By David Annand (

Someone else has found the secret of Feminox Super-Vitamins. A sequel of sorts to Femgrowth's Healthfood Store



My name's Heidi Schmidt and I'm 25 years old. I've been taking Feminox Super-Vitamins now for 3 years and I can't tell you how much I love them. Despite the side-effect, if you want to call it that, but I'll get to that later.

Let me first explain that I've been 6 foot 3 inches tall and rail thin since I entered my teens. Hell I used to look like a poster girl for bulimia, even though I ate a lot and kept it down. When I was younger I was this cute little girl with long thick reddish brown hair in pig tails, my mother loved to put me in those little Swiss miss outfits even though I was a tomboy at heart. My father was tall and I always wished I was as tall as he was.

Ever hear the saying "be careful what you wish for?" Well I got it, in spades. Once I hit my teens it felt like someone lit a rocket off in my genes "cause I just grew taller and taller. By the time freshman year in High School was over I'd hit my full height. But all that time I never filled out. I had to wear layers and layers of clothes just to break 125. I almost didn't return to basketball the next fall because I hated to wear that uniform. My shoulders were broad and it just hung there like on a scarecrow. My brother and I got into fights whenever he'd call me "walking stick'. By the next summer I was so self-conscious I suffered through the heat in long sleeves. And a bathing suit was out of the question.

Mom kept telling me I'd fill out and I ate enough for two but still I didn't gain an ounce. I was lucky enough to get a full ride basketball scholarship at a nearby college and I was able to find an apartment. I don't think I could have endured living in a dorm with someone else. I managed to have a few boyfriends but I never let them get past first base since I didn't want to take the baggy clothes off.

During that time I began to use the computers in the college library to try and find something, anything that would help me fill out my frame. I found several "get big' concoctions, joined gyms and all that yet still nothing worked.

Then I read the letter in your online magazine from the girl who worked in the healthfood store. She had found those Feminox Super-Vitamins and they'd turned her into a powerfully muscled amazon. That was it, surely they'd help me. I was inspired. Every spare moment I had, and I had a lot since I'd been cut in February, I drove around the state asking in healthfood stores if they carried them. Most of the times the clerks would just stare at me like I was from another planet. I asked a few if I could look in the storage areas and you'd think I'd just asked if I could see the gold in Fort Knox.

I must have been to at least a dozen before I found a place that was going out of business. The owner looked like a refugee from Woodstock and the store was cluttered and dim, it was a wonder it hadn't gone out of business before. I asked him if he had any and he thought for a moment stroking his stringy beard. His eyes lit up and my heart began to pound. "Yeah I think I have a whole bunch. C'mon back." He motioned me to the back and we went into the storeroom.

I was shocked, the storeroom was spotless, well lit and unbelievably organized. He led me over to a corner near the back and showed me four stacks of 6 wooden crates. I looked closely and sure enough stenciled on the side was the name Feminox as well as the bottle size and number of bottles. It was the same 500 tablets and 24 bottles that I read about in the letter.

"The company went out of business and I couldn't return them, they never sold but I just hate to throw things away." He said to me.

"How much do you want for them?" I asked.

"All of them?" He said his eyes wide.

I tried to hide my desperation and I think I succeeded because when I offered him $20.00 a case I almost kicked myself. But he jumped so fast at the price I probably could have offered him 10. I pulled my Jeep Cherokee Sport around back and he helped me load them into every available spot. I was worried my poor truck would break under the load but I managed to get them back to my apartment. All the weight training I'd done for basketball paid off as I was able to lift a crate and I worked up a good sweat carrying the heavy crates up to the third floor one at a time. I loved the view but by the 10th case I was cursing my luck to be on the third floor. I debated about taking a pill now but I just blessed the wind I'd gained from the sprinting in practice and soldiered on. The apartment wasn't all that big but I managed to put them all away in closets and behind a freestanding mirror.

Shaking with anticipation I got out a hammer and opened the first crate. With a loud screech the nails pulled free of the wood. I took out a bottle from the packing and stepped back and sat on my bed and just stared at the class bottle reading the label over and over. Feminox Super-Vitamins Just One a Day for STRENGTH and VITALITY

I had the answer to my dreams in my hands. I opened the bottle and took one out. It didn't look any different from all the other pills and vitamins I had.

I popped it in my mouth and swallowed. Nothing happened. I sat and waited. Still nothing. Then as I stood up I felt a rush throughout my body. It was unbelievable. I'd never felt anything like it. I could feel energy rushing through my veins feeding my tired muscles.

I could see my arms fill out a little where they stuck out from my short sleeved blouse and I could feel my chest begin to rise. The rush subsided and I looked in the mirror and saw that I now had a more natural build, still a bit on the thin side, maybe like a model. I wanted more.

I took another pill and this time the rush was even stronger. It was so strong my knees went weak. I could feel my strength grow right along with my muscles. The first pill almost doubled my strength and this one felt like it was doubling it again. I sighed in pleasure as the rush ebbed. In the mirror I saw my chest had risen even more as the pectorals thickened, my shoulders had grown rounder and wider. My skinny arms began to look toned like a large fitness girl and there was this vein running from my shoulder down the arm to my forearm. I could see the changes in my legs as they filled out my jeans. I turned and whooped with joy. I had a butt.

Nearly tearing my clothes off I stared at myself in the mirror. I had the muscular build of a fitness competitor and a large one at that. Still not much in the breast department, they were a bit bigger, but that didn't matter. I didn't look like a refugee from a famine any more. Moving over behind the mirror I tested my strength. I had indeed become a lot stronger. I could now lift four crates. I spent the rest of the day experimenting with different clothes and marveling at how well I filled everything out now.

The next day I was returning from the mall when I felt a sudden wave of exhaustion pass over me while I waited for traffic to begin to move. I looked down and nearly screamed I was thin again. It had worn off. All those lovely curves were gone. A car honked and I started forward. I wanted to cry but then looking at the clock on the dash I realized it had lasted almost exactly 24 hours. Damn I'd left the pills at home. Well from now on I had to keep a jar with me just in case. I also decided to wait until the morning. Nothing like having to run out of class so that no one sees me deflating. I did find I had to do it early enough. Something about that explosive rush of power made me very horny.

That week in school everyone seemed to notice how much I'd changed. A few of the guys were definitely checking me out. And my boyfriend was definitely impressed especially after the big rib creaking hug I gave him.

"Wow what happened?" He said.

"You like?" I asked as I stepped back and spun around giving him a good look at my butt. He was practically salivating. Later we were in a movie but neither of us knew what it was about so I asked him if he wanted to go back to my place.

Well I'm not going into details but lets just say that I found out something about myself. Like I just about wore out my boyfriend. I know I've more energy but I really liked it. So did he. I know I wasn't his first but I think I was his best. Hey I'm not naïve but with all the "Wow's" and "I never's" while we were busy gets me the feeling that he wasn't lying.

I woke up the next morning and there he was still sleeping next to me. I got up and looking at the clock realized Cinderella's bell was about to strike so I made a beeline for the bathroom and the bottle. I sat in there and read a book for a bit until I felt the wave as my strength left me and I got thin again. I took two pills and soon the rush of power came as it returned.

But it wasn't the same as I remembered. It wasn't as satisfying. The rush wasn't as intense. I looked in the mirror and looked at my body. I flexed an arm and my bicep rose. It looked the same size as before. Wasn't it?

"You gonna be in there all day?" Bob called from the other room. I'd forgotten about Bob.

"Be right out." I frowned. Was I building a resistance to the vitamin? Maybe I should take another?

There was a knock. "Please."

"Just a second." Damn it would have to wait until tomorrow. I threw on a robe and opened the door. There was Bob in his jeans.

"Good morning." I said with a smile. He grinned and gave me a peck.

"Gang way."

"Sure." I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and looked in the mirror appraising my figure. I still looked good but I wasn't sure, were my legs smaller? I saw Bob come out and when he saw me he smiled.

"Hey gorgeous."

"Hey yourself. Do my legs look smaller?" He blinked and I could almost hear the gears grinding as he tried to figure out something cute to say.

"Nope. They look fantastic. You been working out?"

"Some." It wasn't a lie. I had been going to the gym to test my strength and been astounded. I'd only been able to bench 80 before the pills. Now I was benching 320 pounds and with the lousy leverage I had thanks to my long arms that was saying something. I smiled when I remembered Bob's best was 315.

"See you tonight?" I asked.

"Sorry but I have to be over Tom's. We're leaving early for NCAAs." I'd forgotten that the crew team was leaving for a week. We both got our stuff together and I dropped him off at his dorm before I went off to class. That night I did as many of my assignments as possible, my mind wandered a lot as I debated whether or not to take three pills the next morning. I worked late into the night and actually fell asleep on top of my bed without undressing.

The next morning I woke, stretched then cursed. The pills had worn off. I took care of the usual morning rituals then took out the bottle. Twisting the cap off I shook out four and slid one back. I looked at them for several minutes before I popped them all in my mouth and swallowed them with a glass of water. I left the bathroom and walked over to the mirror eager to watch the change.

I never made it. I was half way across the room when the power rush hit me like a baseball bat. I felt like I was going to explode and as I looked down at my arm I realized I was. Muscles writhed and grew. Fibers swelled and thickened, split and began growing again. I stumbled on throbbing legs over to the mirror and watched as my muscles filled out my frame to the level I was accustomed to and beyond. I gasped as the electric energy vibrated in my body. My muscles swelled larger and larger until with a moan I collapsed an orgasm sending shockwaves through my body.

As my breathing began to return to normal I lifted my head and looked in the mirror.

"Oh my god!" I was huge. I was as big as any female bodybuilder I'd ever seen in my research. Thick traps sloped to huge delts that had burst out of the t-shirt. My chest was thick with muscle straining the shirt with every breath. My arms were amazing, tremendous biceps and triceps bulged mightily as I flexed my arms. I stood and what had been only a hint of abs was now a full-blown six-pack, my legs were almost bigger than my waist and erupted from my torn shorts. Turning I saw my buttocks had completed the destruction of the shorts.

With the slightest movement my huge muscles bulged all over my body. The feeling was incredible. Like I could do anything. With both hands I grabbed my collar and after pausing to marvel at how thick my forearms were I tore the shirt in two like it was paper.

I looked like some kind of Amazon goddess and with a chuckle noticed that my breasts had grown a little more than before. Might be close to a full B, ah well can't have it all I guess.

I found my spandex workout gear and I literally had to squeeze myself into it. I ran over to the weightroom, it was only a few blocks away. People gaped at the amazon that flew past them my huge, couldn't believe I used that word, thighs propelling me along at a fantastic rate.

The school's weightroom was empty when I got there and with anticipation I set about to find out how strong I was now. It turned out that my strength had doubled again. A grinding workout showed me that a 640 pound bench press and 900 pound squats were my new bests. Not bad for a 220 pound muscle babe. As I continued to test my body Harry, one of the school's linebackers came in. All this power was getting me seriously aroused and the sight of that beefcake almost had my mouth watering. He was about my height and maybe twenty pounds more than me. He shaved his head and had a goatee like the guy on his t-shirt, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"Jeez, you look awesome. My names Harry." He said introducing himself.

"I know it's you Harry, it's me Heidi."

His eyes popped. "Damn, you've been packing it on." He looked me up and down.

I flexed a bicep and was proud to see it was almost bigger than his. "You like?"

"To quote my shirt, "Hell Yeah!""

"Care for a few falls?" I said with as much innuendo as I could muster.

He chuckled. "You up to it?"

"Hell Yeah."

Luckily no one showed up for the next hour and a half as I wore out my opponent. Getting up I pulled my gear back on and left him there on the sweaty mats. "And that's the bottom line." I growled with a grin as I left the gym.

"Holy Shit!!!" Bob said when he came over the early in the morning the next weekend. "What the hell'd you do?" I think he was shocked that I was bigger than he was.

"You don't like them?" I was in yellow shorts and a t-shirt. I'd already shown him a top of the line double biceps shot and now I stood relaxed but even then the muscles bulged ominously.

"No. I mean yes. But-"


"You grew so fast."

"I've been working out, real hard and heavy." Well I was.

"Oh, yeah? Sure. What ever you say."

I stood hands on my hips. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"C'mon no one gets that big without steroids."

"Shows what you know. I haven't popped anything but vitamins."

He snorted in derision. He had the gall to snort! We'll I'll show him. "Don't move." I went into the bathroom and came back out with the bottle. I showed him. "These are what I've been taking."

I watched as he read the bottle. I was so mad I wanted his lips to move so I could laugh at him. He looked up. "Oh come on. You mean to say these are what's making you bigger?"


"Prove it!"

"What now? I already took my daily dose an hour ago?" He just stared at me and I knew he wanted me to prove it. The idea began to appeal to me. "Ok I'll take another."

"Take two."

"You don't- Ok." I said taking the bottle back and shaking out two of them. "You asked for it." I don't know what made me do it but I took one waited a bit and then took the other.

"So?" He said sarcastically.

"Just give it a minute." I snapped.

"I can't believe-" Just then my body began to tremble as I began to feel the rush begin to build. "Are you ok?" He asked.

"I'm more than ok?" My muscles began to pulse. I felt the neck of my t-shirt begin to get tight while the rest of it began to look painted on. I felt my thickening lats push my growing arms away from my body. The seams on my shorts split then the sleeves on the shirt gave way. I looked down as veins throbbed on my arms pouring the power as my strength doubled. My eyes blurred as I felt the orgasm of power as with a might heave my muscles swelled tearing the collar of my shirt. I smiled and raised an arm that was bigger than any I'd ever seen, more powerful than any man alive.

Bob was stunned, bug-eyed and mouth gapping. "Wow those pills did that to you?"

I smiled at him with unbridled lust. "That was just the first."

"There's more?"

"You did say tw-" The second rush hit me like runaway freight train. My muscles just seemed to erupt with mountainous growth. The shorts' waistband that held up so valiantly before snapping leaving me nearly naked but for my panties stretched to thong dimensions, they followed quickly. My legs were becoming truly enormous, several inches larger than my waist before they began to look like a pair of sequoias. My shirt ripped from the small tear that had started before down the front then I felt my back muscles grow to gigantic thickness and width bursting the back of the shirt. My traps rose and thickened until they came close to brushing my ears destroying what was left of the shirt. My arms were amazing. Within seconds they were bigger than my legs were after two pills and they grew larger still. I felt the strength of twelve strong men settle in my muscles as I groaned in pleasure and sighed as the growth stopped.

"Well what now pipsqueak?" I asked as I held out my arms my lats flaring. I had become a muscle goddess. I literally dwarfed Bob's 185 pound 6'2" frame with mine. If I had to guess I must've weighed nearly 500 pounds now and the floor creaked with every step as I advanced on him. "Exciting isn't it?" I said as I noticed he had a painful looking erection.

Well this time I more than wore him out. I drove him to the emergency room where he was told nothing was broken but that he might want to refrain from rowing and ahem "other" activities until it's no longer painful to relieve himself. And you wouldn't believe the stares I got. I mean there were nearly a few wheelchair accidents.

I settled on four pills a day after that. 300 pounds with 26 inch arms and 36 inch thighs (7 inches bigger than my waist!) felt just fine. So did a 1280 pound bench and an 1800 pound squat!

Bob and I broke up soon after that but not before I warned him not to tell anyone. He smiled. "Hey, I'm not mad. If that's how you wanna look fine. It's just too much for me to handle. I can't keep going to the hospital every time we do it." The break up didn't bother me for long. I was catching more looks in class and in the halls. I ignored the idiots with the derogatory remarks but I was surprised how many guys liked the way I looked. And a few girls.

I was anxious for my friend Connie Chung (she hated the jokes) to show up one Saturday morning. She'd last seen me when I first was taking two pills. Connie had gone to San Francisco due to a death in the family and had spent all of her first week back getting caught up with her classes. We were both in the Biology/Wildlife Conservation sciences track and I'd been copying my notes for her and mailing them out to her. The door rang and I buzzed her into the building. There was a knock at the door.

"It's open!" I called out.

"You really should lock the door. You never know when trouble is going to call." Connie said as she came in and looked at the TV while I puttered in the kitchen.

"Iced tea?"


I stepped into the room and saw her look up at me and jump up and over my couch. "Wh- Wh- Heidi?"

"I think I can handle anyone who walked in don't you?" I was dressed in a halter-top and torn shorts (anything I had before was torn or about to tear the minute I put it on) from which my muscles literally exploded. She was still staring as I handed her an iced tea. I watched as she looked at the tea as she took it then at the tremendously muscled forearm and the massive upper arm broad thick shoulders and traps then my smiling face.

"What? How?"

I took her hand and helped her back over the couch. "I'll explain, just sit down." She sat on the couch and I sat on the other side taking up nearly half of it. I watched her face as I explained what I'd found on the net, my search, the experiment and the trips to the hospital. I like her expressive eyes with her mobile eyebrows. She looks like Michelle Yeoh only a bit fuller featured. Tall too at 5 foot 10 inches. I stood up and began flexing a thigh and calf turning it as I'd seen bodybuilders do. I was still amazing myself as I saw the huge teardrop shaped muscle near my knee and the huge quadriceps. My whole thigh looked like it weighed more than I used too and I knew it was many times stronger than I'd ever have any hope to be before.

"Have your parents seen you?"

"Nope they're sure to freak at first." They did. "But they'll get used to it." Well sort of. They're a little uneasy with my size. "What do you think?"

"It- It's amazing. But why are you telling me?"

"Because I've been doing the math. Even if I took 5 pills a day I have enough pills to last for almost 150 years, and if I'm right I'm sure we can find more." I sat down and the couch groaned under my weight. I flexed a bicep and looking from it to Connie said "Go ahead feel it." She tentatively reached up and put one hand and then the other on my big biceps. With both of her hands on it there was still a lot of flesh sticking out. It felt so different from Bob's hands. "Squeeze." She did and it didn't make any impression on me but it did on her as her eyes went wide.

"My god it's as hard as a rock. I've gone out with football players and they weren't that hard."

"Well you wanna get pumped?"

"I- I don't- How does it feel?"

"Well being strong enough to do anything is amazing. It's like a constant high. And the growth when you take the pills, you just have to feel it for yourself. It totally rocks."

"Weeellll-" She looked at my arm then at her own normal arm and then up at me. "Yeah. Let's do it."

We got set. She took her clothing off. I brought out a bottle. "How many do you take to get that big?"

"Four. Each pill doubles your strength. So the first will make you twice as strong, the second four times, the third eight times and the fourth 16 times."

"How much can you lift?"

"I can bench 1300 pounds." I had gotten stronger since then.

She smiled slyly. "Let's go for four."

I smiled back. "Sure." I knocked out four and handed them to her. She picked up a glass of water and swallowed them.

"How long." She asked as she looked at her body in the mirror. It was a pretty body, curvy unlike my thin body before.

"Just give it a minute. You'll know its starting when you feel a tingle begin deep inside you."

"I feel it!" She shrieked. "Oh my." Her eyes went wide as she began to feel the power flow into her muscles. I watched as Connie's body seemed to vibrate. Then the vibrations slowed and got deeper and more intense until her muscles were pulsing larger and larger. Her shoulders thickened and broadened, her arms grew rounder bulging with more and more power. I saw her pecs thicken and rise like two cakes baking, her breasts swelled as the muscles thrust them forward then her abs came in first the top pair than each lower set as if the muscle was flowing from her chest down to her cleft. Her legs swelled and grew and I was amazed at the size of her calves, they exploded as she shifted from side to side.

Still she grew her body growing thicker and more powerful with each second. Her back grew broader deeper, the thick lats pushing her enormous arms away from her body. I was so turned on by her growth and her moans as she enjoyed it that it turned me on even more. My fingers found their way into my shorts.

The huge quadriceps seemed to coil over each other like huge snakes as they fought for space. Her arms bulged with titanically huge triceps and biceps and forearms of incredible thickness as she caressed and hugged herself. With a loud yell her knees wobbled and she fell to the floor as the growth hit its orgasmic peak. She fell forward and I gasped at the thickness of her back as I brought myself off.

I woke to a knocking at the door. "Heidi are you alright?" It was my landlady.

"Just a minute." I called out. I took a blanket and draped it over the prone form on my carpet. I walked over to the door.

"Everything's alright Mrs. Roper." I opened the door and looked down at the feisty old woman. She just stared at all the exposed flesh with a sour expression. And then tried to look around me.

"Ah huh. Look there's been an awful lot of noise coming from this apartment lately. I've warned you before. If you can't keep it down I'm going to ask you to leave."

"I'll try Mrs. Roper."

"Yeah well you better." She turned but not before she managed to look around me and see Connie sitting up and pulling the blanket around her broad shoulders. With a "tisk' she headed for the stairs.

I waited until I closed the door to chuckle. Connie was staring at her newly emerged enormity. I came up behind her and massaged her thick traps. Geez they were hard and thick. It was amazing to feel someone as hard as I was. The soft silky skin covering the rock hard muscles was an interesting contrast. "You like."

"This is amazing- and that feels sooo goooodd." She said as she leaned into it.

"It's feeling pretty good from here." I stopped and she stood up and walked over to the mirror. I admired the roll of her huge glutes and the breadth of her back.

"You were right, I do feel like I can do anything." She brought up her arms and hit a double biceps shot. "Geez!" I stepped closer and began to caress the enormous peaks of her biceps, her hard thick forearms and the broad lats that tapered down to a narrow waist. I'd never done anything like this before and I didn't want to stop and from the way she began to lean back into me I knew she didn't want me to stop. Soon enough we were both naked in my bed exploring each others hills and valleys like only two extremely large, muscular and powerful women could.

From that day on the two of us were almost inseparable. Whether it was just the two of us or we decided to grab as many of the football team as we could get our greedy fingers on we did it all together. That summer we managed to find four more stores that had another 120 cases between them that we now had in storage and we still had two neighboring states to checkout. We were both on a four-a-day routine until the camping trip.

We took a weeklong camping trip in the middle of July. We thought it would be fun to get away from everybody and everything. As we entered the park we were stopped and warned about some escaped prisoners. We'd heard something about it on TV, they were murders and rapists and had killed a couple of cops before and after their escape. I continued on several miles past where all the regular campers were, my Jeep handling the sparse trail easily in four-wheel-drive. I'd always loved the extra room my truck offered but this time more than a few jolts sent our much wider shoulders crashing together. We found a clearing that opened on a small lake that fed into the larger, more popular lake and after a quick hike around found that we were indeed alone. We unloaded and set up camp enjoying driving tent stakes simply by pushing them into the ground.

Connie and I got in our rented canoes and our powerful shoulders, arms and back sent us racing out to the middle of the lake and back. We paddled back out and enjoyed the serenity for several hours then explored the coast to either side of our campsite before heading back and cooking up a filling dinner.

We were sitting back in our beach chairs, ok so we weren't exactly roughing it, watching fireflies and enjoying some wine when Connie asked a question that would lead to the "side effects' I mentioned earlier.

"I wonder how strong we can get."

"The most I've taken was 5 and I got huge." I replied.

"We're not huge now?" She said with a chuckle.

"No I mean freaky huge. I weighed almost 500 pounds. That's when I first put Bob in the hospital."

"Oh yeah." She sipped her wine. "Ever wanna see how far we can take it?" I had and told her so. "We should try something outrageous."

"How outrageous?"

"How about 10 pills?"

I started the math in my head. Right now 4 pills was taking me to 300 pounds with 26-inch arms and a 1300 pound bench. 5 would give me a 2600 pound bench, 6 would double that to 5200, 7 would make it 10,400, 8 would be 20,800, 9 41,600 and 10 would get us too 83,200 pounds (like we'd ever find weights like that). "That would increase our present strength 64 times. We're already twice as strong as any man on earth." I paused for second. "That would mean we'd be as strong as 128 very strong men. And who knows how much we'll weigh."

"Cool." She said, the firelight gleaming in her eyes.

I smiled at her. "Hell, why not? It'll only last for 24 hours." She smiled back.

We rose a bit later than I was accustomed to, guess it was all the fresh air, and we both had a bad case of the smalls. It was amazing how used to being big we'd both become and how desperate we were to get big again.

We both tipped out our ten pills and looked at them. It was too much for one mouthful so we took them in groups of five and washed them down. I took mine first but Connie followed only seconds afterwards. As the first five pills hit I felt the familiar rush send my arousal rocketing as the power and my muscles exploded with growth. Through half closed eyes I watched amazed at the rapid expansion of Connie's musculature, the incredible roundness of her muscles as opposed to my more angular muscles. I looked down as I saw the thickness of my pecs reach the level I'd hit the last time I took 5 and I looked back at Connie who smiled at me as she saw how big we'd become.

All of a sudden the second group of pills hit and it nearly knocked me flat. I was vaguely aware of Connie moaning in ecstasy as she too was beginning her second growth. I couldn't see anything as my vision blurred then whited out as wave after wave of monstrous power flowed through my veins. I felt my mass increase at the same time as my weight seemed to decrease my strength growing to unheard of levels. I fell over and began to writhe trying to touch as much of myself as possible. This time there was another feeling, a deep itch that I couldn't reach. Orgasm after orgasm hit my body like bombs as I began to sweat like I was in a furnace. I think I heard my clothing rip, I'm not sure so overloaded were my senses as I felt the throbbing beat of my heart within me like the engine of some great battleship. Breaths came in great gulps as my lungs sucked up every available molecule of oxygen to feed my erupting muscles. One final orgasm hit with a power I'd never be able to equal with ordinary means, my superhuman muscles spasmed with bone snapping force and I floated off into a dreamy abyss.

I blinked my eyes and looked down. There was an ant walking casually on the ground into a gap between two tanned pecs. Very thick pecs. "Holy shit" I whispered those were mine. They were so thick my head wouldn't touch the ground! It looked insane. I brought my hands up and did a pushup and stood up. My pecs were gigantic. Hell I was gigantic, I couldn't see my feet. My pecs looked almost 8 inches thick. I turned my head and felt my traps pushing against my ears. I raised an arm and flexing it wondering if my eyes could get any wider. It was insane, flexed it might have been 3, 4 feet around as a biceps the size of a volleyball rose and rose getting so high I actually looked up and it. I put both my arms out and flexed my chest and it rose up to my chin, each fiber looked large enough to make a full pec for an average female bodybuilder. I giggled, this was truly insane.

Looking down I was shocked to see that my handprints from getting up were several inches deep. Good lord how much did I weigh? I never found out, there wasn't a scale here of course but I guess it was over a thousand pounds.

"Connie?" I turned around and looked for her. She was lying near the campfire the log we'd been sitting on while we cooked on either side of her. On her chest was a pile of splinters from where she must have squeezed it in ecstasy. And she was as monstrous as I was. She had such an excess of muscle that her massively thick pecs and monstrous quads actually drooped some. I watched her armor plated abs rise and fall as she breathed.

"Mmmmmm... That was heavenly." She opened her eyes and looked up at me. "Geezus fucking... You're gigantic."

"You're not exactly petite yourself." I reached a hand down too her and she took it. She and I both pulled and she came up to a standing position so fast I had to catch her. She brushed the splinters off her thick pecs. Our voices were not really deeper, just more powerful sounding. When she stood relaxed her arms hung out nearly 45 degrees from her body, her monstrous lats and arms fighting for space. She looked like one of those women from that Japanese site. Her titanic thighs exploded out from her frame each at it's thickest was as broad as her hips. At this size her knees would never touch. And I knew it was all a mirror of my own development.

"Hey watch this." She squatted down and then thighs bigger than most men's chests exploded hurling her in the air. She flew maybe 40 feet in the air and headed across the clearing right over to my Jeep.

"My Jeep!!!" I yelled. If she landed on my Jeep she'd crush it like a grape at her present weight. I breathed a sigh of relief as she landed on the other side, the truck bouncing from the tremendous impact.

I ran over, each stride must've been 10 feet long, and stopped her before she picked up my truck. "I know we can do it, I just don't want you to break anything on it. I mean look where you landed." I said pointing to two foot shaped depressions several inches deep.

"Cool ain't it." She smiled and looked at me then caressed my chest with one hand. "Damn, you're huge." Her hand traveled lower, I felt her cup a breast. "And your breasts got bigger." I turned slightly and caught my reflection in the side glass. They must have been Double-D's at least but on the massive chest they looked almost small.

"What didn't." I looked at her chest as she caressed her huge pecs. She frowned slightly and then gave me a phony pout.

"Mine didn't."

"Awe- Poor baby. Let me kiss it and make it better." I picked her up, I knew she was heavy but in my hands she felt as light as a feather, and started to kiss and lick her nipples. She groaned in pleasure as they grew erect, nearly as big as a thumb, and felt hard enough to cut glass. "Care for a roll in the hay?" Our outrageous tapers made the sixty-nine position an engineering exercise but we managed. We also managed a straightforward position and I watched as the nearby Jeep rocked from our enthusiasm.

As soon as we recovered we took a swim to clean the sweat and other dirt off us. As we cleaned off each other's backs we both commented on the depth and thickness of the muscles. We found that our massive bodies were far too dense, neither of us could float.

We toweled off and wondered what to do about clothing as nothing we owned, much less had with us would fit. Connie found a couple of safety pins and we pinned towels around our hips for that wild native look. This growth turned out to be different in another way. Our shoes didn't fit either, for the rest of the trip we had to tolerate dirty feet. I wondered what else our experiment would surprise us with.

"Come here." Connie said. "Could you put this on my back?" She held up a bottle of suntan lotion.

I put some on her back and then she did mine. This exercise was getting both of us hot and bothered again. She turned me around and started to do my chest bending down and licked my nipple.

"Yeecch!" She spit. "This stuff tastes terrible." I just laughed and she chuckled and spit some more.

Later we explored along the shoreline and found some huge rocks left behind by the Ice Age. We each easily picked up rocks that were 2 feet across, Connie actually juggled three her gargantuan arms rippling with unspent power. I found one that was roughly 10 feet long and about that wide and maybe 4 feet thick. I got a grip and levered it up with a grunt. Then with a yell and a heave I brought it up overhead and held it there as I reset my grip. "Watch this." I told Connie as I proceeded to press it over and over getting maybe twenty reps before I dropped the mammoth boulder to the ground.

"How much did that weigh?" Connie asked.

"I don't now, 5 tons I guess." I asked a geology major later and he said around 8.

"Wow! Let me try." I watched the play of her back muscles as she maneuvered the stone into position her gigantic arms bulging with unearthly size. Her monstrous thighs exploded with impossibly deep separations as she steadied the weight then powered it overhead and began to duplicate my feat. I watched her head nearly disappear under the onslaught of titanic traps, tree trunk sized arms and delts bigger than basketballs. With a mighty yell she hurled the stone 60 feet.

"Not a bad distance for a shot put." She said her huge chest heaving as she caught her breath. Her whole upper body was red from the effort, finger thick veins running down her shoulders and arms.

"You fouled. You're only supposed to use one hand."

She scowled. "Cracks like that and I'll put you. Think I can reach the water from here?" It was nearly two hundred feet. She just might do it.

"Not if I don't put you first."

We'd brought along a big tent but there was no way we could both fit in it. We first armwrestled for it but we only managed to dig a hole with our elbows in the earth the mountainous peaks of our biceps casting long shadows in the fire light. We settled on Scissors, Paper, Rock. I lost.

As I lay by the fire I thought about what other changes our little experiment might have brought about. We'd both decided that despite how intoxicating the strength was it was far too much muscle. That and everything was so fragile when you're this strong. We both figured that our previous "limits' were much more desirable.

When I opened my eyes the next morning I listened to the birds chirping in joy at another beautiful day. I could tell immediately that I'd shrunk but I hadn't gone back to my original size. I was still incredibly huge, maybe 600 pounds, and much bigger than any male bodybuilder I'd ever seen. I flexed my bicep and I guessed it was only about 30 inches. I walked over to my truck and checking my bag found an oversized football jersey that fit like a t-shirt and some bicycle shorts that stretched enough without cutting off my circulation. I was surprised to see that my breasts hadn't shrunk with the rest of me and now looked about average on my thickly pec'ed chest. "Rats." I mumbled. Shoes still didn't fit.

Connie came over and grabbed a tank top and her own set of bike shorts. "Is this our normal size now?" I didn't know but we both knew we weren't taking any pills today. We could actually fit in the canoes today so after some lunch we grabbed our cameras and headed out onto the lake. Aside from taking a lot of pictures of the area and each other, many while we tested our strength at the rocks, the day was pretty uneventful. But satisfying. I was glad we were so far from the more popular areas, Connie's loud. Oh yeah, our strength had dropped down to about half of what it was the day before.

The next morning when I awoke I saw we'd shrunk quite a bit this time. We were now looking like two too-big fitness girls. Our strength had decreased again as well but I was surprised to see not in direct proportion. We were about twice as strong as we would have been B.E. (Before Experiment). My breasts hadn't shrunk at all and looked rather large as they thrust out proudly from my chest. And our shoes still didn't fit. We now figured that our bones had grown somehow, maybe in reaction to the massive increase in strength. We found out later that we'd both gained 2 inches in height. The large fitness look also turned out to be the level of development we'd return to when the pills wore off. I still like the extreme muscle look so tomorrow it was back to 3 pills. Connie agreed.

Putting on our one piece bathing suits, they stretched quite a bit and would fit at our bulked up normal size or our formerly natural size, we grabbed our masks, fins and snorkels for some underwater exploration. It was cooler down below and our less buoyant physiques dropped down to the bottom without too much effort our powerful thighs sending us surging through the water. We chased fish, found a few turtles and even some crayfish.

Bobbing out near the center of the lake Connie spotted something. I turned and saw two guys walking along the edge of the lake carrying a canoe. They were a couple of hundred yards from our camp and walking away from it.

"You don't think?" Connie asked although with her mask it sounded like "Ou don tink.'

"We'd better check." I replied and like a pair of torpedo's we raced for the shore. Our worst fears were realized, they'd tossed the camp. They hadn't taken my Jeep but they had broken into it through the passenger window. All they left us were some clothes. I was practically shaking with anger.

"We going after them?" Connie asked as we put on some shorts.

"You better believe it." I took out the bottle they'd tossed on the floor. We each shook out four pills. "Want to make this interesting?" I told her my plan and she agreed.

"Do you think it's the guys the cops 're looking for?"

We ran along the shoreline and followed their trail into the forest. We heard them crashing through the brush before we saw them. They were busy arguing about where and when they were going to stop and rest. Sprinting we circled around them and waited behind some trees for them to stumble upon us. Just as they were about to enter the clearing on the other side of our trees we popped the pills and stepped out to greet them.

They were struck dumb. It's not everyday you run into a 6 foot tall Chinese fitness girl and a 6 foot 5 inch combination fitness girl and stripper.

"Kinda far from the lake aren't you?" Connie asked.

That broke the daze of the one who must've been the leader. "Our truck's up ahead."

"Ah huh. You know Connie those canoes look just like the ones we rented."

"Yeah, looks like them. Looks like our packs too."

They'd put down the canoes and began to step forward. "Listen Jugs, why don't you little ladies head on back to your camp. Or maybe you'd like to entertain us." The one in a yellow shirt standing next to the leader grabbed his crotch and nodded. All of them were big but only the leader was over 6 foot.

"Little?" I exaggerated as I felt the beginnings of the rush. "Little? Well let's just fix that."

The rush was incredible but the anger and disgust kept the lust at bay. Our muscles swelled and grew power flooding them. The four men just stared their jaws hanging at the spectacle. I heard a tearing sound and looking over saw Connie's thickening lats burst out of the sides as she grew broader. Then my suit burst as well and quite suddenly the straps gave way as my additional padding was thrust far from my breastbone by my powerful pecs.

"What the fuck? Mike?" Yellow shirt said. One of the others tried to make a run for it. Unfortunately he tried to run past Connie. She laughed as she caught him and casually threw him into his partner.

"Gang up on the freaks!" Mike yelled as he and yellow shirt lunged at me. I caught Mike's fist stopping it dead while his companion's punches bounced off my cobblestone abs. Mike tried to kick me but I just held him away from me. "Let go you fuckin' bitch!

"Say please." I teased as I casually backhanded yellow shirt sending him flying.

"What're you a psycho?" Mike tried to gain leverage by pushing against my midsection with his legs. All it did was keep him from touching the ground. I debated letting go so he'd land on his head when I remembered my Jeep.

"You break the window on my Jeep?"

Yeah- uh no!"

"Eeeehhhh. Wrong answer." I began to bear down on his trapped hand. I felt his bones grind together and then begin to snap. I was about to let go when I saw yellow shirt reach into the canoe and pull out a shotgun. He fired just as I turned the shot taking Mike in the back and spraying blood all over me. In a fury I threw Mike at yellow shirt with such force that when I checked on him later his chest was crushed.

"Oh shit!" I heard Connie yell and I looked over. Her massive arm was buried up to her elbow in the chest of one of her assailants. The other lay at her feet. She shook her arm and he slid off. "I didn't mean to hit them so hard." She said as tears began to roll down her cheeks. The two men had their guns out and had tried to shoot her. One shot had creased her shoulder. I looked at the other one on the ground. His jaw was not the right shape any more. "What do we do now?" She asked her arm still a gory sleeve of blood.

"We clean up and get the cops. You bring your phone?" We grabbed our packs and headed back to our campsite. We called the cops and cleaned up, putting on some clean clothes. We spent the rest of the day and much of the night talking to the cops and the next day with the DA. By then we'd shrunk down to the large fitness girl size and the DA wasn't worried about letting us go. We stayed at that size until the furor died down about a week later. Amazingly our names were kept out of the papers, I guess the cops wanted the credit although we split a pretty good reward but the killing still bothers us. I mean we both know it was self defense and the authorities agreed and all that but still... Well let's not get morose.

Connie and I went back to our usual four-a-day size but it only took three and we were twice as strong as we had been before at this size. There were other changes. With my share of the money I bought a new Excursion, the really huge SUV, hey I didn't quite fit in the Jeep any more so while I was replacing the window I decided to replace the whole thing. Connie, Miss Practical, bought a house. She kept her VW. It's absolutely hilarious to see her come out of her Beetle. It's like one of those clown cars but she's all the clowns. Anyway she asked me to move in with her and I was glad she did. Mrs. Roper was still complaining about the noise from my apartment.

It was two weeks before classes began and we were over at Fred's Head the campus bar when the defensive line came in. Harry came over and he was simply astounded at our size.

"Why don't you two go out for football?" He asked. A couple of the guys were with him and snickered. I let it pass.

"I don't think it would be much of a challenge." Connie answered with a grin.

"Oh come on." Said Darrick a 300+ pound lineman.

"Bet yah I could beat any three of you arm wrestling." I said.

"Oh come on." He repeated.

"At the same time."

This time there was a chorus of "No ways' and "Get outta heres'.

"Piece of cake." Connie said. "But you gotta make it worth the effort."

"How?" Darrick asked.

"The losers come home with us." I said.

"And if we win?" Harry asked.

I thought for a minute. "If either of us lose you get my truck."

I watched as three lined themselves up against Connie. She did a real good job of acting as their fellows cheered them on, we were as strong as 6 or 7 of them now. I watched as her opponents' faces began to turn red as their biceps and forearms all flexed up to terrific size. But Connie's arm was bigger than any of theirs the huge peak rising with its thick vein running over the top and down into the joint. It was exciting as she made them work for it but as they began to tire she slowly brought their hands down. To a chorus of boos and some name calling they stood up each of the rubbing their sore arms.

"You try it." Darrick grunted.

I sat down with my three, one of them Harry. I put my arm up and the three of them grabbed it. I felt them try and get a head start but I just calmly held the position as solidly as if they hadn't even started. On the signal I flexed and held my arm in place while they pushed with all their combined might but my fist didn't even shake. I put some acting into it as well, wouldn't do for them to know just how easy this was, and showed some strain. I kept it up but it was really beginning to bore me and I wanted to get them back to the house as soon as possible. I brought their hands to the table a bit faster than Connie had and smiled. Between all the groans I caught Harry smiling at me. Seemed he was ready for a rematch of our little wrestling escapade.

I've got to hand it to Harry. He was the only one on the team not walking funny the day after a session with us. Harry and I became a bit of an item. He didn't seem to mind the binges Connie and I went on now and then. We managed to work our way through most of the team, the kickers and quarterbacks refused our advances and we didn't go after the married ones. One of the married ones made an advance on me cornering me at a party. I took his hand off my shoulder and grabbed his crotch lifting him above me. Squeezing almost too hard I told him that unless he wanted to explain to his wife how his fathering career ended he'd better back away calmly and quietly. I dropped him and his eyes didn't leave mine. "Oh and if I hear you took it out on her you can say goodbye to any chances of getting drafted." He kept looking back at me as he walked away. Harry and I had a breakup of sorts when we graduated and a West Coast team drafted him. He still visits in the off season from time to time.

Connie and I were looking for a way to capitalize on our new bodies when she pointed out the obvious. "We should start our own website."

So before the year started we chose electives in web design for the fall and spring semesters and went to work. By the time we graduated we had 5,000 members. We offer pictures and posing as well as growth videos. We get tons of e-mails asking how we do it but we just evade the truth with most of them. A few people know the truth.

Some of them work for another Internet company that produces short videos. We've made several with them including our most famous one where we took another ten pill super dose. The growth this time was even more insane. I managed to find some scales used for weighing racecars and found out that we each weighed in at over 1,500 pounds. When we changed locations the two of us were so big we had to ride lying in the back of my truck one at a time. We actually got a little too hot and heavy right after the growth. That alone might've been the reason it sold out several times but there's also a segment where we demolish a former factory building by hand. We walk up and actually stop the crew that was doing the demolition by picking up a pair of bulldozers and carrying them a dozen or so yards away before putting them down. To finish the video off we did a showering scene using fire hoses on each other the huge jets of water splashing off our gigantic physiques.

After this episode we had to buy all new wardrobes again. We'd gained four inches this time and our natural, there's a laugh, size was that of a large female bodybuilder. Of course now we were taking two pills a day. Connie's been going with this photographer that works with the video company and it seems to be getting pretty serious. He doesn't seem to mind when Connie and I get together for some one on one action. She says he understands she needs someone as strong as herself from time to time. Pretty open minded if you ask me. I keep joking that maybe we should invite him over to watch. Connie laughs saying "He'd love it but I want a ring on my finger before exposing him to your charms."

"He was there when we did a tenner." I reply remembering the awesome shot he got of us during the shower scene. There we are almost naked, water misting as it bounced off our humongous muscles with a rainbow forming over us in the mist.

"That was work. This is recreation." I just nod and say ok looking at her like she's crazy and she just launches into this mad laugh.

Meanwhile we've been supplying the company's special effects for their growth scenes using other girls. Some of them have enjoyed the strength and power so much that they've bought cases from us.

We still have about two hundred cases in storage but I've got a biochemist girlfriend of mine trying to recreate the original formula. Until then we carefully screen women who contact us asking for the secret to our tremendous development.

I've recently begun taking a third pill every day. I don't know if it's the competitive streak in me or just that being around some of the other girls, especially Connie, I feel I need to be bigger. I'm also debating another ten-pill binge. I'm beginning to wonder what it'd be like to be over 7 feet tall? As if 6 foot 9 inches and 400 dense pounds isn't big enough. My arms? 32 inches cold thank you very much. My chest is 80 inches.

Well I've got to go now. I'm picking Harry up at the airport.