Amy makes her boyfriend her slave.

By Crohnsman2

Dennis neglects Amy on their one year dating Anniversary, so she beats him senseless and turns him into her slave.

The phrase in this story...Pythonic pillars of passionate persuasion... comes from Bill Wick of Bill Wick Videos. He was kind enough to give me permission to use it. I thought it sounded great.

Amy is a very happy young lady today. It is the one year Anniversary of dating between her and her boyfriend Dennis. He is picking her up at 1:00 today and taking her to a movie, then dinner, and finally to a party at a friends house later on tonight. She is really excited and can't wait for him to show up. She wasn't even giving George, her 400 pound heavyweight wrestler slave any problems today. She had beaten him senseless and out wrestled him, and now he is totally afraid of her and does her bidding.

George was sitting at her Dinning room table right now doing her home work. Amy came into the room to see if he had done all of his chores. Actually, they were Amy's chores, but she made him do them for her. Her Father was always gone on business trips, and her Mother was always at some Social or Charity function, so Amy had a list of chores she was supposed to do. Amy made him come over every Saturday and do her chores and home work for her. After all, that's what a slave is for, to order around and make you happy.

"George, have you emptied the dish washer and put the dishes away?" "Yes Miss Amy." "Did you clean up the kitchen, dust the furniture, vacuum the floors, and take out the trash?" "Yes Miss Amy." "Good boy George. Now finish my home work and you may go." "Yes Miss Amy." Amy went back to her bedroom to brush her beautiful shoulder length light brown hair. It was close to the time for Dennis to pick her up.

Something was wrong. 1:00 o'clock had passed, and it was nearly 2:00. Amy was frantic trying to find out where Dennis was. She had called most of their friends, and hadn't found him yet. She was worried he might have been in an accident, so she called the Hospitals, but he wasn't in any of them. She was really beginning to worry, because he wasn't answering his cell phone either.

At 3:15 the phone rang and Amy jumped to answer it. George heard the conversation, and felt sad for her. "He knew this was a special day to me. Why did he get drunk." There was a brief period of silence while she listened. "So he's passed out on your sofa? Can't you wake him up?" Another pause.."DAMN".."DAMN" .."DAMN".."ARRRGGGHHHH!" "When he wakes up, you tell him I am very upset with his drunken ass." She slammed down the phone and ran to her bedroom crying.

George could hear her crying, and felt really bad. He went to her door and gently opened it. "Are you alright Miss Amy?" "GET OUT GEORGE AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" He started to close the door and leave, but changed his mind. He would probably get a beating for this, but he was going to tell her what he thought. He burst through the door, before he lost his courage and walked into her room.

"You can beat me all you want Miss Amy, but I'm going to tell you how I feel. You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen in my life, and Dennis should be glad he has you. He should treat you like a queen, instead of the way he does. I wish I was more handsome and the type of guy you could go for, because I would treat you like a Goddess. I'm very sorry you are sad, and I wish there was something I could do to make you happy again."

Amy climbed off of her bed and walked toward the large muscular boy. He closed his eyes and scrunched up his face, waiting for the punch he knew was coming. A few seconds later, he opened one eye to see why she hadn't hit him yet. She was standing there staring at him. She reached up with her hands and he tightly closed his eyes again, waiting to feel the pain. She took his large head in her small hands and brought it down to kiss his fore head.

"You're very sweet George. I wish Dennis was more like you." "Well, why don't you make him that way Miss Amy?" "What?" "I weigh 400 pounds and you beat me like I was a two year old. I know Dennis is more athletic, but he's only about half my size. You could take him easy Miss Amy. Then he would obey you like I do, so you wouldn't beat him anymore. I know you could make him as afraid of you as I am. Then your problem would be solved. You command, he obeys, just like me."

She stood and looked at him for a minute, then a large smile spread over her beautiful face. "George, you're not as dumb about life issues as I thought. In fact, you're rather smart. That's an excellent idea. I did feel so powerful when I put you in your place. And I have wanted that powerful feeling back. Beating Dennis to a pulp and making him my slave, would be just the thing to get it. Thank you George, I do feel better".."SMACK!".."that's for not minding me, now get out." "Yes Miss Amy."

A little after 8:00 o'clock that night, Dennis showed up. He was being as nice as he could be, because he knew she was pissed off at him. So it was easy for Amy to set her trap for the athletic fool. She was dressed in a cute yellow short outfit with yellow socks and tennis shoes. "Would you take these shoes off for me honey, my feet seem to be hurting today."

Normally Dennis wouldn't do something like that. With his 6 foot, 1 inch frame, and 202 pounds of athletic muscle, he didn't want anyone thinking he was a wimp. But he wanted to get back on Amy's good side, so he agreed to do it. She laid down on the bed and he sat at her feet and removed her shoes. "Take my socks off too, will you sweety." He had a scowl on his face, because this really made him look like he was pussy whipped, but he consented and removed her socks as well.

"Would you rub my feet for me baby, they really hurt." "THAT" he wouldn't do. "Now wait just a minut" that's as far as he got with his refusal because Amy had quickly raised her gorgeous legs and wrapped them around his neck. He screamed out in pain as she applied pressure to the hold, crushing his head and cutting his breathing off. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING AMY?" "I'm teaching you a lesson wimp. And that's not all I'm going to teach you tonight." "SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH BOY, AND KEEP IT SHUT!"

Amy smiled at the look on his red face as she squeezed his head in her pythonic pillars of passionate persuasion. His screams became gurgling sounds as he beat on her strong legs trying to free himself. She was enjoying herself, because as soon as her legs went around his head, the feeling of great power returned. Her 5 foot, 89 pound body was tingling already. God bless Georgie boy. She should have thought of this herself.

She could have finished him right then. Squeeze him until he passed out and then pin his sleeping body to the bed and beat him into submission. But she wanted him to know that he had every chance to win before she beat him senseless and made him hers. That would break his spirit, bend his will and drain his courage. Then he would obey her every command out of fear. She was going to have fun making him docile and obedient, while she felt powerful and invincible.

Amy released him and climbed off of the bed. She stood in the middle of the floor, waiting for him to recover. He was holding his throat while he coughed and gagged, trying to get his breath to come normally. Soon he was breathing correctly and sat up on the bed. "What the hell is wrong with you Amy. Have you lost your fucking mind?" "No Dennis. In fact I've found it. I finally realised George is right. You treat me like shit, and today I'm going to change that."

"So George is behind all of this huh? I'm going to beat that fat fuck to death when I get my hands on him." "George isn't behind anything you moron. He has always said you didn't treat me right, and after the stunt you pulled today, I understand just what he is talking about. You brought this on yourself boy. But after I'm through with you today, I'll never have to worry about it again. You will obey me or get a very bad beating until I'm satisfied you will obey."

"Now get your lying, untrustworthy ass up here so I can start your slave training." "Slave training? You must be joking? I don't want to have to hurt you Amy. But if you don't come to your senses and knock this shit off, you'll leave me no choice but to kick you ass." "I won't knock any shit off, but I will be knocking you out. Now put up your fists and lets get started." Dennis walked toward her with his arms down. He couldn't really believe she was going to go through with this ridiculous idea.

"Amy, you can't be serious about this."..SMACK..pain shot through his eye from her right cross. "Does that convince you wimp? Now shut your mouth and fight, or I'll beat you where you stand." "You fucking bitch. I'll tear your fucking head off for that. You messed up by fucking with the wrong guy bitch. Your ass is mine now." "Since you won't quit running that big mouth of yours, I guess I'll have to shut it for you. You'll learn to keep it shut until I let you talk."

Dennis came out swinging. He had heard enough of her mouth, and that punch to his eye had hurt and pissed him off. Time to make her pay. Amy dodged a right cross, a left hook and a right roundhouse while smiling. When the roundhouse missed, she seen an opening..SMACK..SMACK..his lips were busted, and his other eye felt pain. Really pissed now, Dennis let fly with a bevy of hard punches to end her craziness. They were all avoided easily.

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..she noticed that her punches were way to fast for him to dodge. Yes, this was going to be easy, she thought to herself. And fun too..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Dennis didn't know how she was doing it, but he couldn't seem to hit her or get away from her punches. And they were beginning to sting. Another string of hard heavy handed punches were thrown by the muscular athlete, and they too were evaded. Amy smiled and took it to him.

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK.."Still think I'm joking little man. You will soon be crawling at my feet and begging." Dennis shook his head. Damn, for such a small girl, her punches hurt. I better do something about this quick, he thought to himself. Big muscular arms were firing wrecking ball punches with the intent to do bodily harm to the pretty cheerleader. She smiled as she danced around them while he was tiring himself out.

It was working too. Dennis began breathing heavily and his punch count slowed downed. Amy went to work..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..his eyes were beginning to swell, and she broke his nose. Dennis was getting desperate. He threw a straight right aimed at the middle of her lovely face and Amy stepped to her left. She grabbed his arm as it went by and wrenched it up his back in a hammerlock, as she spun him around and slammed him into the wall.

"You're a wimp boy," she said, as she yanked his arm up and listened to him scream. "I'm going to hurt you like this a lot Dennis, so get used to it. Your screams of pain turn me on, so you'll be doing quite a bit of screaming too." Another yank on his arm, brought another high pitched scream from the muscular young man. A third yank, followed by his third scream, and Amy grabbed his left arm and flung him across the room to slam into the other wall.

Dennis was dazed as he stumbled back a few steps before falling over backward to the floor. Amy casually strolled over and picked up his left arm while flipping him over on his stomach. She placed her left foot on the side of his head, pinning him to the floor, and brought his arm up while twisting it viciously. His high pitched screams started again as his lower body flopped around like he was having an epileptic fit. Amy was grinning and feeling strong.

When she tired of torturing that arm, she let it drop lifeless to the floor. She walked around to his feet, and stood in the crease of his knees with her pretty toes pointing outward. Taking his feet, she wrapped his lower legs around hers and hooked his feet on the inside of her calves. Reaching for his arms, she pulled them out straight behind him. She laid back to the floor while pulling his arms with her and pushed him in the air with her strong legs. She now had him in a ceiling hold, and screams of terror escaped his mouth.

Keeping his arms straight, she began pushing them toward each other while twisting them savagely. She also started spreading her legs wider, forcing his outward which caused great pain to his legs and crotch area. His screams of terror became high pitched shrills. "AWWWW, is Amy hurting the big bad athletic star?" "YESSSSSSS..LET ME GO..LET ME GO..LET ME GO." "SHUT UP PANSY ASS, I'M IN CHARGE NOW!" She twisted his arms more and spread her legs wider.

"PLEASEEEEEEE..AMY..YOU'RE..RIPPING..ME..APART!" "I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP WIMP!" "OBEY ME OR ELSE!" His tears began to fall like a run away river. The awful pain was unbearable as Amy twisted his arms while spreading his legs wider. His tears were drenching her face and hair, so she moved his body slightly, so they would fall on the floor behind her head. His high pitched screams of terror from the pain she was causing him, brought the feeling of unbeatable power flooding through her feminine body.

At that moment, Amy felt like she could bring a herd of elephants to their knees. She laughed at the crying, muscular athlete and his frightened little girl screams. "You're mine boy, I own you. You will obey my every wish when I'm through. You will be so afraid of me, your muscular body will tremble when I'm near. Pleasing me and keeping me happy, will be your only thought. Disobedience will never enter your mind, for fear of the beating I would give you."

Amy finally tired of holding him and listening to his screams. She wanted to use her female fists on him some more and completely cower him. She let him flop to the side and turned him lose. He lie there sobbing his heart out. He wasn't sure his mighty specimen of a body was alright, or if she had crippled him. He was afraid to move and find out. She stood, and strolled over by his sobbing head.

"Is it becoming clear that I can hurt you anytime I want to, you weakling? I'm so much stronger and quicker then you are. You're no match for me, and you never will be. You'll realise that by the time I'm done. You'll grovel at my pretty feet and beg me not to hurt you anymore. I'll command you as a slave, and you'll obey me without argument, question, or hesitation. You're mind, body, and soul will belong to me. There will be no more screw ups like today."

"Now get your ass up boy, you have a beating waiting for you." "Please Amy, I don't think I can get up. You really hurt my legs." "Either you get up, or I'll drag you to your feet wimp. I'm going to teach you a lesson one way or another. If I have to pick you up, the beating will be much worse." "NOW MOVE BOY!" He struggled to his feet, but his legs were shaky and in pain. They tried to buckle on him twice, but he managed to stay up. "Good boy pansy ass, now fight."

Dennis tried to throw a right, but his legs hurt so much he couldn't use them for leverage. The punch was weak at best and wouldn't have caused any damage if it had connected. Amy simply blocked it and took him apart..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..she softened up his six pack abs with hard accurate punching..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..his face was swelling and turning colors..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Dennis dropped to his knees and then to the floor at her feet.

He lie there bawling like a baby. His face was totally trashed and completely swollen. Amy was giddy with power. With the muscular athletic lying at her feet crying like a little boy, and with the beating she had easily given a 400 pound wrestler, she felt so strong and powerful that she was unbeatable. "Get up punk, I'm not done with you yet." " A.Amy.. I've.. h.had.. enough." "I say when you've had enough sissy, so get up or I'll beat you right on the floor." "NOW GET UP YOU PATHETIC WEAKLING!"

Dennis didn't want to get up. His heart was broken because he had lost a fight with a "GIRL." He didn't want to admit it to himself, but his sore, bleeding, swollen face was positive proof. He made it to his feet, but he was squalling and totally afraid. His tears were flowing rapidly from his black and blue eyes, because Amy was going to humiliate him some more. He already felt the shame spreading through out his bruised and battered body.

"PL.PLEASE..A.AMY..D.D.DON'T..H.HIT..ME..PL.PLEASE." "Shut up you whiny little pussy. You knew how excited I was about today. But drinking with your friends was more important to you then I was. I hope you enjoyed yourself, because it will never happen again. When I'm done beating you to a pulp, you'll follow my orders like a good little boy. If you don't, you will receive another beating, and another, and another, until you're docile and submissive."

"You and I both know you can't stop me, so you will mind me or else. Your life as my boyfriend and my equal is over. You threw it away today, so you have no one to blame but yourself. Now, I am the master and you are my slave. You will obey my every whim, or my fists will cause you more pain then you ever dreamed was possible. So shut that whining mouth and fight. I will except your begging when you're lying at my feet and kissing them in fear."

Dennis hurt all over. But he sure as hell didn't want to kiss her bare feet. That was to disgusting and degrading to think about. He had to land a punch and stop this bitch and her crazy ideas. Massive, muscular arms were sending bone crushing missiles at the pretty brown haired cheerleader, in hopes of changing his destiny. But his destiny was etched in stone and unchangeable. The poor boy never stood a chance against the fighting female warrior.

Amy easily batted down every attempt to hit her. She was smiling at the fear in his face, when he realised no matter what he did, he was going to lose..SMACK.. her right cross busted open his cheek bone..SMACK.. the left hook felt like she cracked his jaw..SMACK.. SMACK..her right left combination turned his abs much softer..SMACK..the right hook cut him over the eye and filled his head with unbelievable pain..SMACK.. SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK.

He was teetering on unsteady legs, and his eyes were glassy and unable to focus. Mighty muscular arms were rendered useless as they hung at his sides. He was completely defenseless against the female tigress who was tearing him to pieces with hard feminine fists. His facial features were changed with every solid punch she landed. By the time she stopped to hold him steady for the knock out punch, he was totally helpless and about to drop at her feet.

Amy smiled as she jerked his nearly unconscious body up, so he wouldn't collapse before she could knock him out. She drew back her right fist as far as she could and drove it to his jaw.."SMM..ACKK!" She stood back and watched, with her hands on her hips and a large smile on her pretty face. His legs buckled when his head snapped back to rest on his shoulders. his black eyes were shut tight, and his slobbering mouth was wide open. His large body swayed a few times before it slammed into the floor at her feet, sound asleep. Amy was elated and felt so powerful.

She let him sleep for a bit, while she completely undressed. Grabbing his arm, she flipped his sleeping body over on his back. Taking his huge arms, she bent his elbows and placed his hands by his head. She knelt down with her knees across his arms and wrists, pinning them securely to the floor. His stomach muscles were still slightly hard, and she wanted his entire body to be wrecked and destroyed.

Amy slapped him awake, and he immediately began to bawl and squall like a lost child with his mouth as wide open as it would go. He seen her bare ass, inches from his face, and knew she wasn't through humiliating him. She laid her left hand on his barrel like chest for balance, and raised her right fist to finish turning his abs to mush..SMACK..his head automatically shot up from being punched in the stomach, which buried his nose deep in her bare ass.

Amy grinned knowing each time she punched him, his face would be jammed against her ass, forcing his nose in deep..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..the loud sounds from his bawling mouth were muffled each time his face met her round soft ass..SMACK..SMACK.. SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..His abs were finally broken down and completely gone. Amy casually sat down on his face and smothered him back to sleep.

She climbed off of him and strolled to the kitchen for a cold drink. She was ecstatic that things had gone so well. Dennis was on the verge of giving up and accepting her as his master and becoming her slave. The feeling of being so powerful and in control of everyone and everything in her life was intoxicating and fantastic. She should have done something like this long ago. She knew in her heart she was born to rule. And she gladly accepted it.

Her thirst quenched, she went back to her bedroom. Dennis was still asleep on the floor. She looked over his battered, mangled face and was satisfied with the job she had done. She slapped him awake with her bare foot, and walked several feet away. "Crawl to me Dennis, and kiss my pretty bare feet to show me you accept me as your master. You can also apologize for screwing up today and making me very unhappy."

Dennis just lie there bawling and squalling. He was caught in a dilemma, because it would be so degrading to kiss her bare feet, but he was scared out of his mind at what she would do if he refused. "I SAID CRAWL WIMP, OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITHIN AN INCH OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE." At that moment, she broke him. Raising her voice totally frightened him to death. Knowing she meant every word she said, bent his will to her wishes. His courage left him and his fighting spirit dissolved. His heart shriveled up to nothing.

When she seen him start to crawl, she knew it was over. She had won and owned him now. She waited with a large smile on her pretty face for the muscular athletic star she had broken to reach her and grovel at her feet. He was loudly bawling in despair, because he felt so humiliated and ashamed in his defeat. His battered body was finally lying in front of her, and Amy was dizzy with power. It rushed through her well shaped body like a drug. And it felt great.

"Kiss my feet firmly slave, and do it correctly. When I am satisfied you accept me as your master and will obey me completely, I will let you stop. You may start." Dennis was disgusted and feared he might get sick. He dared not disobey her because he was to frightened of her and her hard female fists. He covered her pretty toes and soft smooth skin with gentle kisses. He made sure that each bare foot got the same loving care. He didn't want to give her any reason to get pissed off at him.

Amy stood and basked in the glory of having a large muscular young man kissing her feet and obeying her wishes out of fear. She let him spend five minutes on each foot, before she felt satisfied. "That's enough slave, you may quit now." Dennis stopped kissing and struggled to his knees. "You will call me Miss Amy like George does. I like that. The rules are simple, obey me and I'm happy. Disobey, argue, question, or hesitate when I give you a command, and you get a beating. I will not tolerate that at all."

"Do you understand wimp?" "Yes Miss Amy." "Good slave. Now, to apologize for upsetting me today, you will kiss my ass until I command you to quit." "Please Miss Amy, don't make me do that."..SMACK..Dennis slumped to the floor."I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK!" "NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES AND OBEY ME SLAVE!" Dennis climbed back to his knees, and firmly kissed her bare ass all over. He had pissed her off, so she grabbed his hair and forced his face deep into her ass and held him there for a while until she calmed down. He didn't struggle.

"That's better slave. You will learn to obey me instantly and completely, or your face will look like it does now for quite a long time. Now get your ass over to my bed, and sit at the foot of it, over against the wall." Dennis did as he was ordered. Amy lie down on her bed and placed her bare feet in his lap. "Rub my feet like I ask you to before you pissed me off and I had to teach you to obey." Dennis began rubbing her feet, but after a minute or so he had a disgusting look on his face. "STOP SLAVE RIGHT NOW!"

"Since you think rubbing them with your hands is disgusting, then lets see how you feel about rubbing them with your lips and smelling them." She raised her right leg and laid it on his right shoulder while hooking her foot and around the back of his neck. "Leave your arms in your lap, or I'll break them, and don't move your head." "IS THAT CLEAR WIMP?" "Yes Miss Amy." She crossed her left leg over her right, and her toes were right in front of his face. She began to rub them and the smooth skin of her upper foot all over his mouth and nose, while he sat there quietly and smelled them.

When she thought he was thoroughly humiliated and would not show disgust on his face again, she stopped and put them back in his lap. "You may start to rub them again slave." "Yes Miss Amy," he replied. This time he did not make a face. "Good boy slave, good boy." After he had given her feet a good rub down, she allowed him to quit. "I am rather tired slave. It has been a very long and emotional draining day. Lie down across the foot of my bed."

Amy reached under her bed and pulled out the rope she had hidden, that she had found in the garage. She tied his hands and feet and then his body to the bed with his face looking toward her head board. She fluffed up her pillow and laid down with the soles of her feet shoved against his face. "Good night slave. A word of warning, if you move around after I'm asleep and wake me up, you will receive a very bad beating. So if I were you, I would lie still."

Amy shut her beautiful grey eyes and dropped off to sleep, contented and happy. Dennis was forced to lie there quietly with the soles of her bare feet jammed against his face. Tears trickled down his swollen cheeks, as he thought about what had happened today. He wished with all his heart, he had kept their date and not gotten drunk. Now he was a toy for his ex girlfriend to play with, and his life was over.