The Femme Soldiers Attack
by demented20
No mercy, no remorse, no stopping them.

Date: October 2005

Jean was getting used to not knowing his boss' motives. In the past he had been part of Jason Mallster's inner circle, but now he felt like nothing more than an errand boy for Benny. It would have been different if Jean's old buddy Michel had still been alive, but that bitch Caeda had killed him. Working for Benny was strange mostly because Benny was strange. He kept his motives and his ideas close. He didn't discuss his plans or even make inquiries for advice and counsel. He seemed to have everything figured out already, and Jean always felt like he was two or three moves behind. As he stood outside a door in a rough part of Atlanta waiting with his boss and one of the Femmes, he could not help, but wonder why they were there. The steel door opened, and a very large man stepped into the corridor.

"He'll see you now", the big man rumbled. "But I have to frisk you all before you go in."

Benny nodded. "Safety first." He walked up and raised his hands so the man could get easy access to his body. Jean was next, followed by the bodyguard that Benny always kept near. In the past he had kept a Series 4, but now he kept a Femme. Benny much preferred the scenery. For the first couple of days it had been X-424. He had been able to do things in the bed with her that no other women could have endured, but he had let her go back into the pack. His escort was now X-417. She was a beautiful ebony girl with the high cheeks and a regal appearance. She had silky smooth skin, and a body that had both impossible curves and impossible hardness.

The big guard's eyes took on a different look as he ran his hands over X-417's body, but like a professional his hands didn't linger in any place longer than was necessary to do his job. He nodded to his assistant and the door was pulled all the way open. They lead Benny and his group up a rough wooden staircase to a loft area that served as meeting area and central office for this organization. Benny looked around at its spartan appearance and was impressed that these men knew how to keep an organization focused. He still hadn't seen who he was looking for, until he heard his name called.

"Benny!" Malcolm came into the room dressed in loose comfortable clothes. "You look great my man. I have to go see that doctor you went to."

Benny stepped forward and the two men hugged in the center of the room. Malcolm's bodyguards cringed, but knew better than to interfere. These two men had met in prison, and had become somewhat close. Benny had always thought of prison as the great underworld graduate school. Benny and Malcolm both had advanced degrees. Benny had learned more about crime, and made more contacts while in prison than he ever would have been able to accumulate on the outside. He planned to use his knowledge, and his friendship with Malcolm could pay off very nicely.

Malcolm had a desk set up near a large window, but he lead Benny to a pair of chairs arranged around a small circular table. He wanted their meeting to be of equals, and that was tough to accomplish from behind a desk.

"Care for a drink?", Malcolm asked after they had sat down.

"Love something. Whatever you're having."

Malcolm's staff brought out cups of freshly brewed green tea out for everybody. Benny took his without sugar, but Jean wanted a cube. X-417 drank the tea because she had been ordered to fit in with regular people, but she did not 'taste' the drink the way she would have before she had become a Femme.

The two old cell mates caught up with each other for a short time. Benny informed the group that technically he was still wanted, but not for much longer. He had a plan for that.

"So that's where I come in?", Malcolm inquired after a sip of tea.

"Exactly." Benny told Malcolm his plan. He had worked it all out after he'd had a fortunate stroke of luck while on the road from Florida.

Malcolm nodded. "Elegant and simple. Fortune's already smiling on you, Benny."

"About time!"

The two men shared a laugh. Even Jean laughed, but there was a tinge of jealousy. He was explaining more to this outsider than he ever explained to him.

"I'd love to help you in that, my man. Anything to help a man against the tyrants."

"I can't thank you enough."

There was a pause. "I know you didn't just come here for that, Benny. You're too smart for that. You want something else too."

"You know how my situation has changed, and you have already agreed to help me out. Now I think I am in a position to help you and your cause."

That got Malcolm's attention.

"I know you have been working for years to make this government understand just how wrong it is, and that change is necessary and inevitable. What I am proposing, Malcolm, is that we work together to hit the government and their rich cronies where it hurts the worst... in the wallet. I want to bring the banks and markets down to their knees."

"I love the way you're talking, Benny, but talk is just that. You have laid out a course of action that could, no would bring this evil government down to its knees and make them listen to our point of view, but without the power to back up our talk we would simply bring about our ruin."

Benny smiled, and even though he had a new face, it was still creepy when he wanted it to be. It was the eyes. "Malcolm, do you see that young lady down there?"

He laughed loudly. "My man, I did 9 years in Joliet! I'd have to be blind, crippled, and crazy not to notice that young woman down there." He looked at her, but her face didn't change at all. She just stood where she had been standing for the last hour.

"She, and those like her are the muscle behind my plan."

Malcolm looked at her again. She had a tight body on her, but he didn't see enough muscle down there to make a grown man nervous.

"I think you need a little demonstration", Benny said. He looked directly at X-417. "Sweetie, I would like to see out the window. Could you move me over there."

She set her tea cup on the table and sauntered over to him, her body making men's eyes turn as super tight jeans hugged her curves. She stood behind his chair and casually leaned down, placed her left hand flat under the bottom of the chair then lifted. Benny and his chair rose from the ground. She held his chair up for a moment to make sure that he was comfortable before she extended her arm, holding Benny's 175 pounds and the 30 pounds of the chair out in front of her body as she started walking towards the window. No evidence of strain showed on her pretty face.

"This is good", Benny said as he got near the window. She bent her knees and leaned down again giving Malcolm and everybody else a clear view of her breathtaking backside.

"What the hell? Was that some sort of trick?", Malcolm accused.

Benny smiled and finished his cup of tea. He handed the empty cup to X-417. "Would you like to join me?" He paused and looked at Malcolm. "Sweetie, could you bring Malcolm over here so that he could join me."

X-417 started walking towards Malcolm; he recoiled a bit. His bodyguards stepped forward. "I wouldn't do that", Benny warned. "She won't hurt him."

"Its okay", Malcolm said reluctantly. This woman stood behind him. He could feel the heat of her body and his eyes could not look away from the inside of her blouse, as she lifted his 210 pounds and the chair from the ground without a single grunt or grumble of effort. He could see the muscles in her arm bunch up and he watched her deltoids harden when she extended her arm to hold him at arms length too. Her hand didn't even shake under the weight as she walked towards the window. She set him down next to Benny in relation to where their chairs had been before she moved them.

"That was fucking impressive wasn't it?", Benny asked.

Malcolm looked blown away. "I don't know what to say."

Benny extended his hand. "Just say yes to our partnership. I have 18 more where she came from, and 13 male soldiers."

Malcolm extended his hand. "I'm not even going to ask where you got them from because, you have a deal, Benny. We can bring this entire rotten mess of a society down to its knees, but first we get you off their radar."

Benny shook his hand and the deal was struck. Benny's weakened organization now had a much needed shot of fresh vitality. He looked at Malcolm's face and saw his old buddy looking at X-417.

"You want to borrow her?", Benny asked.

"What huh, how can I borrow..."

"Oh you can. Think of it as a token of my appreciation for our new partnership."

Malcolm stood from his seat and gently took X-417 by the hand.

"Go with him Sweetie, and show him a good time."

Her impassive face changed and a warm natural looking smile spread showing her perfect white teeth. She wrapped her arm around his shoulders as he lead her towards his suit of rooms.

"Make sure she comes back like you found her!", Benny called out to his friend as he left the room. Then Benny and Jean stood up to leave. The same big guard lead them towards the door.

"That was the damnedest thing I ever saw", the big guard said to Benny as they left.

"Tell me about it", Benny replied, slapping the man on the back.

Benny could hardly contain his glee. Things were about to get very interesting for anybody who's job it was to stop crime, and everything was working out like Benny had hoped it would.

Benny and Jean slid into the Malibu that was his transportation. It was still important for Benny to keep a low profile for the next couple of days. Then it wouldn't matter so much. They were on their way to the interstate to get out of town. Benny had a spare Femme, this one X-419 driving the car because they had ability to driver perfectly within the rules of the road. Benny and Jean sat in the back seat.

"Is that Malcolm fellow trustworthy?", Jean asked after they were away from Malcolm's compound.

Benny shrugged his shoulders. "Malcolm's a zealot. He can be trusted to do whatever is in his cause's cause. That's why I chose to meet with him. He will stay a course until the bitter end."

"Won't a man like that betray you when his course and yours no longer coincide?"

"He surely will."

"I suppose the trick will be to not let him know that our goals differ until we are ready for him to know."

Benny smiled and nodded approvingly. "You're learning something, Jean. There is a method to my madness."

The car stopped suddenly. "What's the matter?", Benny demanded.

"Road work", X-419 replied in a dry voice. It was unsettling to Benny for a woman so beautiful as the woman in the front seat to have no tenderness about her at all.

"Take the streets until we get around this."

She turned and the car started moving again. Benny went to looking out the windows. The neighborhood was improving a little and people could be seen on the sidewalks. People getting on and off MARTA trains and people trying to catch busses were all around. Amid the daily grind of life, Benny's eyes saw something horribly out of place.

"Turn right!", he ordered. X-419 did what she had been ordered. "Slow down!" Benny rolled down the window to get a better look.

On the sidewalk Benny saw a wonderfully beautiful brunette jogging along as if she didn't have a care at all. Her long hair flopped back and forth from under her hat in time with her legs, and what legs she had. They looked like the sort that Benny could get lost between. She had a tight round ass that looked great in the gold shorts that she had somehow managed to get into. Benny knew that they were stretchy, but it looked as if those shorts had been painted on. It was almost hypnotic to watch her run, as his eyes followed the letters written across the back of her shorts. He saw 'T" and 'E' rise as the 'C' and 'H' fell across her backside. She was so gorgeous, and as he went further, he saw that her legs and ass were just an appetizer. She had a set of breast that could make time stop, at least it did for Benny. She had her breasts covered by a sports bra and nothing else, exposing her flat and hard midsection. Her tanned skin contrasted with the black sports bra and a thin sheen of sweat made her body seem to glisten in the afternoon sun. Benny became mesmerized by a bead sweat rolling down her neck and running between the oh so deep cleavage created by her absolutely perfect pair of breasts. He had to remind himself to breathe as the car rolled beside her slowly. Looking, though, was never enough for Benny.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to startle you", he called from the open window.

"You didn't", the woman said without turning her head. "I saw you back there when you turned the corner and started to fucking creep."

Benny smiled. "You didn't seem concerned."

"Should I be concerned?", the woman asked still jogging.

She looked even better up close. She looked so young and full of life. In the past, this was the sort of woman that Benny would have abducted. He could feel that urge building up in him. He's lucky he didn't act on it.

"Well, this isn't the best area of town", Benny said.

"Now you're trying to rescue me?", the woman quipped. She looked at her watch. She had to be somewhere in an hour.

"You don't look like you need rescuing", Benny told her with a smile.

She looked squarely at him for the first time. "I'm glad you noticed."

"Hey, I'm going to stop bothering you. I have to get out of town, but I just want to tell you that you are the prettiest woman I've seen in a long time."


Benny chuckled at her inattention to him. "Just tell me one thing, pretty lady. What is your name?"

She laughed for the first time. "Alisha."

"Nice to meet you, Alisha. My name's Benjamin."


"Bye-bye", Benny said and rolled up the window. He ordered X-419 to speed up and find an interstate onramp. "Wasn't she something, Jean?"

Jean grinned. "I'm surprised she doesn't have a trail of guys following her everywhere she goes."

Benny exhaled. "Well, I have to get her out of my mind. We have work to do."

Alisha laughed to herself as she jogged through the gates onto Tech's campus. That guy had actually been pretty cute, but she had better things to do than be chatted up by a guy driving along the road. She had no idea that the guy she had just blown off was one of the most wanted men in the country, and that the woman driving the car was a super soldier who could lift a fully loaded automobile over her head with ease. If Alisha'd had any notion of what Benny was going to do later that night, she would have stopped him, but she didn't know. So she jogged to her former roommate Miranda's dorm to take a shower.

X-424 and her Series 4 partner crept towards a lone building sitting in high grass far from the new highway. It had been built on an old county road that had been abandoned for thirty years just like the old brick making factory itself. But somebody had found it, and realized that it was perfect for their purposes. The basement was large, the roof didn't leak, and everybody in the area had forgotten that the building had ever existed. That enterprising group of men had set up their methamphetamine production facility inside this old factory, moving in their equipment slowly over the course of weeks. The windows had been painted black and electricity came from a gasoline engine and a generator below ground. The men inside felt more than safe. The terrain was open for a 100 yards in every direction, and the old place already had thick iron doors. They were so sure of their safety that they no longer bothered to keep a sentry outside to warn them. They had talked about installing a camera system, but so far they had found other things to spend their money on. It would be too bad for them. They could have used the warning as their super secret facility was already surrounded by ten super soldiers and by ten more regular people who were working their way towards the secret exit located in a wooded area. The sun had set, but the Series 4's and the Femmes' enhanced eyes allowed them to see well enough to complete their mission. The regular people trailed behind these super soldiers were going to make sure the men inside had no chance of escape, but the super soldiers were going to do the dirty work.

Malcolm, Benny, and Jean were in that trailing group. All were dressed in black and armed, but Benny felt more than a little out of place. He had no weapons training or experience in using firearms, but he had to be there. He had to show his new partners that he was a man of action and not just a brain. Jean felt protective of the Organization and of its boss. He knew why Benny had demanded to go on this mission, but he should have stayed back. Benny looked next to ridiculous trying to be stealthy as the group walked through the high grass, his carbine clutched close to his chest, but his hands were in the wrong position. The toes of his heavy boots dragged the ground with each step, not making enough noise to alert anyone, but it was a bad habit. That proved true as the toe of Benny's boot struck an unseen railroad track. He tripped, and for a moment Jean thought that their cover was blown, but he reached out his hand and grabbed his boss by the arm. Benny looked up at Jean giving him a wordless look of thanks. Jean nodded quickly and kept moving. The super soldiers had reached the building, and could hear some activity coming from inside. The windows were too high to see anything, but it didn't matter. At a predetermined time, all hell broke loose.

X-424 took a deep breath to fill her lungs with precious oxygen as she prepared to use her enhanced muscles against the old iron door. Her partner, a Series 4 soldier, stood behind her as they waited for the precise time. The massive door weighed half a ton, but it would not be able to stand up to X-424's strength. Her entire body was ready for action. Her light brown hair was pulled back making her normally pretty face appear striking in a dangerous way. Her eyes were focused and all of her enhanced senses were keyed in to the task she had been ordered to complete.

At the correct time, she reached out one leanly muscled arm and took a firm grip on the old locking mechanism. X-424's face change just slightly as all the powerful muscles in her upper body flexed as she pulled. The old sliding door resisted for only an instant before, it and its tracks were ripped from the side of the abandoned brick factory. The 1000 pound door went flying through the air landing in the high grass behind she and her partner. The 4 rushed inside through the breach. Just as four more pairs of partnered Femmes and Series 4's rushed in through a door on the other side of the building and the through the blacked out windows attempting to surround anybody on the inside.

The men on the main floor of the building had been playing cards and enjoying the new GTA: San Andreas. Nothing ever happened out here. They kept their guns handy just in case any rival meth dealers wanted to put this huge operation out of business. The security guys only touched their rifles when raw materials were coming in or when finished product was going out. Other than that, they enjoyed the good life that all this money was buying. They were roused from their leisure by bangs that their brains could not identify. Their hands went instinctively to their rifles, but the attackers would get off the first shots. The bullets flew and two defenders fell quickly.

Jimmy and his buddies had opened fire on the shadows and shapes that had invaded their sanctum, but two of the defenders had already fallen. The super soldiers attacked and kept moving forward even through the wall of bullets that the defenders were putting out. Nothing seemed to stop them.

"There!", one of the defenders yelled. "Shoot there!" Three rifle barrels turned and fired at a Series 4 who was attempting to flank the defenders. Most of the bullets missed, but one struck him in the shoulder and another bullet hit him in the side. The defenders saw him go down. As clearly as they could through the smoke, haze, and panic of a fire fight, they saw that man go down from their shots. It was the only piece of information that could bolster their flagging courage. Seeing that attacker go down let them know that the guns in their hands were shooting real bullets. They fired on with renewed vigor. Out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy saw the attacker he had helped shoot sit up suddenly. It couldn't be. Jimmy could see the holes in the attacker's outfit, but he looked at Jimmy with a blank face.

"No!", Jimmy yelled and turned his rifle to the side. Jimmy almost got his rifle around, but a stream of bullets from the wounded series 4 killed Jimmy faster than he could realize what had happened to him. The rest of the defenders saw their leader go down. Blood misted from his wounds. Jimmy's face opened in a soundless scream and he fell atop the pile of spent cartridges. The three remaining defenders knew that they had no chance. They retreated.

"Get to the door!", they all yelled. The three men no longer cared about winning or holding their own. They only cared about their lives. They had tried their best to protect their friends in the basement, but any chance they had to stop these attackers died with Jimmy.

They pulled the reinforced steel door open and ran through it. The last man through the door slammed it shut, and spun the wheel locking the old naval hatch into place. They rushed down the stairs and hopefully to safety, but it was not to be.

X-424 and her partner eased towards the door stepping over Jimmy's dead body and over a PS2 and a television with the game still paused. A Series 4 pointed to the door. X-424 walked to the door and observed it for a moment allowing her mind and her programing to calculate the best and quickest way to get inside. She slung her rifle over her shoulder and took the sides of the door with both hands. Her pretty face set; she widened her base, and then everything began to shake. The old steel door held fast, but everything around it was coming to pieces. The defenders had found the old heavy cruiser hatch at a breakers yard in Brunswick. It seemed strong enough to protect them. All the old door did was buy them a small amount of time.

X-424's muscles swelled larger and harder and her fingers dug into the metal distorting it. A soft grunt of effort escaped her lips as she demanded more strength from her enhanced muscles. She pulled against the door, and though she had distorted the very edge of the hatchway, the steel held. It had been designed to withstand 14 inch armored shells, but building hadn't been. The men had fitted a super heavy duty frame into the wall to hold the door. It was strong enough to hold up the hatch, but it wasn't strong enough to withstand X-424's power. Her body was set in a pose as her body was tested against the best the barrier had to offer. Dust fell from above and the entire structure shook from the basement to the roof as X-424's muscles flexed to bursting to pull the entire hatch away from the wall. The welds failed and bolts snapped and nuts were stripped and gravity itself was defeated as X-424 pulled the entire hatch away from the wall. Bricks were crushed to powder and pieces of metal that had been under enormous tension shot out. The sound of the wall cracking and the floor shaking made it seem like the building was coming down, but instead the hatch was coming up. Once she had a good grip, X-424 put her leg forward and really lifted. Her quads and calves throbbed as more and more blood rushed to her hungry muscles feeding them with more oxygen and with more strength. There was one last torturous moan from the steel as the last support tore in half. Every muscle in X-424's enhanced body flexed super fast to keep the weight steady. Debris was still falling when the rest of the super soldiers rushed down the stairs. X-424 wound up, making her obliques look like coiled cables, and then she threw the hatch away from her. The impact with the floor actually made her feet bounce. She quickly followed her team down the stairs, showing no fatigue from what she had just done. The fight though, was over before she made it to the basement. A couple of shots from X-419 killed the last man with nerve to lift a gun. Jean, Malcolm, and the rest of the team had blocked off the meth cooker's emergency exit and they now lead a few near escapees back to the rest of the group.

Six men huddled against the wall with guns pointed at their heads. Two of the men had been defenders while the others had been downstairs the entire time. They were the meth cooks responsible for running all the equipment down in the basement to turn the raw materials into tons of meth.

Benny came down the tunnel into the well lit meth kitchen area with a series 4 right behind him. The 4 effortlessly held the body of a man who had been kept in cold storage for several days. Benny didn't know the dead man's name, but this man was going to be Benny's ticket off the most wanted list. The dead man was almost exactly the same height, weight, and build as Benny. They had found his body by dumb luck on the side of a Florida highway with a couple of 9mm bullet holes in his chest. There were several more bodies in this old factory with 9mm holes in them as well. The ballistics probably wouldn't match, but nothing was perfect. Benny motioned for the super soldier to place the body down against a wall, then he looked around the cooking area.

"This is impressive", he mused as he looked around at the commercial grade equipment that these guys had been using to produce their drugs. "You guys aren't amateurs. And nice security from what I understand."

The men were too scared to speak. Benny sighed and looked for Malcolm who was looking at the finished product that was ready for shipment.

"You know these guys actually make high quality stuff down here in this basement."

"Its too bad though", Benny turned to the six men before he looked at the super soldiers who stood over the men with their guns ready. "Kill them", Benny ordered with just a tinge of regret in his voice.   X-424 looked down the sights.  There was not a thought in her mind until she heard the voice give her the order.  When the order came from that voice, she had no choice.  Her body went through actions that it had been trained to complete efficiently and quickly.  She didn't hesitate, neither did the other super soldiers.  Men screamed and threw their hands in front of their faces, but the bullets pierced their skin exiting their backs or burrowing deep inside their bodies.  After a hail of bullets that lasted on a couple of seconds, all six men were dead.

When the shooting was over, they started staging the scene. They took the still chilled dead body of the man and placed him on the ground. While the rest of the group started spreading every flammable liquid on the ground that they could. Benny supervised the entire operation, making sure that everything looked the way he wanted it to.

There was only one thing that had to happen before he was satisfied. The dead man they found in Florida didn't look like Benny in the face, but he had a way around that. Hey had one of the Femmes position the body under a steel girder that was a floor joist for the room above. From the safety of the tunnel, Benny ordered X-417 to pull down the vertical support that help support the old beam.

She took the solid steel pole with one hand, and without any strain on her regal face she twisted the pole out of shape, and then pulled her arm down. The old steel resisted and screamed in protest against her strength, but she was too strong. Her long lean and super hard muscles couldn't be stopped. The rivets that held the pole to the horizontal girder were strong enough to hold while X-417 pulled. The entire girder started shaking and dust fell from the top. The steel started groaning under the strain of the Femme's one arm. Then the rivets snapped one by one. The pole broke off, but the damage had been done. X-417 stepped back as the horizontal girder fell directly on the dead man's head obliterating any chance of dental records being used to identify the body. In a moment, they wouldn't be able to use finger prints.

When every one of his people was out of the area, Benny ordered Jean to light the building. It went up quickly. The chemicals used for cooking meth were an arsonist's dream. In only a minute the basement was completely in flames, and in a couple of more minutes the main structure was on fire. Flames burned through the roof and through all the old windows. It would be 40 minutes before the local fire department even got a call about the fire. By the time they got there, they determined that the building was going to be a total loss, but they still fought all night to put the fire out. The roof collapsed and one of the walls went with it, but the firefighters worked to put out the blaze. They didn't notice the bodies in the rubble until the sun was high in the sky the next morning.

The entire area was full of law enforcement by 9 am as a picture of what had happened in that building came clear. The locals knew very quickly that this was beyond their resources. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was on the scene, but it took hours to clear enough debris to make it to the basement. They found seven bodies down there including one who had been shot then crushed by a massive piece of steel. The lead investigator looked at all of his notes and knew that he had a call to make. He punched the numbers into his phone.

"Hey, this is Agent Price. You mentioned that you wanted me to call you if I saw something strange. I think I have some things here that you need to see."

Two hours later, an FBI sedan pulled up to the still smoking ruins of the brick factory and Agent Miles stepped out. He looked around and found the face he was looking for. The Georgia investigator sought out Agent Miles, and they shook hands.

"Good to see you", Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agent Price said.

"You too", Agent Miles began. "So, what do you have to show me?"

"This way", the investigator told him. He lead the FBI agent through the rubble towards the stairs. Agent Miles looked down the scorched stairs.

"No over here. This is a fucking hatchway from a naval ship. I've seen druggies use them before to shield their operations from raids and the like. These doors can take all we can throw at them and then some, and the bad guys know it, but look at this." Agent Price pulled out a small flashlight and shined the light on the sides of the hatchway. "You see those grooves? Those look like fingers. I tried to think of what else could make a pattern like that, but that looks like fingers made dents in this damn steel. Now I'm guessing that this entire hatchway was welded and bolted over there in that doorway protecting the stairs. It would have taken us forever to get through this door, and it would have taken a fucking crane to move it, but this hatch is twenty feet away from where it was."

Agent Miles leaned down to get a closer look. "Is there any chance that it could have been blown off by an explosion during the fire?"

"I thought the same thing, but the firemen told me that there is no way. Something else removed this door. It wasn't just blown off. It was torn off over a matter of seconds. Okay, that's not all. Come down stairs with me." They had to climb down a fireman's ladder. Water was still dripping from the ceiling, and there was standing water on the floor, but it was safe enough to walk around. They had to step around the temporary supports that had been installed to keep the ceiling up.

"A couple of these girder's fell during the fire. We found a body under this one, but the steel didn't kill him. He was dead before this fell on him. That's not what I want to show you." They went to a twisted and broken piece of solid steel. "This was a solid piece of steel that used to help hold up the ceiling. I don't know which girder it used to support and we might never know with the mess that the fire made, but look at it! Its been crushed and mangled! I've been doing this 12 years, and I have never seen anything like this."

Agent Miles crouched down and took a good look.

"This building had to be 100 years old, and that steel looked brand fucking new on the inside. It wasn't rusty or weak. Do you know anything that could have done this to a piece of fucking steel?"

"Yeah", Agent Miles answered after a moment's thought. He stood up straight and opened his notebook to the page that had Jan Caufield written across the top. "I think I might know who could have done this."

At a phony poultry plant, the scientists had just deactivated all the Femmes after the successful mission, including X-424. As soon as her eyes closed, Kristen's mind emerged. It was getting easier for her to remember her past life. She could remember her entire name now, for all the good it did her, but she couldn't remember anything that she had cared about. She couldn't remember actually swimming. That nagged her, but she did remember that she had a family. Kristen knew that she had a mother and a father and a sister and a brother. She couldn't remember their faces or their names, but she knew they existed, and that was enough to keep her picking through her whitewashed memories until she could find the ones she was looking for.

more coming!!!

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