A Meeting
of Equals

Erotic Fantasy
Narrated By

Chapter One
Angelika stretched out one long leg, admiring the sleekly rounded muscularity of her thigh and calf, enjoying the ripple and play of sinewy strength lurking just beneath the shiny black leather that encased her enticing limb. The leather fit her like a second skin, as if someone had sprayed liquid rubber over her sleek hips and long legs.

To her, it was a fetishistic fashion statement that served a purpose. She smiled as she thought of that purpose, and felt a quickening of her pulse. The dark haired woman was a sexual Dominant, and the black leather suited her perfectly. Now all that she had to do was find someone to dominate! It was time to cruise.

She arose from the bed upon which she had been sitting, unfolding her long, supple body with a feline grace. The woman moved across the bedroom to stand in front of a full-length mirror. She examined herself.

Angelika was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a gleaming black leather halter that was tautly stretched over her melon-solid breasts. Below those magnificent breasts a flat, hard belly and lean waist flowed into powerful hips encased within the slick leather pants. Her lithe hips gave way to a sculpted powerful ass of sturdy symmetry.

No garment could hide the voluptuousness of Angelika's body, but this outfit served to accentuate her athletic proportions to perfection.

The halter hung above sculpted abs that smoothly ridged her flat belly. The black leather just barely covered her areolae and did little to hide her thick, jutting nipples. Her tits strained against the black leather; moving and flexing ever so seductively as she moved. Angelika was a powerful black pantheress on the prowl.

Thick black hair cascaded down across her wide shoulders and strongly muscled back. Angelika admired herself in the mirror. Her dark eyes flashed in satisfaction. Angelika was ready! She exuded unrestrained sexual power and raw, wild womanhood.

Angelika turned from the ornate wall mirror and smiled as her fingers caressed the leather. It came from an Amazon River python that she had captured in the jungles of South America. Captured was not really the proper term, inasmuch as Angelika had fought the giant snake with her bare hands, resisting its crushing coils until she could at long last severe its head with a machete.

Angelika had been back from the Amazon jungle now for almost two months. Her feelings over her return were mixed. She enjoyed the luxuries of the civilized world. But she had felt alive in the jungle in a way that she had never felt when back in the city.

Angelika had to wear far too much clothing while in "civilized" company, as opposed to the leather bikini-like garment which served her in the jungle. Having experienced that sense of freedom, she now found the clothing restrictions of civilization distasteful.

Angelika remembered, wistfully, her jaguar-skin bikini. The jaguar-fur outfit was what she had worn in the jungle, until she had bested the huge snake in that wild test of strength and taken its skin as her prize.

She remembered her battle with the jaguar . . . . or actually with the Headwoman of the Jaguar Clan in that South American jungle. It was with this woman Angelika engaged in a life or death test of strength.

Even now, while thinking about it, her nipples started to harden in excitement. Her face became flushed as she thought back to the close contact with the heated sweat-slippery body of the woman with whom she had wrestled. As she continued daydreaming, a familiar sensation began in the pit of her stomach. This sensation started to cord and knot into a tight ball that flowed into her loins.

As her mind drifted back to the fight she had had with the powerful witch from the Amazon jungle two months before, that memory really started the blood blasting through her veins.

Angelika remembered that erotic wrestle, remembered the way she felt when her own body pressed hotly against the muscular body of the jungle woman. Angelika began to rub her leather-clad thighs together as she remembered the feeling of being on top of the struggling tribal queen, bearing down with all her might, finally squeezing the woman into submission after a fierce and impossibly long battle.

Since that episode, Angelika found herself constantly daydreaming about that erotic combat. She had never felt such a sexual ruch as she had while locked tightly against the naked body of her female opponent in that desperate struggle for supremacy.

The thoughts had made Angelika hot and sweaty, so she decided to step outside and cool herself off. Besides, it was time to prowl the streets for someone to sate her ravenous sexual appetite. Throwing a coat over her skimpy leather outfit, she went out into the night.

Angelika walked the deserted streets, idly peering into well-lit shop windows as she passed them. She turned the corner, and then stopped in her tracks.

She tried not to stare, but it was impossible. The woman who stood not twenty feet away was absolutely magnificent!

Without even knowing it, the woman had managed to push all of Angelika's fetish buttons at once. She stood there quietly in the shadows, watching the other woman, with her heart thudding and her mouth suddenly dry.

Continuing to observe the mystery woman, Angelika's eyes traveled slowly up and down the curvy length of the other's splendid body.

Her legs were long, with firmly muscled calves that showed beneath the cut-off pant legs. Angelika could only guess at her thighs, concealed within the hip-hugging Levis, but they appeared to be sleekly muscled as well.

Angelika wondered what the woman's thighs would feel like, clamped tight and hard around Angelika's own powerful body, as she squeezed her within that sinewy prison of solid flesh. The erotic tingle that accompanied that thought was delicious.

The woman stood there, peering intently through the window glass at a dress draped upon a slender manikin. The look on the woman's face was pure hunger . . . mixed with a sadness that came from the realization that she could never fit into that slinky little cocktail dress.

For one thing, her shoulders were far too broad. For another, her solid breasts would certainly not permit that flimsy silken garment to hold them captive, at least not without a struggle. It was a dress for a skinny-assed fashion model, not her. She gave a sigh and turned away from the window, too quickly to let Angelika step further back into the shadows. Angelika knew instantly that the woman had seen her!

The woman stood very still, her eyes locked with Angelika's. There was no fear in her gaze. She was like some tawny lioness sizing up her prey. Her golden eyes glowed in the half-darkness and her wide lips curved into an insolent half-smile as she looked Angelika up and down.

"So-ooo,o you like what you see?", the woman purred out as she took a step toward Angelika. She even moved like a lioness, arrogant and sure of her power.

Angelika was busted. No use in trying to bluster her way out of this. She knew damned well that Angelika been staring at her with total lust gleaming in her eyes. The only question now was what the other woman was going to do about it.

Thinking quickly, Angelika said to her: "Great beauty always transfixes me. It is, after all, my job . . . beauty, that is".

The woman cocked her head questioningly, the smile tugging at her lush lips, those golden eyes smoldering.

"Your job? And what is it that you do, other than being a female Peeping Tom"

Angelika flushed. Trying not to react to the woman's sarcasm, she replied. "I'm a photographer. I take pictures for a living, mostly in the jungles of South America"

"Tell me, how do I fit your criteria of beauty?" she murmured in a husky voice. "Am I not too strong an Amazon to be beautiful? But then, you are also an Amazon, no?"

That did it! Not only was her sheer physicality strumming her nerves, but now the woman was using THE erotic buzz-word that sent Angelika over the top. AMAZON!

And this mysterious woman of the night was just that . . . an Amazon stepped from the pages of mythology. Or, more likely, from the pages of a "Sheena Of The Jungle" comic book of Angelika's teenage years!

That blonde Queen of the Jungle had strangely aroused Angelika the first time she saw a copy of her brother's comic book. She had wanted to be just like this powerful female jungle woman, and it was Sheena who served as the model when Angelika set out to mold her body into a living sculpture of strength.

Angelika concentrated on not trembling as she let her adoring gaze travel slowly up and down that magnificently molded body. The woman was indeed a replica of Sheena in every respect.

Angelika's eyes slid up one of the woman's arms; measuring the rounded strength of a hard bicep, testing the sculptured hardness of a deltoid, glorying in the muscular breadth of her shoulders. Her eager eyes moved back down to the narrow waist and lithe hips. Although Angelika couldn't actually see her flat belly, I knew that the woman's abdominals were ridged with strongly etched sinew. And then, of course, there were those long, powerful legs. Angelika found herself wondering if the woman was stronger than she was.

And yet, for all of her powerful physique, the woman was curved in all the right places and darkly beautiful. She reminded Angelika of the powerfully muscled tribal witch with whom she had wrestled back in the jungle. As her mind replayed that epic struggle, Angelika felt herself becoming wet.

As if reading her mind, the woman gave Angelika an icy smile and said in a quiet voice, "When one amazon meets another, it is customary to determine which is the Alpha Female. Do you agree to a test of strength?

Angelika knew instantly what the woman meant by a "test". It would be a wrestling match . . . and Angelika nearly fainted from the thought of tangling in nude-muscled erotic combat with this mysterious woman of the night.

Without another word, the woman beckoned Angelika with a crooked finger and started off down the street.

"I live near here," murmured the woman. "It's a place where we won't be disturbed, where we can test one another's strength in private."

Angelika nodded her head in silent agreement. She didn't trust herself to speak. She was usually the aggressor, but now she found herself almost a submissive . . but that wouldn't last for long, Angelika whispered to herself.

It would be just like back in the jungle, where she wrestled another woman into submission. As she thought of their impending test of Amazon strength, Angelika could hardly wait to get naked and match muscles with the other woman.

To be continued