Brandy the Intimidator. (Illustrated)

By Crohnsman

Brandy deals with her step fathers brother when he attempts to free her slave.

This story was requested by a fan. I want to thank him for taking the time to write. And a special thanks to the beautiful Tasha Morales for her incredible art. I hope you and he enjoy the story.

"SMACK!" Her step father hit the floor sobbing. "You know better then to talk back to me you weak little bitch. When I say no, I mean no. Now keep your mouth shut." She scolded. "But it's the annual automotive dealership seminar Brandy. I'm expected to go. It only happens every three years. And I'll only be gone for four days." He pleaded. "I don't care if you would only be gone for one day. I said you're not going and that's final. I'm buying a new stereo system this weekend and we can't afford the extra expense on the credit cards. So I don't want to hear another word. Now get your ass in the kitchen and fix dinner." She commanded. "A new stereo system? You just bought one three months ago." Brandy's blue eyes were blazing with fury when she picked her step father up from the floor. "I TOLD YOU TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH WIMP!"

"SMACK!" "You don't tell me what I can or cannot buy you weak little bastard ." "SMACK!" "I control the money in this family." "SMACK!" "And I control you as well." "SMACK!" "This is the last time I'm going to warn you." "SMACK!" "Keep your mouth shut and do as you're told." "SMACK!" "Or I'll give you a very severe beating." "SMACK!" "Do you understand me you pathetic weakling?" "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..CRACK!..SLAM!" Her step father hit the floor like a ton of bricks. He was hurting all over and crying uncontrollably. Brandy menacingly stood over him with her hands perched on her shapely hips. "If you say one more word I'll beat you senseless. If someone has to attend the seminar, then send one of your employees. Because you're not going. Now get your ass in that kitchen before you really piss me off." She threatened. Her step father climbed to his feet and staggered to the kitchen.

The poor man wasn't in the kitchen for five minutes before Brandy decided she needed sexual attention. Dominating her step father always made her horny as hell. Listening to his sobbing pleas and seeing his muscular body tremble with fear was a complete turn on. Her sweet golden mound was sopping wet and badly needed his stiff tongue. And he didn't have the nerve or the courage to deny her pleasure. Brandy stormed into the kitchen and snatched him by the ear. "Come with me wimp. I need that talented tongue of yours right now. You can finish fixing dinner after you've serviced me. Now move." She sternly said while dragging him out of the room. Her step father knew better then to argue. He meekly stumbled along beside her to the bedroom.

Brandy threw him down on the bed and climbed aboard. She pulled the crotch of her white panties aside and squatted right in his face. "Get that tongue in there as deep as you can and work your magic. Fo ur or five orgasms should be enough to satisfy me. Now get to it and pray I'm not disappointed with your effort." She warned. Her step father immediately obeyed her. He gave up trying to stop her from humiliating him like this long ago. Every attempt he made to reestablish his authority had failed miserably. And the terrible beatings she gave him were entirely to painful. So he had no other choice but to quickly obey her commands. His tongue worked feverishly to thoroughly satisfy his step daughter and save himself from harm. Brandy ground her wet pussy in his face like a Queen sitting on her throne and screamed in pure ecstasy.

Brandy face sitting her step father to receive oral sex.

Several times I have shown up at my car dealership with my face in pretty bad shape. My employees asked me about it the first time it happened and I told them I got mugged. I'm sure they no longer believe that story. Fortunately I'm the owner and the boss. So they keep their opinions to themselves and have never asked again. For which I am eternally grateful. But Friday afternoon I got the surprise of my life when my older brother showed up at the lot. Carl is a big time adventurer. He started a computer components business when he was eighteen and sold it for thirty five million when he was twenty four. Now he spends his time exploring the globe while doing wild and dangerous things. He has climbed huge, snow covered mountains, explored under water caves, and been on an African safari to mention just a few. I haven't seen him in six years so his visit was totally unexpected.

I had no idea what to say when he enquired about the awful condition of my battered face. I finally came to the conclusion I couldn't hide the truth from him. Especially since he wanted to stay with me for a week or so to visit. So he would eventually find out about my over bearing step daughter. It embarrassed me beyond belief to admit Brandy was the one who was beating me to a pulp. But I had no other choice. "You must be joking." He said with a smile. He was totally shocked when I hung my head in shame and admitted I wasn't kidding. "I don't understand. She's an eighteen year old girl and you're in damn good shape. You used to give me a pretty good battle when we were growing up. So how in the hell can she beat you so easily?" He asked. "I wish I knew the answer to that myself. But I have no explanation for losing every single fight I've had with her. She out classes me in a fist fight or a wrestling match by a wide mar gin. And she's very cruel with her punishments after defeating me." I answered shaking my head.

"Not to worry bro. I'll help you set her straight while I'm here. She'll be so cowed down by the time I leave, you'll be able to handle her yourself. I guarantee it." He replied while slapping me on the back. I wasn't as confident as he was. I've seen Brandy in action. In fact, let me rephrase that. I've FELT Brandy in action. And it's painful as hell. But I prayed with all my heart that Carl was the savior who was going to help me escape my nightmare life. We stopped for a few beers after leaving the lot to bolster my courage. I knew Brandy would be pissed I didn't come straight home and take care of my chores. But that didn't matter since we were hopefully going to knock her off of her pedestal. So Carl and I made it home two hours later.

My standing orders were to strip down to my thong the second I got home. So I guess it was just force of habit that made me start undressing. "What the hell are you doing?" Carl asked in surprise. I came up with a feeble excuse. "Uhhh. I have much more freedom of movement if my clothes aren't restricting my punches." I lamely answered. But he bought it. "Good idea bro. I never would have thought of that." He replied while removing his clothes. Then we went looking for Brandy. I was surprised she didn't meet us at the door. But she probably figured she had all night to administer my discipline. So there was no big rush. It wasn't like I was going to run off somewhere and hide. This was my home. So I would eventually return sooner or later. I on the other hand was anxious to get the party started. If I was going to be free of Brandy's ruling thumb, then I w anted it to happen as soon as possible. Two years of slavery was enough.

We found Brandy in the exercise room. As usual, she was only wearing her panties and a scowl on her lovely face. "You're late asshole. And who's this sissy you dragged home with you?" She demanded to know. "I'm his older brother Carl you little bitch. You've bullied my brother for the last time. I'm here to help Kyle put an end to your reign of terror." He confidently told her. "Is that so. I didn't realise there was two big mouth morons in your family wimp." She said smiling at me. Now I can double my pleasure and double my fun." Carl looked at her feminine body and shook his head at her cocky attitude. He guessed Brandy to be 5 foot 7 inches tall and around 138 pounds. While I was 6 foot tall and weighed 239 pounds. Combined with his 6 foot 3 inch frame and 247 pounds of solid muscle, it would be a cake walk for us males. He's never been more wrong in his life.

Brandy getting ready to square off against Carl and I.

"Enough talk bitch. The men are taking control around here." He angrily said as he stepped up to swing on her. But Brandy was prepared and already moving. Her shapely right leg shot up and caught Carl on the temple. "WHAP!" The crushing blow knocked him off balance and into my charging body. We stumbled backwards out of the room but didn't go down. By the time we got ourselves under control, Brandy was in position to meet us head on. "SMACK!" Her hard fist exploded on my jaw before I knew what hit me. She ducked under Carl's sweeping roundhouse while I was reeling back, and nailed him with a powerful left hook over the eye. "SMACK!" He was back pedalling with his arms windmilling like crazy until I caught him to stop his progress. Brandy came after us while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Just as I suspected. Your older brother can't fight any better then you can. Putting an end to this little uprising of yours is going to be easy. Then I'll have two weaklings crawling at my feet and crying their eyes out. You should also tell your big mouth brother I never show any mercy. So begging won't do him any good." She said with a confident smile. Her cocky attitude was really pissing Carl off. He growled like a grizzly bear and threw a devastating right cross at her ruby red lips. Brandy easily blocked it and landed a stinging combination. "SMACK!..SMACK!" The right swelled up his eye and the left broke his nose. I attempted a sneaky right in hopes of catching her unaware. But Brandy dodged it like a professional boxer and drilled me with four solid shots after I missed. "SMACK!..THUD!..SMACK!..CRACK!" The first left swelled my cheek bone. The next right bored into my mid section like a battering ram. Another left cross gave me a black eye, and the sledgehammer uppercut put me down like a sopping wet d ish rag. "SPLAT!"

Carl saw me go down and stepped up to make her pay in spades. But an armour piercing left punch struck him in the middle of the chest and seemed to paralyze him. "THUD!" Brandy took advantage of his condition to work him over good. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..CRACK!" Carl dropped over backwards like a sawed off tree. We were both lying in the floor moaning while Brandy stood over us and taunted our feeble efforts. "You boys are absolutely pathetic. Would you like me to put one arm behind my back so you would have a fighting chance? I doubt very much if it would help you though. Because you both fight like two year old toddlers." I was already beginning to worry. So far Brandy had cleaned our clock in every confrontation. If things didn't quickly change, I was going to receive a terrible beating for daring to challenge her authority. And so was Carl.

Carl being paralyzed by Brandy's potent chest punch.

Carl and I gained our feet and split up. We were hoping Brandy would be vulnerable if we attacked her from different sides. But the evil grin on her face scared me to death when I went at her. "WHAP!" Her left foot caught me on the side of the head in a sweeping kick and knocked me off balance. Then like she had a sixth sense, Brandy squatted down as she spun around to face Carl. His bell ringing roundhouse sailed harmlessly over her head because of the unsuspected move. Brandy bounced back up and jolted his jaw with a murderous right cross that sent him reeling. "SMACK!" Before he could gather himself, she continued to attack with solid punches to his exposed face. "SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..SMACK!..CRACK!" Two sharp jabs puffed up his lips. A right and left combo slightly swelled both of his eyes. The head splitting uppercut dropped him like a sack of potatoes.

I dodged around his falling body and advanced on her. Brandy snapped her left leg upward and slammed her foot into my chin. "WHAP!" It felt like my lower jaw had been dislocated by the forceful mule kick. I collapsed next to my delirious brother like a stuffed rag doll. "You two pussy's are having one hell of a time staying on your feet. Are you both really clumsy, or are you simply checking the carpet to see if it needs to be replaced?" Brandy asked while laughing at us. I barely heard a word because of my disoriented condition. And I'm sure Carl was unaware of where he was at and didn't hear her either. "On your feet little boys. I'm having to much fun to stop beating you like misbehaving slaves. So get your asses up and resume your pitiful offenses." Brandy ordered.

Brandy landing a punishing kick to my chin.

Our movements were very sluggish as we staggered to our feet. We were both standing on rubbery legs and our muscular bodies were weaving like two young saplings in a strong wind. Brandy was smiling as she stepped up and grabbed us by the balls. Her hands tightened on our nut sacs like they were caught in a vice. "AAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "AAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" We both screamed like frightened little girls and began pleading. "OH GOD! LET GO! PLEASE BRANDY LET ME GO!" I begged like a bitch. "STOP! PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS! OH GOD IT HURTS!" Carl squealed in a high pitched voice. "Sheesh. What a couple of sissy's. I'm barely applying any pressure." Brandy replied with a sneer. Tears were running down our swelling cheeks when she finally released her hold on us.

Brandy crushing our dangling balls in a vice like grip.

"THUD!" She drilled Carl in the stomach with a wrecking ball right. His face turned beet red as he bent over and clutched his mid section. Then she turned to me. "SMACK!" The pile driving right cross spun me half way around. Brandy stepped in front of me and reached back to wrap her arm around my neck to grab the back of my head. I was flying over her shoulder before I realised what she was doing. "SLAM!" I was completely stunned when my muscular body hit the floor. "STOMP!..STOMP!..STOMP!..STOMP!..BAM!" Brandy worked me over with her concrete breaking feet. I was nearly knocked unconscious when her bare foot plowed into my face and banged my head on the floor. She turned back to Carl when she was satisfied I wouldn't be getting up for a while.

"WHAP!" Her bare foot exploded in his face like a grenade going off. Carl's muscular arms instantly dropped to his sides and he keeled over backwards like he had been pole axed. "SLAM!" He hit floor like a ton of bricks and stared at the fast spinning room through unfocused eyes. "Let's go weaklings. You can't stop my reign of terror while you're lying in the floor inspecting the ceiling. Get up and put me in my place. Show me how tough you are. Two muscle bound males can surely defeat one eighteen year old female. With your combined weight you have me at a huge disadvantage. And your muscular arms are at least four times my size. So get on your feet and show me who's boss." She taunted with her hands resting on her shapely hips.

Brandy delivering a smashing kick to Carl's unprotected face.

Neither one of us was capable of putting up a fight when we stumbled to our feet. We were so far out of it we were nothing more than target practice for Brandy's hard hitting female fists. "SMACK!..SMACK!" His left eye instantly began to turn black and so did my right eye. "SMACK!..SMACK!" Now his right eye was blackened and my nose was broken. "SMACK!..SMACK!" A large bruise appeared on his jaw and both of my lips swelled up. "THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!..THUD!" Our solid abs were beaten until they were mushy soft and pliable. Then Brandy threw her hands to the floor and preformed an acrobatic cartwheel. "WHAP!..WHAP!" Her foot connected with Carl's jaw and he collapsed like a house of cards. It traveled on to club me on the side of the head and put me down as well.

Brandy using an amazing cartwheel to drop us in the floor.

She dragged my sagging body to my feet and held me steady. "Did you really think another muscle bound idiot could help you gain your freedom?" "SMACK!" "I will always come out on top you pathetic little weakling." "SMACK!" "Regardless of how many weak males you pit against me." "SMACK!" "Because I'm a superior female." "SMACK!" "So give up this ridiculous idea of trying to escape me." "SMACK!" "Accept your fate before I permanently damage your worthless body beyond repair." "SMACK!" "You belong to me for the rest of your miserable life." "SMACK!" "And there is nothing you can do to change that." "SMACK!" "Is that clear wimp?" "CRACK!" I was unconscious before I hit the floor. Brandy casually strolled over and hauled Carl to his feet. She also had to support his dead weight body in her strong hands.

"You should have kept your nose out of my personal business sissy boy." "SMACK!" "But you're like every typical male I've met." "SMACK!" "It never enters your retarded mind that a female is a dangerous opponent in a fight." "SMACK!" "Until you're lying at our feet begging for mercy." "SMACK!" "But then it's to late isn't it pansy ass?" "SMACK!" "So you cry like a helpless little baby and hope we will forgive you for being stupid." "SMACK!" "Well I'm afraid it doesn't work that way weakling." "SMACK!" "You deserve to be severely punished for butting in where you don't belong." "SMACK!" Brandy spun Carl around and put him in an unbreakable sleeper hold. "Say good night wimp. It's time for your nap." She tightened her python grip and strangled him until he passed out. Then she threw his lifeless body on top of mine.

Brandy putting Carl to sleep with a strangling sleeper hold.

When Carl's sleeping upper body landed on me my eyes fluttered open. Brandy calmly sat down above my head and wrapped her gorgeous legs across my neck in a scissors hold. "Go back to sleep pin head. I'll let you know when it's time to get up." She sternly said as she squeezed me between her powerfully strong legs. I feebly struggled to free myself but it was useless. I quickly drifted off to slumber land in just a few seconds. "That's my good little boy. I love it when you instantly obey my orders. Sweet dreams." She told my sleeping body as she climbed to her feet. Brandy went to the kitchen for a cold drink to quench her thirst. She wasn't in any hurry because she knew we would still be sleeping when she returned.

Brandy using her strong legs to knock me out with a scissor hold.

"You boys really look comfortable lying there sleeping peacefully. I think I'll join you." She said with a lovely smile on her beautiful face. Brandy sat down on my lower stomach and stretched her gorgeous legs out. Then she placed her hands behind her head and leaned back on Carl's unconscious body. "Ah yes. This is very relaxing. It's awfully nice of you wimps to provide me with such a cushioned seat." Brandy used us as a chair while she relaxed and finished her cold drink. "I'm afraid you and sissy boy are definitely not going to be a happy campers when I wake you up. So enjoy your naps while you can." Brandy left our out cold bodies lying in the floor while she climbed to her feet. She rapidly set things up to discipline us for attempting to challenge her authority.

Brandy using our sleeping bodies as a chair to relax.

Carl and I immediately began to cry when we saw the precarious position we were in when Brandy slapped us awake. Brandy was sitting in the easy chair with the ottoman directly in front of her. I was on my knees to her left with my hands tied behind my back with one of her stockings. Carl was in the same predicament on her right. Both of us was buck naked. Another stocking was strung over the back of our necks and tied below us to the legs of the ottoman. It firmly held our heads in place with our faces pinned down. Brandy had her bare feet wedged between our face and the ottoman so our lips and noses were resting on her silky soft skin and cute toes. She was holding the two foot long paddle she used to punish me when I misbehaved. I knew from experience that it hurt like hell.

"Here are the rules weaklings. Each time I swat your ass, you will passionately kiss my foot and thank me. Failure to comply will earn you another swat. So I suggest you obey the rules without hesitation. We will start out with twenty. Then I'll decide if you need further discipline." She informed us with a no nonsense tone. "Let's begin." "SWAT!" Carl screamed in pain and forgot about kissing her foot. "I see Kyle isn't the only brainless idiot in your family. That's one extra swat Carl." She said with a smile. "WAIT! I'M SORRY!" He yelled before planting a slobbery kiss on her foot and mumbling a thank you. "To late sissy boy. I distinctly said without hesitation. Now let's try it again." Carl was uncontrollably sobbing while he waited for the paddle to strike his ass.

"SWAT!" Carl gritted his teeth and obeyed her command. (kiss) "Thank you." He muttered t hrough trembling lips. "Much better wimp. Although thank you Brandy is the proper reply. But I'll let you slide this time. Don't let it happen again." She sternly told him. "Yes ma'am." He meekly replied while crying his eyes out. Brandy switched hands and let me have it. "SWAT!" (kiss) "Thank you Brandy." I said shaking with fear. "Good boy. Now let's continue." Humiliation was spreading over our muscular bodies like a blanket. And shame filled our insides like a run away virus because we were to weak to stop Brandy from completely degrading us. I was used to losing a fight with Brandy and feeling sorry for myself. But Carl wasn't. I was certain it was eating him up inside. He saw himself as a mans man because of his dangerous adventures. Being spanked by an eighteen year old female would certainly destroy his confidence.

"SWAT!" (kiss) "Thank you Brandy." He said with a broken hearted sob. "SWAT!" (kiss) "Thank you Brandy." I repeated with tears pouring from my swollen, black and blue eyes. Both of our bare asses was on fire and bright red by the time Brandy was through punishing us. We were crying like lost little boys and squirming in our bonds. Brandy laid the paddle down and laughed while she rubbed her smooth skinned bare foot in each of our faces. We accepted the humiliation without protesting. Our spirits were broken and our pride had been crushed by the beautiful female warrior. The courage to defy her had evaporated from our muscular bodies. And our wills were under Brandy's control. We were merely possessions for her to toy with.

Brandy finally released us and ordered me to make dinner. I obeyed her command and quickly scurried to the kitchen. A few minutes later I heard Car l scream like he was dying. I chanced getting caught and peeked around the door. Brandy had him wrapped up in a Boston crab and was brutally torturing his legs. I returned to my duties feeling like a coward. She proved she could easily handle us both at the same time. Any attempt to help him would only cause me excruciating pain. Brandy had put me in her painful wrestling holds to punish me for bad behavior. And they hurt. So I did my best to block out his loud screams and remained in the kitchen where it was safe. At least for now. I knew she would eventually use me as a practice dummy for trying to take over. It was in her nature. Brandy was savagely cruel and sadistic for a teenage girl. And I was to weak to change my miserable existence.