WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Atrocity. Part 3. Conclusion.


Gilda beat Amerizon until the captive superheroine, babbling and sobbing in terrible distress, promised to obey the tiny young Devil.

Sixty years later, the woman who had been Amerizon could still feel those stinging slaps, and shamefully remember what Gilda forced her to do next.

The incident ended with what became became the inevitable culmination of these abusive sessions. The pain and humiliation uncontrollably inflamed Amerizon's sexual frenzy, and she compulsively masturbated, as she slavishly serviced the arrogant young Nazi.

The evil girls savagely punished the hapless Amerizon for every infraction of their arbitrary and ever changing rules.

The cruel, young Nazis frequently devised new ways to punish and humiliate their gorgeous captive.

Sometimes the punishment was comparatively less brutal, but even more humiliating.

The diabolical young Nazi's used every form of brutality to break Amerizon's will, but just as effective was their use of her own ungovernable sexual need. Her long pent up, sexual energy, controlled by her Amazon trained will, was the source of her super powers. Her disastrous defeat by Black Valkyrie broke that iron control. Now, the beautiful heroine's sexual hunger was uncontrollable; it raged in her loins, every minute of every hour of the day and night. The vicious Nazis made sure Amerizon's sexual satisfaction was always linked to pain and humiliation.

The diabolical pair soon reduced the proud American to helpless dependence on their perverted sexual dominance, forcing her to degrade herself in exchange for sexual relief. In the frightful agonies of that hideous captivity, America's greatest superheroine was stripped of all her haughty pride. She became the girl's cringing slave; eager to placate the terrifying teenage captors in exchange for heated, masochistic orgasm.

Even now, after all those years, Veronica trembled in shame at the memory of her total subservience to the evil girls.

As the frightful memories flooded her mind, the tall gray-haired woman began to weep silently,
her head sunken low in remorse. Amerizon was brought back to reality by a firm, gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Be comforted Sister!" A strong feminine voice told her.

Thinking she was alone, Veronica looked up in surprise, to see Queen Deena standing beside her.

"I know your pain for I once endured such a frightful ordeal!" Queen Deena said, gulping back a near sob, herself.  "Come Dear I will recount my own misfortunes!  Perhaps by sharing our sorrows, we may may learn to live with them!"

The End.

Queen Deena tells Amerizon her own sad tale, of her encounter with Elfrieda's cousin, Gerda von Hipper, known as Fraulein Power, and its tragic aftermath, in the upcoming stories Amazon Pride, and Island Outrage.