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Diana the Valkyrie's Newsletter - October 2016

September 2016

Still a great summer, but I didn't see much of it.

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Running fine

Down on the server farm

The system hard drive on the main web server was faltering, so I replaced it. First I switched the load to the backup server, by changing the NAT on the firewall, which meant that users wouldn't see any interruption in service. Then I installed a new system disk, installed the operating system, installed all the other software it needed, and when it was all up and running, switched the load back. It's not something I wanted to do, but since I *had* to do it, I was glad I had a backup up and running already.

I've spent this month tweaking and tuning, dealing with minor changes in configurations. I've brought back all my servers from the colocation, and I've been testing them and their hard drives, so that I can use them in future.

I've installed various things to monitor the systems, so that I can know very quickly if there's something not right, using various old monitors to display the beating heart of the system.

I changed the firewall from the Cisco Pix 525 where I set it up, to a Pix 515E which runs more steadily, but I'm planning to change to a much more up-to-date Cisco ASA 5510

Indeed, things were going so well, I was able to take a few days vacation. I took a laptop with me so that I could monitor the systems, but they were running fine, so I didn't have to cut the vacation short and run back!

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I checked the site statistics that Sandra counts up each night.

At the end of September 2016, there were about 1,563,000 pictures (346 gigabytes), 545 gigabytes of video, 16338 text files (mostly stories) and a total of about 892 gigabytes. There's 610,000,000 pictures altogether in Newsthumbs, increasing at about 5 million per month.

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