WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, violent death and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

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Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.


Fraulein Power. Part 2.

Discovering that Mighty Maid was at Cynthia Lane's front door, Fraulein Power exited through the rear entrance.  Instead of fleeing though, Fraulein Power crept furtively around to the front of the Lane house. Cynthia had been right.  Fraulein Power had always feared an encounter with the invincible Mighty Maid. "Ja but zat vas before I got zese gloves. Now id ist time to settle sings viz zat bitch, for good!"

Profoundly concerned by her friend Cynthia's odd behavior, Mighty Maid was in deep thought as she waited for the bell to be answered.  "Dear heaven!  I hope she's not implicated in some way. I know she couldn't ever do anything dishonest or underhanded, but..."  Mighty Maid was so lost in thought, that her super acute senses failed to warn her of the danger creeping up behind her. Of course, being super powerful and invulnerable to all routine threats, Mighty Maid may have grown a bit careless.

It wasn't until the first cowardly blow struck, and jolted Mighty Maid back to reality, that she was even aware of her danger.  Fraulein Power's fist, driven by super strength augmented by the power-mesh gloves, struck Power Maid's kidneys with the dreadful impact of a heavily laden freight train.  Even the nearly invulnerable, Atlantean superheroine could not withstand force of that magnitude. For a moment, bewildered by the unexpected attack and the stunning pain, Power Maid trembled in stunned agony.  When she sought to turn to face her attacker, another blow equally devastating struck her in the same spot.

The terrific impact of Fraulein Power's second punch made Mighty Maid giddy.  Even as she gallantly turned to face her attacker, she pressed her hand to the injury to ease the pain, leaving herself wide open to the third punch, that drove deep into her splendidly ridged abdomen.

The deadly stomach punch doubled Mighty Maid over in terrible anguish. Grinning in evil anticipation, Fraulein Power drew back her fist for the next punch, taking the time to aim carefully.

Fraulein Power's carefully aimed punch landed squarely on the point of Mighty Maid's chin. The irresistible force of the blow came close to blasting her off her feet.

Her eyes blurring and her ears ringing, Mighty Maid almost went down.  Before this encounter, no other foe ever inflicted such damage to her nearly invulnerable physique.  Somehow though, the gallant Atlantean rallied from the cowardly, sneak attack.  Her legs still wobbly, she reached for Fraulein Power's wrist, for a judo throw.  Mighty Maid often relied on her expert judo skills to subdue opponents, and, thus, avoid seriously injuring them with her super strength.  This time, though, woozy from the terrible battering, Fraulein Power had already given her, her reflexes were slow, and her timing off.  Before she could execute the maneuver, the evil Nazi smashed another deadly right fist into the point of her chin.  Mighty Maid staggered helplessly backward, almost out on her feet, and Fraulein Power resumed her relentless attack.

Fraulein Power's deadly power-mesh shod fists cracked relentlessly against Mighty Maid's beautiful face and shapely, muscular body.  Whenever the heroine tried to counter or retaliate, another one of Fraulein Power's deadly punches would blast through her enfeebled defense.  Her head was spinning from the fury of the deadly attack, and her involuntary groans of pain grew louder with each blow.

As Fraulein Power relentlessly battered her across the lawn, Mighty Maid could concentrate on nothing but the awful pain that racked her beautiful form.  Her legs buckled helplessly, and Fraulein Power grabbed her around the neck and rammed her knee into the gallant crimefighter's face.

Cynthia Lane fearfully peeped out the window.  She watched the battle with sinking heart.  "Oh, Dear God help her! It's not even a fight. That evil bitch is just beating Mighty Maid to a pulp, even worse than she did me!"

Scenting the growing weakness of her foe, the vicious Nazi bully contemptuously toyed with the valiant heroine, grabbing her gorgeous behind and goosing her.  As Mighty Maid reared back in indignation, Fraulein Power drove her knee into the small of her back. The pain in her kidneys was already nearly unendurable, and the knee lift nearly paralyzed the courageous crimefighter.

Mighty Maid turned angrily, her fist clenched in determination, but before she could even raise it to retaliate, Fraulein Power nailed her with another deadly left/right combination to the face.

Battered unmercifully, by Fraulein Power's relentless fists, Mighty Maid could hardly stand.  She tottered drunkenly, virtually defenseless.  Fraulein Power gleefully smashed another one of those shattering punches, this time, deep into Mighty Maid's unprotected womanhood.  As Mighty Maid reeled backward from the foul, low blow, Fraulein Power grabbed her in the same vulnerable, intimate spot.

Whimpering in protest, Mighty Maid turned away from her vicious tormentor, desperate to escape that awful clawing hand. The power-mesh glove made the pain terrible to endure.

Using all that remained of her fast dwindling, super strength, Mighty Maid somehow tore loose.  As she did, Fraulein Power rammed the red haired heroine's left arm high up her back in a hammer lock, and pulled her hair. Mighty Maid squealed at the pain.

Mighty Maid struggled with all her remaining strength, but she couldn't tear her arm free. As she held her helpless, Fraulein Power insolently fondled the heroine's pertly formed bosom.  She  verbally taunted the American heroine, all the while she physically tormented her.

No matter how hard the mightiest of superheroines struggled, she couldn't escape the hammer lock. This game was fun, but the wily Nazi knew, that it was time to get on with the fight.  She released her grip on Mighty Maid's arm, then before the heroine could rise from her knees, struck her hard with everything she had.

Mighty Maid collapsed, coming close to sinking into oblivion.

End of Part 2.

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