Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 14.  Liberty For All.


A new heroine enters the lists, to challenge Catwoman's mad schemes.


Synopsis: Catwoman captured, dominated and corrupted Batgirl, and turned her into Catgirl, an evil, younger clone of herself.  The renegade crimefighter helped Catwoman capture, and break the spirits of Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Queen Hippolyta, and herself captured Batman's young, crime fighting partner Robin.  In her arrogance, Catwoman conquered Paradise Island, and made herself Queen. Though, Catgirl allowed the adorable Mary Marvel to escape, after capturing her, and thereby fell into disgrace, she has now recaptured the former World's Mightiest Girl.

Note: This chapter features a living superheroine, Ms. Liberty, who graciously volunteered to come to the aide of her sister heroines, held captive by the evil Catwoman.  In her real life persona, Ms. Liberty also contributed significantly to the plot.

 Liberty For All.

Ms. Liberty took out the horrible video for the first time in five years, and inserted it in the VCR.  She detested the obscene thing with all her heart.  Could she bear to watch it again?  She must!

"It's the only way I can get some clue to what happened!  I still have nothing else to go on!"  The retired crimefighter told herself, sadly, though no clue had presented itself in the countless other times she'd endured its vileness.

As Ms. Liberty seated herself, the image came on the screen.  The camera focused on a tall, brown-haired woman, of magnificent, full figured physique.  Her splendid form was nude, bereft of the proud uniform, Ms. Liberty had always so admired. The nervous gestures she made to modestly shield herself from the camera, made it clear, her nudity was not voluntary.  Despite the strength of her beautiful face, the naked woman looked apprehensive, haunted, green eyes downcast, massive bosom slumped in surrender.  Her robust limbs trembled, as though in dread.  Considerable bruising marred the perfection of her astonishingly beautiful face.

Once, every man in the street would have instantly recognized that incredibly beautiful woman, as Ultarina, unsurpassed among the superheroines of the world. (See Ultarina to the Rescue, by GW)  Now, so long after she mysteriously disappeared, few remembered her.  One, who did, was the faithful Ms. Liberty, Ultarina's friend and greatest admirer.

"Oh, poor Ultarina!"  Ms. Liberty murmured, knowing all too well, what was to come.

Another figure entered the scene, a blonde woman, much smaller than the denuded superheroine.  Like Ultarina, the blonde was naked, displaying a much less impressive, some even might say dumpy, figure. ("How could that unimpressive twit have broken Ultarina?" Ms. Liberty wondered for the thousandth time.)  Behind a black mask, the blonde's malignant eyes glittered, with dominant cruelty.   Her tall, brown haired victim shivered in fear.  She cowered away as the masked woman approached her.

"Pl-please, no more, Spidra!"  Ultarina whined.  "Haven't you done enough to me, already?"  The heroine's rich, strong contralto voice trembled and broke fearfully.  The world would once have found it unthinkable to hear that strong, familiar voice beg for mercy.

"Oh you pitiful, naive slut! I've hardly started on you!"  The masked blonde, called Spidra, crowed with venomous glee.  She cracked the whip in her hand.  The barbed tip struck Ultarina's generous, creamy thigh with a loud crack.  Ultarina screamed in shock.   As Spidra had stripped her of her proud uniform, she had also heartlessly stripped the proud heroine of all pride and hope of resistance.  Ultarina flung herself on the floor at her tormentor's feet, and hugged the cruel blonde's legs, as she brokenly pleaded for mercy.

"Show me what your good for, now!"  The demonic, masked blonde commanded.

Once invincible, the broken-spirited superheroine nervously kissed Spidra's feet, slobbering in her anxiety to please her heartless mistress.

"Oh the poor darling!" Ms. Liberty agonized, watching in horrified fascination, a tear in her blue eye.  "Oh I can't watch anymore!"  Ms. Liberty knew, all too well, what was coming: Ultarina's utter servile surrender to the dominant villainess.  Ms. Liberty fast forwarded to the end of the tape.

After destroying Ultarina's pride and violating her exquisite form, Spidra  turned and spoke directly into the camera.  "I'm making this video for you, Liberty!  I've heard you're searching for your pitiful friend, my little sex slave, Ulty, here.  This is a warning!  Pray you never find me, or you'll be the one crawling on your belly at my feet !"

Ms. Liberty gulped back a sob, as she turned the VCR off.  "Damn that hateful bitch!" She nearly sobbed, reliving the one great failure of her crime fighting career.  Following Ultarina's disappearance, Ms. Liberty made every effort to find her friend and rescue her, if she was in trouble.  For weeks she had no success; then this terrible video was delivered anonymously to her door.

The vicious video had shaken Ms. Liberty to her super heroic soul.  She never believed any villainess could so utterly break and degrade a sister superheroine, certainly not her friend, the indomitable Ultarina.  Yet, she had seen it with her own eyes; Ultarina crawling on her belly, a pitiful, brokenhearted slave, servicing the bitch mistress, even masturbating at her command, groveling like a pet lapdog at Spidra's feet.

Ms. Liberty dropped everything else, concentrating all her enormous crime fighting skill on that one task, to find and apprehend Spidra, and rescue poor Ultarina. During those arduous months, Ms. Liberty watched the terrible video countless times.  She watched to gain some clue, but she found herself oddly fascinated by the scenes depicted.  More and more, she found herself  identifying with poor Ultarina, picturing herself, as Spidra's broken slave. The idea horrified her, but she couldn't put it from her mind.  She became obsessed with the video.  Sometimes, when she lay half asleep in her bed at night, the scenes came unbidden to her mind, as she fell asleep.  Dreaming of them, she'd wake up later, in a state of perverse arousal trembling with unsatiated need. It was her terrible secret shame.

As the long days of searching turned into weary months, Ms. Liberty grew discouraged.  She came to detest the video, and couldn't bear to watch it, fearing her inevitable reaction. She had never failed in a quest before, but after fruitless months, she knew she was no closer to apprehending Spidra, than she had ever been.  Sometimes, the full-figured heroine took out her frustration in overeating, and it was hard to find the time to exercise properly.  Even when time was available, she was often too discouraged to make the effort.

Keeping fit, and in superlative shape was supremely important for any crimefighter, but especially for Ms. Liberty, because the Goddess's Magic Bikini Costume that conferred super powers on her, only did so in proportion  to her own strength, and stamina.  Strength flowed from the Magic Halter as a multiple of her own natural strength and energy, and the invulnerability conferred by the costume's lower portion depended on her own natural resistance and staying power.

Ms. Liberty realized how far she had slipped, one night, when she came upon a holdup on a dark street.  The holdup man darted off with the loot, and Ms. Liberty gave chase.  After two blocks, she collapsed, panting for breath, while the laughing criminal made off to safety.

"Oh, if only I knew where he was going, I could use my Magic Cape to teleport there first!" The heroine agonized.  "Oh dear, it's no use!"  She realized in despair.  Ms. Liberty had failed!  She"d never find Spidra and Ultarina, and now she couldn't even catch a petty thief.  It was time to quit crime fighting, to hang up her proud costume, rather than risk disgracing it!

For five years, Ms. Liberty lived resigned to her fateful decision, but always with the uneasy fear that it had been wrong, the easy way out.  She was ever haunted by nagging anxiety for her friend Ultarina, and the guilty knowledge that she had abandoned her friend to unspeakable evil.  To forget her guilt, Ms. Liberty began eating too much, until she her figure grew to a ripe, though shapely plumpness.  One day with a shock of despair, she discovered her ripe curves would no longer quite fit into her Magic Uniform.  She cried herself to sleep, that night.

When Ms. Liberty dropped from sight, so soon after Ultarina's disappearance, the tabloids heatedly speculated on conspiracy theories, and Alien Abduction of Superheroines.  Ms. Liberty smiled ruefully, whenever she passed a super market checkout.  Eventually the speculation died down and was forgotten, as memories of the two heroines faded from the public consciousness. Occasionally, a television show would recount the exploits of the two heroines, and their mysterious disappearances.

Then, after five years, it happened again; other superheroines, and superheros too, began to disappear, one by one.  First, the young Batgirl was missing, then the beautiful, golden haired Supergirl.  Later, Wonder Woman herself abruptly dropped from sight, and then, even the invincible Superman was gone, to be followed shortly, by his friends Batman and Robin.

Heated tabloid speculation was again rampant.  The tabloids owned by Catspaw Industies, the mysterious new conglomerate, that had exploded into so many fields in recent months, trumpeted the Alien Abduction theory.

There was a glimmer of hope, when the delightful Mary Marvel appeared in Gothopolis, and for a while, seemed to be bringing things back to normal.  Then, without warning, one day sweet Mary was gone, too.

Each time, Ms. Liberty heard a report of another heroic disappearance, she was forced to relive her guilt.  Each time, she passed a supermarket counter, and saw another absent friend's picture, she winced painfully.

"Maybe, I could have stopped this in the beginning, if only I hadn't given up?" She often thought guiltily.

The retired blonde heroine began to work out in the gym daily, and started skipping meals.  At first, she told herself, it was just to channel her grief, but down deep, she knew it was time to redeem herself.  She MUST, or never be able to live with herself again!

Finally one day, Ms. Liberty vowed to herself, with grim determination.  "I WILL do it! There's no one else left!"  She began to spend hours every day in the gym, and dieted strenuously.  The day came, when, with only a few minor alterations, she was able to don the proud costume of Ms. Liberty, once more.  What if her ripe curves did strain the proud red, white and blue to lush perfection, it was a joy to wear it again, even so.

Ms. Liberty gloried in the exhilarating rush of enormous strength and power surging through her opulent form, as she donned the halter of her familiar costume, after five long years.  The power surge told her she was at the upper limit of her potential, once more, even if not at the absolute peak.  "Pray that it will be enough!"  She murmured, as she slid into the Magic Bikini Briefs.  How comforting, that wonderful renewed sense of security conferred by the Magic Briefs, that generated a protecting aura around the heroine.  While that aura flowed, bullets might sting, but could not penetrate her ripe flesh, and though a bomb might well stun her, she would be protected from being blown to bits, at least.  Next, the tiny blue mask that sharpened eyes to the keen, acute vision of a night-hunting hawk, and finally the Magic Cape.  Wearing the Cape Ms. Liberty could teleport anywhere that trouble threatened.

Ms. Liberty only meant to try on the costume, that night, but filled with that intoxicating power, excitement overcame caution.  With a twinkle of her nose and a swirl of the Cape, she transported herself to the mean, dark streets of downtown Gothopolis.  Without its superheros, Gothopolis streets became a dangerous jungle, when night fell.   For Ms. Liberty those streets held no fears, though; they were her rightful hunting ground.

Ms. Liberty didn't have to hunt long, this night.  She had only patrolled a few blocks, when she encountered a trio of masked criminals robbing an ATM.

"All right boys, put up your hands, face to the wall!"   Ms. Liberty's confident voice rang out through the night.  She stood with easy self-confidence, hands on hips, in the superheroine power stance, that always so intimidated wrong doers.  With a little pang, Ms. Liberty remembered Ultarina taught her that.

"Who the heck is she?"  One of the thieves asked no one in particular.  His cohort answered.  "I remember her, from when I was a kid!  It's that Ms. Liberty broad!  I thought she was retired, or somethin'! I haven't heard of her in years!"

"Well boys, I'M BACK, and it's off to the "big house' for you three!"  Ms. Liberty laughed.

The leader hardly out of his teens, pulled a gun and started shooting at Ms. Liberty's bountiful chest.  His eyes flew open and his mouth gaped, as the bullets bounced off that splendid rack.

"Ouch! That stings!"  Ms. Liberty laughed, thanking the Goddess for the protection of the Magic Briefs.

"Get her!"  The leader cried, holstering his useless gun.  As his two gullible accomplices advanced warily on the heroine, he turned tail and sped away, carrying the money from the smashed ATM.

Two punches later, two  thugs were unconscious on the sidewalk, and Ms. Liberty was in hot pursuit of their fleeing leader.  Half a block later, she collared him, and it was the twenty year old gang leader who was gasping for breath, while Ms. Liberty was fresh as a daisy.

Ms. Liberty strode haughtily into the police station, broad shoulders thrown back, imperious bosom up tilted with confident assurance, easily dragging the three hoods along by the scruffs of their necks.

The desk sergeant looked up in surprise.  "Why it's Ms. Liberty!"  He said with a beaming smile.  "Long time, no see!  Glad to see you're back!  We can sure use you these days, Ma'am!  And meanin' no disrespect, Ma'am, more beautiful than ever!"  The sergeant added, glancing in appreciative awe at the golden-blonde crimefighter's spectacular, scantily-clad, physical endowments, and exquisitely beautiful face behind the tiny mask.

"Glad to be back!"   Ms. Liberty replied with a modest grin, and slight blush, as she deposited the hoods for booking.

"I guess, I'm ready as I'll ever be!"  Ms. Liberty thought with happy satisfaction, as she teleported back to her residence.

From that night, Ms. Liberty relentlessly patrolled the streets of Gothopolis, bringing order out of the chaos.  To her delight, she was soon joined by a new ally, a charming young heroine, whose only desire was to emulate Ms. Liberty. The young heroine eagerly sought Ms. Liberty's counsel and guidance, and soon became her strong right arm.

Ms. Liberty's success, soon reached the sharp ears of Catwoman, who began to smart at the losses to her revenues.

"Damn that bitch!"  Catwoman muttered one day.  "Where did she come from?  I thought she was dead, years ago!  Spidra said she'd take care of her!"

Shortly after, Catwoman was holding audience in her newly built reception hall at her Gothopolis headquarters.  She sat on an impressively gaudy throne, that she had brought from Paradise Island.  Beside her, on a smaller chair, reserved for honored guests, sat a hard-faced, blonde woman.

"Go on, Spidra, please! This is all most interesting!"  Catwoman purred. The feline Queen of Paradise Island still cattily delighted in a malicious gossip with old cronies.

"Well, Your Majesty," Spidra replied, "I've told you all I know about her, but she's starting to worry me.  I'm the first one Ms. Liberty will come after! I was ready to deal with her once, but that was years ago!  I'm retired, now. I made millions off of that sniveling boob, Ultarina, and I'm enjoying life."

"Yes, she's an annoyance to me too!  Something must be done!"  Catwoman purred in reply.

Just then, one of Catwoman's feline flunkies obsequiously approached the throne, and whispered, discreetly, in the Royal ear.

Catwoman jumped up, uttering a catlike cry of delight.  "What!  Well send her in immediately!  Don't keep my Dear Girl waiting in the anteroom!"

Moments later, Catgirl swaggered into the hall, all of her arrogant bravado restored.  At her heel, stripped totally naked, miserably crawling on all fours at the end of a dog's leash, crept a tragic, unhappy figure.  Even on all fours, it was obvious, the leashed woman was tall and spectacularly formed, a veritable goddess in the flesh.  A forlorn tear sparkled in one brown eye, as it peeped fearfully from beneath the long, silky mane of brown hair, falling half over her face.  In other circles, it would be blasphemous to treat, so magnificently beautiful a woman, with such brutal disrespect.

Catwoman actually descended from her dais, and ran to meet Catgirl.  She fondly embraced her protegee, long in disgrace.  "My dear!  You've found her!  You've redeemed yourself!  I knew you would!"

Catgirl thought.  "Yeah? She sure hid it well!" but smiled appreciatively.

"Ah, and from the looks of all those bruises on our little Mary, she put up quite a struggle, too!  Nothing to inconvenience you, I hope, My Dear?"

"Naa!  She was easy!  What a pathetic wuss she is, and a slut too!  I caught  her in the alley of a strip joint, giving a blow job to a drunk!  The dumb bimbo only got a couple of hundred for it, too!  What a "maroon'!  Why a blowjob from Mary Marvel would be worth a hundred gees in the right circles! The real kicker is, she never even got to spend the two hundred!"

Catgirl contemptuously kicked the unfortunate captive in the side.  "Right Mary?"  And newly enslaved, Mary Marvel began to sob, softly but bitterly.  The three evil villainesses joined in mocking laughter, at the girlish superheroine's forlorn, heartbroken tears.

"Well, My Dear, you've arrived at an opportune time!  Allow me to introduce you to an old friend of mine.  Catgirl meet Spidra!  Spidra is renowned in the annals of our craft, as the villainess who rid us of that sanctimonious bitch, Ultarina, some years ago.  I must confess, it was Spidra's unprecedented accomplishment that inspired me to eliminate all of those pesky superheros from our affairs

"You're too kind, Catwoman,!"  Spidra murmured.  "Your own achievements have no equal!"

Catwoman bowed modestly.

"Anyway, Catgirl, Spidra has alerted me to the danger posed by that bitch, Ms. Liberty!  In the last few weeks, that annoying, interfering slut, and her little camp follower, "whatsername', have almost made up for the absence of the other superheros.  It's time that something was done about her!  When you've rested up from your latest triumph, perhaps you'd like to undertake another mission?"

"Of course, Mistress!"  Catgirl replied with a respectful bow of her head, knowing Catwoman's requests were commands, NEVER to be disobeyed.  "Just Ms. Liberty, or the little slut, too?"

"Let's start with Ms. Liberty, for now, and then go from there!"

"I'm sure Spidra can gladly fill you in on Ms. Liberty's weaknesses and background, but that can wait.  Let us savor your triumph, now, My Dear!  Perhaps you would like to have your prodigal pet perform some tricks for our amusement?"

Catgirl grinned in delight, at the chance to torment her unhappy slave in front of so appreciative, and discerning, an audience. The vindictive feline would not soon forget the long painful period of disgrace, Mary's escape had cost her.  Mary Marvel whimpered in dread!  Let us draw a veil over the terrible scene that followed, in consideration of our compassion for poor, sweet Mary's wretched suffering.

A week later, in a deserted Gothopolis warehouse......

Ms. Liberty materialized, with a swirl of Magic Cape, in the center of the dimly lit, old building.  That afternoon, she'd received a mysteriously delivered picture.  Ms. Liberty gasped in astonishmentm when she saw it.  It was Ultarina, ignominiously hitched to a Pony Cart, like some unfortunate beast of burden.  The deep lines of suffering etched in the sad beautiful face, and the streak of silver in the mahogany hair, convinced Ms. Liberty the picture was taken quite recently.

"Oh, Thank God!  She's alive!"  Ms. Liberty thought, though shaken to the bottom of her generous heart, by her friend's unmistakable misery, in her vile servitude to the unspeakable Spidra.  Written across the face of the photo, was a message: "If you ever want to see my little pony-slut, be at the Gates Warehouse, at ten, tonight!"  It was signed Spidra.

"Oh, I'll be there, Spidra, for sure!"  Ms. Liberty vowed, clenching her fists in determination.  She knew it was likely a trap, but she'd foiled the traps of many villains in her career, and grown blase about them.  She felt that familiar tremor of expectant excitement, at the possibility of danger.  Sometimes, she even seemed to court danger for its own sake.

Ms/ Liberty thought of alerting her young protegee, but then told herself. "No, this one's personal!  I won't need any help, tonight!"

As Ms. Liberty appeared in the warehouse, a masked, leather-clad, feline figure stepped from the shadows.

"Who are you?"  Ms. Liberty snapped authoritatively.  "I was expecting that nasty witch, Spidra!"

"Spidra couldn't make it!"  The feline leered.  "She authorised me to deal with you, in any way I chose!  You may call me Catgirl, though Mistress Catgirl will soon be more appropriate!"

Ms. Liberty quivered in indignant fury, causing her magnificent breasts to tremble in excited agitation. "I want Ultarina freed, immediately!"  The heroic crimefighter  demanded.  "Now, where is she?"

Catgirl laughed. It was an evil cackle, a hideous parody of real laughter. "The same place you're going, CHUBBY, into superheroine limbo.  Our organization deals in collecting self-righteous superbimbos, like you.  We make a substantial profit off your PLUMP, white bodies.

Ms. Liberty winced, though her eyes blazed.  True, she was just a little plump, but the plumpness was very nicely distributed, in all the right places.   Still, she was just a little sensitive, that she had to let out the seams of her Magic Costume, in order to resume her crime fighting career.   However, as she looked at the younger girl critically, she noted the girl's double chin, and the way her waistline bulged over the golden circlet cinching her middle.

"Well, she's got a nerve calling me "plump', the pudgy little snot!"   Ms. Liberty thought indignantly.  Aloud, she retorted, "Well, you won't be making any money from this "plump' white body, Honey!"  and she boldly thrust out her splendid bust in challenge.

"We'll see!" The masked feline snickered. "I understand your girlfriend Ultarina was a pretty arrogant bitch, too, before Spidra taught her manners! Now, I hear, the slut is just like an obedient little puppy dog, crawling at Spidra's heels!  That's where all you superheroines belong, crawling on your bellies to your betters!"

Ms. Liberty's face flushed, in fury.  "Why you nasty, little slut!  How dare you speak of Ultarina that way?  Why, you're not fit to lick her boots!"

"That's funny!"  Catgirl snorted.  "I understand Ultarina is a very accomplished boot licker herself, these days!  And that's the least of her new talents!"

Ms. Liberty seethed in silent fury at the nasty smile on Catgirl's face.  Once, she believed Ultarina could never submit to evil, that no one could break that iron-willed Champion of Justice.  After five years, the shock of witnessing Ultarina's disgrace was still was an open wound!  She knew, she'd never get over it!   Ooh, how she ached to wipe that smirk off the masked face!

As Ms. Liberty looked closer at the girl's face, with the keen eyes of the expert crime fighter augmented by her Magic Blue Mask, even under the half mask and double chin there was a haunting familiarity.

Ms. Liberty gasped in recognition.  "I know you, now!"  She said in disbelief.  "You're Batgirl!  Good Lord, Catwoman must have brainwashed you! I'm taking you in, and we can discuss this at Police headquarters!  We can get help for you, restore you to your normal, heroic self!"

Ms. Liberty's concern was met with more sneering, feline laughter.  "No one brainwashed me, Chubby!  My mistress Catwoman did teach me it's better to be on the winning side, than wasting my time with you whining superheroine losers!  She taught me that none of you are fit for anything, but to lick a villainess's boots!  Care to taste mine, Chubby?"

"Oh Batgirl, you don't know what you're saying!"  Ms. Liberty replied sadly, her heart near breaking to see this terrible transformation in the selfless young heroine, she'd admired from afar, in her retirement.  "Please, Batgirl, I must take you in, for your own good!"

"Ho, ho! You superheroines are always so sanctimoniously sure you're right, but not this time!  No, sorry, Chubby!  The name's Catgirl, now, and I'll be taking you, with ME!  Only it won't be for your own good!  Believe me!"  Catgirl laughed sarcastically.

Ms. Liberty put her strong hand on the girl's arm. She gripped it gently but firmly, with the unbreakable grip of a concerned superheroine. Catgirl pulled away, with an angry snarl, easily breaking the bigger woman's grip.  A look of amazement crossed Ms. Liberty's face.  No one ever pulled loose from her before, and with such ease, too.

In spite of the girl's pudgy, out-of-shape appearance, she must be incredibly strong.  Yet Batgirl possessed no super powers!  Did that glowing, golden belt around her straining waist, give her extra strength?   It did look suspiciously like Wonder Woman's Amazon Girdle, but where would this upstart have gotten that? True, the gallant Amazon had been missing for some time!

"Oh Good Heavens!  They can't have broken Wonder Woman, too?"  Ms. Liberty thought, uneasily.  The image of the incomparable Amazon Princess at the mercy of these feline wretches was too painful to contemplate.

Before Ms. Liberty could  finish her thought, Catgirl grabbed her arm.  Ms. Liberty winced at the incredible pressure.  The gloved fingers felt like a steel vice.  She did her best to break loose, but couldn't.

"Let me go!"  Ms. Liberty blurted out.

"Make me!" Catgirl laughed, and squeezed harder.

Ms. Liberty yelped in distress, as her strong arm went numb.  Angrily, she swung her free arm, and her hard fist connected with the girl's jaw. The grip on her arm didn't loosen one iota, and Catgirl didn't even look fazed .

"That he best you can do, Chubby? I heard you were supposed to be strong!"

"I'll show you, "chubby'!"  Ms. Liberty seethed furiously.  She swung her fist even harder, but Catgirl easily dodged the punch, her reflexes unbelievably quick.

This time, Catgirl wasted no time on a retort, but jerked Ms. Liberty off balance, before  releasing her arm.  Then she returned the blonde crimefighter's punch.  Off balance, Ms. Liberty couldn't  avoid the girl's fist.  It smashed into her firm chin.  Even with the protective aura, generated by her Magic Costume Bottom, Ms. Liberty felt the punch, all the way to the top of her head.  Her eyes glazed for a moment, and she stumbled backward.

Before the gorgeous, blonde heroine could recover from the devastating punch, Catgirl was on her, swinging her fists with deadly accuracy.  A left landed on her right breast, and Ms. Liberty wailed in pain.  As she tried to protect her superb bosom, a left and right combination struck her on either side of the jaw.

Ms. Liberty reeled sideways!  Catgirl battered her head to one side, with another solid right fist to the ear. Ms. Liberty raised her arms to ward off the deadly attack to her head, and the agile Catgirl struck low, burying her fist in Ms. Liberty's lower belly.

Oh that hurt! The dynamic blonde gagged in distress, doubling over at the cowardly low blow, that had threatened her femininity.  If not for her Magic Bikini Briefs, Ms. Liberty would be out cold, by now.  As it was, the gallant blonde hardly knew whether she was coming, or going.

With a shake of blonde locks, Ms. Liberty rallied, throwing her best punch, but the wily Catgirl slid to one side, and the explosive punch went wide. Catgirl instantly retaliated, nailing Ms. Liberty in the solar plexus with a deadly, straight right.  Would a few more weeks of exercise, have given her the muscle tone to shake off  the blow?  Ms. Liberty would never know for sure!  She did know the punch left her gasping for breath, and seeing double.

Catgirl capitalized on Ms. Liberty's confusion, snapping a hard right to her jaw, and a left to her right eye.  Ms. Liberty stumbled backward under the barrage. As she reeled away from the smaller girl, Ms. Liberty tried to get her bearings again. She raised her fists in stalwart defiance, preparing to pay the grinning feline back.  Like so many superheroines who relied on their super powers, though, Ms. Liberty was no expert at hand to hand combat.  It had never been necessary before.  Now, she must rely on her wits and courage, to prevail over this evil, super-powered, young villainess.

Before Ms. Liberty had any chance to retaliate, Catgirl leaped at her, and seized her right arm.  She wrenched it painfully.

"Oh, the little witch is strong!"   Ms. Liberty admitted to herself, as she vainly fought to get loose.  Catgirl twisted, first one way, then the other, and the next thing the blond heroine knew, Catgirl sailed her through the air, with a judo toss.

Ms. Liberty landed face down, her queenly bosom painfully absorbing the impact. She rolled over, cradling her aching breasts, and in a daze, saw Catgirl's booted foot coming at her face, at incredible speed.  She tried to roll the other way. Too late!  Catgirl's toe struck her chin rolling her on her side.

Ms. Liberty desperately kept on rolling, somehow, all the way to her feet.  The relentless Catgirl gave her no respite, again attacking with hard, deadly fists. She buffeted Ms. Liberty's head from side to side.  The caped heroine saw stars, her knees knocked together, and a moment later, her long, solidly molded legs buckled, and she went down.  She couched on hands and knees, her head swimming.  While Ms. Liberty crouched woozily on the floor, Catgirl snatched away her Magic Cape.

"I don't want you transporting out of here, before I'm done with you!"  Catgirl chortled, throwing the cape into a far corner of the warehouse.

Even in her distress, the spiteful sneer irked Ms. Liberty.  As if any honorable superheroine would cravenly flee from a fight, even if, for the moment, the tide turned against her.  Certainly, Ms. Liberty wouldn't!  She must get up and turn this around, though!  This had gone on long enough!

Summoning all the powers of her Magic Halter, Ms. Liberty stiffened her back to rise. Too late!  A booted foot flew toward her face.  She dodged to one side.  Again, too late!  Catgirl's toe struck Ms. Liberty's chin, rolling her over on her side.

Ms. Liberty couldn't think straight.  Everything was blurry and out of focus.  Another kick rolled her on her belly.  Catgirl crashed down on her back.  The impact took the heroine's breath away.

"No!"  What was the evil witch doing?  Gloved fingers fumbled at the snaps of her Costume.  "Nooo!" Ms. Liberty wailed, as Catgirl ripped her Magic Halter loose from her shapely torso.

Ms. Liberty felt her super strength ooze away.  Now, she must rely solely on the protective aura generated by the remaining portion of her costume, and, in horror, she felt Catgirl's fingers slide inside the waistband.  "No, not that too!"  With the last flicker of super strength left, Ms. Liberty heaved sideways, spilling the villainess off her back.

Ms. Liberty scrambled to her feet, and Catgirl followed, cackling in triumph.  She waved the Magic Halter in front of Ms. Liberty's flashing eyes.  "Loose something, Chubby?"

Ms. Liberty forlornly eyed her stolen halter, with a dreadful sense of loss. For the first time in the encounter, she knew a flicker of doubt.  Not even aware she was doing it, the mature, full-figured heroine covered her breasts, in a charming, girlish gesture of modesty.

"You may still have those Magic Pants, but see how much good they do you?  I'm going to pull them off you next!" Catgirl cackled. She tossed Ms. Liberty's halter aside.

Ms. Liberty desperately dived after the halter, but Catgirl stuck out her foot, and tripped her.  The full-bodied, blonde crimefighter crashed full-length on her belly, grinding her teeth in furious frustration, the halter just beyond reach of her straining fingers.  Catgirl hauled her to the feet by the hair, and Ms. Liberty yelped at the stinging pain in her scalp.   Modesty was no longer a luxury she could afford, and her big, shapely breasts bounced audaciously about her chest, in all their naked splendor.

Catgirl backhanded Ms. Liberty across the face.  The slap spun the big, full-figured heroine in a half-circle.  As she tried to right herself, Catgirl leaned low, and buried her shoulder in Ms. Liberty's tummy.  With effortless ease, she flung the big crimefighter over her shoulder, in a fireman's carry.

Oh, how humiliating!  To be casually thrown over the smaller girl's shoulder like a sack of grain!

"Oh, what a big, fat bottom!" Catgirl snickered, and  smacked Ms. Liberty's ample, impudently rounded rump.  Even with the Magic Protection of her Costume, the slap stung excruciatingly, and the gallant crimefighter squealed in shocked outrage.  She found herself helpless.  She uselessly kicked her long, shapely legs, and lashed her strong arms in the air, but there was nothing she could do, to protect herself.  Catgirl deliberately peeled the Magic Bikini Bottom down those gorgeous kicking legs, and tore it off Ms. Liberty's ankles. She contemptuously flung it aside.

"No, no!  Heaven protect me!  All my powers are gone!"  Ms. Liberty grieved in horror, as Catgirl set her back on her feet.  "Oh Dear, and I'm stark naked, besides!"  Even as the powerless, humiliated heroine swayed woozily, she was grateful there were no male villains present, to ogle her embarrassingly exposed charms.

Catgirl grabbed Ms. Liberty's throat, and choked her. Ms. Liberty tried to catch her breath, and experienced the terror of strangulation. She tore at Catgirl's wrists, and beat ineffectually at her head and shoulders. Nothing loosened that deathly grip, the fingers tightened like a steel wires.

As Ms. Liberty began to black out, she gurgled with her last breath.  "No, no! No more!"

Knowing she'd won, Catgirl released the tall, blonde heroine, with a snicker of contempt.  Ms. Liberty clutched her throat, rasping for breath.  In dire distress, she was unaware of Catgirl's hot, greedy eyes professionally inspecting the glories of her nude body. The blonde heroine was exceptionally tall, and robustly built, though delicious feminine curves charmingly veiled that robustness.  Although her midriff was fuller than high fashion might dictate, the rich curves of bust and hip, balanced it nicely.

Ms. Liberty had no strength to resist, when Catgirl nonchalantly tore off her Magic Blue Mask, the last of her super gifts.  The blonde heroine blinked uncertainly in the dim light, as her sight dimmed.

"No, no!  She's BEATEN me!"  The awful, daunting realization hit the powerless heroine, with the force of a locomotive.  Ms. Liberty never knew actual physical defeat before, and the shock was terrible, turning her world upside down.  She, who moments before haughtily disdained any thought of retreat from a villain, now glanced yearningly toward the corner, where her magic Teleportation Cape had fallen.

"Don't even think it, Chubby! I'm twice as fast as you are!"  Catgirl laughed, with a nasty smirk.

Ms. Liberty gulped in dismay!  She shuddered in horror. She, Ms. Liberty, had nearly cravenly fled in panic, from a criminal!  What had come over her? This would never do!  Ms. Liberty got a stern grip on her emotions.  She squared her shoulders.

"Well, even if she is stronger than I am, she doesn't scare me!"  The defeated heroine told herself, proudly.  Maybe, chances of defeating the devious Catgirl, were slim, now, but she vowed the feline monster would never scare her again!  She was Ms. Liberty!  Somehow she'd turn the tables!  After all, Right and Justice always triumphed in the end!  Didn't they?

Composure regained, Ms. Liberty straightened with proud defiance, before her victorious foe. She took a deep breath, that tightened her belly to becoming flatness, and drew up her luxuriant, denuded breasts, in all their milky perfection, to a generous, mouth-watering display.  Her marvelous breasts quivered in readiness. Looking proud as a captive Barbarian Queen, Ms. Liberty waited with dignified disdain   Only the slightest nervous tremor of her ripe, red, lower lip betrayed the trauma and dismay of her unforseen defeat.

That tiny hint of uncertainty didn't escape Catgirl; Catwoman had trained her all too well. She licked her lips in anticipation, and shivered at the delightful tingle in her loins.  Those first moments, when a heretofore, invincible superheroine first experienced helpless vulnerability to any outrage, were always the most delicious. The bravado and the outrage alternated so nicely with those first stabs of blind terror.  No superheroine could quite believe, this horrible thing was really happening to HER, not at first, at least.

Catgirl silently savored the anticipation for a time, a knowing smile on her lips.  Ms. Liberty fidgeted a little, not knowing what was coming next.  "Why doesn't she do something?"  She wondered nervously, biting her bee-stung, lower lip.   Finally Catgirl did do something; she insolently thrust out her gloved hand, and cupped Ms. Liberty's firm, fulsome right breast.  The rich-mounded flesh trembled in alarm, at this unprecedented, profligate violation of Ms. Liberty's own sweet body.

The dauntless heroine angrily slapped at the invasive hand.  "Don't you dare touch me,"  she burst out furiously, "or...eeeeiiii!"   Ms. Liberty's angry retort was cut short, by a shrill cry of pain, when Catgirl pinched her nipple with incredible power.

Ms. Liberty clutched at Catgirl's wrist, but it did no good.  She danced from foot to foot, involuntarily uttering sharp, pained cries. Finally, the remorseless pain became so intense, that there was no other choice; Ms. Liberty whimpered a plea "Oh Dear Heaven! Let go!  Please... pleeease.."  With an arrogant snicker, Catgirl sheathed her cruel claws.

Ms. Liberty gulped in several deep breaths, before her strong chin set stubbornly, again.  Even then, her beautiful face was paper white, in the aftermath of the devilish violation of her magnificent bosom.

"You Evil Witch!"  Ms. Liberty exclaimed, indignantly.  "How could you betray everything you believed in, and treat another crimefighter, so disgracefully?"

"Shut your big mouth, Chubbette, or I'll shut it for you!"  Catgirl sneered, with an evil laugh.  In spite of her resolute determination to resist, Ms. Liberty fell silent. "I'll gain nothing by baiting her!"  She told herself. "Must use sympathy and understanding to reach her!"

Before Ms. Liberty could extend her sympathy and understanding, Catgirl insolently patted the taller woman's cheek.  In spite of herself, Ms. Liberty shuddered at the evil, possessive touch, in its own way as chilling as the fierce pain, in her bosom. She stiffened, but made no move to pull away, though.

"That's MY good, little superheroine!"  Catgirl taunted.  Ms. Liberty looked away, ashamed that she failed to resist this horrifying license.  Catgirl's hand  rested on her beaten foe's beautiful face, a few moments longer, then stole back down the ripe flesh to Ms. Liberty's opulent, once inviolate, bosom, as though drawn by a magnet.  Ms. Liberty felt the progress of Catgirl's hand, as though it were a hot coal trailed over her creamy flesh. Catgirl fondled the luscious, creamy globes, once more, her face rapt and dreamy eyed.

As Catgirl toyed with the impudently up-mounded breasts of America's blonde darling, Ms. Liberty clenched her hands furiously, shuddering, anew, at that evil possessive touch, itching to wipe that smirk off the redhead's plump face.  Yet, Ms. Liberty hesitated, gulping back her outraged protest.  Her heart beat faster, and with a shock of dismay, it came to her; her hesitation was born of fear, an emotion new to the heroic Champion of Justice.  The memory of that hideous pain in her bosom, was still alive in her memory, and she dared not incur it again.

As she trembled apprehensively, in indecision, Ms. Liberty's nipple stiffened against Catgirl's glove. The evil redhead felt her prey's nervous reaction and laughed sarcastically.

"See!  I knew you'd like it!  Those big boobs were just made for me to play with!"

"Oh, you hateful thing!"  Ms. Liberty blurted out.  Her own physical reaction alarmed her.  "It must be the cold air!"  She told herself.

"Kiss me!"  Catgirl suddenly snapped.

"Wha.....?" Ms. Liberty asked, in genuine bewilderment.

"I said, "kiss me' you dumb, blonde bimbo. Superheroines are always so dense, especially the blonde ones!" Catgirl never forgot, that she had a score to settle with the blonde Supergirl.

As she repeated her command, Catgirl lightly pinched that vulnerable nipple again, just a threat this time.  Ms. Liberty whimpered.  Rather than endure that hideous pain again, she bent the stiff, proud column of her neck, and gingerly touched her ripe lips, stiff and cold and tightly closed, to Catgirl's evilly grinning mouth.

Catgirl pulled back, with a furious snarl.  "You stupid bitch!  Not like that!  Open your mouth!"

Ms. Liberty gulped, nervously, but her red lips set in a firm, straight line of defiance.  Without  warning, Catgirl smacked her across the face.  The blow buffeted the heroine's head to one side, her blond hair swirling about her face.  Before Ms. Liberty knew what hit her, Catgirl's hand reversed motion, and the back of her hand struck other side of Ms. Liberty's face.

Without the protection of her Magic Costume, the two slaps knocked Ms. Liberty nearly unconscious. She would have fallen, but Catgirl caught her under the arms, and straightened her up.

"Now, kiss me properly, superheroine slut!"  Catgirl snarled.

Her head swimming, hardly knowing what she was doing, Ms. Liberty opened her mouth, and kissed Catgirl squarely on the lips. The evil feline returned the kiss with aggressive arrogance, fiercely thrusting her tongue inside the virtuous heroine's ripe mouth, virtually taking possession of it.

Ms. Liberty moaned in capitulation.  That arrogant feline form boldly pressed full length against her ripe body. The brazen bodily pressure, together with that disturbing kiss of ownership, numbed Ms. Liberty's senses and battered her resistance.  Her tense form went limp, and before she could stop herself, Ms. Liberty was returning Catgirl's kiss.  God knew, the hateful witch was the last person in the world she'd ever want to kiss, but it was as though she had no choice.  Wily Catgirl grinned knowingly, when the older woman compliantly melted against her.

Ms. Liberty "s head was swimming, as if she was going to swoon.  Her legs grew so shaky, she almost collapsed.  It was Catgirl who broke off the passionate kiss, with a leering smirk.  Ms. Liberty looked at the small dominatrix in bewilderment.

Catgirl laughed. "You slut!  You liked it!  Didn't you?"

Ms. Liberty choked out.  "N-no!  I didn't!  I didn't!  I..I hated it!"

"Ho, ho! I can tell the signs! You're nothing but a cheap slut, Liberty!  You want me to do evil things to you, don't you?  Admit it, Liberty!"

"I don't! I don't!"   Ms. Liberty choked, desperately praying she didn't.

"Why, I bet if I were to take you across my knee, and give your big, fat, superheroine behind, a good, old-fashioned, bare-bottomed spanking, you'd cum, right on my lap!"

"I w-would not!  Oh, you hateful thing!"  Ms. Liberty cried, twisting her hands nervously.  Then, seeing Catgirl coming toward her, as though to carry out the threat, Ms. Liberty raised her hands defensively, even if defense was now hopeless. Catgirl ignored the raised hands, and craftily seized the tall, queenly formed woman by the ear, forcing her to bend nearly in half.  Ms. Liberty squealed involuntarily at the pain, as Catgirl ignominiously dragged her, like an unruly schoolgirl, to a bench in the corner.

Catgirl released Ms. Liberty's ear, and sat down on the bench.  With an imperious finger, she wordlessly bade  the older heroine to lie across her lap.

Ms. Liberty trembled, rooted to the spot.  Instead of resisting the command, or even fleeing, she vainly uttered indignant protests.  "Don't you dare, try it, you nasty little brat!  Why, I'm a grown woman!  I won't be...."  Catgirl cut off Ms. Liberty's protests, by grabbing her wrist.

"You leave me alone!"  Ms. Liberty wailed helplessly.  Catgirl laughed and pulled Ms. Liberty face down across her lap.  Without her costume, the tall, full bodied crimefighter was as powerless as a child, to resist the small, evil, young  redhead.  Ms. Liberty had never been so humiliated in her life. Yet, her helpless humiliation awakened strange feelings.  A breathless, ache filled her lungs, until she felt they'd burst.  Butterflies fluttered violently in her tummy.  She tingled all over her body with a nameless need.

"Oh please don't hurt me!"  The mature crimefighter whimpered, in the voice of a little girl.  It was hard to remember, she was Ms. Liberty, a superheroine, a Champion of Justice, impossible to coerce or intimidate.

Catgirl's nasty, disparaging laugh was her only answer.

Once again, Catgirl paused to savor the coming delectation, while Ms. Liberty shivered in dreadful anticipation.  How delightful!  Catgirl licked her lips in appreciation of Ms. Liberty's broad, womanly, bottom cheeks.  So shapely!  Oh, they were made for a good paddling!  Catgirl caressed the impudent globes, lovingly, and the creamy flesh broke out in goose  bumps.  Ms. Liberty strained desperately to escape, madly kicking her long, strongly rounded legs.  Catgirl shifted, and locked her leather clad leg over a plump, white thigh.  Ms. Liberty was hopelessly trapped.   She shuddered in dread, causing her splendid bottom to quiver in seeming invitation to Catgirl's cruelty.  That cruelty was not long in coming.

The palms of Catgirl's gloves were Amazonium mesh, charged with Shazam's lightening, especially designed for dealing with recalcitrant superheroines.  Even if Ms. Liberty had not been stripped of her Magic Costume, those gloves would have been overpoweringly painful.  Without the Costume, they were deadly.

The first slap hurt incredibly, but drawing on the deep well of courage in her stately bosom, Ms. Liberty vowed she could endure it.  She'd never give in to this vile, hateful redhead, barely out of her teens!  The courageous blonde stubbornly gritted her teeth.

The staccato slaps continued remorselessly; Ms. Liberty's magnificent, creamy, nether cheeks glowed pink, then radiated an angry crimson; and the pain built to a flood tide, that threatened to consume our gallant heroine.  Yet, though tears overflowed her blue eyes, an occasional catch of her breath, was the only sound accompanying the steady rhythmic slapping.

The steady "slap, slap, slap' went on, and on. Still Ms. Liberty refused to surrender to it.  Then in answer to the woeful anguish, that scalded the delicate flesh of her mature behind, Ms. Liberty felt something else.

"No, no!" The Heroic Blonde screamed soundlessly.  "I won't! I can't! I'm Ms. Liberty!"  For, unthinkably, the hot searing pain had aroused an equally torrid, aching, wet need in her loins.  Now, Ms. Liberty's fulsome bottom wriggled, as though seeking Catgirl's cruel, punishing hand.

Betrayed by her own body, Ms. Liberty lost all control. She broke into loud, heart wrenching sobs.  That darkest, most terrible, most secret fear, that fear never faced, never even consciously acknowledged, was come true.  Against her will, it seemed, Ms. Liberty was eagerly surrendering to Catgirl's heartless, arrogant domination.  Mighty Ms. Liberty was become no better than a powerless plaything, a toy in Catgirl's hands.

Loud, pain filled sobs mingled with equally loud moans of passion.  Rather than resist the pain, Ms. Liberty embraced it.  It became a warm comforting friend, a forbidden  lover, that obliterated all trace of the mighty superheroine.  Now, there was no one but a scared, helpless, little girl, who needed Catgirl's strength to guide her.

Catgirl felt the older heroine's surrender, in her limp body, and heard it in her lost sobbing moans.  "The bitch is mine, now!  All mine!" Catgirl gloated.  Without warning, she spilled Ms. Liberty onto the floor

The harsh cement burned Ms. Liberty's wounded flesh, like boiling oil poured on it, but she sat humbly at Catgirl's feet, afraid to move without direction; fear outweighing the urge to ease searing torment.  Her back rested against the wall, and her long shapely legs extended full-length in front of her, in all their booted glory.

Catgirl knelt beside the sobbing superheroine, and pulled off the glove from her left hand.  Then with contemptuous familiarity, she thrust her bare hand between those succulent thighs, callously violating Ms. Liberty's feminine intimacy.  Ms. Liberty had no will to even protest.  She meekly endured Catgirl's cruel, groping hand.

"Oh, you bad, little slut!' Catgirl chortled.  "Look at you! Your little pussy is all wet! What a bad, bad, little girl you are!

"I-I'm not!" Ms. Liberty wept in confusion, as though she were indeed a child, eager to convince Catgirl of her innocense.

"We'll see!" Catgirl smirked. She took Ms. Liberty's wrist in her unbreakable grip and guided the superheroine's hand, to that delightful, forbidden sanctuary between her own superb, white thighs.

"Do it!  You know, you want to!"  Catgirl hissed insinuatingly in Ms. Liberty's ear. Ms. Liberty couldn't admit it, even to herself, bur she did want to.  Desperately!  Her body raged with a fiery need she could scarcely control.  Nor dared she disobey the cruel young feline, who held her in half-acknowledged servitude.  Her hand in place, Ms. Liberty delicately fingered herself in self-gratification, as she'd seen Ultarina do, in answer to her harsh mistress's command.  The defeated, demeaned crimefighter moaned in relief, all the while, detesting herself, for her craven surrender.

Even as Ms. Liberty gulped down a sob of despair, the waves of pleasure overwhelmed her.  Her perverted new thirst was slaked by her own hand.

As the tide of passion ebbed, Ms. Liberty guiltily peeked up, and saw Catgirl's knowing evil smile.  The gallant crimefighter was overcome by the full enormity of her defeat and surrender to the depraved villainess.  Catgirl was eager to ram home the horrifying truth.

"What will that insipid, little protegee of your's think, when she sees her heroic mentor fingering herself after a spanking?  Won't the little baggage be shocked!  We'll have to show her one day, soon!"

Ms. Liberty shuddered at the thought of the admiring younger heroine seeing her reduced to this. Then, the implied threat to the darling, young crimefighter, she had taken under her wing, hit home, and struck terror in Ms. Liberty's heart.

"Oh, leave her alone, please!  I beg you! She's only a girl!" Ms. Liberty  whimpered in terror for her young friend.

"We'll see!"  Catgirl smiled.  "Maybe, if you're a really good, little girl, and do everything I tell you, it won't be necessary to......"  Catgirl's voice trailed off in unspoken threat.

"I will!  I will! I swear!"  Ms. Liberty cried hopefully, only to have her hopes immediately dashed.

"Then again, I'm not promising anything!  Maybe, I'll use you as bait to lure her into a trap. Won't that be ironic? You'll do that too, won't you, if I tell you?"

Ms. Liberty hung her head in tragic shame, fearing she might.   Catgirl laughed, knowing she would.

The dauntless Ms. Liberty would never, again, dare disobey this heartless, self-willed feline, not even to protect her best friend and closest ally.  The strong, self-reliant superheroine, who entered the warehouse, was forever lost.  Ms. Liberty was no more than the plaything of an evil mistress.  In gallantly returning to duty, the golden-haired heroine doomed herself, to the most  ignominious of slavery.

Catgirl picked up the tattered remains of Ms. Liberty's Magic Costume, and tucked them into her Utility Bag.  Ms. Liberty's head drooped in humiliation, knowing she had disgraced those proud colors. Her tangled, golden hair mercifully veiled her face, as Catgirl's wicked triumphant laughter rang in her ears.

Catgirl impatiently  turned on her heel.  "Come along, Ms. Slut!  We don't have all night!  Catwoman is waiting!"  The command rang in the broken heroine's ear, like the Voice of Doom.

Ms. Liberty climbed wearily to her feet.  "Yes, Ma'am!"  She murmured, in a choked sob, and obediently fell in behind her new mistress, proud, strong back bent in submission, neck bowed in surrender.

Catwoman's evil, feline regime had claimed another victim!

What diabolical fate will Catwoman inflict on her newest acquisition, the unhappy Ms. Liberty? What new suffering awaits the Royal captives of Paradise Island?

To be continued in Superheroine Jeopardy. Part 15. A Daughter's Devotion.  Same Cat Channel! Same Cat Time!