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WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Billy's Birthday Bash. Part 2. Conclusion


When her two sniffling friends had carried Supergran to her room, Morganna and Leticia left Billy alone with the two remaining, weeping captives.

Leticia hurried off to the kitchen to raid the fridge for leftovers of the Birthday dinner, and Morganna stopped by her niece Wendy's room to discuss the growing threat posed by Power Angel.

Wendy was indignantly doing her math homework.

"Geez Aunt Morg, that bitch Sister Monica assigns three hours of this stuff every night! If we're Pagan Wiccans, how come I gotta go to that Religious school anyway?"

"It's always wise to know the enemy thoroughly My Dear!" Morganna answered wisely, adding. "Besides, Sister Monica is renowned throughout the State as an excellent Math Teacher! You can learn a lot even from people you dislike!"

"I did want to alert you to be on the lookout for any signs of that Bitch, Power Angel! She's extremely dangerous to our activities as you know! I understand she's another one of those Kryptonians, with all their powers, although from a different family than our own 'Little Pets'! I've had no luck at all discovering her true identity, which makes her all the more dangerous!"

"Ah, don't worry, Aunt Morg! We've never had much trouble dealing with them so called 'superheroines' have we?"

"Don't be overconfident, Dear! Although, I must say, you did an excellent job on Supermom, and you've learned a great deal since then!"

While Morganna conferred with Wendy, and Leticia snacked in the kitchen, Billy got on with his birthday celebration.

Growing a bit jaded by ardent, if less than enthusiastic, ministrations of the weeping superheroine mother and daughter, Billy pulled Superlass aside, and whispered some instructions in her ear. The girl sobbed in horror, but nodded her head in sorrowful resignation, as her  mother glanced apprehensively over her shoulder.

A moment later Superlass grabbed her mother's arm and twisted it behind her back in a painful come-along hold, as Bill looked on in glee. Caught by surprise, Supermom struggled frantically but couldn't escape.

At the realization of what her daughter intended to do to her, Supermom indignantly resisted, but two hard punches drilled into her smooth belly made her much easier to handle.

 A moment later, Superlass sat down on the small stool so conveniently provided by Aunt Morganna, and pulled her gasping mother, still struggling weakly across her lap. Supermom wailed n protest at the horrible inescapable certainty that her own daughter was about to spank her sumptuously rounded,  nude bottom. She sobbingly wheedled and begged, sounding more like a six year old daughter than the mother. Knowing she must obey Billy's every command, Superlass closed her ears to her mother's sobbing pleas.

Though the Kryptonite collar fastened about her neck weakened her superpowers, Supermom's delectable flesh was still impervious to most forms of attack. Before Superlass began the perverse humiliation of her beloved mother, Billy thoughtfully provided her with a Kryptonite glove, that would make the mortifying punishment hideously painful, as well.

In spite of her profound despair at performing this hateful task, Superlass found the act of spanking her own mother extremely disturbing in an erotic way.

Transfixed by the horror of her lascivious reaction to punishing her Mother, Superlass's arms dropped to her sides. When her daughter's grip loosened, Supermom fell to the floor rolling on her back with a squeal of pain as her  behind scraped the carpet.

Grinning evilly, Billy pushed Superlass down on her sobbing mother's face.

 When Supermom demurred, Bill ordered Superlass to force her mother to perform the perverted act.

Somehow, horrible as was her mortifying distress, Supermom couldn't resist Billy's grasping fingers, and came at the same time as her sobbing daughter.

Billy continued to erotically toy with the two gorgeous women long into the night.

As the horrible night drew to a close, a once doting mother unsympathetically watched Billy brutalize her daughter.

Next morning, as they prepared for school, Billy suffered for his birthday indulgences, as his older sister, Wendy, unsympathetically chided him.


The End. (For Now)

Our story will continue shortly in Teacher's Pet, as Wendy accidentally discovers the identity of Power Angel in a most unexpected setting.