Diana the Valkyrie

Diana the Valkyrie's Newsletter - June 1999

A hard man is good to beat


May is flower month. And a change of style for the newsletter. TomNine pointed out that his prehistoric "WebTV Classic" couldn't load a page because the newsletter has become so long, so I'm splitting it into sections. Everything is still here, it's just in links that you click on. What I've split off is the list of accessions to the Library, the Art Galleries and the Movies. And also the Chatroom Tattler, written by Tex Biceps. And to emphasize the New Look Newsletter, I'm using one of Wreck Shops drawings, see above.

Listen with Diana the Valkyrie

More stories added, and more on the way. I'd be delighted if anyone volunteered to do some of the reading. If you were hoping for a Contributor's Membership, this is one way to get one.

New and updated Galleries

Galleries added this month.

In particular, I'd like to welcome Wreck Shop; you can see a sample of his artwork above. Fantastic. There's more in the Galleries.

The Library

Stories added this month.

I started a new Miscellaneous section, number seven. Plowjack got his own Bookshelf; so did Leslie (My Diary) and Whitfield. There's a new chapter in the popular "My Swedish Vacation" series by Valerafon, and Avidadolor has started a new Jenna series. Very violent.

The Movie Theatre

Movies added this month.

I added new Movie Theatres for Joebody, for Jazzmon and for Tall Goddess

Newsgroups - NewsThumbs

I asked Sandra to do picture searches of the NewsThumbs. There's about a million pictures there, and she uses the filenames that people give to pictures. So if someone called the picture you're looking for "picture.jpg" then you probably won't find it that way. But if you try searching for the name of your favourite bodybuilder, you might find pictures in newsgroups that you don't usually visit.


Greta is offline now. She's had an interesting history. She was originally destined for New York, to be the main server, but she kept hanging and needing a reboot, which is fine for a Windows workstation (I know it's fine, because mine does it almost every day) but no good for a web server. It turned out to be a hardware problem, but by the time we'd tracked it down, I'd got Joan installed in New York. So we put Greta onto doing the Newsthumbs.

And then Mary came along, with more speed and twice Greta's disk space, and now Mary is doing the Newsthumbs. I left Greta untouched for a while, just as a backstop for Mary, but after Mary ran for several weeks with no problems, Greta became available.

So I'm replacing all Greta's drives, so she'll have about 200 gigabytes of space. And then Greta will become the backstop for Joan (which is currently being done by Diana, who also does a lot of other things).

Why all this change? Because the web site is still growing. We've got a million pictures available now, and that's not the end. I'm also putting up lots more video, and the new Audio area. So we'll be needing more and more space in the future, and I have to plan for that.

Now that Mary's in action, she's doing a great job. News has been very stable, so I got a new Secure Server, and put that on Mary, so that now Mary runs the Shopping Mall too.

I also had a thought - people email me to ask me to upgrade them to Silver Membership, or to add audio, or whatever. It would be much better if I gave people the ability to upgrade their membership with the click of a mouse. So now you can go to the upgrade area.

The Shopping Mall

If you haven't visited the Shopping Mall then you're missing a treat.

I added three videos to the Cavanaugh Collection. One of them is Kasie and Sheila Burgess, having a liftoff. This is a must for all Sheila fans, all Kasie fans, and if you're a fan of both, I have a wonderful deal whereby you don't have to buy two copies of the tape!

There's also a bunch more books from LH-Art, check out the LH-Art shop.

The Clubhouse

Because of the Chess Cafe, I added a Chess Message Board. And there's a message board for BEhaviour, a LadyBumps newsletter.

And for people who want to practice, you can play against Nancy.

I put up "Colossal Cave". Some people will remember this from way back, and for them it can be great to finally have the chance to explore the caverns again.

But for most people, this will be a whole new experience; it's the very first interactive adventure game, now put on the web.

And I've put up the Colossal Cave adventurers tavern, so that people can swap hints and tips, and boast about their high scores.

Thighguy and Ulysses have designed a form for people to report their opinions on wrestling/fighting video tapes. Once we've got some of those filled in, I'll be making the data available via the web site, to answer the recurring question "How good is this tape?".

So, start giving your reviews, especially of tapes that you think are good.

There's a searchable database of Mixed Fighting Movies.

In the Chatroom

The Coffee Lounge Tattler

"All the chat that's fit to print..."


  1. -jabber Knocks JK Unconscious Without a Punch
  2. Return of the Prodigal Schmoo
  3. The FBB on TomNine's Back
  4. Chatty Femmes Turn Violent
  5. MadScientist: Sex Sells
  6. Features

  7. Diana the Valkyrie: The Inside Scoop
  8. From the Pulpit
  9. Dear Athena
  10. Dr. Sigmund Biceps: Schmoo Shrinkin'
  11. Chattin' CyberMoguls
  12. "Who Say 'Dat?"
  13. Coffee Lounger Spotlight

Send questions and comments to TexBB@aol.com...........

Other news from the Message Boards

Steamer announced that he's retiring! Well, he's been a very controversial person, but I see nothing wrong with debate and dissent. His views are bold, and stated plainly, and although I don't always agree with him, he's often good for a chuckle when he deflates some especially absurd posting.

Chatter of the month



Diana the Valkyrie2676

It's close. But Mad Scientist was just edged out of first place by Grog.

On the Message Boards

Mavis keeps a running total of who are the most frequent posters, and which message boards are most used.

Board of the month

Poster of the month






Scooby takes the dog-biscuit for the third time running! The Mookster just edges out Steamer, but Pauliina.Talus is doing extremely well, and with the retirement of Steamer, could she be our top poster in future?


The Colossal Cave Adventure which is the all-time classic Adventure game, is now available via the web site. I also added more Chess so that now you can brush up your skills against Nancy.


Nicole sent in a bunch more pictures, showing her trip to Disneyland, and a lot of pictures from her new role in the WWF wrestling arena.

Back Page

This month I put a lot of effort into the Audio area, which you can now see. I'm hoping that, if it's popular, it'll grow, and I'll get more people offering to read stories. I also did quite a lot to help Femsport get started, and members of this web site are already seeing the benefits of that; we're getting lots of action pictures coming in.

I did the picture searcher after I'd spent a while searching for pictures of someone. Then I thought, why search the hard way? Then I thought, well, let's make this available to members, too!

I checked the site statistics. that Sandra counts up each night. Early in May, we passed the million picture count!

A million pictures. I wonder how many other web sites have got that many! If you know of one, email me, so I can do a link to it.

At the end of May 1999, there were about 164,000 pictures (7.5 gigabytes), 10.3 gigabytes of video, 3000 text files (mostly stories) and a total of about eighteen gigabytes. In addition, there's NewsThumbs, which is another 876,000 pictures in 69 gigabytes and 1,242,000 text files, a total of 73 gigabytes.

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