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Diana the Valkyrie's Newsletter - January 2007

A hard man is good to beat

December, 2006

Isn't Christmas great? Eating too much, drinking too much, and then walking it all off in the brisk outdoors. Frost on the lawn, maybe even a sprinkling of snow. But no snow this year.

We did have a frost, and the rime condensed on all the trees and bushes, decorating them in a clean white hoar, like a fairyland.

It melted the next day.

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The Library

Here's a strange thing.

Some of the authors in the library, are perfectly willing to describe extreme sex and violence in great detail, but are unwilling to spell out words like "fuck". They might spell it as "f*ck" or "f%$k".

What's going on here? I can only guess, but I think that they've been educated to believe that there are certain taboo words, but they somehow missed the point of the taboo, which is to avoid mention of sexual acts and extreme sexual violence.

Maybe it's just me, but I find it really strange that an author is willing to describe someone being raped up the arse with a strap-on, but is not willing to use the word "fuck".

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We're getting about 10gb of stuff per day.

Shopping Mall

Nothing new.

Down on the server farm

A couple more servers developed dodgy hard drives. No big deal, I just strip out the faulty drive, put in a new one and reload the server from a backup.

So I decided to do the annual check of all servers. About a dozen of them had dodgy drives, so I've been replacing them and reloading those servers.

For one of them, I decided to reload a tape backup. To my extreme annoyance, after a couple of dozen files, the restore failed, with no way to tell the software to ignore the faulty patch of tape and continue anyway. Feh!

Spams of the Month

The comments on the spams are mine, of course. These are actual spams sent to me, which just strike me as funny. I don't include their contact details - go find your own spammers!

By the way, if you're using StoneColdMail (which is free to web site members) then you won't see most of these spams, they'll be delivered into your "Spam" folder.

I now get about 2000 spams per day. My despammer works quite well, only a couple of dozen get through, and it's very rare that a real email gets into my spam folder. But I've divided the spam folder into two, one spammier than the other. The spammier folder, is for spam that meets all the criteria for spam, and also isn't addressed to me. That helps a lot, because I do look through both spam folders, but I pay less attention to the spammier one.

Understanding the internet - the unreliability of email

Email isn't entirely reliable. In some cases, it's very unreliable. If you're with Earthlink, you might be losing 90% of your email.

Other email systems have problems - I still find that around one in every couple of hundred emals that I reply to, don't get to the destination. And if an email bounces ("no such user"), then I have no way to contact the guy. So if you send an email and don't get an answer, check that your email address works, and that you're giving it correctly.

The unreliability of updates

I'm getting a lot of emails like this: I just updated my computer to IE 7 and it deleted all my saved passwords and usernames.

Here's some general advice. You're probably got dozens of usernames and passwords by now. You have no chance to remember them all, so you're probably relying on your computer to keep track of them. But computers let you down, usually at the worst possible time. So you should also write down your usernames and passwords on a piece of paper (together with the address of the site that this is for). Paper is very reliable, it doesn't crash, doesn't break down. Keep that paper in a very safe place, of course, and update it every time you get a new password.


Most of the sponsorships now are by giving women server space and bandwidth, so they can operate their web sites without having to pay these fees. There's also photoshoots, which gets some revenue into their hands, as well as the traditional direct-funding sponsorship.

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2302 posts this month.

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Gods, goddesses and religions 990
Boomer's sports chat 771
Politics and economics 261
Diana the Valkyrie's message board 252
Sergeant Wick and PFC Kandor's Crush Camp 233
For flaming, insulting and abusing 200
Jett_-_Health_and_Nutrition 109
Scooby's Femme Fatale Forum, for mixed action 41
ThighGuy's Alternative Femme Fatale Forum 24
Storm, bodybuilder 17



Diana the Valkyrie121
A vigorous debate about religion is pushing the statistics along. HomoAncient and Terry are the leaders; HA and Terry are going hammer and tongs on the religion board, plus some of the abuse board.

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Mavis is counting the number of times the message list is checked for each board. This gives a very different picture from the one above.

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Sergeant Wick and PFC Kandor's Crush Camp 4144
Gods, goddesses and religions 3559
Scooby's Femme Fatale Forum, for mixed action 3506
Diana the Valkyrie's message board 2979
Boomer's sports chat 2800
TwoPossums TV and Pictures 1990
ThighGuy's Alternative Femme Fatale Forum 1676
Female muscle 1581
Wrestling 1545
Female bodybuilders 1419



The scissors board is the most popular The grinch got the stats

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I checked the site statistics that Sandra counts up each night.

At the end of December 2006, there were about 946,000 pictures (79 gigabytes), 220 gigabytes of video, 10,900 text files (mostly stories) and a total of about 300 gigabytes. There's about 220 million pictures altogether in Newsthumbs, increasing at about 5 million per month.

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