WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, f/f rape, and bondage.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Coup D'etat. Part 2.

Having thrown, her rightful Queen to the ground, by a devious foul, the plotter Asparia kicked her foe viciously, until, Apollonia rolled on her back, exposing her vulnerable belly. Seizing the opportunity to express her hatred, Asparia pulverized the Queen's muscular belly with her feet. Apollonia gagged and writhed in nauseated agony. Then Asparia raised her leg higher, taking aim for an even more dastardly strike. Breathless, and groaning in pain, Apollonia saw the kick coming. Even with all her other newer injuries, her pussy still throbbed, most painfully from those first awful attacks that gave Asparia the advantage. She wailed plaintively in fear.

Enthralled by the Queen's mewling plea, Asparia paused a moment for full effect, before she drove her foot into Apollonia's genitalia.

The pain was horrible. Apollonia doubled up convulsively, unable to move of her own volition.

Once again, Asparia dragged her stricken Queen to her feet, by that unbreakable two handed grip on her hair.  There was nothing Apollonia could do to resist.

On her feet, but hardly able to stand, Apollonia could do nothing to prevent Asparia from twisting her larger, heavier body around until they were back to back. Grasping Apollonia's neck in a choke hold, Asparia pulled her backward, and dragged her over her shoulder, until the Queen was helplessly trapped in a merciless hold, that stretched her body as though she was on the dungeon rack.

Asparia continued to agonizingly stretch the Queen's body, until she hoisted Apollonia right off her feet, and onto her own shoulder.

Asparia's legs trembled at the strain of bearing the whole weight of Apollonia's enormous body on her shoulder, but she quickly steadied herself. Though not as strong as the Queen, perhaps, she was an extremely powerful woman. Gripping Apollonia's throat, Asparia bent her nearly double in a backward vee, coming near to breaking the Queen's broad back.  Apollonia's huge, round breasts heaved in her awful torment; she wailed fearfully at her peril.

Growing ever more confident, Asparia was already gloating at the planned revenge she would take on the Queen she had come to detest, when she, herself, sat securely on the Queen's throne.  Though she could easily have broken Apollonia's back, and decisively accomplished her purpose, she had no use for a crippled slave! Asparia flung the shrieking Queen to the ground instead.

"She will serve me better, if she can walk! That way she will feel the humiliation of keeling to ME, more keenly!"

Once again, Apollonia endured a painful landing on her belly and huge, erectly rounded breasts.

Though reeling from Asparia's savage attack, and suffering excruciating pain, Queen Apollonia was maddened by righteous, royal wrath. No Queen can endure groveling in the dirt! Did this scrawny upstart, she had raised from the mire, think she could rule in her place? Apollonia would teach her differently!

Driven by indignant fury, the blonde queen surged to her feet, before Asparia could use her deadly feet to keep her down. Reinvigorated by fierce burning anger, the Mighty Queen had only one thought! She would TEACH her traitorous Vizier the folly of treason! Asparia confidently braced herself for the assault from the huge blonde. She was sure the punishment, she had already inflicted, would give her the edge over the bigger, stronger woman.

In her fury, Apollonia attacked Asparia with her fists, impatiently athirst for the satisfaction of pounding the vile traitor to jelly. Though the Queen was an accomplished wrestler, she was less adept with her fists, and her wild punch whistled harmlessly over Asparia's head, to the wily Vizier's amusement.

Asparia, the expert pugilist, dodged the Queen's second punch as well, though by a considerably smaller margin. Nevertheless, she taunted Apollonia with a sneering comment, further enraging the furious, royal blonde woman. In spite of uncontrollable rage, Apollonia realized she would be better served by employing her wrestling skill to destroy the treacherous, would be usurper.

As the enraged Apollonia sought to seize Asparia, and bring her wrestling skill to bear, the rebellious vizier coolly slammed her fist deep into her Queen's belly, once again, immobilizing her with pain.

Once she had created an easy, new opening, Asparia drove her fists repeatedly into the reeling Apollonia's svelte middle.

The painfully damaging belly punches lifted the groaning, gagging Queen nearly off her feet.

Again undone by Asparia's savagery, Queen Apollonia stumbled backward, her stomach churning with agonizing cramps. Her arms, weakened by pain drooped uselessly, making her an easy target. Asparia arrogantly paused a moment to glance at her Queen. There was no pity in her eye for Apollonia's pain, but only smug satisfaction at the damage she had inflicted so far, and an eagerness to inflict even more.

Apollonia's head was spinning; pain blotted all else from her mind; her mighty limbs had lost all their formidable strength. In her muddled pained misery, she was defenseless. Asparia took full advantage of the Queen's weakness, battering her this way and that, with her hard, merciless fists.

The Queen was such an easy target, now, that Asparia could strike with cool, unhurried precision, enjoying the sensation of her fists battering defenseless flesh. She carefully measured her punches, and delivered them methodically, with all her strength, inflicting maximum damage to Apollonia's gorgeous, voluptuous body. The early morning beach was deathly still; even the sea birds had fallen silent. The only sounds were the loud thumps of deadly blows landing with precise regularity on milky flesh, and the beleaguered Queen's loud, gurgling cries of awful distress.

End of Part 2.

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