WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by,
mature adults over the age of twenty one.

Amazon Challenge. Part 2.

Defending her Mother's throne from vicious Sinestria's challenge, Princess Diana, ever victorious in equal combat, had come in for a rude shock. She found Sinestria's vile tactics, combined with her undoubted skill in combat, to be a greater threat than she ever faced.  Experienced warriors, all, the keenly watching Amazons were astounded to see that Sinestria had obviously hurt the indomitable Princess, regarded by all as invincible. Moreover, Diana was obviously dazed and befuddled, reeling back from her foe's attack.

"This bitch is MINE!"  Sinister gloated.

As Diana stumbled blindly backward, Sinestria bounced her right breast into the air with a savage kick, then attacked her vulnerable crotch with another.

For her next kick, Sinestria leaped into the air and smashed into Diana's chest, unerringly striking the breastbone. If not for the Princess's powerful pectoral muscles, the bone might have shattered. As it was, the kick paralyzed her lungs and knocked her to the ground breathless and only half conscious.

The gallant Princess vainly struggled to rise, but Sinestria was ready and waiting for her.

Diana continued to struggle to get up, but Sinestria seized her legs around the thighs and lifted her lower body off the ground.

Sinestria spun in a circle, until centrifugal force lifted the Princess's entire body from the ground, then with a whoop she let go, giving a hard twist so Diana corkscrewed in the air as she hurtled across the Arena.

Involuntarily screaming in dread as her body twisted through the air, Diana landed with a jarring crash.

Diana lay stunned on the Arena dust, and Sinestria a trained gymnast somersaulted through the air, landing like a rocket on her foe's back.

Once again the evil challenger seized the Princess's thighs. Fearing Sinestria's intent, Diana kicked and struggled to escape. Sinestria used all her skill and strength to secure an unbreakable hold on her injured foe, but Diana's powerfully muscled body was heavy, and she fought like a tigress, making it difficult for Sinestria to manipulate her. Diana nearly succeeded in escaping, when Sinestria thrust long, sharp claws between her foe's globular buttocks, and rolled her over on her stomach again.

Before Diana could escape again, Sinestria twisted around and secured the grip she wanted on the Princess's legs. A moment more, and she twisted Diana's supple body into a reverse camel clutch.

All Diana's strength and skill proved vain; there was no escaping Sinestria's brutal grip. Diana's powerful body could withstand incredible punishment, but Sinestria was close to snapping her spine. The pain was atrocious, and though her courage was unmatched, the terror of permanent crippling injury was all too real.  Diana's loud screams echoed through the arena and in the stands.

One young Amazon less stoic than her sisters shrieked fearfully. "No, no! You'll break her back! You'll kill our Princess!"

Though older Amazons glanced at the girl in disapproval, even battle hardened Queen Hippolyta, her heart in her mouth, knew much the same silent terror.

Sinestria maintained the hold, continuously pouring on more pressure, until Diana limply ceased her vain struggles. A moment before she would surely have broken Diana's back, Sinestria released her. When smug Sinestria dropped Diana's legs to the ground, the assembled throng gasped in relief. 

Though Sinestria had stopped short of permanently crippling her gallant foe, she had inflicted irreparable short-term damage. When Diana's body collapsed to the sand, she made the distressing discovery that she couldn't move. Her back muscles paralyzed, her body only trembled feebly at every effort to rise.  Every movement caused excruciating pain and Diana gasped in agonized whimpers.

Sinestria wheeled around and squatted down on the Princess's back, again. A moment later, she secured a choke hold on Diana's neck, and bent her injured back in another agonizing grip.

As she tortured and choked her foe, Sinestria applied a sleeper hold to Diana's head and neck.

Enfeebled by injury, it was not long before Diana slipped into unconsciousness, escaping hideous pain, for a time, at least. Sinestria felt Diana's struggles already weak and ineffectual subside, her tense body go limp. She rose from the Princess's still figure.

Her respite from pain was short-lived; released from the deadly hold, Diana began to stir, even as Sinestria climbed off her. Grinning triumphantly, Sinestria planted her foot in her fallen foe's injured back, and jerked her head backward with an unbreakable grip on her inky curls.

The painful grip brought the fallen Amazon Princess fully back to excruciating consciousness, and to a dreadful realization of her dire predicament.  As Sinestria threatened her, Diana, incapable of escape, looked up fearfully.

Diana struggled with the last ounce of desperation, clawing helplessly at thin air, but there was no  escape.

Sinestria bent Diana's injured spine a few more agonizing degrees, as her helpless foe pawed the air, wailing in agony and despair, all the while, those terrible threatening claws came closer and closer to her pleading, panic-stricken blue eyes.

Knowing she was beaten and terrified of Sinestria's evil vengeance, Diana bleated her surrender.


End of Part 2.

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