Latin Holiday. Part 4


Superheroine, Power Miss, discovers a nest of fugitive Nazis in a Latin American jungle.

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not  those of the author, but were widespread during, the era, and in the milieu, portrayed. Also, thanks to "frend' for several suggestions incorporated herein.

Adventures of


Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.


Latin Holiday. Part 4.

Having decisively, disastrously defeated the American superheroine, Power Miss, the evil renegade Nazi, Gerda von Hipper, ripped the world renowned, scarlet uniform from the superheroine's beaten body.  Now, Gerda wanted to know, who was under that yellow mask. Power Miss could do nothing but whimper in protest, as Gerda tore the mask from her battered though still gorgeous face.  The beaten crimefighter knew that exposure of her secret identity would end her career for good. Gerda knew it too, and was thrilled by it.  "Ja ,Now efen if ze bitch survives, she'll nefer be able to bozer me again!"

As Gerda pulled the mask free, she triumphantly looked down into the  tragic, frightened eyes of Cynthia Lane.  "Ach! I should haff known it vas zat bitch!"   Poor Cynthia vainly tried to hide her face in her hands, much to the vile Nazi's contemptuous amusement.

When she had  apprehended Gerda during the war, Power Miss was appalled by the stories of the terrible, unmentionable things the evil Nazi did to her helpless women prisoners.  Of course, the invincible Power Miss never dreamed she could ever be one of those helpless, terrified women. Now that the unthinkable had happened, she found herself unable to control her growing panicky fear of the terrible Gerda.  She was trembling uncontrollably, and tears flowed down her face.  Well might the captive superheroine tremble, for Gerda had evil plans for her!

"Zer ist a sink in ze corner!  Go vash your face, Yankee Pig! Meanvile, so long as you are naked, I might as vell be comfortable, too!"  Then, as Power Miss rose and walked shakily to the corner, Gerda undid her uniform belt.  As the sobbing superheroine washed the blood from her face, Gerda stripped down to her sturdy, government issue, gray, panty girdle and shiny, black boots. She had plans for the boots.

By the time she finished washing, Power Miss felt a little better, physically, at least.  Perhaps the cooling water even restored her flagging spirits a trifle.  She looked apprehensively at Gerda's semi-nudity, though, knowing the woman's strange proclivities.  "She'd better not pull anything like that with me!" Power Miss told herself, nervously.

Gerda looked down at her boots. "Look at vat you haff done, you American shvine!  Mein boots are all scuffed! You vill clean zem!"

"The outrageous demand stiffened Power Miss's back with indignation.  "You may have beaten me, with your perverted Nazi science, you evil Nazi witch, but you'll never make any self-respecting American girl clean a Nazi's boots!"   The brown-haired heroine snapped, with an indignant toss of her head.

"Ach, you sink so American Sow? Vell, ve vill see!" Gerda snorted, and without warning, hauled off and slapped Power Miss across the face.  Weakened by the disastrous fight, our beloved heroine couldn't stand up to Gerda's super strength, and the cowardly blow knocked the gallant American off her feet.

Before Power Miss could even move, Gerda leaped astride her prone body, and as the moaning crimefighter held her smarting face, the vicious Nazi smacked her across the other cheek.

Power Miss wriggled uselessly, desperately trying to get out from under the odious Nazi, but Gerda scissored her unbelievably strong thighs around the American girl's waist and squeezed with crushing pressure, driving the breath right out of her lungs.  As Power Miss struggled to escape the deadly grip of those legs, Gerda pinched and twisted her beautiful nipple, until the American screamed in anguish.

The pain was intense, but the brave American crimefighter could certainly have resisted mere pain. What was so terribly distressing, was her utter powerlessness.  She, who was so used to being in command of every situation, was helpless between Gerda's incredibly strong thighs.  It was a rude, terribly distressing shock for a superheroine.  In despair, Power Miss knew it was no use resisting.  The awful beating Gerda had given her, had weakened her so, that the evil Nazi was just too strong for her, now.  Power Miss sobbed out her surrender.

"Ja, you bet you vill do it, and now, because you haff been so obstinate, you vill do it viz your TONGUE!"   Power Miss blinked in disbelief, at Gerda's words.  Surely, even this viciously evil woman wouldn't make her do anything so hideously demeaning, as that.

Power Miss was wrong.  Gerda picked up a riding crop, and snapped it under the heroine's nose. "Ja!  You vill do it, viz your tongue, or you vill be really sorry, I promiss you!"

Power Miss gulped back her tears.  Defeated and alone, at the evil Nazi's mercy, she knew   she couldn't resist.  She had no choice, much as it mortified her. With a little sob of despair, Power Miss nodded her head, in humiliated submission.

"Get on your knees, zen bitch, vere you belong!"  Gerda snapped triumphantly.

With another sob of resignation, Power Miss sank to her knees, before the detestable Nazi woman.

Kneeling at the victorious Nazi's feet, Power Miss gazed sadly at those black boots, the hated symbol of everything evil, in the Nazi regime. How could she, a loyal American crimefighter, bring herself to lick those Nazi boots?

Gerda cracked the whip across her shoulder, and Power Miss squealed in pain. The proud superheroine reluctantly bent her stiff, haughty neck, and extended her pink tongue.  She gagged, as her tongue touched the leather, but Gerda held the whip threateningly above her head, and she set to work.

Gerda kept her sobbing victim, working at her odious task, until Power Miss had thoroughly licked every square inch of both boots. She was gagging, physically sick to her stomach.  She would recover from that, but the blow to her pride and spirit was devastating. Would she ever be able to hold her head up again?

After what seemed an eternity, Gerda finally said. "Ach, zat is enuff, for now, anyvay! Hah, Power Miss, you look zo goot on your hands und knees, like a little, brown pony, I had ven I vas a little girl.  Ja, now you vill be mein little pony, und giff me a ride!  Prepare yourself for me to mount!"

At Gerda's imperious gesture, the unhappy superheroine crawled to Gerda's side, and knelt by her, quivering in despair, as Gerda mounted her back, and squirmed about, until she was completely comfortable. "Ja, mein Mama alvays insisted a lady must alvays ride sidesaddle!" Gerda snickered. She jerked Power Miss by the hair, as signal to start.

Servilely bearing her hated enemy, in state, the disconsolate Power Miss crawled like a beast of burden about the room, Gerda grew dreamy eyed.  She began to touch her bosom and breath more heavily.  Her excitement grew, until she could no longer contain it.

Gerda jumped off her unfortunate mount, panting in anticipation. She pulled Power Miss to her feet, and dragged her by the wrist to a large bench, and pushed her down on it.  Gerda sat down beside the cringing, embarrassed, American girl, and immediately began to make erotic advances to her nude, helpless captive.

Gerda’s hands, roving freely over her chaste body, mortified Power Miss.  She had read in the files, that Gerda liked to do such things to helpless women, but she hadn't really believed it could happen, to her own precious body.  Maddened by fear of those groping hands, Power Miss tried to escape, but Gerda grabbed her between the legs, and pulled the big, brown-haired American down on her lap.

Power Miss found it was even more humiliating and frightening, to be made to sit directly on Gerda’s lap. The nationally admired superheroine felt the helplessness of a little girl reluctantly dragged onto the lap of an odious relative. With a shudder, Power Miss felt Gerda’s garters rasp against the tender sensitivity of her lush, upper thighs.  Her humiliating enforced nudity, in such proximity to Gerda, of course, made her ordeal all the more hideous. Gerda's hands became even bolder. She brazenly fondled Power Miss's bounteous, fully formed breasts with rough, near contemptuous familiarity.  Power Miss quivered with suppressed rage and humiliation.

In growing dread and fear of the Nazi, Power Miss endured those odious hands as long as she could, but when Gerda’s hot demanding hands groped between her ripe, stately thighs, she panicked.  She must escape!

Terrorized, Power Miss leaped to her feet, to escape those terrible, brazen, Nazi hands. Once free of Gerda’s odious embrace, though, the indomitable superheroine acted dazed and confused. All her formidable crime fighting and combat skills had seemingly deserted her.  Once invincible, now Power Miss was like a frightened, defenseless deer, frantically seeking escape from the awful, Nazi she-wolf.

There was to be no escape for the panicky crimefighter, though, for Gerda easily caught her frightened, disoriented prey. She savagely grabbed Power Miss by the ear, and dragged her back to the bench.

The angry Nazi flung the big American heroine across her lap, in an even more embarrassingly degrading pose.

"Ja you haff been a naughty, little Superheroine, and I vill teach you a goot lesson!" Gerda cried, secretly pleased for the excuse to totally humiliate her hated enemy.

Without further ado, Gerda administered a painfully hard lesson in Nazi discipline.  Her will to resist, virtually destroyed, already, Power Miss screamed and begged, piteously, kicking and struggling desperately to escape her fiery ordeal. Her struggles were to no avail; with her super strength, Gerda held her victim in an unshakable grip, and her rough hand was more damaging than a wooden paddle. Gerda’s super strength made what might look like the harmless punishment of an unruly child, an endless, unendurable ordeal of torment.

The scalding agony overcame the last of Power Miss's courage, and she finally collapsed, hopelessly broken, across Gerda’s knee, sobbing in anguished despair. Gerda pulled the sobbing Power Miss to her feet. She anticipated little further resistance to her harsh lovemaking, but just to be on the safe side, she tied the heroine's hands behind her back. She used a steel cable, and severely weakened by Gerda's savage beating, even the super strong Power Miss couldn't tear loose, though her efforts were apathetic, as though her courage and will were broken. Now, there would be no further interruptions!


End Of Part 4.

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