(Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Mega Woman's Disgrace., originally intended as the introduction to this much longer story. Technical difficulties have been more or less overcome, so here is the rest of the story. My thanks to my friend, David, for some suggestions, incorporated, herein.)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, bestiality and adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Adder's Return. Part 4.

Mega Woman and  Ultra Maid.
Champions of Justice.

Adder beat the captive superheroine's fabulous bosom, until Mega Woman was literally howling in unspeakable torment. At last, a trifle fatigued by her exertion, Adder sat down a moment to rest. Coral solicitously brought her grandmother a cup of tea. As the vile old villainess sipped her tea, her diabolical granddaughters, began the next stage, of Adder's vengeance.

Mega Woman and her sprightly daughter, Ultra Maid were the renowned champions and exemplars of virtue and purity. How delicious it would be to debauch them both!

Cobra initiated the process with the stately, mature Mega Woman. She released her tied right arm, and Mega Woman stumbled to her feet. Cobra boldly seized the huge older woman in her arms, and fondled and groped at her voluptuously generous curves, with blatant sexual abandon.

In shock from Adder's abuse, and unschooled in unnatural vice, it took a moment for the virtuous, matronly superheroine to grasp the depraved girl's lecherous intent.

Coral joined her sister in lasciviously toying with the horrified Mega Woman. The girls' double assault on her virtue, was impossible to resist in her weakened state.  

The girls' abused the weeping superheroine, until she involuntarily succumbed. When her gorgeously contoured body trembled in hateful sexual arousal, moaning loudly, in unwelcome erotic excitement, the girls flung their victim to the floor. While Cobra sat on Mega Woman's upper chest, pinning her to the floor, Coral strapped on a huge dildo.

Once again, despite her own distress, Ultra Maid tried to run to her mother's assistance, but Adder grabbed her waist, to restrain her, forcing the young crimefighter to watch the hateful rape.

Lasciviously excited by the spectacle of her vicious granddaughters debauching the virtuous Mega Woman, Adder laughingly did the same to her hated enemy's delectably denuded daughter. The vile wrinkled old villainess pulled the younger woman's shapely, sylph-like form onto her lap, and lewdly toyed with Ultra Maid's sweet, maidenly charms. 

When Adder commanded the sobbing, disheartened Ultra Maid to service her, the terrorized, young superheroine, whimperingly obeyed, surrendering her virtue to Adder's vengeance.

Now it was Adder's turn to complete the sexual domination of her hated enemy.

While wielding the fearsome phallus, Coral had missed out on the full satisfaction of her own sexual desires, though she had certainly enjoyed forcefully raping the venerable, irreproachably virtuous  Mega Woman. Now the younger equally virtuous younger superheroine, Ultra Maid would satisfy her needs.

When Adder finished sodomizing the hapless Mega Woman, and Ultra Maid satisfied Coral, Cobra whispered to her sister. "Think it's time t'get Gran t'bed! She's had enough excitement for one night at her age!"

By the time Adder and her depraved family were done, they had come close to their aim of destroying Mega Woman's pride and self-esteem.

Coral agreed with her sister, that it was time to call it an evening. "Yeah, right! First though, we gotta spray the two sluts, with that anti-gravity solution so they don't fly away on us!"

The defeated, debauched, naked captives were stowed in a Krononite cage in the cellar for the night. The recuperative powers of the two superheroines matched their other amazing powers, however. By morning, their spirits had revived, and their physical wounds had healed. Even Mega Woman's broken arm was fit again. It was time to show these evil villainesses the error of their ways. Justice demanded rightful retribution!

End of Part 4.

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