Kathy humiliates Greg's female hating friend.

By Crohnsman2 Crohnsman67216@yahoo.com

Greg's mean, female hating friend Fred, shows up looking for Greg and Kathy beats and humiliates him before throwing him out.

Fred hates women. He was picked on by his two older sisters before he got big enough to whip their ass. After that they were afraid, and never bothered him again. When he grew up, he caught his girlfriend in bed with another man and beat the shit out of them both. He got another girlfriend and things were going smoothly, until she was offered a better job if she moved out of state. When Fred couldn't talk her out of going, he beat her to a pulp too. She pressed charges and he went to jail.

Greg always hung around Fred because he thought he was cool. Fred gave him beer every once in a while, and the older guys never fucked with Greg when he was with Fred. Fred was 22 years old and stood 6 foot 4 inches tall. His massive frame weighed 238 pounds, and most of it was solid muscle. So everyone feared Fred, and left smart ass Greg alone when he was with him. Fred liked Greg because he treated him like a God, so he became friends with the younger boy. Plus Greg wasn't afraid to beat up a female if they got in his road or pissed him off, which was exactly how Fred felt.

He thought all females should be shown their place, or get a beating until they accepted it. Fred had been out of jail for three days, and Greg hadn't shown up at the hang out where they usually met. Fred decided to go see Greg at home, because he had a case of beer and wanted a friend to talk with and help him drink it. So he jumped in his car and went to get the younger boy, and find out why he hadn't been around.

Nineteen year old Greg was cleaning the kitchen wearing a yellow and white flowered apron. He hated doing shit like this because it was women's work. But his sixteen year old sister Kathy told him to do it, so he had no choice. He was deathly afraid of her because she had given him two very bad beatings, and two humiliating spankings. He followed her orders to the letter now, to avoid any further punishment. He knew he wasn't man enough to challenge her and win.

Kathy was lying on the sofa reading the news paper. She had cleaned her room and finished all of her work, and was making sure Greg was doing his. She had just taken a shower and was waiting for her beautiful auburn hair to dry. Her well formed, 5 foot, i inch, 84 pound body, was dressed in a snow white short outfit with white cotton socks. She decided her hair was dry enough, so she laid the paper down and went to her bedroom to brush it. When she was through, she went to check on Greg.

Greg had been fuming and pissed off, because he hated doing this kind of job. She noticed he was only half through, and he had been in there for nearly two hours. "Greg, if you don't hurry up and finish your work, I'm going to give you a good spanking. You've been in here for two hours now, and you should be through. Now quit fooling around and get busy, or you will be lying across my lap with a very sore red ass. Is that clear young man?" "Yes Kathy, I'm sorry." "Not as sorry as you're going to be if you don't obey me. Now get busy, or else."

Kathy went back and began reading the paper again. Greg threw himself into his work, because he knew Kathy meant what she said and would spank him if he didn't obey her. It irritated him all to hell to have to obey, but standing up to Kathy was not an option. His face and body were healed from the last beating she had given him, and he wanted it to stay that way. The welts that had covered his ass from the willow switch she had used to whip him, were nearly gone. He couldn't take that again. "THAT REALLY HURT!"

Fred rang the door bell and waited. The smile on his face vanished, when a female answered the door. "I want Greg, is he here?" "Yes, but he isn't available right now. Why don't you come back later." "Fuck that girly, I want him now," he bellowed, as he swept passed her and entered the house. "HEY, what do you think you're doing?" Kathy asked. Fred ignored her and hollered out for Greg. "GREG, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"

Greg heard him and smiled. Fred is out of jail, he said to himself. If anyone could get him out of this ridiculous situation, it was Fred. He ran to the living room. "Hi Fred, how's it going old buddy?" "What the hell are you doing wearing that fucking apron boy?" "Oh, uh, I was just fooling around Fred. Man I'm glad to see you." "Well quit fooling around, and lets go. I've got a case of beer just begging to be drank. So snap it up boy." "Sounds good to me Fred, be just a second old buddy."

"I'm afraid Greg isn't going anywhere, Kathy told him. And I would appreciate it if you left this house. You had no right to barge in here the way you did." "Mind your own fucking business girly. We have things to do, so stay out of the way." "OK that's it. Get out of this house, before I throw you out." "You have to be kidding bitch? Now shut the fuck up before you piss me off and I have to hurt you." "Well, you can't say I didn't give you fair warning," Kathy replied, as she removed her white socks and smiled.

Fred couldn't believe the little bitch was coming at him, but if she wanted a beating, he would be glad to oblige her. Besides, the bitch ran her mouth to much and didn't know her place. It was time somebody showed her where it was. Fred had a large grin on his face, because there was nothing he liked better then kicking some broads ass. They all should get a beating at least once a week to remind them who was in charge and gave the orders.

Kathy seen the big roundhouse coming before he even threw it. She ducked under it and sent a left to his eye..SMACK..Fred had a surprised look on his face, before it changed to pure hate. Thunderous punches from large muscular arms were throw repeatedly by the grown man to take the smart ass bitch apart. Kathy smiled as she evaded them all, waiting for him to slow his attack. He did, and she took advantage.

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..his nose, mouth, and other eye was filled with pain by the auburn haired female fighter. Rage covered his face as his large fists went flying at the bitch who had dared to hit him. Again, Kathy danced around his murderous efforts to take her head off, and punched back when the opportunity presented itself..SMACK..SMACK..she broke his nose and busted his lip.

Greg was in his bedroom changing his clothes and smiled when he heard the commotion coming from the living room. Fred was beating the hell out of Kathy, and he would finally be free of her. Being dominated by his younger sister had been an awful hard pill to swallow, and it had made him sick to have to mind everything she said. Now he could threaten her with another beating from Fred if she tried to fuck with him. Life was going to be sweet again.

Fred was out of his mind with hate, as he fired massive missiles of destruction at Kathy. Beating the bitch until she was nothing but a pile of crawling, crying flesh, was the only thing he was thinking about. Sooner or later, one of his large fists would connect, and the bitch would be at his mercy. He laughed out loud as the picture of that flashed through his brain. He couldn't wait for it to happen.

Kathy was biding her time. He would run out of gas soon, and be defenseless against her assault. She was going to enjoy bringing this big fool down..SMACK..a left hook to his eye caused him great pain. Fred was confused, because the bitch should be lying in the floor begging..SMACK..his mouth was bleeding pretty bad. In fact, most men he had fought were out cold by now..SMACK..his jaw hurt. But he couldn't seem to hit this bitch..SMACK..his cheek hurt.

Wrecking ball punches were being delivered by massive muscular male arms with intent to do bodily harm. But the only thing he was striking was air. She just wasn't there anymore when his punch reached it's destination..SMACK..a cut opened up above his eye. He was really getting pissed, not only at her, but at himself for not being able to hit her..SMACK..his chin hurt. He was becoming more and more confused.

His arms were tiring and the bitch was still standing in his face unmarked..SMACK..his eye began to swell. Fred was totally bewildered, because this had never happened to him before..SMACK..him mouth swelled. By this time, he was usually drinking a cold beer and being congratulated on his win..SMACK..his cheek swelled. It was like trying to hit a wraith that had no substance to it..SMACK..his other eye swelled. What the hell was he going to do.

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..four hard female punches struck his slightly flabby stomach, forcing him to bend over from the pain..SMACK..the uppercut dumped him on his very surprised ass. Greg had came out of his bedroom in time to see Fred hit the floor. "NOOOOOOOO" He screamed, as his dream of freedom was being crushed under his sister's heel, right in front of his eyes. It can't be happening.

He ran at Kathy spewing obscenities and swinging like crazy. She grabbed his right arm and spun him around..SMACK..a right landed between his eyes, dropping him in Fred's lap as he was getting up. They both went sprawling back to the floor. "Both of you pansies are going to get a good beating now. And you Greg, have earned that spanking I was threatening to give you earlier." "NOW GET ON YOUR FEET WIMPS!"

Fred shoved Greg out of the way. No bitch was going to talk to him like that and live. He was going to beat this bitch to death. Greg would keep his mouth shut about it, or he would kill him too. A flurry of heavy handed punches with bone breaking power behind them came at Kathy. She ducked and dodged, weaved and swayed, and they all missed her pretty face. Missing, turned Fred into a raving maniac. "Hold still you fucking bitch. I'm going to cave your head in when I get my hands on you, you fucking whore."

While he was standing there screaming at her, she figured it was a good time to open up her offense..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..she drove him back with accurate punching. Greg had made it to his feet, and stepped around Fred as he was stumbling back. Before he could throw a punch, Kathy kicked him in the stomach..WHAM..and cracked him on the chin with an uppercut..SMACK..he dropped back to the floor. She continued with Fred's beating.

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Fred was helpless against her multiple punching onslaught. He was stumbling and staggering all over the room. His large muscular arms dangled useless at his sides, while she beat his unprotected face and body to a pulp. When Greg ran up and grabbed her from behind, Fred was standing there out on his feet and no help at all to the young man. Kathy stomped on his foot, forcing him to release her as he screamed out in pain.

While he was hopping around on one foot whimpering, Kathy let him have it with a hard right hay maker.."SMM..ACKKK!" Greg's legs folded up like a card board box, and he crumpled to the floor, out cold. Kathy went back to Fred, who was still standing there on wobbly legs, not knowing where he was at. His eyes were glassy and unfocused, and his mighty muscular arms were still hanging lifeless at his sides. Kathy smiled as she raised her right fist. "SMM..ACKKK!" Fred spun in a complete circle, before finally slamming into the floor on his face. He was sound asleep at her feet.

Kathy flipped Fred over on his back. She dragged Greg over to where Fred lie, and placed his feet up near the top of Fred's head. She retrieved her white cotton socks, and stuffed one in each of their mouths, so they could speak. She pulled Greg up to his knees, and bent him over backwards, so that his head was right next to Fred's. She placed her knee on his chest to hold his body there, and lifted Fred's body up. Stretching Greg's arm above his head, she stuffed them under Fred's body and laid Fred back down, so that his body kept Greg in place.

She straddled Fred's body and bent his elbows, bringing his wrists near the head of both sleeping men. She pinned his arms to the floor by kneeling on his arms and wrists. Now she had Fred pinned to the floor while straddling his body, and Greg pinned to the floor with his body bent over backwards and his arms under Fred. Their heads were lying on the right shoulder of the other, and facing in different directions. They were both helpless to protect themselves, and she could easily reach both of their faces with her male beating fists. She slapped them awake with a smile.

Greg instantly began crying as soon as his eyes were open. He had been pinned with her sock stuffed in his mouth quite a few times, and knew exactly what was coming. Fred had a confused look on his face. He was pinned to the floor and didn't remember how he had got there. He also couldn't believe that he was pinned and helpless by a sixteen year old "FEMALE"

"I'm going to teach you some respect Mr. tough guy. You don't barge into peoples homes without an invitation." "And you Greg. You're going to get a beating before your spanking now. You knew better then to try and stand up to me. So I have to punish you right along with the big wimp here." The two men tried to unseat her, but it was useless. They were securely pinned and totally at her mercy. Kathy however, was not going to show them any mercy.

OK weaklings, school is in session..SMACK..SMACK.."you need to learn some manners punk, and you knew better then to challenge me wimp"..SMACK..SMACK.."I'm just the girl to teach you those manners, hot shot, and you knew you had to obey me"..SMACK..SMACK.."you'll be a better person when you leave here tough guy, and you will have a sore red ass little man"..SMACK..SMACK.."you should have left when I asked you to sissy, and you should have stayed out of it pansy ass."

SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..both men were crying rivers while she changed their facial features and swelled up their faces more then twice their size..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Greg finally went to sleep so he couldn't feel the pain anymore. But Fred wasn't as lucky..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK.

Kathy stopped and sat back with her hands on her slender hips. Both men's faces were black and blue and badly swollen. Cuts, bruises, and lacerations covered their faces as well. Their eyes were nearly swollen shut, and their breathing was labored because she had mangled the cartilage in their noses. Their lips were thick and grotesque looking, and blood and saliva was seeping from both of their mouths. She removed her sock from Fred's mouth.

"Have you had enough tough guy, or should I continue teaching you some manners?" "F.Fuck..y.you..b.b.bitch." "OK wimp, more manners coming up"..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK.."Have you learned anything yet sissy boy?" "K.Kiss..my..ass..y.you..f.f.fucking..wh.whore..I'll..n.never..g.give..up." "Oh you'll give up little man, it's just a matter of when, and how much pain you can stand before you do." "Go..t.to..h.h.hell."

"You certainly are stubborn, I'll give you that. But it won't do you any good, because I've got plenty of time, and I'm not feeling any pain wimp. So lets continue, shall we"..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..Fred finally went to sleep. She decided it was no use beating him if he wasn't feeling the pain. "Maybe a spanking would do the trick, little man. You certainly are going to be surprised when you open your baby blues."

Kathy climbed off of their bodies and went to her bedroom for her hair brush. She dragged Greg over to the sofa, and positioned him so he was lying parallel with it. She removed his clothes and her sock from his mouth, and left him there. She brought Fred over and took off his clothes also. She placed Greg's arms on his back in a double hammerlock.

Sitting down, she pulled Fred over her left leg and put his arms up his back too and spread the fingers of her left hand over his wrists to hold them there. She put her right leg over Fred's legs to keep him secure, while her right foot rested on Greg's arms lying just below her to keep his arms in place. She placed her left foot on the side of Greg's head. This way she had him pinned so he couldn't escape.

She picked up her brush and whacked Fred on the head a few times until he woke up. "Let's see how you handle a spanking wimp. How long has it been since you've had your little butt paddled?" Fred tried to struggle but he was pinned solid on her lap. "OK, lets begin..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..Fred started screaming obscenities at her while she spanked his ass. Kathy smiled and kept paddling him.

WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..soon, Fred's screams were from the pain his red ass was feeling. His tears began falling, and increased with each whack. Thirty whacks into his spanking, he was bawling like a baby and begging her to stop. "Can't do that wimp, you haven't learned any manners yet." He screamed, bawled, and begged while Kathy gave him one hundred strokes.

"Are you going to be a good little boy now, or do you want me to spank you some more to teach you better manners?" "YESSSSSSSS" "I'll..b.be..g.good.. pl.please..st.stop..I..c.can't..t.take..any.anymore.. I'll..b.be..g.good." Kathy rolled him off of her lap, to kneel at her feet. As soon as his knees hit the floor, he threw a hard right punch. She had anticipated this and was ready.

She blocked his punch and slammed an uppercut to his chin..SMACK..his upper body flew back toward his feet. While he was bent over backwards, she drilled him in the stomach..SMACK..this brought his upper body back up in range of her fist..SMACK..another uppercut sent him flying back again..SMACK..stomach..SMACK..chin..SMACK..stomach.. SMACK..chin. She repeated the sequence until he was knocked out cold. His body rose and came to rest on her thigh. She looked down on him and smiled.

Kathy hauled him back over her lap in the same position. Greg had awakened and was squirming around under her feet. "Lie still little man, or the spanking you are going to get will be much worse." Greg calmed down and lie there bawling. When she had Fred situated, she woke him up. Seeing he was back across her lap, the big man broke down. "OH GOD, I'M SORRY. PLEASE NO MORE SPANKING. I'LL BE GOOD I PROMISE. DON'T SPANK ME PLEASE. I'LL BE GOOD."

"You should have thought about that before you lied wimp. Now I have to punish you for lying and teach you some manners. You will learn to obey me like Greg did, or suffer the consequences. So shut your big whining mouth and prepare yourself for another spanking." "I AM THE BOSS, AND YOU WILL OBEY ME!" He really struggled, but he was pinned securely again.

WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..he was bawling and screaming after the first whack. He begged and begged but Kathy just kept spanking him until she reached another one hundred strokes. When she stopped, his entire body was heaving with loud sighs and his head was hung down in defeat. She was pretty sure she had broken him this time.

"Are you going to obey me and be a good little boy, or do you want me to spank you for another one hundred?" "I'LL..BE..G.GOOD..I..SW.SWEAR..PL.PLEASE.. NO..M.MORE..I'LL..BE..G.GOOD..I'LL..BE..G.GOOD." "If you are lying this time I will beat your ass raw and finish beating you with my fists until your own Mother wouldn't recognize you." "IS THAT CLEAR BOY?"

"YES..YES..IT'S..CL.CLEAR..PL.PLEASE..I..G.GIVE..UP..JUST..D.DON'T..SP.SPANK..ME..A.AGAIN." "You have been warned, so think before you act, or it will be very painful for you pansy ass." "OK..OK..I..GIVE..UP." She rolled him off of her lap again, and he knelt there like a meek little puppy. "Good boy weakling, you're learning. Now stay there on your knees and don't move." She dragged Greg up and Fred didn't budge an inch. "Good boy, good boy."

Fred was beaten. He didn't want to admit it, but the sixteen year old young girl had broken him and he was scared to death of her. Tears rolled down his swollen black and blue face, from the shame he felt at admitting that to himself. He had beaten guys much bigger then him, some were probably three times her size. But the thought of this young girl getting angry at him over something, struck fear in his heart. He was completely and thoroughly afraid.

"Lie down under my feet like Greg was wimp, and don't move a muscle. He obeyed instantly. He didn't even squirm when she placed her bare foot on the side of his head, and rubbed her toes on his swollen mouth. Yes, she was sure now that she had broken him, and he would obey. "Good boy, I think you're learning." "Greg, get across my lap little man." He started to say something, but she cut him off. "Don't say a word boy, just shut your mouth and crawl over my lap." Greg lay over her lap crying his eyes out.

"That's better. You know you can't take me Greg, so quit trying. You're simply no match for me. Your stubbornness only gets you more pain. I am the boss, and you will obey me. Remember that before I really hurt you. Now, let's turn that lillywhite ass of yours red..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..WHACK..Greg cried and cried, but he knew begging would do him no good, so he didn't try. Kathy smiled and paddled.

When she had given Greg one hundred strokes, she stopped. "Will you obey me now sissy ass, or should I spank you again?" "NOOOOOOOOO" I'll m.mind..y.you..K.K.Kathy..pl.please..st.stop..i'll..be..g.good..I'll..b.be..g.good." "You had better boy, because there is more where that came from. Now get on your knees." Greg kneeled at her feet to her right, and Fred knelt to her left.

"OK wimps. Each of you take a foot and grovel. I want to feel those kisses, and I want my whole bare foot covered." "IS THAT CLEAR TO YOU TWO WEAKLINGS?" They each shook their heads yes, while more tears stained there beaten battered faces. Kathy sat back and relaxed while enjoying the feeling of their busted swollen lips on her pretty bare toes and smooth skin. She made them grovel for ten minutes before stopping them. "Good boys."

She grabbed Fred by the hair and chin, and looked him straight in the eye. "Do not come around here again. If you do, I will beat you so bad you will wish you were dead. Then I will spank your bare ass until it is completely red and raw and you can't sit down for a week." "DO YOU UNDERSTAND PANSY ASS?" He nodded yes, as he bawled like a baby. "Good boy, now follow me on your hands and knees." She picked up his clothes and headed for the door. Fred crawled behind her, drenching the carpet with his tears.

She opened the door and he crawled out on the porch. "Remember what I told you. Now git." She kicked him in the ass, and he flew off of the porch, landing on his face in the yard. She threw his clothes out beside him. She laughed as he ran to his car without dressing. She turned and went back inside to deal with Greg.

Kathy grabbed Greg by the ear with her thumb and fore finger, and pulled him to his feet. She dragged him back to the kitchen, while he walked bent over and howled from the pain she was causing his ear. She turned him lose and looked around the kitchen. "You get your ass busy and finish this kitchen young man, or I will give you another hard spanking. You don't want that, do you?" "NO, NO, I'll hurry Kathy, just please don't spank me again." "Then get to it boy, and do a good job." "Yes ma'am."

Kathy decided to take another hot shower and change her clothes. Her white socks were soaked with saliva, and she felt a little sweaty from beating up the two idiot males. Oh well, she thought to herself. It's a good job, and I just love to do it. Maybe some day, all males will know where they belong. At the feet of a dominate female. She undressed and padded toward the shower smiling. I love my job.