WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and n/c sexual scenes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Note: Some of you may be familiar with the heroines of the Superfamily from some of my other stories. However, this series of five stories takes place in an alternate time continuum, in which the Troll Princess, Erishka, and her evil descendants never existed. Consequently, our three heroines have reached the present day, undefeated and perpetually triumphant in their crusade against crime and evil.

The Invincible Superfamily.

Supermom (Laura White)
Supergran (Clarissa Kent)
Superlass (Betty White)

Superfamily And The Coming of the Banshees 1.
A College Acquaintance.

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At their secret crimefighting headquarters in Capital City, the Superfamily heroines, had received reports of two red headed females engaged in procuring young women for illegal vice. Superlass had turned in the report and claimed the right to handle the situation. As always, her mother, Supermom, was a little reluctant to let her daughter act alone.

"Oh Mom! REALLY! You'd think I was ten years old! I've been fighting crime, on my own, since I was a teenager! I can certainly handle two small-time, would-be madams without any help!"

"Oh I know you can, Dear, but I just thought you might like a little help!"

"Really, Mom, I'll be fine!"

"Well all right,
Dear, but remember BE careful!

"YESS, Mom!"

As Superlass flew off, the majestic Matriarch of the Super clan, once known as Superlady, but now in her distinguished golden years, known affectionately to the adoring public as 'Supergran' sniffed disapprovingly.

"Now Laura! Betty's right! You really shouldn't be so protective! We both had to learn to handle any situation, ourselves! I certainly was never overly protective, when you were Betty's age!"

Supermom bit her lip, then automatically answered. "YES Mom!"  Thinking "Hah! That's a laugh!"

"I was especially concerned not to be overprotective, because your grandmother Super Woman was a bit skittish when I started my own career!"

Moments later, when Superlass strode into the procurer's lair, she was amazed to find a familiar acquaintance.  When the young heroine was a senior in college several years earlier, of course known by the name of her alter ego Betty White, she was assigned to mentor a brash young freshman, to be her "big sister". Panthia had proved a difficult subject for mentoring, even for a superheroine's alter-ego. Arrogant and opinionated, she didn't take kindly to well-meant lectures on decorum, and proper behavior, from her 'big sister" She bullied the other freshman girls, being an accomplished wrestler and catfighter. In her first week on the wrestling team she was chosen to be varsity captain by the coach, so impressive were her abilities. Although a brilliant student, she was often in trouble with the College authorities for her extracurricular activities.

Already severely strained by Panthia's arrogant truculence, their sisterly relationship was shattered completely, by an incident near the end of the school year. One evening, Betty came out of the shower nearly nude, but for a towel. She gasped in astonishment to find that Panthia had sneaked into her room, and was also naked. Before Betty recovered from her surprise, Panthia actually made a pass at her. The virtuous, upright Superlass was appalled at the bold suggestion of unnatural dalliance, by the diminutive freshman girl.

The righteous young heroine, went ballistic. She picked up Panthia bodily and flung her across the room.

In her righteous wrath, Betty exerted considerably more force than she normally would as Superlass. She was instantly overcome by remorse, and apprehension, that she might have injured the smaller, younger girl. She resolved never to use such force again.

Panthia appeared unhurt though, demonstrating an incredible, even abnormal, resilience. Repulsed, the girl snarled threats as she got up and flounced off, furiously. Though relieved that Panthia was unhurt, Betty was puzzled by her nonchalant recovery from what might have been traumatic injury.

Unbeknownst to Betty and the College authorities, Panthia wasn't quite human, perhaps something more, and something less. She was, in fact, an immature Banshee, a people who had diverged from the main stream of humanity in the distant past. By the dawn of recorded history, only a few remained, mainly located in what is now Ireland. However, by modern times, though still few in number, they had like so many others from that oft-unhappy island spread across the globe. Panthia herself was born and raised in America, though her mother was born on the European Continent. When fully mature, the Banshees possessed strength and abilities, that, though somewhat different, could well make them a match for the Kryptonian women of Betty's own family.

Though not possessed of her full banshee powers, at that age, Panthia was already considerably stronger than most human beings. She was therefore amazed that the demure Betty White, though certainly a larger girl, had been able to fling her across the room with such ease.

"Hmmph!" The quick-witted Panthia mused, as she slunk back to her own room. "That mealy-mouthed bitch is strong as a gorilla! Funny never see her in the gym!  Of course, now that I think about it, it's funny, whenever that bitch, Superlass, is around, our sweet Betty always seems to disappear! That's interesting! Maybe it'll come in handy to know some day!"

Betty White graduated, summa cum laude, a few weeks after the incident in the dorm room, and left campus.  Panthia had not seen the older girl in the intervening three years, and had no occasion to make use of her shrewd insight.

When Panthia, herself, graduated from College, earlier that year, she moved to Capital City, where her mother, Meroe, joined her. The two Banshees were in the process of setting up a high-class call girl operation, brazenly disregarding the proximity of the Superfamily Guardians of the City.

Panthia was less then pleased at Superlass's interference with her activities. Now was the time! She tauntingly made known her guess, as to the blond crimefighter's secret identity.

Confronting Panthia, Superlass was aghast at the evilly grinning girl's accurate guess. She brazenly tried to deny any connection with her alter ego, Betty White, but Panthia only laughed at her.
In the several years since they last met, Panthia had matured into her full Banshee strength. Now, feeling herself a match, even
for a superheroine, she rather relished the chance for a rematch with her former mentor.

Panthia ignored Superlass's denial, and went on taunting her.

"That's sure a sexy Halloween costume ya got on Betty! Kind of SLUTTY though! Of course, they always said at school, that you were a real TRAMP! Was that story about you, and blow jobs for the whole football team, true?"

Superlass seethed at the insult. Of course it wasn't true! Betty White was always known at College as something of a bookish nerd, and a real 'bluestocking' who never dated. It was a family tradition that even a superheroine's alter ego must be above reproach. She couldn't deny the red haired girl's sneering comments, though, without confirming Panthia's suspicions. The impetuous Superlass couldn't hold back some kind of retort, though.

"I don't know who this 'Betty White' you're talking about is, but I'm sure that anything a nasty, little Weasel, LIKE YOU, is saying about her, is a LIE!" The furious, young superheroine snapped.

Panthia did not like to be called a 'nasty little Weasel', at all, and reacted instantly.

Panthia's slap nearly knocked the stalwart defender of justice off her feet, and stung like the blazes! For a second, Superlass doubted her own senses. Surely, NO human could hit THAT hard, not hard enough to stagger and hurt a Kryptonian, and the slap certainly had hurt!

No matter! Sometimes, foolish criminals tried to retaliate when apprehended, but of course, Superlass had always laughed off their blows, and even their knives and bullets. Bullets just bounced off her sprightly bosom. Though amazed that the diminutive Panthia could strike such a blow, her mother and grandmother had always taught her, that it was best, for the cause of justice to immediately punish such transgressions. In this case, that seemed doubly true! Anyway, she never really liked the younger girl! Naturally, she never let her feelings show, and until that one unforgivable transgression, had done her best, to treat Panthia in a sisterly fashion. Now, though, legs a little wobbly, her face still smarting, for the first time, she forgot that resolve she made three years ago, and struck back with her full super strength, smacking the smaller girl across the face in righteous retribution.

Panthia squealed in pained surprise, but she didn't go flying across the room to crash into the wall, as Superlass expected, as had the huge six and a half foot, three hundred pound wrestler she had hit with considerably less force, last week.

Though she initiated the exchange of slaps, Panthia was just as furious as Superlass at being slapped. NOBODY slapped a Banshee, and got away with it! Panthia retaliated with characteristic, nasty brutality, driving her knee up between Superlass's shapely thighs.

Occasionally, some foolish malefactor had rashly attempted such a dastardly attack, as this, on the young superheroine, but being all but impervious to harm, she had always laughed off such cowardly attacks. Of course she always punished the vicious brute appropriately for using such foul tactics.  This was the first time the maneuver had been inflicted by a being possessing strength nearly equal to her own; the result was a rude revelation. Superlass shrieked in pained surprise, then stumbled backward, gasping and gurgling in distress.

Before, Superlass recovered from her surprising distress, Panthia struck again.

In addition to maturing into her full Banshee powers, since they last met, Panthia possessed other evil advantages, as well. Due to her nasty, confrontational personality, as an immature Banshee teenager, Panthia had become not only a champion wrestler, but also a most accomplished catfighter, adept at scratching and hair-pulling. She doubted that even her Banshee claws would scratch Superlass, but she could certainly pull her blond hair, painfully so.

Though Superlass was much larger and stronger, than Panthia, even now that the girl possessed her full, mature Banshee powers, the diminutive redhead made up for any disparity in strength, with a vicious, sadistic skill, in hand-to-hand combat, and a total disregard for the rules of good sportsmanship. Superlass, who had never been in a catfight against a foe of near equal powers, or in any catfight at all, for that matter, found herself at a disadvantage. Panthia not only pulled her hair with gleeful exuberance, jerking her head painfully from side to side, but drove a bony knee into her gut, with distressing force.

This time, Panthia was the one to hurl the other girl to the floor with bone-jarring force.

The alarmed Superlass scrambled to her feet, and Panthia reached out to grab her again. Superlass apprehensively tried to elude the smaller girl, who had already proved such an unexpectedly dangerous opponent.

When Superlass tried to fend her off, Panthia grabbed her outstretched arm, gave it a painful twist, and then upended the tall blond, with a skillful judo toss.

As Panthia flung the big, blond superheroine to the floor, for the second time, she kneed her in the belly again, while retaining her grip on her foe's arm.

Following her to the floor, Panthia gleefully bent and twisted Superlass's trapped arm, until the gorgeous blond was screeching shrilly.

Letting go of Superlass's arm, Panthia swiveled around and caught her screaming foe's beautiful face between her skinny, but steely thighs.

Superlass squawked in distress.

The terrible pressure on her head was too much, even for a mighty Kryptonian woman; Superlass's eyes rolled, and consciousness faded.

For a moment, the pressure of Panthia's wiry thighs eased. Perhaps, the youthful Banshee had grown careless, or perhaps, catlike, she was toying with her prey. Whatever the reason, a moment before passing out, Superlass desperately grasped the opportunity, and, with a mighty lunge broke free from the hideous torment.

On her feet, Superlass instinctively tried to get away from the terrible little tigress, In just three short years, Panthia had unexpectedly become the most formidable, and yes, hard to admit, but for the first time in her life, SCARY foe she ever faced.

Superlass didn't get more than a step away, before Panthia grabbed her long ponytail.

After swinging Superlass this way and that, and weakening her some more, with a couple of damaging punches, Panthia swung the much larger girl into the air by her long ponytail.

Superlass desperately tried to use her flying ability to escape Panthia's horrifying grasp, but unnerved and disoriented, she was unable to concentrate her energies, effectively. There was no escape, as the hateful, young Banshee whirled her through the air, by the painful grip on her hair.

Panthia slammed Superlass down on the floor, with all her tremendous Banshee strength. The impact rattled the walls. Although her body was impervious to the impact with the floor, the landing rattled Superlass's brain. It was the third time that the tiny redhead had painfully flung her to the floor, like a rag doll.

Superlass apprehensively looked up at her grinning foe. If she wasn't a superheroine, you might think there was fear reflected in her big, blue eyes.

Panthia reached for her foe, as Superlass, powerless to escape, squealed in dismay.

As the appalled Superlass squealed in shock, Panthia grabbed her between her lush thighs, and by the shoulder, and hoisted her into the air again, with a hold incredibly more painful than the last.


Superlass's fourth devastating crash-landing, directly on her huge, up-tilted bosom was the most painful of them all.

Superlass huddled in a twitching heap, unable to move. Panthia kicked the trembling blond over on her back.

When Panthia kicked the groggy Superlass over on her back, she planted her foot on her fallen foe's svelte midriff and pinned her to the floor. Wide awake now, Superlass looked up at the fiendish Banshee, her lower lip trembling; she definitely looked scared, now.

When she tried to move, she couldn't budge Panthia's foot; Superlass experienced near panic. She struggled frantically to get loose, but could only wriggle ineffectually, unable to dislodge the tiny, grinning redhead. She might as well be nailed to the floor for all the good her fearful struggles did.

It was bad enough being pinned helplessly beneath the small redhead's boot, but then Panthia made things a lot worse for her college mentor. Without warning, and with snakelike quickness, Panthia leapt into the air, and came down knees first, into Superlass's svelte belly.

The terrible impact of Panthia's landing not only took her breath away, but nearly knocked Superlass unconscious. As the gorgeous blond moaned woozily in distress, Panthia reached for her blue halter.

Panthia's claws tearing at her bodice fully roused Superlass.

Once she bared the heroine's spectacular bosom, Panthia pinned the mortified blond's arms to the floor, in an arrogant display of mastery. Superlass struggled with all her waning strength to throw the odious little redhead off her, but it was no use; she was beaten! It was a bizarre experience for the invincible, young superheroine to be dominated, and abused by a bully! A bully hardly out of her teens, and barely half her size!

Her halter rudely stripped from her sumptuous bosom, ignominiously enduring her first defeat, Superlass was nearly in tears. NO! NO! She MUST be brave! With a little sniffle, she gulped down the big lump in her throat.

Once the nasty, little bully firmly established mastery over the defeated superheroine, she dragged her to her feet. Superlass protested in a frightened whimper.

Panthia effortlessly hauled the whimpering crimefighter to her feet. She handled the much larger, more strongly built, older girl with ease. Thoroughly intimidated by the smaller girl, Superlass was no longer the bold, imperious superheroine, but despite the maturity of her magnificent, denuded bosom, looked more like, a scared, beaten little girl.

Superlass cringed fearfully, as Panthia reached for her fulsome bosom, mouthwateringly delectable in its nudity.

When Superlass tried to avoid the evil girl's avid clutches, Panthia lost no time making it clear, that she was in charge, and would take whatever licentious liberties she chose to, with the defeated Superlass's voluptuous charms. Cowed by defeat, the gorgeous crimefighter scarcely tried to defend herself.

Cringing in pained, frightened anguish, the tall, half-naked crimefighter begged her tiny tormentor to stop the painful humiliating assault.

Frighteningly convinced she had no choice, Superlass steeled herself to bear the horrible, humiliating indignity of having another girl toy with her weighty, but marvelously erect breasts. She shuddered in revulsion.

Oh! How horrible for a Superheroine to endure such indignities! Fondled and toyed with, like a loose woman!

Worse than being used as an erotic toy, was the gallant young heroine's own unexpected response to Panthia's bold hands, a startling self-revelation for the virtuous paragon of righteousness. The diabolical, young Banshee immediately divined her victim's distressing reaction.

In horror at her own unexpected weakness, Superlass turned away from her tormentor covering her eyes in mortification.

Panthia was always adaptable. If Superlass objected to having her gorgeous breasts fondled, the versatile Banshee would seek other targets. She turned her lewd attentions to Superlass's boldly jutting bottom cheeks.

Panthia caught the tall, blond heroine, still squealing at the painful pinch, around the waist, in an incapable grip, that erotically glued Superlass's firm belly against her small, but dominant body. Superlass shivered at the hateful proximity, and shrieked in shocked revulsion.

If her groping hands fondling the older girl's lush bottom cheeks, and her slim leg insinuated between those lush, white thighs, left little doubt, of her erotic intent, Panthia settled the doubt by demanding a kiss from her struggling captive.

Superlass gagged in revulsion. Kiss another girl? Kiss Panthia? Like THAT? Good Grief, NO! Even if she was at the horrible bully's mercy, NO a thousand times NO!

Panthia did not regard her order as negotiable.

Once again Panthia reinforced her harsh commands with brute force. Since slaps hadn't had a lasting effect, this time, she used her hard little fists.

Once again the unfortunate Superlass was forced to beg the tiny tormentor to stop.

It was becoming increasingly clear to the whimpering, gasping Superlass that she was at the odious, little Banshee's mercy, and had no choice but obedience to all of Panthia's perverted whims.

Her beautiful face twisted in revulsion, Superlass steeled herself to kiss Panthia.

Horrified by the Banshee's revolting boldness, Superlass pulled away in appalled disgust. Panthia had no intention of letting the victim of her abuse off THAT easily.

Perhaps, if Superlass could have guessed Panthia's next maneuver, she might have prolonged the kiss.

Superlass's curvaceous form stiffened in shock. Oh Dear God! NO! The Banshee's tiny fingers were wriggling right inside her delicious, golden-fringed pussy, violating her precious maidenhood. Could anything be more degradingly horrible? And DID the despicable little beast actually believe that a Superheroine was susceptible to crude lascivious manipulation?

In mortified dismay, Superlass discovered that even a chaste Champion of Virtue could, indeed, be made to respond to crude, lascivious manipulation.

Panthia crowed in triumph, as she forced her virtuous victim to wriggle and squirm, in unwilling erotic response to her revolting assault.

NO! NO! She MUSTN'T! But...

Once Panthia forced her to orgasm, the distraught Superlass collapsed at the terrible girl's feet, moaning in anguish, so terribly shamed by her terrible weakness. Laughing, in evil derision, at the virtuous heroine's mortification, Panthia prepared for the next stage of her vengeance.

The vicious young Banshee announced triumphantly: "Long as you're down on your knees, anyway, ya can do me now, with your smart-ass tongue!"

When the anguished Superlass grasped Panthia's intent, she was overcome by horrified repugnance. Bad enough the horrid creature had raped her!  Heaven forgive her own weakness, but to agree to...

How could a Champion of Virtue...

Oh it was too horrible to contemplate!

When her victim protested hesitantly, Panthia hinted at another beating, unless the defeated heroine complied with the depraved demand.

Superlass was shattered by the horror of degrading sexual abuse. Her own passionate reaction to the abuse had been one more unthinkable catastrophe for the virtuous superheroine. For a superheroine to be made a helpless victim of abuse? It was contrary to everything she ever believed! It turned her world upside down! Already badly intimidated by the smaller girl, the young crimefighter was unable to summon the courage to refuse the odious command, and endure another beating from those merciless little fists.

For Panthia, the aphrodisial delight of forcing the hated Superlass, the chaste, straitlaced Champion of Virtue, who once spurned her advances, to abjectly service her was too powerful to long resist. She swiftly succumbed with tremendous erotic fervor, to the groveling superheroine's unskilled tongue.

Sated for the moment, the young Banshee pulled her shorts back on. The mortified Superlass crouched at her feet, bitterly aware that she had failed to uphold the heroic, virtuous tradition, established by her maternal ancestors. As Panthia adjusted her shorts, her glittering eyes fell upon Superlass's gorgeously rounded bottom cheeks, agleam in all their naked glory.

The opportunity to spank a superheroine was too good to pass up.

Can no one save the beautiful, young crimefighter from the Banshee's hateful, lascivious clutches?

Our story will continue in "Supermom to the Rescue."