WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Not Easy Being Green. Part 2. Conclusion.

Having used the devilish power gloves to beat Green Justice nearly senseless, Elfrieda would now plunder every last vestige of the superheroine's phenomenal strength and endurance. She seized the groggy, green woman in her arms.

Green Justice could offer no resistance as her huge form was lifted into the air in a crushing grip that mashed her incredibly muscled abdomen to jelly. She screamed fearfully as her feet left the floor and those inexorable arms relentlessly crushed her middle.

As she nearly crushed the life from her foe, Elfrieda drained the last of the mighty green woman's phenomenal strength. In mere moments, Green Justice dangled limply, weak and helpless as a kitten, powerless to resist that relentless grip that had tamed more than one of her sister superheroines. She whimpered pitifully at the fearsome pain.

As the mighty, herculean green form slumped vulnerably in her arms, Elfrieda with a mocking laugh gave one final tremendous crushing squeeze. Green Justice roared in anguish.

Green Justice's magnificent body stiffened convulsively. She screamed in terrible agony and then collapsed helplessly in the Nazi's a merciless arms.

Satisfied, Elfrieda contemptuously dropped her, and Green justice tumbled to the floor, in a sodden heap, groaning at the horrifying realization that the evil Nazi had triumphed.

Enjoying the tremendous power she'd drained from the hapless Green Justice, Elfrieda looked down at the fallen heroine with malicious satisfaction. She strutted all around the fallen champion, viewing the huge green form from every angle, savoring another victory over goodness and virtue.

"I don't really have time to train her properly if I want to get to Morganna's for the holidays!' Elfrieda reflected. "Just a few little tricks to establish dominance! There'll be plenty of time to break her in right at the Clinic! Always strip off their costume, first! Of course this slut doesn't have much costume to start with!"

Green Justice screamed in protest as Elfrieda ripped off her loin cloth. In alarm, the huge woman stumbled clumsily to her feet.  Elfrieda grabbed her by a demeaning grip on her ear.

"Then, naturally, a good over the knee spanking always humbles the most arrogant superheroine nicely!" Elfrieda smirked. "It's such fun too!"

Elfrieda swiftly pulled the huge, mightily muscled, green woman across her knee, handling Green Justice as easily as if the superheroine was a small, naughty child.

Elfrieda swiftly and expertly adjusted Green Justice's wildly struggling body over her knee, as the powerless superheroine protested indignantly. Her victim's wrathful indignation made Elfrieda's enjoyment all the more pleasurable, as she began to spank the huge green derriere.

As the experienced Elfrieda administered the merciless thrashing, Green Justice could only wiggle uselessly. She had resolved to endure this indignity stoically, but her utter helplessness brought home the full horror of what defeat meant for her. She shuddered and trembled in dread. Along with draining her powers, Elfrieda had also plundered her courage and resolve. The scalding pain of the spanking, administered with those devilish gloves, soon reduced the heroic crimefighter to tears. The last vestiges of courage deserted her, and she whimpered and begged Elfrieda to stop, music to the cruel Nazi's ears.

Elfrieda maliciously refused to end her painful mortification, unless Green Justice totally humbled herself. Courage gone, the weeping woman surrendered. In the trembling, tearful voice of a small, frightened child, the huge superheroine sobbingly begged Elfrieda for mercy.

Once Green Justice whimpered her submission, Elfrieda abruptly stood up spilling her huge victim to the floor with a squeal of wounded distress.

As Green Justice sobbed brokenly on the floor, Elfrieda stepped out ot her brief costume, licking her lips in anticipation. She painfully pulled the snuffling superheroine to a sitting position, by the hair.

Before the stricken Green Justice guessed her intent, Elfrieda mounted her beautiful tear-stained face, offensively pressing naked genitalia against mouth and nose.

Drained of all her resolute courage by the Nazi's dark powers and brutality, mighty Green Justice seemed no more than a timorous slave, without will to refuse Elfrieda's horrifying, lewd commands. In terrified servile bondage to the cruel Nazi, sobbing in shame, she abjectly serviced her cruel, new Mistress.

Her sadistic passion slaked, Elfrieda prepared to depart.

"I'm finished here! Now that I have a new pack mule, I won't have to leave anything behind, either! I don't think this cow will give me any more trouble, weak as she is, but I suppose I better not take chances!  I was a little hasty about not using these power gloves, until it was almost too late!"

Clever Elfrieda had not eluded justice all these years without learning from her mistakes.

"Morganna sent me those Troll nipple chains, when she heard Green Justice was tracking me! She said the Trolls used them to tame the females of the Aesir and giants when they captured them! Our Ancestress, Princess Erishka, herself, honor to her name, put a powerful spell on these chains!  Well, anyway, I don't want to hurt Morganna's feelings!  She is such a dear! And, she is seldom wrong about family history! "

Having made up her mind, Elfrieda examined the mechanism, as the hapless Green Justice sobbed in shame at what the evil Nazi had made of her!

"Hmm! Quite simple! The clamp goes around the aureole and this spike pierces the nipple! Ingenious!"

Elfrieda seized the unsuspecting Green Justice by the left arm and rammed it painfully behind her back in an excruciating hammer lock.

Reaching over the shrieking green woman's shoulder, Elfrieda fastened the first clamp on the victim's left nipple. The needle piercing her tender nipple was cursed by its maker to inflict horrendous pain, and Green Justice shrieked in agony. Elfrieda callously laughed at her victim's atrocious suffering.

"Serves the meddling bitch right for bothering me!" She laughed.

A moment later, Elfrieda had fastened the chain to the other nipple.

"Well That's done! Now to get packed up and out of here!" Elfrieda chuckled in satisfaction, as Green Justice wept in agony.

Elfrieda shouldered her knapsack, and tugged on the nipple chain, experimentally, forcing the huge heroine to follow her around the room, like a leashed dog, as Green Justice pleaded sobbingly.

Satisfied that the nipple chain would work as Morganna promised, Elfrieda ordered her sobbing captive to shoulder the huge crate she had originally packed for future collection.

Her spirit already broken, Green Justice found the evil chain forced her to obey Elfrieda's command.

A short while later, burdened like a pack animal, Green Justice stumbled through the jungle toward a hideous captivity.


The End.
(For now.)

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