WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Career Rivalry. Part 3.


Unable to match the younger Arbitronian's fighting skills, it was clear that Thunder Bolt was decisively beaten. Blue Flash seized the helpless superheroine's ankles and lifted her legs in the air, painfully splaying them wide apart. She planted her foot in Thunder Bolt's crotch pressing agonizingly against the mature woman's sensitive sexual organs.

Pressing her foot savagely, Blue Flash tormented her helpless foe, until Thunder Bolt was shrieking insanely at the intense pain.

Once again, Blue Flash's savagery was more than the stricken Thunder Bolt could endure, and she passed out from the excruciating torture.

Blue Flash leaned over, and contemptuously pawing Thunder Bolt's voluptuous body, removed the shreds of the defeated superheroine's crimson costume.

"Hee, hee! When I'm through with the big, sanctimonious bitch, she'll never dare put these rags on again! I'll teach Princess Prim and Proper to try and lecture ME! She won't have no doubts at all, that there's only gonna' be ONE Superheroine on this ball of muck!"

Among the scanty belongings, that Alisterra managed to bring with her into exile were a set of chains that even an Arbitronian could not break. The crew of the freighter, that transported her to Earth, used them to bind her while on board. Such was Alisterra vicious reputation that the crew had not loosened them until they pushed her from the airlock. Blue Flash had brought them with her to this fateful meeting. Now as she had planned she used them to bind the defeated Princess Thundora.

Once she had securely bound the unconscious Thunder Bolt, Blue Flash slapped the moaning heroine awake.

Blue Flash was about to pull her helplessly bound foe to her feet, but the stricken dumb-founded look on the older woman's face appealed to her sadistic nature. Instead, she leaned forward, and kissed the astounded Thunder Bolt on the mouth. The strait-laced heroine reacted indignantly.

Taken off guard, the erotic, deep tongued kiss, was masochistically arousing to the defeated, humiliated superheroine. To her own astonishment, and to her greater mortification, the virtuous Thunder Bolt returned the kiss.

  Responding to the forceful kiss, Thunder Bolt extended her tongue to meet the devilish blonde's.

Blue Flash was pleasantly astounded by Thunder Bolt's shameless response to her vengeful kiss, and when she pulled away, she contemptuously patted her helpless victim's face in derision, adding to Thunder Bolt's mortified misery.

Grasping the chain she had placed around her prisoner's neck, Blue Flash tugged the miserably sobbing Thunder Bolt to her feet. Thunder Bolt looked down at her tormentor in near terror, aghast at what new torments the young devil would inflict.

Once Thunder Bolt was on her feet, Blue Flash continued to tug on the chain, pulling the stiff-necked Princess's head down low enough to attach the chain to the one binding her knees. She now forced the noble, dignified Princess Thundora, already humiliated by this cruel bondage,  into a frightfully uncomfortable and belittling, stooped over posture, that emphasized the enticing curves of her maturely voluptuous figure.

Her miserably unhappy prisoner now utterly helpless, Blue Flash shoved her around inspecting her evil handiwork. Thunder Bolt's magnificent, muscularly rounded posterior was now defenselessly but enticingly extended, vulnerable to whatever indignity the cruel blonde chose to inflict. No decent Arbitronian would ever dare contemplate taking advantage of the distress of their Royal Princess, but the depraved Alisterra was no decent Arbitronian.  She gleefully smacked Thunder Bolt's broad bottom.

As Blue Flash's hard little palm pummeled her large behind, Thundora felt fierce burning pain. Bullets bounced painlessly off her massive, impressively uptilted chest, and she wasn't accustomed to enduring pain, certainly not the intensity of pain Blue Flash could inflict with her super powered arm. The hapless Thunder Bolt couldn't hold back a loud cry, accompanied by a sniffle of pain.

The pain grew worse and worse, as Blue Flash blistered Thunder Bolt's huge, vulnerable behind with enthusiastic glee.  Being soundly beaten, and bound by the tiny young devil was a humiliating, disheartening shock, and now the fierce, unaccustomed pain was more than Thunder Bolt could bear. She wailed and blubbered pitifully, uselessly hopping from foot to foot to avoid the hard painful blows, but there was no escape from the heartless young devil.

It wasn't until Thunder Bolt pleaded and abjectly begged, whimpering brokenly between her loud sobs, that the diabolical, young minx offered to stop, but only on one condition.

Thunder Bolt could well guess what condition her evil young captoress would demand! How could a Royal Princess of Arbitron, moreover until this morning, the superheroine renowned as the mightiest woman on Earth, stoop to providing sexual gratification to this evil young criminal, just to save herself from a spanking? Yet, the disheartened Thunder Bolt in her misery, knew she would degrade herself rather than endure any more of the frightful pain.

"How can I be such a coward? I'm the Crown Princess of Arbitron!" Thundora wondered bitterly, with near self loathing.

Once the young blonde stripped off her blue leotard, she paused a moment. She had a new idea! First she would unmask her snuffling foe. The whole world wondered at Thunder Bolt's real identity. Now, she could be the first to find out!

"Hey! Yer that broad on the evening news, that Dumb Dora whats'rname, ain't ya?" Blue Flash chortled nastily.

"Oh pl-please d-don't tell anyone...(snuffle)...my life would be ruined...I-I could never work again...oh pleeaassee..."

"Hee, hee! We'll see!"


End of Part 3.

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