WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, f/f rape and other non-consensual sexual acts. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

The Stern Governess.
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In the space of only three years, bodybuilder and nutrition expert Maureen Croft's syndicated health and exercise show, went from a late, late night filler, to one of the most successful daytime talk shows in television. Celebrities clamored to be seen exercising with Maureen and being interviewed by the witty, beautiful  full-bodied redhead. From a minimum wage, personal trainer, Maureen became an enormously wealthy woman.

A widowed, single mother, Maureen was concerned that the demands of her show were interfering with her parental duties toward her teen-aged daughter, Martha. Upon the advice of her celebrity friends she engaged a governess. Scottish born Jane McNair came with the highest recommendations. It was said she did wonders in imparting self-discipline to the spoiled offspring of the wealthy.

Two weeks later, Maureen entered her daughter's bedroom to say good-by, before the girl left for school. Martha was still dressing, and Maureen was appalled to see her daughter's back and buttocks, striped with vicious looking welts.

"Dear God! What happened, Honey?" The doting mother asked in shock.

Martha gulped in shame. "M-Miss McNair c-caned me last night for talking back to her!" The teenager sniffled.

Maureen could hardly believe her eyes and ears. It was inconceivable, in this day and age, that any civilized person would beat a child so savagely. Maureen felt a pang of guilt. Thinking her daughter in safe hands, she had gone to dinner with the Producer of her show, the night before. The lonely widow had enjoyed the evening and gotten back too late to say good-night to her daughter.

Maureen bit back her fury, and said calmly. "Well you finish getting dressed, Honey, and I'll HAVE a word with "Miss McNair"!"

As soon as Martha had gotten on the school bus, Maureen stalked to the garden where, dressed in casual longing attire, she often spent the morning going over scripts and details of her television show. Still fuming, she immediately sent for Miss McNair.

"Yes, Mrs. Croft? " The governess asked with nearly obsequious attentiveness.

"Is it true you 'caned ' my daughter, last night Jane?" Maureen inquired, indignantly.

Miss McNair answered with nonchalant unconcern. "Physical correction is necessary for children that age!"

Maureen saw red!

"What do you mean beating my daughter like that, you sadistic monster? Are you insane? I should have you arrested for child abuse! Pack your things and get out of my house! You have fifteen minutes!"

The governess's obsequious attitude changed in a flash. Miss McNair exhibited no signs of contrition, but instead, began loudly criticizing Maureen's lifestyle and personal habits.

"I'm trying to train that girl to be a lady! Something you obviously know nothing about! She needs  discipline to give her some back-bone, and self-control!" Miss McNair snapped, arrogantly. "Certainly, the girl gets none from a spoiled, self-indulgent tub, like you! Look at you; bursting out of that ridiculous outfit! You look like an overfed, over the hill tart! It's unfortunate no one took the cane to you when you were a girl!"

For a moment Maureen was taken aback by the arrogant effrontery of the smaller woman. Her astonished silence only encouraged the insolent governess. Miss McNair offensive tirade became more heated. The small dark woman began emphasizing her points, by poking Maureen's large impressive bosom. Maureen could hardly believe anyone would dare take such liberties, and speak so offensively to her, certainly not a discharged employee!

Maureen's anger was rising. She tried to control herself, but it was difficult. She wanted to grab the nasty, little woman and throttle her.

Finally, Maureen's red-haired temper got the better of her self-control. She grabbed Miss McNair by the hair and shook her, like a mastiff shaking a rat.

Taken by surprise, at first, Miss McNair seemed to be caught in a hurricane, but then she instinctively drove her knee into Maureen's crotch.

Even though Maureen let go after the shock of the first kick, Miss McNair followed it with an even harder knee-lift, to the same sensitive spot.

As Maureen doubled over in agony, Miss McNair kneed her in the belly, driving the breath from her lungs.

Maureen nearly collapsed in pain, while Miss McNair casually patted her hair back into place.

While Maureen was still gurgling in shock from the governess's ruthless counter-attack, Miss McNair grabbed her by the arms and shook the large, powerful redhead, until Maureen's teeth rattled. The slender, diminutive governess's steely grip proved inescapable. The tiny woman's surprising strength was another unpleasant shock to Maureen, famous for her own incredible strength. In spite of her well deserved reputation, the big red-headed bodybuilder was helpless as a child in Miss McNair's capable, professional grip. Unable to escape the embarrassing predicament, Maureen's fierce rage abated, replaced by nervous apprehension. The stern, little governess used her advantage to continue lecturing her flabbergasted employer, on her perceived shortcomings.

When Miss McNair proposed to give her employer a lesson in the etiquette of genteel personal combat, Maureen was convinced the woman was not just mentally disturbed, but a dangerous lunatic.

her employer's dismay, the prim little governess calmly readied herself, to administer a lesson in genteel deportment. Releasing Maureen's arms, Miss McNair raised her fists in a most professional, intimidating boxing stance. Maureen backed away in alarm. Though she might be strong as a lioness, the red-haired bodybuilder lacked the big cat's savage temperament.

Maureen's protests fell on deaf ears. Miss McNair expertly nailed the
big redhead on the chin with a hard left jab. The head snapping blow was hard enough to cause whiplash. It was evident, the governess's professional boxing stance was no pretense or bluff.

Miss McNair's follow-up right to the jaw, nearly knocked the huge redhead off her feet.

Maureen stumbled backward, moaning in pain, Miss McNair contemptuous taunts ringing in her ears.

Stung by Miss McNair's caustic sarcasm, Maureen tried to gather her reeling senses, and raised her fists, in what she hoped was an intimidating manner. Her queenly size and incredible physical endowments had proved decisive in the rare scuffles she had been drawn into, in the past, but she was never in a real knockdown, drag-out brawl before. While, Maureen was of a peaceful  temperament, the tiny, but feisty, governess, obviously relished physical confrontation. Nevertheless, the big, impressively built redhead was determined to show this insolent, little upstart who was the boss.

Putting all her immense strength into it, Maureen swung with all her might at the infuriating governess's sneering grin. Miss McNair proved as adept at avoiding punches as at throwing them. It must be admitted that avoiding Maureen's wild, unskilled swings was not too difficult, and Miss McNair
dodged them with amused disdain.

After displaying her skill at defense for a few moments, Miss McNair went back on the offensive. While the redhead was off-balance after a wild miss, she drove her fist into Maureen's muscular belly with explosive force. Maureen's attack collapsed, drowned in a flood of agony.

Having swiftly put her unskilled employer on the defensive, Miss McNair coolly pummeled the big redhead at will. Maureen was normally an extremely graceful woman for her size, but now slowed by pain, and lacking all boxing skills, she was clumsily powerless to counter Miss McNair's whirlwind attack.

Her body throbbing in pain, Maureen could hardly raise her fists. There was no fight left in gasping talk show hostess, but Miss McNair continued to batter her viciously, exulting in the destruction of the formidable redhead.

As Maureen helplessly staggered on rubbery legs, Miss McNair nailed her repeatedly with paralyzing lefts to the belly, completing the destruction with a final, dynamite right to the solar plexus.

The brief encounter was all over! Maureen folded up, all but unconscious and fell to the ground in agony.

Sneering in disdain, the triumphant governess inspected her groaning, beaten employer. It was most gratifying to have decisively whipped this large, queenly woman, famed for her incredible strength.

Not content with her relatively easy victory, Miss McNair hoisted the dazed, groggy bodybuilder to her feet.

Maureen teetered erratically, her powerfully rounded legs scarcely ably to support her fulsomely curved body. The harsh, little brunette ordered her big redheaded boss into the house. It was clear from her autocratic tone she did not anticipate, nor would she tolerate, disobedience to her orders. Maureen whimpered in protest.  Wasn't this hellish nightmare over yet?

Ignoring the plaintive whimpers of protest, Miss McNair firmly propelled her battered employer into the house.
Maureen obediently stumbled along ahead of her tormentor. She was in no shape to resist the vicious governess, and she was frightened of another savage beating, if she defied her.

The scene was hardly one expected of a wealthy, successful woman and her paid servant. If not for Maureen's shapely endowments, formidable physical assets, and towering height, it would seem she was a disobedient little girl humiliatingly hurried along by a formidable adult.

An evil grin on her face, Miss McNair shoved Maureen all the way to her own room. She slammed the door behind her.

"We won't be disturbed in here! Now, DISROBE!"

The astounded millionairess gulped in fearful disbelief. "Y-you m-mean...t-take...take off...my-my clothes?"

"You heard me, you Stupid Slut, STRIP!"

Though she was desperately frightened of the terrifying woman, Maureen, at first, refused the humiliating command, though in a meek placating manner.

Miss McNair seemed to have forgotten that Maureen was a grown woman, or, more likely, was no longer impressed by the fact.  When the frightened redhead demurred at taking off her clothes, the stern, domineering  governess smacked her in the face, as she might a recalcitrant child.

"I see, I shall have to TEACH you, to do as you're told, My Girl!" The governess snapped, as she slapped Maureen a second time.

Two hard slaps were all it took for Miss McNair to reduce Maureen to subservient, childlike obedience.
Maureen was too scared, now, to even question the dominant little woman's orders. They MUST be obeyed. The stern governess had established dominion over the big, redheaded matron, as complete as over any of the frightened children ever subjected to her authority

Physically and psychologically
humbled, Maureen dutifully removed her playsuit, and with it, the last shreds of her dignity. Fully baring her incredible physique, and voluptuous curves to Miss McNair's stern, sneering gaze, the stunningly beautiful media idol shivered in dread.

Once she exposed her body, the frightened redheaded matron trembled in dread. What was this hellish governess going to do to her, next? The devil had already beaten her up, and totally humiliated her! Wasn't that enough?

Miss McNair swiftly made her intentions clear. She forced Maureen to lean over a small, sturdy table, raising her huge, muscular bottom into vulnerable peril.

"My God...(gulp)...y-you're not going to..." Maureen quavered in terrible apprehension of what was coming next.

No, no! The devil would never dare do that to her! Would she?

Miss McNair picked up a stout cane, confirming Maureen's terrible premonition. The hateful governess was going to cane her like a disobedient child! Thoroughly intimidated, the big redhead whimpered in protest, but dared not move from the demeaning posture, the small stern governess had imposed.

Miss McNair swished the cane in the air, allowing the trembling matron time to anticipate the punishment, that was coming. Maureen clenched her buttocks fearfully. Then loudly intoning the strokes, the tiny despot began the savage chastisement. Maureen shrieked in frightful anguish as the first blow sliced into her curvaceous rump.

Amid Maureen's loud shrieks and pleading protests, the beating continued. The skinny, little governess swung the cane with demonic strength and skill, loudly counting every stroke.

Though she was in atrocious pain, as her pained wails testified, the wretched matron didn't dare move or try to avoid the hellish barrage. Miss McNair had thoroughly established her tyrannical authority over the cowering redhead.

By the eighth blow, Maureen was sobbing and pleading like a child. Miss McNair sternly ignored the pitiful wails and sobs, if anything the blows seemed to increase in intensity.

"Ten of the best will do for a start! Next time, if you make it necessary, it will be fifteen! Now go to your room!" Miss McNair contemptuously dismissed her sobbing, thrashed employer, as she would a child.

Terrified and sobbing in anguish, Maureen slunk away to her own room, with no thought of, or courage to disobey the authoritative governess.

When the cowed, sobbing matron departed, Miss McNair laid down her fearsome cane, absentmindedly, deep in thought. Her eyes gleamed in feral heat and she breathed heavily. The punishment session had effected her in an unfamiliar manner. Punishing children was a stern necessity, she considered her duty, and she did it with professional detachment. This had been different.  She never punished and dominated an adult woman, in the full bloom of maturity, before. Despite her disapproval of her employer, she had to admit she found the gorgeous, red-haired woman alluringly, seductively attractive. Gloriously naked and vulnerable, Maureen's submissive weeping distress, had made the attraction of her matronly charms irresistible.

"Yes! Why not? After all, she is little better than a depraved strumpet!" Though she found herself magnetically attracted to Maureen's ample physical allure, Miss McNair's contempt for her employer was in no way diminished.

Miss McNair removed her severe business suit and picked up a bottle of lotion. "I'm sure the slut is in need of consolation!"

In the seeming safety of her bedroom, still sobbing bitterly, Maureen stood in the center of the room in indecisive confusion, her spirit crushed by the nightmarish catastrophe that had befallen her.

Suddenly, the bedroom door flew open, and Miss McNair strode inside.

No, no! Even her own bedroom was not a safe refuge! WHY hadn't she locked the door?

Seeing Miss McNair's state of undress, and all too aware of her own naked vulnerability, Maureen nearly collapsed in terror.

Before the terror-stricken Maureen could react, Miss McNair was rubbing lotion on the matronly magnificence of her impudently muscled, bottom cheeks, so savagely ravaged by the terrible cane. The governess's touch was insinuatingly intimate, and Maureen shivered in anguished disgust.

Maureen whimpered in woeful distress as Miss McNair's small hand became more boldly invasive, gripping her splendid buttock possessively.

At first, in abject terror of the governess, Maureen only dared protest in feeble whimpers. Then with growing impudence, Miss McNair began to apply lotion to that most intimate, scarlet thatched treasure, nestled between her roundly swelling thighs. Maureen shrieked in indignation, and in instinctive desperation shoved Miss McNair away from her.

Miss McNair's reaction was swift and decisive. She dropped the bottle of lotion and assumed her dreaded boxing stance. Maureen quailed in terror. She had no heart to feel those little deadly fists thudding into her voluptuous body, again.

Maureen had no say in the matter; Miss McNair struck savagely.

This time, it only took two punches for Miss McNair to knock the sobbing, frightened red-haired matron to the floor. Maureen pleaded piteously.

Miss McNair lowered her fists. She had accomplished her purpose. She was professionally certain her reluctant pupil would be cooperative. Before proceeding, she removed her underwear, much to Maureen's alarmed distress.

Though gagging in disgust, Maureen was equally certain that she must cooperate. She dreaded another humiliating beating with all her heart. The wealthy, mature matron found herself as helpless to resist sexual abuse as a frightened child. >>From now on, she must do anything the hateful governess told her, no matter how odious.

Maureen in abject servitude did her best to satisfy the terrifying governess.

Even after satisfying Miss McNair's perverse lust, Maureen found her heartbreaking ordeal was not over.

Miss McNair pulled Maureen to her feet, and continued to fondle her captive's delightful charms.

Having sated her depraved desires, Miss McNair picked up her discarded underclothes and bottle of lotion, and left her ravaged employer huddled on the floor, in sobbing misery. For several hours, Maureen lay where Miss McNair left her, overcome by shame and terror, unable to suppress her convulsive sobs.

Early in the afternoon, the door opened again. It was the terrible Miss McNair. Maureen quaked in terror. What horror, now?

As though the events of the morning were forgotten, Miss McNair, dressed again in her severe, business suit,  snapped. "Better get dressed Maureen! You're due at the studio in an hour! You don't want to be late for you show!" Then she turned and left.

When the door closed behind the governess, Maureen obediently dragged herself to her feet, and somehow got herself dressed in the outfit she had laid out that morning.

No longer the mistress of her own home, Maureen crept fearfully downstairs. To her dismay, the horrifying governess was waiting at the foot of the stairs.

Miss McNair glanced disapprovingly at her employer's attire, and snapped an authoritative command.

Maureen hurried to obey her stern governess's orders.

The End.