WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and violent f/f rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Columbia and the Axis Twins. Part 2.


Columbia huddled forward, face between her solidly rounded thighs, mewling in the aftermath of the grievous mistreatment of her magnificent bosom.  With a contemptuous toss of straight black pigtails, the vicious teenager effortlessly hauled the gurgling American Beauty to her feet with two handfuls of lustrous red hair.

Still overwhelmed by the fierce pain in her bosom, Columbia swayed unsteadily, barely able to stand.  The despicable Axis teen seized the pain drugged heroine between the legs.  She half lifted Columbia off her feet with her vicious clawing grip, and then slammed her down on her back

Clutching at her crotch with both hands, Columbia screeched at the vicious
violation of her privates.  Now the other girl was back. Each girl grabbed a big creamy fleshed leg in both hands, hauling them into the air. They twisted in opposite directions until Columbia felt she was splitting in two.  Holding her legs twisted high and widely splayed, the girls took turns kicking Columbia between the legs.  There was nothing she could do, but beat the floor, in frustrated agony.  Her beautiful face tossed from side to side.  Her belly tightened in another awful cramp.  She involuntary voiced her agony in a long keening whine.

Just as Columbia almost passed out, the twins dropped her long, white legs. The magnificently muscled limbs trembled uncontrollably as they flopped to the floor.  One girl knelt insolently over Columbia daring her to resistance. Columbia shook her head back and forth to clear it.  She braced her hands against the floor and pushed until her quivering body was sitting up. The fierce little devil swung her delicate arm.  A tiny hand smacked Columbia's face, flattening her again.

Undaunted, Columbia struggled to sit up again.  Her green eyes still flashed
challengingly.  Her foe's cold black eyes glinted cruelly, silently enjoying the proud redhead's losing struggle.  Then the girl lazily planted her foot between Columbia's massive breasts and nonchalantly pushed her flat again.  The denuded Allied heroine writhed and squirmed, magnificent legs kicked weakly, mighty muscles strained heroically, but she couldn't overcome the slight pressure.  She bit back a frustrated sob as a violent tremor emphasized her splendid contours.  Finally the strain became more than she could endure; her body went limp.  Still conscious, Columbia's trapped eyes darted about, but the desperate look of a trapped doe undermined the tigerish fire in her fierce green eyes.

Now both girls seized Columbia by the arms and dragged her to her feet.  The helpless beauty's head drooped on her chest.  Her trembling legs could hardly support her heroically rounded body, and she hung limply, as the girls propelled her across the room.

The twins flung Columbia across a waiting wooden frame, and carefully draped her naked body to expose her out-thrust bottom for their tittering examination.  Columbia's nether cheeks were big and meaty, yet delicately contoured and resilient as vulcanized rubber.

Tiny hands prodded and fussed until Columbia's big milky bottom was exactly positioned.  Her long red hair brushed the floor. Her injured belly, pressing against the sharp edged wood, bore her full weight, and Columbia came near retching. The harried heroine could see behind her, although everything was topsy turvy.  She caught a glimpse of an Axis cameraman cranking away to record her humiliation.  Columbia's eyes closed in horror.

When Columbia opened her eyes again, each twin had picked up a ping pong paddle. The unhappy Allied heroine didn't need to ask why. She was to be humiliatingly spanked by two tiny teenagers, and the mortification was to be recorded on film!  What a triumph for Axis Propaganda!  Alarm pumped adrenaline through Columbia's body. She must do something...ANYTHING!

When Columbia  desperately sought to spring free, the weighted handle of a paddle slammed into the back of her neck, with dreadful force, dropping her back in place.  The other twin's paddle sliced edgewise into Columbia's elbow. There was a loud cracking sound, incredibly intense pain, and Columbia's arm dangled lifelessly in front of her.

Humiliatingly naked, draped securely across the sawhorse, there was nothing Columbia could do now, but grit her teeth, and vow her enemies would never hear her cry out.

In perfect unison, the terrible teenagers raised their paddles high.  Each girl chose one imposing, strongly molded buttock, and blazed away with lightening speed.  Fiery pain scalded Columbia's boldly assertive derriere. Her creamy bottom cheeks and powerful upper thighs glowed hot scarlet.

Columbia bit her lips, and kicked her legs at the diabolical torture.  In spite of her heroic effort to honor her vow, Columbia's gasps were soon hardly distinguishable from sobs.  Her smarting eyes overflowed. Sobs unwillingly became screaming wails.

Columbia's mighty legs stiffened, then drooped inertly. She dangled limply, but her loud, uncontrollable sobs continued to echo her fearsome woe.

The diabolical, little orientals had reduced the proud darling of the Allied cause to humiliating, weeping helplessness.  They seized the weeping heroine, roughly lifted her trembling form, from her cruel perch, and spun her around to face the camera.  Her injured right arm, still deadly numb, dangled uselessly at her side, and the girls handled Columbia with careless ease, now.

The devilish duo forced Columbia this way and that, so the camera caught every nuance of her enforced nakedness and humbling misery. Tears drowned Columbia's huge emerald eyes, stained her beautiful face, and dripped freely on her proud bosom.  She bit her lower lip in charming distress.  Pain stiffened her long, coral nipples.  Her belly clenched and unclenched with each heart rending sob. Her loins rotated sinuously in tune with the tremors of her glorious body, so the light glinted off the burnished copper of her glossy pubic fleece.

After displaying Columbia from every angle, one girl took sole charge of their shamed captive. She boldly pinched a nipple between thumb and forefinger and painfully tweaked it until Columbia threw back her head in anguish.

Columbia saw the way to the door was clear.  Could she reach it?  Her legs quivered like a new born colt, but she'd never say die.  From nowhere, Columbia's left upper cut to the jaw flattened her tiny tormentor.

The fallen girl's sister started toward Columbia at a run.  Should the gallant American stay and fight? It was a dreadful decision to make!  Columbia never ran from a fight in her entire life!  Yet, though one girl was down, she wasn't out; she'd be up in a flash.  Columbia's right arm was disabled.  She knew she couldn't handle both girls so soon after her harrowing ordeal.  Better to challenge them another day, when she'd recovered, and the little vipers wouldn't have surprise on their side.  Columbia bolted for the door, fast as her trembling legs could carry her, with one girl in hot pursuit.

The camera swung quickly to record the disheartening sight, the proud Allied heroine, hope of millions of freedom loving peoples, flying in seeming panic from a single enemy teenager.  The camera focused on Columbia's large, pear shaped buttocks.  They danced madly from side to side as Columbia ran, still blazing scarlet from that humiliating paddling.

Panting, Columbia reached the door and tore at the knob. Damn! It was locked!  The girl chasing her was almost on her.  Columbia turned at bay, gamely ready. The smirking teenager dangled a key on a chain.

"Mithy Columbia need this?"  The diminutive girl lisped in a childish twitter, arrogantly displaying her mastery of the foe's language.

"Give me THAT!"  Columbia snarled, her huge arrogantly up-tilted boobies heaving furiously.  She grabbed angrily for the key, but the juvenile spy deftly snatched it out of reach.

Columbia leaped for the girl determined to pound her to the floor and take
the key.  The youthful enemy agent dodged deftly, and as the big American Beauty brushed past, she slapped Columbia's blistered backside.  Her karate stiff palm caught the jutting nether cheek a loud smack.  Columbia yelped at the smarting pain.

Viciously reminded of her humiliation, the American heroine swung at the tiny teenager's smirking face. The girl adroitly ducked, and countered by blasting a left into Columbia's abdomen.  Cramps still twisted Columbia's belly with, and her stomach churned sickly.  When the tiny fist blasted wrist deep into the heroine's tortured gut, her powerful sheath of abdominal muscles caved in.  Columbia squawked and doubled over, knees knocking together.

With a high pitched yell, the girl karate kicked the big crimefighter's jaw. Columbia spun backward, her head all but torn off her shoulders, but the brave redhead kept her feet.

As Columbia stumbled backward, the girl leaped at her, but stopped short, when Columbia raised her aching left arm to ward her off.  Switching target, the teenager drove her karate-stiff fingers, like daggers, at Columbia's chest. Deadly barbs flashed past Columbia's numbed arm and stabbed deep into the sharp, coral crests of ivory melons.  Columbia cringed, flinching at the intolerable pain inflicted on her nude bosom.  Her long, shapely legs trembled, and parted an instant, exposing her coppery thatch.  An adolescent knee found the defensive breach.

Columbia stumbled sideways. Her cruel young foe smacked her blazing backside, again. Those generous bottom cheeks clenched at the rekindling of fiery pain.


End Of Part 2.

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