WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Queen To Pawn. Part 2.

Gaining an unfair advantage over Red Queen by trickery, Blue Ninja secured a deadly hold on the heroine's leg and nearly tore the limb from her body.

After the first shock of agony passed, Red Queen gritted her teeth in a snarled promise of retribution

As she sought to spring to her feet, Red Queen's injured leg buckled under her, and when she tried to stand on it, a fierce burst of pain almost sent her into shock.

Distracted by the intense pain in her injured hip, Red Queen didn't see the foot lancing toward her chest, until it was too late.

Infuriated by the spiteful attack to her very vulnerable chest, Red Queen swung angrily, but this time a sneering Blue Ninja easily dodged her fist.

Now that she had neutralized the threat of her foe's incredible speed and grace, Blue Ninja launched a lightening fast karate attack. On the defensive, Red Queen, hampered by her leg injury, was suddenly easy prey.   A rain of blows struck her with deadly force. For the first time in her career, an opponent drove her backward. With a pang of sobering doubt, Red Queen realized she was close to losing this fight.

After nearly crushing her wind pipe with Karate chops, Blue Ninja lanced her hand, fingers extended stiffly, toward Red Queen's belly. Seeing the darting hand too late to avoid it, the distressed crimefighter desperately stiffened her ridged belly muscles, that appeared so impervious to attack. Appearances can be deceiving, and it felt like a dagger stabbed Red Queen's gut.

Frozen in place by  dreadful pain, Red Queen was a sitting duck, and Blue Ninja used her fists to complete the job of pulverizing those magnificently sculpted abdominal muscles.

The final belly punch, thrown from a low crouch, lifted Red Queen nearly off her feet.

Paralyzed by gut wrenching pain, Red Queen tottered on trembling legs, that no longer seemed able to support her magnificent form. Blue Ninja relentlessly smashed lefts and rights to her jaw, nearly snapping her neck with each punch.  Each blow sapped more strength and stamina, increasing  Blue Ninja's advantage, while making the stricken crimefighter an ever easier target. The Scarlet Crusader reeled backward, mewling in pain.

Unable to counter the brutal assault, Red Queen's eyes glazed and her wobbly knees knocked together. Blue Ninja seized the stunned heroine around the neck, and just for good measure, rammed her fist into the heroine's sore belly again, then toppled her backward with a front headlock.

Holding her battered, groaning foe steady with a strangle hold, Blue Ninja clapped her hand to the crown of Red Queen's head, applying another devilish Ninja torture grip.

Unable to resist the frightful pain, Red Queen sagged limply about to black out.

Before Red Queen's splendid body went completely limp, Blue Ninja released her. For a moment the Scarlet Crusader couldn't move.

As Red Queen almost wept at the awful pain, Blue Ninja crept closer and seized her around the middle from behind. With amazing, wiry strength she swung the larger woman's struggling body into the air, as Red Queen squealed in consternation.

Blue Ninja twisted Red Queen's struggling body around in midair, seizing her between her succulent thighs and by her soft, white throat, then lifted her overhead, dangled her a moment, and sent her crashing to the floor.



End of Part 2.

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