WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is not suitable for children. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Note: This story is a sequal to After School Lesson.  After School Lesson.

Another Lesson. Part 1.

Phillipsberg High School, Office of the Principal. Principal Rosemary Harrison in reluctant conference with Laurel Phillips, the Music Teacher:

Without warning, the office door opened, and Kate Winston, the new Athletic Director strode into the office, then stopped in embarrassed confusion.

A moment later Kate fled the office.

After school ended that day, Kate returned to the Principal's Office, taking care to knock loudly this time.

"Come in!" Rosemary Harrison called out.

Kate entered the office looking sheepish, and looking around carefully to make sure her old friend was alone.

"Oh Rosy, I'm so sorry!"  She blurted out.

"I-it's okay Kate! We both know nothing like that, should have been going on during school hours!  I just had no choice!  Usually, I at least lock the door, but this afternoon she didn't give me time!"  Rosemary Harrison paused a moment, as though embarrassed to go on.

Her friend  finally broke the awkward silence. "Rosy all the time we roomed together in College, I never suspected you were gay!  It's okay with me, of course!  I respect your choice!"

Rosemary hung her head and didn't answer for a second. Kate saw a tear glistening through Rosemary's glasses. Finally in a small voice, she whimpered. "I'm not really, Kate!  That awful bitch makes me do it!"

"She makes you? How can she?" Kate responded in shocked amazement.  "Is she...is she blackmailing you?"

"N-not exactly!"  Rosemary hesitated a second; then taking a deep breath, she blurted out.  "Kate I've never told anyone this before! I've always been too ashamed for anyone to know!  I'm afraid she'll beat me up, if I don't do what she tells me!' The tall, athletically built Principal hung her head at the admission, unable to look her friend in the eye.

For a moment Kate Winston just gaped. She couldn't believe her ears. "Laurel Phillips! C'mon Rosy, you got to be kidding! That pampered, spoiled, middle-aged, rich bitch?  She never even works out!  I've seen her at the Health Spa! She only goes there too use the tanning booth, between beauty parlor visits!"

"I thought that too! Last year she challenged me to fight her, right here in my own office!  I thought she must be crazy, but it seemed like the answer to a prayer!  God help me, I thought it was a chance to show her who's boss and establish my authority, as Principal, once and for all, even if her husband does run the town and the School Board.  I know I'm a lot stronger and even a better wrestler, but she fights dirtier than anyone I ever met! A-any way by the time we were done, she beat me up really bad!  Th-then...then, she practically r-raped me, Kate.  She finished up, throwing me across my own desk, and blistering my bare bottom with that three-foot, brass-bound yard stick, on the wall!  I was a wreck!  I was too ashamed to even go to a Doctor, but I was out of school for a week recovering. I don't think I'll ever get over it, psychologically!  The day I got back, she swaggered in here and made me...made me... well...you saw! It's been going on ever since! I'm so scared of her, I do anything she tells me!"

"Rosy, that bitch is raping you! You should go to the Police!"

"Oh Kate...(sniffle)... I'd be too ashamed to tell anyone else! Anyway, her husband's cousin is Chief of Police!"

When she finished her mortifying confession, Rosemary broke down and sobbed.  Kate comforted her friend, as best she could, until Rosemary somewhat recovered her composure.  Then, Kate strode out of the office, resolved to do something to help her friend.

Kate Winston was not one to waste time.  She headed directly toward the Music Department.  By luck, she encountered Laurel just leaving the Band Room.  Kate rushed at the Music Teacher, grabbed a handful of silk blouse and smacked the evil witch across the face.

After the furious Athletic Director stormed off, Laurel stumbled to her feet and looked fearfully around.  "Thank God!"  It was late enough, that none of the students, or other faculty, had seen her humiliation. Vowing to pay 'that Bitch' back, Laurel stumbled in the direction Kate had stormed off, at a very discreet distance.

Kate headed to the showers in the girl's locker room.  She undressed, and hopped into the shower.  "I need a shower after even touching that awful witch!"  Kate thought.

Meanwhile, Laurel saw the Athletic Director enter the dressing area. She waited a few minutes and quietly stuck her head into the dressing room. She heard the shower running and slipped inside, concealing herself  amongst the rows of lockers.  Impulsively, she stripped off her own now bedraggled finery. "This is always better naked!" She told herself, in anticipation.

As she waited, Laurel spied a baseball glove and baseball someone carelessly left on a bench. Laurel picked up the baseball.  A short time later, she heard the shower stop.  A minute later, Kate strode into the dressing room carrying her towel and bath brush. Laurel held her breath, not making a sound. Kate strode by; busy toweling her lush, muscular, nude body she didn't notice Laurel hiding behind the row of lockers.

Laurel's attack was lightening fast, nasty and ruthless.  Kate had only gone a few steps past her when Laurel stepped out, and flung the baseball with surprising accuracy. The hard ball caught Kate in the small of the back.  The startled Athletic Director let out a loud cry of pain.  A second later, Laurel slammed into her from behind, and knocked her face first, careening into the wall.

Before Kate knew what hit her, Laurel knocked her nearly unconscious, banging her head against the wall, then followed up with two vicious knee lifts to her groin.

As Kate's body twisted in agony, Laurel grabbed her around the neck from behind and hammered her fist into the stricken woman's agonized back, where the baseball had struck, earlier.

Kate desperately tore loose, just as Laurel landed a final, especially damaging blow.

Kate furiously turned to get at the vicious Music Teacher, but Laurel was waiting.  She caught Kate twice in the belly with stony little fists that drove the breath from the bigger woman's lungs.

Her head reeling, in desperation, Kate tried to escape from the locker room, at least long enough to gather her wits, so she could pay the merciless bitch back for this sneak attack.  As she turned, though, Laurel tripped her.

Kate went down hard on her belly and breasts, and a moment later, Laurel knee dropped into the small of her back, knocking what little breath she had left, from her lungs in a whoosh.

Laurel banged Kate's head on the floor, then twisted her body into a pretzel.


End of Part 1.

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