Tony's Nightmare


By Gerbil


Tony is taught in a wrestling match to change his ways, and respect the female


Can a man change from his womanizing ways? He can if he is soundly thrashed and humiliated by a young female teen who appears to be half his size.



Tony Lacano, the Italian stallion was able to have any woman he wanted, with his smooth ways and his ten inch cock.

Women were almost becoming a bore with the lack of challenge, but they did provide him with handy meal tickets. Leaning up against his car, he spotted his latest quarry. She was a fifty-eight year old widow who inherited a $200 million garment company from her husband, the late R. Walter Jenkins.




 Tony knew that once he had her satisfied between the sheets, he would be set financially. Many people saw him as nothing more than a womanizing gigolo, but he just considered himself just a good businessman, giving the "customers" what they wanted. He was blessed with an incredible cock and muscular body, and he learned at an early age that he could put them to good use to control women and get anything he desired.


His plan worked perfectly, and after taking her to bed that evening, she was putty in his hands. A new Jaguar, wardrobe, and an endless supply of cash followed, but then the trouble started. Maggie Jenkins was starting to get possessive, as most of Tony's women did. Tony merely explained to her that no woman owned him, and that she would just have to be satisfied with what he offered. Dejected, she had agreed to his terms, and the money still continued to flow into Tony's coffers.


Everything seemed perfect after setting her straight. Tony kept ten "clients" satisfied, and all were paying well, allowing him to lead the life of royalty. He was on top of the world, yet something which he couldn't put his finger on kept gnawing at him.




The final straw came when he awoke in a drenching sweat from a horrible nightmare. A dreaded sward-wielding warrior woman was soundly thrashing a heavily armed band of muscular men. All around her lay victims of her sward, and more lay dying, helpless, with each and every swing.




The dreams had been occurring persistently for the past month. All of them had the same theme, in which strong, muscular women conquered opposing males with ease.



Tony couldn't take it any longer, so he decided to seek the professional help of Dr. Simon Fried.



They went through a battery of inkblots, and Tony saw; a vagina, a pair of breasts, and a dollar sign.


After an hour and a half of gathering history, and completing a careful analysis, Dr. Fried lit his pipe, blew out a long stream of smoke and stated, "Your problem Tony, is that you don't respect women."


Tony couldn't believe what he was hearing, and exclaimed, "Bullshit Doc! I women have my utmost respect. They always have; always will. I love my work."


"That's just it, Mr. Lacano. The woman must be looked upon not as a job, or a profession, but as a companion. You must learn that a woman is an equal, or a superior, and not just an object to be used or controlled."


"Yeah, right Doc."


Tony rose from the couch, threw three fifty-dollar bills on the coffee table, then headed out the door. He stepped into the summer sun and watched the women walk by and openly admire his body. "So many women, so little time," he thought to himself.


He looked back to the closed door and scoffed at Dr. Fried. "Women, my equal or superior. Well that advice sure as hell was a waste of time and money. He's probably gay, or is in the office now, jacking off looking at some porno mag. Jealous bastard."


Tony had better things to think about than what some crazy psychiatrist had to say, and one of them was keeping his rock hard body in shape. He headed toward his jag in the parking lot, then raced off to the gym to work off the frustration he had built up with the doctor.


He passed Stacey at the reception desk, and knew that she was staring and undressing him as he headed toward the locker room to change. After changing, he headed out towards the free weights and universal machines and noticed that a small crowd had gathered at the door of the wrestling room.


"What's up Dave?"


"Oh hi Tony. Just looking at some new kids wrestling. They're pretty damned good."


Tony moved in closer for a look, and his smile instantly faded as he turned, disgusted, to his friend, and blurted, "They're friggin' females. They can't wrestle."


Tony headed off to the weights and shook his head, wondering what two young teens thought they were doing wrestling around on the mat making fools of themselves.


After about a half- hour, he was beginning to work of a pretty good sweat when he heard a young voice behind him.


"Not bad Mister. You're pretty strong for your age."


Tony looked around and saw one of the young teenagers who he had seen earlier, attempting to wrestle. He tried to ignore her, but she persisted.




"I'm really strong too. I can beat every boy in my class in arm-wrestling, and all but one at real wrestling. See my muscle?"

"That's very nice little girl. Now run along and let me get back to my workout, okay?"


"You don't believe me do you Mister? Well, I can. I bet I could even beat you."


Tony couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You can't be serious, he scoffed."

The young teen immediately placed her hands under her armpits, and moved her arms up and down in a flapping motion. "Puck puck puck," she cackled.

Dave and two of his buddies happened to be walking by at the time and approached inquiring, "What's up Tony?"

"Nothing I can't handle. The kid was just about to leave."

The young teenager, now with her hands on her hips, stood looking at Dave and exclaimed, "Just as I thought. Your big strong friend here is afraid that I could beat him in a wrestling match, and refuses to accept my challenge."

Dave and his buddies smirked, and gathered around Tony, putting their arms around him, throwing punches at his arm, and pinching his cheek as they taunted him. "Is this mean little girl scaring poor Tony? Well, we will just tell her that you will tell your mommy if she beats you up; then she'll leave you alone....maybe."

"Knock it off guys. The kids just not thinking real straight."

"I'm not a kid. I'll be seventeen next month; and I still say I can take you in a wrestling match. But I guess you're too afraid to step on the mat with me, especially with your friends here, so we'll just let it pass." As the young teen turned to leave, she smiled as she heard Dave say, "Come on Tony, it won't take you long to teach the little squirt a lesson. She probably just wants to wrap those fit little legs around you. You should be flattered. Go ahead and wrestle the kid...unless you really are;" mimicking the young teen he put his hands under his armpits and made the same cackling sound.

Tony felt a little ridiculous thinking that he was going to wrestle a young teen who had to be at least eighty pounds lighter and over a foot shorter than his 6' 2" frame, but he and his band of merry men followed the serious looking teen and piled into the small wrestling room. After all of the taunts and warnings to Tony were issued from his buddies, he went to the center of the mat, where she was already standing, stretching her arms and legs. Tony knew that he would catch holy hell if he should hurt the little girl, so he decided he would get it over with gently and quickly, by just holding her shoulders down, convincing her of his superiority with a lightening fast defeat.

 He moved toward her and tried to grab her, but she darted under his outstretched arms with lightening speed escaping his grasp. This brought hoots and hollers from Dave and his gang, so Tony began to pursue with his anger and frustration building. He was determined to capture this young teenager, and finally he was able to grab hold, but her young firm body seemed to multiply in his arms, becoming a tornado of motion, so that he felt like he was wrestling three fit females instead of one. After a minute and a half of trying to reign in her flailing arms and legs, he was able to subdue her enough to take her to the mat a fall on top of her.

The advantage was short-lived however as the young teen used her superior quickness to flip out from under him and put him in a vice-like headlock. Everyone in the room was shocked by the turn of events, as they watched the young warrior take control of the battle.


Slowly she used her leverage, pushing off with her bare feet and remarkably strong arms to turn Tony slowly toward his back.



All but his left arm had become useless, as he was twisted awkwardly beneath her young firm body, and he soon found himself flat on his back.

 He was able to grab her rock hard buttocks with his only free hand, and used all his strength to force her body over his, for a momentary reprieve.


 Before he could clear the cobwebs from his head, she was on him once again, drawing his legs painfully up, until it felt like his spine would surely snap. Gathering all the strength in his legs, he strained with all his might, and was able to force her off and go face first into the mat.

 Tony turned over to try and meet his young tormenter, but all he saw was a flash coming toward him with a vengeance, and once again she was blanketing him with her supple young frame.


 He thought he would be split up the middle as she wrapped her strong gymnastics legs around his, and spread him to the point of breaking. She added to her relentless assault by raising her hips high and coming down on him, knocking the wind out of him.

 He was somehow able to break her hold and once again send her flying, but her pursuit continued. Sitting back, she wrapped her legs around his middle, placed her arms around his neck, and lay back to continue to torture his muscular body.

 Her locked feet rested at his crotch, and the heels were destroying his balls every time they moved. As her forearm hold across his throat constricted tighter, Tony's flailing movements began to slow, and he began to lose consciousness. With one final surge of pressure, Tony's arms dropped, and his body went limp.


She released him and rose from underneath his inert form but wasn't finished humiliating him in front of the group of twenty on-lookers. Bending over, she grabbed the waistband of his shorts, then pulled them completely off. The jockstrap was next to go, and the beaten muscular full grown man lay defenseless and naked at the feet of the young attractive teenager.

Tony came around finally and everyone had vanished except for Dave, who held a towel out for Tony to cover his nakedness.

Still groggy, with his head aching, Tony asked, "What happened, man?"

"That my man, is the question of all time? I have a feeling it will come back to you when we meet some of the guys in the locker room."

Tony stopped abruptly and said "Oh shit. Please tell me it isn't so. I didn't just get my ass kicked by a young chick, did I?"

"Tony, my man; all I can say was, it was quite a show. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it, and I'm still having a little problem believing it to tell you the truth. If I were you though, I would see if I could find another gym to work out in. You're going to really hear it when you walk into that locker room."

Tony stopped at the door to the locker room, did an about face, and hurried back to the wrestling room to hide out until the gym's closing. Sitting naked in the dark, except for the towel, with his head in his hands, he knew it was going to be a long long time before he thought of using or controlling another women.