WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, f/f rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not those of the author, but were widespread during, the wartime era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

Mission To Los Grande. Part 3.
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The vicious young Nazi, Ubermadchen, unlike her gallant American foe, Lady Marvel, was a rigorously trained expert, in many forms of combat including barroom brawling. Though much smaller and younger, her savage cunning and expertise had prevailed over age, strength and noble purpose. Ubermadchen, gaining the advantage, had ruthlessly beaten Lady Marvel to the floor, and then continued to brutally attack her fallen foe. The vile little Nazi blonde considered no target was off limits, not even her foe's gorgeous breasts.

Lady Marvel was appalled that the vicious young Nazi foully targeted her bounteous bosom, but she soon discovered Ubermadchen could be even more monstrously depraved.

As Lady Marvel, screaming in agony, tried to roll or crawl away, the merciless Ubermadchen followed relentlessly, kicking her across the floor of the cave.

There was no escape from those thudding kicks.

Ubermadchen planted her boot heel on her writhing foe's chest, and once again demanded her surrender.

Gulping in uncertainty, Lady Marvel once again refused, her voice faltering.

Ubermadchen was growing impatient. She grabbed a handful of Lady Marvel's uniform tunic, and hauled the groaning American to her knees.

Ubermadchen paused a moment, fist cocked. Lady Marvel screamed fearfully.

Lady Marvel's frightened scream of protest fell on deaf ears. Ubermadchen's fist feeling like a sledge hammer plowed into her face.

As Lady Marvel squealed in painful fear, Ubermadchen continued to hammer her beautiful, suffering face. There was not even token resistance to this sadistically brutal beating now, only Lady Marvel's fearful cries before each blow, and her moaning screams, after.

Once more, Ubermadchen paused, fist cocked. Lady Marvel, battered nearly senseless, couldn't take her frightened eyes from that awful fist.  Oh, no more! She knew she was beaten. Knowing the importance of her mission, that knowledge was inconceivably bitter. She longed so, to resist, but even super flesh has its limits. She just couldn't take any more.  In quavering voice, Lady Marvel croaked her surrender.

Once Lady Marvel whimpered her submission, Ubermadchen hauled the defeated champion to her feet.

When Ubermadchen released her, it took all of Lady Marvel's faltering strength to stay on her feet. A slight shove was enough to turn her the other way.

Hardly able to grasp what was happening to her in this nightmare, it was only when she felt the cool air of the cave on her flesh, that Lady Marvel realized the horrid little Nazi was pulling down her uniform briefs, exposing her magnificently rounded bottom cheeks to view. When the mortifying realization penetrated her pain drugged senses, she shrieked in horror.

As Lady Marvel nearly wept in frustrated protest, Ubermadchen finished denuding her.

It was the final straw. Lady Marvel's broad shoulders slumped in hopeless despair. Vainly the defeated champion of wholesome virtue tried to cover her mortifying nakedness. 

As Lady Marvel slumped in despair, Ubermadchen secured a stout, black paddle from a nearby table. It was no ordinary paddle, but one made of material from the interstellar ship that brought Ubermadchen to earth. The alloy of their home world do what no earth metal could, painfully sting the normally invulnerable flesh of a super being. Young Inga's stern Prussian parents had occasionally used it to complete their daughter's training. Inga sentimentally kept it as a reminder of home. Now it would be amusingly useful, to use it to further degrade her defeated enemy.

It was only when Ubermadchen ordered her to 'assume the position', that the despairing Lady Marvel became aware of the Nazi's plan. She reacted in horror.

Lady Marvel's reaction was instinctive. Although not yet aware of the paddle's unique properties, the threat of a mortifying paddling from a teenager was enough to send her fleeing. Too exhausted to fly in the air, her only recourse was to run from the girl like a frightened rabbit.

Ubermadchen was furious at her prisoner's desperate bid to escape. "Cowardly Bitch!" She sneered.

Of course, the young Nazi, still fresh after her victory, could swiftly catch the fleeing superheroine by flying herself, but NO! It would be more fun to run her exhausted prey down on foot, as she had admiringly watched her beloved "Papa" do, when hunting wild boar with a short spear.

The chase was short, but decisive. Ubermadchen swiftly caught her frightened quarry by the collar, and dragged the squealing, protesting Lady Marvel back across the room to a small stool.

End of Part 3.

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