WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is not suitable for children. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Demigoddess Daughter of Athena
come from her Mount Olympus home to
bring truth and justice to a savage world!
Fairmaiden's mission is to seek out and
destroy evil, wherever the forces of
light cannot otherwise reach!

The Adventures of Fairmaiden
Chapter 1. Devil Doll.
Part A .

It was early morning, and Fairmaiden flew over Capital City, in one final sweep for the night.  As she passed the Grandison Museum, she spotted two men furtively coming out a back entrance.

"Those two apes don't look like the kind of people who frequent cultural exhibits!"  Fairmaiden thought, with a grin.   "Besides, the Museum doesn't open for hours."

"Better investigate!"  The intrepid crimefighter told herself.  "Darn! I thought I was done for the night!"  Fairmaiden swooped down to the ground, and confronted the two suspicious characters.  The men didn't even bother to offer explanations.  Instead, they both pulled guns, and started shooting at the gorgeous blonde barring their escape.

The bullets bounced harmlessly off the invulnerable superheroine's spectacular bosom.  Fairmaiden seized the guns and tore them from the thugs hands.

As Fairmaiden contemptuously threw the guns to the ground, one of the thugs fled. The bigger one, though, an ex-boxer, threw a lucky punch.  The blow landed squarely on the point of the heroine's chin.  By accident, the man had found the one spot on Fairmaiden's body that was vulnerable.  When she was a newborn, her Goddess Mother bathed her daughter in the River Styx to make her physically  invulnerable.  Unfortunately, Athena hand no choice but to hold the infant by the chin, so that was the one spot not touched by the divine waters. For a moment, the blonde beauty's legs wobbled, and her eyes glazed.

Even as a mortal, Fairmaiden was a big, strong woman, not easily fazed by one punch to the jaw.  She was herself, in a moment, and returned the punch tenfold.

"That was some punch for a mortal!"  Fairmaiden gallantly admitted to herself.  "Lucky for me, he wasn't wearing brass knuckles, or he might have knocked me out!"

Fairmaiden lifted the unconscious criminal into the air, by his pigtail, then swiftly caught his fleeing companion.

As she effortlessly flew though the air, to the nearest Police Station, Fairmaiden thought. "I wonder what those two were after, at the museum?  There's not anything really valuable there. It smells like one of Doctor Natas's schemes. Oh, If only I could trap that evil madman, if he is a man, and not a demon!"

After the thugs, were booked, Fairmaiden unobtrusively slipped into the Police Station lady's room, and swiftly switched to her alternate identity.   By day, Fairmaiden was  Athenia Parker, Theenie to her friends.  Athenia was the Managing Director of Station WSHOW, Capital City's largest television station.  Fairmaiden liked to think the initials stood for "Superheroines of the World."

"Gotta hurry!"  Athenia thought, or I'll be late for work!"  Though she had spent most of the night fighting evil, the inexhaustible superheroine put in a full day's work at the station.

As Athenia arrived at her desk, and settled down in front of a mountain of work, outside of town, at the gate of a forbidding, maximum security, youth correctional facility, a sinister figure patiently waited.  His vigil was rewarded some time later, when a small forlorn figure, carrying all her belongings in a small folding suitcase, came through the exit.

The figure in black approached the young woman.  Deedee Malankov shivered in apprehension, when the dark figure spoke. He wasted few words on empty salutations, but, in sepulcher tones made her an offer.

"I have a proposition for you, Young Woman! I  know much about you, and am familiar with your record!  It was through my influence that you were released far ahead of schedule!"

Deedee had wondered why she'd been paroled so soon.  She was serving a sentence for murder in the first degree.  Only her youth had saved her from execution.  In normal circumstances, she would have been a middle aged woman, before she had a chance for release.  The angelic looking  girl had been leader of a girl gang.  A rival gang encroached on their turf, and Deedee had killed the rival leader in a carefully prepared drive-by shooting.

"I believe you have  reason to hold a grudge against the woman known as Fairmaiden?"

"Yeah! I sure have!  It was that bitch caught me and found the witnesses that I planned the job!"  The girl blurted out, with a snarl of fury. "If it wasn't for her, I'd never a' got caught!"

"How would you like to wreak vengeance on her? At the same time you would be gaining great advantages!"

"I'd like it fine!  I just spent my eighteenth birthday in that joint!  It's not a nice place, especially for a pretty, little thing like me.  Before I found my way around, I got raped about six times by older girls.  It should happen to that bitch, Fairmaiden!"   The girl said fiercely.  "But how? The bitch is invulnerable!  Bullets just bounce off her!"  Then, the girl's crafty eyes lit up, greedily.  "What kind o' advantages?"

"No being is entirely invincible or invulnerable, not even a Demigoddess like Fairmaiden!  Not even her Goddess Mother. Athena!"  The dark figure told Deedee.  "I can give you powers that may, in some ways, equal Fairmaiden's gifts, and perhaps even surpass them, in other ways. Do you accept my offer?"

This sinister man scared the hell out of Deedee, but somehow she believed what he told her.  Some chord of evil behind that sweet, young face responded to the greater evil facing her.  Anyway, she had no where else to go.

"Sure, why not?"  Deedee answered, then brashly added. "So what do they call you?"

"I am Doctor Natas! Some call me the 'Good' Doctor!"  The figure in black added with a dismal sound that might have been laughter, at thought of anyone applying that term to himself.

"Okay, Doc!  Lets go!"

In the weeks that followed, Deedee learned much, underwent great changes, and prepared for the impossible.

It was several weeks since Fairmaiden had captured the museum robbers.  In that time, she had many more dangerous adventures, and put many more evildoers where they belonged.  Once again, she was making a last sweep over the City, as dawn broke.  As she flew over a downtown alley, Fairmaiden thought she saw a swift flash of scarlet in a back alley.

"Better investigate!"  Fairmaiden, thought, suppressing a little yawn.  It had already been a long, eventful night.   She alighted at the mouth of the alley, and warily paused a moment.  These narrow, twisting, shadowed alleys were always dangerous, even for a superheroine.  They were overhung with wires, and obstacles making flying impossible. She must proceed on foot.

"Well, it's all part of the job!" The dauntless Olympian told herself, and with a carefree shrug, she plunged into the grayness.

Fairmaiden hadn't gone far, when she encountered a strange sight.  It was a small, female figure, scarlet all over, dancing in mid-air, like some fairy living at the base of her home, Mount Olympus.

"How adorable!"   Fairmaiden thought, entranced by her first glance at the little, ruby figure. "Why it's a girl, and she flies like a Hummingbird!"

Of course, Fairmaiden flew herself, with tremendous power and speed, but this creature's twinkling precision was indeed amazing. Then, the dancing, airy figure turned her face toward Fairmaiden.  The heroine saw a face twisted in an evil smirk.  The creature's eyes were bottomless pits of darkness, sure sign of the demonic powers.

Oh Dear!  She's EVIL!"  Fairmaiden sighed, in disappointment. Just then, the creature spotted the blond crimefighter, and flew toward her.  Fairmaiden saw that the vermilion hue was not the warm glow of the ruby, but the raging, incandescent fire of Hades.  One touch would burn a mortal to cinder.  Even an invulnerable superheroine must be wary.

Expecting attack, Fairmaiden waited, tense and ready.  Even so, when it came, the attack was so swift it pierced her vigilant defense.  Flying directly at her face, with breathtaking speed, the scarlet figure stabbed her fingers into Fairmaiden's eyes.  It was as though she'd driven two hot coals were driven into the heroine's brain.

As she struck, the creature cried.  "Hi there, Fairmaiden! I'm Devil Doll!  I'm you're worst nightmare, come to life!"

Fairmaiden had an incredible memory, and she knew  Devil Doll's voice was somehow familiar.  Had she heard it before, sometime in the past?  She didn't have time to consider the matter, just then, though.

Involuntarily, Fairmaiden clapped her hands over her eyes, to ease the intense pain.  The creature struck again, instantly, kicking the half blinded heroine in the chest. The force of the kick took Fairmaiden's breath away.  Before she could recover, another kick smashed into her face.


Luckily, in a way, the second kick landed in Fairmaiden's throat, missing her vulnerable chin. Still, the blow landed with stunning power, nearly crushing her windpipe.  Through a haze of pain, Fairmaiden realized this foe, this Devil Doll, was nearly as strong as she was.  Who could she be, to have such powers?

"Well I guess it's not sporting, always fighting enemy's weaker than I am!"  Fairmaiden told herself.  Before she knew it, her tiny foe slipped behind her, and grabbed her around the neck.  She pulled Fairmaiden over backward, almost strangling her in the process.

Has the invincible Fairmaiden finally encountered a foe, she cannot overcome?

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