal gave a muffled squeak. Then I heard the bones cracking in its neck as Karen's powerful forearm forced its head steadily back. Karen's bicep looked like a football as it swelled to an even bigger harder immensity. Her will was like an irresistable force.

CRACK! CRRRACKKK! CRRAACCCKKKK! Bones ripped apart as the huge head was bent even farther backward. There was a final lurch, and suddenly there was no more resistance. The big animal spasmed and went completely limp. Karen's mighty left arm twisted the ruined head even farther back. Then it relaxed. "It's dead," she said. as she uncoiled her long limbs, stretched them, and then rose to her feet. The cougar stayed still.

She stood straight, shaking out the long arm that had broken the far heavier creature's neck. "My right arm did most of the job with those three big hits," she explained. "Then I just used my left to break its neck." She flexed. The awesome bicep swelled again, as mighty and untouched as before.

"That's such a powerful arm!" I felt giddy again as wave after wave of almost orgasmic intensityflooded through me. I almost swooned with the astonishing strength of my reaction to Sandwood's power. Watching me,, she flexed again. The power in that arm made me drop to my knees

"I'm pretty strong." Sandwood said. "Now let's just make one hundred percent sure it's dead."

She fell on to one knee behind the body of the huge creature. Her arms reached forward to grasp one foreleg and one hind leg. Then she stood. I gasped as she dragged the 350 pound carcase right up off the ground to hang from her hands. She gave a slight frown as her big biceps began to swell, hauling the lion up to shoulder height in front of her. I was transfixed by her strength. She held the 350 pound creature there while the thick muscles rippled along her arms. Then, without warning, she slammed the creature down, simultaneously falling onto her left knee while leaving the right outstretched. Hurled downward with all the power of her long arms, the lion's back crashed into the top of her outstretched knee. The force of the impact bent the huge body backward over Sandwood's dense right leg. There was a loud, ripping crack as the body bent completely backward across her knee to hang like a limp rag! I gasped. Sandwood had just snapped the big lion's back over her knee like a rotten branch!

"Oh!" An unbelievable orgasmic thrill surged through me at Sandwood's power. Here was the mighty king of beasts, and Sandwood was breaking it apart with her powerful body!

Karen stood up, letting the loose body slip off her knee to the stony ground. She stood tall, looking down at the ruined body. Her right hand was bloody, but otherwise her magnificent body was completely unharmed, every bit as strong as before.

"Karen!" I gasped. "You destroyed it! You're like Superwoman. You're amazing!"

"I guess so." Karen gave another massive flex. Then she reached into her pocket and threw me a digital camera. "I want you to take some shots."

"Pity we missed that awesome feat of strength," I said.

"You may have missed one," Karen grinned, "but I'm still feeling pretty strong. You didn't think that took everything out of me, did you?"

"What do you mean..."

Stooping, she forced her arms beneath the three fifty pound cougar, then she lifted it right up off the ground once more. Standing straight, she held the big body cradled at almost shoulder height in front of her.

"Wow!" I took a couple of shots.

"I'm not finished yet." Karen rearranged her hands, gripping the body of the cougar close to its fore and back legs. She grimaced slightly. Then, with a single push of her long arms, she simply powered it overhead!

I almost fainted as I saw the twenty-eight year-old blonde standing tall with the huge mountain lion suspended high above her head, hanging from her outstretched arms!

"Is that enough of a feat of strength for you?" she asked.

"Yes" I gasped, staring at her rippling arms as they supported the huge weight. " Wow! That's just amazing! You're so powerful! Wow! Wow! Wow!"

"Okay," she said. "When you've stopped swooning over how strong I am: Take the picture."

I did.