This story contains graphic violence, bestiality, n/c, f/f rape,
and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years od age.

Super Mother's Day
Part 1

Now living in semi-retirement in Florida, Supergran had flown into Empire City to spend some time with her daughter, the superheroine Supermom. Her oldest granddaughter, Betty, better known to the public as Superlass, the family's newest superheroine, would be home from college for spring break, and the proud superheroine grandmother was looking forward to spending some time with her, as well.  Meanwhile, she would help Supermom search for the two missing superheroines, Silver Valkyrie and Justice Lady.

Supergran was shocked in the change in her daughter Supermom, since her last visit.  The stalwart, matron Superheroine was pale and distraught, as though she was hiding some terrible secret. Supergran patiently waited for Supermom to share her troubles, but the beautiful, blonde crimefighter seemed reluctant to talk about it.  Finally, on the second afternoon of her visit, Supergran sat her daughter at the kitchen table, and over coke and cookies, pressed for an explanation.

"Come on Laurie!  You can tell your Mom what's bothering you. I can tell it's something terrible!"

Supermom hung her head, and Supergran saw tears in her daughter's eyes. She patted Supermom's hand encouragingly.  Then, with a little sob of shame, Supermom blurted out the terrible stories of her two agonizing ordeals, the destruction of her rose garden and the harrowing aftermath at the hands of two small children, and then the even more hideous trauma of her Halloween in the Pumpkin Patch, when her terrible neighbor from Hell, Leticia Luther had used magic to make her powerless, and then abused and raped her.  Worse, her tribulations hadn't ended on Halloween!  Since that awful night, Leticia had tormented and harassed her, and made her life miserable.

"I know Leticia only possesses those beastly, witchly powers that one night a year, but after what she did to me, I just can't seem to fight back. It's as though she has some terrible hold over me, Mom!  I keep worrying about next Halloween.  Oh Mom, I never knew I was such a coward!"  Supermom admitted, with another sob of shame. "Some days when the kids are in school, she comes over here, and makes me suck her toes and... and worse....! Oh  Mom how can she do these terrible things to a superheroine?"

"There, there Laurie!  Luckily, your Mom's a superheroine too!  Let me handle that terrible woman. I think you and Dave should take the younger kids for a little trip for a few days.   While you're gone, I'll have a little talk with that witch next door, myself.  I'll have a chance to spend some time with Betty, too, now that she's a grownup young superheroine in her own right!"  Supergran suggested.

Supermom eagerly jumped at the suggestion, knowing her invincible mother could solve any problem.

The next morning, Supermom and her husband and Amy and Bobby drove off for a visit to the beach.  As soon as the car was out of sight, Supergran never one to waste time or put off duty, flew directly to Leticia's backyard.  She had spied the red-haired witch sunbathing.

Supergran landed, with a whoosh, right beside Leticia. Leticia jumped in fright, at the dramatic entrance of the most formidable of superheroines.

"Wh-what do you want?"  The fat redhead quavered nervously, as she sprang to her feet, easily recognizing the world's premier superheroine.

"A little talk with you!"  Supergran snapped, with that authoritative, intimidating tone, that had reduced generations of super criminals to pliant jelly.

As Leticia scrambled to her feet, Supergran observed the woman's fat unattractive form in the ill fitting bikini.  "You'd think, if she won't diet or exercise, she'd at least obtain an adequate foundation garment!" Supergran observed in silent distaste.

"Now, listen carefully!"   Supergran continued sternly.  "You will never bother my family again!  EVER!  Do you understand?  If there is so much as a peep out of you, or those awful, ill-behaved children of yours, I will personally take you across my knee, and give you the spanking of your life!"

Imposing even on the small screen of the television news, in person, Supergran was a truly awe-inspiring figure.  Despite her mature years, she was still handsomely beautiful, and her very tall, broadly muscled form was incredibly shapely, set off by her amazingly generous bosom.  The majestic presence of Supergran towering over her, completely intimidated Leticia, and she very nearly wet her pants, in terror.

Supergran turned on her heel then, and headed back to her daughter's house. She planned to order some new rose bushes to replace the ones destroyed last summer, and surprise Supermom with them, when she got back.  Superlass had promised to help her plant them.

As Supergran stalked off, Leticia ran in the house in tears. She huddled in the bedroom afraid to move. "Ommigod! That bitch is scary!"  She mumbled half aloud.  "What'll I do?"

Leticia fearfully examined her options.  "Well, I can't call Erotiqua!  She still blames me for her dopey brother running off with that dim-witted blonde slut, Super Gwen, and taking her Magic D'Arcy Girdle with him!  I guess, I'll have to call Morganna.  Oh Shit! She's always so patronizing, when I ask her for any little favor!  Well, she is my big sister, and she hates superheroines. I guess I'll have to call her!"

Morganna was just hanging up the phone, when her friend and companion, Geri Phillips, looking trim and athletic in her new black, Shyster Dame costume of Power Mesh, came in.  She'd just returned from exercising their pets.  These pets were not animal, but human, once the valiant, indomitable superheroines, Silver Valkyrie and Justice lady, now only the miserable cowed slaves of the diabolical duo of villinesses.

"Oh dear!"  Morganna complained.  "That was my sister, Leticia!  Sometimes, she can be such a pest!  She only has the dark powers on Halloween, and all the rest of the year, she's always running to me to perform some simple act of magic for her!  Now she's had a run in with Supergran!  I though that old bag died years ago, didn't you?  Anyway, if it wasn't for those wonderful children of Leticia's, I wouldn't be bothered.  But they're such dears!   Did I tell you what they did last summer?  It seems the little devils got hold of some kryptonite somewhere and...(See Supermom's Rose Garden By GW)

"Anyway, even if she is a pest sometimes, Leticia's heart is in the right place.  When she did have her Halloween powers last fall, she totally humiliated Supermom, herself.  She left her tied naked to a pumpkin, with artificial kryptonite ropes!  It was really quite delicious!  She's coming over this afternoon!'

That afternoon, Morganna proudly showed Leticia around her new "clinic."  Back in her luxurious living quarters, Leticia paused to look at an impressively large nude painting.  "Oh Morganna!  You've had your picture painted?"

"No, Silly!  That's not me!  It's our great great grandmother, Diabolica!  Before she established her chain of bordellos in the western boom towns, that made her rich, she posed for this picture!  Reproductions of it hung in half the saloons and cathouses in the West, but this is the original. I found it last month in a museum in Callehoga County.  It hung there, for years in the  Liberty Belle Saloon!  That was the famous outlaw, Apache Lil's bar!"

"Oh! It's beautiful!"  Leticia gushed.  "Gee, Morganna, you always know so much about family history!  It's amazing!"

Morganna smiled appreciatively "Well it is my hobby, I must say!  And it has been valuable to me!"  She glanced at the forlorn figure of Silver Valkyrie cowering in a corner. "Why, if it hadn't been for the Morgul family artifacts, I might never have acquired my little pet over there!"

"Superheroines do make such nice pets!"  Leticia said wistfully.  "That's why I'd hate to lose mine, even if I only have her part time.  Supermom gives the most wonderful oral foot massages!"

"Still have your foot problems!" Morganna asked without thinking, and then shuddered as she realized what she'd done. Leticia could go on for hours about her feet.

"Well I got these new sneakers.  they were on sale, and they do help some!"  Leticia replied.  "But those foot massages make all the difference!  I'd hate to lose them!  Can't you do something about that awful old Supergran, Morg?"

"Well maybe!"  Morganna replied, relieved to get the topic off Leticia's feet. "Let's think about your problem! It would take too long to acquire a new supply of Kryptonite!  Hmmm... I wonder... I think I might have something, but I don't know whether it would work, or not, on Supergran, but it's worth a try.  I tell you what, I'll drop by your place tomorrow morning, and we'll see!"

"Oh thanks Morg!  That old bitch really scares me!"

The next day Morganna stopped by, and Leticia was eagerly awaiting her!"

"Can't stay long Letty!  I'm having lunch with the Mayor!  I'll need Wendy and Billy's help!  Then I've got to run!  Do you know where Supergran is now?"

"Yes!  I just spied the old bat out on the verandah next door, taking a nap!  She always dozes off about this time, I've noticed!"

"That's perfect!  Call the kids in, and I'll tell them what I want them to do!"

A short time later, Supergran awoke from her nap, with a start. "Oh, I thought something brushed my face!'' She murmured.  "Guess it was dream!  Well it's time to get started on those rose bushes, anyway!"  But as Supergran rose from the chaise longue, her legs trembled a little.  "Gee I feel a little giddy!  Maybe, I am getting old after all!"  The venerable superheroine thought, with an ironic smile.  "Well, anyway it's about time to start on those rose bushes!  Superlass should be back anytime now!"

Supergran looked across the verandah to where the new rose bushes had been delivered that morning.  She planned to get started planting them as soon as Superlass got back.  The public spirited teen wonder was teaching a swimming class for under privileged children, but had promised to help Supergran with the rose bushes as soon as she got back.

"Great Scott!  The new rose bushes are all destroyed!"  Supergran gasped.  Just then, she heard a childish giggle from the other side of the hedge, in the Luther yard.

"Oh Dear!  It must have been those brats of Leticia's!"  Supergran thought,  indignantly.  "Well!  There's nothing else to do, but carry through on what I told that awful woman!"  Supergran murmured, with true superheroinely resolution. Never one to put off an unpleasant duty, once she made up her mind, Supergran, disregarding the slight hint of unsteadiness in her legs, marched resolutely across the grass to Leticia's front door, and angrily rang the bell.

Leticia apprehensively answered the door.  "Darn that Morganna!" She thought.  "Leaving me to face that old witch all by myself!"  The diabolical red-haired housewife trembled visibly, as she opened the door.

Supergran swept right by her, and marched straight into Leticia's living room, without waiting for an invitation.

"Well Leticia, I warned you, that if there was any further vandalism or harassment, I'd take appropriate action!"  Supergran announced, sternly. "Someone just destroyed my new rose bushes, and I know it was your children. You remember what I told you, if anything like that happened, I'd give you the spanking your parents should have as a child!"

"Don't you dare touch me!" Leticia whimpered.  "I'll...I'll sue you!"

Supergran grinned "So, sue me, honey, but first you're going to get what's coming to you!"

Supergran reached for the trembling red-haired witch, determined to carry through on her promise. She planned to take Leticia right across her knee, and spank her, like the incorrigible, middle-aged brat she was.

As Supergran advanced on her, Leticia looked wildly for some place to hide, but there was no place in the cramped, gloomy living room. Supergran reached for her arm.  Like a cornered rat, with no place to hide, Leticia waved her chubby arms wildly in panic.  In her wild gyrations, she accidentally struck the mature superheroine.  Her fist hit Supergran solidly in the side.

"Oh Damn!  That's going to make her really mad!"  Leticia gurgled in terror. Instead, though, the impossible happened. Supergran squawked in distress.  The wild uncoordinated punch hurt her!  No punch ever hurt Supergran before. In confusion, Supergran fell back a step, a look of astonishment on her handsome, tanned face.

"Great Scott!  What's the matter with me? That hurt!"  The distinguished superheroine wondered in astonishment.  She rubbed her side tentatively, the look of bewilderment, plain on her aristocratic features.

With desperate hope, Leticia saw the effect of the punch.  "Holy Shit!  I think Morganna did it!"  She thought. Not wasting any time to ponder further, or give Supergran time to recover from her pained astonishment, Leticia socked the surprised Superheroine in the stomach, quite a bit below that dashing yellow sash.

Being invulnerable all your life, can be a distinct disadvantage, when you unaccountably find you've lost your super powers, and a very nasty person is eager to hurt you.  Supergran was no more prepared for the second punch than she had been for the first.  This time, Leticia aimed carefully, and put everything she had behind it.  Her fist dug deep into Supergran's vitals, emptying her lungs in a whoosh, and paralyzing her solar plexus.  Her long, fully rounded legs, still a little wobbly from the first punch, went watery, and buckled beneath her.  Doubling over in distress, Supergran sat down hard on her shapely rump, in the middle of Leticia's living room floor.  Her head swimming, the perplexed crimefighter tried to figure out what happened.

Leticia gave the stunned superheroine no time to figure anything out. Almost instinctively, she kicked Supergran.  Her toe drove into Supergran's throat, almost crushing her windpipe. On top of the heaving distress in her middle from the two surprise punches, Supergran almost choked.

For a moment, Leticia stood over the gasping, stricken, white haired heroine, observing her anguish with delight. She didn't pause to enjoy the sight long, though, before smashing her fist into Supergran's chin.

The face punch knocked Supergran sprawling. Before the venerable Superheroine could move, Leticia jumped in the air and came down feet first on her crotch, and flat, rippling belly.

Supergran's body jackknifed in frightful agony.  As she clasped her crotch desperately trying to ease the convulsive pain, Leticia leaped in the air again, and came down, squarely on the writhing superheroine's massive bosom.  Even the full weight of Leticia's short, hefty form couldn't come near to flattening those magnificent pleasure domes, but she did put a considerable, and painful dent in them.

Leticia hopped off the stricken crimefighter. Curled up in a fetal position, overcome by the terrible torment, Supergran miserably tried to make sense of this frightful nightmare.  This couldn't be happening!  How could any evil doer ever get the better of the invincible Supergran?

As Supergran writhed in misery at Leticia's feet, two eager eyes were peeping in the window, avidly watching the harrowing debacle of virtue and decency.

"Wendy c'mere!  Quick!  You gotta see this!  Mom is fighting with Supergran, and she's beating the crap out of the old lady!"

Wendy ran to join her brother.  She got to the window, in time to see Supergran rolling on the floor, clutching her middle in dreadful agony.

"Holy cow!  She sure is!"  The nasty, little girl snickered, appreciatively.

"D'ya think Mom has super powers, too, if she can beat up Supergran?"
Billy asked his older sister.

"I doubt Mom has super powers!"  Wendy answered, wisely.  "I bet it's more likely that blue stone Aunt Morganna told us to rub on Supergran's face while she was taking her nap, did something to her!"

"Wow!  Aunt Morganna sure is cool!"  Billy replied, admiringly.

"Yeah!  Look what Mom is doing to the old bat now!"  Wendy giggled.

As the children watched in delight, Supergran was doing her best to master   the gut twisting pain that racked her body, and struggle to get up. The valiant crimefighter only made it to her hands and knees, when terrible cramping pains paralyzed her.

Watching Supergran's gallant but futile struggle, with hot gleaming eyes,  Leticia remembered Morganna telling her how much fun it was to strip off a superheroine's costume. The mortifying blow to their pride shook their confidence, and made them easier to deal with, too.

"Well, lets see if Morganna's theory works on this old sow?"  Leticia thought with an evil smirk.  As Supergran bravely struggled to rise, Leticia tore the scarlet skirt from her broad, womanly hips. Supergran was too preoccupied holding her terribly throbbing lower body to do anything to stop Leticia, but the shocking display of arrogance stung her superheroinely pride to the quick.

Leticia remembered another bit of Morganna's advise. Taking careful aim, she demeaningly kicked Supergran in the behind.

Not satisfied with inflicting even this disgraceful indignity, on the renowned veteran crimefighter, Leticia continued to kick Supergran, rolling her across the floor with the brutal barrage.

Finally kicking the befuddled superheroine over on her back, Leticia  arrogantly plopped down astride the celebrated heroine's slim waist.

Infuriated by Leticia's arrogance, Supergran wriggled desperately to get loose.  Her frantic struggles partially dislodged the hateful redhead, but Leticia wrapped her fat legs around Supergran's trim muscular middle, and squeezed.   Her legs were a little too short to lock her ankles, but nevertheless, she achieved a considerable elephantine pressure.  Supergran's entire lower body was already bruised and injured, and Leticia's fat legs came close to knocking her out.

Unable to endure the pressure any longer, Supergran's hourglass figure shuddered and went limp.  With a sigh of satisfaction, Leticia released her legs from Supergran's mangled waist.  Pleased by the satisfying damage her plump thighs had done, to her stately foe, she knelt beside Supergran's prone body to get her breath, pausing long enough, to experimentally poke the heroine's magnificent, matronly bosom.

Supergran felt the poking brazen fingers with alarm.  Though many lecherous evil doers had wished to do so, none ever dared, nor had the opportunity to cavalierly toy with her queenly breasts.  The disturbing affront spurred Supergran to pull herself together, and redeem her superheroiney honor.  "Oh how dare she?  I must teach this despicable woman a lesson!"  Supergran told herself, resolutely.

But when Supergran did her best to get up, Leticia grabbed the fingers of her right hand, and bent them backward nearly to the breaking point, until Supergran helplessly howled at the pain.

Just then, Leticia heard a giggle at the window, and looked away.  "Those darn kids never miss a trick!"  Leticia thought, proudly, of her incorrigible offspring.

Taking advantage of the evil neighbor's momentary inattention, Supergran managed to pull her hand free, and stumble to her feet, still vowing to pay Leticia back for such unforgivable disrespect to the elder stateswoman of superheroinedom.


End Of Part 1

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