Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Yule Spirit and the Blue Elves and to Another Blue Noël.  Those stories, in turn, were suggested by a cartoon in my collection A Christmas Surprise done for a Christmas in the last century. A sidelight on the Blue Elves appeared in Yule Eve at Morganna's. Part 1.  Once again, my thanks to my friend David for suggestions incorporated, herein.

WARNING: This work contains graphic violence, nudity, rape and other non-consensual, sexual scenes, and much low, smutty, sophomoric, attempts at humor. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over the age of twenty-one years.

The Blue Elves Save Christmas.

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Although it was not yet noon of the short December day, the small, blue clad female had filled her basket, nearly as large as she was, with wartberries. It was an amazing feat, since Blue Elves are not noted for being particularly industrious
, and Pickelina had eaten nearly as many berries as she put in the basket. Moreover, the wartberry bushes were half buried in snow, and already picked nearly clean by buzzards, the only other species sharing the Blue Elf fondness for the foul tasting fruit.

It was rare to see Pickelina unaccompanied by her sister, Prunella. But when Pickelina woke the other elf before dawn, Prunella snarled.

"Geez Picks! Give it a rest! It's Christmas Eve! We been out berryin' every day fer two months! We got every cupboard and closet crammed with wartberries, and the cellar's full o'barrels o'wartberry juice! Lemme sleep!"

Prunella was certainly fond of the berries, but not to the passionate extent of her sister. Prunella turned her face to the wall, and tried to go back to sleep.

"Hummph! Lazy slut!" Pickelina sniffed, and slammed the door, loudly, on the way out.

"Bitch!" Prunella muttered, and pulled the pillow over her head.

Satisfied that she had stripped the last bush bare, Pickelina was about to turn around, and head home. Just then, she saw a short, rotund figure, all in fur trimmed, red garments, sitting on a stump, and smoking a stubby old pipe.

"Hey, Santa, how's tricks?" The irrepressible elf chirped, merrily. 

Santa patted his wallet. Though he had a sneaking fondness for Pickelina and Prunella, in spite their deservedly evil reputation, the canny old gentleman was always careful of his valuables when the sisters were about.

"Oh hello Pickelina, or is it Prunella? Always hard to tell you two apart! Eyesight tain't what it was! Comes of getting so old I guess!" Santa answered glumly.

"Nah! Ya was right! It's me, Pickelina, the GOOD LOOKING one! Geez, Santa, ya look kinda' glum, t'day! How come yer out here in the woods smokin'? And I ain't seen you with that old pipe in years! Usually you got them good cigars from Cuba! No cigar t'day?" Pickelina was never shy about poking her nose in other people's business.

"Hummph!" The usually jolly old gentleman snorted. "Don't remind me, Pickalina! We've got a guest at the pole! UNINVITED, I might add! One of them do-gooder superheroines! In fact, the Queen Bee of all do-gooder superheroines! That Lady Supreme! The number one, pesky, buttinsky, do-gooder of all time! Not that I'm against people doing good, mind you! Not likely, in MY position! But she's one of those people that thinks the Golden Rule sez 'do unto others what YOU think is good for them, whether THEY want you to, or not'!"

"What's she doin' at the Pole anyway?" The inquisitive elf asked, leaning against her basket, and popping a wartberry into her mouth. She silently offered Santa one, but he shook his head.

Thankee anyway, Pickelina! Well, she says it's her duty, as a superheroine, to find Mrs. Clause, and Yule Spirit, and Ivy the Christmas Angel, for me!  Now, naturally, I'd be delighted to have m'wife, Holly, back! Nothing could make me happier! Course, I got to admit, the Pole has been mighty peaceful since Holly, and the other two ladies disappeared! Peaceful, at least, until that dratted, pesky Lady Supreme moved in!"

Pickelina popped another berry in her mouth, "Yeah, so what's her angle?"

t'her, 'She just LOVES Christmas so much, that she OWES it to me, to help me out in my sorrow! She sez she'd never have been a superheroine, at all, if it wasn't for me! Yep, she owes it ALL to me, her being a superheroine! I swan! Seems back when she was seven years old, I brought her some confounded kind of superheroine costume for Christmas, and that's what inspired her to become a real superheroine! Funny thing is, I checked the records, and she was supposed to get a cowgirl outfit that year! Dang it! You make one little slip up, and it comes back to haunt you years later!"

Pickelina nodded her head sympathetically. "So ya' don't want'a smoke at home, because ya don't wanna upset her?"

"Well I might be willing to upset her a little, mind you, but she's taken the keys to my cigar humidor and my liquor cabinet, and put them away, where I can't get at them, least-ways, I can't, if I want to be a gentleman about it!  Drat it! It isn't right when an old man can't smoke a good cigar in his own house, once in a while! She sez she's doing it for my own good! Lucky I had this old pipe, and some tobacco out in the stables! Course, I'd never smoke it anywhere near the stables, mind you! I figured I better come out here in the woods, though, so Ms. Do-Gooder don't get her hands on this, too!"

"Where's she now!"

"Far as I know, she's back at my house looking for my collection of adult men's magazines and videos! She sez it ain't right for Santa to read trash that corrupts and weakens young minds! Can you imagine that? Telling Santa Clause, he's corrupting young minds? Course it's fine for her to parade around in that skimpy little costume, that don't hardly cover her bare essentials! She could pose for pictures for one them magazines, herself, in that getup! She sez it's part of the Superheroine Code to dress that way! Superheroine Code, my foot! If you ask me, she just wants to show off her as... her assets!"

Pickelina shook her head in commiseration. "How's she figure she's gonna find Mrs. C. and them other two?"

"Well she informed me, that would be no problem, because she's not only the World's Mightiest Woman, but she's an expert criminologist, to boot! She's certainly not a shy, shrinking violet, that girl! I'll give her that! She's sworn an oath, on her 'Superheroine's Honor' not only to have the three of them back at the Pole for a Joyous Holiday reunion on Christmas Day, but also to see that the criminals who perpetuated the outrage are properly punished!"

As Santa imparted the last bit of information, he glanced sharply from beneath his bushy eyebrows to see Pickelina's reaction.

"Punish the perps too, huh?" The blue clad elf whistled innocently, and examined her basket.

"On top of that, my lead reindeer, Vixen is pregnant!"

"Pregnant, huh? Geez, I didn't even no she was engaged!"

"Tain't funny, Pickelina!" Santa fumed. "I don't know how it happened? I always keep them apart this time of year! A few weeks ago, I found one of my fences broken, and I figure a strange reindeer got into the paddock!"

Once again, Pickelina whistled innocently, while examining her wartberries. She recalled, a few weeks back, she forgot to latch the stable, and Jingle Bell, the elves' flying reindeer, got loose. He was back next morning, looking exhausted, but there was a very satisfied, reindeer smirk on his furry face.

"Hmm" Pickelina remembered. "Old Jangle got hisself some nookie, I bet! He always had a thing for that Vixen bimbo!"

"Of course, that know-it-all, Lady Supreme, had to put her two cents worth in, even though nobody asked her! Told me it was my own fault, for not having my reindeer neutered! Sez t'me, sez she, if SHE rescues a stray animal, SHE always sees that it's neutered, before SHE sends it to a shelter! Informed me: 'It's the only humane thing to do!' The idea, telling Santa Clause what's 'humane' and what's not!"

"Well, that got my dander up, and I kind of lit into her! 'Tain't natural,' sez I, 'and I'm NOT gonna do it! Now, you put that in your pipe and smoke it, Missy!' Well she went off in huff, and I didn't see her for a while, and that was fine with me! But she was back next morning, bright an' chipper as ever, with some new, hare brained suggestion!"

"Well, the upshot of it is! Vixen can't fly tonight, Christmas Eve! The sled'll be short hoofed, with only seven  reindeer! I don't think they can do it! The sled gets heavier every year! Vixen's the only one of them with any sense of direction, too! She can find her way just about anywhere in the shortest rout!"

"Old Jangle's pretty good at finding his way places too!" Pickelina thought.

"If that wasn't all bad enough, the electronic games production line is all balled up again! I think sometimes, elves just aren't cut out to make these newfangled electronic gadgets, but that's all kids want these days! And Marcie the Green Elf, she's my Production Chief, she's delayed in China over some botch-up with our suppliers, there! She's the one person could maybe sort it out!"

"To tell you the truth, Pickelina, I've decided to pack it up, and retire to Florida! I've got a little something socked away, and who needs all these problems, at my age?"

Even the cynical, Blue Elf was shocked at the thought of Christmas without Santa Claus.

"Geez Santa! That'd be awful! No presents!"

"Yep! Just have to get along without me! Let someone else do it! Hah! Let Lady Supreme do it!"

Santa had finished his pipe. "Well, I suppose I better get back home and see what mischief, that Lady Busybody is up to, now! Thanks for listening to my troubles, anyway, Pickelina!"

"Sure! No problem, Santa!"  Pickelina grabbed her basket, and started to go, but turned back. "Geez Santa! Hope things work out fer ya! Be a shame not t'have no more Christmas!" She said as she waved goodbye.

A short time later, an excited Pickelina burst into the hut she shared with her sister. "Hey Prunny you aint gonna believe all the news I heard from Santa!"

Pickelina rattled on excitedly for some time...

Prunella considered the matter gravely. "Yeah, yer right, could be bad! Shit, that Lady Supreme's a REAL superheroine! Not like Yulie, what never did much more 'en bother elves and bully schoolyard bullies! That Supreme Bimbo's used t'dealin with real hard cases! Terrorists and armed killers, like that! It could be bad, if she gets onta us! Ya suppose she knows who snatched them three floozies?"

"I dunno, but we ougtha' come up with some ideers, case she shows up?"

"Yeah!" Prunella scratched her head, deep in thought.

"Well, in this here comic book, I read, it said that Lady Supreme's only weakness is el-el...wait I got it writ down somewhere!" Prunella rummaged through the chaotic disorder on the old table the elves used as a desk.

"Oh yeah! Here it's the Elixir of Fragaria Verruca!"

"Geez Pruny, how's a Comic Book gonna know what a superheroine's weakness is? Get real!"

"Ya didn't believe me when I toldja, ya could catch a' angel by snatchin her halo neither, didja Smarty? Look at it realistic like, who's gonna know better about superheroines than some dude what writes about 'em all day!"

Pickelina wasn't equipped to refute this gem of elf logic, and it was true Prunella had been right about the angel.

"Well even if this here comic book is right, where we gonna get any o'this el-el...stuff?"

"I dunno!" Prunella answered, sitting down at the PC.

"Whatcha doin' now?" Pickelina asked.

"Lookin the stuff up in Wikipedia, whatya think?" Prunella was busy at the keyboard a few minutes, while Pickelina hovered at her side.

"You ain't gonna believe this Picks, but ya know what it is?"

"If I did, would I be standin' here, waitin' fer you to tell me, Dumbass?"

"Okay, I'll tell ya then, since ya asked so nice!" Prunella snapped, equally sarcastically "This here (Prunella glanced at her note) Elixir of Fragaria Verruca is, ya ain't gonna believe this, is, TA DA, wartberry juice!"

Pickelina shook her head in disbelief. "Wartberry Juice? Geez ain't nobody likes wartberry juice better'n me, Pruny, but wartberry juice? Aww well, what's the odds of this bimbo, Lady Supreme findin' us, way out here in the woods, anyways?"

For once, Lady Supreme's celebrated skills as a criminologist were not equal to a challenge. Temporarily baffled by Santa's even more celebrated skill at concealing presents, put to a more personal use, this Christmas, she had searched all morning but found nothing. She glanced at the grandfather's clock in the corner. 

"Oh Dear! Look at the time!
Well I'll have to look for that smut collection some other time!" The determined superheroine fumed
in chagrin. "I've got an appointment with Sergeant Preston of the Mounties in a few minutes!"

A moment later, the intrepid superheroine was out the nearest window, and headed at lightening speed toward the Canadian Border, and the northernmost Mountie Post, the Law Enforcement Agency
nearest the Pole.

An hour later, flying back across the boarder, Lady Supreme headed toward Pickelina and Prunella's hut, according to directions furnished by Sergeant Preston.

"Sergeant Preston said that if those crimes occurred in his jurisdiction, and he was investigating the case, the top of his list of usual suspects to round up, would be two Blue Elves, known only as Pickelina and Prunella, no known surnames! If he ever catches them on his side of the border, he's got a batch of warrants for them!"

Lady Supreme looked at the wanted poster the Mountie furnished her with. "Gosh it seems incredible that two insignificant, little creatures like these, though, without any special powers, could have overcome a mighty Superheroine, like Yule Spirit, not to mind Ivy, who's a real heavenly angel! And Holly Claus was darn near a superheroine herself, and could handle just about anything! Well, I have to check it out; it's the only lead I have!"

Lady Supreme landed in the elves front yard, and spotted the reindeer nodding lazily by the stable. With her super keen, heroine's vision, she observed the small brand on his rump, in the shape of a sprig of holly.

"Why that must be Jingle Bell, Yule Spirit's faithful mount! You can bet, I'll see that he's restored to his beloved Mistress, before I'm done!  This proves those little devils must know a good deal about those disappearances! Sergeant Preston was right!"

Now if the truth were known, Jingle Bell was never all that devoted to his 'beloved' Mistress, Yule Spirit, whom he regarded as a self-righteous, boring twit. Despite a good deal of grumbling,
necessarily silent, of course, he had adjusted comfortably to life with Pickelina and Prunella, and their slipshod, harum-scarum lifestyle. He had even acquired a most unreindeerlike taste for their wartberry wine, which added considerably to the brightness of the red nose, he shared with his Cousin Rudolph.

Jingle Bell was less than enthused, when Lady Supreme assured him that she would see him reunited with her sister superheroine, Yule Spirit. Fortunately, reading reindeer minds was one of the few skills, the incredibly talented superheroine lacked.

Incensed by her discovery of the contraband reindeer, Lady Supreme strode to the elfin hut, banged open the front door, and marched inside, without knocking.

Jingle Bell ambled over to the hut, and looked in the window. (Hah! This should be good!)

The astonished Prunella snapped. "Hey Bimbo! What dya think yer doin', bargin' in here like that? Ain'tcha got no manners? People can have bad accidents happen to 'em, doin' things like that, if ya get my drift!"

Pickelina who was in the kitchen squeezing wartberries to make wine, came out to see what the racket was about

Pickelina ran back to the kitchen. "Well I sure hope, fer HER sake, Prunny, an' her comic book, was right about wartberry juice! Geez I hate t'waste a whole bucket a'wartberry juice, but this is an emergency!"

The desperate elf grabbed the newly squeezed bucket of juice, rushed back, and without hesitation flung the contents at Lady Supreme's back, drenching the superheroine with the foul smelling liquid.

It turned out, much to Pickelina's surprise, that Prunella's reliance on information gleaned from her favorite periodical was justified. Lady Supreme shuddered and stiffened in shock. Her huge, buoyant bosom heaved tremulously, and her beautiful face contorted in pain. At the first shock, she dropped Prunella who landed nimbly on elfin feet, ready for battle.

Stricken by the effects of the deadly Elixir of Fragaria Verruca, Lady Supreme proved an easy mark for Prunella's vengeful attack.

Lady Supreme had laid hands on Prunella! Elfin esteem had been trifled with! Normally, Prunella would insist on settling this affair of honor, herself.  However, this foe was no gentle angel
unused to violence, like the unfortunate Ivy. Prunella was attacking the 'World's Mightiest Woman', a crimefighter of international renown! Pickelina decided that, under the circumstances, Prunella wouldn't be offended by a little sisterly assistance.

Any damage not done by the vile wartberry juice, was swiftly completed by the vicious, skillfully coordinated, elfin attack. Pickelina politely stood aside to let her aggrieved sister have the satisfaction of finishing the job.

While her sister held the groggy superheroine, forcefully, pinned to the floor, Prunella who had an artful facility for denuding female captives, tore Lady Supreme's abbreviated costume from her voluptuously curvaceous body. Lady Supreme shrieked in righteous, but impotent, indignation.

As Prunella whipped off Lady Supreme's abbreviated bustier, a ring of keys clattered on the floor.

"Hah! Bet these are Santa's keys!" Pickelina said, putting them in Prunella's hat, for safekeeping.

Prunella did not yet consider her elfin honor satisfied. Moreover, despite her near helplessness, Lady Supreme was still uttering fierce threats and insults, perhaps unwisely in view of her
situation. Prunella picked up a stout bough of redoubtable scotch pine, and hauled the enfeebled, somewhat disoriented, superheroine across her lap.

It took a moment for Lady Supreme to fully appreciate the gravity of her
predicament, and to grasp the vengeful elf's intent. Certainly, it was not a position in which any superheroine normally finds herself!

"Dear Heaven! Does this impudent, little strumpet think she's going to spank me! NO! She wouldn't dare! I'm Lady Supreme!"

In fact, the audacious Blue Elf did intend it, and would dare it! Lady Supreme, struggled mightily, but the evil wartberry juice had done its work all too well. She found herself powerless to escape from the tiny elf's lap.

Naturally, no superheroine, particularly the very quintessential acme of superheroines, Lady Supreme, feared the trifling discomfort of a childish spanking! However, for a Superheroine to be put into such an undignified, mortifying position was intolerable! This outrage besmirched the repute of all superheroines, everywhere, and YES, diminished the bright, shining prestige of the very Institution of Superheroinedom, itself! Lady Supreme roared in furious indignation!

The first blow fell! Lady Supreme discovered to her astonished dismay, that a scotch pine bough, wielded by a vindictive Blue Elf, was considerably more distressing, than anticipated, even for a superheroine.

Prunella went at her task, with all the enthusiasm that an aggrieved Blue Elf can muster! The unexpectedly frightful pain scorching her shapely bottom, temporarily put all indignant concern for the prestige of Superheroinedom, from Lady Supreme's mind. Though it would be an inconceivable shock to her legion of admirers, that exemplar of feminine courage and audacity was soon wailing with earsplitting intensity, in a MOST unsuperheroinelike manner!

The elves, otherwise occupied, did not notice a red nose, (No redder, now, than the unfortunate Lady Supreme's delectable nether cheeks.) pressed against the pane, or a furry face at the window, laughing in uproarious reindeer glee.

The Superheroine Code is clear; a wise superheroine knows when discretion is the better part of valor, and that it oft best serves Justice to ask for quarter, WITH dignity of course, while planning for just retribution on some future, more propitious day. The bountifully curvaceous crime-fighter's adherence to the Code, by asking for quarter, was only proper!

AND YET, an uncharitable obser
ver, seeing those seemingly heartfelt tears flowing copiously down our heroine's beautiful face, seeing the tumultuous heaving of her splendidly rounded, most generously endowed bosom, hearing those loud, snuffling, brokenhearted sobs, enough to soften the heart of Torquemada, if not a Blue Elf; MIGHT conclude that the world renowned Lady Supreme was cravenly begging a tiny elf for mercy, with no thought of the Code, at all!

In this season of forgiveness, let us charitably assume that Lady Supreme was honorably adhering to the Superheroine Code, while acknowledging, that in her terrible distress, her request was a trifle lacking in the requisite dignity.

When Prunella released the sobbing, chastened superheroine from her firm grip, Lady Supreme slid off the elf's lap onto her knees, and snuffling in sorrowful misery, gingerly massaged her very ample, though
marvelously constructed, behind, a very sore, smarting, blazing red, behind.

Prunella laughed nastily as Lady Supreme valiantly tried to control her sobs.

"Oh Dear that hurts something awful, and that despicable creature made me cry and beg like a little girl, and now the vile witch is laughing at me! Oh! It's so humiliating! Oh Dear, when is my poor heiny going to stop hurting!"

Still snuffling in misery, Lady Supreme
remembered she was a fearless superheroine, of huge, imposing physique, impossible to intimidate, and tried to look on the bright side. Of course, optimism IS the basic watchword of the Superheroine Code! Keep Smiling! Tomorrow's another day! Upward and onward! Never say die! Victory is around the corner! Crime doesn't pay! Justice will OUT! Right will prevail!

"Well bad as things are, at least I won't be shamefully ravished and molested, the way I was when those awful terrorists captured me, two years ago! Oh, I still can't believe those fiends dared violate a SUPERHEROINE'S chaste virtue that disgusting way! Not that they didn't pay dearly for their dastardly actions when I got free! Just like THESE two little weasels are going to pay! OH, just wait 'til I get my strength back; I'll RIP their evil, little, elf hearts out!"

Thinking the worst of her ordeal over, Lady Supreme's mind was, as was proper, reverting to the subject of just retribution. Had Lady Supreme subscribed to an anthropological journal, she might have been more knowledgeable about the forceful, sapphic proclivities of female Blue Elves, and less complacent about the threat to her chaste, superheroinely virtue.

The elves soon augmented Lady Supreme's store of anthropological knowledge.

"Let's string her up, while we have some fun!"

"Chains can not long bind a superheroine!" Lady Supreme snapped indignantly, but a shadow in her big, blue, tear-stained eyes, and a tremor in her melodious voice, betrayed her doubts.

"Maybe chains can't, Babe, but I bet ropes made of wartberry vines can!" Pickelina snickered, as the voluptuous captive strained uselessly against her restraints.

Once Lady Supreme was secured by wartberry vine ropes, the elves wasted no time indulging their simple, elfin pleasures.

Perhaps persuaded as much by Prunella's skilled, blue, elfin tongue, as by Pickelina's reminder of the aphrodisial power of scotch pine, Lady Supreme rediscovered the truth of the old, but most unsuperheroine like, adage, 'if you can't avoid it, relax and enjoy it'. Indeed, she not only stoically endured, but,
apparently, actively participated in the perverse elfin rites.

Though the lascivious elves changed places several times, even the charms of a most voluptuous, wartberry flavored superheroine pall, after a time, leaving the elves with a disposal problem.

"What are we gonna do with 'er now? We can't keep 'er! Shit! That big cow'd eat us out a house 'n home, in no time!" Pickelina observed, eying the huge-bodied, obviously extremely well-fed, superheroine, snuffling in shamed misery in her bondage.

"Think Scroogy...?"

Prunella scratched her head. "Geez I don't know! He's whatcha' call a theme collector! Only int'rested in ones what got sump'n t'do with Christmas! This one ain't got nuthin' specially chrismassy 'bout her! And you know what things was like, last time we was there!"

"Oh yeah!" Snickered, Pickelina.

"Well, don't hurt t'give him a call!"

Prunella came back from the phone shaking her head. "Nah! He ain't interested! Says he's got his hands full with them three, he's got!"

"Shit! No wonder at his age, the old letch! I was wond'rin' tho', how about Morganna? Ya think?"

"Geez, she's got a stable full, awready! Ahh, I'll give 'er a call! Never know!"

This time Prunella came back with a bright, elfin smile.

"Shit! She seems eager t'get 'er! Didn't even hardly bargain none! Ain't like Morg! Must be the holiday season!"

"She gonna pay us in gold?"

"Nah, a certified check! That's better! Morganna's a friend an' all, but she IS a witch, an' witch's gold's got a way a turnin' inta sump'n else 'fore ya get it home!"

"Yeah, right!"

"Morg did say she's read 'bout that elixir stuff, in one o'her books o'sorcery, an' it works better, if ya give it t'em internally, get 'em t'drink it, like! Takes away their powers for a few months, that way! She wants us to pour a shot a wartberry juice down this one's gullet before we deliver her, an' throw in a jug o' the juice!

"No problem!"  Pickelina giggled.

"Okay, that's done! Let's get 'er ready t'go!" Prunella said, when they finished administering the vile liquid. "I'll get ol' what'isface out, and put the wartberry jug in the sled! You bring the bimbo!"

Pickelina stowed Lady Supreme, to her artistic satisfaction, while Prunella hitched an unenthusiastic reindeer to the new sled, recently acquired from a dealer's poorly guarded, back lot.

In her distress, Lady Supreme so far forgot her dignity as a superheroine, as to cry out fearfully for rescue. Unfortunately, there was no one within earshot, interested in her pitiful squeals.

The trip by flying reindeer, was completed in little more than the blink of an eye. At Morganna's Clinic, the elves parked the sled by the stable, where the family kept their pet donkey, Eeyore. The donkey's head poked out the window, enjoying the winter sun. Jingle Bell nodded politely, but somewhat disdainfully, to Eeyore, hardly deeming a humble burro the social equal of a flying reindeer.

Eeyore returned the nod coolly, unimpressed by the social pretensions of the airborne. He continued chewing his oats, impassively ignoring, not only the reindeer, but also the large, shapely woman, naked but for high, white boots, who was cleaning his stall on hands and knees, while sobbing
uncontrollably, in seemingly inconsolable anguish.

Overwhelmed by the terrible misfortunes that had befallen her, a dazed Lady Supreme stumbled along between the two elves to the front door, docilely letting them push and shove her, as though they owned her.

The threesome was met at the Clinic's front door by Leticia Luthor, Morganna's sister.

"Oh come in Prunella and Pickelina!" Leticia said with a smile, looking directly between them, because she was never sure which elf was which.

"Ya got here quick! Morg's on the phone, but I'll tell her, you're here!"

A minute later, Leticia was back "She'll be right with you, soon as she get's off the phone! You'll have to forgive us, if things are a little hectic here today! Of course we're right in the middle of getting ready for Yule Fest tomorrow, and we've just had some wonderful news!"

"The Governor announced this morning, that he's appointing Geraldine Phillips Esq. to a seat on the State's Highest Court! Of course, Gerri is Morganna's partner, Shyster Dame! She's a wonderful lawyer! When that bitch, Supermom, had me arrested! Shysty got me right out of jail, and got the charges dismissed! In fact, she preferred counter charges against Supermom herself, and got a public apology from the Mayor, for locking me up!"

, congratulate JUDGE Shysty fer us! " Prunella cried.

That's great news!" Pickelina echoed.

The captive Lady Supreme raised her head, and gasped at the shocking news. NO, it couldn't be true! That dastardly villainess, Shyster Dame, sit on the Bench of Judgment? What sort of hideous mockery of Justice was that?

"Oh, then that stupid slut, Justice Lady, snuffled and carried on all day, because its the same court seat she had, before Shysty had her declared mentally incompetent! She was REALLY getting on my nerves! Finally, I
sent her out to the barn, to clean Eeyore's stall; let her bray at the donkey! Hah, hah!"

Lady Supreme blinked in disbelief. Justice Lady vanished years ago, about the same time as Silver Valkyrie. Was it possible this woman somehow kept a renowned SUPERHEROINE imprisoned in this sinister place? NO! It must be some macabre joke!

Leticia was interrupted by blood curdling screams from the alcove adjoining the sitting room.

"Oh NO! Not again!" Leticia walked over to the door in disgust and looked in.

"Those darn kids of mine put that damn angel on the Yule Tree, again! I told that stupid bimbo not to let them catch her, this year! Well, she can just stay there, until I get some one to take her down!"

The naturally inquisitive elves pushed into the other room to see the spectacle for themselves, dragging Lady Supreme with them. After all, Morganna hadn't paid them yet.

Lady Supreme blinked her teary eyes in horrified disbelief. The sight was terrible confirmation of the growing fear she dreaded facing.

"OH MY GOD! It's Power Angel and someone's actually IMPALED her, and ON a Christmas Tree, too! OH, how horrible! It's barbaric! B-but she's been missing several years! H-has she been kept HERE, an abused captive, all that time! B-but how? Sh-she's a SUPERHEROINE I AM?" Lady Supreme gulped, fearfully.

Leticia bawled out at the top of her lungs. "Wendy, Billy! GET DOWN HERE!"

"Yeah Mom! Be down in a minute!" Billy called. "Just messin' around in my room! Wendy ran over t'Golgatha's house! Said she'd be back in twenty minutes!"

"Billy, have you got those two sluts, Supermom and Super Lass, up there? You know, I told you, I've got things for them to do!"

"Yeah, so do I," Billy snickered, "but I'll see they get right on it, soon as Wendy gets back!"

Supermom, and her youthful daughter, Super Lass? Were they imprisoned in this horrible place, too? Lady Supreme would have been even more appalled, if she could see what Billy called 'messin' around.

"Well, when your sister gets back, make sure the two of you get this damned angel off this Yule Tree! How many times have I got to tell you two; Troll Yule Trees DON'T have angels!"

"Yeah, yeah, Mom! Don't have a cow! We was just having a little joke!"

Leticia shut the door to the other room, partially muffling the bloodcurdling shrieks.

"Oh I'm sorry for the racket, but you know how kids are this time of year! Would you ladies like some tea, while we're waiting for Morganna?"

"Oh sure, Tish, that'd be nice! Don't worry 'bout it! Kids'll be kids!" Pickelina grinned, winking at her sister.

"Bring the tea in, Slut!" Leticia bawled,
in the direction of the kitchen, loudly enough to be heard above Power Angel's heartrending screeches.

A moment later, an enormous, emerald green complected woman, a veritable giantess in stature and physique, shuffled fearfully into the room, carrying a tray that held a silver tea service. She was arrayed in an obscene parody of a maid's costume, in seasonal colors.

"Hey Picks! Look! Its the jolly, green giant!" Prunella snickered, poking her sister in the ribs.

"She don't look so JOLLY t'me!" Her sister replied with a grin.

"Careful with that tea set, you stupid, clumsy cow! " Leticia snapped. "It belonged to my grandmother!"

"I'll be careful Mistress Leticia...(snuffle)...h-honest I will!"

Leticia turned back to the elves with an apologetic smile. "I'm so embarrassed! Please overlook those awful feet of hers, but I've never been able find the right shoes to go with her maid's uniform! Nothing's big enough to fit those canal boats! Even army boots don't come close!  I've looked in every rummage and garage sale for three years now, and never been able to find a thing!"

Lady Supreme gulped down the horrible sick feeling in the pit of her stomach "Oh how awful That's Green Justice, and she acts scared to death of this fat, little, Leticia woman! Oh what kind of fiends can do these horrible things to SUPERHEROINES?"

As the elves were drinking their tea, Wendy, Leticia's daughter came back from her friend, Golgatha's house.

"Wendy! Get your brother, and you two get that damn angel, OFF that tree!"

"Yeah sure, Mom, but ya gotta admit, she looks good up there! Hey! Ask Pru and Picks! I bet they thought it was funny!" Wendy appealed to the giggling elves.

"JUST DO IT!" Leticia said in a near snarl, that brooked no further delay.

Wendy hurried off and got her brother, and while the elves watched in bemused fascination, removed the unfortunate Power Angel from the tree.

"Oh, Pru, Picky, will you excuse me just a minute? I've got to get those two sluts, Supermom and Superlass, started on some last minute cleaning!" Leticia turned her head and snapped at Power Angel. "You come too, you stupid slut, and stop yer whining; I TOLD ya not to let them catch you!"

As her mother hurried off, pulling the still loudly sobbing Power Angel along with her, Wendy said. "Don't worry, Ma, we'll entertain our guests! Aunt Morg's still on the phone! Why don't ya go get things ready, Twerp?"

"ME? Oh yeah! Naturally we wouldn't want PRINCESS Wendy t'have t'soil HER hands, with any work, would we?"

"Mom said I should entertain our guests!"

"Yeah, sure she did! NOT! Ahh, all right; I'll do it!"

"It'll take me a couple of minutes
to get it set up!" Billy called back, as he headed to the backyard door.

When the elves finished their tea, Wendy said "C'mon out back! Ya gotta see this!"

The elves followed the irrepressible, young supervillainess, once known as Teen Witch, to the backyard, pulling the hapless Lady Supreme
along with them.  

By the time they reached the yard, Billy had things fully 'set up'!

Lady Supreme gagged in horror at the sight awaiting them. Facing each other, from opposite sides of a foul looking pit, were two tall, spectacularly figured women, naked but for their boots. Their arms were tied behind their backs, and their large impressive bosoms were roped together.

"Dear God that pitiful, old lady is Supergran, Super Lady, before she retired! Sh-she was my idol, when I was a little girl! I wanted to be just like her! She was the mightiest superheroine of all time! She saved the world from being destroyed by a comet before she retired! Now look at what these fiends have done to her! A-and the blond woman is Silver Valkyrie! She's a real Valkyrie, practically a Goddess! I used to keep her picture in my room, when I was in High School, I admired her so! Now they both look scared out of their wits, when that nasty kid, Billy, just looks at them! How can...(sob)..." The distraught captive couldn't finish her thought.

Evil chance was fulfilling an early dream; Lady Supreme WAS going to be JUST like her childhood idols!

Lady Supreme listened in unbelieving horror, as Wendy explained the contest to Pickelina and Prunella.

"Hee, hee! Billy's got it ready! Sometimes the little retard is almost useful! We call it a 'taffy pull'! Its kinda' like a tug of war, except they use their big tits! That's the first time he ever put them there, though! Hah! Sometimes even that dweeb gets a good idea! Ya' see, naturally, Aunt Morg and Mom don't let any of the sluts use the same bathrooms as the family, so Billy hoses 'em down every morning, an' they got their own giant, kitty litter box in a corner of the barn! Billy's got to take that big green one out back, though; she's just too big for the litter box! She does her own pooper scooping, of course!  We wouldn't expect even a scuzz like Billy t'do that! Anyway, once a day, it all gets dumped in that cess pit there, that's between 'em! O'course, today the loser's gonna' wind up in the soup!"

Billy prepared to give the word to start.

Supergran was at a disadvantage in this contest, as Letitia had her scrubbing floors all morning, in preparation for Yule Fest.

As Supergran began the hideously painful process of exerting pressure, with her enormous, oft abused breasts, she discovered she was doubly handicapped. Her feet began sliding on slippery, treacherous ground.

Morganna, who had finally gotten off the phone, came out to join the party, greeting the elves warmly, as they watched the unfortunate Supergran, slipping and sliding toward the edge of the foul cess pit.

Morganna laughed appreciatively to the elves. "Oh, I bet that mischievous imp, Billy, put axle grease on Gran's side! He does torment that pitiful, old bag something awful!"

Pickelina and Prunella laughed, in good-natured merriment, at the dignified, matronly superheroine's frenzied efforts to save herself.

Morganna joined their laughter. "She is a comical old trollop, though, isn't she?"

It was, perhaps a little unsporting, for a semi-divine, Valkyrie Warrior, but Supergran's foe, seeing the majestic, old superheroine's difficulty, gave a hard jerk on the ropes, even though the effect on her own sprightly bosom was excruciating.

Just then, Leticia came storming out of the house.

"Damn it Billy! What are you thinking? You know that stupid old sow has to cook our dinner, in a little while!"

"Heck Ma! It was all Wendy's idea!"

"I just said we should have a taffy pull! I didn't tell him t'put them next to the cess pool!"

"I don't care WHOSE idea it was! Get her cleaned up, RIGHT NOW! Don't just hose her down, either! Use disinfectant soap on her, and maybe you should douse her good with carbolic acid, too!" 

Leticia turned in irritation to her sister. "Geez Morg! Sometimes I don't think you got any more sense then these, brain dead kids of mine! Ya know we wanted t'do a special dinner t'nite in honor of Shysty's appointment!"

Leticia rarely criticized her revered, older sister, but she was prompted by the subject nearest and dearest to her heart, the quality of her meals.

"Sorry Letty!" Morganna answered, a little sheepishly. "I didn't think about dinner!"

After watching Billy hose down, and hopefully sterilize, Supergran, Morganna led the party back inside.

In the sitting room, Morganna looked over the cringing Lady Supreme with practiced, professional eye. "Oh yes she'll make a very nice addition to our little flock! I've got your check, right here, Pru! Sorry, I got held up on the phone on business like that!"

It was a terrible confirmation of the hideous fear, clutching at Lady Supreme's superb bosom. "D-dear God those elf devils are SELLING me to these horrible fiends! I'll be a degraded, horribly abused prisoner here, like the others! OH GOD HELP ME!"
"No problem, Morg! We was enjoyin' ourselves! Glad ya like her!" Prunella said accepting the check, and, after glancing sharply at it, shook hands with Morganna, to seal the bargain.

"Y'know, t'tell the truth, we was a little surprised, ya could use another one!"

"Well, Letty said she was a little shorthanded! They're all big and strong looking, but really, it's hard to get much work out of them! It takes three of them to screw in a light bulb, if you know what I mean! We've always got room for one more at their feeding trough! Earlier this year, I made an offer to Mr. X for that Ms. Americana of his, but he wasn't interested in selling, so I was glad when you called, and said Ebeneezer turned this one down!" (See the Mr. X Site at Superheroine Central)

"Yeah! Old Scroogy's kinda' got whatcha' might call management problems, with them three he's got already!" Pickelina giggled.

With loud snickers, the mischievous elves described the condition of Yule Spirit, Ivy the Christmas Angel, and Holly Clause the last time they had dropped by Ebenezer Scrooge's house.

"Yep! Poor old Scroogy said he's got more squalling brats around 'is house these days'n that Bob Cratchit, hisself!"

Morganna laughed sympathetically. "Oh yes! That certainly would be a problem! That's why I always have our livestock neutered! Much less fuss! AND they do say, it's so much more HUMANE! I'll have to suggest it to Ebenezer, next time I see him! An old bachelor like that probably never thought of it! Of course, I'll have this one spayed, right after Yule Fest" Morgan added, nodding toward Lady Supreme.

Lady Supreme was cowering in the corner, trembling in shock at being sold like a discarded bundle of old clothes, and whimpering in terror at the horrifying prospect of sharing the hideous fate of her sister superheroines, already in Morganna's clutches. At the casual announcement that she was to be 'humanely' NEUTERED, like a stray cat, she let out out a little shriek, and collapsed in a swoon.

Morganna looked down at her new purchase, perhaps pleasurably anticipating orienting the new charge to the ways of her Clinic. Prunella, her check still clutched tightly in her hand, thoughtfully offered Morganna her scotch pine bough.

"Would you Ladies like to stay for dinner?" Letitia
hospitably invited the elves. "We'd love having you!"

"Aw gee, Tish, not tonight! Ya know how it is Christm..., I mean Yule Eve!" Pickelina politely corrected herself, in deference to her hostess's Trollish beliefs. "We got one more stop to make, and it is gettin' late!"

"Yeah, thanks for the invite though, Tish! We'd love to, another night! It's time fer us t'get goin' tho'!" Prunella added.

In fact the elves did have another stop, although, having just seen Leticia's prized, gourmet chef hauled out of a cess pool, may have made their decision easier.

"Oh Dear, I was hoping you'd stay until Aunt Elfreda gets back! She's doing some last minute Yule shopping! She's just like a girl, herself, this time of year! She'll be sorry she missed you! She always enjoys your stories so!"

"Oh yeah! Give Freedy our regards, an' wish her a Merry Chr-Yule! Tell 'er maybe we'll stop by New Years!"

As the door closed behind them, the elves looked at each other, and burst into gales of laughter.

Pickelina observed to her sister. "GEEZ, Pruny! Hee, hee! THAT place gets t'be a bigger LOONY BIN durin' the holidays, then it usually is!"

"Yeah! Shit! Never could figure out why anybody'd want t'keep all them superheroines around the place, gettin underfoot! Worked out good fer us tho'!" Prunella replied, examining the certified check.  "Think we'll stop by the bank before it closes and deposit it, though! Can't be too careful! Friends iz friends, but bizness iz bizness!"

The Elves were hardly airborne, before Morganna began the initial orientation of her new acquisition, with the infamous Rod of Morgullus, the Morgul family's most prized heirloom.

Lady Supreme discovered there are far worse ways to violate a superheroine's chaste virtue, than being made the sexual plaything of Blue Elves, or EVEN of being shamefully ravished and molested by terrorists. The Rod, a gigantic phallus, was said to be made to the specifications of the Morgul family founder, the Mighty Troll King, Morgullus, and it was reputed that one subjected to the power of its brutal might, would irreversibly surrender to the sexual domination of its wielder. Morganna was convinced the Rod performed most effectively when applied to a superheroine's hind quarters.

While Morganna performed the family ritual on the screaming, terrified Lady Supreme, Leticia soundly punished Supergran for falling in the cess pool.

Leticia finished disciplining the hapless Supergran, and herded the sobbing, elderly crimefighter off to the kitchen, with an occasional flick from her new, scotch pine switch. The stately, venerable Grande Dame of Superheroines, at least twice Leticia's size, and many years her senior, squalled plaintively, like a frightened child. 

Left alone with her new slave, Morganna discovered the Rod of Morgullus had lived up to its reputation amazingly well, almost embarrassingly so.

Having gotten to the bank, and deposited their check, only minutes before closing, the elves flew directly to Santa's North Pole compound.

Outside the compound, Prunella unhitched Jingle Bell from the new sled.

"We figured you'd like to volunteer t'replace Vixen tonight!" Prunella said innocently to the reindeer.

Jingle Bell snarled, baring his teeth, and lowered his head, to display his huge spread of antlers, threateningly.

"Easy there, Big fella!" Pickelina put in. "I figure it's like this! You can be a hero, by helping Santa out, or we let the old guy know who knocked up that bimbo, Vixen, in the first place! That way, you'll be marryin' the slut, with Santa AND his SHOTGUN fer witnesses! Ya know how persnickety Santa is, 'bout protectin' the public image o'them reindeer o'his!"

Jingle Bell snorted angrily. (Black mailing Bitches! Suppose I've got no choice! Better a live hero, then dead reindeer stew, or UGH, married! Humph! Maybe they'll make up a song about me like Rudolph!)

The unhappy reindeer nodded glumly, in resignation.

Leading the reluctant reindeer, Prunella and Pickelina burst, noisily, into the compound, just as a green clad elf was hurrying away from Santa, toward the production facilities.

"Hey Santa! We got good news fer ya!" Prunella chortled. "We found these keys out in the woods! We figure they're the ones ya lost, t'yer cigars and booze!"

Santa's face, already a little less glum than it was that morning, broke into his trademarked, jolly smile.

"Ho, ho! By Gadfrey! It IS my keys! I wonder how they got out in the woods? Lady Supreme had them, last I knew! When she took them, the hussy stuffed them into her...well I guess ya'd call it her brassiere!"

"Oh yeah! That's another thing we had t'tell ya! We heard that, that Lady Supreme broad had a real bad accident! Somebody accidentally spilled a pail o'wartberry juice on her, an' she had to be taken t'this special 'Clinic' place, where they take care o' poor, unfortunate superheroines, what have accidents!"

"Wartberry juice, hey?" Santa exclaimed, looking sharply at the elves. It was no secret whose cellar was full of wartberry juice.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear of her affliction, but I can't say as how we'll miss her here at the Pole! Especially after what I just heard!"

"That ain't the only news, neither Mr. C.!" Pickelina broke in. "This here reindeer o'ours, Dangle Bill, wants t'help ya out by taking Vixen's place on the sled t'night! Dontcha', Big Guy?"

The reindeer again nodded glumly.

"Ho, ho! Well thanks to you girls, things are looking a lot brighter! That wasn't the only good news either! That green elf you saw hurrying off, is Marcie, my production chief! She got everything straightened out in China, and got back here, lickety-split! Figured out what went wrong on the electronics line! Seems that danged buttinsky, Lady Supreme was sticking her nose in there too, where it didn't belong! Been telling the foreman how to do this, and do that, and that dad blamed fool did what she told him, without checking with Marcie or me, first! Anyway, Marcie's got the electronics line working full tilt again, and she'll make our Christmas production quota by a smidgen, before blast off time! Now, with a full compliment of reindeer, I guess I better give up that fool idea about Florida! I don't know what I was thinking, anyway! Too many people depending on me! Whole world waiting for me tonight to deliver presents! I sure can't disappoint all those little kiddies!"

"I told Marcie to give orders to the elf production staff, though, NO MORE superhero costumes! Won't make THAT mistake again! Yep! That Marcie is a wonder! With everything else she's got to do, she's installed one of them GPS gizmos on my sled! That'll be a blessing tonight without Vixen! Vixen's got a wonderful sense of direction! Course she's a very talented reindeer in any number of ways!"

A kick to the shin, from an elfin slipper, wiped a leering smirk off Jingle Bell's face. Fortunately, Santa was noting something down in his pocket notebook, and apparently missed the silent exchange. 

Looking up again, Santa beamed. "Ho, ho! Just making a note to double Marcie's bonus! And maybe there'll be something a little special in your elf slippers tomorrow morning, too, Girls!"

Jingle Bell snorted at that. (Yeah I gotta' work all night, and these two bimbos'll get diamonds, again, and I'll get hay an' oats, IF they remember to feed me! And the ding bats still can't get my name straight! They'll get a piece of my mind tomorrow, you can bet!) The following day, Christmas Day, when beasts speak, Jingle Bell was so exhausted by his unaccustomed night's exertion, that he slept most of the day, and totally forgot to properly tell the elves off.

"Well its getting late, and we better be gettin' home!" Pickelina said. "You'll have a lot t'do too, if yer flyin' t'night!"

"Well thanks again to both of you, for ALL your help!" Santa replied, with a jolly smile "And a Very Merry Christmas t'ya both!"

When the elves were gone, Santa took Jingle Bell's bridle, to lead him around to the staging area. With a chuckle, the jolly, old gentleman glanced at the reindeer's red nose, thinking.

"Well it was mighty thoughtful of those elf girls to go to all the trouble of dropping off my keys, and lending me this lazy cuss, so I better just let them think they put one over on me, especially since they seem to have solved that other problem we had, so handy like! Old Santa wasn't born yesterday, though, not by a long sight, and I'll be dang surprised if that foal of Vixen's doesn't turn up, with one of these here red noses! Have to see they don't torment the little critter like they did poor Rudolph! I was mighty lax there!"

Outside the compound, Prunella observed. "Looks like we gotta' walk home!"

"Yeah, but that's okay! I feel kinda good 'bout the way things turned out! Who'd o'believed, it'd be Blue Elves what saved Christmas!"

"Yep! They oughta' make one o'them Hallmark Channel, Christmas Specials 'bout US! Nice night fer a walk, anyways!"
Prunella replied.